Dec 30 08:37

Bill Ayers Slams 'Criminal Activities' of Obama Administration

Beginning of the end for Obama politically speaking!

"I think we’re sliding down a very treacherous path," Ayers says, "and I think the Democratic Party is very much a part of that. It is a war party. The criminal activities of this administration are vast. Drone strikes, continuous war."

"We [the US] are the mother of the so-called Islamic State…the mother of that entity is the Iraq Invasion and the father is Saudi Arabia, which we just gave billions of dollars of aid to."

Dec 29 18:19

US military to expand global operations in 2016

The year 2015 will be remembered as a year of expanding global warfare and militarism. It began with discussions of the possibility of “total war” against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, saw new provocations against China in the South China Sea, and draws to a close amid the escalation of the US and European war in Iraq and Syria and the spread of conflict to Yemen, Libya and other parts of Africa.

Dec 29 17:17

Pentagon ‘thwarted’ Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay – report

The Pentagon has been “thwarting” the president’s plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for years, Reuters revealed, reportedly creating bureaucratic obstacles and showing reluctance to cooperate with foreign countries looking to accept prisoners.

Dec 29 15:32

'Newly Awakened' Russian Navy Has Pentagon Shaking in Its Boots

In the fight against Daesh in Syria, Russia has demonstrated its state-of-the-art naval prowess. According to a new Pentagon report, the proven effectiveness of the Kremlin’s fleet has Washington worried.

Dec 29 14:41

What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016? — Ron Paul

Each year more than one trillion dollars goes up in smoke. More accurately, it is stolen from the middle and working classes and shipped off to the one percent. I am talking about the massive yearly bill to maintain the US empire. Washington’s warmongers have sold the lie that the military budget has been gutted under President Obama, but even when the “Sequester” was in effect military spending continued to increase. Only the pace of increase was reduced, not actual spending.

Dec 29 13:59

Serbia has reasons for concern, NATO is arming Croatia

Whether, on an economic exhausted Balkans two decades after the wars, the looming arms race? Croatian intention to acquire rocket launcher MLRS M270, a potential range of up to 300 kilometers, was announced in the local media the past autumn, encouraged Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to think about the procurement of adequate weapons. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, yesterday, on this occasion, said that Serbia will have to respond to the arming of Croatian.

Dec 29 11:57

Why WWIII Is On The Horizon — Paul Craig Roberts

Russia cannot allow a jihadist Caliphate to be established in an area comprising Syria/Iraq, because it would be a base for exporting destabilization into Muslim parts of the Russian Federation. Henry Kissinger himself has stated this fact, and it is clear enough to any person with a brain. However, the power-crazed fanatical neoconservatives, who have controlled the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes, are so absorbed in their own hubris and arrogance that they are prepared to push Russia to the point of having their Turkish puppet shoot down a Russian airplane and to overthrow the democratically-elected government in Ukraine that was on good terms with Russia, substituting in its place an American puppet government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wish that I could find any fault with Dr. Robert's reasoning here; unfortunately, I cannot.

As you are contemplating the New Year, make sure you have plans to take care of yourself and those you care about, should such an international catastrophe come to pass.

I know I sound like a chipped CD on this, and perhaps like Mrs. Chicken Little of Oahu, but please: remember to have extra food, potable water, a first aid kit, and extra medicines for yourselves and your pets on hand. Have a plan to rejoin your family, should you be separated from them, and a viable bug-out kit in the car.

Making contingency plans like this may well make the difference between surviving such an event, or not surviving it.

Dec 29 11:39

The Ugly Truth About Avoiding War With China

While ISIS is the threat that keeps Washington policymakers up at night, it’s the rise of China that has international relations theorists in a panic. Graham Allison argues persuasively that China’s rise portends a classic Thucydides Trap. His research shows that in twelve of the last sixteen cases over the past five hundred years, when a rising power challenged an established one, the result was war. John Mearsheimer, somewhat more bluntly, warns that “China cannot rise peacefully.” It’s an impending great power clash that makes the threat from ISIS look like child’s play.

But China threatens the United States only insofar as America insists on being the dominant power in China’s backyard, a policy that actually contributes very little to U.S. security. If we abandon our strategy of primacy, the risk of a clash will shrink away. If we try to contain China’s rise, on the other hand, these predictions of doom may prove right.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War with China would be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid things the US government could do; unfortunately, that characterisation of such a move is utterly no guarantee that the US Government won't do it.

The economy is in a shambles, and some kind of national economic collapse is eminent; the fundamentals are not there in a way to provide a viable recovery for working people. So what the US government appears to be doing is to create a war as a misdirection for the anger Americans will feel when everything starts to really fall apart.

But the problem is, the US government doesn't have the money, the troop strength, or the manufacturing to ensure a positive outcome to a conventional war against China, and that is what makes the military scenario here so scarily dangerous.

Dec 29 09:42

Donald Trump: An Evaluation

Trump is popular not so much for his stance on issues as for the fact that he is not another Washington politican, and he is respected for not backing down and apologizing when he makes strong statements for which he is criticized. What people see in Trump is strength and leadership. This is what is unusual about a political candidate, and it is this strength to which voters are responding.

Recently I watched a video of a woman described as a "Trump advisor" who repeated neocon nazi William Kristol's statement: "What's the use of nuclear weapons if you can't use them?"

How did a William Kristol neocon nazi get on Trump's staff? What more proof do we need that even if Trump is elected, the establishment will prevail despite Trump.

Dec 29 09:09

Daniel Ellsberg: US Military-Industrial Complex Also Includes Big Corporations and Congress

“[The] CIA particularly represents the views of the Wall Street investment firms and the multinational corporations that they invest in,” noted the whistleblower who leaked “The Pentagon Papers.”

Dec 29 08:54

‘Prominent shift in consciousness’: EU steps up terror security over winter holidays

Capital cities across Europe are stepping up security over the winter holidays – following warnings from Austrian police that possible attacks could take place.

Dec 29 08:24

As the East Creates, the West Tries to Destroy

I’m feeling more and more in recent months that, as difficult as it may be to believe, our world is moving away from seemingly endless wars. Make no mistake, we haven’t seen the end of wars at all. The dynamic and the war energy is changing, however. Not without a frenzy of self-conceit does the so-called Western World throw forks, china, pots, pans, rolling pins–anything it can get its bloody hands on–like a spoiled child throwing a gargantuan temper-tantrum. It tries to deny this reality over which it has less control by the second. The world is moving away from wars, from an, if-you-will, patriarchal psychosis of control–a matrix of fear, shame, guilt, rage, hate. What is beginning to emerge in what we in the West have egoistically termed the East, is construction, building new great projects to uplift a sector of mankind ignored for more that a thousand years.

Dec 29 08:23

Why WWIII Is On The Horizon — Paul Craig Roberts

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 gave birth to a dangerous American ideology called neoconservativism. The Soviet Union had served as a constraint on US unilateral action. With the removal of this constraint on Washington, neoconservatives declared their agenda of US world hegemony. America was now the “sole superpower,” the “unipower,” that could act without restraint anywhere in the world.

Dec 29 08:20

Dem calls for temporary tax to pay for ISIS war

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) is proposing a temporary surtax to pay for the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no such thing as a "temporary" tax in Washington DC. Once they get the tax, they keep it! Let the people who WANT war pay for it (and let their children die in it).

Dec 29 08:18

'Shadow CIA' 2016 Forecast: Turkey Set to Make a 'Military Move' Into Syria

Having tightened its grip on power this fall, the AKP, Turkey's ruling party, will become increasingly assertive in its foreign policy in 2016. Ankara's resurgence, according to Stratfor, will be reflected in a military operation in northern Syria, as well as a widening rift with Russia - a direct result of Erdogan's policies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That fits with the deployment of NATO AWACS to Turkey and reports in KUNA that Turkey is moving military forces to the Syrian border.

Dec 28 19:54

US Now World’s Top Arms Dealer, says Peter Van Buren

In most people’s minds, America’s biggest exports are things like iPhones made in China, or swank Levi’s made in China. But in fact, America is the world’s leading seller of one category of goods, and those goods are nearly 100% made in America: weapons.

Dec 28 19:33

RAW: Iraqi forces clearing ISIS fallen stronghold Ramadi

Iraqi forces have seized the government complex in the center of Ramadi – Islamic State’s last stronghold in the western city, a military spokesman told Reuters.

Dec 28 15:43

Declassified Documents Reveal Pentagon’s 1950s Planned Nuclear Holocaust: “Systemic Destruction” and Annihilation of Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, Beijing, …. More than 1000 Cities.

Publicly available military documents confirm that pre-emptive nuclear war is still on the drawing board of the Pentagon.

Compared to the 1950s, the nuclear weapons are more advanced. The delivery system is more precise. In addition to China and Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea are targets for pre-emptive nuclear war.

Let us be under no illusions, the Pentagon’s plan to blow up the planet using advanced nuclear weapons is still on the books.

Should we be concerned? Blowing up the planet through the use of nuclear weapons is fully endorsed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who believes that nuclear weapons are instruments of peace-making. Her campaign is financed by the corporations which produce WMDs.

Dec 28 14:42

Remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914

Today is the anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914, a spontaneous soldiers’ truce that broke out on Christmas Eve all along the Western Front in France, lasting in places until the day after Christmas.

Dec 28 12:29

Ankara to send Military Aid to Ukraine, Turkey’s “Volunteer Battalion” to Enforce Crimea Blockade, Act of Aggression against Russia?

The Defense Ministry of Turkey is providing assistance in Ukraine by creating a volunteer battalion named “Noman of Celebicihan”, said the coordinator of the ‘civil action by blockade of Crimea‘, Lenur Islyamov.

“Now we will form a new volunteer battalion named “Noman of Celebicihan”. Further, we expect a number of military units, which we must assign, but we are already receiving volunteer assistance for the battalion”, writes ”Odessa crisis media center”.

“On Friday we received the first batch of Turkish military uniforms. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine still itches to help, but the Turkish Ministry of Defense are already beginning to support us. We produced 250 sets of uniforms and shoes,” said Islyamov.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have Poroshenko and Erdogan (and Obama) collectively lost their minds?!?

Any blockade of Crimea is a blockade against Russia; and a blockade is an act of war.

And what did Poroshenko promise Erdogan for his military "assistance"?!? Que bono, who benefits?!?

This development appears to be courtesy of the US government, trying to get the push started for a war with Russia.

Dec 28 11:11

A year of Taliban gains shows that ‘we haven’t delivered,’ top Afghan official says

In private, top Afghan and American officials have begun to voice increasingly grim assessments of the resurgent Taliban threat, most notably in a previously undisclosed transcript of a late-October meeting of the Afghan National Security Council.

“We have not met the people’s expectations. We haven’t delivered,” Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s chief executive, told the high-level gathering. “Our forces lack discipline. They lack rotation opportunities. We haven’t taken care of our own policemen and soldiers. They continue to absorb enormous casualties.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why is the US in Afghanistan for 14 years, with no military metric that ever even remotely would count as "victory" in sight?!?

Where is the outrage, on the part of the American people, that so many American lives have been sacrificed upon the altar of US economic hegemony?!?

Because folks, I will tell you very plainly that Afghanis were utterly no threat to us, to our country, to our way of life, or to what is left of "our freedoms", before the invasion and occupation.

So, why are we still there?!?

We are still fighting in Afghanistan because:

1. The US government is pathologically incapable of ever admitting it was wrong, then making amends for those wrong decisions and subsequent actions.

2. Afghanistan suffers from the curse of geography, meaning that it can be used as a trans-shipping point for oil, once their population becomes "pacified" (see item 1)

3. Afghanistan contains an embarrassment of riches in terms of minerals and natural resources, just waiting to be exploited by Western companies, once their population becomes "pacified" (see item 1 again).

4. Afghanistan's opium poppy production has soared under US and NATO occupation. The money from this industry gets plowed back in to various US alphabet soup agencies' "off the books" operations.

Unfortunately, with the US government and military, just because a decision would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly wrong decision, is no guarantee that such a decision will not be taken, and acted upon.

For Dick Cheney and his cabal, the decision to invade and occupy Afghanistan was simply about the pipeline routes, and which of his business partners could make the most money from them. He didn't give a damn about the huge numbers of Americans who would get killed or maimed in the process; and the Afghani people?!? They were simply "collateral damage"

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it; and apparently, this never factored into the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld math on Afghanistan. The Afghanis are deeply nationalistic, and have, ultimately, thrown out every single world power which tried to occupy it. That is the lesson of history the Bush Administration chose to "conveniently" forget.

Unless the US government and NATO vow to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely, because there is no "graceful exit" possible from such a flustercluck of such epic proportions, look for a "Saigon moment" in Kabul, and most probably sooner rather than later.

Dec 28 11:10

Prominent US journalist claims Washington knowingly armed Daesh

Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the administration of President Barack Obama, in particular the CIA, has knowingly armed militant Islamists in Syria, including the Islamic State [Daeh].

"Barack Obama's repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office -- and that there are 'moderate' rebel groups in Syria capable of defeating him -- has in recent years provoked quiet dissent, and even overt opposition, among some of the most senior officers on the Pentagon's Joint Staff," Hersh writes in the London Review of Books. "Their criticism has focused on what they see as the administration's fixation on Assad's primary ally, Vladimir Putin. In their view, Obama is captive to Cold War thinking about Russia and China, and hasn't adjusted his stance on Syria to the fact both countries share Washington's anxiety about the spread of terrorism in and beyond Syria; like Washington, they believe that Islamic State must be stopped."

Dec 28 10:56

Endless War, Undeclared and Undebated

The death of six US soldiers in Afghanistan on December 21 at the hands of a Taliban suicide bomber brings to 21 the number of US combat deaths there in 2015.

Dec 28 10:30

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)

Dec 28 09:42

Anonymous Takes #OpISIS To A New Level – By Stopping An Actual Terror Attack

By Matt Agorist

The primary ‘Anonymous’ account behind the hacktivist collective’s “Operation ISIS” is claiming to have stopped a terrorist attack in Italy. They claim that they are also working to stop others...

Dec 28 08:10

Soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan blast says he's been forced to re-mortgage his home to fund new prosthetic limbs

A soldier who lost his legs to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan says he has been forced to mortgage his home to fund new prosthetic limbs after a 12-month wait on the NHS.

Clive Smith is spending £90,000 flying 10,000 miles to Australia for an operation he hopes will allow him to walk again.

He claims he has been left with no choice because the NHS and the Ministry of Defence have betrayed him, despite pledges that injured veterans would get the best possible care.

Dec 27 12:35

Guns And Ammo To Comfort The Syrian Migrants?!




Webmaster's Commentary: 

Using the illegal immigrants and migrants to start a civil war?

Dec 27 10:36

‘Dig 200 graves’: UK troops return to Helmand as local police chief delivers grim prediction

Surrounded and low on ammunition, the police chief of the formerly British-occupied Afghan town of Sangin has told the governor of Helmand province to dig 200 graves for his officers.

Dec 27 10:19

Russian Colonel: ISIS is a division of the CIA [VIDEO]

Colonel Alexander Zhilin explains why this is not an optional fight for Russia. In the event that Syria fell, it would free up ISIS fighters for a renewed campaign in Chechnya, Dagestan and east of the Caspian as well, pushing north from Afghanistan into former Soviet central Asia.


Dec 27 08:55

The Bush/Obama U.S. Dark Age

Dec 27 08:47

Declassified: 1950s US Instructional Film on How to Carry Out Terrorism with Biological and Chemical Weapons Agents

A US government informational film from the 1950s, made for the armed forces, was just declassified. It provides instructions on how the US could carry out offensive terrorism using biological and chemical agents, which the US then did in numerous, major cases, including on its own population and soldiers, for terror, genocidal, and experimentation purposes, as well as other reasons covered by the film.

The film says the US "offensive biological and chemical warfare program" is designed to "reduce the enemy's production of food" and "incapacitate the enemy's armed forces and that portion of his human population that directly supports them." (This is directly taken from tactics honed during US genocides against Native peoples.) Thus, during WW2, for example, these rules would allow for bio/chem weapons to be used against much of the population of the US, since it was largely working to support the troops and war effort.

Dec 27 08:39

Republicans and Democrats have MERGED: It's all one big, police state party of insanity now!

In recent days the House, thanks to House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, adopted a $1 trillion-plus budget bill that adds hundreds of billions to the federal debt and decreases further the opportunity for our progeny to have a good life.

With its passage, this latest budget represents the complete political sell-out of the American people.

Dec 27 08:35

The Line Has Been Drawn

Our government over many years has fostered and encouraged hatred between all of these groups. This hasn't just been going on for four or five years, it has systematically

been developed and created for just the right season, and that season is here. There is serious contention with all of these groups. So is this war going to be between just the north and the south, with a clearly defined line? Or between the color of one's skin? The shape of one's facial features? Religion or language? No. This war is going to be all of the above. The stage is set. All it will take is an ignition, or spark, and the fires will quickly grow out of control in every area mentioned above. We are just one spark away from national, world wide chaos. This will be a war of the likes that mankind has never seen before. This type of war will not be survivable for the masses.

Dec 27 08:21

Iraqi forces close in on final Daesh position in Ramadi

Iraqi troops have pushed deeper toward the last remaining district in Ramadi held by Daesh militants, an army spokesperson told Reuters on Saturday.

This is part of an operation launched last Tuesday night aimed at expelling Daesh from the city, which the group has controlled since May. If successful, recapturing Ramadi will be one of the most important victories for Iraqi armed forces since Daesh swept across a third of the country in 2014.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the warhawks. You are losing this war. Deal with it.

Dec 26 17:10

The Anthrax Files: US Forces Conducted Multiple Secret Anthrax Experiments in South Korea

By Janet Phelan

The initial admission by the Department of Defense that one sample of live anthrax was inadvertently sent to Osan Air Base in South Korea has now been revealed to be grossly inaccurate...

Dec 26 09:47

US Military Outclasses Russia's in Only One Area…Corruption

In spite of prevailing clichés about corruption in Russia being out of control, the scale of the scourge is of an incomparably larger scale in the United States, according to independent journalist Einar Schlereth. In the journalist's view, nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of the US military industrial complex.

Dec 26 09:30

US Made ‘Cold War’ Plans Wipe Out Much of Planet’s Population

Given the US’s long history of wiping out huge numbers of people in the service of physical and hegemonic expansion, it may be unsurprising that the nation planned ‘a wholesale slaughter of much of the planet’s population’ during the Cold War, as newly declassified documents reveal.

Jason Ditz summarizes that the US goal was to first ‘prevent Soviet retaliation as much as possible’ then ‘eliminate the ability of the Soviets to fight,’ and finally expand ‘to places whose lone value was that a lot of people lived there.

…all-told there were some 1,200 cities to be targeted with nuclear strikes specifically to try to kill as many people as possible. Cities like Moscow and Leningrad, which also had military or government targets, were to be hit dozens of times.’

Dec 25 17:41

Someone let them cross borders’: Messages from Turkish intelligence found in ISIS phone

Iraqi soldiers found several ISIS-related mobile phones, one in the dead body of a prominent leader, carrying messages from Turkish intelligence agencies.

Dec 25 17:39

Endless War, Undeclared and Undebated

The death of six US soldiers in Afghanistan on December 21 at the hands of a Taliban suicide bomber brings to 21 the number of US combat deaths there in 2015. Once again we must confront the question of national purpose in waging war without debate or declaration.

Dec 25 13:36

Islamic State Hides in Plain Sight

Yesterday I mentioned that, besides fearing entanglement in another ground war, the other reason that the United States is reluctant to mount wholesale attacks against the Islamic State is concern about civilian casualties. Estimates of civilians killed in coalition airstrikes already range from 250 to 500. In the New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg and Eric Schmitt write:

Dec 25 13:25

A Christmas Message of Peace

Despite the commercialism of Christmas, some positive messages break through, often in movie classics, such as Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” But another entry should be “Joyeux Noel,” a movie about the soldiers’ Christmas truce in 1914, writes Gary G. Kohls.

Dec 25 06:34

U.S. Declassifies Disturbing List Of Cold War Nuclear Targets

We all know that if there was ever a nuclear war, there would be massive civilian casualties. It’s pretty much impossible to nuke a military base without inflicting collateral damage, and all of the institutions that make governance possible, are located in or near cities. Not to mention all the factories that are required to keep a war machine in tip-top shape, which are frequently located around civilians.

Dec 24 19:00

Military Injustice: As Bowe Bergdahl Court-Martialed, Navy SEALs Tied to Torture, Killing Walk Free

While Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is court-martialed and faces continued Republican-led attacks, a case of deadly abuse and a potential cover-up in the Navy has been met by a wall of official silence. Bergdahl was arraigned this week just days after The New York Times revealed a 2012 incident in Afghanistan when three Navy SEALs abused detainees so badly that one died from his wounds.

Dec 24 17:45

Inside the U.S. Drone War on the Islamic State

On October 7th, at an “undisclosed location” somewhere in “Southwest Asia,” men wearing different types of camouflage and dun-colored boots gathered before a black backdrop adorned with Arabic script. They were attending a ceremony that mixed solemnity with celebration, the commemoration of a year of combat that left scores of their enemies slain. One of their leaders spoke of camaraderie and honor, of forging a family and continuing a legacy.

Dec 24 12:23

Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Tacit Help to Assad


A new report by the Pulitzer-winning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh says the Joint Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Bashar al-Assad in an effort to help him defeat jihadist groups. Hersh reports the Joint Chiefs sent intelligence via Russia, Germany and Israel on the understanding it would be transmitted to help Assad push back Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State. Hersh also claims the military even undermined a U.S. effort to arm Syrian rebels in a bid to prove it was serious about helping Assad fight their common enemies.

Dec 24 11:30

The Ghost of the Islamic State Future

Lately we’re being warned that a future source of Islamic State attacks will be its foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, who will return to their countries of origin and wreak havoc. In a cleverly titled National Interest article, ISIS Is Here: Return of the Jihadi, Bruce Hoffman writes:

Dec 24 11:26

U.S. declassifies disturbing list of Cold War nuclear targets

During the Democratic debate she claimed that ISIS was showing a video of Donald Trump making “incendiary” comments about Muslims as a recruiting tool which was a bald-faced lie.

Dec 24 10:48

US Had "Secret" Discussions With Assad "Regime", Tried To Start Military Coup

Earlier this week, we recounted Seymour Hersh’s latest investigative report in which we learn that apparently, the Joint Chiefs of Staff worked to undermine the efforts of the White House and the CIA in Syria. According to Hersh, the Joint Chiefs passed intelligence to Bashar al-Assad through a network of intermediaries starting in 2013 in an effort to assist the Syrian leader in the fight against extremists backed by Washington’s regional allies in Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha. Hersh even goes so far as to contend that the CIA was tricked into providing inferior weapons to jihadists after the Joints Chiefs suggested that shipping arms from Turkey would be cheaper than going through Libya.

Dec 24 10:13

Conference of the Herds by MUMIA ABU-JAMAL

snip: These dogs of war may open the door to carnage, but it will be your sons and daughters who suffer and die on the bloodied altar of political ambition.

Dec 24 09:27

Empire of Chaos preparing for more fireworks in 2016

In his seminal 'Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization,' Bryan Ward-Perkins writes, "Romans before the fall were as certain as we are today that their world would continue forever... They were wrong. We would be wise not to repeat their complacency.”

The Empire of Chaos, today, is not about complacency. It’s about hubris – and fear. Ever since the start of the Cold War the crucial question has been who would control the great trading networks of Eurasia - or the “heartland”, according to Sir Halford John Mackinder (1861–1947), the father of geopolitics.

We could say that for the Empire of Chaos, the game really started with the CIA-backed coup in Iran in 1953, when the US finally encountered, face to face, that famed Eurasia crisscrossed for centuries by the Silk Road(s), and set out to conquer them all.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin is a master chess player, and at this moment in world history, appears to be at least 1,000 moves ahead of DC.

Dec 24 08:59

Washington Has Added Ukraine To The Long List Of Countries Destroyed By Washington

The criminal thugs who comprise the government of the United States have now destroyed Ukraine, adding another scalp to their 21st century collection of scalps from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and large parts of Syria and Pakistan.

The American military/security complex has grown mega-rich at the expense of a vast proportion of mankind.

American “patriots,” brainwashed by the presstitute media, have supported the most egregious and least justified war crimes in human history. Among moral peoples everywhere the United States is regarded as “the Great Satan.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 24 07:02

Republican Candidates Defend Killing Civilians To Fight Terrorism – and So Do Democrats

There's a bipartisan effort to justify the killing of civilians in the "war on terrorism."

There has been a lot of consternation expressed in the media at a series of statements by Republican presidential candidates during their most recent debate and elsewhere in which a number of them appeared to be advocating the large-scale killing of civilians through aerial bombardment as a legitimate means of defeating the so-called “Islamic State.” (ISIS or IS)

These statements did not simply rationalize military operations that result in large numbers of civilian deaths, which politicians in both parties have supported for decades, but actually advocate the killing of civilians as a legitimate tactic in counter-terrorism warfare.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whether Democrats or Republicans, both parties are owned by the death machine of the military industrial complex; unfortunately, without other candidates as alternatives, no matter who Americans vote for next year, they will be voting for more wars, more deaths, and more maimings of Americans to ultimately enhance the bottom line of American and multinational corporations.

Dec 23 14:52

Nimitz Staying in Bremerton

The ship will join the USS John C. Stennis, marking the first time two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers have been homeported in Bremerton.

Dec 23 13:27

ISIS unveils ‘Islamic police’: Masked gunmen patrol streets, direct traffic in Libyan Sirte

ISIS has released a video reportedly showing the presence of its own police force in Libya.

Dec 23 10:31

A Roadmap for Peace in South Sudan

The news out of South Sudan over the past two years has been devastating. And as we mark the beginning of the third year of conflict, the risk of famine and further atrocities remains grave.

But not all the news is bad. In 2015, a peace agreement was signed following increased regional and international efforts. The coming year has the potential to see that peace consolidated — if the country’s leaders follow through.

Dec 23 10:07

Flashback 1998 - "The Final War for Jerusalem - Why Permanent Israeli Victory Is Now Within Reach"

As the world plunges headlong toward the imminent revelation of Moshiach while the last walls of the exile disintegrate, the number of confused gentiles ready to change is rising exponentially. If the Jewish people immediately begin preparing adequate structures for the Noachide movement, this tide will be channeled directly into a glorious revelation of Truth.

But if we allow ourselves to be caught unprepared, this same overwhelming force for social change can, G-d forbid, be diverted to empower Amalek's final assault on holiness. It is not a matter of whether gentile society will explode in the face of the growing crisis; this event is an inevitable, and fast-approaching, reality. We do not want to miss this incredible opportunity to provide light in the final moments of darkness.

Dec 23 09:29


In 2008, the Pentagon bought 20 refurbished cargo planes for the Afghan Air Force, but as one top US officer put it, “just about everything you can think of was wrong.” No spare parts, for example. The planes were also “a death trap,” according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. So $486 million was spent on worthless planes that no one could fly. We did recoup some of the investment. Sixteen of the planes were sold as scrap for the grand sum of $32,000. That’s 6 cents a pound.

Dec 23 07:56

Apocalyptic Scenes: Drone footage shows destruction in Jobar, Damascus

RT crew took drone footage that shows the destruction in the Jobar region of Damascus.

Dec 23 07:40

The basics of a staged bioterror event

There are future scenarios which, with enough exposure before they happen, can be stopped—or at least analyzed correctly when they occur.

A staged bioterror event is one of those.

The primary fact is: no matter what kind of germ you’re talking about or where it came from, releasing it intentionally does not guarantee predictable results. Far from it.

Dec 22 16:51

How the Islamic State Is Like a Multinational Corporation

Many in the United States have failed to see the urgency of the Islamic State because it seemed focused on the Middle East and thus a good candidate — whether you’re coming from the left or libertarian right — for non-intervention. But the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have disabused us of the notion that the Islamic State isn’t afraid to punch above its weight and take on Europe and the United States. At Politico Magazine, Harleen Gambhir writes:

Dec 22 16:12

Seymour Hersh’s Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Tacit Help to Assad

A new report by the Pulitzer-winning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh says the Joints Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Bashar al-Assad in an effort to help him defeat jihadist groups.

Dec 22 15:33

The United States of War : The 239 Year Timeline Of America’s Involvement In Military Conflict

The American public and the world have long since been warned of the dangers of allowing the military industrial complex to become such an integral part of our economic survival. The United States is the self-proclaimed angel of democracy in the world, but just as George Orwell warned, war is the health of the state, and in the language of newspeak, democracy is the term we use to hide the reality of the nature of our warfare state.

Dec 22 13:35

Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA

Back in May, Seymour Hersh upended the “official” narrative surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden and in the process created a media firestorm prompting a response from the White House.

The explosive revelations about the events that ultimately led to bin Laden’s demise came a year-and-a-half after Hersh accused the Obama administration of not telling the whole story with regard to an infamous sarin gas attack that nearly served as an excuse for airstrikes against the Assad regime in 2013.

In the six months since Hersh’s bin Laden story made international headlines, the war in Syria has escalated meaningfully. Indeed, the country is now the theatre for what amounts to World War III with the US, France, Britain, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iraq all involved either directly or indirectly.

Dec 22 12:30

The 239-Year Timeline of America’s Involvement in Military Conflict

The American public and the world have long since been warned of the dangers of allowing the military industrial complex to become such an integral part of our economic survival. The United States is the self-proclaimed angel of democracy in the world, but just as George Orwell warned, war is the health of the state, and in the language of newspeak, democracy is the term we use to hide the reality of the nature of our warfare state.

In truth, the United States of America has been engaged in some kind of war during 218 out of the nation’s total 239 years of existence. Put another way, in the entire span of US history, this country has only experienced 21 years without conflict.

Dec 22 11:04


Three recent moves by the United States threaten to ignite a war between the United States and China.

Not content with ratcheting up tensions with Russia in Europe and the Middle East, the Department of Defense’s neo-Cold Warriors are signaling to China their intent on triggering a military conflict with China over disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Admiral Scott Swift, the mustachioed and shaved-head commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, recently told a defense conference in Honolulu that the U.S. Navy was prepared to run Chinese military exclusion zones with military and surveillance aircraft, as well as warships.

Swift’s bellicose statement was followed by the Obama administration’s announcement that it was selling $1.83 billion in advanced weapons to Taiwan, which China regards as a renegade province.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not content with the military fiascoes the US government has created under Obama's watch, this administration seems very much hell-bent on creating more of them.

IF there was one new Amendment to our Constitution I would love to see added (although it is one of those "when pigs fly" issues), it would be that no President could ever run for office, or be elected, without having first served in the military, and in the direct line of fire.

The rationale here would be that because these people know the true carnage and cost of war, they would most likely be temperamentally inclined against it, and strive for good faith negotiations with which to resolve geopolitical problems.

For this President, as it was for our last, it's always "other people and other people's kids" who will ultimately pay the price of death or getting maimed for life in these wars of conquest to prevent the rise of the yuan, and the collapse of the petrodollar.

Dec 22 08:11


Since World War II, the United States actually dropped BOMBS ON 23 COUNTRIES. These include: China 1945-46, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-60, Guatemala 1960, Congo 1964, Peru 1965, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69, Grenada 1983, Lebanon 1984, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s, Nicaragua 1980s, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991-1999, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, and Yugoslavia 1999.

Post World War II, the United States has also assisted in over 20 different coups throughout the world, and the CIA was responsible for half a dozen assassinations of political heads of state.

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 21 23:06

I Helped Create ISIS

After 14 years of War on Terror the West is great at fomenting barbarism and creating failed states.

Dec 21 14:42

Agent of the Empire

The most legendary American journalist of the 20th century was Lowell Thomas. I had the opportunity to meet him in 1978, when we were both guests on The Merv Griffin Show. Off camera, I asked him, “Do you feel you contributed, however inadvertently, to the political mess that is the Middle East today?”

Dec 21 14:29

U.S. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: US Chemical Weapon Claim Against Syria’s Assad Was ‘Bull’

Here is yet another US establishment whistleblower who has admitted that Washington’s claims that Syria’s Bashar al Assad “crossed the red line” with alleged sarin gas chemical weapons attack in 2013.

Wilkerson’s stark remarks support last week’s 21WIRE report on this same subject here. The following interview also brings up a number of key points including the Iraq War fraud and how the US mainstream media is now joined to the US military defense contractor establishment – creating the most power propaganda machine on the planet today.

Dec 21 11:02

World Citizen Solutions Crowdfunding WORLDCITIZEN .solutions

Dec 21 10:49

6 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing, Official Says

A suicide bombing near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan killed six U.S. troops and wounded two other Americans and an interpreter, a senior U.S. defense official confirms to Fox News.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing, which was the largest attack on foreign troops in Afghanistan since August.

It happened at around 1.30 p.m. local time in the vicinity of Bagram, the largest U.S. military facility in Afghanistan, according to U.S. Army Brig. Gen William Shoffner.

Dec 21 10:21

Reality Check: GOP Candidates Completely Wrong on Origin of ISIS in Latest Debate

Two hours, and during the last GOP debate of the year Tuesday night, the candidates and their moderators said the name “ISIS” 112 times.

Dec 21 10:09

Ashton Carter’s Plan to Expand U.S. Military Presence Across the Globe Even Further

How many Americans are aware that the U.S. is currently engaged in five wars — in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, and that our forces are involved in lesser conflicts in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia? The answer is, probably very few. These wars are largely out of the news, and since there are seldom any American casualties, they are virtually invisible.

Dec 21 09:47

The 239 Year Timeline of America’s Involvement in Military Conflict

Waking Times

The American public and the world have long since been warned of the dangers of allowing the military industrial complex to become such an integral part of our economic survival. The United States is the self-proclaimed angel of democracy in the world, but just as George Orwell warned, war is the health of the state, and in the language of newspeak, democracy is the term we use to hide the reality of the nature of our warfare state.

Dec 21 08:31

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)

It is our sacred duty., to not only inform the world about the atrocities committed against the German people, but also to rid our nations of those who carry out and celebrate such slaughter.!!

Winston Churchill told Lord Robert Boothby the following:

"Germany's most unforgivable crime before the Second World War, was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world's trading system (ie: World-Bankers), and to create her own exchange mechanism (ie: "Honest", non-interest bearing money) which would deny "world finance" of its opportunity to profit".!!

Dec 21 07:21

George Carlin Talks War And American Politics

Dec 20 19:01

I'm nervous about PM putting women on front line says ex-Navy chief: Lord West believes men are more suited to roles because of their size and power

A former military chief said last night he was ‘nervous’ about the prospect of women soldiers on the front line and wanted ‘forces that can win’.

Admiral Lord West spoke out after David Cameron revealed yesterday that women are to be allowed to fight in combat roles within months.

But Lord West, the former First Sea Lord, said the reasons that men are best suited to frontline roles are the same reasons why women are not in the England men’s rugby team – females do not have the same size or power.

Dec 20 14:18

Video: Hillary Clinton Vs. the GOP: Can You Tell the Difference?

Hillary in tonight's dem debate vs. the GOP's last debate... only, there doesn't really seem to be much debate...

So which bombs do you prefer? Red ones or blue ones?

Dec 20 09:24

US deliberately hindering Iraqi advances: Lawmaker

A senior Iraqi officer says the US is deliberately hindering his country’s military advances after an American airstrike kills at least 20 soldiers in the Anbar province.

Hakim al-Zamili, the head of Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, blamed the US for the inability of Iraqi troops to enter Ramadi and Fallujah in the western province.

The MP accused the Americans of launching airstrikes or dropping aerial packages that provide weapons and equipment to Daesh.

His strong words came after a US strike hit the Iraqi army’s 3rd Division 55th Brigade west of the Iraqi capital on Friday.

Dec 20 09:18

US Marine who Invaded Iraq: Only Iraqis can Understand Pure Evil, Genocide US has Waged on their Nation

By participating in what he now calls the US's 'genocidal military campaign' against Iraq, former marine Vincent Emanuele says he 'helped create ISIS'

Dec 20 08:44

ISIL can’t sustain itself without US airpower: American politician

“The ISIL simply would not be able to support itself without American airpower,” US politician Art Olivier told Press TV on Saturday.

The United States is supporting the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group because it does not want to end war in the Middle East, an American politician and political analyst says.

“The United States is ultimately behind ISIS,” Art Olivier said on Saturday, using an alternative acronym for the Takfiri group.

Olivier, former mayor of Bellflower, California, and former US vice presidential [Libertarian] candidate, told Press TV that the United States creates these terrorist groups “to keep fighting in the Middle East.”

Dec 20 07:30

US pushing envelope on Russia

“And of course, what the United States has been doing in conjunction with Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council states in supporting ISIL and supporting al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria in an attempt, among other things, to marginalize the Russian position in that part of the world, we have really been pushing the envelope,” he said. The analyst said that “these policies are wrong, they’re evil, and they’re immoral. But beyond that, they are simply insane.” “Because Russia is a proud nation, Russia is a legitimate military power. Russia is a nuclear power,” he added.

Dec 19 23:55

America’s Transition from a Democracy to a National Security State, in Five Easy Steps

The National Security State is a state that has the following characteristics (from Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Brave New World Order; Gary Wills, Bomb Power; and Andrew Bacevich, Washington Rules):

1) It is fixated on alleged foreign enemies and the “threat” they pose to the homeland;

2) It uses the “threat” for the justification of any military solutions to “pacifying” those enemies..........

Dec 19 16:42

America First or World War III

“If you’re in favor of World War III, you have your candidate.”

So said Rand Paul, looking directly at Gov. Chris Christie, who had just responded to a question from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as to whether he would shoot down a Russian plane that violated his no-fly zone in Syria.

Dec 19 15:55

Bashar Al-Assad Has More Popular Support than the Western-Backed “Opposition”: Poll

In the view of Syrians, the country’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his ally, Iran, have more support than do the forces arrayed against him, according to a public opinion poll taken last summer by a research firm that is working with the US and British governments.

The poll’s findings conducted by ORB International challenge the idea that Assad has lost legitimacy and that the opposition has broad support.

Dec 19 15:50

ISIS Twitter accounts traced to UK govt, hacker group claims

At least three Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) supporters’ social media accounts are run from IP addresses linked to the British government.

Dec 19 15:02

The Samson Option, by Seymour M. Hersh

To repeat, the Israeli nuclear-weapons program is fair game for investigative journalism. And there is no doubt that Israel’s intelligence services, and the government itself, like all other intelligence services and governments around the world, have engaged in skullduggery in the conduct of covert operations. Israel may in fact prove more journalistically interesting from this point of view than other countries because it probably relies to a greater degree on covert diplomacy and operations. But none of this translates into a license for well-known authors to publish outright inventions like The Samson Option.

Dec 19 14:26

Russia's USS Liberty

. . . . the official cover-up went awry when the sub was finally raised, for there, for all to see, was a perfectly round hole on the sub's hull, just at the point where the nose had been sawn off, apparently they sawed in the wrong place. This hole was bent in at the edges, and could only have been caused by impact of an external object traveling at an extremely high speed.

Dec 19 11:52

U.S. Drone Program Seeks Taxpayer Bailout

By Nicholas West

Another government program is apparently being deemed too big to fail...

Dec 19 09:52


We now know al-Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack. Days after the attack Dale Gavlak and Yahya Ababneh, freelance reporters for the Associated Press interviewed doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families. They presented a different picture than the one pushed by the Obama administration and headlined by the corporate media.

Witnesses said the attack was carried out by the al-Qaeda and Islamic State linked Jabhat al-Nusra with chemical weapons supplied by Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Additionally, according to journalist Seymour Hersh, Turkish intelligence worked closely with al-Nusra to develop chemical weapons. “Erdo?an’s hope was to instigate an event that would force the US to cross the red line,” Hersh writes.

Dec 19 08:58

It’s Official! City Of Philadelphia Effectively Ends Veteran Homelessness

By Amanda Froelich

Positive news! On Thursday, city and federal officials announced that homelessness among military veterans has effectively ended. This means that every veteran in the city of Philadelphia who wants or needs housing officially has access to it.

Since August 2013, reports Philadelphia News, 1,390 Philadelphia veterans have been connected to permanent housing...

Dec 19 08:24

‘Are embedded British soldiers helping Saudi attack Yemen?’ asks Reprieve

Human rights activists fear British military personnel could be embedded with Saudi Arabian allies who are bombing Yemen after receiving opaque responses from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Concerns have been raised by the charity Reprieve, which is best known for its work on post 9/11 torture and rendition, after the MoD published figures detailing the number of UK military personnel embedded around the world.

The war in Yemen, between Shia Houthi rebels and Saudi-backed forces, is not one the UK is officially involved in. However, the theocratic Saudi kingdom is a close regional ally of Britain.

Dec 19 07:25

Many American Voters Are In Favor Of Bombing Fictitious Land Of “Agrabah” From Aladdin

By John Vibes

According to a new (real) poll, 30% of Republican voters are in favor of bombing Agrabah … the only problem is that the place doesn’t even exist. Agrabah is, of course, the fictitious land that is depicted in the story Aladdin. While these poll results may seem ridiculous, they are honestly not very surprising.

Americans from both political parties seem to be happy to go to war anywhere, especially some place that has a Middle Eastern sounding name...

Dec 18 23:04

John Kerry's Moscow Lovefest

This has got to be the biggest foreign policy somersault in the last two decades and Kerry carried it off without a trace of shame, in fact, he never veered from his cheery script the entire trip.

Okay, but were the Russians taken in by Kerry’s performance?

Heck no, in fact, they acted exactly as one would expect them to act. They treated Kerry with the utmost respect, listened politely to everything he had to say, nodded, smiled and shook hands at all the appropriate times, and then got back to the business of bombing the holy crap out of the US-backed terrorists operating in Syria.

Dec 18 22:32

The IMF Changes It's Rules To Isolate China and Russia

The nightmare scenario of U.S. geopolitical strategists seems to be coming true: foreign economic independence from U.S. control. Instead of privatizing and neoliberalizing the world under U.S.-centered financial planning and ownership, the Russian and Chinese governments are investing in neighboring economies on terms that cement Eurasian economic integration on the basis of Russian oil and tax exports and Chinese financing.

Russia and China are simply doing what the United States has long done: using trade and credit linkages to cement their geopolitical diplomacy. This tectonic geopolitical shift is a Copernican threat to New Cold War ideology: Instead of the world economy revolving around the United States (the Ptolemaic idea of America as “the indispensible nation”), it may revolve around Eurasia.

Dec 18 21:26

The Last GOP Debate of 2015 *Condensed & Edited for Accuracy

The sad part about this video is it's not really edited all that much... more just cut into a lot of little chunks so two hours of Sheldon Adelson's dancing war puppets can fit into 4 ½ mins.

Dec 18 19:19

Putin Winning The War On Terrorism As The United States Along With It’s Ties To ISIS Concedes In Syria !!!

The Obama administration is no longer publicly asking for “regime change” in Syria after multiple news reports revealed how NATO and its allies have spent years supporting Islamic jihadists to try and topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Dec 18 18:43

U.S. Bomber Mistakenly Flew Near Disputed Island in South China Sea

A United States B-52 bomber last week mistakenly flew within two nautical miles of a disputed artificial island built by China in the South China Sea, Pentagon officials said Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Dec 18 17:02

Lebanese Media Confirms FNA Report on US Airbase Construction in Northeastern Syria

The Russians have got to be tired of Kerry's visits to Russia as all he does is lie through his teeth!

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US is reconstructing a disused airbase in the province of Hasakah in Northeastern Syria in order to land fighter jets and supply planes there, the Lebanese media said, confirming an early December report by FNA.

Dec 18 13:38


But the Zumwalt, named for Navy Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, may already be a relic.

The Zumwalt-class destroyer program started in the early 1990s and has been a problem child ever since. At first, the Navy planned to purchase 32 of the stealth vessels. Then it said it would buy seven. Then three. Now, it may buy just two. After decades and billions of dollars spent, the DoD may instead choose an updated version of the Arleigh-Burke DDG-51 destroyer, a model that entered service in 1991.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, the model of ship the Russians electronically paralyzed in the Black Sea a while back!

Dec 18 09:05

Deployment fail: US special ops forces arrive in Libya, immediately told to leave

Libya’s air force said in a Facebook post that 20 US commandoes arrived at Wattiya airbase and disembarked “in combat readiness,” only to be told to leave. Pentagon sources confirmed the US had sent a special forces unit to Libya as part of a mission.

Dec 18 09:03

30+ Iraqi soldiers killed, 20 injured after US airstrike - Iraqi MP cited by Sputnik

More than 30 Iraqi soldiers have been killed and 20 more injured in an airstrike carried out by the US military, an Iraqi said in a statement cited by Sputnik.

“30 Iraqi servicemen from the 55th brigade of the Iraqi Army have been killed and 20 injured after an airstrike carried out by US aviation in the town of Al-Naimiya, Fallujah province,” Hakim al-Zamili, the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, said in a statement cited by Sputnik.

Dec 18 08:01

US-NATO’s “Counter-Christmas Crusade” against the Cradle of Civilization and the Holy Land

“It’s really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. You just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests.” -John Kerry, “Meet the Press”, 2nd March 2014.

There has been a searing irony to Christmas since August 1990 and the decimating embargo on Iraq. It marked the beginning of the destruction of the region where the three Abrahamic religions were born at Ur in southern Iraq, where the Garden of Eden is believed to have flourished at Al-Qurnah, translation “connection” or “joint”, since it is where the Biblical Tigris and Euphrates rivers join.

In Al-Qurnah an ancient jujube tree - a fruit species, cultivation of which is believed to go back to 900 BCE - was celebrated as the actual Biblical Tree of Knowledge.

Nearby is Babylon, found in the Books of Genesis, Peter and Revelations.

Neighbouring Syria, is also part of the “Cradle of Civilization”, integral to Biblical narrative.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 18 07:55

China finally has missiles that would hold in chess American base on the island of Guam

Military experts believe that the DF-26 the best and most modern ballistic missiles at the disposal of the Armed Forces of China.

It is a solid fuel missile which can carry nuclear bombs and warheads with conventional explosives. Its specificity is that it can be equipped protivbrodskom warhead and can to break someone else's missiles that are able to maneuver.

DF-26 can be launched with both stationary ramp, and via mobile, and has a flight distance of up to 3,500 kilometers.

Analyst at the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences Van Cancino specifically indicates that the DF-26 is characterized by "high speed preparation for the launch and take-off".

Cancino emphasizes that the DF-26 missiles, China can be sure that no one country can no longer inflict attack on its territory and remain unpunished.

Dec 18 07:24

Unconfirmed Report: Putin says: “Nuclear War is now On the Table”. – Disinformation or Propaganda?

A new report… “states that the historic events of the past 72-hours occurring between the (Russian) Federation and the United States can be correctly characterized as a “complete surrender” by President Barack Obama to President Putin...

"... that has led to a “strategic withdrawal for reassessment” of American forces operating against Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists in the Levant War Zone—which, in turn, has led to the “complete meltdown” of the US media establishment, most particularly their “Axis of Propaganda” outlets The New York Times and the Washington Post, whose lies about this conflict have now been exposed for the entire world to see."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nuclear weapons have always been on the table, but it is the US which has wagged them around. Only last year the US Government authorized a trillion-dollar upgrade of the US nuclear arsenal.

Dec 18 07:13

F-35 & F/A-18 Get a Holiday Buzz | LM to Provide M-TAG/PNVS to India Under $215.7B FMS Contract | France to Order New C-130Js

It looks like a very merry Christmas for Lockheed Martin and Boeing, as they came out as the major winners in the announced $1.15 trillion spending bill external link announced on Wednesday. Funding will see eleven more F-35 Lightning IIs than requested by President Obama in February. The F-35 program will see $1.33 billion additional procurement money as production of the fighters will be ramped up. The F/A-18 production line will also be extended, with seven more EA-18G Growlers and five F/A-18E/F Super Hornets planned.

Dec 17 16:44

Hillary, Jeb, and Ted Cruz Top List of Candidates Backed by US Weapons-Makers

With the war on terror swelling their stock prices, the US defense industry is spending at least some of the cash to support their preferred presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton tops the list, followed by Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders as #6.

Dec 17 16:11

The Islamic State Finds Rushing Headlong to the Apocalypse Easier Than State-Building

Since the attacks in Paris that were either ordained or sanctioned by the Islamic State, it’s only natural to wonder what happened to its state-building project and its vision of itself as a caliphate? The Islamic State is behaving more like a terrorist organization than a state.

Dec 17 16:08

Seeking a Belated Agent Orange Cleanup

The U.S. war crime of spraying one-eighth of Vietnam with the defoliant Agent Orange continues to wreak havoc four decades later with severe health consequences for Vietnamese civilians, U.S. veterans and their families, prompting a new bill to address this tragedy, writes Marjorie Cohn.

Dec 17 16:03

Bush Military Official: US Citizens Must Stand Up to Stop the Empire

‘Empire never has enough. That’s the nature of imperial power. It never has enough. It never has a stable status quo. It has an increasingly unstable status quo.’

Dec 17 13:24

Military operations in preparation in and around Syria

The Western Press doesn’t have much to say about the military operations in Syria, except to affirm, without the slightest proof, that the Coalition is successfully bombing Daesh jihadists while the Russians continue to kill innocent civilians. It is in fact difficult to form a reasonable idea of the current situation, particularly since each side is readying its weapons in preparation for a wider conflict. Thierry Meyssan describes what is going on.

Dec 17 12:41

Game Over: U.S. Agrees to Let Assad Stay in Power

There are signs that America’s campaign to overthrow Assad is not only falling apart, it may be nearing its end. Earlier this week, John Kerry met with Vladimir Putin to discuss the conflict in Syria. He later revealed to the press that the Obama administration has a made a major concession on the conflict.

Dec 17 11:49

Week Ten of Russia’s Intervention in Syria. The Empire’s Reckless Arrogance

The interesting development this week is that France, the UK and Germany have all officially decided to join these rogue states and act just like the Turks and Israelis by illegally intervening in Syria – in direct violation of international law – supposedly to fight Daesh.

And even though Daesh is the official enemy, it “just so happens” that Syrian army positions were bombed by the USAF while the Israelis bombed Hezbollah missile depots. Apparently, the “Assad must go” policy is still the order of the day. In a way, one could argue that the West has now (re-)affirmed the principle that “might makes right” and that threats and violence are still the only “policy” of the Empire in lieu of a legal, negotiated, policy. The problem with that is that the “other side” strongly feels that surrendering to the Empire’s demands is simply not an option.

Dec 17 10:59

Russia’s Reflexive Control Theory

Reflexive control is a subject that has been studied in the Soviet Union and Russia for nearly 40 years. The theory has both military and civilian uses. This article describes both the theory and practice of reflexive control, focusing on recent developments. The concept is close in meaning to the US concept of perception management.

Dec 17 10:43

Ukrainian and NATO Sign Defense Agreement

Officials from NATO and Ukraine agreed on a road map Wednesday for greater cooperation between the organization and the troubled country.

Patrick Auroy, NATO’s assistant secretary general for defense investment, and Oleg Gladkovskyi, first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, were present to sign off on the NATO-Ukraine Defense-Technical Co-operation.

The agreement includes promises to improve Ukraine’s defense industry and armed forces, as well as deepening cooperation between the alliance and Kiev in defense science and technology.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders just how soon Ukraine will be granted full membership in NATO, which will allow it to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter, stating that any attack against one NATO member is to be considered an attack against all of them.

Might NATO be contemplating conducting a military assault against Russia,sparked by some false flag in Ukraine at some point in the not too distant future?

Right now, with they way NATO has been storing military equipment and enhancing troop strength in Eastern Europe, I would not bet against such a scenario taking place.

Dec 17 10:35

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

This isn’t a game, it’s a fight for survival; Russia’s survival as a sovereign country. That’s what the stakes are. That’s not something Putin takes lightly.

Would you be willing to defend your country against a foreign invasion?

That’s all Putin is doing in Syria. He’s just preempting the tidal wave of jihadis that’ll be coming his way once the current fracas is over. He figures it’s better to exterminate these US-backed maniacs in Syria now than face them in Chechnya, St Petersburg and Moscow sometime in the future. Can you blame him? After all, if Washington’s strategy works in Syria, then you can bet they’ll try the same thing in Beirut, Tehran and Moscow.

So what choice does Putin have?

Dec 17 01:07

You Want War? Russia Is Ready For War

Nobody needs to read Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski’s 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent – by all means necessary – the emergence of a power, or powers, capable of constraining Washington’s unilateral swagger, not only in Eurasia but across the world.