"Ask not what the banks can do for you…ask what you can do for the banks,"

World needs Obama to succeed," begins an editorial in the Financial Times.

"The Hope of the World," says one Paris-based magazine…with a photo of Barack and Michelle on the cover.

Never before have so many people counted so much on just one man.

In the torrent of words and pictures are two thoughts: One, a sense of achievement and pride…in that Americans elected the son of an African as their top man. It is thought to mark a major step forward for the whole human race. We have risen above our prejudices…and our past. At least, that's what they say. Two, there is an expectation…or perhaps only a wish…that this man can somehow keep the world economy from falling apart.

As to the first thought, we have no opinion. We were never able to get into the spirit of racism. In fact, we were suspicious of it. People don't really care about race; it's culture that matters.