Chinese news exposes the Rand Corporations plans to start World War III

Chinese news outlets are frantically discussing a recent meeting between the Rand Corporation and the Pentagon.

The Rockefeller - Ford/Carnegie Foundation controlled Rand Corp. suggests that a war with a major world power will revitalize the economy helping the current banking elite to maintain their control over America.

The Rand Directors who are also involved in the infamous Carlyle Group run by former politicians have asked that the $5 trillion dollar bailout recently robbed from American tax payers be used to finance a new war. The precise county to be attacked is not known but Russia, China, Iran and possibly even Japan since they hold the most U.S. debt. Rand analyst made it clear to Pentagon and civilian government officials in attendance that it was important that the attack be made on a nation large influential foreign power. For this reason North Korea was quickly ruled out.

This is likely the “generated crisis” Joe Biden discussed two weeks ago at an Obama fund raiser in Seattle. Madeline Albright and Colin Powell quickly confirmed Biden’s warnings, advising TV audiences of an international crisis that will be announced to the public soon after Obama’s inauguration.