BP oil spill caused by 'negligence or misconduct', says drilling partner

Anadarko says BP should foot entire bill for cleanup as new estimates show spill could last for up to four more years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, we expect corporations to take stupid risks in the name of profits. The Federal Government taxed us to create and fund oversight agencies like the MMS. But the MMS failed to do its job. We now know that the Deepwater Horizon was showing clear signs of trouble in February, enough that the insiders started dumping their stock. At this point the MMS should have stepped in and said, "Let's slow down until we are sure of what we are doing here. " But the MMS was accepting gifts from the oil companies (including hookers), doing cocaine and watching porn on their taxpayer funded computers.

So yes, BP screwed up. But they were acting true to form. The failure was with the Federal Government which collects huge amounts of tax money with the mandate of taking care of the United States of America; a duty they have abandoned in their rush to take care of Wall Street, cronies, and of course, Israel.