Some researchers make challenging and troubling claims, which threaten to overturn major aspects of the Holocaust story:

* Key witnesses to the Holocaust have either falsified or greatly exaggerated important aspects of their stories.

* The figure of “six million” has little basis in fact. This number, which theoretically could only have been known after the war, actually traces back decades before.

* Major death camps, like Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, and Treblinka, have vanished “without a trace”—as have most of their alleged victims. Such a thing is not possible.

* Both of the alleged means of gassing victims—Zyklon-B (cyanide) and carbon monoxide from diesel exhaust—are impractical, unworkable, and simply ridiculous.

* No “Holocaust order” from Hitler exists; nor was there any budget or any plan. How, then, could the Nazis have pulled off their perfect crime?

* Wartime air photos do not substantiate the traditional account of events.

* Why are there, even today, so many “survivors”?

It seems that no two writers on the Holocaust have the same opinion on these matters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is a little bit of history.

This is the headline of March 24th, 1933 reporting the boycott against Germany declared by the world's bankers following Hitler's abandonment of the debt-based banking system imposed on Germany after WWI and the establishment of a monetary system based on fixed units of worth. This simple change had turned Germany's economy around to the point where TIME Magazine declared Hitler their man of the year for his success in revitalizing Germany. But such a system was a direct threat to the profits of the bankers.

The bankers, terrified that the rest of the world would see the obvious advantages in the new German system, set about to wreck the new German economy and by so doing set the stage for WWII.

But, take a close look at the story at the left in which it is reported that the total Jewish population of Germany in 1933 was only 600,000!