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  • Solution   Archie   27 weeks 2 days ago

    Call a towing company to clear your space.

  • Working Copy Still Available Here .. As Of This Posting   blackbird9   27 weeks 2 days ago

    Here is a working link for this documentary.

    "Gray State The Rise Rough Cut Directed by David Crowley"

    Grab it fast and make local copies.

    I had to go my "back up" video download utility because apparently "Google" is cracking down on download software companies.

    "Save From Net - We help to download files from many popular sites"

    Here is more on Google's "legal-sleaze" gambit to censure information under the banner of "protecting copyrights":

    "Google Threatens To Sue Huge YouTube MP3 Conversion Site"

  • Yeah ..the worm is turning... slowly.   poorrichard   27 weeks 2 days ago


  • I think they're getting tangled up in their own inverted   michael mazur   27 weeks 3 days ago

    rhetoric to disguise the utter disaster of the Neocon PNAC project.

    What Joe Biden really meant was that the Bashar al Assad govt forces are prevailing, and that 'boots on the ground' would be joining with, not fighting against, IS to jointly or severally (with IS clones) attack the Bashar al Assad govt forces.

    This is on the same page as John Kerry itemising how the tanks and vehicles and revenue source oil facilities and command structure of IS have been degraded by half through bombing, when of course, nothing of the kind has happened.

    USG Middle East policy is stuffed.

    If a huge super power can't do a regime change on a weak Syria after four years of plausible denial support for armies of mercenaries - only because the whole thing is deeply unpopular at home, then why would war with Russia be more popular, as it would have to be fought with 'boots on the ground' Americans, as there are no masses of competent mercenaries to engage against a professional army as the Russians would be by now ?

    European NATO isn't going to be persuaded to do it on its own, but if the Americans join in, some members of NATO will likely be seeking separate cease fires with the Russians. It is then that NATO will start to breakup.

    The ensuing debacle will make huge reverberations around the world.

    Putin will not press the advantage by seeking to encircle the Americans in eastern Ukraine, having already won in the court of world public opinion.

    Is this how President Obama wants to end his presidency, his troops stranded in eastern Europe only because European NATO started to break up just when needed most ?

  • Peter Koenig, has in the piece this;   michael mazur   27 weeks 3 days ago

    ___ Estimates have it that US carried out and inspired wars and conflicts around the globe have killed over ten million people in the last decade and a half. ___

    He himself had been a World Bank staff for 30yrs.

  • Giulty!   mistorteem   27 weeks 3 days ago

    They all have a deer in the headlights appearance. Dershowitz in engaging in pure Clintonesque double talk dancing around precise accusations by twisting, adding, deleting to the wording.

  • Madoff/Markopoulos/Schumer   mistorteem   27 weeks 3 days ago
  • More "Free Speech", "Tolerance" and "Multiculturalism" . . .   blackbird9   27 weeks 3 days ago

    More "Free Speech Rights", "Tolerance" and "Multiculturalism" from the Zio-Occupied UK and Europe and I see . . . lol

    Ah, yes . . . "TRUTH" is "Anti-Semitism" when it offends "The Tribe".

    . . . and Gilad Atzmon serves up some SERIOUS "TRUTH".

    "Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics"

    Perhaps Mr. Giald Atzmon can team up with French Comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala for European Tour . . .

    They could call it, "Cancellation Tour 2015". . .

    . . . but have all "proceeds" going to the "We Love Charlie Hebdo" and "Friends of Israel" funds . . . lol

    A modern twist on the ancient "Jewish Dilemma" of "Free Ham"!!! . .. ;-)

    (did that joke get censored??? . . .lol)

  • Hmmmm, Perhaps We Are Seeing A "Fandango Tango?"   blackbird9   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Hmnmm, perhaps we are seeing a "Fandango Tango" on these high box office earnings being reported by the "ever so honest" Jewish Entertainment Syndicate "trade magazines" . . . ;-)

    The moderator writes:
    "'American Sniper' is obvious pro-war propaganda. Are the reports of box office success part of the lie?"

    I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday when I was writing a short piece about how the film "Pearl Harbor" just happened to be the reported "#1 Movie" in the country when the Zionists launched their "false flag" attacks on 9-11 for their "Greater Israel/PAX Judaica" agenda.

    "Pearl Harbor"

    The Zio-Traitor "think tank" known as "The Project For The New American Century" (PNAC) wrote in their September 2000 paper, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" that a "New Pearl Harbor-type event" would be needed to launch their war plans for regime change in the Middle East.

    In May 2001, the film "Pearl Harbor" was released . . complete with Propaganda Blitz of the initial screening being done in Hawaii to lots of "Pomp and Zio-Stance" . . .

    If one analyzes the "metrics" used to determine where the "lines" are for convincing a bunch of schmucks to go to War (AGAIN!!!) for the very corrupt Jewish BANKSTER system that is destroying them and their families . . .

    . .. there are far too many "matching dotz and patterns" to dismiss as mere coincidence.

    I have longed maintained the likes of Game Theorist Dr. Robert J. Aumann and followers used "Pearl Harbor" as a template when they were designing their plans for "9-11" and the follow up "Anthrax Attacks".

    "By Way Of Deception" cowardly warfare takes a LOT of planning sometimes. ;-)

    So, now The Zionists propagandists wish to convince WE THE PEOPLE . . . of THE WORLD . . .

    . . . that WE are ALL just "WILD" about "professional assassins" roaming the entire planet in the shadows ready to KILL anyone their "Authority Figures" say deserves to be "KILLED". . . .

    . . .all based on the "logistics" provided by these Jewish controlled "Intelligence Agencies" . . .

    . .. using the very Talmudic based "Game Theory" models of Dr. Robert J. Aumann and his disciples of "Greater Israel" and "PAX JUDAICA".

    What better way to "sell this meme" of . . . "WE THE PEOPLE LOVE COWARDLY ASSASSINS KILLING FOR JEWISH BANKSTER SYNDICATES!!!" .. . than to publish high Box Office Numbers?

    In this Zio-Economy . . . that is being squeezed to death by "Weaponized Mathematics" . . . we are to "believe" that WE THE PEOPLE gave up "105.3 MILLION DOLLARS" . . .

    . . .because we love to see Cowardly Assassins kill innocent Muslims who were framed as the "Patsies" on 9-11 and subsequent "Crafted Lies" by the "Smartest Guys In Room 101"

    Of course, to the uber-rich Zionists, what would "105.3 MILLION DOLLARS" be when one can print money out of thin air and have schmucks "believe" it has value and the power of "debt"?

    I would really like to see the theater "security" videos to see if the number of "butts in seats" comes anywhere close to the box office receipts at these theaters . . .

    Of course, I wouldn't put it past these arrogant clowns to have one "Fandango" purchase of 105.2 MILLION DOLLARS posted at one theater . . . closest to the offices of Booz, Allen and Hamilton!!! . . .lol

    P.S. - The phrase "Michael 'Rahm Emanuel's Brother Is My Zio-Agent' Moore is RIGHT" just makes me want to hurl. ;-)

  • You just have to re-wrap them around tungsten   fishychick   27 weeks 5 days ago

    and sell them back to the Central Banks

  • a hoax   1newsjunkie   27 weeks 5 days ago

    on beforeitsnews, go figure :)

  • World economy on a war footing   UKSecrets   27 weeks 5 days ago

    Basically, the guru's are sounding the alarm in Europe.

    The reading in the Telegraph today, sounds like something out of a SciFi fantasy...

    These guru's predicted the 2008 "Recession" - when everyone else was asleep at the steering when.
    Now, debt ratios are 20% higher.
    Every country is printing money.
    The situation now has no predictable outcome - as things are THAT bad.

    We're into the "Black Plague" era regarding bond yields.. and when did we ever think the respectable Telegraph would print that quote.

    2015 looks like it could be a defining year as far as global economics goes...

  • bracing for possible attacks from Hezbollah   Old_Logan   27 weeks 5 days ago

    (*While Israel 'braces' itself , this article grabs it's readers by the ring in their noses and leads them into be~liev~ing that Hezbollah is actually thinking of attacking the only nuclear state in the ME .)

  • Russia and China ‘Furiously’ Buying Up Gold   Old_Logan   27 weeks 5 days ago

    (*Fine , be that way ! We'll just start printing money 'Furiously'
    whitehorse souce )

  • for the most part   Old_Logan   27 weeks 5 days ago

    for the most part, you can go to a doctor to get your symptoms diagnosed and treated with a minimal amount of leeching.

    (*Not In My Neighborhood !)

  • Trust them?   mistorteem   27 weeks 6 days ago

    We only know those brothers are dead because they say so. Not good enough for me.

  • pushing Israel to expand Asia trade   Old_Logan   27 weeks 6 days ago

    (*You Hear That Asia ?
    YOU'RE NEXT! )

  • Diogenes   Uncle_Meat   28 weeks 11 min ago

    Did you accidentally respond to the wrong article?

    Go back and read who made the comment you are referring to. Hint: It wasn't Mike..

  • Are =FUCKING= KIDDING ME?!??!?!?!?   Diogenes   28 weeks 2 hours ago

    The comment was:

    "Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states ..."

    ONCE AGAIN, just for the fun of it: "Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular ..."


    PRAY TELL, MIKEY, just ~how~ is the 'controlling of thought' ~more important~ for governments that are free and popular ...' than say, any other government?

    ARE =>YOU<= SAYING that thought control is good?

    I shall summarily expect that you'll either publish a RETRACTION of that comment, right here, or you'll just walk away from this discussion, in which cases I'll consider that WRH had been TOTALLY compromised.

    Your choice.

  • keep you mouth shut George   mistorteem   28 weeks 19 hours ago

    Is that there French intelligence got the idea?

  • Screw that ...   Diogenes   28 weeks 22 hours ago


    Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is a JEW SISSY!!!!

  • What garbage   mistorteem   28 weeks 1 day ago

    "a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces" ??

    What bullshit! All we have seen is a couple of goons in silly clothes walking around a deserted intersection and yelling a couple of times. They may have shot some guns off but since the audio may be dubbed in we don't know for certain.

  • Obama is actually opposed to increasing sanctions on Iran, and   michael mazur   28 weeks 2 days ago

    would abolish them altogether is what I think was the substance of his unannounced quick visit to Israel in March 2013, where I think he made it very clear that he wanted the Israelis to back off Iran, and in return he would help them get Syria with material aid to the FSA as it still was then, but no US boots on the ground.

    By late 2013 things got bad for the FSA and hence western ambitions for Syria.


    Alex Jones was saying the other day that the US military have put it up the chain of command that they won't be going to Syria.

    Australia's PM Abbott was as recently saying that Australia won't be going alone against IS, which, watching him say it, seemed to me like he was saying that if America is not there on the ground with Australia's forces, then there'll be no bait and switch that Australia will be falling for.

    Of course, the bit about going alone against IS is code for going with IS against the Bashar al Assad govt of Syria.

    Having said the above, it begins to clarify what Netanyahu's options are as he surveys the Grand Chess Board.

    They are now negligible, especially after that Charlie Hebdo stuff up, the official narrative of which very quickly simply was not plausible.

    In desperation, what does Netanyahu order into play at a increased tempo ? Tells his mate Poroshenko to up the ante on eastern Ukraine with shellings on a bus in Donetsk killing 12, and to re introduce conscription of men in western Ukraine.

    Hey, Bibi, give these silly, grandiose 19th Century imperial ambitions a rest, for we'll soon be able to put our finger on what you're likely to attempt next.

    Accordingly, we apologise profusely to the 12 victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre for not having forewarned them, as some of us who are French should have seen it coming.

  • Well, yeah!!!   Diogenes   28 weeks 2 days ago

    Which 'nation' was it —again— that started the U.N.?

    And which nation still controls that TOTALLY ILLEGAL body?


  • According to Mack Daddy Obama...   Tian Shan   28 weeks 2 days ago

    A dog taking a dump in the Bronx could lead to war. Any excuse will do.