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  • Curious that there is a slew of OT quotes in Washingtonsblog,   michael mazur   3 hours 5 min ago

    but only one from the NT; Matthew 5:9 the "Blessed are the peacemakers".

    Why not the pivotal one, Matthew 21:12, relating Jesus' resolute conduct in the profaned by the money changers' temple ?

    Written by a scholar who wants to dilute away inconvenient truth by a spread of less than emphatic OT quotes ?

  • Let us remember that Jesus died contrary to the reason the   michael mazur   3 hours 27 min ago

    corrupted 501(c)3 christian churches proffer with such unsurpassed faux erudition, that He died for OUR sins.
    Really ? They are saying he died for the zillions of sins yet to have been committed in the future the world over by the 40 generations then still to be born !?
    Could not be more absurd.
    So, why was He murdered ?
    Matthew 21:12 gives the answer; He cast out all them who bought and sold in the Temple, overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the chairs of those who sold doves.
    Jesus was true to the core Old Testament prescription, that thou shalt not charge usury on the exchange of local money for a neighbouring kingdom's money, nor on loans locally.
    The rabbis of the time were as corrupt as the rabbis ever since, deeming that no form of capital punishment imposed could be too severe as a warning to others who would also seek to implement the OT general prohibition on usury.
    So the rabbis wanting to retain clean hands, used the occupying Romans to carry out the cruellest form of execution on Jesus, being crucifixion, for claiming to be the Messiah, which the Sanhedrin judged to be blasphemy, who then tried to persuade the Romans that He was a threat to their Imperium by seeking to replace it.
    The Romans acceded to that request not because they were persuaded by this argument, but because the Sanhedrin warned of unrest amongst the Jewish common people were the Romans not to carry out the request of the Sanhedrin.
    And that is why in the present day, you all pay interest on interest on the lifelong loans - created out of nothing, which you take out on your houses.
    Mortgage: literally, a pledge until death. Look it up.
    Try and rail against it, you will end up like Jesus, in a manner of speaking, as happened to A. Lincoln in 1865, as nearly happened to A. Jackson in 1835, as happened to A.Hitler in 1945, as happened to S.Hussein in 2006, as happened to M.Ghaddafi in 2011.
    The dense complexities of Modern History completely vanish when understood in the context of usury.
    I should close by saying that these also are the plans for V.Putin, for al Assad, for H.Rouhani, who are, respectively, the presidents of Russia, Syria and Iran.
    But it's beginning to look as if the Usurers using the US, UK, EU, and NATO as useful gun toting idiots, have run out of the credible rhetoric anyone can anymore believe, to justify murdering yet more millions of innocents in this current lunge - since 2001, at the world's remaining very few 'holdout' nations.

  • Wonder if this is the same Rabbi....   Ethan Allen and...   4 hours 23 min ago

    who declared those pamphlets as being a hoax?

  • IP Address banned   12-160   4 hours 36 min ago

    ps, I had my IP Address banned a day after linking to my reddit user name here in a post.

  • sucked for years   12-160   4 hours 43 min ago

    reddit has sucked for years, the conspiracy sub out of control with zionist .

  • If the like of the above persists as basic math instructional   michael mazur   4 hours 48 min ago

    material, then the next generation will think one rock atop another is a space program.

    Methinks actually designed to induce aversion to both number computation and to order of magnitude number concept by the cognitive dissonance arising out of the inherent illogicality on open display here.

    What then ?

    Total internal collapse of the society due to the inability of the populace to service, repair, maintain, replace infrastructure, let alone create and graft additional units of infrastructure onto the quantum already in existence.

    I don't care how many disguising layers of authority there are who are said to have commissioned Common Core - Charlotte Iserbyt correctly calls it Communist Core, it will be tracked back to Israel, for it is entirely consistent with their plans for exterminating the goy; first stupefy him/her.

    For sure, this stuff will not be taught in the Yeshivas in America.

    Sadly, good that the article is, no asking there the simple question of whether Jewish kids are going to be subjected to this murder of the human mind, almost from birth - so to speak.

  • This blog seems to be....   Ethan Allen and...   6 hours 49 min ago

    repeating US and Israeli agit-prop! Where's the lies deceptions and propaganda tag. Where's the proof Putin has 40 billion stashed other than the London Times was it! Really poor post.

  • You're right , Mike   Old_Logan   8 hours 26 min ago

    (*An astute observation on the part of Mr Reed .)

  • We are patriots, and yes, Mr.   Mike Rivero   10 hours 15 min ago

    We are patriots, and yes, Mr. Reid; you politicians are in big trouble.

  • PS   12-160   10 hours 45 min ago

    RE Repeats, it has become a very rare occurrence when some one comes to 12160 as linked from the second page of WRH.

    I argue, that the majority of readers can not be bothered to go that far as a result of all the damn repeats.

    Web traffic in the last few years shows a loss, I believe which is a result of news junkies like myself, whom are turned off with replication, via one site or another...

    Perhaps the turn off is that Mike allows members as self promoting contributors (like myself) these days. ...who knows...

    I am saddened that activist post, whom got its start here, now has more readership them WRH as of today.

  • to be clear You and Ethan are   12-160   10 hours 47 min ago

    to be clear

    You and Ethan are the very last people here I would consider non attentive in this regard...charge on, and thank you both for the quality work.

  • addition   Ness   11 hours 18 min ago
  • False flag   Ness   12 hours 40 min ago

    In our "media", the protestors in Eastern Ukraine are accused of attacking their own people to create an excuse for the Russian army to come and save them. There is no mentioning of proof found at the scene of the crime or it is simply denied.

  • oh comon EA :)   Ness   12 hours 44 min ago

    What kind of jew allies with neo-nazi's? Why, the zionist types. They have been doing that all along, also in ww2. - in the dutch article on this, it was mentioned some of the Rothschild family had survived the war in that hospital. The hospital was not attacked in the "Kristal-Nacht".

  • I offer only one mans   12-160   13 hours 21 min ago

    I offer only one mans opinion, and agree, in the end I am but a guest. YET, good stuff, important stuff gets buried and is never seen again. How many times must we be told dirty harry reid called bundy supporters domestic terrorist?

  • Dr. Pastor Manning   Tian Shan   14 hours 21 min ago
  • Tweet.   fishychick   14 hours 26 min ago

    I've tried. People don't listen to most of the whistle blowers in this world.
    I was trained to do clinical research for Ely Lily, the limited human trial phase. They do not even pretend these trials are adequate to ferret out dangerous drugs, just enough to get the FDA to allow them to do the REAL "clinical trial" - on the masses.
    The government has signed off on using the people of this country as subjects of medical trials without their knowledge or consent.
    The consent process involves significant sums of money going to the doctor, his staff, and the patient. To keep that income stream flowing, they have to NOT have side effects. Think that could skew results? They took the time to carefully explain the difference between an "adverse event" and a "side effect" so that most of the patients who DO note problems will be carefully guided into describing it as an adverse event, not a side effect. ("Maybe it was the grape jelly I had on my toast. I usually eat strawberry.") The records of "adverse events" are NEVER LOOKED AT as part of the clinical trial review. They are only dragged out of the basement if people start dying. (The classic example, the healthy girl who killed herself in the SSRI trials. That did not come to light until after LOTS of people died, so they dug into "adverse event" files and found her story.)
    They LAUGHED about telling us "there is no profit in cures, we seek treatments."
    The final irony is all the people seeking herbal remedies being called "druggies" by the doped up masses who toss them in prison.

  • See A (Not Quite) Complete   Mike Rivero   14 hours 38 min ago
  • The dam is leaking...   UKSecrets   14 hours 53 min ago

    There's loads more info about Blair and the Government who hid the scale of VIP paedophiles rings.

    Much is starting to leak into the mainstream press, but believe me, there's so much more.
    It's great to see this make into the Daily Mail and Mirror... but Tony Blair and Jack Straw signed a 100 year D notice to prevent evidence being published for FOUR generations...

    and it's explosive stuff.

    The dam is leaking, and when this lot spills... Blair will have to run for cover as he has attempted to hide the evidence.

  • Come on guys!   Ethan Allen and...   14 hours 59 min ago

    If I see a repeat sometimes I take it down. I used to check every post but with the newer search engine it doesn't always find the first post. So if something gets repeated and Mike who's site it is puts em up....WHAT THE HELL!
    The enemy is the NWO and its minions not each other!

  • Fair enough.   WUFYS   15 hours 17 min ago

    I don't follow ONLY the front page. I often browse through the member posts. However, I see everything that makes the front page, I often miss the stuff that does not.

  • actually my comment added   12-160   15 hours 22 min ago

    actually, Tom, my comment added later changed the time listed above to with in 2 minutes

    blackbird9 on Sun, 04/20/2014 - 10:15

    And dont take it personally, I was having fun, albeit it now, at your expense it seems.

    It was a little fun, and, I guess weird thank you after you pointed out portos link of same.

    Following the front page is good start, I follow everything, thoroughly - as is my preference..

  • When it comes to looking for potential duplicates   WUFYS   15 hours 34 min ago

    I generally go by what makes the front page, James. One thing for sure is that I don't deliberately re-post what I know others have already posted.

    As for the dupe with blackbird's story, they were two minutes apart. I was more than likely in the middle of creating the post when BB submitted his.

    While I understand your frustration, taking it out on the wrong people isn't going to help.

  • ps   12-160   15 hours 43 min ago

    I would not go as far to call this place uncensored:)

    Our host removes member post and comments on occasion, as is his right. Let us call it moderation. I get moderated once a week here it seems lols

  • I posted this too, did not   12-160   15 hours 47 min ago

    I posted this too, did not make fron :)

    another ditto, btw, if one is keeping score :)
    US fears mounting Israeli espionage WUFYS 04/20/2014 - 10:29
    Member Story US fears mounting Israeli espionage blackbird9 1 04/20/2014 - 10:27