ALERT - Make This Go Viral - Fight The Banksters - Ron Paul MUST NOT Be Blocked - Raise Hell With John Boehner - Flood His Office With Phone Calls

ACTION ALERT - Contact John Boehner

Washington, D.C. Office
(202) 225-6205
(202) 225-0704 fax

Raise Holy Hell - Make Sure He Hears Your Voice

Here is a sample email sent by a reader:

Rep. John Boehner

'We the people' are fed up. We want accountability and transparency. We want the banksters and fraudsters responsible for the economic crisis to be held responsible - arrest them and throw them in jail! Stop protecting them. Stop representing only corporate and Wall Street interests. 'We the people' deserve better. Ron Paul is currently the ranking member of the House Subcommittee for Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology and is, therefore, in line to become chairman of the subcommittee. Stop trying to block Ron Paul. Get out of his way and let him take his rightful place as Chairman. 'We the People' want to be heard and we are screaming for Ron Paul to be chairman.

If you don't get out of his way, Mr. Boehner, we'll vote you out of the way.