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  • Should have got the......   Ethan Allen and...   2 years 42 weeks ago

    death penalty. If it was the other way around the offenders would have been executed! Now some racist governor can pardon them!

  • Ever heard of juicing cannabis?   fishychick   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Apparently if you juice it, it has NO psychoactive power, and up to 400 times the cancer fighting power. Of course it takes a lot more to juice it, so it only has medical benefits if people can grow massive quantities of it. When examined closely, one can spot the lie of "legal" states now. They can have enough to get high but not enough to really get full benefit of the MOST BENEFICIAL PLANT OUR CREATOR GAVE US.

  • Slam...   otred   2 years 42 weeks ago


  • I have never seen such......   Ethan Allen and...   2 years 42 weeks ago

    a bunch of power mad morons so intent on provoking a civil war by pissing off not only Americans but the entire planet! What a bunch of maroons!

  • The only Republican that can.....   Ethan Allen and...   2 years 42 weeks ago

    beat Dictator Obama according to the polls is Ron Paul. By nominating Romney or anybody else the dictator wins and America loses!
    This is how they fix elections or at least one of the ways. It beats having to do what these viscous gangsters did to our last legitimate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

  • Talk about hittin.....   Ethan Allen and...   2 years 42 weeks ago

    the nail on the head!

  • tranny   z00mcopterdown   2 years 42 weeks ago

    "allies and security partners of the United States "

    actually means:

    "all the shameless scrotumscratching motherfuckers in the know of the great scam who would like to keep stealing a billion a year and continue getting those all-needed free underage hoes"

  • Seems rather   Mike Rivero   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Seems rather counter-productive. If you keep the people who know the income tax is a fraud inside this country, they'll eventually convince all their friends and neighbors.

  • When you consider...   otred   2 years 42 weeks ago

    the universe, there may be a star in the sky for each civilization that has reached a certain technological level, then destroyed itself.

  • If the soldiers won't shoot live bullets at their own people...   StingRay   2 years 42 weeks ago

    They could always use the cops. Seems like some of the "just following orders" sadists they have policing the G20 protests, for example, would probably be thrilled at the chance to upgrade from teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets to live hand grenades and hollow points.

    Maybe the DHS has already figured that out with their recent order for millions of rounds of hollow point ammo.

  • Happy Orwell Day!   UKSecrets   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Happy Police State Day. ;p

  • a radio call that colleagues were taking fire   z00mcopterdown   2 years 42 weeks ago

    "a radio call that colleagues were taking fire"

    in other words, these orificers "went to war" on a feeding frenzy where any darky is a target. "shoot them all, let god sort them out"
    thinking of course, that they were above the law, specially in a situation of "national emergency" such as that, their buttbuddies "taking fire".

    maybe that's how the shameless banksters feel ... with our dosh.

  • Mike, I have often thought of   homefiresburning   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Mike, I have often thought of that idea too.

    It is not inconceiveable that half a million years ago, or more, some civilization, in isolation, rose to technological or societal greatness unseen since, lived for thousands of years, died out and then was COMPLETELY erased from the earth, forever.

    This could have feasibly happened many time over.

  • Blast from the Past   kdtroxel   2 years 42 weeks ago

    “Consider the situation. Never has there been an administration so disciplined in secrecy, so precisely in lockstep in keeping information from the people at large and -- in defiance of the Constitution -- from their representatives in Congress. Never has the powerful media oligopoly ... been so unabashed in reaching like Caesar for still more wealth and power. Never have hand and glove fitted together so comfortably to manipulate free political debate, sow contempt for the idea of government itself, and trivialize the peoples' need to know.” Bill Moyers written during George W. Bush administration (still true)

    “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) (Men fight for freedom; then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves.)

    “Our liberty depends on freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • They seem to buy up ammo to avoid it being used on them   George   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Now, how long can anyone buy up all the ammo the world is willing to sell and stay out of bankruptcy?

    So the US government doesn't even foresee itself existing in 2-3 months anymore when all the payments become due?

  • Disagree...   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    I know a "Lateisha" (not sure of spelling) - a wonderful person - always smiling - would do anything for you.

  • Sad in a way...   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    That Corporate American "news" leaves US media consumers in this rather strange position - where Russian news contains more factual content than "ours." I suppose that's why WRH is growing while corporate media continues its free-fall.

    Of course foreign-controlled media will bring messages to US audiences that will benefit their masters - but so what? That we were lied to about 911 is a no-brainer.

  • Video of attorney Pepper's closing summation to the jury   StingRay   2 years 42 weeks ago

    This series of videos shows the King family's lawyer, Dr. William Pepper, giving his closing statement to the jury in the King assassination conspiracy trial. He summarizes all the evidence that has been presented in the course of the trial to show MLK was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy involving US gov't agencies.

    Video 1 of 10

    Link to the rest of the videos:

  • "Lateisha" huh? That explains   mistorteem   2 years 42 weeks ago

    "Lateisha" huh? That explains it.

  • Pilot's actions demonstrate +s and -s of Amercn behaviour   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    Pilot shows calm cool collected unflappable ability to take a hit from a complete loser, government-hired goof, takes the high road, goes through the appropriate channels - and doesn't take justice into his own hands. Violence is NEVER the answer!

    But don't you wonder, maybe secretly, or maybe wish (I don't) that the pilot would have strided over there and picked up that little NAZI and thrown it through a large window? Wouldn't that have been cool - just to watch? Don't get me wrong - two wrongs NEVER MAKE A RIGHT - only three lefts do -

    So the lesson learned is - maybe three left hooks to the jaw?

    Just kidding. I will say that I admire that pilot for his self control - a true virtue !

  • Serve the American people a...   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    nice heaping pile of Mike R would say.....BULLBISCUITS.

    And that they did - served it up - with the appropriate smiles and handshakes etc...

    Eric Cantor - now there's a real patriot for you! He never ever forgets his love for his favorite country - Israel.

    Obama - mystery man - but not when it comes to showmanship. That man knows how to articulate his words - and inspire confidence in those about to BOHECA. That's short for "Bend over here it comes again."

    Obama goes on about "everybody plays by the same set of rules" is a perfect example. Yes he's saying that out loud - the overt system and everybody stands there an lets it go. But we all know the covert system - that there are two sets of rules - will continue.

    Obama uses the phrase "breaking the law" - but I'm Kornfuzed. What/which law?

    Isn't murdering people without trial "breaking the law?" Or is murdering people without trial now not breaking the law? If the murder of people by the US government (drones) is committed at the order of Obama - isn't he breaking some law somewhere? And wouldn't that make him a hypocrite? And wouldn't one pause and wonder why in the hell anybody would take a single word out of this hypocrite's mouth to the bank as worth its weight in un-backed bucks?

    This is theater.

  • Another big shocker!   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    I'm amazed that people are still mentioning such incidents. After all they are commonplace - and the corrupt "legal" system does nothing to fire the thug-cops who commit such horrible acts.

    The culture of the US police is a culture of "us vs them" in other words - cops vs sheep - "sheep" being the citizenry - soon to be the subjugated. Or are we already?

    The cop that sprayed that kid doesn't give a flyin' phug - so get over it.

    That cop's boss doesn't care - and the judge that would normally matter is a phuggin coward - statistically - I'll bet you a box of donuts on that one.

    Your "representatives" purchased by corporations don't care either.

    Maybe you care. That's very interesting.

    Any games on tonight?

  • Does Johnny Yoo have kids he would like to leave   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    in George Bush's custody?

  • Four months it took...   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    A "Grand" Jury huh? They can't be that cheap - only a grand? Well come to think of it - our legal system - not all of them - perhaps 99.9% - judges, lawyers, cops - you know the usual suspects making a living on this horribly corrupt in-justice system will do their best to cover up yet another murder.

    What else is new? But hope springs eternal right?

    The "justice" system is in bed with the "corrections system" - another corporate taxpayer-fed war-on-rights profiteer. If you think I'm full of it and being a bit mean here - look up the Ciaveralla situation up in Pennsylvania - where the on-the-take robed-ones were locking up KIDS to enrich their buddies in the incarceration business. Ruined lots of lives. What always puzzled me about it - was why in the hell the FBI ever DID go after them? I figure somebody didn't make a payment to the FBI somewhere along the way - and - you know what happens when you don't pay the protection money.

    All speculation of course - but that sit up in PA is for real - and you can bet your ass it is going on right now.

    So for now - cops - lock and load - it's still a free-fire-zone here in America. You still have a free get-out-of jail free card - don't worry. So far I haven't seen much in the guts department with our legal system.

    Citizens - keep your heads down! Remember - DON'T EVER CALL THE COPS!

  • Is it just me   jackrabbit   2 years 42 weeks ago

    or is this old news? Three exclamation points will not do much to get a rise out of me -

    We know the bastards are cooking the books, we know they are lying, cheating, stealing, murdering and using the legal system to either make it ok for them to do while illegal for us to investigate, using the excuse of national security to hide it all, compartmentalizing everything so government workers can't put the whole picture together, stealing elections, supporting corporate rape of the country and its inhabitants - we know all of this.

    It's obvious.