May 04 15:46

Pro-Brexit Leader Jokes "Keep Sending Obama Over" After Surge In Polls

Arron Banks, the British entrepreneur leading a grassroots effort to leave the European Union urges Americans to "keep sending Obama over," as 'Brexit' odds have risen above plunging 'Bremain' odds since the President paid a visit to the Queeen.

May 04 15:29

Feminists Gone Wild: If A New UK Law Passes, Soon You Won't Able To Look At Beautiful Women In TV Ads

There are certain freedoms that are more important than other freedoms. The ability to watch Kate Upton is a freedom that's worth protecting.

I have included the hottest Kate Upton ad of all time for your viewing pleasure.


May 04 15:05

Jewish Human Rights Watch Sues British Councils Over Israel Boycott

A Jewish rights organization has taken three local councils to court, alleging discrimination over the public authorities’ decision to boycott Israeli goods produced in illegal settlements in the West Bank.

May 04 14:36

Cameron Faces Brexit Grilling By House Of Commons Committee

British Prime Minister David Cameron will appear in front of the House of Commons Liaison Committee to face questions over the upcoming Brexit referendum on June 23 which determines if Britain will remain in the EU.

May 04 14:10

UK’s Chief Rabbi Accuses Labour Of ‘Severe’ Anti-Semitism, Norman Finkelstein Dismisses It

The UK’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has accused individuals in Labour of spreading the “insidious virus of anti-Semitism” but political scientist Norman Finkelstein believes certain members of the party are exaggerating the crisis for political gain.

May 04 13:55

Cameron Should Say Sorry For Calling Trump ‘Divisive, Stupid & Wrong’ – Aide

British Prime Minister David Cameron should apologize to US presidential hopeful Donald Trump for branding him “divisive, stupid and wrong,” a foreign policy advisor to the Republican contender has said.

May 04 08:54

Payday loan firm Wonga suffers record loss of £80m in wake of new rules that tightened up lending criteria

PAYDAY loan firm Wonga has revealed that it doubled its losses last year.

The UK’s biggest payday lender suffered a record loss of £80million in 2015.

Wonga blamed “stricter lending criteria” and the introduction of a regulatory price cap which saw revenues from consumer lending collapse to £77.3m from £217.2m the previous year.

May 03 19:13

TTIP—American Economic Imperialism by Paul Craig Roberts

These so-called “free trade agreements” are not trade agreements. The purpose of the “partnerships,” which were drafted by global corporations, is to make corporations immune to the laws of soverign countries in which they do business. Any country’s sovereign law whether social, environmental, food safety, labor protections—any law or regulation—that impacts a corporation’s profits is labeled a “restraint on trade.” The “partnerships” permit corporations to file a suit that overturns the law or regulation and also awards the corporation damages paid by the taxpayers of the country that tried to protect its environment or the safety of its food and workers.

The law suit is not heard in the courts of the country or in any court. It is heard in a corporate tribunal in which corporations serve as judge, jury, and prosecutor.

In other words, the “partnerships” give global corporations the power to overturn democratic outcomes. Allegedly, Europe consists of democracies. Democracies pass laws protecting the environment and the safety of food and labor, but these laws democratically enacted reduce profits. Anything less than a sweatshop, with starvation wages, no environmental protection, no safety legislation for food or worker, can be overturned at will by global corporations under the terms of the “partnerships.”

Only a traitor, a well paid one, could sign such a pact.

May 03 17:06

Afghan Interpreter’s Suicide Highlights ‘Mean & Churlish’ UK Asylum Policy

Afghan interpreters who assisted British forces in their country continue to be denied asylum despite Taliban death threats. A retired field marshal is the latest public figure to condemn the practice after an interpreter, fearing deportation, committed suicide.

May 03 16:01

The Zionists’ war on Corbyn: What you need to know

Nureddin Sabir profiles some of the key culprits in Britain’s Labour Party who have been instrumental in the premeditated campaign to smear Jeremy Corbyn and left-wing advocates of justice for the Palestinians with the slur of "anti-Semitism".

May 03 15:46

UK At War? SAS In Syria, 25,000 ISIS Dead, British Troops In Somalia & Anti-Chem Tanks On Patrol

British special forces are to be parachuted into Syria, it has emerged, as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claims coalition airstrikes have killed 25,000 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters since bombing began.

May 03 15:18

Israeli Labor Considers Break With UK Party Over Anti-Semitism, Despite Own Accusations Of Racism

Israel’s center-left Labor party said it was considering severing ties with its British counterparts led by Jeremy Corbyn over ongoing allegations of anti-Semitism, just weeks after the Zionist party’s leader, Isaac Herzog, himself faced accusations of racism for calling on followers to shed their “Arab-loving” image.

May 03 14:42

Govt-Backed Counter-Extremist ‘Propaganda’ Program Operating Without Oversight – Report

Counter-narratives on extremism are being peddled by a secret government propaganda program in the absence of oversight under the guise of “grassroots Muslim voices,” an investigation by a UK advocacy group suggests.

May 03 14:09

Blood Money: How Britain’s Ex-Diplomats Are Profiting From Global Conflict Zones

Former UK diplomats are cashing in on their contacts and experience and advising despots, venture capitalists and Gulf regimes, according to a new investigation.

Britain’s ex-ambassadors to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as well as former MPs, are legally profiting from conflict zones and poor countries in the Global South, according to the Daily Mail.

May 03 12:10

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Labour

Now that Jewish domination of the Labour Party has been clearly established, Jewish power is no longer a vague or mysterious concept. We should listen to the words of a few of the prime Elder Jewish oligarchs and learn from them about the future of the Labour party and its political role.

The following videos were not forged by a Russian Tsar. They are believed to be authentic documentations of Jewish Labour donors and peers.

May 03 11:34

US And UK Arms Sales Fueling War Crimes In Yemen

Prof. Sheila Carapico says many humanitarian groups have implicated the US and other Western countries in war crimes in Yemen.

May 03 11:18

Bomb Attack, WW3, Meteorite?! Sonic Boom Causes Panic In Northern England

Loud blasts caused a stir in the north of England late Monday, with residents in the Yorkshire area taking to social media to express worries that an attack or a serious accident had taken place. The sounds were reportedly caused by supersonic RAF jets.

May 03 10:10

Birmingham Council to Home 500 Syrians, Ignoring Plight of Homeless Locals

Birmingham city councillors have come together to pledge to re home 500 Syrians within the city over the next five years, despite having 30,000 local people already registered on their books for social housing in the area. The waiting lists include approximately 500 homeless families.

May 03 09:42

Nearly two-thirds of farmers back Brexit, new poll reveals

In a survey by trade magazine Farmers Weekly, 58 per cent of the 577 farmers asked said they supported a Brexit vote on June 23 while just 31 per cent wanted to remain in the EU.

The results appear to show farmers at odds with the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), which earlier this month said it believed the “interests of farmers are best served by continuing membership of the EU”.

May 03 09:12

Nobody bothered to check who created that “anti-Semitic” image Naz Shah retweeted, did they?

You know that image that got Naz Shah suspended from the Labour Party?

The really offensive, anti-Semitic image that proposes relocating the nation of Israel from the Middle East to the American Midwest?

It seems nobody bothered to check on the person who originally published it.

So let me put you out of your misery.

The map was posted in Norman Finkelstein Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict?, on Monday, August 4, 2014, on his blog.

Professor Finkelstein is described by that hideously inaccurate Wikipedia as “an American political scientist, activist, professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust, an interest motivated by the experiences of his parents who were Jewish Holocaust survivors.”

That’s right – it was posted by a Jewish gentleman.

May 03 08:41 Bank Holiday outage leaves firms unable to process payments has been shrugging off business customers' login attempts since Friday, leaving many unable to process payments over the bank holiday weekend.

Problems with the business banking service peaked on Friday, with customers complaining that they were unable to process payments ahead of the bank holiday weekend.

One Reg reader complained to us that his business was unable to pay staff or suppliers and customer service provided "no help", while a colleague who was buying a house on Friday was panicked as their solicitor was unable to pay the developer.

Fortunately the payment "eventually got through" but not before much wailing and gnashing of teeth had taken place.

May 03 08:00

UK begins troop deployment to South Sudan, Somalia

A team of UK Army soldiers has arrived in Somalia as part of Britain’s plans to deploy hundreds of troops in several African countries, following a pledge by Prime Minister David Cameron.

May 03 07:50

Zionism Should be on Trial, Not Ken Livingstone

In taking things this far, however, in subjecting Ken Livingstone to trial-by-media over his comments on Zionism, his detractors have also unwittingly placed Zionism itself on trial, with the question of Zionism, as mentioned, undoubtedly now being pondered by millions of people who previously would have had zero interest in the subject. And what most of those people will inarguably find if they delve deep enough into that question, despite the determined efforts of Israel’s supporters to conflate Zionism with Judaism, is that this is a political doctrine and ideology responsible for crimes against humanity on a grand scale.

May 02 17:15

Oppose The Witch-Hunt Of Ken Livingstone!

The suspension of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party in Britain on the spurious grounds of anti-Semitism is an outrageous violation of democratic rights and yet another shameless capitulation by the Jeremy Corbyn leadership to reactionary political forces.

May 02 15:23

Police Face Questions Over The Influence Of The Freemasons

South Yorkshire Police today face questions over whether powerful ‘secret society’ the Freemasons held sway over the force at the time of Hillsborough.

Families of victims say that officers who were Masons were promoted into powerful positions despite being ill-equipped, including match commander David Duckenfield.

May 02 14:29

Labour Councilors Suspended Over ‘Anti-Israel’ Social Media Posts

Two Labour councilors have been suspended over posts criticizing Israel, including likening human rights abuses of Palestinians by the Jewish state to the treatment of Jews by Nazi Germany, as well as blaming Israel for the US Sandy Hook shootings.

May 02 13:32

The EU exists only to become a superstate. Britain has no place in it

For Britain, the issue in the coming European referendum is not Europe, with its great history, incomparable culture, and diverse peoples, but the European Union.

To confuse the two is both geographically and historically obtuse. European civilisation existed long before the coming of the EU, and will continue long after this episode in Europe’s history is, hopefully, over.
“But,” comes the inevitable question, “what is your alternative to membership of the EU?” A more absurd question it would be hard to envisage.

The alternative to being in the EU is not being in the EU. And it may come as a shock to the little Europeans that most of the world is not in the EU – and that most of these countries are doing better economically than most of the EU.


May 02 13:07

Fighting Back for the Right to Support Palestine

Last week, Israel bulldozed twelve Palestinian homes in Area C of the illegally occupied West Bank to make way for new illegal settlement building, while two Palestinian minors were killed by the Israeli Defence Forces.

This makes it a totally unexceptional week for the Palestinians. It has not however been an unexceptional week for Palestinian supporters in the UK, who have suffered the most vicious coordinated media witch hunt in memory. Two things are happening. The Blairites are trying to engineer a coup against Corbyn by sabotaging Labour in forthcoming elections, while the Israeli lobby seek to discredit all supporters of the Palestinians as anti-semites, including people like me who have no connection to the Labour Party.

May 02 12:44

Get Corbyn! Labour’s Anti-Semitism Inquisition picks off Corbyn’s allies one by one

Stuart Littlewood explains the context of the outbreak of Zionist persecution of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters under the false pretext of “anti-Semitism” and urges Labour to shake off its ignorance and find out what Israel is really doing to the Palestinian people.

May 02 08:24

Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records

Google has been given access to huge swatches of confidential patient information in the UK, raising fears yet again over how NHS managers view and handle data under their control.

In an agreement uncovered by the New Scientist, Google and its DeepMind artificial intelligence wing have been granted access to current and historic patient data at three London hospitals run by the Royal Free NHS Trust, covering 1.6 million individuals.

That would include any chronic illness people may be suffering from and the circumstances over why they were admitted – for example, if they have suffered a drug overdose. The agreement provides Google with access to data going back five years and is far more expansive than expected.

May 02 07:05

How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis

Lawmaker Naz Shah and the former mayor of London, long-time Palestine campaigner Ken Livingstone, were also suspended from the party – within hours of being accused of anti-Semitism.

But an investigation by The Electronic Intifada has found that some of the most prominent stories about anti-Semitism in the party are falsified.

The Electronic Intifada can reveal that a key player in Labour’s “anti-Semitism crisis” covered up his involvement in the Israel lobby.

Most Labour members so accused are in reality being attacked for expressing opinions in favor of Palestinian human rights and particularly for supporting the boycott of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is time for all the people of the world to take any politician who serves Israel, crate them up, and ship them there!

May 02 07:00

Big Brother reprimands his unruly subjects: Obama lectures the UK population on how to vote in the Brexit referendum

As a British citizen I was both bemused and outraged at President Obama’s recent lecture telling us how to vote in the upcoming referendum on EU membership. It reminded me of a medieval feudal lord going to visit his one of his dominions and telling off his subjects and giving them a clear warning of what was expected of them. Since World War Two Britain has had this special relationship with the US during which the UK has been treated like a colonial possession by its American overlord.

Apr 30 21:14

Blair Helped Saudi Prince’s Oil Firm Crack Chinese Market – Report

During his time as Middle East envoy Tony Blair helped an oil company owned by a Saudi prince lobby Chinese leaders in exchange for £41,000 a month and a 2 percent commission on any contracts he helped clinch, documents reveal.

Apr 30 18:25

George Galloway Says Livingstone 'Zionist' Suspension Part Of ‘Slow Motion Coup’

London mayoral candidate George Galloway put forward a fiery defense of suspended Ken Livingstone, arguing the former mayor’s comments on a Nazi-Zionist accord on relocation were a matter of “historical fact.”

Apr 30 16:50

Tories Seize On Zionism Comments, Unrepentant Livingstone Sets Out To Foil Newts

Anti-Semitism is an internal “virus” the Labour Party must treat, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson. But a defiant Ken Livingstone says he will present evidence of his claims once he’s dealt with his garden pond.

Apr 30 16:43

UK Labour Party In Grip Of Zionist Inquisition

The orchestrated smear campaign against pro-Palestine sympathisers sent me reaching for my pen. But Gilad Atzmon too was eyeing the Labour Party’s crazed witch hunt for “antisemites” with misgiving and had already declared, in his usual robust way, that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was not so much a party as a piece of Zionist-occupied territory.

Apr 30 07:51

Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who just a few months ago was a ‘hope for a change,’ is a wimp. For months, the man has unconditionally surrendered to the Jewish lobby. He has systematically betrayed each of his professed core principles. Not surprisingly, the legendary ‘Left Icon’ has even betrayed his friends.

Leftists tend to call each other comrade; they shove the word ‘comradeship’ into every political statement. Apparently, they are unable to grasp what comradeship is all about. Corbyn’s ‘comradeship’ was on display when he failed to stand up for the heroic Ken Livingstone who told the well-established and undeniable truth about Hitler’s support of Zionism and the Havara Agreement. Corbyn just ran away with his tail between his legs.

Apr 30 07:34

George Galloway says Livingstone 'zionist' suspension part of ‘slow motion coup’

London mayoral candidate George Galloway put forward a fiery defense of suspended Ken Livingstone, arguing the former mayor’s comments on a Nazi-Zionist accord on relocation were a matter of “historical fact.”

Speaking at length about the Haavara Agreement reached on 25 August 1933 between Germany’s Zionist leaders and its fascist politicians, Galloway told Sky News Livingstone had fallen victim to an “entirely synthetic crisis.”

Apr 29 17:20

UK Govt Driving EU's Democratic Deficit But Brexit Would Derail Vital Reform – UK Charity

British government policy has played a key role in heightening the EU’s democratic deficit by prioritizing the interests of high finance over those of ordinary people, a leading social justice group has said.

Apr 29 14:38

UK Terror Threat Up, But Gun Cop Numbers Down Home Office Stats Show

Armed police numbers have dipped by a fifth since 2010, virtually the exact figure deemed necessary to defend against a Paris-style terror attack, according to Home Office figures.

Apr 29 13:33

UK Labour Party in grip of Zionist inquisition

Stuart Littlewood says Britain’s Labour Party is irredeemably riven with Israel's stooges and challenges it to match its pledge of zero tolerance on anti-Semitism with zero-tolerance of those who use the party as a platform to promote Israel's interests.

Apr 29 12:59

‘Privatize Biased BBC Before It Becomes Irrelevant’ – Think Tank

A free-market think tank has called for the privatization of the BBC, calling the broadcaster “no longer fit for purpose” and accusing it of a left-leaning bias.

A report by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), an influential London-based think tank, said the BBC’s funding model, a compulsory fee paid by all UK residents with a television set, is out of date.

Apr 29 10:04

TTIP could cause an NHS sell-off and UK Parliament would be powerless to stop it, says leading union

The UK Parliament may not have the power to stop or reverse the privatisation of the NHS if the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership passed at EU level, Unite has warned.

The union cites a letter from Lord Maude of Horsham, the minister for trade and investment, in response to a query from a constituent of Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick about how TTIP would pass into law in the UK.

In the letter, Lord Maude of Horsham says that the UK Parliament could delay the ratification of the final text of TTIP “indefinitely” by repeatedly voting against it in the House of Commons and the Lords.

Gail Cartmail, Unite assistant general secretary, said that it was “a scandal” that MPs may not have the democratic power to stop TTIP, which she said “threatens the irreversible sell-off of our NHS”.

Apr 29 10:02

George Galloway says Ken Livingstone should not be suspended over 'historic facts' about Hitler and Zionism

'They're trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, there's a slow motion coup. The real target is Jeremy Corbyn'

Apr 29 09:54

Watch Obama's Arrogance As He Issues A DIRECT THREAT To British Voters Not To Leave The EU

The arrogance of President Obama knows no bounds. This is a very interesting clip for anyone who hasn't seen this yet.


Apr 29 09:41

Where Are the Other 10 Million Panama Papers?

When I posted my scepticism that we would be given the full truth about the content of the Panama Papers by the mainstream media outlets who were controlling them, it went viral and became the first individual article to be read by half a million people on this blog alone, and a multiple of that as it was posted all round the web, translated into several languages.

I also attracted some derision from establishment propagandists. I had contented that the fact the papers themselves were not made available, but we were rather fed selected information by the western and corporate state media, would limit and slant what the public was told. The initial concentration on Russia, Iran, Syria etc seemed to confirm this. But it was urged that more was to come, and I should wait, and it was suggested I would look foolish when they finished publishing. “Wait and see” tweeted the editor of the lead newspaper, the Suddeutsche Zeitung, in response to my post.

Well I waited, and what happened? The story fizzled out.

Apr 29 09:28

Poor Scottish Men Die Young Due To Cheap Red Meat Diet, Study Shows

Men living in some of Glasgow’s poorest areas are dying 30 years early due to their consumption of cheap red meat, according to new research.

Apr 29 08:01

“We Were Elected To Say No To The Creditors”: Varoufakis On Resigning As Greek Finance Minister

The International Monetary Fund is demanding additional austerity measures from Greece if it does not hit its budget targets.

Apr 29 07:46

Livingstone vindicated: There WAS a Nazi-Zionist agreement and Hitler DID support it

The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933.

The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany.

The agreement was designed to help facilitate the emigration of German Jews to Palestine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Medal struck to commemorate the Nazi-Zionist partnership.

Apr 29 07:30

Stop Laundering Of Plundered Nigerian Assets Via UK, Reformers Tell Cameron

Britain must end its role as a “safe haven” for white-collar criminals who steal Nigeria’s wealth and resources for personal gain, almost 100 Nigerian civil society groups have told David Cameron.

Apr 29 07:12

‘Hitler Was A Zionist’ Claim Gets Ken Livingstone Suspended From Labour

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour party after he said Hitler had supported Zionism, during an interview where he defended a colleague accused of anti-semitism.

Livingstone refused to apologize for his comments and said people should not confuse criticizing the Israeli government’s policies with being anti-Semitic after being confronted by Labour MP John Mann, who called him a “Nazi apologist” and claimed he was “rewriting history.”

Apr 29 07:06

This is the world’s tiniest phone – and it’s unsurprisingly popular with prisoners

The Zanco Fly is said to be the world’s smallest mobile phone – with a tiny 0.66 screen.

It’s for this reason that prisoners are buying them from Amazon, and then hiding them inside themselves.

They’re proving pretty popular too, with one review stating that the phone is ‘very small and easy to hide’.

Another simply claims to have ‘put it up my butt with no problem.’

Former prison inmate Carl Cattermole, who created a guide to prison survival at, said that smuggled phones were ‘everywhere’ in prison.

He said: ‘Things like iPhones are rare in prison. Most phones go up a bum at some point or another, so f**k an iPhone 6 Plus, or, rather, don’t.

‘You’d look like Spongebob Squarepants: a rectangle with limbs hanging off. Having said that, I knew a dwarf who plugged a Blackberry.’

Apr 29 06:42

How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis

But an investigation by The Electronic Intifada has found that some of the most prominent stories about anti-Semitism in the party are falsified.

The Electronic Intifada can reveal that a key player in Labour’s “anti-Semitism crisis” covered up his involvement in the Israel lobby.

Most Labour members so accused are in reality being attacked for expressing opinions in favor of Palestinian human rights and particularly for supporting the boycott of Israel.

Labour activists, many of them Jews, have told The Electronic Intifada that false accusations of anti-Semitism are being used as a weapon against Corbyn by the party’s right-wing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 28 16:41

‘Hitler Was A Zionist’ Claim Gets Ken Livingstone Suspended From Labour

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour party after he said Hitler had supported Zionism, during an interview where he defended a colleague accused of anti-semitism.

Apr 28 14:50

Spy Cops Watching British Green Party Figures Despite Met Police Pledge

Green Party figures, including elected MP Caroline Lucas, are being watched by an anti-extremism spy unit, despite a 2013 pledge by the Met Police only to target actual criminals.

Apr 28 13:56

ISIS Executioner ‘Jihadi John’ Posed As Migrant ‘To Get Out Of UK’

A fascinating account details how British extremist Mohammed Emwazi fled the UK and passed through six countries to became the notorious Jihadi John – the British face of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Apr 28 11:13

British Billionaire Faces MP Grilling Over ‘Extraction Of Millions’ From Collapsed BHS Chain

Retail mogul and former owner of British institution BHS, Sir Philip Green, will be summoned to parliament as part of an investigation into the collapse of the department store chain. He faces calls to give up his knighthood.

Apr 28 09:49

House Of Sad? Ex-UK General Says Gulf States Feel ‘Let Down’ By UK

Britain’s theocratic Gulf allies feel “nervous” and “let down” by Western criticism, according to a former UK general now working as Middle East advisor to a major investment bank.

Lieutenant General (ret.) Sir Simon Mayall aired the Gulf state’s concerns in a comment piece for the Telegraph newspaper on Wednesday.

Apr 28 09:32

Pro-Brexit economists hail benefit of scrapping EU tariffs and rules

Patrick Minford, a professor of economics at Cardiff University, said that around 10 years after leaving the EU, Britain's economy would be at least 4 percent larger than otherwise.

The boost would come from lower tariff barriers for imports as well as a cull of regulation.

Apr 28 09:14

What Obama effect? Polls find British voters are REJECTING the US President's plea to stay in the EU as the Brexit camp moves into the lead in major blow for Cameron

The Out campaign is now in the lead, with 42 per cent in favour of leaving the Brussels club and 41 per cent backing In, according to the survey for The Times.

The number of people undecided over which way to vote has fallen three points to 13 per cent, suggesting that events over the last two weeks have helped voters make up their minds.

Apr 28 09:04

‘Hitler was a Zionist’ claim gets Ken Livingstone suspended from Labour

"Let's remember, when Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel,” Livingstone told BBC Radio London earlier on Thursday. "He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews."

He later attempted to clarify his comments to the BBC and maintained that Naz Shah was not anti-Semitic: "I've heard a lot of people being critical of Israel, but if I was to denounce the South African government, you wouldn't say I was racist - and one of my worries is this confusion with anti-Semitism and criticising the Israeli government policy undermines the importance of tackling real anti-Semitism."

Apr 28 08:56

UK support for fracking hits new low

Just 19% of people back fracking while public support for renewables has surged to 81%, government poll shows

Apr 27 18:35

‘Humiliated, isolated’: Over 1.25mn destitute in 21st century Britain

In a climate of unyielding austerity, more than a million people across the UK are so impoverished they don’t have enough food, clothes, heating, shelter and toiletries, Britain’s first study into destitution has revealed.

Apr 27 18:21

Brussels diktats 'costing families £4,600 a year': Employment minister to say homes and small businesses are being 'throttled' and a Brexit would boost the economy by billions

In a hard-hitting intervention, Priti Patel will rubbish claims by the Government that the UK cannot thrive outside of the EU.

She will cite research by the Treasury that the EU’s ‘single market’ could impose costs of 7 per cent of GDP on the UK economy, or £125.2 billion per year.

This is the equivalent of £4,639 per household or £23,236 per company.

Only six per cent of British companies export to the EU - but all must comply with EU ‘single market’ legislation.

Mrs Patel will say that if small firms – who she describes as the ‘backbone’ of Britain – are set free from red-tape, the economy will be boosted by billions of pounds.

Apr 27 16:05

Collusion Between Westminster, Police & Media Sustained Hillsborough Cover-Up – Shadow Home Sec

Collusion between political elites, the media and police bolstered the Hillsborough cover-up, which was dutifully advanced in Westminster committee rooms and 10 Downing Street press rooms, the shadow home secretary has said.

Apr 27 15:36

Gender Segregation In Muslim Schools ‘Undermining British Values’ – Chief Inspector

Some independent Islamic schools are “undermining British values” by ignoring calls to end gender separation among their staff, the UK’s education watchdog has warned after an inspection of an Islamic day school in Luton.

Apr 27 15:12

England Bans Its Own Flag To Avoid Offending Muslims

Government officials said their city was ?too multicultural? to celebrate St George?s Day, England?s version of the 4th of July.

The council said that displaying the English flag may have been seen as ?racist? towards immigrants.

Apr 27 13:57

‘Humiliated, Isolated’: Over 1.25mn Destitute In 21st Century Britain

In a climate of unyielding austerity, more than a million people across the UK are so impoverished they don’t have enough food, clothes, heating, shelter and toiletries, Britain’s first study into destitution has revealed.

The report, which was commissioned by UK charity the Joseph Rowntree Trust (JRT), used a new method to measure the scale of extreme poverty in Britain.

Apr 27 12:27

‘ISIS Has Terror Cells In England’ – US Intelligence Chief

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has actively “plotting” terror cells in England and other European nations, according to US director of Intelligence James Clapper.

Clapper told the audience at a Christian Science Monitor event in Washington DC on Monday that their presence “was a concern of obviously ours and our European allies.”

Apr 27 12:11

Killer Merchandise: Outrage As Myra Hindley T-Shirts And IPhone Cases Sold On US Website

An American website attempting to iconize British serial killer Myra Hindley by printing her image on a line of products has been forced to remove the range following an outcry.

Apr 27 11:49

Striking Junior Doctors Reject ‘Liar’ Hunt’s ‘Scaremongering’, Say World-Class Care Continues

Junior doctors are taking all-out strike action for the first time in the history of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), branding Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt a “liar” and a scaremonger.

The industrial action is taking place between 8am and 5pm local time on Tuesday and Wednesday unless a palatable settlement to the question of longer shifts and an effective pay cut for hard-pressed junior doctors is offered.

Apr 27 09:58

Fury as David Cameron's team 'plot pro-EU campaign in SECRET on WhatsApp'

DAVID Cameron's inner circle are using WhatsApp to secretly plot the Prime Minister's pro-EU campaign, it has been claimed.

Apr 27 08:43

Brexit Or Love: Friends & Family, Including PM’s Wife, Fighting Over EU Referendum

The Brexit debate is the center of major disagreements threatening friendships and family ties. Among those locked in political conflict is the prime minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron who has reportedly stopped seeing long-term friend, Sarah Vine, partner of pro-Brexit MP, Michael Gove.

The pair allegedly clashed over the issue in late February during the birthday party of Conservative chairman Lord Feldman, days after Gove chose to back Brexit, according to The Sun.

Apr 26 15:31

Labour MP Naz Shah, Who Backed Relocating Israel To US, Resigns As Shadow Chancellor’s Aide

A British Labour MP who backed the idea of relocating Israel to the US on Facebook, has resigned as an aide to the Shadow Chancellor.

Apr 26 15:17

BHS vouchers can only be used for 50pc of purchases following firm's collapse

Shoppers with BHS vouchers or gift cards can only be used for 50pc of the value of an item, the administrators said today.

Apr 26 12:07

Jury Rules Police Responsible For Hillsborough Tragedy, Liverpool Fans Not At Fault

The 96 supporters of Liverpool Football Club who died in Britain’s worst sporting disaster, were killed unlawfully, a jury ruled on Tuesday. It was decided that responsibility for the tragedy lay with officials and the authorities, not with the fans.

Apr 26 11:18

Falklands & Gibraltar Vulnerable To Attack If Britain Leaves EU, MPs Told

Exiting the EU would leave the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar vulnerable to Argentine and Spanish aggression, Britain’s Foreign Affairs committee has been told.

Sukey Cameron, the Falkland Islands government representative in Britain, said a Brexit had “wide-ranging and deep implications.”

Apr 26 10:43

Shoot The Blighter! Anti-Drone ‘Death Ray’ May Be Installed After Heathrow Plane Collision

A military-grade drone-killing ‘death ray’ that can reportedly destroy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from up to 6 miles away could soon be in use in UK airports following a suspected collision with a passenger jet at Heathrow last Thursday.

Apr 26 10:05

Police force blamed for Hillsborough disaster given tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash to 'slur' victims

The police force blamed by a jury for the Hillsborough disaster was given tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash to "slur" the the names of the 96 victims.

The Home Office has also come under fire for signing a £19.4million cheque which helped officers, some of whom now face criminal charges, mount defences at the inquest.

In slurs on the victims, officers' evidence was allowed to repeat hugely controversial claims than fans were drunk.

But jurors threw out the claims, ruling today that supporters had not behaved in a way which was "unusually forceful or resistant to police control" and if that had any effect on the dangerous situation developing at the turnstiles.

Apr 26 09:42

The bitterest part of the BHS collapse: Philip Green’s third yacht

The collapse of British Home Stores has hammered home the lesson we have all been learning about big business under David Cameron’s Conservative Government.

The lesson is:

Corporate bosses get to take all the cash to tax havens; workers get nothing.

For all the BHS employees who voted Tory: Take a good, hard look at Philip Green’s latest yacht (pictured) – his third.

It cost roughly the same amount of money as is missing from your pension fund.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 26 09:41

Many homeless in England have no right to real help from state – study

Many homeless people in England are not entitled to vital help under UK law even if they are sleeping on the streets, a damning report shows.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But the refugees get lots of free goodies!

Apr 26 09:37

"Brexit" - What Else Is Wrong With The European Union?

Ever since the inception of the European Economic Community, British politicians across the entire political spectrum have been perceptive enough to realize that Britain will lose its sovereignty and turn into a vassal of the France-Germany axis. Unfortunately, most voters in the British referendum glean their information from the sound bites of politicians on television. This circumstance leaves the public open to manipulation, uninformed, and ignorant of the facts.

Apr 26 08:54

‘Highway Robbery’: OK Police Seize $53k Of Funds For Thai Orphanage

After being accused of “highway robbery” for seizing over $53,000 from a Christian rock band fundraising for a Christian school in Burma and an orphanage in Thailand, police in Oklahoma have been forced to backtrack on felony charges they had initiated against the man safeguarding the money.

Apr 26 08:52

First the pro-EU campaign drafts in President Obama... now GOD wants you to vote against Brexit in the referendum

The Church of England has been attacked by Brexit campaigners after producing a referendum prayer calling for the 'peoples of Europe' to work together.

The extraordinary message has been specifically written to be used by worshippers during the battle.

The move was condemned as the latest installment in the 'Project Fear' approach adopted by David Cameron's Remain campaign.

Apr 26 08:46

‘Fear Of Being Branded Racist’ Stops UK Cops From Halting Forced Marriages

Police are failing to take action against forced marriages for fear of being called “racist”, according to women’s rights campaigner Yasmin Choudhury.

Writing for the Independent, Choudhury said strict traditions in South Asian communities have led to authorities shying away “from the problem of fear of cultural offence.”

Apr 26 06:26

The 1916 Irish Uprising against British Imperialism

With the Easter Rising of 1916, the world was introduced to the eulogy of Pax Britannica

Apr 26 06:22

British tycoon asset strips his retail clothing chain, buys a 3rd luxury yacht, company in danger of folding, employees on the breadline, pension fund hollowed out

On Revolutionary Attitude
By Craig Murray

The news that Philip Green systematically asset stripped British Home Stores of hundreds of millions of pounds, and that these were paid to his wife in Monaco so there was no tax, is simply an everyday story of the society we live in. Not only will there probably be 10,000 redundancies, a much larger number will see their company pensions disappear due to the unexplained hollowing out of the company pension fund. Meantime Green is buying a new £100 million luxury yacht.

I am willing to predict that Cameron, Blair and Clinton all find their way on to Philip Green’s new yacht. I am willing to bet that no ex-employee of BHS ever does.

Apr 25 18:14

Tasing Children: UK Cops Used Stun Gun On 407 Minors Despite UN Warning

Hundreds of minors were tased by police across England and Wales between January 2014 and November 2015, according to a report by police monitoring group StopWatch.

Apr 25 16:10

It's not Jeremy Hunt imposing a junior doctors' contract that will destroy the NHS – it's TTIP

Pressure to push through the controversial EU-US trade deal, TTIP, was ramped up this week as Barack Obama urged EU countries to push forwards with negotiations.

Obama’s statement comes in response to massive public concerns, both in Europe and the US, over the TTIP deal which seeks to ease trade between the EU and US by removing regulatory barriers. The problem is that these ‘barriers’ are, in many cases, important rules protecting our rights and safety in areas such as the environment, food, privacy, public health, workers’ rights and, most worryingly, public services such as the NHS.

TTIP proponents have long argued that the NHS will not be affected by the deal. But the fact is that the UK’s healthcare services are, and always have been, on the negotiating table, having received no exclusive exemption from talks.

Apr 25 16:06

BHS owners 'took £30m' out of department store as it was going bankrupt

The owners of BHS, the 88-year-old department store chain that collapsed into administration today, have been accused of sucking £30m in cash out of the company in a single year of ownership.

It had previously been known that Retail Acquisitions, led by Dominic Chappell, had taken £8.2m in loans from BHS. But sources today said a host of management charges, legal fees, interest payments, salaries and wages over the past 12 months meant the true level of cash extraction was considerably higher.

“If you add up all the money wasted on fees and advisers you wouldn’t be far short of £30m” a source with knowledge of the company told the Independent.

Apr 25 15:36

Junior doctors strike could be settled with money from less than THREE WEEKS of our contributions to the European Union, Cabinet minister insists

Commons leader Chris Grayling said the £350million a week handed to Brussels could be used to pay for introducing a seven-day health service.

The claim threatens to broaden the Tories' bitter row over Brexit into another key policy area - with Mr Grayling effectively breaking ranks with colleagues over how to handle the strikes.

Apr 25 14:25

Brexiteers Not ‘Bombed Into Submission’ Quite Yet – Boris Johnson

Anti-EU campaigners have not given up the ghost quite yet, despite US President Barack Obama’s controversial intervention last week in favor of Britain staying in the bloc, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Apr 25 13:12

HILARIOUS RANT: Here's The Truth About The TTIP

British Reporter Goes On Hilariously EPIC Rant About The TTIP

This is a must see.


Apr 25 11:24

People stealing London marathon water 2016

Apr 25 10:16

Third time's NOT a charm! Tower block that withstood two demolition explosions is STILL not razed after a third attempt that only manages to destroy one corner

"But them fires in WTC 7 were more fierce than demolition explosives, and they were all started by Saudis!" - Official White Horse Souce

Apr 25 10:04

Uproar As London Marathon Water Bottles Snatched By Roadside

A bizarre ‘theft’ of free bottled water that was meant for the parched mouths of London Marathon runners has provoked an outraged online backlash against residents living along the race route.

Apr 25 09:03

KFC launches inquiry after BBC probe finds faecal bacteria in ice

KFC have launched an 'immediate' inquiry after ice from the fast food chain was found to have bacteria from faeces on it.

The discovery was made at a KFC branch in Martineau Place, Birmingham by researchers from BBC One’s Rip Off Britain.

Apr 25 08:30

Obama Escalates Brexit Fearmongering Campaign

President Barack Obama leaned in further on his warning to the British electorate against embracing a so-called Brexit from the European Union, saying it could take as long as 10 years before the U.K. and the U.S negotiated a new trade agreement.

‘The U.K. would not be able to negotiate something with the United States faster than the EU,” Obama told the BBC in an interview published on Saturday. “We wouldn’t abandon our efforts to negotiate a trade deal with our largest trading partner, the European market. But rather, it could be could be five years from now, 10 years now before we were actually able get something done.”

Apr 25 08:03

EU referendum: NHS will face 'unquantifiable strain' as millions join EU warns Michael Gove

Gove has warned that the NHS will face "unquantifiable strain" as the likes of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Turkey seek to join the EU.

Apr 25 07:53

The Tory plan to turn education into a tax avoidance scam

It seems a company running a state-funded academy trust responsible for free schools in London and the Southeast of England is based in a tax haven, according to the so-called “Panama papers”.

Bellevue Education, one of two firms behind Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET), is part-owned by a company registered to the British Virgin Islands, set up by the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca.

The Department for Education and BPET have denied that Bellevue Education has any power over the way the schools are run, but does that really matter?

Apr 25 07:18

One Day After Threatening The UK, Obama Plays Golf With David Cameron

Following his anti-Brexit Op-Ed which sparked much controversy and confusion as to just why the US president was interfering with yet another domestic issue, Obama held a press conference with UK PM David Cameron in which he in no uncertain terms threatened the UK with trade retaliation if the country were to exit the EU.

He said that "it's fair to say that maybe some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement but that's not going to happen anytime soon because our focus is negotiating with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done. And the UK is going to be in the back of the queue, not because we don't have a special relationship but because given the heavy lift on any trade agreement, us having access to a big market with a lot of countries rather than trying to do piecemeal trade agreements is hugely efficient."

Apr 24 14:38

Britain might have to deploy troops to fight ISIS in Libya warns Philip Hammond as David Cameron prepares for G5 talks with Merkel and Obama in Germany

Mr Hammond has repeatedly said in recent weeks there are no plans in place for Britain to join a new mission in Libya - despite firm reports a 1,000-strong British force will be deployed on a training mission.

But Mr Hammond today said nothing should be ruled out, adding Royal Air Force or Royal Navy assets could also be deployed alongside the Army.

The revelation comes as David Cameron prepares to fly to Germany to join a G5 meeting with US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Italian Premier Matteo Renzi.

Apr 24 14:32

Plans have been drawn up for a full-blown 'United States of Europe' and Britain will have little say, warns top Tory minister

Plans have been drawn up for a full-blown United States of Europe over which Britain will have 'very little say', a Cabinet minister warned today.

The Prime Minister has promised that, as a result of his referendum reforms, Britain will not be sucked into an EU superstate.

But Chris Grayling, the leader of the Commons, pointed to a document signed last September in Rome by the speakers of the national parliaments in Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg.

It says that 'concrete proposals' to deepen EU integration towards a 'federal union of states' will be drawn up at a meeting in Luxembourg next month.

The joint declaration states: 'We are convinced that new impetus must be given to European integration. We believe that more, not less, Europe is needed to respond to the challenges we face.'

Apr 24 14:26

BHS Jobs Fears As Firm Set For Administration

Retailer BHS is understood to be calling in adminstrators, threatening up to 11,000 jobs across the UK.

The move could be made as early as Monday.

Apr 24 14:25

Obama 'Parroting' PM's Line - Farage

The UKIP leader said the "global political class" was "clubbing together" in order to support David Cameron ahead of a referendum on EU membership in June.

It comes after Barack Obama said Britain could have to wait a decade for a free trade deal with the United States if it votes to leave.

Mr Farage told Sky's Murnaghan show: "He said 'We'd be at the back of the queue'.

"Interesting, isn't it? Americans don't use the word 'queue'. They use the word 'line'.

"So he's come over here to parrot the Downing Street line ... He's parroting the Cameron line.

"If a British prime minister was to intervene in a presidential election, America would go absolutely berserk and say this was ridiculous outside interference. I'd rather he said nothing."

Apr 24 07:27

Hillary Clinton urges Britain to remain in the European Union

Hillary Clinton has thrown her weight behind the campaign to keep Britain inside the European Union in a major new boost to David Cameron’s hopes of winning a Remain vote on 23 June.

Apr 24 04:33

History of Nordic EU referendums holds lessons for British vote

With Britain’s noisy campaign over a possible Brexit polarizing voters, tight referendums over EU membership two decades ago in Norway and Sweden offer lessons how campaigns that stay positive and focus on ordinary people can swing voters at the last minute.

In the space of just two weeks in 1994, Sweden voted by 52.3 percent to join the EU, while Norway voted by 52.2 percent to stay out. They were two of the closest-run EU referendums in history, momentous decisions that split families, generations and political parties.

Both nations are relevant to the British campaign. Norway is touted as a model by Brexit supporters, with close EU trade ties despite remaining outside. Sweden is seen as a successful arm’s-length approach to EU membership, retaining its own currency.


Apr 23 19:14

Woman upset after London airport forces her to dump breast milk - all 15 litres of it

Aviation officials at London's Heathrow Airport forced a nursing mother to dump nearly four gallons (nearly 15 litres) of breast milk, including a sizable amount that was frozen, the woman says.

It was weapons grade.

Apr 23 09:38

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Office of Trade Official Contradicts Obama – ‘UK NOT Too Small To Have Free Trade Deal With America’

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection official working within the Office of International Trade in the United States has issued a stunning rebuke to U.S. President Barack Obama and his trade official Michael Froman by insisting that the United Kingdom is not too small to have free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.

Apr 23 03:28

Eurosceptics Pour Scorn On Obama

Eurosceptics pour scorn on Obama's warning against Brexit
Senior Tories condemn ‘lame duck’ US president after he said an independent UK would be at back of trade deal queue

Senior Eurosceptic Conservatives have dismissed Barack Obama’s suggestion that the UK would be “at the back of the queue” in negotiations for a US trade agreement if it left the European Union.

Cabinet ministers accused the “lame duck” US president of making meaningless threats to blackmail the British people into voting to remain in Europe. Others pointed out that Europe and the US had never struck a free trade agreement anyway, and claimed Obama was being manipulated by Downing Street.

Chris Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons, said: “We should not give up our independence just because of what President Obama said.”


Apr 22 19:47

Interest rates could go negative, says Bank of England rate setter

The UK’s interest rates could be cut below zero, according to a leading Bank of England policymaker.

Gertjan Vlieghe, a member of the Bank’s nine-strong monetary policy committee, which sets interest rates, said that they could go "a little bit negative”.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Vlieghe said that sub-zero rates were a theoretical possibility that the Bank would “have to think about very carefully”.

Apr 22 17:32

‘Pedophiles Need Therapy, Not Jail,’ Says Britain’s National Crime Agency Chief

Pedophiles could be spared jail and instead given counseling due to the massive volume of online child abuse images and scant resources, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has said.

Apr 22 15:25

UK Sold Saudis £2.8bn In Weapons Since Outbreak Of Yemen War – Report

The British government has approved 122 military licenses for weapons and military hardware worth nearly £3 billion since Riyadh began its bombing campaign against Yemen more than a year ago, a hard-hitting report has revealed.

Apr 22 13:41

Obama under fire as he threatens to send Britain 'to the back of the queue' if it votes to leave the European Union

President Obama sparked fury by pressuring UK to stay in the EU and telling its citizens their nation's stranding would be diminished if it leaves
A US-UK trade agreement is not going to happen 'any time soon,' Obama warned today
London Mayor Boris Johnson accused him of making an 'incoherent' and 'inconsistent' argument because the U.S. would never give up sovereignty

Obama faced a furious backlash overseas this morning over what has been called a 'downright hypocritical' push for Britain to stay in the European Union.
In a highly controversial intervention in the EU referendum campaign, Obama pleaded with British voters in a local newspaper and then the press conference not to cut ties with Brussels.
'The United States wants a strong United Kingdom as a partner, and the United Kingdom is at its best when it is helping to lead a strong Europe,' Obama said during a news conference at Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Obama is threatening the UK with economic blackmail if they approve of the Brexit?!?

Forgive me, Mr. President, but have you gone absolutely barking mad to do this?!?

Apr 22 12:53

Good Chance Spies Are Hoovering Up Your Personal Data In Bulk, Documents Show

British security services “routinely” collect personal data on bulk from thousands of public and private organizations, including confidential medical and financial records, newly-disclosed documents show.

Apr 22 10:51

Saudi Arabia Bankrolled Visits For British MPs While Dropping Bombs On Yemen

Saudi Arabia has paid for 11 Conservative MPs to visit the oil-rich kingdom on ‘parliamentary fact-finding’ missions in the last several months, while continuing to wage its deadly airstrike campaign against Yemen, it has emerged.

Apr 22 09:57

Obama: Britain Should Stay in the EU Because Of Iran, Climate Change, TTIP, And Because Sovereignty Is Outdated

U.S. President Barack Obama has penned an opinion column in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper outlining why he believes Britain should remain in the European Union (EU). The core of his arguments are: that Britain’s voice would be lost without Brussels bureaucrats; his failing deal with the largest state sponsor of terrorism; the pro-mass-privatisation TTIP deal; and the fact that dead American servicemen are buried in Europe.

One might argue that he has failed to read the room.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One might argue that!

Apr 22 09:47

British Military Used ‘Creative Accounting’ To Hit NATO Spending Targets

Some ‘creative accounting’ was employed by the British military in order for it to hit the symbolic 2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) spending target required by NATO members, the Commons Defence Select Committee claims.

Apr 22 08:49


Former Israeli President Shimon Peres wishes Queen Elizabeth happy 90th birthday

Apr 22 07:20

The New McCarthyism – The “Anti-Semitism” Hysteria Gripping the UK

Tony Greenstein has been suspended from the Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitism. Tony is 100% Jewish from an Orthodox family. But he is also one of the founders of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and in the current hysterical witch-hunt, being pro-Palestinian rights is sufficient indication of anti-Semitism. Just as making herbal medicine used to make you a witch.

The catalyst for the campaign is that one of the clearest dividing lines between Blairites and Corbyn supporters is Israel. Blairites are unanimously, unequivocally pro-Israel and prepared to defend even the most blatantly disproportionate Israeli attacks on Gaza, land grabs or checkpoint shootings as self-defence. Corbyn supporters unanimously have more sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians and are critical of what they view (and I agree) as the apartheid state Israel has developed.

Apr 22 07:12

Cameron Is Cornered

It’s said that there’s nothing more vicious than a wild animal that’s cornered. I’d add that there’s nothing more devious than a top corporate or political official caught in a hypocritical scandal.

Apr 22 04:32

UK Issues Warning For LGBT Travelers Visiting North Carolina, But A-OK With Muslim Takeover of London

The British Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory warning LGBT people about North Carolina's new "controversial law" which "forces transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding only with the gender on their birth certificate," The Washington Post reports.

"The gender on their birth certificate," as the Post describes, is also known as their actual gender.

Apr 22 01:41

Obama: Britain MUST vote to remain in the European Union

Barack Obama has urged Britain to stay in the European Union, saying that the sacrifice of his country’s soldiers during the Second World War means America has a stake in the referendum debate.


Apr 21 15:57

MPs Defy Cameron, Unanimously Agree ISIS Committed Genocide Against Yazidis & Christians

MPs have voted unanimously to classify the treatment of Yazidis and Christians by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) as genocide, despite strong government opposition to the move.

The British government has never formally recognized a genocide while it is ongoing, and is rumored to have demanded its MPs abstain from the vote.

Apr 21 15:23

Spies' 'staggering' data requests revealed

Since 2005 successive Home Secretaries have authorised the collection of vast amounts of telecommunications data, documents reveal.

The documents also show that MI5 secretly collected large amounts of "anonymised" financial data.

Campaign group Privacy International said the documents show "the staggering extent of UK government surveillance".

Apr 21 10:29

Leaked Report: Muslim Chaplains Promote Extremism, Distribute Hate Literature In UK Prisons

Muslim chaplains appointed by the UK government have been routinely promoting extremism among British prisoners.

Apr 21 10:09

UK Brexit Vote Consequences For US: Amid Tied Polls, Obama To Encourage EU Solidarity Ahead Of Referendum

On the occasion of a diplomatic visit to Britain this week, U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to weigh in on the continuing Brexit debate and urge British citizens to consider keeping the country in the European Union when they vote in the June referendum.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See, we need the EU to stick together, then merge with the NAU, and everywhere else, to create a global government ... with me as its supreme leader for life!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 21 09:53

Drone believed to have hit British Airways flight 'may have been a plastic bag'

The drone that reportedly hit a British Airways jet earlier this week may have actually been a plastic bag, a minister has said.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill admitted authorities had not yet confirmed whether what struck the Airbus A320 was a remote-controlled device.

Apr 21 09:18

MPs Brand Cameron ‘Racist’ After PM Claims London Mayor Candidate ‘Shared Stage With Pro-ISIS Imam’

Cries of “racist” drowned out British PM David Cameron as he delivered a speech accusing Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan of repeatedly appearing with an imam he says “supports Islamic State.” The imam turns out to be an active Tory supporter, however.

Apr 21 09:16

UK Killing Civilians for Oil Again in the King Salman Canal Project

The UK government insists on continuing the massive supply – £2.8 billion since the start of the attack – of high tech weapons for Saudi Arabia to use against civilians in Yemen, despite opposition from the EU Parliament and every major human rights group. Furthermore UK special forces are operating inside Yemen in support of the onslaught. Thousands of civilians have died as a result, including many children.

Given this is not exactly popular in the UK, and that after the law takes its tortuous course there will very probably be embarrassment for the government down the line, the prize which Cameron perceives must be great. Of course, western elite support for the appalling Saudi regime is a given, because Saudi cash pumps primarily into banking, armaments and high end property, the three areas most dear to the interests of the 1%.

Apr 21 09:15

Britain will take 3,000 MORE refugees from the Middle East as ministers admit previous promises did not go far enough

The new group is being taken in on top of the 20,000 refugees Britain has already taken in from refugees camps around Syria.

Apr 21 09:14

'Do you prefer space rockets or teleportation?' This is the question the Government is asking the unemployed to help them find a job

What is your preferred mode of transport? Space rocket, speed-walking, limousine or teleportation?

This is one of the bizarre questions the Government is asking unemployed people to help them find a job.

Jobseekers are also asked whether they would like to be a kangaroo, a dolphin or a beaver; which of Mother Teresa, Stephen Hawking or Alan Titchmarsh they would like to have a coffee with and which cartoon characters they like the most.

After answering seven multiple-choice questions, the quiz tells you which profession you are best suited to.

I qualify to be a teleporting kangaroo in a wheelchair.

Apr 21 09:00

Osborne Agrees To Money-Laundering Amendment That Could Exempt MPs From Rules

Apr 21 08:57

BBC Coverage Of Queen’s 90th Birthday Is ‘Out Of Touch With Reality’ – Republic

BBC coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday is “out of touch with reality,” according to anti-monarchy group Republic, which accuses the broadcaster of ignoring corruption in its gushing celebration of the royal family.

Apr 21 08:06

David Cameron will not be investigated over off-shore trust and tax affairs by parliamentary watchdog

Standards watchdogs will not investigate Prime Minister David Cameron over the off-shore controversy revealed by the Panama Papers data leak.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Kathryn Hudson, has decided not to probe the matter, but her office refused to explain the reasons for that decision.

Apr 21 08:04

Three charts that show George Osborne's failure on public borrowing

Official borrowing data today confirms how comperhensively the Chancellor has missed his 2010 goals on debt and the deficit

Apr 21 07:54

UK spy agencies systematically amass data on innocent people, legal challenge reveals

Privacy campaign group Privacy International says documents it has obtained through a legal challenge to the UK security agencies data-harvesting practices illustrate the extent to which spies have systematically and secretly amassed a cache of data on UK citizens for the past 15 years — regardless of whether a particular individual is suspected of a crime.

Aka: mass surveillance.

Apr 21 07:46

Obama’s UK visit: The hostile reception for US president over Brexit vote ‘meddling’

Looks like Obama's Brit trip is going well.

US President Barack Obama arrives in the UK on Thursday to urge the British public to vote to ‘remain’ in the European Union in the June 23 Brexit referendum. Since the presidential visit was announced, however, critics have told him to “butt out.”
“This is an unwelcome interference from the most anti-British American president there has ever been. Mercifully, he won’t be in office for much longer,” Farage said.

Senior Tory ‘leave’ campaigners have been just as withering in their commentary, with US-born London Mayor Boris Johnson accusing Obama of “outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy.”

Apr 20 18:34

Brits Blindly Walking Into Orwellian Surveillance State, Survey Suggests

Britain is sleep-walking into an Orwellian surveillance state, with most of its citizens unaware of or disinterested in the far-reaching implications of the government’s Investigatory Powers (IP) Bill, a new survey suggests.

Apr 20 17:46

Brexit To Frexit? Front National Leader Marine Le Pen Could Back ‘Leave’ Camp On UK Visit

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s hard-right Front National party, is considering coming to the UK to campaign for a British exit from the European Union.

Le Pen’s office told the Guardian on Wednesday that a visit ahead of the June 23 vote was “under consideration.”

Apr 20 17:32

British Soldier Waterboarded, Spanked, Made To Lie In Vomit & Urine, Court Hears

Commando Carlo Nicholson was made to lie in a paddle pool of bodily secretions then waterboarded by a senior marine, who also ordered other recruits to wrestle in olive oil and eat dogfood, a military court has heard.

Apr 20 17:15

UK Unions Agree To Implement Pay Cuts For NHS Workers

The British government is enforcing a miserly 1 percent increase in pay on over a million public sector workers, including National Health Service (NHS) employees. Prison staff are receiving just 1.3 percent from this month.

A Conservative government Treasury statement read: “The public sector pay bill makes up over half of departmental resource spending, so continued pay restraint remains central to the government’s deficit reduction strategy.”

Apr 20 16:59

Flashback: BBC has received £2m in EU funding in run up to referendum, fueling accusations of bias

The BBC has admitted taking more than £2 million in European Union funding over the past three years, in a move that critics said called into doubt the corporation’s impartiality over the forthcoming European referendum.

Apr 20 16:34

School children should be taught how to 'overcome Euroscepticism' by learning about the benefits of the EU, MEPs demand

Children should be taught about the benefits of the European Union in schools to ‘help to overcome euroscepticism’, MEPs demanded today.

The European Parliament called for Brussels to be ‘more visible’ in textbooks and lessons on ‘the values on which European integration is based’.

British MEPs accused the EU of ‘seeking to fill ‘classrooms with propaganda’, but the report setting out the measures was passed by 482 votes to 146.

Apr 20 16:17

It pays these lords to be EU cheerleaders

Whenever you hear blustering peers Lord (Neil) Kinnock and Lord (Chris) Patten scaremonger about Brexit, you should bear in mind their juicy Brussels pensions depend on them flying the flag for the European superstate.

For the fact is that these former European commissioners benefit from gold-plated and index-linked pensions that are paid on condition that they maintain a ‘duty of loyalty’ to the EU.

Under Brussels rules, they can be stripped of them if they are critical.

Apr 20 11:08

Labour Bans McDonald’s From Conference For Its Anti-Union History

The UK Labour Party has banned fast food chain McDonald’s from the party’s annual conference in September over its poor employment standard and lack of union recognition, turning down £30,000 in the process.

Apr 19 17:59

Corruption & Bribery Rife In UK, 28% Of Bosses Say

Corruption and bribery is widespread in Britain, according to more than one in four top corporate bosses in a survey conducted before the Panama Papers leak, which exposed the depths of tax avoidance among the British elite.

Apr 19 17:20

Syria’s Destroyed Arch Of Triumph Is Recreated In London

A replica of Palmyra’s 1,800-year-old Arch of Triumph that was destroyed by Islamic State in October has been erected in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The £100,000 recreation has been made using 3D photographs collected by the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) to produce an accurate representation of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Its presence in London coincides with World Heritage week.

Apr 19 15:47

World’s Biggest Arms Fair In London Likely Infiltrated By Criminals, Judge Rules

It’s highly likely the world’s largest arms fair, held in London last year, was infiltrated by criminals, a district court judge has concluded. The ruling has forced MPs to probe allegations that arms sold in Britain are linked to torture and war crimes abroad.

Apr 19 15:24

'It's gobbledygook!' George Osborne ridiculed over his algebra-laden pro-EU dossier that makes 'no sense at all'

The Chancellor published a 200-page dossier yesterday setting out the economic costs of leaving the Brussels club.

But it was filled with algebra formulas that Brexit campaigners said made 'no sense at all' and branded 'George's equivalent of Dave's dodgy dossier'.

Opponents said the 'complicated' mathematics was a cynical attempt to confuse and scare voters into voting to remain in the EU and was 'propaganda at its worst'.

Apr 19 15:21

Irony In The Sky: Drones Banned In London Airspace During Obama Visit

US President Barack Obama is renowned for his extensive use of military drones in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere – but the unmanned planes will be banned in London and Windsor airspace during his official visit on Thursday.

Apr 19 13:26

New UK Child Abuse Scandal: Council Failed Background Checks On School-Run Taxi Drivers

Children as young as five are alleged to have been targeted in South Ribble, Lancashire, The New Day reports.

The allegations involve drivers in council-funded school runs.

Apr 19 09:35

Seasick! Sailors banned from sharing photos of terrible Royal Navy food

British sailors have been banned from posting pictures of their highly-unappetizing Royal Navy meals on social media, according to one Tory MP.

The allegations concern the Navy’s HMS Sultan facility, an onshore training base in Wiltshire.

It comes a month after soldiers in Scotland shared images of their own dubious-looking British Army grub.

Apr 19 08:21

Dominatrix-Scandal Tory MP Could Be Probed… By Spies

Amid allegations of relationships with sex workers and letting former Playboy models see confidential papers, the Conservative government’s Culture Secretary John Whittingdale may be probed by intelligence officials over his activities.

Apr 19 08:05

New UK Child Abuse Scandal: Council Failed Background Checks On School-Run Taxi Drivers

Children as young as five are alleged to have been targeted in South Ribble, Lancashire, The New Day reports.

The allegations involve drivers in council-funded school runs.

Apr 18 18:55

1 In 10 ISIS Recruits Willing To Become Suicide Bombers, Leaked Documents Show

Twelve percent of Islamic State recruits are willing to become suicide bombers, according to analysts who combed through a trove of thousands of leaked documents containing the personal details of some 22,000 fighters.

Dozens of British fighters can be found among the recruits, including Birmingham hacker Junaid Hussain and Reyaad Khan of Cardiff, who were both killed in a US drone strike last year.

Apr 18 17:06

Gunboat Diplomacy: UK Is Sending More Soldiers To Its Embassies

Britain is militarizing embassies and pouring money into its Defence Attaché (DA) network, despite recent controversies including personnel “going native” in Yemen and being arrested photographing military equipment in Russia.

Apr 18 15:16

Protesters acquitted of blockading London arms fair

A judge has acquitted eight protesters who blockaded the entrance to an arms fair, accepting their argument that they acted to stop illegal weapons trading.

Apr 18 14:28

Koh-I-Noor Diamond Was Not Stolen By Britain, It Was A Gift – New Delhi

Britain’s most famous crown jewel was a gift to Queen Victoria and was not stolen, the Indian government has told its supreme court, which is to rule on a lawsuit seeking the diamond’s return.

A group of patriotic Indians say the legendary Koh-i-Noor – once the world’s largest diamond – was stolen by Britain during India’s colonization.

Apr 18 13:58

UK In Talks To Deploy Up To 1,000 Troops To Libya As Hammond Arrives In Tripoli

European defense officials are to discuss sending thousands of troops to Libya. The talks come as UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond pays an unannounced visit to Tripoli in a show of support for the country’s new UN-backed government.

Apr 18 13:27

Has A Double Agent Compromised £3bn UK Spy Plane Before It Even Enters Service?

Questions have been raised about the UK’s multi-billion P-8 Poseidon spy plane deal after a US Navy expert on the aircraft’s capabilities was charged with espionage. It is feared he may have sold secrets to China or Taiwan.

Apr 18 08:52

Royal Privilege: UK Govt Wins Legal Battle To Keep Talks Between Prince Charles & Ministers Secret

The UK government has won the right to withhold information on secret talks between Prince Charles and ministers.

Government lawyers blocked access to the confidential papers in a taxpayer-funded legal challenge following an 18-month battle by the Mail on Sunday to make details of discussions public.

Apr 18 08:32

‘Only A Matter Of Time’: First-Ever Drone Collision With Passenger Plane Reported In UK

A British Airways aircraft carrying 132 passengers on board was just about to land at Heathrow airport when, according to the pilot, it collided with a drone. This could be the first-of-its-kind and fortunately nonfatal accident in the aviation history.

Apr 18 07:16

Brexit an 'extraordinary self-inflicted wound' which will cost households £4,300 says George Osborne

A Brexit would result in each household being worse off by the equivalent of £4,300 ($6,100) a year, according to George Osborne, who warns that a vote to leave would be the "most extraordinary self-inflicted wound".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George, what will it cost every household if Great Britain stays in the EU and ends up like Greece? £4,300 may be a bargain!

Apr 18 06:45

George Osborne: UK would be 'permanently poorer' outside EU

Anyone seen Greece's economy recently?

Apr 18 06:15

Osbourne’s Brexit equation has confused us all *scratches head*

Sorry, but your maths GCSE won’t help you here.

So unless you’re Rain Man you’ll have no idea what George Osborne is on about in his Brexit report.

What’s a Brexit report?

Brexit is short for ‘British exit’ – which forecasts the possibility of the UK’s exit from the EU, following the referendum on June 23.

The report claims that if the UK exits the EU, families will be £4,300 worse off a year.

So to make sure we all know where he’s coming from, Osborne has broken it down into the most confusing equation of all time.

Just take a look…

"Baffle 'em with bullshit!" - Number 9 3/4