Feb 27 15:40

Are Environmentalism and Global Warming Effectively Religious Socialism?

The world needed the new paradigm of environmentalism. The problem is that a few grabbed it for a political agenda. They used it as a vehicle to take the moral high ground, to claim only they cared about the environment. They argued that everyone else was guilty of environmental destruction because of their avarice and wasteful ways. The debate about global warming is a subset of environmentalism that was also hijacked using the same themes.

Feb 27 10:02

65,000% Spike in Radiation Outside New York Nuclear Plant is Likely Worse than Fukushima

By Jay Syrmopoulos

Buchanan, NY — An uncontrollable radioactive flow from the Indian Point nuclear power plant continues leaking into groundwater, which leads to the Hudson River, raising the specter of a Fukushima-like disaster only 25 miles from New York City...

Feb 27 09:22

3 ex-TEPCO execs to be indicted Mon. over Fukushima nuclear disaster

Three former executives of Tokyo Electric Power Co. will be indicted Monday for allegedly failing to take measures to prevent the tsunami-triggered crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, a lawyer in charge of the case said Friday. The three, who will face charges of professional negligence resulting in death and injury, are Tsunehisa Katsumata, 75, chairman of TEPCO at the time, and two former vice presidents -- Sakae Muto, 65, and Ichiro Takekuro, 69.

Feb 27 08:59

NASA admits there's 'a chance' that asteroid 2013 TX68 COULD smash into Earth

NASA has dramatically changed its mind about the risks posed by asteroid 2013 TX68 , a 100ft-wide rock which is currently heading towards Earth.

It said there was "a chance" it could plough into our planet next year when it makes another flyby.

However, we are glad to report that NASA thinks the odds of a collision on September 28, 2017, are "no more than 1-in-250-million".

Feb 27 08:16

Stunning new science shows that breast milk interacts with gut bacteria to keep babies healthy (diet + intestinal flora = health)

A study recently published in the journal Cell, sheds light on the incredible connection between a mother's breast milk and healthy infant growth, specifically honing in on the role the gut's mircrobiome has in the entire process. Experts involved in the study explain that there's a direct correlation between gut activity and breast milk as it relates to an infant's growth. If it's out-of-balance, a baby's growth may be stunted. However, if it's in balance, breast milk will typically contain the right kinds of sugars – namely sialylated sugars – that make it possible for a baby's growth to flourish.(1)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of advertising's greatest sins was convincing women that what came from a factory in bottles and cans was better for their babies than what came out of the mother's own body. But then, the goal wasn't a healthy baby, but more product sales!

Feb 27 08:15

German BEER DOOM: Glyphosate Herbicide Found In 14 Popular Beer Brands From Germany

Want a round of Round Up with your beer? The German beer industry is in shock after finding that14 different popular beer brands have traces of the ‘probably’ carcinogenic herbicide, glyphosate – an ingredient found in Monsanto’s best-selling weed killer, Round Up. Germany’s Agricultural minster is playing down the risks in order to save one of the countries’ best-selling exports.

Feb 27 08:14

South Dakota partners with Big Pharma to prey on Native Americans in genocidal campaign to increase revenues

In what appears to be a "genocide-for-profit" scheme, South Dakota officials and Big Pharma interests have teamed up to remove Native American children from their homes to be put into foster care, where they are routinely over-prescribed dangerous drugs used for treating mental illness.

Feb 27 07:59

Bill Gates: The World’s Deadliest Animals Are Mosquitoes

According to philanthropist and Microsoft creator Bill Gates, when it comes to killing humans the world most deadliest animals are not sharks, snakes, crocodiles, not even other human beings…

It is the blood sucking and disease transmitting mosquito. “No other animal even comes close,” says Gates…

I wonder if he meant the genetically modified mozzies?

Feb 26 16:20

100 Percent of Beer Tested Had At Least 5 Times the Amount Glyphosate Allowed by Law

By Matt Agorist

Biochemical giant Monsanto has found itself under increased scrutiny after the World Health Organization recently announced that glyphosate is likely carcinogenic to humans.

Also, in the US, California recently labelled Monsanto’s Roundup — as known to cause cancer. Under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm are required to be listed and published by the state.

The slew of studies showing the adverse health effects of Roundup on laboratory animals as well as humans are overwhelmingly ominous which makes news of the chemical being found in high quantities in beer that much more worrisome...

Feb 26 15:33

Why Didn't NASA Catch This Two-Story-Wide Meteor Entering Earth's Atmosphere?

A space rock calculated to be as wide as a two story building is tall which exploded with the equivalent of 13,000 tons of TNT entering Earth's atmosphere was missed by NASA on February 6th. Completely.

This is despite the fact that NASA has a whole entire program specifically dedicated to spotting potentially dangerous space rocks entering the Earth's atmosphere.

NASA tries to pretend they have everything space-related monitored and under control at all times with all these comets and asteroids we've been seeing lately (which, is it just me, seems to be on an uptick?), but as stories like this continue to come out, it doesn't leave anyone with the impression they actually do.

Let's be honest with ourselves: NASA can make all the new programs they want, but it is pretty clear that the public wouldn't be warned in the event of a real Earth-leveling asteroid hurling toward the planet.

Feb 26 13:33

8 Superfoods To Improve Your Circulation

Proper circulation is one of the keys to health and longevity. Ensuring that blood can flow freely allows nutrients to travel all throughout the body.

Feb 26 12:24

Longstanding Hillary Clinton Ties to Monsanto

Her presidency would be nightmarish for world peace, popular interests and what remains of fundamental freedoms, a disaster risking full-blown tyranny and global war - vital to go all-out to oppose.

Her biotech/agribusiness ties began during the 1980s as a Rose Law firm lawyer. Monsanto and Tyson Foods were clients.

During her years as first lady in the 1990s, she supported harmful to health genetically modified foods and ingredients - while banning them from White House menus.

The Clinton and Bush II families ate organic foods, free from genetic manipulation and toxic pesticides.

As Obama’s secretary of state, she heavily pressured other countries to use and import GMOs. US taxpayer money continues promoting them worldwide, ignoring food safety.

Monsanto gave the Clinton Foundation up to a million dollars - dirty money buying influence. Last year, she hired former Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford to run her campaign.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Clinton wants you to vote for her "on her record"; this support for GMO companies is a big part of that "record".

Feb 26 12:20

Feds Seek “Mental Health” Testing of All Children, Adults

Next time you visit your doctor, be careful how you respond to his questions, or you may just be branded “mentally ill” and subjected to “treatment.” That is because a panel advising the Obama administration, in partnership with Big Psychiatry, wants to make doctors subject all American adults and children over age 12 to screening for alleged “mental health” disorders — particularly depression, at least to start with. Then, anyone found to harbor any alleged mental disorder, including children as young as eight, should undergo “therapy,” often including powerful psychotropic medications that experts say have dubious value but often come with well-documented and highly dangerous side effects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the best things you can do for yourself is educate yourself on now nutrition and exercise can positively benefit your health.

I am absolutely not "anti-Doctor" (we have one in the family, and she is terrific!) But remember the model they have been given: symptoms must be conventionally medicated.

And sometimes, in the medical/industrial complex, that conventional medication may do more harm than good.

And remember, as demonstrated with the Pfizer debacle, many doctors do take compensation from drug companies for prescribing "off book" drugs, which have never been specifically tested for symptoms a patient may have.

This is so "Old Soviet Union" I hardly know where to begin. And what I mean by that is, in the USSR, people who had differences of opinions with those of the government were isolated, sent to mental hospitals, and drugged out of their mind, until those opinions did conform to the official line (if they didn't die from bad drug reactions first).

Right now, the straight jackets are chemical, not physical; and these anti-depressant drugs are documented as having some really horrific side effects.

Feb 26 10:06

Is This The Real Story Of What Happened Regarding Nagalase?

During several months of 2015, numerous physicians, who were researching the causes of autism and successfully healing autistics, suddenly met with untimely deaths, or what’s been referred to as “suicided.” Who knows what really happened; all we know is that those physicians no longer are on Planet Earth.

Two doctors, Bradstreet [3] and Gonzalez, were planning on publishing their findings, which centered around nagalase and GcMAF, a definite “smoking gun” if they would have been able to pull the trigger on their alleged findings regarding nagalase in vaccines.

Feb 26 10:05

Bernie Sanders: Flint’s ‘horrific’ water crisis should be a wake-up call for entire US

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told residents of Flint, Michigan, on Thursday their “horrific” water contamination crisis should be a wake-up call about the country’s crumbling infrastructure and required an emergency response.

“If there is any silver lining out of this tragedy, it is my hope that the American people will look at Flint and say, ‘never again,'” Sanders said on his first campaign visit to the city, where a cost-saving decision to switch the water supply has led to a public health crisis from lead contamination.

“We are looking at children being poisoned – if that is not an emergency, I just don’t know what an emergency is,” Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, told about 300 people jammed into a Flint church for a meeting that at times featured a freewheeling exchange with shouting residents.

Feb 26 09:45


Russia is making consequent its decision last fall to ban the commercial planting of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO in its agriculture acreage. The latest decision, effective February 15, 2016 does not at all please Monsanto or the US Grain Cartel.

On February 15, a Russian national import ban on soybeans and corn imports from the United States took effect. The Russian food safety regulator Rosselkhoznadzor announced that the ban was because of GMO and of microbial contamination and the absence of effective US controls on soybean and corn exports to prevent export of quarantinable grains, also known as microbial contamination. The Russian food safety regulator added that corn imported from the US is often infected with dry rot of maize. In addition, he said, corn can be used for GMO crops in Russia. The potential damage from import and spread of quarantinable objects on the territory of Russia is estimated at $126 -189 million annually.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for the Russian government!!

The politicians in DC are in bed with the GMO cartels, so Americans will not get any relief from illness-inducing GMO food any time soon, unfortunately.

In fact, they are SO in bed with the GMO cartels that the following has happened, as reported at

In 2014, Vermont became the first state to require mandatory GMO labeling. Connecticut and Maine have also passed GMO labeling laws that will go into effect once neighboring states pass similar laws and other states are currently looking to pass GMO labeling legislation. In response to these state efforts, Representatives Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and G. K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) introduced federal legislation developed by food companies that we in the consumer rights community have dubbed the “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know” Act (DARK Act). This anti-GMO labeling bill passed the House of Representatives in 2015 and similar legislation has just been introduced by Senator Roberts and could pass the Senate any day. The Senate version of the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” (DARK) Act would: Preempt states from requiring labeling of GMO foods. Strip the Food and Drug Administration of its jurisdiction over GMO food disclosures. Make it harder for companies like Campbell’s Soup to voluntarily disclose the presence of GMOs. Make it the responsibility of USDA to promote biotechnology to consumers. Continue the current, broken voluntary labeling system. Americans want the Right to Know: Polls show 90 percent of Americans support on package labeling of GMO food. 64 nations require labeling including Russia, China, the EU, and important trading partners in Asia. More than 4 million Americans have joined a petition urging FDA to require labeling of GMO food. Hundreds of food companies urged President Obama to honor his pledge to require GMO labeling. Dispelling GMO Labeling Myths: GMO labeling will not increase food prices. Companies frequently change labels to highlight new innovations or to make new claims. Voluntary labeling will not work. Companies have been allowed to make voluntary non-GMO disclosures since 2001, but consumers are more confused than ever. There is no “patchwork quilt.” Current state GMO labeling laws are virtually identical, so there will be no “patchwork quilt” of different state laws. The responsible solution to concerns over a possible future patchwork would be the establishment of a uniform, national mandatory labeling standard. GMO crops do not feed the world. Conventional and GMO corn and soybean yields have increased at the same rate. What’s more, S. farmers produce only 4 percent of rice, wheat, fruits, and vegetables, and most U.S. corn and soybeans are used for animal feed and ethanol, not food. GMO crops have increased herbicide applications. Widespread adoption of GMO crops has increased annual applications of glyphosate – a probable human carcinogen – from 16 million pounds to more than 280 million pounds. GMO crops have led to more toxic herbicides. As weeds have become resistant to glyphosate, farmers have turned to more toxic weed killers linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and reproductive problems.

Feb 26 09:27

'Look what the swine flu jab did to my son': Disturbing clip shows 10-year-old fitting, writhing and falling asleep every time he laughs

As Josh Hadfield laughs while watching a film on his iPad, his eyes close and he appears to have a seizure.

This unnerving video shows the 10-year-old writhing around on the sofa, immediately becoming floppy and falling asleep every time he chuckles.

The footage, released by his mother Caroline, clearly shows the difficulties of living with narcolepsy, which Josh developed within three weeks of receiving the swine flu jab in 2010.

Not only did he fall asleep every five minutes until doctors gave him medication, he also suffers attacks of cataplexy - where he loses control of his body due to muscle weakness.

Feb 26 08:38

Up to half of children diagnosed with asthma might NOT have the condition

Asthma could be mis-diagnosed in up to half of children found to have the condition, according to a study.

The research has been conducted in the Netherlands but is being published in the British Journal of General Practice.

It is also being taken into account by officials at National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as they reconsider procedures for diagnosis.

The study - published in the Daily Telegraph - follows claims by the NHS watchdog last year that a third of 'asthmatic' adults showed no clinical signs and had probably been misdiagnosed.

Feb 26 07:49


One has to give credit to Time magazine for reporting on this story, since the GMO issue rarely makes any headway with the American lamestream media. Here, the two opening paragraphs say it all, and additionally, constitute a major reason why so many American's are simply fed up with their "goobernment":

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the nation’s chief food safety regulator, plans to start testing certain foods for residues of the world’s most widely used weed killer after the World Health Organization’s cancer experts last year declared the chemical a probable human carcinogen.

The FDA’s move comes amid growing public concern about the safety of the herbicide known as glyphosate, and comes after the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) rebuked the agency for failing to do such assessments and for not disclosing that short-coming to the public.

Feb 26 07:19

The horrors of socialized medicine: Man has testicle mistakenly removed as overwhelmed U.K. surgeons make thousands of mistakes (with zero accountability)

Great Britain's socialized health care system has been responsible for more than 1,100 serious medical mistakes in the past four years, according to a recent article published by The Telegraph.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporatized medicine is hardly doing any better!

Feb 25 21:16

Glyphosate is Ruining Your Gut and Triggering Autoimmune Disorders

Waking Times

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the popular herbicide, Roundup. Glyphosate toxicity is a big deal, and what you don’t know just might kill you!

Feb 25 19:16

The Top 5 Things That Are Killing Sperm

Dietary and environmental exposures as well as pharmaceuticals are all linked to the quality of male sperm, revealing that toxins in many substances we interact with affect sperm maturation and membrane function in men.

Feb 25 17:39

Drugs Found In Puget Sound Salmon

It can't be limited to salmon. We are all unwillingly taking SSRI antidepressants and other drugs.

Cocktail, anyone?

Feb 25 09:07

Do It Yourself: How To Make Nutritious Homemade Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MRE’s)

By Tess Pennington

Long-term use of standard MRE's is definitely not recommended. Here is a way to prepare your own much healthier version...

Feb 25 08:47

Do You Really Want To Live In A World Where Computers Read Your Mind?

Not that we really have a say in the matter either way, but nothing about the question conjures up warm, gushy feelings. The government, via its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is spending $60 million on a direct brain-computer interface via neural implant that would allow computers to decode the human brain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 25 08:47

The Globalists and the Islamists:

The Globalists and the Islamists:

Fomenting the "Clash of Civilizations" for a New World Order

Part Two:

The Muslim Brotherhood – The Globalists' Secret Weapon

I. The Roots of Islamic Terrorism
II. Creating the 'Arc of Crisis'
III. The Muslim Brotherhood Branches Out
IV. Osama Bin Laden: The Early Years
V. Bin Laden In Exile
VI. World Trade Center 1993
VII. Bin Laden's Money Problems
VIII. The Brotherhood Revolution Continues

Feb 25 07:09

America's abandoned space history – in pictures

Roland Miller is on a mission to document the deserted sites of America’s space race. He has photographed launch pads, bunkhouses and research facilities across the country, some of which no longer exist or are closed to the public on secure military bases.

Feb 24 23:41

Does Kerry's 'Plan B' on Syria Originate From 2008 Secret US-Saudi Plan? © Sputnik/ Michael Alaeddin POLITICS

What lies beneath US Secretary of State John Kerry's intriguing "Plan B" and why do American war hawks insist that the Syrian ceasefire agreement is destined to fail? It seems that the US President is about to set off a chain of events that will literally blow up the Middle East, F. William Engdahl warns.

Feb 24 20:57

The Dangers of The Phosphate Mining Industry & Fluoride

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast former phosphate mining supervisor Gary O. Pittman to discuss the dangers of fluoride, and the phosphate mining industry. Gary worked for Occidental Chemical Corporation for 21 years working his way up to the position of Mining Supervisor. He was injured due to his continued exposures day after day to chemicals and toxic vapors. Using his expertise and years of experience Gary gives the listener a detailed yet easy to understand lesson in the phosphate mining industry, as well as the dangers / health effects of fluoride exposure. He also covers in detail the ongoing damage to Florida’s waterways and ecosystem from the phosphate mining industry. Make sure to tune in to this very educational broadcast.

Feb 24 18:04

Floating Survival House For Natural Disasters Created By Chinese Designers

Chinese designers have created a floating house that survives natural disasters. Chinese designers Zhou Ying and Niu Yuntao have created a life-saving floating house built to withstand natural disasters that include rough waters from flooding and tsunamis. The house inflates in seconds with its built-in, high-pressure carbon dioxide gas chamber, ideal for…

Feb 24 17:29

How This Man Converted “Underground Shelter Using a 20 Ft. Shipping Container”

In a SHTF event, underground is exactly where many people plan to go to ride out the storm of whatever has descended upon society.

Final attempt to record building of an underground shelter using a 20 ft. shipping container. For those wondering why I didn’t simply pile dirt over it without pouring a concrete cap first….. These containers are mostly sheet metal. Heavy duty as it is, the roof and sides will push inwards from the weight. Eventually the metal will rust through and you’ll be buried alive. My way will insure it is still there a few hundred years from now. Problem is, you’d better keep an eye on your sump pump. If it goes bad or loses power, you’ll go in one day and find it the whole thing flooded. A surface alarm letting you know the water level is above where it should be isn’t a bad idea. Putting the sump pump on a UPS is also a good thing.

Feb 24 15:42

What Could Go Wrong? Brazil Plans To Kill Zika With Gamma Radiation Burst

Having "nailed it" with the feces-infused water for the Olympics, killed the golden goose of its economy, and unable to crackdown on widespread corruption, Brazil now has a 'great' idea to solve its utterly disastrous Zika epidemic... by zapping millions of male mosquitoes with gamma rays from drones to sterilise them.

Feb 24 15:30

Beyond superbugs: Drug companies have now managed to create drug-resistant MALARIA, too

Unfortunately, drug-resistant strains may be evolving so fast that containment may only slow their spread. In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that an effort to prevent artemisinin-resistant malaria from spreading in Cambodia appeared to be working, but that artemisinin-resistance had then independently arisen in Thailand, Burma and Vietnam.

That same year, the agency announced a three-year, $400-million effort to eradicate multi drug-resistant malaria in southeast Asia. The new study suggests that that effort is failing dramatically.

Feb 24 13:05

Liquid hydrocarbon fuel created from CO2 and water in breakthrough one-step process

As scientists look for ways to help remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a number of experiments have focused on employing this gas to create usable fuels. Both hydrogen and methanol have resulted from such experiments, but the processes often involve a range of intricate steps and a variety of methods. Now researchers have demonstrated a one-step conversion of carbon dioxide and water directly into a simple and inexpensive liquid hydrocarbon fuel using a combination of high-intensity light, concentrated heat, and high pressure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, no, no, no, NO! The ONLY way to save Earth is for you to buy my Carbon Credits and pay Carbon Taxes! " -- Al Bore

Feb 24 11:57

Parents who do not vaccinate their children will pay a penalty of up to 150 thousand dinars

Parents or guardians who fail to vaccinate their children will be fined from 30,000 to 150,000 dinars, provided by the Law on protection of population from infectious diseases, which is now adopted by the Assembly of Serbia.

This amount will be paid and those in the process of epidemiological study does not tell the truth and do not provide accurate and complete information relevant to the detection of sources and modes of transmission of infectious diseases.

The punishment is provided if the person does not comply with the orders of medical doctors when certain obligations of transport by ambulance or isolation measures and treatment, as if before traveling to a country where cholera, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral haemorrhagic fevers and malaria, and on his return from these countries do not comply with the obligations prescribed by law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson

Feb 24 11:47

Manslaughter Charges for EMF Related Pollution?

Manslaughter Charges for EMF Related Pollution?

We have been saddened to hear that Flint residents are suffering from Water Pollution. This link is about the crisis. Manslaughter charges are possible!

It is shocking to me that people in Michigan who have been suffering from electricity pollution (EMF) have not done likewise. I personally have served over 100 farmers who had animal and family illnesses and deaths. Many were forced into bankruptcy or into selling their farms. Now the Smart Meters are being forced upon us and merely listening to the complaints of over 75 families who are being affected by the Smart Meters should be enough to let our State Officials know that they will be having a far greater problem. In case you did not hear the Complaints, you can listen to them at the following two locations:

Part 1:

Feb 24 11:39

ATLAS: Next Generation of DARPA Humanoid Robot Released

By Nicholas West

The evolution of humanoid robots is happening at an ever-quickening pace. These advancements are occurring not only in their mechanics but also with the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

One of the humanoid robots that has garnered the most attention is ATLAS, developed for DARPA by Boston Dynamics...

Feb 24 11:28

Nasa asteroid watch: Truck-sized meteor smashes to Earth with force of Hiroshima atomic bomb

Nasa has reported that a truck-sized meteor slammed into the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 41,600mph on 6 February 2016, exploding with a force equivalent to 13,000 tonnes of TNT – nearly matching the 15,000 tonnes force of the 'Little Boy' atomic bomb which levelled the city of Hiroshima in 1945. Luckily, the point of entry into the Earth's atmosphere was 600 miles east of Rio de Janeiro and the ensuing impact was too small to generate a tsunami.

No-one was injured and there were no eye-witness reports. However, what concerns astronomers is the fact that no-one saw the meteor coming.

Feb 24 11:22

Study: FDA Allows Glyphosate in Your Food Based on Monsanto’s Faulty Research

Despite the World Health Organization’s classification of glyphosate — the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup — as a probable carcinogen for humans last year, the product remains the top-selling herbicide worldwide. Though the agrichemical behemoth vociferously disputes the findings, researchers recently found Monsanto’s claims are based on outdated and inadequate science.

Enough glyphosate, Truthout noted, “is now used to cover nearly every acre of cultivated cropland in the U.S.,” leading to widespread glyphosate tolerance, including reports of “superweeds” that are virtually immune to repeated drenchings. Use of the dangerous weedkiller has increased by more than 100 times since it first came to market in 1974.

Feb 24 11:18

Russia to Turn Old Missiles Into Asteroid Defence System

In 2013, an asteroid shattered to pieces in the atmosphere above Russia and the resulting debris injured over 500 people and caused widespread damage to buildings. Scarily, that space rock was only around 50 feet in diameter – imagine the chaos a larger asteroid could cause.

Say something three times larger, at 150 feet in diameter. Currently, scientists could only tell us where an asteroid that large would land within hours, which is not nearly enough time to properly respond.

Russia’s Kakeyev Rocket Design Bureau’s lead researcher Sabit Saitgarayev explains why conventional rockets cannot be used against such a threat:
“Most rockets work on boiling fuel. Their fueling begins 10 days before the launch and, therefore, they are unfit for destroying meteorites similar to the Chelyabinsk meteorite in diameter, which are detected several hours before coming close to the Earth,”

“For this purpose, intercontinental ballistic missiles can be used, which requires their upgrade.”

Feb 24 10:35

Hawaiian coffee growers sue Monsanto over glyphosate's dangerous side effects

From 1995 to 2004, Christine Sheppard used Roundup on her commercial coffee farm in Hawaii. In 2003 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and was forced to sell her farm to pay for expensive cancer treatments.

Still alive, Christine and her husband Kenneth are now going after Monsanto Co., accusing the agribusiness of falsely concealing the risks of glyphosate that ultimately led to her cancer. The civil suit states that Monsanto "knew or had reason to know that its Roundup products were defective and were inherently dangerous and unsafe when used in the manner instructed and provided by defendant. ...

"Monsanto assured the public that Roundup was harmless. In order to prove this, Monsanto championed falsified data and attacked legitimate studies that revealed its dangers. Monsanto led a prolonged campaign of misinformation to convince government agencies, farmers and the general public that Roundup was safe."

Feb 24 10:32

Atlas, The Next Generation

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When it can clean, cook, do the laundry and the gardening, we'll buy one!

Feb 24 10:28


The U.S. government, from Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton, told blatant lies about the Iraqi government creating chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons in 2002, despite having been informed of the fact that Iraq was doing no such thing. U.S. leaders lied about ties between Iraq and terrorists that they also knew did not exist. Then the U.S. military attacked and invaded Iraq, in the process heavily bombing old sites of Iraqi chemical weapons from the 1980s, many of those weapons having been provided by the United States. In large part because of the U.S. origin of the old Iraqi chemical weapons, the U.S. kept quiet about them during the new war. Another reason for the official silence was that, during the 2003 U.S. destruction of Iraq, many of those old weapons were seized by fledgling terrorist groups. The war had done exactly what it had been justified as being needed to prevent; it had given WMDs to terrorists.

Feb 24 10:16


Johnson & Johnson was ordered by a Missouri state jury to pay $72 million of damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of the company's talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades.

Feb 24 09:29

How you've been hypnotized by Big Pharma and your drug pushing doctor to self-identify with diseases, drugs and vaccines

You may not yet realize this, but you've been rigorously hypnotized by the pharmaceutical industry to believe in "diseases" that do not exist. Even worse, you've also been influenced by insidious language patterns to think that your health depends almost entirely on high-priced prescription medications and vaccines.

Feb 24 09:17

USDA caught suppressing science on pesticides that are killing bee pollinators; take action to stop the federal government's 'black box science'

Much of the way things operate in the world today is based on the notion that if you speak the truth, you'll receive some serious criticism. At the very least, people will look at you like a deer in the headlights, confused as to why you're not embracing what's really right. What's really right, of course, is the way others want you to think and act – "others" unfortunately being the likes of Big Pharma, greedy organizations and bully-like people.

Feb 24 09:17

Why the FDA's announcement of glyphosate testing is a total science SHAM

As I explain in my latest podcast (below), the FDA's announcement that it will test foods for glyphosate is more of a SHAM than SCIENCE. In my view, the agency's announcement is nothing more than "scientific theater" to pretend to test foods for glyphosate, all while claiming glyphosate is completely safe no matter what levels are found.

Feb 24 08:26

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $72m for cancer deaths

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades.

Jurors in a Missouri court ruled that the family of Jacqueline Fox should get $10 million of actual damages and $62 million of punitive damages, according to court records.

It is the first verdict to award damages in a string of allegations over cancer risks relating to talc-based products.

Feb 24 08:19

Turmeric able to 'smart kill' cancer cells... chemotherapy and radiation now medically obsolete

Turmeric has long been one of the most prized spices from the East, but its benefits extend far beyond the wonderful flavor and color it lends to many recipes. The health-promoting properties of turmeric have been known for millennia, but only recently has it been discovered that the bright orange spice is also a powerful ally in preventing and curing cancer.

Feb 24 08:18

Most meat is tainted by GM: Cattle are routinely given modified feed, shoppers told - and it's even in your Big Mac

Most meat sold in restaurants and supermarkets is from animals raised on GM feed, families were warned yesterday.

A farming conference heard shoppers would struggle to avoid produce from livestock fed genetically modified crops.

Delegates were told maize and soya beans – key cattle feeds – were now 80 per cent GM.

Feb 24 08:18

Hillary Clinton wants to take away women’s rights to say NO to vaccines!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Women should have a right to choose ... unless they don't do what I tell them to do!" -- Hitlery

Feb 24 08:14

How Big Pharma greed is killing tens of thousands around the world: Patients are over-medicated and often given profitable drugs with 'little proven benefits,' leading doctors warn

The Queen's former doctor has called for an urgent public enquiry into drugs firms’ ‘murky’ practices.

Sir Richard Thompson, former-president of the Royal College of Physicians and personal doctor to the Queen for 21 years, warned tonight that many medicines are less effective than thought.

The physician is one of a group of six eminent doctors who today warn about the influence of pharmaceutical companies on drugs prescribing.

The experts, led by NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, claim that too often patients are given useless – and sometimes harmful – drugs that they do not need.

They maintain drugs companies are developing medicines they can profit from, rather than those which are likely to be the most beneficial.

Feb 24 05:49

Is a rogue comet on a collision course with Earth? 'Surprise meteor shower' sparks hunt for unknown ice ball orbiting in space

Revellers in New Zealand were treated to a New Year's bonus during the first hours of 2016 with a meteor shower that lit up the sky, but there was one problem – no one saw it coming.

The surprise meteor shower, which have been named the Volantids, has left astronomers desperately searching for the comet the meteors came from.

And they say that the as-yet unidentified comet may be on a potentially hazardous orbit around Earth.

Feb 24 05:45

Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk falls into the ocean: Nasa reports huge explosion of seven meter space rock over the Atlantic

A huge fireball crashed into the Atlantic earlier this month - and went almost unseen.

The event took place on February 6 at 14:00 UTC when a meteor exploded in the air 620 miles (1,000km) off the coast of Brazil.

It released energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT, which is the same as the energy used in the first atomic weapon that leveled Hiroshima in 1945.

This was the largest event of its type since the February 2013 fireball that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, leaving more than 1,600 people injured.

Feb 23 22:50

AL: Armed Citizen lnvolved in Stopping Mass Shooting

The perp lost his balls....literally and surgically. What a shot!

Arizona – -( Another legally armed person has stopped a potential mass shooting in Hamilton, Alabama on February 10th, 2016.

The shooting occurred in the morning, a little over an hour before noon, over a distance of a couple of blocks.

Two people, 67-year-old Donny Miller and 61-year-old Linda Cole were killed in separate offices. The second victim was shot in an accounting office close to the bank pictured above.

The legally armed man believed that he hit the suspect, Jimmy Cooper, twice. That is consistent with the reports that the suspect has gunshot wounds to the arm and leg.

Feb 23 20:45

Here’s How We Got Here: A Short Primer On The History Of The Petrodollar

In 1971, Nixon closed the door by removing the ability of any member nation to convert into gold. The dollar (used as the world’s reserve currency) was still the reserve; however, it was completely fiat at this point. At this time, President Nixon dispatched Kissinger to Saudi Arabia with a scheme that made extortionists pale in comparison.

The ruling House of Saud in Saudi Arabia was offered a deal by Kissinger with four parts.

America’s military would guarantee protection of Saudi Arabia and her oilfields.
The U.S. would also sell the Saudis any weapons needed.
The U.S. would furthermore guarantee protection from Israel and the other countries of the region.
Finally, the Saudi family was ensured that they would rule in perpetuity.

Feb 23 20:19

Linux Mint Is Back Up

How to check if your ISO is compromised?

If you still have the ISO file, check its MD5 signature with the command “md5sum yourfile.iso” (where yourfile.iso is the name of the ISO).

The valid signatures are below:

6e7f7e03500747c6c3bfece2c9c8394f linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-32bit.iso
e71a2aad8b58605e906dbea444dc4983 linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso
30fef1aa1134c5f3778c77c4417f7238 linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-nocodecs-32bit.iso
3406350a87c201cdca0927b1bc7c2ccd linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-nocodecs-64bit.iso
df38af96e99726bb0a1ef3e5cd47563d linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-oem-64bit.iso

If you still have the burnt DVD or USB stick, boot a computer or a virtual machine offline (turn off your router if in doubt) with it and let it load the live session.

Once in the live session, if there is a file in /var/lib/, then this is an infected ISO.

What to do if you are affected?

Feb 23 17:54

Military-Funded Study Predicts When You’ll Protest on Twitter

It’s no simple problem for the obvious reason that the telltale heart beats but for the guilty. “The ways in which protest-related events affect a person are not observable, resulting in a lack of knowledge of factors operating at that time causing his next post to be a declaration of protest,” the researchers write in their study, published as part of the proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence conference earlier this month.

Feb 23 17:27

Study Links Benadryl To Dementia And Memory Loss - 4 Alternatives

Benadryl is part of a class of drug that is understood to have side-effects on memory loss. It has long been believed that these side-effects to the brain were reversible. But that may no longer be the case.

Feb 23 17:25

Copper Destroys MRSA At A Touch

New research from the University of Southampton shows that copper can destroy MRSA spread by touching and fingertip contamination of surfaces.

Feb 23 17:07

Unstoppable Gas Leaks in Texas Even Worse than California’s, Media Silent

After the mammoth methane gas leak that spewed uncontrollably from a damaged well in California’s Aliso Canyon was finally capped last week, residents of nearby Porter Ranch began trepidatiously returning to their homes. Lingering doubts over whether Southern California Gas Company will continue using the underground storage field have left many wondering if concerns for their safety are being considered at all — particularly considering the company has, so far, only been charged with misdemeanor violations.

Feb 23 17:05

Researchers make a rechargeable sodium battery using an oak leaf

The quest for a way to create a rechargeable battery from sodium rather than lithium took a somewhat unexpected turn last month when scientists from the University of Maryland and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology from Beijing discovered that a baked oak leaf pumped full of sodium made a successful negative terminal for a proof-of-concept battery. As anyone who ever made a battery from a lemon (or a potato) would remember, making a battery out of organic matter is certainly possible and could play its part in developing a workable sodium-based battery.

Feb 23 15:52

Oregon Residents Left Baffled by Deafening High Pitch Noise

Over the past few weeks, the residents of Forest Grove, Oregon have endured a mysterious noise that often wakes them up in the middle of the night. It could be best described as an unnatural shrill squeal that’s as loud as an air raid siren. To date, nobody can figure out what it is. The best guess anyone can come up with is that it sounds like a gas leak, but no leaks have been found.

And in any case, if it did stem from a gas leak, residents of the community would definitely be able to smell it. The obnoxious sound typically lasts anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes. It’s also been blamed on the sewer system, a water leak, faulty car breaks, train tracks, fire alarms, and utility relief valves, but the authorities have ruled out all of those possibilities.
(read more)

Feb 23 13:35

The False Smart Meter Narrative And Lessons from St. Louis Radioactive Clouds

By Patricia Burke

Insightful students of history readily note parallels between the Manhattan-Rochester coalition’s covert research on radiation weaponry in the 1950s, and the smart meter narrative in the U.S. today.

Unethical human experimentation took place on vulnerable populations in Missouri in the decades following WWII. The public narrative was that scientists were researching whether they could shield American cities from Russian warplanes using harmless smokescreen cloud dispersals.

In truth, college students were not privy to the true nature of the tests which were to spray low-income predominantly black neighborhoods in St. Louis with radioactive materials, for scientists studying offensive weaponry...

Feb 23 12:12

Mars recalling candy bars in 55 countries

Reports said on Tuesday that US chocolate company Mars Inc. is recalling millions of candy bars and other items in 55 countries after plastic was found in one of its products.

Feb 23 11:33

GMOs have been 'catastrophic' for US agricultural exports, says Canadian alfalfa exporter

Pandora's box is a disturbingly apt metaphor for the GMO industry. In the Greek myth, Pandora was tempted into opening a forbidden box which contained all the evils in the world. Once the box was opened and Pandora realized what she had done, she tried to close it, but it was too late -- all the evil contained in it had escaped and spread around the planet.

When scientists first realized that they had the ability to genetically modify living organisms, they -- of course -- were tempted into doing so, despite the warnings and protests from those who foresaw the potentially destructive consequences. Biotech corporations, particularly Monsanto, pushed for the introduction of GM crops, promising benefits to farmers and consumers, but the scheme has backfired on many levels.

Feb 23 11:30

Killer cyclone Winston leaves more than a 100 dead: Most powerful tempest ever documented in the Southern Hemisphere, winds reached 184 miles per hour.

A large-scale clean up operation is underway after Cyclone Winston destroyed hundreds of homes and cut communication lines.

A historically massive tropical cyclone in the Pacific Ocean has left nearly 100 dead people in Fiji but many more dead are thought to be laying under rubble of destroyed homes in the many villages around the island.

The killer storm caused unprecedented damage after making landfall over the island nation Saturday night.

Feb 23 11:29

The vaccine mafia is real, and it's out to destroy the careers of all who question vaccine safety

The current CDC vaccination schedule for children is so dynamic; it almost looks like a training manual to keep parents paying into the medical system on a timely, consistent basis. This vaccination schedule is literally conditioning families to depend on consistent jabs and prescriptions throughout their life while turning to the medical system for every sniffle and headache. For example, the DTaP vaccine is recommended up to four times before a child is even 18 months. The Hepatitis B shot is recommended three times starting at birth to 18 months. Before a kid is one and a half years old, the CDC recommends a child be jabbed 25 times by a combination of 14 different vaccination types. See the schedule[PDF] for yourself.

Feb 23 09:54

Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive from several sources.Now, a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin — in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury.

The news was broken by author Stefan Smyle, who cited a report published in The Lancet Neurology, Volume 13, Issue 3, in the March 2014 edition, by authors Dr. Phillippe Grandjean and Philip J. Landrigan, MD.

Feb 23 09:12

Unstoppable Gas Leaks in Texas Even Worse than California’s, Media Silent

California, however, isn’t the only state dealing with mammoth methane leakage.
Texas is dealing with a comparable disaster that has been overlooked by officials and the media, in part, because the state’s methane emanates from a powerful industry’s infrastructure. According to the Texas Observer’s Naveena Sadasivam:
“Every hour, natural gas facilities in North Texas’ Barnett Shale region emit thousands of tons of methane — a greenhouse gas at least 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide — and a slate of noxious pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and benzene.

Feb 23 08:45

Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn’t Honey

More than three-fourths of the honey sold in U.S. grocery stores isn’t exactly what the bees produce, according to testing done exclusively for Food Safety News.

The results show that the pollen frequently has been filtered out of products labeled “honey.”

The removal of these microscopic particles from deep within a flower would make the nectar flunk the quality standards set by most of the world’s food safety agencies.

Feb 23 08:35

Vaccine debate heats up over HPV and Gardasil

The vaccine debate continues. As we can see above, the mainstream media energetically reports on positive studies with alacrity. But the negatives are growing too.

At stake is a portion of the credibility and viability of the pharmaceutical industry and its supporting facilities including various government agencies along with Wall Street participants and shareholders.

Vaccines may not provide Big Pharma with most of its profits, but they do offer it tremendous, positive PR. Vaccines give the pharmaceutical industry, in concert with government, enormous, almost unparalleled reach and power over people’s bodies.

The larger industry itself is one of the most profitable on earth. In the US alone, the pharmaceuticals market generates something like $300 billion a year and is concentrated among approximately ten companies with profit margins in the area of 30 percent.

Feb 23 08:25

'Black Water' Was Pouring Out of Faucets in This Texas City

Authorities in one Texas town were scrambling to pass out bottled water on Friday after its water supply reportedly turned black.

This “black water” problem apparently began in Crystal City on Wednesday.

Disturbing photos showed a thick dark liquid coming out of faucets after officials had flushed the water tower to begin a renovation, according to Fox 29.

Feb 22 23:27

Americans Mindless About the Grave Dangers They Face

Never before in history has the danger of possible humanity destroying nuclear war been greater. Fundamental rights Americans think they have don’t exist.

They’re deplorably out-of-touch, the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere, controlled by neocon infested bipartisan governance, lunatics threatening their welfare, security and world peace.

Public ignorance is shocking, why America gets away with high crimes at home and abroad. Lawless interventionism is longstanding policy.

Endless US wars on humanity rage. Human and civil rights are fast eroding en route toward disappearing altogether. Police state injustice rules, tyranny by any standard, heading toward becoming full-blown.

Feb 22 16:23

Going Off Grid? Here’s What To Do About Water: “Solution With Minimal Effort”

Especially if you are just starting out with your off grid home or survival shelter, securing potable water for your most basic needs may be very difficult.

Water is quite heavy, and hence, any large containers will be very difficult to carry or transport if you don’t think ahead... but this video shows the solution this off-grid couple worked out.


Feb 22 13:57

RAW: Spectacular launch of Russian rocket taking European satellite into space

A fascinating video shows the Russian “Rokot” launch vehicle taking the European Space Agency’s Sentinel 3A satellite into space from the Plesetsk.

Feb 22 13:45

U-M study: More than 8,000 lead service lines in Flint

City records still do not show the make-up of roughly 13,000 services lines, including 11,000 residential lines, some of which could be lead.

Feb 22 13:20


Wireless technology has become an integral part of our culture. It has connected us to people and information and has also brought us incredible convenience and economic benefits. Just think how this technology has expanded in just the eight years since the iPhone was introduced. We have seen ubiquitous WiFi, tablet computers, wireless smart meters, the smart home, wearable tech, and now the Internet of Things. This latest development will connect everything we own to the internet via pulsed microwave radiation.

Feb 22 12:57

Massachusetts plans rattlesnake colony on uninhabited island

A plan by the state to establish a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an off-limits island in Massachusetts' largest inland body of water has some rattled by visions of dangerous serpents slithering through the surrounding woods, attacking hikers, fishermen and hunters.

Those are completely irrational fears based on the public's aversion to snakes, said Tom French of the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, who's directing the project at the 39-square mile Quabbin Reservoir and representing the state at a public meeting Tuesday to address the concerns.

French said he's received several emails and phone calls from worried residents who fear the snakes will escape the island.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Setting aside the very real risk (rattlesnakes can swim), why are they wasting taxpayer money on this?

Feb 22 12:35


Wireless technology has become an integral part of our culture. It has connected us to people and information and has also brought us incredible convenience and economic benefits. Just think how this technology has expanded in just the eight years since the iPhone was introduced. We have seen ubiquitous WiFi, tablet computers, wireless smart meters, the smart home, wearable tech, and now the Internet of Things. This latest development will connect everything we own to the internet via pulsed microwave radiation.

Feb 22 12:30

Historical data show vaccines didn't conquer infectious disease after all

The debate surrounding vaccinations is deeply rooted in an us-versus-them battle. On one side stands the government, Big Pharma and medical professionals who advocate its supposed benefits and maintain that vaccines are the reason why infectious diseases have been kept at bay throughout time. On the other side are those whose lives have been forever changed for the worse because of them.

However -- as if the slew of people who have stories of related illnesses or the multiple times that Natural News has reported on their severe health consequences isn't convincing enough -- historical data actually proves that vaccines didn't conquer infectious disease. That's right. History proves that what we've been told all along -- that vaccinations are necessary and responsible for maintaining the health of the masses for ages -- simply isn't true.

Feb 22 12:15

5 Disturbing Reasons Not to Trust the News (From a Reporter)

Growing up, I remember wondering why major catastrophes were relegated to just inches of column space somewhere in the middle of the newspaper, while knocked-up celebrities farting into a maternity gown would crack the front pages. Then I started working as the editor of a U.K. tech news site at the dawn of citizen reporting, social media, and the Web, and I realized that the gulf between the newsworthy and the filler has been widened on an enormous scale. Here are just some of the reasons journalism has gone (and continues to go) to shit:

Feb 22 11:59


A new CDC study contradicts the Obama administration’s insistence that firearm homicides represent a growing threat, with Americans more likely to die from aaccidental poisoning or the flu than being shot with a gun. The Centers for Disease Control and Preventionreleased the reportlast week but it has received very little press attention. The figures show that there were 33,636 firearms related deaths in 2013, with 21,175 being suicides, 505 “accidental discharges,” and 11,208 being assault related (homicide).

Feb 22 11:50

Russian Space Agency Reveals the 'Song of the Universe' (VIDEO)

Various sounds such as those emitted by pulsars, the Sun, Jupiter and its moon Ganymede, black holes, the Aurora Borealis and interstellar space have been recorded by Roscosmos with the help of special radio telescopes.

Russian experts said that these sounds can't be heard in the conditions of the space vacuum. For example, solar flares, the collision of asteroids and explosions of stars occur in complete silence.

Feb 22 10:28


In a list released this week by Fortune Magazine, Monsanto was named one of the world’s most admired companies. Monsanto was honored as No. 1 in its industry sector, biotechnology, although they have very little competition in that market, and the list was decided by dubious means.

According to Business Wire, the honor that Monsanto received was decided by company surveys and peer ratings from senior executives, directors and analysts, in other words, it was based on the opinions of people within the industry, and within the company.

Monsanto Chairman and CEO, Hugh Grant, said in a statement that this is the third year that they were named as the top of their sector by Fortune.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is proof positive that no matter how morally repellant a company may be, and no matter the wreckage of human and plant health it leaves behind, if it makes money, it is REVERED by the rest of the money junkies!

Feb 22 10:20

Microsoft 'loves' Linux? Then stop attacking open source

Cui Bono re:Linux Mint Hack!

According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft loves Linux. He said as much, complete with pictures -- and his team backs him up. In itself, it's a remarkable statement.

Nadella's predecessor, Steve Ballmer, described open source in the darkest terms, characterizing it (with the GNU GPL) as a commercial cancer and never retracting the slur. In many ways, that dark prophecy has come true for Microsoft, which has seen its rent-seeking business model steadily eroded by open source. Though it still has a cash cow to milk, Microsoft's monopolies no longer frighten anyone.

Feb 22 10:17

The silent killer in your home: Scented candles and air fresheners 'are adding to pollution that kills 40,000 people a year in UK'

Household sprays often use chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which start off as solids or liquids but readily evaporate into the air.

Recent research in York found raised levels of a VOC called limonene, which is used heavily in air fresheners and scented candles, to give a lemon citrus smell.

It is dangerous to inhale on its own and can become formaldehyde - a carcinogen that burns the eyes, irritates the skin, and incites coughing fits, nausea, as well as nose and throat cancers - when it mixes with other airborne elements.

Feb 22 10:05

Huge Cyclone Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Fiji

Fiji began a massive cleanup on Monday after one of the most powerful storms recorded in the southern hemisphere tore through the Pacific island nation, killing 17 people, flattening remote villages and cutting off communications.

Aid agencies warned of a widespread health crisis, particularly in low-lying areas where thousands of Fiji's 900,000 people live in tin shacks, after crops were wiped out and fresh water supplies blocked.

Feb 22 10:03

Can’t Pay Attention or Focus – Read This

In our modern world of constant noise and input, learning a few skills to keep your mind on task is more important than ever.

Feb 22 09:53

Nutrient Herb Controls Blood Sugar, Cholesterol And Free Radicals

This plant is rich in micronutrients and nutritional elements. Various compounds in cilantro give it its distinct scent, which plays a large role in how foods taste. In addition to pleasant aromatic factors (described by…

Feb 22 09:52

Exposure To Air Pollution Increases The Risk Of Obesity

Laboratory rats who breathed Beijing’s highly polluted air gained weight and experienced cardio-respiratory and metabolic dysfunctions after three to eight weeks of exposure. A study appearing in the March issue of the Journal of the ...

Feb 22 09:27

Prison Town Selling Its Jails to Grow Cannabis to Save their Economy — And It’s Working

By Justin Gardner

A tiny California desert town is making a drastic change to reverse its downward spiral and embrace an enlightened future. For 24 years, Adelanto tried unsuccessfully to sustain its economy through prisons, but now it will be hosting a very different kind of business—cannabis cultivation...

Feb 22 09:26

ISU still plans GMO banana trial, despite controversy

Iowa State University researchers plan to move ahead this year with a long-delayed project in which a dozen students would be paid to eat genetically modified bananas.

The trial is controversial, because natural-food proponents claim genetically modified foods can be dangerous. Many mainstream scientists, including those running the ISU project, disagree.

The bananas, created by an Australian scientist, contain a gene that is supposed to help people living in Africa make vitamin A. Proponents say the gene came from a different type of banana, and is completely safe to eat.

The plan, which first came to light in 2014, would involve feeding the bananas to a dozen student volunteers. They would be paid $900 each.

Feb 22 09:22


GcMAF is the body’s own internal medicine. ALL healthy people have it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And lately, doctors studying it are dying under suspicious circumstances!

Feb 22 09:06

Scientists claim New York police forced them to fake DNA tests to convict more suspects

Scientists Shannon Morris, Melissa Lee and Kevin Rafferty are suing the crime lab that they were fired from at New York State police department. When the two tried to correct errors they saw in the lab, they say they were silenced and others retaliated against them because the errors were working out in their favor to garner more prosecutions.

The department was working to implement a computerized DNA analysis system called TrueAllele which would guarantee results of the tests are correct. But because of pressure from the police to get more convictions, the use of the system was scrapped.

Their attorney John Bailey explained, “there are people that are very pro-prosecution. They were putting pressure on scientists to reach conclusions that were not scientifically valid. That’s what my clients were objecting to.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For people to respect a justice system, it must be seen to be just, convicting the guilty but protecting the innocent. When people see the government railroading innocent people into prison, respect for the system evaporates!

Feb 22 08:54

Where is the Silver Coming From?

The magnitude of this project, while extremely large, is actually dwarfed by the projects in China and India.

If you combine these three nations you see a massive amount of silver going to very specific needs. This silver will be off the market for years before coming back online as recycled product. This, of course, is assuming the return on investment warrants recycling the silver found in individual solar panels. If it is not found to be cost effective the silver will be lost forever.

This brings me to the next step in this situation – China is already importing silver ore and refining in China to supplement their silver mining operations. India has no mining operations to speak of, and Africa produces very little silver.

Feb 22 08:16


The image above looks like concept art for a new dystopian sci-fi film. A billionaire superman with a rictus grin, striding straight past human drones, tethered to machines and blinded to reality by blinking plastic masks. Golden light shines down on the man as he strides past his subjects, cast in gloom, toward a stage where he will accept their adulation. Later that night, he will pore across his vast network and read their praise, heaped upon him in superlatives, as he drives what remains of humanity forward to his singular vision.

Feb 22 08:15

People Feel Less Responsible For Their Actions When They're Following Orders: Study

Have you heard of the “Milgram experiments” in the 1960s, where subjects willingly hurt and electrically shock a stranger once told by an authority figure?

A modified and greatly milder Milgram was recently conducted and showed that humans lose a sense of agency or ownership over their actions when obeying orders, which explains why they can easily be coerced into doing something.

And this feeling of less responsibility over their actions applies when people are told to do something good or bad.

Feb 22 08:14

American College of Pediatricians warns about toxic effects of Gardasil vaccine; sounds alarm over massive scientific fraud that concealed toxic effects

In the minds of many concerned parents, there is no more toxic, dangerous vaccine in the world than Gardasil. More children and teens have been maimed, hospitalized, injured and even paralyzed by HPV vaccines than any other category of vaccine interventions. And now, the American College of Pediatricians -- a strongly pro-vaccine group -- is sounding the alarm over the toxicity of Gardasil.

Gardail vaccines could be "associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF)," says the ACP on its website.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 22 08:11

Mercury from Asia rains in Rocky Mountains – study

Rainfall samples show increased levels of mercury are showing up in the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest but continuing to drop along the East Coast, according to a new study. The culprit is consistent with emissions from coal-burning power plants in Asia.

Scientists from University of California Santa Cruz and University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign analyzed data from a network of monitoring sites in the US and Canada that collected rainwater samples to test them for mercury, sulfate, nitrate and others pollutants going back to 1997. When researchers looked at 71 sites in the Midwest, Rocky Mountain and West Coast regions over the period of 2007 and 2013, they found many sites showed increased mercury concentrations, as much as 2 percent rise per year.

"But you will worry about 1ppm CO2" - Official White Horse Souce

Feb 22 07:58


Rainfall samples show increased levels of mercury are showing up in the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest but continuing to drop along the East Coast, according to a new study. The culprit is consistent with emissions from coal-burning power plants in Asia.

Feb 22 07:58


In a list released this week by Fortune Magazine, Monsanto was named one of the world’s most admired companies. Monsanto was honored as No. 1 in its industry sector, biotechnology, although they have very little competition in that market, and the list was decided by dubious means. According to Business Wire, the honor that Monsanto received was decided by company surveys and peer ratings from senior executives, directors and analysts, in other words, it was based on the opinions of people within the industry, and within the company.

Feb 22 04:27

Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind

Still think we aren’t living in the Matrix? In his fiction-turned-fact novel 1984, George Orwell wrote “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.”

Apparently even that won’t hold for long.

Feb 22 00:24

Turkey's Ankara False Flag Blaming Syrian Kurds Clears Pathway to Turkish-Saudi Gulf State Invasion of Syria and WWIII

By Joachim Hagopian
February 22, 2016

Turkey’s been blasting away all month long shelling heavy artillery mortars from its side along the Turkish border killing Syrian National Army soldiers, Syrian Kurd forces (YPG), at least, one Russian advisor and defenseless civilians in border villages inside Syria. Widespread reportage of the ongoing daily Turkish artillery barrage into Syria was publicly confirmed by the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu since February 13th. Though a NATO member, longtime close US ally and next to Empire and Israel among the world’s leading partners-in-crime for state-sponsored terrorism, earlier this week Turkey was asked by Washington to cease its border aggression. Yet Turkish President Recep Erdogan has elected to defy his US master and continues his daily bombardment of northern Syrian villages and Syrian militarily controlled outposts abandoned recently by decimated escaping Islamic State terrorists.

Feb 21 18:23

New Technologies the Police State Can Use to Spy on You

you can count on the PTB to weaponize everything

Feb 21 17:40

How companies are secretly tracking employees’ health and private lives with ‘big data’ to save money

US companies are hiring ‘big data’ organizations to track employees’ search queries, medical claims, prescriptions and even voting habits to get insight into their personal lives, it emerged this week, raising concerns about potential data leakage and discrimination. Businesses such as Walmart favorite Castlight Health, which produces a healthcare management app for employees, are gathering up user information about their clients’ employees,The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote on Wednesday.

Feb 21 17:17

Here’s your Obamacare: Hospitals now demanding patients pay up front before receiving treatment

Deductibles are soaring under Obamacare, and many U.S. hospitals are now attempting to collect medical payments before services are even rendered, according to new reports. The financial burden of medical care has increased so much as a result of Obamacare — just as predicted — that hospitals can now clearly see the writing on the wall: Many more people than ever before will be unwilling or unable to pay their medical bills.

Feb 21 16:07

Landfill dumps across UK 'at risk of leaking hazardous chemicals'

Thousands of landfill dumps around the UK are at risk of being compromised by flooding and coastal erosion, sparking fears that dangerous substances could spill into rivers, streets and beaches, academics warn.

The UK faces a “toxic timebomb” after an analysis of its ageing dumps revealed that 2,946 are located in flood plains, experts say.

Furthermore, 1,655 of these “historical” landfill sites contain dangerous materials such as hazardous chemicals and asbestos, according to calculations for The Independent by Dr Daren Gooddy of the British Geological Society (BGS).

Feb 21 15:34

Russian 5th Generation Fighter Jet T-50 PAK FA Sets World Record in Rate of Climb

The Russians are showin off!

Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA) has set the world record in rate of climb, reports the Russian newspaper.
The Russian aircraft was climbing at a speed of 384 meters per second. With such speed it would have been on top of Everest in 23 seconds, said the portal.

Feb 21 11:14

Death Toll Rises to 10 After Tropical Cyclone Winston Tears Through Fiji

Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston made landfall in Fiji on Saturday, killing at least 10 people and destroying hundreds of homes. Strong winds and flooding from Winston have caused severe damage across the island nation, which is under curfew until 5:30 a.m. Monday. A month-long state of disaster has also been declared.

Feb 21 10:39

Vaccine Nation - FULL LENGTH

Feb 21 10:17

The swine flu fraud of 1976, on 60 Minutes

Feb 21 09:30

Russian ammunition maker to launch anti-radiation cosmetics

Techmash, a Rostech Holding that produces weapons, has started manufacturing special cosmetics, which can wash out and neutralize radioactive substances and toxins. Shampoo and shower gel will be sold under the Dezaliya Professional brand. One 250 ml bottle of shampoo will cost about 70 rubles (less than $1) Techmash says the cosmetics were successfully tested at the Smolensk nuclear power station, Russian Navy installations, and at industrial plants in four regions of the country. The company is targeting consumers who live in industrial towns that are known to have a high level of air pollution. “We managed to make our product almost 90 percent cheaper then average analogues produced outside Russia, which makes our shampoos competitively priced worldwide,” Techmash Director Sergey Rusakov told reporters on Feb. 19.

Feb 21 09:15

EMF Health Alert Issued by Former Silicon Valley Tech Expert: “Wireless Wake-Up Call”

By Kevin Samson

Jeromy Johnson gives a powerful lecture about his own experiences with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. There is growing awareness about the threat posed by our modern day gadgets and smart meters, even while new city-wide WiFi initiatives are rolled out. Johnson also offers (tech) solutions...

Feb 20 19:16

Oregon Grass-fed Ranchers Face Criminal Charges for Grazing Animals

My partner, Ross, and I are small ranchers in eastern Oregon. We produce grass-fed beef and lamb. We’re passionate about our work and life. But now we stand accused as criminals, facing animal neglect accusations. We are being charged with 45 counts of neglect. If convicted, these charges could result in a significant jail sentence. We are being targeted by a joint effort between the Union County District Attorney’s Office and essentially an animal rights foundation because of how we manage our livestock which we raise to provide meat for our customers.

Feb 20 17:04

Searching life on Mars: Russia, ESA to send orbiter & rover mission to Red Planet

The exploration of Mars is about to go one step further. Russia and Europe’s space agencies are about to send a new mission to the Red Planet.

Feb 20 13:29

Gates Foundation to Pay Students to Eat GMO Bananas For Research

By Joseph Jankowski

Researchers at Iowa State University are moving forward with a long-delayed project in which a dozen students will be paid to eat genetically modified bananas...

Feb 20 13:06

After Billions of Pounds of Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops, FDA to Finally Test Food for It

By Carey Wedler

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week it will begin testing produce and other foods for glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. The new policy comes amid growing public concern about the use of harmful pesticides in crops, as well as sharp criticism from the agency’s Government Accountability Office in 2014.


The FDA’s previous lack of testing has prompted consumer groups, scientists, and private companies to test for glyphosate residue independent of the government.

Feb 20 12:47

Is War as Old as Mankind? These 10,000-Year-Old Bones Are the Earliest Evidence of Human Warfare

Have you ever wondered when and how war emerged among humans? Is it the brutality of human nature that makes people fight against each other or are they forced to do so by the circumstances? This issue has been discussed for thousands of years by some of the greatest philosophers, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes. Anthropologists are divided and support different opinions. On the one hand, some of them suggest that warfare is connected to the development of complex societies with political hierarchies. On the other hand, some believe that war emerged after the agricultural revolution when people had collected enough resources, which were worth fighting over. Here is another theory supported by researchers: a theory related to chimpanzees, as they are considered humans’ closest living relatives. According to it, chimpanzees organize violent attacks on lone chimps that enter their territory.

Feb 20 11:19

Fiji declares emergency as Cyclone Winston strikes

Fiji has declared a state of emergency as the South Pacific island nation experiences the strongest storm ever recorded there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is going to be bad for those poor people!

Feb 20 10:38

Israeli / Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb)

They have already tested their bomb in Yemen! So far it hasn't been much help!

Webmaster addition: It is a huge explosion, but I am not convinced it is nuclear without radiation readings. It could be a bunker buster that hit an underground munitions storage depot.

Feb 20 09:04

Las Cruces residents weary of discolored water

Several residents in Las Cruces say they've been forced to deal with discolored water and are worried it could pose health risks.

One man said he has to run his water for 10 to 15 minutes before it runs clear, and is sometimes forced to stay at a motel because of the inconvenience.

Despite the discoloration, the City's Water Utility Department said the water meets all federal safety regulations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They said the same thing about Flint when the public first complained.

Feb 20 08:54

Documentary Sheds Light on the Benefits of Vitamins

Beattie was inspired to make this film after Trevor, a close friend of three decades, told him he'd turned his life around; finally getting a handle on the depression that had plagued him. Removing sugar from his diet was the first step. Taking niacin (vitamin B3), was the second.

This tip was something Trevor had gleaned from watching the film, "Food Matters," in which Andrew Saul, Ph.D. talks about the usefulness of niacin in the treatment of depression.

His curiosity peaked, Beattie then heard about cases of people being brought back from the brink of death with the use of high-dose vitamin C, and how many chronic diseases appear to be outgrowths of various nutrient deficiencies.

But if vitamins are so effective for treating disease, including mental disorders like depression, why aren't doctors prescribing them instead of drugs? Together with Trevor, Beattie set out to investigate the truth of the matter.

Feb 20 08:49

leading British expert on cancer was found hanged in a rubber suit in the woods

pathologist David Boven says there is no evidence that a third party was involved in his death, but that because of the rubber suit he does not believe it was a suicide.

"The evidence in this case indicates that Mr. Clark died during a sexual fetish that has gone wrong," he said, adding that the scientist began to wear a rubber suit last year, when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

However, some analysts speculate that Clark was killed because he had the lab results that have questioned some high commercial drugs.

Feb 20 08:25

Not so crystal clear: Texas town taps run black, old water tower blamed

Residents of Crystal City, Texas took to social media to raise alarm after water the color of crude oil began running out of their taps. City officials are blaming the fiasco on sediments inside an old water tower that has not been cleaned in decades.

Thick, dark sludge began coming out of the city's taps on Wednesday evening, causing concern and frustration among some 7,000 residents of the community located some 30 miles (48 km) from the Mexican border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Just close your eyes while drinking it." -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 20 08:12

Does George Mason University support violence against women? GMU is harboring a violent wife abuser and discredited journalist Jon Entine as a biotech research fellow

In an explosive investigative article series published last year, Natural News revealed that Jon Entine, who violently attacked his wife and traumatized his daughter according to shocking court documents, is a "senior research fellow" at George Mason University and a visiting research fellow at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis).

Now, thanks to a Freedom of Information effort spearheaded by U.S. Right to Know and covered by The New York Times, Jon Entine once again emerges as a key player in a massive academic prostitution ring run by the biotech industry that pays "scientists" to parrot scripted propaganda touting the "safety" of GMOs.

Feb 20 07:59

How essential oils can replace overused antibiotics and stop drug-resistant superbugs

Antibiotic resistance is rapidly reaching the scale of a global health crisis. More and more people are being treated with "last resort" antibiotics, and the head of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, recently warned that the explosion of increasingly virulent drug-resistant microbes may eventually mean the "end of modern medicine."

"The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis," Chan said. "More and more governments recognize (it is) one of the greatest threats to health today."

One thing that ordinary consumers can do to stem this tide, is to avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatments by using natural alternatives.

Feb 20 05:47

Don't live in Flint? Lead is still your problem

The crisis in Flint, Mich., has focused attention on lead-tainted water flowing through taps in the U.S. as well as lead paint exposures that continue to plague cities such as Baltimore and Philadelphia. While there’s skepticism surrounding recent claims that lead poisoning rates are higher in Philadelphia than in Flint, there’s no disputing that there’s a serious problem in both cities and many others.

The term “poisoning” is the source of some confusion. Since Flint switched to a more corrosive source of water in 2014, bringing lead from pipes into the drinking supply, some residents have reported rashes, hair loss, fatigue and other classic symptoms of lead poisoning. But scientists now believe that exposures too low to cause people to feel sick can do serious and possibly permanent neurological damage, especially in children.

Studies have found evidence of learning and behavior problems in children >>>

Feb 19 22:01

Albert Woodfox released from jail after 43 years in solitary confinement

Louisiana should be ashamed!

Albert Woodfox, the longest-standing solitary confinement prisoner in the US, held in isolation in a six-by-nine-foot cell almost continuously for 43 years, has been released from a Louisiana jail.

Woodfox, who was kept in solitary following the 1972 murder of a prison guard for which he has always professed his innocence, marked his 69th birthday on Friday by being released from West Feliciana parish detention center. It was a bittersweet birthday present: the prisoner finally escaped a form of captivity that has widely been denounced as torture, and that has deprived him of all meaningful human contact for more than four decades.

Feb 19 19:07

Anxiety Drug Overdoses in USA Hit Record Levels

More Americans than ever are overdosing on anxiety drugs, researchers reported Thursday — and it’s not clear why. The new study finds not only that more Americans are taking the drugs, which include brand names such as Valium and Xanax, but that they’re taking more of them. But while the quantity of prescriptions filled tripled between 1996 and 2013, the number of overdoses quadrupled during the same period, the team reported in the American Journal of Public Health.

Feb 19 16:14

Pro-GMO Activism in India: Journalism gives way to Spin, Smears and Falsehoods 

In a recent piece for the magazine Swarajya (an online and print publication based in India?), its national affairs editor, Surajit Dasgupta, makes it clear that he has no time for any criticisms about the use of GMO technology in food and agriculture. He has even less time for those who voice such criticisms.

Feb 19 14:58

First Test: Human-like robot put through paces in Russia

A remotely-operated robot reproducing the minutest particulars of a human doing complicated work will be taken into space to do dangerous jobs in orbit.