WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

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Tian Shan 23 hours ago

Anne Frank, human lampshades and soap, etc...


1newsjunkie 17 min ago

for the tip it was an info blow hard video, moving on :)

do you have a quota of info ho stories to post now mike?

the average wrh reader neither trust nor enjoys this saps productions I am quite sure

1newsjunkie 21 min ago

16 f'n degrees in central ohio last night...

mistorteem 34 min ago

Schumer, Bernard Madoff's protector.

z00mcopterdown 1 hour ago

Without us, you'd be flipping between:
a. "The Gulf of Tonkin lie", what got us into the Viet Nam fiasco where we lost 50,000+ men.
b. "The USS Liberty False Flag", where we got attacked by our "friend" Israhell, lost 38 Sailors, and almost went to war against Egypt. Hell who knows, had the plan worked, maybe nowadays the Pyramids would be multi-story Parking Lots with Starfucks in them.
c. 1933-Judea Declares WAR on Germany !, what really happened in WW2. Who fronted the cash to Hitler.

And a special 2 hour on:
d. 9/11, how Ameristan got Raped by a bunch of Israhelly Shysters who made a ton of dosh in the process, wiped all records of their racketeering, and also managed to steal all gold from under WTC6.

z00mcopterdown 1 hour ago

and that of course PROVES without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that god exists !

p.s. couldn't pass this up.

above average Joe 3 hours ago

Now if one of us did something like that we would already be in prison. Rule of law and what they want along with just making up rules as they go along which only apply to us the chattel.

michael mazur 7 hours ago

Mr Galati cuts a very imposing figure in that photo of him in the passageway at home. He'd better keep out of small planes, as you often say about brave public figures.

michael mazur 10 hours ago

I read that your jets are bombing Yemen. Why ?? What did they do to you ? You have targeted civilians in a market, 25 dead there. You have targeted ordinary houses there - 2 destroyed.
It's obvious that the Yemenis are too busy sorting themselves out without also taking on SA, proving that it is undulterated mass murder perpetrated by the Saudi Monarchy. I'd certainly never ever would want to visit, not that I'm in a position to.
I tried phoning on your 0061262851675 and a automated message says that my call could not be connected. I was calling from Victoria. Is it the phone company or is it ASIO ?

Diogenes 17 hours ago

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1newsjunkie 17 hours ago

a nice Jewish girl is now in charge at ohio state

NobodysaysBOO 20 hours ago


My comment was not allowed so here it is ANYWAY!
Now this kid will get lower grades because some schools run like prisons and UNexcused absent of 3 or more days per semester equals REDUCTION of one letter grade,also 3 un excused TARDIES to class equals 1 unexcused absents.

I was and am an asthmatic with unexcused sick time and they screwed me off the honer roll because of 1 to many tardies to class.

THAT is when I QUIT!

CyberDurden 21 hours ago

Reddit_is_Hasbara 23 hours ago

Those planes are good for mowing down sheep herders and wedding processions. But the Russians not only *have* air defense, it is state of the art, capable of bitchslapping much more elusive targets than low & slow A-10's.

I think a realistic estimate of the average survival time of an A-10 against the Russians to be single-digit minutes.