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  • Unfortunately no((   Stacy Vassman   14 weeks 20 hours ago

    She died because of high temperature inside the capsule...

    "Laika was alive for 4 turns around the Earth. Because of the error of calculation of the satellite's area and the lack of thermal control system the temperature has risen to +40 °C. The dog died from overheating"

  • Russia is not ready)   Stacy Vassman   14 weeks 22 hours ago

    Russian Railways prefers Chinese offer on Moscow-Kazan HSR construction to German one.
    "The German Initiative offered a memorandum of cooperation and equipment import investment," Alexander Misharin told TASS. "We are analysing the proposals, but their equipment supply funding offers do not satisfy us."
    The Russian Railways official noted that the prices for some equipment were too high. "Moreover we cooperate with Chinese counterparts who have the same equipment for more appropriate prices," Misharin said.

  • Russia can not destroy US   Stacy Vassman   14 weeks 22 hours ago

    And Russia will not do it anyway)

    Too big a sin - to destroy the country with no reason. Only US can do it.

  • I forgot   mistorteem   14 weeks 23 hours ago

    Tell me again, what were those "accomplishments in the field of medicine"?

  • Of Course, The Flaw In This Argument . . .   blackbird9   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Of course, the flaw in this argument . . .

    . . . is that the bogus "IRS" IS a "Private Collection Agency" serving the Jewish controlled Central Banksters!!!

  • Yet, The Bodies Are Showing Signs of Explosion Injury???   blackbird9   14 weeks 1 day ago


    On the one hand, we are told the plane parts show no traces of explosives . . .

    . . . yet, the medical examiners are reporting that the bodies show
    signs of injuries due to an explosion?

    " The nature of passengers’ injuries from the Russian jet that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai on Saturday may indicate that an explosion took place aboard before the plane hit the ground, an Egyptian doctor who examined the bodies said, Sputnik news agency reported.

    "A large number of body parts may indicate that a powerful explosion took place aboard the plane before it hit the ground," an Egyptian forensic expert told the agency.

    A DNA analysis would be required to identify the victims of the Russian A321 airliner crash in Egypt, the expert added.

    Earlier, Russian tabloid LifeNews claimed to have obtained the results of a forensic medical examination that allegedly stated that the passengers “in the tail section of the liner died because of so-called blast injuries.”

    According to the broadcaster, they were diagnosed with burns of over 90 percent, with experts noting particles of metal and aircraft covering piercing the bodies of the deceased.

    The people in the front part of the plane died from different causes, including blood loss, shock, open head injuries and multiple fractures, it added.


    Curiouser and curiouser . . .

  • 124 donors in all   George   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Most of them never donated a farthing to a school or symphony or other worthy cause... looks like they are purchasing access to some money making racket under the pretext of AIDS fight.

    Or is AIDS fight the money racket itself? A precursor to Al Gore's global warming doomsday cult? For an exponential epidemic with no drug to this day, AIDS obviously failed to kill us all in 40 years.

  • The disappearing middle class   Old_Logan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    The disappearing middle class is threatening American mega brands

    (*and doctor's offices too . My primary guy has me "Red Flagged"
    Red flagged at the doctor's office . What does that even mean ?
    Well , I'll tell you . It means he hasn't seen me in a while .
    Back in the last millennium , the idea was to take care of yourself , and avoid trips to the doctor . Today , if you do that , you get The Red Flag in your file .
    You get a phone call to alert you;
    you need a physical (one appointment complete with out of pocket co-pay)
    you need some lab work (another separate appointment with another out of pocket co-pay)
    for the third part of this trifecta he wants me to bend over and take it up the colonoscopy .(co-pay PLUS deductible[S])
    I'm probably going to break them all . That's the part nobody considered . If a workin stiff is giving up X% of his weekly take home for medical insurance , week after week , then the doctor jumps out of the box with the 'You-u-u've been RED FLAGGED!' phone call , what are you going to do ? Go into debt because the doctor's work quota , and everybody else on the colonoscopy assembly line's work quota , is down because of the holidays ?)

  • "I will ruin America for him!"   Stacy Vassman   14 weeks 1 day ago

    "He did not have enough time to do it..."

  • Lest We Forget . . . "Why We Jews Are Dangerous"   blackbird9   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Lest we forget, "Why We Jews Are Dangerous"

    "The thing that makes Judaism dangerous to everybody, to every race, to every nation, to every idea is that we smash things that aren’t true. We don’t believe in the boundaries of nation-states, we don’t believe in the idea these individual gods that protect individual groups of people.

    These are all artificial constructions and Judaism really teaches us how to see that. In a sense our detractors have us right in that we are a corrosive force, that we are breaking down the false gods of all nations and all people because they are not real. And that is very upsetting to people.”
    - Douglas Rushkoff, Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism

    "Why We Jews Are Dangerous - Jewish Supremacist Douglas Rushkoff"

  • Re Russian airliner crash in the Sinai 2015.10.31.   michael mazur   14 weeks 1 day ago

    In nationmultimedia com for 2015.11.1, there was a report quoting AFP that the body of a 3yo girl was found 8km away from the crash site, and also that many of the bodies were missing limbs.

    The report went on to say that the source was a Egyptian military officer who didn't want to be named.

    On PBS Newshour, one Alan Diehl, formerly of NTSB, said that the tail section was 3miles (5km) away from the crash site.

  • In a way I'm glad to hear this.   Tian Shan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    This will be Microsquish's death knell.

  • Another blaring example of...   Tian Shan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    the uselessness of the politicians and lawmakers in our society.

    They don't help. They hurt us as a whole.

    And it's by design.

  • Take this for what it's worth...   Tian Shan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Many of my colleagues and I tried to find employment after massive layoffs of where we worked.

    The reason: "Overqualified" (No kidding. A few recruiters had told us this in our interviews.)

    I related this with Ron Paul getting smacked down in '08 & '12 as he was a threat to the establishment. Looking at his earlier videos on the American economy, you would see that he was insightful, rational, and prescient. In short, had his shit together.

    Full circle to Carson...He would (and other candidates of his ilk) be the ideal American candidate for the times. Perhaps a specialist in this previous vocation to give the impression of someone who knows what they're doing, but completely out of touch (clueless) for what American needs as a politician.

    This is what the zionist whore-masters in DC need, someone to help futher disintegrate what's left of American thinking and values.

  • More like: OBAMA FED doesn't want to FIND 179,027 CRIMINAL...   Tian Shan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    It's by design. And that's what makes this govt so criminal.

  • Flip-flopping with fire   George   14 weeks 1 day ago

    You welcome the refugees at the border, then you have a few special forces guys torch their future home at night. "Oops, sorry, we wanted to offer you this house, but it was hit by EU lightning. Bye"

    The typical European citizen, even if he/she dislikes loud foreigners, will not stoop as low as to torch people's houses. That's something only governments do.

  • Wrong.   Reddit_is_Hasbara   14 weeks 1 day ago

    The Japanese plane did not break up in mid-air. The rear bulkhead failure damaged the hydraulics for tail control surfaces. They had no pitch (up/down) control.

    But, it is possible that control failure can induce structural failure.

  • No news here.   Reddit_is_Hasbara   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Reporter Corey FLINTOFF. FLINTOFF. No Jewish Conspiracy here, nope -- not at Judeo-NPR. Not in America's Judeo-MSM!

    It's the whiners/globalists/elites/liberals/moneyjunkies -- not the J**s.


  • So . . . Are We Back To Cyber Sabotage?   blackbird9   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Mr. Christopher Bollyn posits:
    "The October 31 crash of the Russian Metrojet passenger aircraft in the Sinai Desert, near the border of Egypt and Israel, raises some well-founded suspicions of foul play being involved in the downing of the plane. Although it is too early to say what caused the crash, there are some clear indications that suggest the plane was remotely sabotaged - via its connection to the Internet.

    The fact that the pilot's last communication, from 30,000 feet, reported a malfunction in the airplane's wireless devices and that he asked for an emergency landing indicates that the airplane may have been in the process of being hacked externally through its satellite wireless connection. It is interesting to note that this report about the report of the "malfunction in the wireless devices" has not been published in a single U.S. newspaper or media outlet.

    Secondly, the fact that this was the pilot's last communication is significant. Even if the plane had stalled, as it seems to have done, and fallen from 30,000 feet, the pilot still would have had several minutes to communicate with air traffic controllers in Cairo - unless his communications link had been cut, which appears to be the case.


    I was thinking of a possible scenario along these lines on Sunday,
    especially in light of Israel's Air Force "Blue Flag" War Games going on in that area at the same time of the crash:

    As we have entered a new age of "Electronic Warfare" whereby the objective becomes to either "turn off" the enemy's weapons or "take control of" the enemy's weapons rather than blowing them up. . .

    . . . I wonder what the "Black Box" data will show concerning this Russian airliner's last moments in the air.

    If I were a Jewish Supremacist World Zionist and I wanted to carry out a psychological warfare terrorist act against my enemy . . . to impress upon them my "tactical superiority" and complete RUTHLESSNESS while leaving no finger prints . . .

    . . . I would hi-jack the controls and force the plane to exceed its structural tolerance limits so that it would break up in mid air . . without the need of shooting it down and risk "global condemnation".


  • This is what I said days ago!   Ethan Allen and...   14 weeks 1 day ago

    The US Military are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America. TREASON!

    My Dutch colleague, political analyst Holger Eekhof contends the Special Forces objective will be a rescue mission to extract key jihadist operatives and assets from underneath the Russian-Syrian-Hezbollah front, in order that they may be useful for future projects in the region. In this, I feel quite sure Eekhof is correct. What more could 50 specialists manage to do in such a war zone.

  • US on Track to Grow 1.9 Percent in Fourth Quarter   Old_Logan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    (*Just a reminder; The Fourth Quarter of the year is the time that houses The Holidays . Stores start hiring for them . A month and a half AFTER The Holidays , we'll be in the First Quarter of NEXT year , and all the gift returning will be over , and we'll start getting the old Economists Startled By Sagging Economy stories , once again .
    Enjoy The Holidays
    O_L )

  • Hillary Clinton   Old_Logan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    (*Missed her on the America's Boogie-Men list that I submitted
    here>>> )

  • I didn't mean to upset you, Michael ^^"   Stacy Vassman   14 weeks 1 day ago

    It's just the history of informatic is changing so fast)

  • Islam and Russia as “bogeymen"   Old_Logan   14 weeks 1 day ago

    (*along with
    -Bin Laden
    -Saddam Husein
    -Omar Kadafi
    -Yasser Arafat
    -Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    -Viktor F. Yanukovych
    -Nicolás Maduro
    -Adolf Hitler
    -John Lennon
    just off the top of my head .
    Famous quote from 9/12/2001 from My Own Brother; "No One Has Ever "F"-ed Me Over Except My Fellow American ." )

  • which reminds me;   Old_Logan   14 weeks 1 day ago