Apr 17 08:41

Colorado approves lower tuition for illegal immigrants

This ought to piss off more Americans!

Colorado has joined thirteen other states in allowing undocumented immigrant students to attend college at an in-state tuition rate. The governor hailed the new law as a victory that would grant illegal students with a “path forward”.

"Today we're here to tell you, in Colorado, that the doors are open and the dream is alive" said state Sen. Mike Johnston, one of the sponsors of the bill, as hundreds of people cheered at the ratification of Senate Bill 33.

Apr 17 07:52

Can You Lie in Politics? Supreme Court to Decide if Campaign Lies are "Protected Free Speech"

Groups at both ends of the ideological spectrum are challenging an Ohio law, on the books since the 1970s, that forbids candidates, issue groups or anyone else from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about someone on the ballot —

Apr 16 12:32

Rigged USA Elections Exposed

Apr 13 08:36

New Rule Prohibits Voters in Miami-Dade County From Using Restroom, No Matter How Long the Line

New Rule Prohibits Voters in Miami-Dade County From Using Restroom, No Matter How Long the Line 10 Apr 2014 During the 2012 presidential election, voters reportedly waited on line for upwards of six hours. That wait alone is enough to deter would-be voters from going to the polls. But now residents in Florida's most populous county will have another disincentive: they won't be able to go to the bathroom.

Apr 12 09:08

President Obama Says the Right to Vote is Under Threat in the U.S. — Well You Got That Right, You Idiot!

President Obama is using this pedestal to criticize the Republican Party for this perceived injustice of restricting would-be Democratic voters from getting to the ballot boxes. While the Republicans probably are only on this soapbox because it might help them prevent a few votes against their party, realistically, they are only asking that laws on the books be enforced. You are supposed to be able to identify yourself to vote.

Now, here is where the Democrats rally cry comes. What a travesty of justice. Depriving poor people of their right to vote.


Who cannot get a drivers’ license or non-driver identification card?

Apr 12 00:33

Obama pushes new agenda maximizing voter fraud at polls

In an attempt to “update the Voting Rights Act”, Obama pushes for a newfound agenda, one that will continue to allow voter fraud at the polls

Apr 10 10:22

Watchdog: Significant Fraud in Afghan Election

The Independent Election Complaints Commission (ECC) of Afghanistan has confirmed that “significant” amounts of fraud took place in the weekend presidential election, and is promising to throw out all “irregular” ballots.

The announcement is unsurprising, since several candidates have already complained about fraud against themselves, and this is of course Afghanistan, where the level of corruption is so staggering that the real news would be if they had miraculously pulled off anything resembling a credible vote.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And now you know why the hotel where international observes was attacked just before the election, causing many of those observers to leave Afghanistan in fear for their lives.

Apr 10 08:08

Tennessee Wants to Ban the U.N. From Monitoring Its Elections

When you think of the type of countries the United Nations might want to keep an eye on, you probably think of, say, Libya, whose citizens voted for the first time in over 40 years in 2012.

But newly democratized countries aren't the only subjects of U.N. election oversight. In 2012, civil-rights groups voiced their concern to the U.N. that state voter-ID laws would lead to voter suppression. The U.N. sent 44 of its election monitors to states—including Tennessee—and drew much ire from conservative groups in the process.

Now, the Republican-controlled Legislature in Tennessee is fighting back against the international governing body. On Tuesday, the state Senate passed a bill banning U.N. elections monitors from overseeing state elections—unless they have express permission from the U.S. Senate to be there.

Apr 09 11:30

President Carter: Bush Didn’t Win in 2000

Apr 07 10:36


Afghanistan’s national election held this week is a sham. A group of candidates, handpicked by the US, will pretend to compete in an election whose outcome has already been determined – by Washington.

The candidates include US groomed politicians, and drug-dealing warlords from the Tajik and Uzbek north. Chief among them, Rashid Dostam, a major war criminal and principal CIA ally who ordered the massacre of over 2,000 Taliban prisoners.

Such is the rotten foundation on which Washington is hoping to build a compliant Afghan “democracy” that will continue to offer bases to US troops and warplanes. Afghanistan’s majority, the Pashtun tribes, have little voice in the election charade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why there were attacks on the hotel where the observers were staying, which caused many of them to leave out of fear for their lives.

Apr 07 07:06

Afghan Elections Point to Runoff, Waning Karzai Influence

Candidate Viewed as President's Choice Appears to Trail Far Behind

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And now you know why the international observers were chased out of there.

Apr 07 02:40

Flashback: Hack The Vote

You see, Diebold machines leave no paper trail.

Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey, who has introduced a bill requiring that digital voting machines leave a paper trail and that their software be available for public inspection, is occasionally told that systems lacking these safeguards haven't caused problems. ''How do you know?'' he asks.

What we do know about Diebold does not inspire confidence.

Apr 07 02:31

EVM woe: Voters free to complain, but may face action for false claims

Voters can lodge a complaint if the result of the 'paper trail' does not match with the vote they have cast, but making a false statement can also lead to penal action against them.

The Election Commission has recently amended the rules to introduce the concept of printers for the paper trail of votes recorded by the EVMs. As per the guidelines issued to chief electoral officers, a voter is free to lodge a complaint if the slip generated by the printer shows the name and symbol of the candidate other than for whom the elector has voted for.

Apr 01 10:34

Turkish police fire water cannon as thousands protest local election results (VIDEO)

Riot police have used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the thousands-strong crowd of protesters surrounding the Supreme Electoral Council in Ankara. The people demanded a recount of local election results, in which the ruling AKP party narrowly won.

Apr 01 09:01

Credibility of Afghan Vote in Doubt as Observers Flee Violence

Usually, an Afghan election — a $100 million, Western-funded exercise — draws foreigners to Kabul like flies to honey, with incoming flights full of consultants, international monitors, diplomats and journalists.

Not this time. Now, it is the flights out that are full, and the incoming planes are half empty. With the possible exception of journalists, foreigners have been leaving Afghanistan like never before during an election period after a series of attacks on foreign targets and the commission running the vote.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Afghanistan's election is about to be stolen.

Apr 01 07:15

Texas Border County Sued for 105 Percent Voter Registration

A conservative-leaning nonprofit, the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), recently filed a federal lawsuit over allegations that Zavala County is “failing to make a reasonable effort to conduct voter list maintenance programs.” The ACRU claims the county—which supported the re-election of President Obama by 83%--allegedly holds a 105 percent voter registration rate.

Apr 01 07:00

Turkey’s opposition to contest Ankara local poll result

Turkey’s secular main opposition party said Tuesday it would contest a narrow poll win in Ankara mayoral elections claimed by the Islamic-rooted party of Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, citing “irregularities”.

The Turkish capital was a key battleground and symbolic prize in Sunday’s municipal elections, in which Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) scored sweeping victories nationwide despite a corruption scandal and recent street protests.

“We will appeal today at the Supreme Electoral Board over hundreds of ballot boxes in Ankara,” lawmaker Aykan Erdemir of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said in Ankara, Turkey’s second biggest city.

“More than 1,000 volunteers have been working for over 48 hours to check data at the party headquarters. We have evidence of irregularities.”

Apr 01 06:50

Turkey: Cat Blamed for Ankara Election Night Power Blackouts

Turkey's energy minister Taner Yildiz has blamed widespread power blackouts that disrupted vote-counting after the local elections on a cat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And it is just a coincidence the blackouts hit the opposition strongholds! Really. Honest!"

Apr 01 06:32

Opposition ballots found in trash bags in southern Turkey

Used ballots, marked for the main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), have been found in the garbage of six schools used as polling stations in the southern province of Osmaniye.

Apr 01 06:31

Mass protest actions held in front of CEC building in Ankara

Protestors are demanding a recount of votes after the municipal elections held on March 30. The Justice and Development Party won in the elections, gaining 45.6 percent of the votes.

Mar 31 07:40

Local couple upset after receiving pre-marked voter registration card from Covered California

A local couple called 10News concerned after they received an envelope from the state's Obamacare website, Covered California. Inside was a letter discussing voter registration and a registration card pre-marked with an "x" in the box next to Democratic Party.

The couple – who did not want their identity revealed – received the letter and voter registration card from their health insurance provider Covered California, the state-run agency that implements President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

They have lived in La Mesa for years and they have always been registered to vote Republican. Now, they are perplexed as to how the voter registration card pre-marked Democrat ended up in their mailbox.

Mar 23 08:03

US wars continuation of Indian genocide – Prof Kevin Barrett

The differences between Christianity, Islam and Judaism are things few talk about or understand but ones which Professor Kevin Barrett was kind enough to partially explain in part 3 of an interview with the Voice of Russia. Dr. Barrett also said that neocon Zionists and the likes of Zbignew Brzezinski do not represent the American people. Dr. Barrett says the US is overthrowing democracies all over the world including in Egypt, Thailand, Venezuela and now in Ukraine. All of these places have/had constitutional democratically elected governments and fairer elections than the US with its programmed Diebold voting machines.

Mar 17 07:39

Ukraine: Die 1. Kernlüge von der "legitimen Regierung" in Kiew

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a long article in German (no mention of this in the English media) that describes massive election fraud in the removal of Yanukovich from power.

Mar 13 11:29

Mummified body found; 6 years dead, but managed to vote in 2010

A Michigan woman died nearly six years ago and no one noticed until the bank account that was automatically paying her bills ran out. Then the story got even stranger.

Pia Farrenkopf had an agreement with her mail carrier in Pontiac not to leave mail at her home, because she frequently traveled for business and took care of her bills online, according to the Detroit Free Press.

But now it appears that Oakland County voting records show Farrenkopf voted in the November 2010 gubernatorial election.

Mar 07 10:29

Hacking Democracy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you think that you can fix this nation in the next election, you are living in a fantasy world. This documentary explains why.

"Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything!" -- Joseph Stalin

Apr 04 08:22

Young Americans vote Ron Paul

Apr 04 08:21

Lew Rockwell ~ Obama Is Just GWB With A Different 'Haircut'

Mar 14 05:49

Mississippi Votes stolen from Paul

Well I took a few screen shots of just one county at different times and this is what I found... This is Mississippi - 100% Carroll County - 43% & 64% Carroll County

Way off!!

so at 43% he has 132 votes in that 1 county, and at 100% he has 47 votes in that same county.

Mar 14 03:25

Romney Declines To Enroll In Medicare

Mitt Romney Declines To Enroll In Medicare So He Can Destroy It

Monday was Mitt Romney's 65th birthday. Happy birthday, Mittens. In honor of his 65th birthday he announced that he would not be enrolling in Social Security or Medicare. How noble. Except, it's not.

In deference to the conservative dogs nipping his heels, Romney has endorsed the Paul Ryan Medicare plan which would voucherize Medicare and leave senior citizens floundering on their own with private insurance companies. Of course, if you asked Mitt Romney about it, what you'd get is a bunch of lies. Really awful, cynical, blatant lies.

Jan 16 10:30

Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Romney Supported by Talk Show sphere)

Wouldn’t it be great if a Republican presidential candidate could just buy the support of just about every major conservative talk show host in America? Well, it may not be as far-fetched as you may think.

Clear Channel owns more radio stations (850) than anyone else in the United States. They also own Premiere Radio Networks, the company that syndicates the radio shows of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, among others.

Needless to say, Clear Channel basically owns conservative talk radio in the United States. So who owns Clear Channel?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course all these conservative propagandists, in addition to their radio shows on Clear Channel, also have programs on TV as well, into which they carry their agenda. after all, they cannot be pro-Romney on their radio shows, then be pro-anyone else on TV! So, Bain not only controls the pro-Romney bias of Clear Channel but indirectly the content of TV political reporting as well!