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  • Mandatory Voting = Good   Old_Logan   19 weeks 4 days ago

    (*Go ahead and pass it . If I have to go to the polls to vote in an election that I don't see a solution being offered , I know one thing . I will vote against any one who likes that idea , and any idea of that politician that may be on the referendum .
    I'm not voting in 2016 , because I KNOW we're getting Bush III . I'm working the zen , trying to stay calm .MMMM~~~~MMMMM~~~~MMMMM~~! )

  • "I don't want a one-state   Old_Logan   19 weeks 4 days ago

    "I don't want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that, circumstances have to change,"

    (*In other words , 'Forget About It !' , The circumstances didn't change . Netanyahu just won another term as King Of The World !)

  • Paying for votes?   NobodysaysBOO   19 weeks 4 days ago

    Really want every CITIZEN to vote? Then PAY US LIKE you pay the crooked POLITICIANS,yes millions. The American citizens have paid every Israelie on earth an least $30000.00 US dollars for NOTHING this is the exact amount we should be paid for every citizens vote.

    This will not stop vote stealing and cheating but the money will go to the right places instead of sold out media and scumbag politicos.

    PS. The last mostly honest election was for JFK.

  • FORCED VOTING?!?!?!   Diogenes   19 weeks 4 days ago

    Isn't that kinda, sorta like FORCED SEX?!?!?!

    Or 'forced feeding,' or 'forced re-education,' or 'forced (your choice here)?'

    Tell you what: At any time that FAGGOT in the WHORE HOUSE desires to PERSONALLY come to my abode, and FORCE ME to do =ANYTHING=, I shall render unto him such a case of lead poisoning from which that COCKSUCKER will =NEVER= recover!!!! GUARANTEED!!!!!!


  • Flashback 1998 - "Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies . . . "   blackbird9   19 weeks 4 days ago

    Flashback 1998 - "Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream"

    This is a very interesting piece of World Zionist "White Propaganda" released two years before the Israeli "false flag" attack on the USS Cole that introduced America to the new bogeyman "al Qaeda" and "Osama bin Laden" (the new Haman/Hitler). . . and three years before 9-11.

    Jewish directors Simcha Jacobovici and Stuart Samuels make use of the traditional memes of "Jews as the eternal innocent victims of irrational anti-Semitism" while weaving a new variant of "Jews as totally assimilated Patriotic Americans". . .

    . . . that is right in line with the "Special Relationship" strategies of Jewish Supremacist "Greater Israel" writers Oded Yinon, Richard Perle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert J. Aumann, Leo Strauss, as well as the PNAC group.

    I found this to be a very revealing "connect the dotz" piece of Jewish Hasbara propaganda especially when taken in context of the lead up to the Zionist coup d'etat of 9-11.

    I was reminded of this quote so many times while watching this video on "Hollywoodism" last night:

    "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."
    — Jewish Supremacist Edward Bernays

    I found one of the biggest curiosities of this history of "Zio-Wood" was when they got to the section on "THE Holocaust(TM)" (video: 1:12:00).

    Here we are told that at the end of World War II, the US State Department flew over representatives from all the major Hollywood studios to visit the German Labor Camps to basically give them "first option" on creating the official "THE Holocaust(TM)" narrative . . .and they all "passed".

    Thus, President Truman and General Eisenhower were left to turn this propaganda project over to the US Military "Psych War" division under General Robert McClure and his deputy CD Jackson. General McClure and CD Jackson brought in Jewish film director Billy Wilder to create the meme of "THE Holocaust(TM)".

    "Nazi Shrunken Heads — Lies which justify war"


    Of course, once the meme had been established, Zio-Wood cashed in on it big time to create "The Holocaust(TM) Industry"

    Like the old saying goes,

    "There's no business . . . like Shoah Business!!!"

    - bb9

  • The U.S. is exceptional...   otred   19 weeks 4 days ago

    exceptionally isolated.

  • beats being a fry cook?   1newsjunkie   19 weeks 4 days ago

    I approached one of skynet's drivers, he was paranoid and scared ha... he refused to answer any questions...Like why all the wi-fi antennas pal?

  • breaking news   1newsjunkie   19 weeks 4 days ago

    some people do suck

  • is it   1newsjunkie   19 weeks 4 days ago

    Amateur Night at the Apollo ?

  • Ya think ?   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    (*Do you think maybe McCain is still feeling the sour grapes , after all , he should have been President , Netanyahu could have him over to practice Beach Boy 'harmonies' together)

  • "The premise of our position   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    "The premise of our position internationally has been to support direct negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians,”

    (*Here's the sound of a lie free statement coming from Washington DC .)

  • launched by Hizbollah and Hamas.   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    launched by Hizbollah and Hamas.

    (*deserving of , at least a nudge nudge wink wink , if not a full blown bovine excrement meter malfunction .)

  • U.S. could back UN resolution on Palestine   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    (*Operative word here is "Could" as in Netanyahu "Could" lose the election , or Boehner and the 47 Republicans "Could" be charged under The Logan Act . Jeb Bush "Could" lose in 2016 !
    It's no wonder they add all the condiments to the gangrene ridden HotDog , more notably the US / Israel Special Relationship . All mustard , relish , onions , ketchup , horseradish , on a bun when they say "Could" .
    On a gangrene ridden wiener when they always end up 'staying the course' .
    Of course if we back the UN resolution on Palestine , we know Netanyahu will turn into his alter ego , The Mad Dog Of Israel , and go forward with all his ambitions , while the Republicans blame it all on Obama , and just like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was just another Crisis actor in the Boston Marathon DHS/FEMA terror drill , Obama becomes the hot dog vender who notoriously goes heavy on the condiments )

  • GORE:   Diogenes   19 weeks 5 days ago

    I'd like to personally slap the shit out of him, but when I was done, there'd be nothing left but clothes!

  • Just carry out the training drills in the White House...   Tian Shan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    while the Mack's not there. He and the wife are on so many vacations, it seems like he's not there half the time anyway.

  • Maybe someone in the military who's fed up with this crap...   Tian Shan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    could set the bombing coordinates onto the global banks and the personal estates of those behind the war machine (Rothschild's, for one).

  • That's Okay . . The ADL Still Loves Bibi Nutty-Yahoo . . .   blackbird9   19 weeks 5 days ago

    That's okay . . . The ADL still loves Bibi Nutty-Yahoo . . .

    . . . and that's all that really matters, right? . . . lol

    (clipped text from ADL)
    "New York, NY, March 18, 2015 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today extended congratulations to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party for their strong showing in Israel’s elections.

    Barry Curtiss-Lusher, ADL National Chair, and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

    We extend our congratulations to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party for their strong showing in these elections, and wish the prime minister well as he moves to build a new governing coalition.

    With the highest turnout in 15 years for national elections, the people of Israel selected their parliamentary representation for the next four years. The proud demonstration of Israel’s open and vibrant democracy over the more than 67 years since its founding stands in stark contrast to every other country in the Middle East.

    Regretfully, this campaign was too often marked by extreme and divisive statements by candidates. We urge leaders of all parties to work to reach out to all segments of Israel’s society and heal these wounds.

    Now the work of forming a governing coalition begins. We wish Israel’s leaders success in establishing a new government that will be able to effectively address the many domestic and security issues facing Israel."


    Now, isn't that just "Special"??? . . . ;-)

    - bb9

  • No surprise.   Reddit_is_Hasbara   19 weeks 5 days ago

    Sweden went full kosher some time ago. They're toast. Their new national sport is the rape of Swedish women by Somali "asylum seekers".

  • The REAL unstated story here is:   Diogenes   19 weeks 5 days ago

    Because mineral crude is so over-priced to begin with, then ~that~ in and of itself, is =THE= real cause for lack of sales. People depart with their relative wealth when they perceive an equal trade in terms of currency vs product price.

    But, the greedy SOB's running the oil companies have been pulling American's money teats so hard, and for so long, that most Americans have decided to keep their money to themselves. They fully realise that with every increase in fuel prices, that their own expenses also taking a hit.

    So, why subsidise the blood suckers?

    I should like to remind everyone, that back in the 1950's through the 1960's, the price per gallon of high-test gasoline was a mere 28 cents. So too had been the same for a pack of cigarettes.

  • Nazi German   Cactus Moon   19 weeks 5 days ago

    Nazi German never treated ordinary people like that. What you witnessed is the Israeli treatment.

    God I get sick of the ignorant throwing out Nazi, Hitler, holocau$t.

  • Israel has no right to exist...none   Cactus Moon   19 weeks 5 days ago

    Israel never planned on a two state solution. They want it all every single bit. There is no explanation of why because of a highly questionable event between to groups of Northern Europe that the Palestinians should be evicted from their homeland.

    Israel stinks and it is long overdue to shelter them. Israel has no right to exist. They always play the holocau$t lie.

    Eliminate Israel.

  • Secret Service wants to build $8M fake White House   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    (*Kind of makes sense , when one considers it would used to house a fake president)

  • Signing Treaties ?   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    (*Of all the low down , no good , mean spirited , underhanded ,ornery , diabolical , and unfriendly thing to do . We told you Putin plays dirty . Why I oughtta ... !
    whitehorse souce)

  • Everything's under control   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago

    (*We're switching you over to ObamaCare !)

  • and this time, she means it.   Old_Logan   19 weeks 5 days ago