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  • That reminds me   mistorteem   1 hour 15 min ago

    So, how is it that England and France declared war against Germany but not Russia? How is that the "Allies" included Stalin fighting Germany?

  • The copy of the photo on the   mistorteem   1 hour 25 min ago

    The copy of the photo on the VT article is quite poor for examination, but:

    We have been told that during the alleged shooting the children were being hid and barricaded in various rooms in the school. I do not recall what the claims have been regarding their evacuation but regardless, they would not have been evacuated from the school out in the open until the school was full of law enforcement, the school had been thoroughly searched and the outside grounds had been thoroughly searched and secured. This would have taken quite a bit of time to accomplish and yet the lying Hicks says she was one of the first ones there and took the photograph. By the time the children would have been evacuated (assuming this was all real, which of course it was not) Dickinson Dr. and the area above and below Dickinson Dr. would have been completely blocked, as the overhead video shows, and there is no way Hicks could have driven up to where she says she did.

    Why are they still having the kids keep their eyes closed now that they are almost across the parking lot and far removed from the alleged carnage?

    Why, with the one obvious exception, do none of the kids seem upset or frightened; some in fact appear to be having a good time?

    Why do the two adult women at the end of the line not appear upset or in a hurry?

    Why does the big, blue girls right hand, supposed to be on the boy in front of her, actually appear to be a left hand?

    What is that odd light-colored blob on the back of her right shoulder, is it supposed to be the hand of the thin girl in white top and pink tights but merely bad photoshopping?

    Note that this thin girl is not even probably behind the big, blue girl but a child in dark pants is there and in between but mostly hidden.

    The big, blue girl is not in the line but to the side or forward of the line.

    The big, blue girl is out of place in regards to her size, demeanor and the things I have mentioned and I believe she was digitally inserted into an available gap in this otherwise placid photo of a drill to give false, emotional impact.

  • More psyops. Just ordinary guys."You, you, and you, over here!"   michael mazur   1 hour 46 min ago

    Just elaboration on the theme that there is a ground invasion, that is, foot soldiers moving through urban enemy territory, to, by inference, convey the impression that every day a number of them fall to enemy action to bulk up the mythical numbers that 20, then 25, then 30, then 35, and so on, IDF have been killed by Hamas.

    Truth is that NO IDF have been killed, nor have there been ANY Hamas rockets out of Gaza, just more Shin Bet psyops with the tacit collusion by Israel's proprietaries, Ismael Haniyeh and Khaled Meshal - both nominally of Hamas, who provocatively call for more glorious war while saying nothing about Netanyahu's daily allegations of rockets.

    'Score' , 850 Palestinians to 0 Israelis.

    After the aerial bombardments, the next phase is armoured personnel carriers and tanks, very bravely thrusting into densely packed urban areas where no one even has a AK47 with at least a spare clip.

    How do i know that ?

    We read, like we did in January 09, that throngs of partying Israeli civilians gather atop the low hills - within rifle shot of northern Gaza, camp on easy chairs, euphorically listening to the explosions, overwhelmed with ecstasy while watching the fireworks and the dense smoke arising from the aerial bombardments across the border.

    Nary a rifle shot has whizzed over their heads let alone parted their hair, such is the assuredness of perfect safety given them by default by the IDF which does not prevent these gatherings on grounds of too close a proximity to a war zone.

    That is how i know no one in Gaza has a rifle, that in addition to not having a rocket.

    Conclusion, ALL claims of deaths of Israelis, in particular since the ground assault, are psyops designed to have us think in terms of conflict and not in terms of unadulterated mass murder.

    I'm sure the 'score' must now be 860 to, still, 0.

  • w00   z00mcopterdown   2 hours 51 min ago

    they look just like 90% of all ameristanis.

  • yeah   z00mcopterdown   2 hours 53 min ago

    yats the khazar transylvanian bloodsucker zio-navigator just quit and went on an anal scat-fest vacation with the n00land hoe, so the idiots in charge of the toilet are scrambling for paper in the dark.

  • Forget about subjunctive "think"...   Tian Shan   5 hours 13 min ago

    it's the wrong track. In addition, the speculative time between "realization" and doing can be a (really) long time.

    Do something. Do anything. Protest. Contribute to WRH. Talk to neighbors, strangers, and anyone that will listen. Just don't sit on your fat American keister and wait for Easter. Nothing will happen in America without Americans getting involved.

    It's our country and no one else besides Americans will give a shit about it.

  • lol   z00mcopterdown   5 hours 55 min ago

    ...and operation vacuusuck continues unabated....

    EDIT: the zioturds really don't like putin, which makes me, and a shitload of thinking people like me, LOVE putin EVEN MORE !

  • See VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US   Mike Rivero   6 hours 1 min ago
  • dive   z00mcopterdown   6 hours 9 min ago

    was diverting the plane part of the "exercise" ?

  • dia   z00mcopterdown   6 hours 18 min ago

    the zioturd diarrhea in full fling ...

  • Hitler   Cactus Moon   6 hours 21 min ago

    Hitler didn't do anything to the Jews!!! The international Jewish agency declared war on Germany in 1933. So that is the main reason the Jews were interned. Also, things were not good for anybody during the war 60 million dead!!

    Why can't people quit being so incredibly ignorant!! There were no homicidal gas chambers none. And, Hitler and Germany did not want to exterminate all the Jews.

    For God's sake educate yourselves!!!

    Take a look at the lying survivors. For example, Irene Zimblatt tells of swallowing diamonds then shitting them out and saving them for two years. Over and over again.

    Are you stupid or just brainwashed. There was no holocau$t!!!

  • names   z00mcopterdown   7 hours 17 min ago

    always remember, any
    "company" with names such as "USA" "National" "Federal" "United" , etc, are the exact opposite of what the names portray.

    you can always expect a bunch of foreign national traitors running the sweatshops and fucking everyone over in the process.

  • yeah   z00mcopterdown   7 hours 38 min ago

    I wonder where they learned that trick ...

  • Still at a loss   mistorteem   7 hours 56 min ago

    I still don't know what became of the money $$40-60 BILLION? Maybe Chucky Schumer, who tried to protect Madoff, knows?

  • US protection racket   mistorteem   8 hours 29 sec ago

    Very possible, if not likely, that Saudi Arabia was involved in furnishing, financing and handling 9/11 patsies. If so, in so doing they set themselves for potential accusations such as we now see as well as blackmail. What deals. promises, threats to gain their assistance in 9/11 scam is of course unknown.

  • GREAT PHOTOS?   NobodysaysBOO   8 hours 13 min ago

    THIS STUFF is exactly WHY people do not believe we EVER landed on the MOON!
    Any fool me included could make up this cartoon crap and claim it was in outer space!
    The CARTOON airplanes that hit the twin towers where MUCH better pictures than THIS STUPID CARTOON!

    Work on those picture cartoons like you where Walt Disney at the JPL and you too can believe in BAMBY and THUMPER, AND WASTE YOUR MONEY ON FOOLISH FRAUDS, our govt does it ALL THE TIME!

  • cas   z00mcopterdown   8 hours 27 min ago

    castrate, make him eat his own balls, and hang upside down, and set alight ...

  • If Google want to play hardball...   UKSecrets   8 hours 35 min ago

    so should the public

    use or

    use the aa route planner.

    Dump google products.

  • add another choice   z00mcopterdown   8 hours 35 min ago

    Mike, add another choice to the radio buttons.

    "I am not ameristani, but I want to see the results"

    EDIT: nvm, I found the "results" button hehe.

  • if   z00mcopterdown   8 hours 42 min ago

    if the submentals on this planet were able to evolve past GREED, the wonders that would await us exploring the universe would be of unlimited beauty and scientific value.

    ------>. IF

  • well   z00mcopterdown   8 hours 47 min ago

    there was no israhell before 1947

  • damn   z00mcopterdown   8 hours 59 min ago

    romanian hoes are REALLY hot ! , and now that the ameristani 30 IQ toy soldiers are all over the zone there, they will all get raped, and will come to us "used and abused".

    ... yet another culture ruined by ameristan, just like the 13 year old japanese schoolgirls in okinawa, all raped day and night .... sad shit !!

  • op   z00mcopterdown   9 hours 5 min ago

    ...and operation vacuusuck continues unabated ... (and accelerating)

  • "Dammit, dammit, dammit,   Mike Rivero   9 hours 34 min ago

    "Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! I need a Nazi to wag at the schmucks. Someone find me another Nazi. Postal worker, janitor; I don't care. Make one up if you have to! I need to have a Nazi to wag at the schmucks while I bomb Gaza!" -- Nodding Yahoo

  • The story of those three Jewish boys abducted and murdered is   michael mazur   11 hours 44 min ago

    just that, a story.

    Given the total control of all media in Israel by the Jews, they don't actually have to murder three of their own to blame on Hamas, they can actually invent a narrative entirely fictional, knowing that nobody but nobody in Israel is going to blow the whistle on it, with the unbearable ostracism that would follow by being called moser - a creature worse than a anti Semite.

    Hamas, it here needs be said, is a indispensable adjunct of the State of Israel, whose blustering provocative war rhetoric is directly responsible for the deaths to date, this month alone, of 815 innocents.

    One more thing, there are NO Hamas rockets flying out of Gaza. None. All fiction.