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  • Monsanto is facing stiff opposition in Latin America   Old_Logan   7 min 7 sec ago

    (*But in The United States of America , Monsanto gets the golden key , served on a silver platter !)

  • Jeb Bush Caught Rigging CPAC Straw Poll   Old_Logan   11 min 27 sec ago

    (*Or: A little taste of things to come .
    Or: The apple didn't fall far from the tree .
    Or: If it looks like a duck , waddles like a duck , and quacks like a duck ... )

  • What's not mentioned ...   Diogenes   1 hour 28 min ago

    Is the fact that the 'official narrative' has been formulated by the Rothschilds (ROTTENCHILD) in order to foist their privately owned central bank upon the good People of Syria.

  • SCREW ALL THAT!!!!   Diogenes   4 hours 16 min ago



  • As before ...   Diogenes   5 hours 1 min ago

    May they ALL fall from the sky taking the ZIONAZI JEW BITCH-BASTARD pilots with them, STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!

  • What goes around ...   Diogenes   5 hours 28 min ago

    Comes around.

  • The first thing to do is ...   Diogenes   5 hours 29 min ago

    Break-off diplomatic relations with the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

    Send the lot of them packing.

    Heck, that just might start a trend with both Central, and South American countries!

    The first step in treating a pain, is to remove the object(s) which is(are) causing the pain.

    Cease ALL trade, shipping, and travel with those nations, and accept NO person bearing a passport issued by them as well.

  • expect more wars, and an ever   Old_Logan   6 hours 6 min ago

    expect more wars, and an ever deepening downturn in the money Americans can expect

    (*Probably the reason Obama , and Kerry , and the rest of the democrats are playing soft on Netenyahu's speech to congress . Once JEB is elected , or imposed upon us , it will be like Reagan after Carter , when the hostages were finally released . No one's going to want to mess with the new sheriff in town , and the first billion will be sent over , five minuets after the inauguration , to console them , after the nasty bout of antiSemitism they had to endure . Many will remember how to hide behind the American flag , in an attempt to avoid their true feelings to display themselves . That is , of course , unless the flag of Israel becomes a mandatory home and automobile antenna accessory , right after the Bibi address)

  • Okay, so how about FORCED VACCINATION?   Diogenes   7 hours 4 min ago

    WHEN will ~they~ finally get around to compensating all those =FORCED VACCINATION= victims?

    Or is there some kind of 'double standard' here? In the first case, the ability to reproduce was summarily deprived, whereas in the second case many lives were just as summarily snuffed out of existence.

  • pants on fire, brings torch to Washington   Old_Logan   10 hours 27 min ago
  • It Looks Like The Mall-Of-America "Crisis Zio-Theater" Worked .   blackbird9   11 hours 6 min ago

    It looks like the Mall-Of-America "Crisis Zio-Theater" FEAR Psy-Op worked . . .

    . . . once again!!! ;-)

    Rita "Tel Aviv Rose" Katz and the rest of the Israeli Mossad Front SITE/MEMRI/CAMERA production staff must be celebrating today!!!

    More money for the Jewish Controlled Neo-STASI DHS that was the "born on 9-11" Unconstitutional demon-spawn of Michael "Dancing Israelis" Chertoff and former East German STASI head, Markus Wolf.

    I wonder if the great "Zio-Plan" is to have DHS be called-in to do the FCC's Politruk dirty work when it comes to enforcing all those upcoming Politically Correct "Hate Speech" Net Neutrality laws . . .

    . .. instead of the FBI? . . .

    After all, the FBI might still be hung-up on that "Pre 9-11 World View" of protecting and defending the US Constitution against ALL Enemies both Foreign and Domestic . .. including 1st Amendment.

    As we all know from the Ernst Zundel "THE Holocaust(TM)" Trials up through the more recent Global Jewish persecution of Reverend Stephen Sizer for daring to even think about questioning Israeli/Jewish involvement in the 9-11 "False Flag" attacks . . .

    . .. that these Jewish Supremacists and World Zionists like those that control the very kosher DHS don't care about "Goyim Rights" . . .

    . . . because under Talmudic Noahide Law, Non-Jews HAVE no rights!! . . Only privileges that can be granted or withheld at the whim of the MASTER (i.e. Jew).

    - bb9

  • FCC Internet Control - Cui Bono? Who Benefits?   blackbird9   11 hours 8 min ago


    Cui bono? Who benefits?

    As anyone who reads "detective" novels or watches the "Who-done-it-Mysteries" on TV knows . . .

    . . . no matter how "perfect the crime" . . .

    . . . the criminals always make one mistake that is their undoing.

    It has long been my working hypothesis that everything we have seen on 9-11 and the resulting wars was planned by the World Zionists.

    While Global "PAX JUDAICA" is a meme as old as Judaism itself, I maintain that this "New Pearl Harbor" phase of the "Greater Israel" agenda really started taking shape after the disastrous 1982 Israeli War on Lebanon.

    It was at this same time that Jewish Supremacist and hard core Zionist Oded Yinon released his "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s" paper.

    Key to this "Strategy for Greater-Israel" in this, as well as all the follow-up strategies from Richard Perle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert J. Aumann, and the PNAC group was the need to form a "Special Relationship" with the USA.

    If you look at the "changes" that have occurred in TeleCommunications Law and the subsequent media monopolies allowed to be formed by those changes since this time, a pattern of "Jewish Control" becomes very apparent.

    The Jews now control almost all of the TV, Radio, Newspapers, magazines, etc. in this country today.
    Therefore, the Jews have been able to completely control the Narrative from 9-11 to present in all the old Media.

    But what these "MASTER Minds of Zion" did NOT plan on, was the Revolutionary rise of "New Media" . . . and the unexpected meteoric rise of "The Internet" and "Distributed Peer-To-Peer" multi-media communications.

    I see this "Power Grab" by the Zionist controlled FCC as an attempt to do "damage control" on this oversight by these Jewish Supremacists and their treasonous "Shabbot Goyim" useful idiots.

    I wonder how long it will be before we see a whole batch of new "Hate Speech" legislation . . .

    . . . done in cooperation with the ADL, the SPLC, aIPAC, and the Neo-Stasi DHS . . .

    . . . giving the FCC the "authority" to censor and shutdown anyone that dares to tell the TRUTH about many things on the Internet . .

    . . . the one thing the "Elders of Zion" did not see as a threat at the time, but now fear more than anything.

    However, I think the "Genie is already out of the bottle" . . . ;-)


  • something stinks   Old_Logan   11 hours 31 min ago

    (*I wonder what's really going on with the sudden Administration Vs. Israel load of manure , and Boehner not up on Logan Act violation charges , this being the most deceitful potus in history ?)

  • Logan Act
    same thing twice   Old_Logan   11 hours 53 min ago

    (*same thing twice)

  • Logan Act
    Re:Why hasn't Boehner been arrested yet?   Old_Logan   12 hours 5 min ago

    (*I think a link back to this article should be included with every article posted concerning Netanyahu crashing Congress' session .)

  • That whole matter has all been 'pre-calculated' ...   Diogenes   17 hours 17 min ago

    You see? The 'effete elite' have it in mind to play the 'numbers game,' wherein there will be certain calculable losses, in the name of inestimable gain, all the while hoping to get a 'leg-up' on their competition.

    Lives are lost, treasures are destroyed, civilisations are decimated, and large swaths of the planet are made inhabitable. But none of that really matters to them.

    To =STOP= that crap —DEAD IN ITS TRACKS— one must first discover just =WHO= it is that's behind the curtain, and remove them from their positions of power, by whatever means necessary, as only then may the rest of humanity ~FINALLY~ come to terms with what's been happening, and move on from thence.

    Universal amity should always have been what we were seeking to begin with.

  • What goes around ...   Diogenes   17 hours 37 min ago

    Comes around.

    GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

  • Personal anecdote on my gun-unfriendly experience with FedEx.   Tian Shan   18 hours 1 min ago

    Personal anecdote on my gun-unfriendly experience with FedEx.

    Several years back I sold two firearms to my friend and decided to ship them. I thought I needed a licensed firearms (FFL) dealer to do so. When I called and inquired, I was told I could do it myself via UPS. I thought I’d first check out the closest package shipper locally (to save time), and that was FedEx. I was curtly told no, that they don’t ship firearms. I took my guns to a UPS Customer Center, both in their respective cases and boxed individually. I had no problem sending them. There were a two minor stipulations though: 1) The rifle could be sent ground, but the pistol had to be sent overnight. 2) I had to declare by signature that the guns were unloaded. No heavy paper work on the calibers, models, etc. -- Only that they were packaged by me and that they were safe for travel.

    Kudos to UPS.

  • This guy is right just look   above average Joe   19 hours 44 min ago

    This guy is right just look at Chicago. I told a friend of mine you need to be aware of letting Presidents create laws, not only are they for the most part bad,but they are carried over to the next sell out and chief.

  • Canada to the rescue!   superpoof   22 hours 8 min ago

    Oh puleeze! Sending the Royal Mounted Police to Ukraine would be like sending an MIT grad to box Mike Tyson. They would both be so far out of their realm that it would be a bloodbath.

  • this year the IRS will issue   Old_Logan   1 day 2 hours ago

    this year the IRS will issue the lowest number of audits since 2005.

    (*They're fattening us up for the kill !!!)

    Read more:

  • They show up as disabled for   Epinoia   1 day 6 hours ago

    They show up as disabled for me as well. I think the video poster must have changed the flags on the video.

  • The whole point of the   Mike Rivero   1 day 7 hours ago

    The whole point of the Scientific Method is that Science must doubt itself!

  • Don't worry   dean_saor   1 day 7 hours ago

    Don't worry. Harper will do what his masters tell him.

  • ANPOG would obviate all of that!   Diogenes   1 day 16 hours ago