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  • I KNOW WHERE YOU CAN HOLD THEM......?   justice   3 years 7 weeks ago

    At non-NPT,non-IAEA ISRAEL'S rogue-nuclear proliferation site,DIMONA??????????????
    Go on Iran!
    Propose the meeting at DIMONA,lol!!

    Or,in non-NPT,non-IEAE rogue-nuclear PAKISTAN,OR INDIA?
    These "talks" are all such yada,yada,blah,blah bullshit by the West.
    As long as USG collaborates with ROGUE-NUCLEAR OFFENSIVE,BELLIGERENT,ISRAEL.Their argument holds NO MORAL,LEGAL GROUND!
    And bitch Clinton when describing Iran,is actually describing Israel?
    “We expect to see concrete commitments from"Israel"that it will come clean on its nuclear program and live up to its international obligations,” she said.
    "We enter into these talks with a sober perspective about" Israel's" intentions. It is incumbent upon"Israel "to demonstrate by its actions that it is a willing partner and to participate in these negotiations with an effort to obtain concrete results."

    IOW's! Israel,SIGN UP TO THE FUCKING NPT-IAEA,or disarm your rogue-nuclear STOCKPILE.Then,NPT-IAEA Iran won't need ANY EXCUSE to build nuclear weps,because Israel,will not be the regional EXISTENTIAL THREAT to regional Muslim nations!
    She should retire and knit sweaters for her Zionist grand-babies by her daughter Chelsea Mezvinsky and conservadoxical Jewish hubbie,Marc,who MUST be thinking of running for a Jewish US Presidency anon?Hmmm Hillary? Carrying on the "fine" Clinton Dynasty???
    USG,Zionist-subordinate hypocrisy,is MINDBLOWING!

  • Are they on drugs?   StingRay   3 years 7 weeks ago

    It's a drug all right and furthermore it's habit forming and known to cloud the user's judgement. The name is Zionistostin. Once becoming hooked on it, withdrawal is practically impossible.

  • Such a shame! And very true!   justice   3 years 7 weeks ago

    The transnational banksters,and their compliant Greek government STOOGES,have economically occupied Greece,and are auctioning it ALL away,from under the feet of the Greek people.
    That's no accident!It's delibarate US/UK/EU corporate strategy.
    'Reform Greece into a TOTAL CORPORATE NEO-LIBERAL pillage zone.
    Sell off the biggest,most influential,richest chunks to the few(foreigners)with the most,while the Greek majority with the least,are left with even LESS,in indentured servitude!

    North Africa is about to get carved up again,by neo-colonial corporate mandates for resources and vital Mediterranean SEA ACCESS/ports and foreign bases will move back,(UK,France,US military )again?
    US is failing along the Eurasian corridor.
    It has to shift focus to the Med,Suez,Aden and Africom!
    So deja vu!
    We'll probably be seeing US nuclear subs with SLBM's stationed again,along the N/African coast(Tripoli/Benghazi)right across from Greece and Israeli controlled Cyprus(memories of Cold War Polaris,Poseidon,Tridents;been there done that crap.With Israeli nuclear subs cruising covertly along the same passages?

    Turkey is being squeezed by USG/Israel/Iraqi Kurds.
    Syria is hanging on tight(with Russia)against the US COUP attempt(disguised as Arab Spring).
    Israel is still in NAZI mode against Palestine.

    And poor old Greece is getting sliced and diced,by economic,usurous,terrorists,in the EU,IMF,World Bank,WTO!

    Democratic socialism(GREEK history adopted by US Constitution)is an obstacle to US/UK/French corporate/fascist dominance in Europe.

    Greece is being sacrificed on their altar of REGIONAL DOMINANCE,whether by military,OR economic control,or BOTH!

    The Greek people have EVERY right to be FURIOUS,re:foreign interference and destruction of Greece!Greece is a symptom of this avaricious LOOTING,pillaging of economic terrorists!
    USG unilateral,failing super power(hegemony)HAS TO STOP!

  • Another FACT...   Jedi   3 years 7 weeks ago

    Cannabis has not directly killed one human in human history! You would have to consume approximately 1500 pounds in ten mi nutes to die from ingesting pot.
    Now, alcohol: kills THOUSANDS of people DAILY.

  • Money   Archie   3 years 7 weeks ago

    When money hits the table, it begins to sound like bacon sizzling in a hot frying pan.

  • "Let me be clear. The robust gas prices the American folks   uppity serf   3 years 7 weeks ago

    are currently experiencing - it's not a surge in gas prices, it's an augmentation. I learned that one from my girl Condi. And just as soon as we rape the natural resources of the next African country, sh*t that no white president could ever get away with, prices will stabilize, more or less. You can take that to the bank, aight?" Head held high and proud, wild applause from Obamazombies, Congress jumps up and maniacally claps like trained sea lions. (As O walks off, an alternative media guy catches: "Suckers!" snicker, snicker...) Alternative media guy is dead w/in 24 hours.

  • They get to have all the fun...   jackrabbit   3 years 7 weeks ago

    When I was into model rockets I had to pay for my own stuff.

  • The enemy-controlled media is   Tom Joad   3 years 7 weeks ago

    The enemy-controlled media is getting frantic to find something to set off black riots prior to their sham election, now that the dead black thug Trevor "No Limit Nigga" Martin scam is petering out.

  • Too bad he wasn't a pilot,   uppity serf   3 years 7 weeks ago

    like Joe Stack.

  • Lemme get this straight...   jackrabbit   3 years 7 weeks ago

    Pollard is convicted - and all these idiots wanna give him a getoutofjailfree card?


    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the ALLEGED mastermind of the September 11 terror attacks, faces a potential death sentence after being formally charged with the murder of thousands of Americans.

    Just goes to show you that justice has absolutely nothing to do with anything in America. Evidence has nothing to do with anything in America.

    The determining factor in American outcomes - is simply the power one holds over politicians and judges, police, professors etc...

    Pollard's backers obviously did a stellar job in maintaining an iron grip of power over the necessary players crying out for the release of a filthy traitor that ought to be hanging from a gallows.

    The Sheikh - well - after all the torture he went through - I think it's safe to say that he told them what they wanted to hear - and without power over the appropriate people can expect a noose that he likely doesn't deserve.

  • Maybe this is a sign they are going to legalize...   jackrabbit   3 years 7 weeks ago

    If legalization is pending - the first order of business for the gangsters is to ensure they're holding the monopoly on the goods when it comes time to bring them to market - keep the prices high - snuff out the competition.

    Raiding this place will dampen out possible educated future competitors - saddle them with legal debt - the usual role of the justice system. Don't forget that the trigger-happy mental patients posing as "agents" with their sunglasses and guns get a chance to target practice on the peaceful marijuana folks. If they murder a few in the process - the judges etc... will cover it up - and as a bonus - eliminate competition permanently.

    Meanwhile - the deals will go on behind closed doors to hash out which big-money players will get how much of the pie - probably through the time-tested method of "licenses" issued by the government - to those who paid for their elections - or to those blackmailing them. Start up a propaganda campaign to reverse public sentiment - then legalize - and the next day - the stores are stocked with pot from the big players -

    Just some thoughts.

  • Terrorist Easter Bunnies...comin' to <em>git</em> ya!!!   uppity serf   3 years 7 weeks ago
  • GREED   z00mcopterdown   3 years 7 weeks ago

    GREED, the pinnacle of human evolution

    humanity will not survive GREED

  • dump   z00mcopterdown   3 years 7 weeks ago

    dump your phone and leave the country before it's to late !

  • and   z00mcopterdown   3 years 7 weeks ago

    and it can do 1 and 0

    !!! WOW !

    if you can imaginatively virtually visualize the virtual allegation of a theorem premise inside the billion zulaks we just charged you for this ludicrous statement.

  • all   z00mcopterdown   3 years 7 weeks ago

    all your dosh are belong to us

    .... and operation vacuusuck continues unabated....

  • 3   z00mcopterdown   3 years 7 weeks ago

    it takes 3 shots to kill someone on average. ominous math.


  • Don't tell anyone.   Mike Rivero   3 years 7 weeks ago

    Don't tell anyone.

  • yeah   z00mcopterdown   3 years 7 weeks ago

    as long as you repeat 6 million holograms 500 times / day, cued by the latest "social movie trailer" (which makes all gooks weird, all blacks dumb, all women into soldiers, and all turbants into a teJJoJJ device), and you give us all your dosh, you will "live" in peace forever !

  • Off with their feet!   fishychick   3 years 7 weeks ago

    ANYONE who bitches about "carbon footprints."
    Here's the crazy thing - when carbon levels rise, PLANTS go nuts. They love the stuff. Ever heard the term :"greenhouse gas?" Yeah, it makes the whole planet get more like a greenhouse for the plants and then you know what happens? They expire oxygen and restore the balance.
    Wild, huh? It is almost like we live in a balanced ecosystem or something!
    Should people take care of their rock? Of course they should. Do people need shot for exhaling? No, not really.

  • That'll teach him to interrupt doughnut hour.   fishychick   3 years 7 weeks ago

    My husband was a medic, maybe 20 years ago. Those guys actually tried to help people in trouble back then. It was awesome.

  • Should have got the......   Ethan Allen and...   3 years 7 weeks ago

    death penalty. If it was the other way around the offenders would have been executed! Now some racist governor can pardon them!

  • Ever heard of juicing cannabis?   fishychick   3 years 7 weeks ago

    Apparently if you juice it, it has NO psychoactive power, and up to 400 times the cancer fighting power. Of course it takes a lot more to juice it, so it only has medical benefits if people can grow massive quantities of it. When examined closely, one can spot the lie of "legal" states now. They can have enough to get high but not enough to really get full benefit of the MOST BENEFICIAL PLANT OUR CREATOR GAVE US.

  • Slam...   otred   3 years 7 weeks ago


  • I have never seen such......   Ethan Allen and...   3 years 7 weeks ago

    a bunch of power mad morons so intent on provoking a civil war by pissing off not only Americans but the entire planet! What a bunch of maroons!