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  • They can't explain away the primary Russian data that there was   michael mazur   1 hour 29 min ago

    a Ukrainian fighter jet close by MH17, so they resort to misdirection and obfuscation. Yep, the Ukrainians were maybe drunk, or maybe it was separatists dressed as Ukrainians.

    ____ “The source said CIA analysts were still not ruling out the possibility that the troops were actually eastern Ukrainian rebels in similar uniforms but the initial assessment was that the troops were Ukrainian soldiers. There also was the suggestion that the soldiers involved were undisciplined and possibly drunk, since the imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site, the source said.”____

    Sand in the eyes stuff.

    At worst, it was accidental ! They were drunk. See ?

    Commander of the BUK Missile Emplacement too ? The one with the keys ?

    But it's useful in this regard, that photography by satellite picks out beer bottles, but as it won't pick up scattered wreckage on land of the 250ton Boeing 777 MH370, proves it's in the Indian Ocean. Right ?

  • Don't just wish for death!!!   Diogenes   1 hour 54 min ago

    Wish, instead, for her/its eternal misery in a HELL of her/its own making!!!!

  • We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision.   StingRay   6 hours 9 min ago

    And if they don't we still ain't gonna do jack shit about it and will just let the matter drop while we continue to supply them with more money and weaponry.

  • yes   z00mcopterdown   11 hours 27 min ago

    the motherfucking chimps in charge are about to shit on all of our bananas !

  • yes   z00mcopterdown   12 hours 59 min ago


  • Russell Brand, The False Voice of Alternative Media! Rothschild   1newsjunkie   14 hours 3 min ago
  • yeah   z00mcopterdown   14 hours 8 min ago

    these fucking idiots at the top of the "western" scamchain need to hang !

  • Linux Mint
    found a   1newsjunkie   14 hours 9 min ago

    Guy on craigslist buying machines and reselling them with Linux.
    Pretty good profit I expect.

  • The Gaza resistance movement Hamas   Old_Logan   14 hours 43 min ago

    (*Come on ! That's like saying The American resistance movement Republicans ...)

  • Speaking Of "9-11 TRUTH" - Mr. Anthony Lawson's Latest   blackbird9   14 hours 47 min ago

    Speaking of "9-11 TRUTH", Mr. Anthony Lawson sent me his latest video on the subject this morning.

    I have posted it here twice. Not only has it not made it to the WRH front page, but it keeps disappearing from the "Member Submitted News" section as well.

    (link to video - approx. 9 minutes)
    "Antony Lawson - The Legend of 911 — 13 Years On"

    Curiouser and curiouser . . . ;-)

  • The Kosher Stacking Of The Judicial Deck . . .   blackbird9   15 hours 7 min ago

    The moderator writes:
    "One has to wonder just how many congressional representatives Monsanto owns, and how many judges (through sweet stock options)it owns as well."

    I also wonder how many of these "Judges", either appointed or elected, are Jewish . . . or "Righteous Gentile" Freemasons?

    As with "9-11", it is pretty clear that there has been some serious "Kosher Stacking of the Judicial Deck" when it comes to the World Zionist Agenda.

  • --   1newsjunkie   16 hours 5 min ago

    doesn't take rocket appliances

    Think we can take a half a step back here? The impacted plug over this issue near absurd.

    First off, I will never agree supporting this release akin to being one of them, a zio trash agent as our host emotionally implied  a month back.  It reminds me of our host reaction to Alex Jones words about those who fight the Jewish cancer in our lives. It doesn't feel to good to have your opinion outed as an enemy agent or hateful ignorance  .

    Consider this, the congress critters may be implicating the Saudis, where as we truth seekers want more pieces of the puzzle. Further truths wont harm the critical thinker.

    I suggest, the Saudi Intelligence involvement was at the hand of the mossad/cia and their role passive, acting as out right as double agents and / or other compartmentalized dupes.

  • Baseless   mistorteem   16 hours 18 min ago

    More wagging the NAZIs

  • McCarthy's enemies are who?   mistorteem   16 hours 20 min ago

    What "damage"? McCarthy didn't convict these traitors, a jury did. They're lucky they got off as easy as they did.

  • OMG   1newsjunkie   16 hours 26 min ago

    This made the front page, I really dont get it.

    Dude is a global warming nazi for starts.

  • #OccupyFaceBook
    stick a fork in   1newsjunkie   16 hours 29 min ago

    stick a fork in it - 
    thankfully, only old farts using cia book these days, most others opting for smartphone apps.

  • Houston   Ness   16 hours 57 min ago

    We have a problem. 25 questions in parliament were answered, quite unsatisfactory, leading to follow-up questions.
    The govt insists no non-disclosure agreement was signed because the disclosure to the clients of the prosecutor general is guaranteed. A very strange notion of non-disclosure, given the circumstances.

    The Dutch people insist the client Ukraine releases its flightrecordings, but now a non disclosed non disclosure agreement hidden in an agreement with Ukraine, Belgium, Australia and the Netherlands (one that Malaysia refused to sign), prevents the investigation team to make that knowledge public, and so, to even use it.

    This is why the Dutch government insist the plane did not deviate from its official course. But it did, and there is proof aplenty. Malaysia blew the whistle on this weeks ago, right after the crash. The Dutch government is lying to 2nd chamber, a mortal sin in Dutch politics.

    This ain't over till it's over. One would be hard pressed to find a Dutchie who agrees with the govt in this matter. The man in the street, that person that is never asked for his opinion, does not trust the Ukranian people, doesn't like them, doesn't sympathize with them, and thinks the Kiev junta shot down that plane in cooperation with NATO. And curses the USA.

  • yawn   1newsjunkie   17 hours 5 min ago

    to the death?

    fuck brand and fuck you for posting this celebrity worshiping bull shit.

  • Farage has attacked this idiot...   UKSecrets   17 hours 27 min ago

    It's economic suicide for Europe to take on Russia..

    AND the EU is nearing deflation... a VERY serious economic situation.

    Perhaps pooh face should be paying more attention to the risks of deflation, than issuing threats to one of our major trading partners.

  • **No Sympathy for them   UKSecrets   17 hours 36 min ago

    They have no school sandwiches and Gaza has no electricity, water, hospitals, medicine or homes.

    Having no sandwiches is hardly an issue.

  • Counter argument...   UKSecrets   17 hours 40 min ago

    I have heard the counter argument to this treaty.

    1. The UK gave away someone else's land.
    2. We gave away Palestine - to Israel - but Palestine was not ours to give away.

    This is a very interesting conundrum... Israel, it could be argued has no legal basis for existence, apart from the word of a dodgy third party.

  • well   z00mcopterdown   19 hours 5 min ago

    if their goal was the betterment of humanity, I would be impressed !

  • makes sense   Old_Logan   21 hours 17 min ago

    (*If they tried saying Canada , after that's where they conned us into thinking the 'terrorists' came from the last time , for 9/11 , we'd all be wise to their tricks . Now it makes sense why they never bothered to secure that southern border , 'what if we need an alibi for how the next group of 'terrorists' get in ?' , and of course that's all the liberal's fault . )

  • Tyler Durden writes;   michael mazur   21 hours 41 min ago

    __ In the meantime, Senators on both sides of the fake aisle are warning the Obama Administration that ISIS is the “best funded terror group in history”.__

    Really ??

    Odd, isn't it ?, the more that this lavish funding is loudly proclaimed, the more certain it is the Senators know very well the sources of funding, hence the more determined they will be in ignoring calls to set up a Senate Select Committee to drill down to the bottom of it.

    It would behoove the Senate Select Committee - which will not be convened, to enquire whether crude oil sales form a portion of revenues flowing into ISIS accounts located in the money laundering banks of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and Qatar.

    There is this short piece in presstv for 29/8, which i paste in full, as it is a very intriguing read !

    ___ A tanker near the US state of Texas loaded with $100 million of disputed crude oil from Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region has gone missing, reports say.

    On Thursday, the US Coast Guard’s AIS ship tracking system could not locate the position of the United Kalavrvta tanker, which was carrying 1 million barrels of crude oil, Reuters reported.

    The United Kalavrvta tanker was to unload its cargo at sea, off Texas. The tanker left the Turkish port of Ceyhan in June and anchored in an area off the US port of Galveston late July.

    Previously, other tankers carrying disputed crude have unloaded cargoes after switching off their transponders, which makes their movements hard to track.

    Days ago, the partially full Kamari tanker carrying Kurdish crude disappeared from satellite tracking north of Egypt's Sinai region. It reappeared empty two days later near Israel.

    And in late July, the tanker United Emblem offloaded part of its cargo of Kurdish crude onto another ship in the South China Sea.

    The Iraqi government views independent Kurdish oil deals as smuggling and has filed a lawsuit in a US court to reclaim control of the United Kalavrvta cargo.

    The issue is expected to fuel tensions between Washington and Baghdad as the Arab country wants to block the Kurdistan Regional Government from delivering crude oil.

    The court on Monday threw out a ruling that ordered to seize the cargo, saying it lacked jurisdiction because the tanker was some 60 miles offshore. ___

    But it doesn't quite hang together, for the article would make better sense if the chain of continuity between oil field and final destination were interrupted if it was ISIS which had seized the oil field.

  • lol   z00mcopterdown   23 hours 2 min ago

    looks like they got the memo from $hitting$hire.