Cable Con

I got a letter today from my cable provider, asking me to subscribe to their telephone service. For only $15.99, per month!
sounds like a great deal right ?
Ya it is a great deal for them!
Considering Skype gives me the same service for $3 dollars a month! all cable telephone uses the same VOIP
but that is not the point of this article.

because the letter goes on to say over 2 million people have already switched! that's right 2 million people!
so lets see
2 million
For them to do virtually nothing, other then tell their computers to turn you on! because the cable lines already go to your house!

this of course dose not include the hundreds of dollars u give them per month. for your TV and Internet!
i think at this point, it is safe to say they make well over 1 billion dollars a month off of the American people!
And this is only Cox Cable! Cox Cable is only in 15 states! there are many more with even MORE subscribers, think of the ones in California and New York
Cox claims to take home only $587,858 per month! i find this hard to believe. i think it is WAY greater then this amount!

never the less
"There's a sucker born every minute"
P.T. Barnum
“You Will Never Go Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of the American Public”
P.T. Barnum