Did Gizmodo publish fake scanner images to trick the public?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given that these images are really too blurry to be of any use, and certainly we have already seen other scanner images showing much more clarity, one has to wonder if these images are fakes intended to calm the angry American pubic. If so, they don't; they are in fact insulting to our collective intelligence and just piss me off even more. But on the off chance that these are real from a cheaper scanner, note that in the above example, the TSA worker is also visible in the background of the scan! So the TSA worker is getting scanned with radiation every single time a passenger goes through the scanner, hour after hour after hour, all day, every day, slowly cooking their DNA into amino acid soup. Personally, after the way these arrogant asses treat innocent travelers, I have no sympathy for their coming cancers!