Buy a Clue PT.2 !!! . GM Likely to Introduce Pure EVs in China, But Not the U.S.

American Automakers claim drivers don't want EV's
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these people are on the Ball...Glad to see they finally got their act together!!!!

In the U.S. GM is talking smack about BEVs, but abroad its all flowers and roses

In a company as big as General Motors Company, a certainly level of differences in approach when it comes to different international branches is fairly standard. However, GM's approach to pure electric vehicles (also known as battery electric vehicles -- BEVs) is nothing short of bipolar.

Abroad GM is brimming with enthusiasm for BEVs. In Germany it's testing a fleet of Opel Merivas transformed into electrified BEVs. GM India President and Managing Director, Karl Slym, says that a new BEV -- based on the Chevrolet New Sail -- may be shown off sometime next year. And in Korea GM is showing off an all-electric Chevrolet Cruze test vehicle at the G20 summit.