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  • lol   z00mcopterdown   23 weeks 2 days ago

    well I guess this ugly has-been hag needs new batteries for her dildo !

  • lol   z00mcopterdown   23 weeks 2 days ago

    and mickey mouse is also a serial killer ....

  • op   z00mcopterdown   23 weeks 2 days ago

    ...and operation vacuusuck continues unabated ...

  • What may I say ...   Diogenes   23 weeks 2 days ago


    That's it, and no thing less.

  • Yeah?   Diogenes   23 weeks 2 days ago

    So —do tell— why it is that the HOOK-NOSED ZIONAZI JEW BASTARDS keep MURDERING the TOTALLY innocent?

  • Lets see!   Ethan Allen and...   23 weeks 2 days ago

    A group associates itself with a FAUX terrorist group created by the US/NATO/ISRAEL/SAUDI axis and claims responsibility for killing 3 Israeli kids.
    Can you say false flag or hoax!

  • Well, again ...   Diogenes   23 weeks 2 days ago

    The answer to all of that is just this: ANPOG.

    A New Paradigm Of Government (ANPOG).

  • (No subject)   angst   23 weeks 2 days ago

  • Was anyone expecting anything else?   Diogenes   23 weeks 3 days ago

    Really, what may one expect from a hook-nosed ZIONAZI JEW BASTARD?

  • war on humainty   angst   23 weeks 3 days ago

    is my concern, this divide and conquer stuff the makings of CIA inc.

  • Many say,...   typeviic   23 weeks 3 days ago

    that an equitable employer/employee relationship, would include not being able to know what Doctors have prescribed to patients. You know, right to privacy, that sort of thing.
    If it is "FDA approved", it cannot be thrown out of a batch of covered products because of religion.

  • God bless those poor people.   angst   23 weeks 3 days ago

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
    "Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]"

  • Vaccines!   Ethan Allen and...   23 weeks 3 days ago

    UH!UH! No way vaccines are witchcraft!

  • Wow, great post   UKSecrets   23 weeks 4 days ago

    So, this triggers a collapse in the educated classes, who will stand against the establishment.

    And increases the numbers of poorer and uneducated "workers", who are too poor to argue with what they're told, or too illiterate to see the end consequences? A dumbing down in financial and educational terms, as a means of control.

    Awesome post, thanks :)

  • Of course   Archie   23 weeks 4 days ago

    So the US is delaying to "deliver the F16 aircrafts and Apache helicopters, as well as other weapons and materiel to combat terrorism."

    Well what would you do if YOU were the world's leading terrorist nation? DUH!

  • Good post, MM.   Tom Joad   23 weeks 4 days ago

    Good post, MM. And look at the picture of the so-called professor.

  • Video like this from January, along with the many hundreds   michael mazur   23 weeks 4 days ago

    of dead and disintegrated bodies of eastern Ukraine, the methodical destruction of its towns, both types of destruction being more recent than earlier, is prompting me to come, belatedly, to the conclusion, that both Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are actually prepared to see not just eastern Ukraine destroyed in the attempt to goad Russia into overt intervention, but if necessary, to sacrifice the Kiev side of Ukraine to that end as well.
    They plan to flee to Israel once they see that USUKNATO are locked in mortal combat with Russia, as Ukraine will be serving its purpose, becoming the prime battlefield between the opposing forces, and can at that moment be discarded like a spent shell casing, as nothing will later be left standing.
    Who then are the crews apparently in Kiev army uniforms manning the artillery, rocket launchers and driving the tanks ? Who are the pilots flying those death machines ?
    All mercenaries from other countries, for were that not so,100,000 Ukrainian regular army would have swarmed and overwhelmed the east weeks ago without the infrastructure destruction.
    Where then is the Ukrainian regular army ? In barracks, as they cannot be trusted not to mutiny once in the eastern part of Ukraine.

  • CNN was not closing its eyes and stabbing a map with a pin   michael mazur   23 weeks 4 days ago

    hoping for the best. They know exactly where it is; but because they are Jewish they want war with Russia but having Americans dying in it, not Israelis.

    Two months ago SBStv Australia stuck Donetsk just inside Russia, for the same reason, they are staffed, again, with Jews, at those war mongering levels.

  • I read Mr Levy's article, as it was only fair that i should if   michael mazur   23 weeks 5 days ago

    i'm to post my, no, not rant, my analysis drawn in the awareness that there is insufficient evidence for me to write in this extreme way, but i hope to provoke thereby not a retaliation, but a yielding of more evidence to take into account.
    Israeli licence plates are different in colour and are of different number block to that of Palestinian licence plates, allowing a checkpoint guard to spot the different colour from 50yds away - yellow/orange for Jews, blue/green for Palestinians.
    As this was a high security Jewish area, how then did the Hamas car get through checkpoints ?
    It couldn't have, and had it ignored the motion to halt, and instead kept on boring through, it would have ended up full of holes, wouldn't it ?
    And even if nothing drastic like that had happened, then why didn't at least one of the three boys spot that this was a Palestinian licence plate when the offer of a lift home was made by someone speaking Hebrew in a Arabic accent ?

    Look again at the three sets of flag draped remains at the funeral service, do they look as if they are in coffins, as the SBStv - Australia, narration stated that they were ?
    As the covered remains were, in parts, of low and varying profile, then most certainly the flags were not covering coffins - you call them caskets, what then were they covering, since the outline and dimensions and contour did not indicate human remains underneath ?
    More like bundled straw - with weights, so as not to appear insubstantive on being stretcher carried.

    Perchance, are the photos of the three young Israelis, allegedly abducted, actually photos on file of unknown boys from a earlier generation plucked out of a anonymous crowd scene, and then blown up a little ?
    If these three boys were friends, how come the three photos are of each of the boys, but there's not a group photo ?
    So i don't think they were friends, but, either way, does this mean that the Hamas guy was going to do, a door, to door, to door drop off ?
    Wouldn't that in itself get the antennas quivering ? To give a lift to three youngsters is a nice gesture, but then to offer to take the three of them to their separate addresses, and in a car with Palestinian licence plates ???

    Just, just, too too good to be true.

    So, for all of the above, at the risk of sounding outrageous, the event alleged of 12/6/2014 did not happen.

    To continue, what of the names, then, of the three teens ? Where from ? That's the easiest part of the whole invented narrative, their names were also invented.
    The father at the funeral oration was an actor, which also explains why the 'mothers' seemed not under any distress when on camera during the period of the 'search'.

  •   angst   23 weeks 5 days ago
  • Oh, and BTW ...   Diogenes   23 weeks 5 days ago

    The site/URL you send others to in order to discover other alternatives, is OWNED by google, i.e., the IP address is in their domain.

  • Mike,   Diogenes   23 weeks 5 days ago

    First, and foremost: YouTube is privately owned. Ergo, you have NO RIGHT to force them to carry anything, and if —or should— they decide to delete material, that is =THEIR RIGHT=.

    Now, I don't ~personally~ agree with censorship, but again: YouTube is privately owned.

    I curse the day that the former owners of YouTube sold-out to the scumbags at google.

    So again: The only entity of which any of us have a right to demand freedom of speech, press, etc., is government.

    The solution here is to find another site which doesn't engage in censorship. If enough people do that, then YouTube will become history, and google will lose big time.

  • This Sarah Silverman Piece Is Also Deleted Often   blackbird9   23 weeks 5 days ago

    This Sarah Silverman of The Tribe piece is also deleted often from JewTube:

    (link to video - approx. 30 seconds)
    "Sarah Silverman says 'I would kill Christ again'"

    Wouldn't you just love to hi-jack the audio-video booth at one of the Reverend John "Judas Goat" Hagee's CUFI (Christians United For Israel) events . . .

    . . . and play these two video clips to the "Zio-Faithful"??? . . lol

    If Americans . .and especially Christian Americans . . .really knew how much total contempt Israel and "The Jews" in general have for them . . .

    . . . (i.e. view them as stupid "cattle" that exist only to serve "The Jews"). . .

    . . . I think that "Poor Anne Frank" brainwashing would start wearing off rather quickly. ;-)

    Then perhaps WE THE PEOPLE could begin seriously acting on issues like the illegal US Foreign Aid to that Apartheid Nuclear Rogue State of Israel that is a clear violation of the Symington and Glenn Amendments . ..

    . . . those "Dancing Israelis" on 9-11 that triggered all these "Wars for Greater Israel" that we got bamboozled, bribed and blackmailed into . . .

    . . . and exactly who do these "Dual Israeli Nationals" in key positions of power in this Constitutional Republic actually serve???

    Of course, don't expect any videos on any of these topics to stay up for very long on JewTube!!! . . . lol

  • Could?   WUFYS   23 weeks 5 days ago

    There is no doubt about it. It was a false flag. Would you trust the word of a government of a nation whose secret service's motto is "By way of deception thou shalt do war"?

  • Begging your pardon, but ...   Diogenes   23 weeks 5 days ago

    The 'majority' of the people whom reside in that land formerly known as Palestine, are Palestinians. The minority population are ZIONAZI JEW BASTARDS, and it is THEY whom are the oppressors, i.e., the ah, ~ahem~, so-called (cough! cough!) 'chosen people.'