Jan 16 10:46

After a day of deliveries, US ship runs out of aid

Helicopters sit ready to go from this US aircraft carrier off Haiti, but there's a problem: after a day of frantic aid runs there is simply nothing left to deliver.

"We have lift, we have communications, we have some command and control, but we don't have much relief supplies to offer," said Branch, who commands the battle group led by the nuclear-powered Carl Vinson.

Jan 16 07:47

Pennies for Haiti, Billions for Israel

Limbaugh's suggestion invited reproach from many. Even Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan expressed dismay. But making this into a referendum on whether Limbaugh has a heart of lead leads nowhere. He was doing what he gets paid to do as a radio provocateur. Besides, he relishes the attention.

Jan 16 06:52

Haiti earthquake: death toll may hit 200,000

Anger has turned to violence on the streets of Haiti as survivors lose patience with the painfully slow process of getting international aid after the earthquake that authorities say may have killed 200,000 people.
Haiti's shell-shocked government gave the United States control over its main airport to bring order to aid flights from around the world and speed relief to the impoverished Caribbean nation.

Jan 15 20:55

Haiti Update, From shock to desperation

15 January 2010
Haiti Update
by Phil Johnson

My friend Ron Pierre, board president for Baptist Haiti Mission, sent this update:

Jan 15 18:19

Chambersburg man says state troopers storm his home, drag him down after he makes parking comment

When a Chambersburg man left the grocery store Sunday afternoon, he thought it was nervy that someone parked a pickup truck in the fire lane beside the entrance, so he asked the driver what gave him the privilege. The driver was an off-duty state police trooper, and by the end of the night the man with the question was in jail with facial injuries and charges pending against him.

Jan 15 15:49

Gaza: what are promises of humanitarian aid worth?

Stuart Littlewood takes the British government to task for failing to deliver aid it pledged to beleaguered Gaza, for the lack of any sense of urgency or determination "to actually deliver real help into the living (and dying) hell that our so-called friends in Tel Aviv have created", and for making Britain "appear complicit in prolonging the criminal devastation” of Gaza.

Jan 15 15:40

"Defamation": the morbid conditions of Jewish secular identity

Israeli-born musician and writer Gilad Atzmon reviews Yoav Shamir's documentary, "Defamation", which explores the notion of contemporary "anti-Semitism" and seeks to establish whether it is a real and continuous danger that requires eternal vigilance or a tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit and cow their critics.

Jan 15 12:10

Former Red Cross chief faces court in fraud case

The trio are believed to have shared 5.7 million kronor from the Red Cross and pocketed a sum of 2.5 million kronor from the Swedish Cancer Society.

Those greedy jokers are all over the place it seems.

The corruption by the RED CROSS has been well known for many years.
If anyone of you guys want to donate, do that to doctors with out borders.

Jan 15 10:55

Johnson&Johnson recalls more Tylenol lots and some Motrin caplets due to mouldyodour

Johnson&Johnson expanded a recall of over-the-counter medications Friday, the second time it has done so in less than a month because of a mouldy smell that has made users sick.

Johnson&Johnson says the smell is caused by small amounts of a chemical associated with the treatment of wooden pallets.


How did the chemical get into securely sealed product containers?
Methinks there is an 800 pound rat in the room.

Jan 15 09:52

U.S. Preparing for Potential New Wave of Haitians Fleeing North

"Guantanamo is going to be an enormously valuable asset as we go through this," State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters on Thursday, speaking generally about U.S. efforts to help Haiti. "[Guantanamo] is in the vicinity. ... So we're identifying all of the assets in the region that we can use in order to stage operations."

Once at the Guantanamo facility, the refugees would be supervised by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which oversees the facility and has contracted the Florida-based Geo Group firm to manage day-to-day operations.

Officials involved with the center emphasized that no decision has been made concerning possible refugees from Haiti, but officials said they are prepared just in case.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



After the hell these people have endured,that the US government is even thinking about warehousing themat GITMO betrays a human insensitivity right up there with the callous treatment victims of Hurricane Katrina received.

Jan 15 09:39

Possible peacekeeping role for US troops in Haiti

The US relief mission in Haiti remains focused on saving lives but American troops could be called on to help keep order if security deteriorates, officials said.

"At this time we're not seeing any security concerns," a defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

But he added: "Soldiers and Marines are trained to conduct security operations if they need to."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported in:

Other exports include cocoa and essential oils for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Haiti has become a major transshipment point for illegal drug trafficking.

One has to wonder, looking at what happened in Afghanistan after the invasion and occupation, and how illicit drug traffic exploded, if this is why the US sent in soldiers and marines, but not the Army Corp of Engineers.

Jan 15 09:10

Secure your checked bags -- fly with a gun

VIA Lew Rockwell

Many airports won't let you effectively lock your suitcases when you fly, and the new limits on carry-on luggage thanks to moisture-terror-hysteria mean it's open season for unscrupulous TSA employees and baggage handlers who want to help themselves to expensive cameras and other valuable in checked bags.

But once you add a gun -- even a starter pistol -- to your luggage, it gets extra-locked, gains new tracking privileges, and is subject to heightened scrutiny all the way to your destination.

Jan 15 07:31


It is, or ought to be, widely enough understood that the category of ‘natural disaster’ is increasingly redundant. Whether it’s an earthquake, a storm, a flood or a crop failure, the truly shocking and baleful consequences of ecological events are generally caused by their interaction with existing political economies.

Jan 15 07:09

George Carlin's Greatest Moment

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George, we miss you.

Jan 15 03:43

Red Cross Says Quake Killed Up to 50,000

Two days after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook apart most of the country's infrastructure, the full scale of destruction is only beginning to emerge. A Haitian Red Cross official in the capital Port-au-Prince estimated the quake's death toll at between 45,000 and 50,000 people, according to Reuters, while stressing that precise figures remain impossible to confirm.

The Red Cross says three million people -- a third of the entire population -- need help. A spokesperson also said that the aid organization estimates that the quake destroyed roughly 200,000 houses in Port-au-Prince alone.

Jan 14 21:19

Haiti earthquake: law and order breaks down

Law and order began to break down in Haiti yesterday as "constant" gunshots were heard across the capital and shops were looted.

Jan 14 21:11

Greg Bacon On CHRISTIANS, Corruption, Insider Trading & Slimebags

The only 'satanic' being screwing with poor Haiti is the USA. We've been sticking our noses in the country for decades, installing and propping up sadists went it realized our goals and tearing down democratically elected leaders when it didn't.

Tell me Pat old boy, when one makes a 'pact with the devil,' doesn't that mean a life of luxury and wealth? Sort of like your life?

Jan 14 17:08

Ron Paul: US has broken with reality, sanity, and rule of law; calls for "Revolutionary changes"

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Ron Paul made the following 4-minute speech on the House floor admonishing the American public to counter Orwellian conditions in the US with “revolutionary thinking,” and to prepare for “revolutionary changes in the not-to-distant future.”

With the implosion of the US economy, the beginning of international recognition that US wars are obviously unlawful while the US rejects peace offers from Iran to escalate rhetoric to add that country to the list we madly attack, US refusal to prosecute or end obvious torture, stripping rights and torturing US citizens on the flimsiest of claims, and more, Congressman Paul is right.

Jan 14 17:05

Ansel Herz in Haiti, Haitians helping each other

Ansel Herz Reports from Haiti; Jeremy Dupin Reportedly Fine
January 13, 2010 at 5:49 pm
By Al Giordano
You can listen to Ansel in this audio interview with PBS taken today for an on-the-ground account of the situation outside a UN Peacekeeping Forces base outside of Port-au-Prince describing the scene, as well as what he has seen and heard in his reporting. He says that he had been told last night not to venture downtown, that there could be "violence and theft," but Ansel went anyway and reports he saw no such thing: "Haitians are banding together as best as they can to help each other."

Jan 14 15:14

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter caught in online sex sting

Scott Ritter, who served as chief weapons inspector in Iraq, told a 15-year-old girl he wanted to have sex with her and also filmed himself carrying out a sex act on a webcam.

But instead of talking to a teenage girl, he was in contact with an undercover police officer in an online chatroom seeking out child predators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Very stupid, Scott, especially when you know you are a target.

Jan 14 15:06

How the White House Used Jonathan Gruber’s Work to Orchestrate the Appearance of Broad Consensus

On the 29th Nancy-Ann DeParle, head of the very White House Office of Health Reform that Gruber was hired to consult for, posted perhaps the most misleading column of all on the White House blog:

"MIT Economist Confirms Senate Health Reform Bill Reduces Costs and Improves Coverage"

She identified Gruber as an “MIT Economist who has been closely following the health insurance reform process” who had “issued a compelling new report.” There was no acknowledgment that her very own White House office had commissioned Gruber’s work.

Jan 14 14:29

U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged

The absence of any date on the document also conflicts with the specificity of much of the information. The Times reported that unidentified "foreign intelligence agencies" had dated the document to early 2007, but gave no reason for that judgment.

An obvious motive for suggesting the early 2007 date is that it would discredit the U.S. intelligence community's November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which concluded that Iran had discontinued unidentified work on nuclear weapons and had not resumed it as of the time of the estimate.

Discrediting the NIE has been a major objective of the Israeli government for the past two years, and the British and French governments have supported the Israeli effort.

Jan 14 12:43

“Us” versus “them”: on the meaning of fascism

Roger Tucker considers the linguistic root, visual representation, usage and practise of fascism, and examines the circumstances under which the concept, “which is neither good nor bad in itself”, becomes malevolent. To illustrate, he looks at two contemporary examples of fascism: the USA and Israel.

”Fascism ... it is a social pathology and it can legitimately be considered humanity's most urgent public health problem. If enough people come to understand what the disease is and how to diagnose it, perhaps there will emerge a means to inoculate ourselves. At this point American and Jewish fascism appear to have converged into an aggressive pathological force that endangers humanity more than any such phenomenon in the past.”

Jan 14 09:33


How the ADL is working to destroy America

It is difficult to write about Jewish traitors, but I have the obligation to do so. My life as an American and a Jew is rooted in one miracle: individual liberty and freedom of speech and conscience. We are living in dangerous times, times when men of good will are afraid to speak out. There are some things you cannot say in America today.

I will say them anyway.

Jan 14 09:31

Help Haiti: The Unforgiven Country Cries Out

The relentlessly maintained, deliberately inflicted political and economic ruin of Haiti has a direct bearing on the amount of death and devastation that the country is suffering today after the earthquake. It will also greatly cripple any recovery from this natural disaster. As detailed below, Washington's rapacious economic policies have destroyed all attempts to build a sustainable economy in Haiti, driving people off the land and from small communities into packed, dangerous, unhealthy shantytowns, to try to eke out a meager existence in the sweatshops owned by Western elites and their local cronies.

Jan 14 07:48

Man gets through security with gun at MT airport

The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that screeners at Gallatin Field near Bozeman inadvertently allowed a passenger with a firearm in his carryon luggage through security last month.

Jan 14 07:36

Meritocracy and Jewish kinship networks

But I’d like to inject a realistic note here. How much of Jewish achievement reflects the fact that Jews look out for one another? When I had to get a partner on this website to keep it going, I was most comfortable getting another Jew. Years ago when I was at the Harvard Crimson newspaper, my Irish-Catholic friend Mary Ridge informed me that it was a “Jewish club”–we selected for our own kind; and the Crimson produced a lot of professional journalism talent. I have gotten most of my journalism work from Jewish bosses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a valid point. During the antibellum south and even the reconstruction, popular myth held that whites were superior human beings because they held all the top positions in society. Now we know better. Whites held those dominant positions because whites were hiring whites for those top jobs, thereby reinforcing the myth of superiority.

There is no question that Jewish interests, as quick as they are to scream about discrimination if they feel kept out of the halls of power, show a clear bias and preference in hiring. It's discrimination when anyone does that to the Jews, but "empowerment" when they do it to anyone else. Toss in the morality of the Madoffs, and the illusion of superiority begins to melt to reveal a core of ruthless racism and the presumption of cultural

Jan 14 07:17

Astronauts' urine clogs space station water recycler

Engineers investigating a problem with the system, which processes urine into clean water for drinking, said they believed the cause for the back-up was a high concentration of calcium in the astronauts' urine.

"Folks had good knowledge of the content of the urine going in, but the chemistry changes as it works through the processor are not always understood," said Julie Robinson, a scientist working on the project. "There are a lot of parameters including urine calcium and pH (acidity) that everyone is looking at."


MMMM. Are we REALLY sure that water is good to drink?

Jan 14 07:11

Your typical Muslim!

Jan 14 06:37

David Bratzer and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Have Fought in the Trenches of the War on Drugs and Want to End It

If you really want to know about a war, ask the soldiers on the ground. In the case of the four-decades-old War on Drugs, those soldiers would be the police officers charged with busting dealers and users. And, though they may not represent a majority within their profession, some cops are beginning to break ranks, to publicly question the wisdom and effectiveness of drug prohibition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Drugs are kept illegal to keep them profitable.

See The Politics of Contraband (Clinton years)

Jan 14 06:20

Top Obama czar: Infiltrate all 'conspiracy theorists'

In a lengthy academic paper, President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, argued the U.S. government should ban "conspiracy theorizing."
Among the beliefs Sunstein would ban is advocating that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.
Sunstein also recommended the government send agents to infiltrate "extremists who supply conspiracy theories" to disrupt the efforts of the "extremists" to propagate their theories.

Jan 13 19:21

Judgment begins: Dutch govt declares Iraq war unlawful in first "Emperor has no clothes" report

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

You’ll be so embarrassed in the near future if you have to admit you never learned the laws of war to add your self-expression to this “Emperor has no clothes” historical judgment of early 21st Century US history.

Imagine telling your children and grandchildren, “Nope. I just believed George Bush and then Obama. I didn’t think dying people in the Middle East worth my time to understand the issue clearly. That’s all the love I had in my heart, all the responsibility I carried for my citizenry, all the attention I had outside my little self.”

Ending mass-murder is something you want to do as soon as humanly possible.

Like now.

Jan 13 19:01

Iraq, Iran, and the CIA: Carl Herman interview by Jim Fetzer, editor of Assassination Science

hyperlinks live at source:

Marine Corp Captain (ret.), professor emeritus, author, editor of Assassination Science and pioneer of research into the assassination of JFK, early advocate to apply the rigor of science to the analysis of what really happened with the attacks of 9/11, and host of “The Real Deal” of Revere Radio, Dr. Jim Fetzer, interviewed me for two hours discussing unlawful US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the prospect for war with Iran, and related topics. The interview is here.

Jan 13 11:50

The screw turns tighter still on Gaza

Jonathan Cook assesses the significance of new Israeli missile systems designed to shoot down short-range rockets. He argues that the real significance lies in the fact that Israel is tightening the screw even further on Gaza and sending warning signals to the West Bank in order to force a total Palestinian submission.

”The increasing isolation of Gaza – and the ratcheting up of pressure – is designed to send a message to Gaza: that Hamas has nothing to gain, and everything to lose, from resisting Israel’s occupation, and that ordinary Gazans should turn their back on the Islamic movement.

Jan 13 11:49

Truth will prevail: Israel panicking as the truth catches up with it

Gilad Atzmon argues that a recent attempt by an Israeli minister to humiliate the Turkish ambassador is a sign that the Zionist entity is beginning to panic as an increasing number of countries begin to see the true nature of the entity.

Jan 13 11:39

Reach Out & Distrust Someone.

In addition to finding out that France is going to ban cellphones for children (and would like to make it illegal to sell them phones at all), scroll down and check out the other links – i reproduced a few after the summary.

In fact, according to Jean-Louis Borloo, Environment Minister for France, the government is planning to not only make it illegal to pitch cell phones "in a manner designed to appeal to children aged under twelve years,"; but if Borloo has his way, it will also be illegal to sell cellphones that are designed for the under 7 set.

Wherify Wherifone - Cell Phone with GPS Locator Lets You GPS Track Your Kids

More Electronic Babysitters for the Kids with Verizon's Chaperone, Tmobile kidConnect, and Disney Mobile Cell Phones and Service for Children

All AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel Analog Cell Phones Will Stop Working after February

Jan 13 10:21

10 Random Things That You Should Know About D.C.

You can read just about every policy and economics article in the past decade and still not get the complete picture of D.C. Some experiences can only be appreciated from the ground level by living in the metropolitan area itself. The point of this list is not to hit you with a bunch of statistics but just to give some day-to-day observations lending a closer look at our nation's capital.

Jan 13 09:35

Reality check: If China "liberated" US like we "liberated" Iraq, here’s how we would look

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

How bad is the death and injury toll in Iraq since the US invasion? Let’s extrapolate the data from Iraq onto the US and see the effects. Imagine that China is playing the role of the US and the US is in Iraq’s position. Several areas of data might need updating; I welcome your suggestions for any improvement.

Jan 13 08:35

Who else but Fox News would have Sarah Palin?

Palin fits in totally at Fox – standing up for ignorance and stupidity.

Sarah Palin has signed a multiyear deal to work as a “contributor” to the Fox News Channel. Thing is, the number of people who watch Fox News in Canada is so tiny that it never even registers in the ratings here.

Jan 13 08:18

Pipeline Geopolitics: Major Turnaround. Russia, China, Iran Redraw Energy Map

We are witnessing a new pattern of energy cooperation at the regional level that dispenses with Big Oil. Russia traditionally takes the lead. China and Iran follow the example. Russia, Iran and Turkmenistan hold respectively the world's largest, second-largest and fourth-largest gas reserves. And China will be consumer par excellence in this century. The matter is of profound consequence to the US global strategy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a truly "game-changer" in the "Great Game" of energy dominance.

Jan 13 08:07

Millions More US Children in Poverty

The “Great Recession” of 2008 and 2009 has spread poverty to millions more US children, according to a recent report by the Brookings Institute. The report, “The Effects of the Recession on Child Poverty,” estimates that a large number of states witnessed marked increases in child poverty in 2009.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, in what used to be a land of plenty and opportunity; and President Obama is asking for 33 billion more dollars with which to fight these illegal and immoral wars without end?!?

Since when did this country's kids become expendable?!?

Jan 13 07:43

India, China relations to worsen further

The Chinese military have been carrying out incursions into Indian side and its jet fighters have been violating the Indian airspace, especially along LAC in Indian administered Kashmir. Of late, the Chinese incursions and air space violations have witnessed manifold increase. On July 31, 2009, Chinese military had entered nearly 1.5 km deep inside into the Indian territory near Mount Gya in IaK and painted “CHINA” on boulders and rocks in red spray paint.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

China is encroaching on Indian border territory because it can, and India doesn't have the kind of military prowess necessary to fight back effectively.

The US is unlikely to be of any help with China right now, because it is defaulting on a huge loan from the Chinese government.

Jan 13 07:32

Haiti earthquake: UN staff killed as rescue effort continues

The UN peacekeeping headquarters in Haiti has collapsed under the strain of a massive earthquake and everyone inside is expected to have died, France said on Wednesday.

France's foreign minister said that at least seven peacekeepers were reported dead plus the head of the country's UN mission.

Scores of others were injured or missing.

Bernard Kouchner told two French radio stations that everyone in the UN building in Port-au-Prince, including the mission's head, Hedi Annabi, appears to have died in the 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

Jan 13 07:16

Obama will seek additional $33 billion for wars

The Obama administration plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to fight unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on top of a record request for $708 billion for the Defense Department next year, The Associated Press has learned.

The administration also plans to tell Congress next month that its central military objectives for the next four years will include winning the current wars while preventing new ones and that its core missions will include both counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First, with a population already taxed to death, where the blazes does the Obama administration think it's going to get this additional 33 billion dollars??

And secondly, what is their definition of "winning" the war in Afghanistan? The US and NATO forces can barely hold Kabul.

And the Taliban has developed governmental and judicial systems in parallel with that the Karzai regime which actually seem to be functioning, much to the chagrin of the current "official "government.

Jan 13 07:13

Tenth Amendment At Work : New Jersey Medical Marijuana

Let's quit beating around the bush so to speak and legalize this stuff along the tomato model expoused by Ed Rosenthal!

Jan 13 05:40

Federal Reserve Posts $52 Billion Profit For 2009

The world’s most powerful private bank, the Federal Reserve has posted a record profit for 2009 of $52 billion. The Fed says the record is due to profits made on investments which supposedly rescued the US economy from collapse...

Jan 13 01:56

TRANSLATED: Pakistani Op-Ed: "the US is taking out its anger on us"

...A flagrant violation of Pakistan's sovereignty, these strikes speak volumes about the Obama Administration's unilateralist policies and military adventurism resembling the situation in Afghanistan where thousands of civilians have been crushed to death so far, thanks to a joystick controlled thousands of miles away in the US and raining missiles on a hapless population. Since the first strike in Damodola back in 2006, countless Pakistani civilians have lost their lives. Just the previous year, reports have it that around 700 people were killed in 44 strikes, only five of which had hit actual targets. What the US falsely reports as militants' compounds usually turn out to be houses belonging to innocent families having no connection with extremists.

Jan 12 19:52

Thousands feared dead as huge earthquake destroys UN headquarters in Haiti

Thousands of people were feared dead after a powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti last night, toppling buildings and causing widespread damage and panic.

The United Nations headquarters was one of scores of buildings that were toppled, including the presidential palace,government buildings and a cathedral. Roads and bridges also lay in ruins.

Jan 12 18:46

Explaining parasitic US economics: Carl Herman radio interview by George Berry on GCN

*hyperlinks to interview at source*

For those better served through auditory communication, today I discussed our economic condition and solutions on Genesis Communication Network’s show, "Crash! Are you ready?” with host, economist George Whitehurst Berry.

The interview is here; at 40 minutes when commercials are forwarded.

For a written explanation that covers most of our problems with extensive links documenting solutions, click here.

Jan 12 15:37

Too Many Dots, Too Many Enemies

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, let's keep it simple; Who HASN'T the United States pissed off?

Jan 12 14:08

Jewish settlers flood Palestinian neighbours with sewage

The authorities in the illegal Jewish settlement of Beitar Illit, which is built on stolen Palestinian land, regularly open their sewage tanks on to the farmlands of the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen, ruining crops, contaminating the water table and posing a serious health threat to villagers.

The video is from 2008 but this is still happening today!

Jan 12 10:31

NC port closed after containers are punctured

Officials shut down a North Carolina port and urged people to leave the area Tuesday after nine containers with highly explosive materials [PETN] were punctured.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If they had detonated, presumably the blast would be blamed on Iranian/Yemeni/Somali/Al Qaeda terrorists.

Jan 12 09:20

Mark Pittman Remembered

Bloomberg News reporter Mark Pittman predicted the subprime mortgage crisis, timed the stock market decline of 2008-09 and took on the Federal Reserve. He died Nov. 25, 2009, at the age of 52.
Jan 11 21:37

85,000 lose jobs in Dec.; US govt. could hire for infrastructure, education, but chooses poverty

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Over four million Americans lost jobs in 2009, with December adding 85,000 to this unnecessary economic and social tragedy. Unemployment is falsely claimed at 10%; it doesn’t count those forced into part-time jobs and those “discouraged” who do not regularly submit new job applications. Including those categories is how unemployment was measured in the Great Depression. Adding those categories today puts unemployment at 22%; worse than all years of the Great Depression except for 1932 and 1933 at 24.9% and 23.6%.

Jan 11 16:12

George H.W. Bush Heckled in Restaurant

This clip is only 29 seconds long but it is 29 seconds of courageous invective spewed at Bush. Now if we only had another few thousand people do the same thing....

Jan 11 13:46

US injustice and arbitrariness as sources of terrorism

Paul J. Balles argues that post-9/11 arbitrariness and blind revenge by the USA lay behind acts of counter-vengeance by Al-Qaeda and likeminded groups, the latest of which was the attempt by a Nigerian man to bomb an American airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

”What was the post-9/11 madness but blind revenge? What were the lockups at Guantanamo but revenge? What is joining Al Qaeda but revenge? Is revenge a legitimate response to an attack on America? Why isn't it equally appropriate for those who have suffered sadistic American brutality?”

Jan 11 10:02

Unshakable Faith

....the TSA doesn’t just fail to detect guys dressed in explosives. It’s been up to its usual antics the last few weeks, even if its stunt with Umar overshadowed all else. I present the following incidents solely for their entertainment-value: it’s unlikely that the bungling, pathology, and all-around nuttiness they highlight will convince anyone to abolish the TSA if Umar hasn’t.

Jan 11 09:16

Gerald Celente: It’s Only Going to Get Worse

In this video Gerald Celente sits down with Aaron Task of Tech Ticker to discuss some of the reasons why America is on the ropes. He also gives suggestions of how to succeed during our current depression...

Jan 11 06:58

China car sales top U.S.

China's auto sales surged past the United States to reach record levels in 2009, industry figures showed on Monday, underscoring China's importance to the global auto industry as the world's biggest market.

The figures came as PSA Peugeot Citroen of France said markets were expected to show signs of recovery around the world in 2010, while Volkswagen AG said it aims to at least double its U.S. sales in coming years.


And to think that in China they have problems finding enough space on the road for a bicycle.
Try to imagine my complete and utter lack of surprise.

Jan 10 16:31

What next, Viva Palestina?

As Egypt stoops to the ultimate collusion with Israel and the West to starve Gaza by banning future humanitarian aid convoys, Stuart Littlewood advises Viva Palestina to deal directly with Gaza: “A large armada of boats led by a multi-faith alliance demanding freedom of the seas and the right to an armed escort, could be the best vehicle.

”Yes, the REAL international community – that’s ordinary folk like you and me and Viva Palestina and everyone and his dog around the globe – are finally beginning to assert themselves against the corrupt power freaks that strut the world stage.”

Jan 10 11:09

Afghanistan: only the first move in the grand chess game for control of Central Asian resources

So if anyone still thinks that the surge in Afghanistan is strictly intended to defeat the Taliban and the remnants of Al-Qaeda, it's time to think again. This is the new launching point for the eventual control of the Balochistan region. The threat of Iran becoming a major player because of its gas and oil resources and the desire of China to also become involved in that area must be neutralized at all costs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone or any corporate news outlet blathering about the "necessity" of the US attack against and occupation of Afghanistan "in the name of US security" is lying through their collective teeth.

Our young men and women in our military are dying and getting maimed every day in this part of the world to enable corporations to profit from the potential installation of these pipelines, period, end of discussion.

Jan 10 10:24

The Sins of Guantanamo

When it comes to being detained indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay, it's not so much what you know as whom you know. Or whom you are alleged to know. Or whom you may know. Someday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How "Minority Report" of the Obama administration!

Jan 10 09:20

Q: What's the difference between 'weather' and 'climate'?

A: Climate is when it’s warming and weather is when it’s not.

Thanks, Beachmaster, over at Watts Up With That for explaining the difference. Otherwise, we scientific ignoramuses might have gone on asking silly, awkward questions like: “How come, when I went to urinate on my compost heap just now – as per official Government planet-saving, AGW-avoiding, eco-regulations – my willy turned black and dropped off?” and “Why in the name of Beelzebub and his hellish spawn has the man in charge of the ineffably useless Met Office just been given a 25 per cent pay rise?”

Jan 10 08:47

Airport shut down by incompetent TSA authorities after jars of honey flagged as explosives

At the Bakersfield airport in California, TSA authorities recently shut down the entire airport after finding what they thought was a container of liquid explosives.

Luggage screeners discovered five Gatorade bottles full of an "amber" liquid. TSA agents then opened the bottles and complained they smelled "a strong chemical odor." They then complained of nausea and were taken to the local hospital for treatment.

According to Reuters, "Kern County Sheriffs deputies, fire crews, FBI agents and members of a joint terrorism task force responded to the scene and spent the day questioning Ramirez before further tests showed that the liquid was honey."

Jan 10 05:53

Corps Official: Avatar Sophomoric!

The Marines are not happy about Avatar! For a movie that made over a billion it's first week,there sure has been very little talk about it in the MSM other than negative comments.

Jan 10 01:58

Never Mind the Facts, Let’s Have a War…

This is a propaganda system at work: the choice of words and framework of logic designed to condition people into accepting certain options. In this case, the pre-determined option is a unilateral military strike on Iran either by the US or Israel. In that event, it will of course be reported by the BBC and other western media as a “pre-emptive” military measure to “prevent” Iran from attacking western interests in the region. Reported too, no doubt, will be the “collateral damage” of civilian casualties – unfortunate victims in an otherwise “just cause” to bring a “hardline regime” to abide by “international norms”. This is classic thought engineering that British political essayist George Orwell exposed so brilliantly – the official use of sanitised words to cover the sordid truth.

Jan 09 14:01

Foot Locker To Shutter 117 Stores

Foot Locker says it will close 117 stores in an effort to boost efficiencies. That news comes several days after Macy's announced it would shutter five of its underperforming stores...

Jan 09 12:23

Yemen – America’s second Afghanistan and third Vietnam

Uri Avnery considers the USA’s ill-conceived adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their disastrous outcomes, and predicts a similar catastrophe if Washington embarks on another misguided adventure – this time in Yemen.

”Terrorism is nothing but an instrument of war. It is used by organizations that are vastly different from each other, which are fighting in vastly different countries for vastly different objectives. A war on ‘International Terror’ is like a war on ‘International Artillery’ or ‘International Navy’...

Jan 09 10:47

Nice Work Creating New Terrorists, You Morons

American civilian and military leaders have been creating new terrorists through their:

(1) Use of torture


(2) Killing of innocent civilians- especially children – in Arabic countries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people in these countries don't "hate us because we are free"; they hate us because we are killing, maiming, and torturing their kids, their wives, their families and friends.

Jan 09 10:42

U.S., NATO Expand Afghan War To Horn Of Africa And Indian Ocean

In short the officially discarded but in fact revived and expanded "global war on terrorism" is now to be fought in a single theater of war that extends from the Red Sea to Pakistan. A joint endeavor by the Pentagon's Central and Africa Commands and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to build upon the consolidation of almost the entire European continent under NATO and Pentagon control and the ceding of the African continent to the new U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). (Except for Egypt, an individual Pentagon asset and NATO Mediterranean Dialogue partner.)

Jan 09 10:41

Posting from the Bridge of the Starship

Everybody behind the scenes already knows how it’s going to play out. They sold their souls and their asses for personal security; as always it is the war of the haves against the have nots. Your direct enemy, the enemy of all the people in the world is Israel, Washington D.C. and London; the rest fall in line behind them. If it were not for Russia and China things would be much worse already and China’s government is no picnic either.

Jan 09 10:32

US troops, kin face cuts in base services

Some members of the military are worried money will be pulled from programs that help spouses and children cope with soldiers' repeated tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At a time when this government should be shoring up career military and their family to the best of its ability, and this is how it is supporting them?!?

Welcome to the world of the irrelevancy of the US career soldier to its government!

Jan 09 09:39

Israeli TV: a glimpse into Jewish tolerance

While watching the video above, bear in mind that this is Israeli national TV's prime-time 5 p.m. news.
The older Israeli presenter is Dan Margalit, a leading Israeli journalist and a devoted servant of every Israeli government and war criminal leader in the last four decades (Rabin, Peres, Sharon, Netanyahu, Olmert, Livni and Barak).

Israel is no doubt the ugliest collective around.

Jan 09 09:11

Taser’s new weapon: mobile phone monitoring

"Because when you give your child his mobile phone you don't know who they're talking to, what they're sending or texting, all of those things," Smith told AFP.

The phone application, called "Mobile Protector," allows a parent to screen a child's incoming and outgoing calls and messages, block particular numbers and even listen in on a conversation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the message of the use of this technology by parents for their kids?

That there is absolutely no trust whatsoever on the part of the parents that the kid will use the phone appropriately.

Jan 09 07:06

RIGHT ON: Landless Peasant Party launches election campaign


Please do not view if explicit language offends you irregardless of how perceptive, timely, appropriate or witty it may be. Thank you.

Terror suspect radicalized in his mothers womb
Gordon Brown to lead Labour to defeat
Landless Peasant Party launches election campaign
Big Brother sings - Somebodys watching you ....

Jan 09 07:00

The Democracy Strikes Back

Well, the wheels of democracy certainly can spin out of control sometimes. In theory, the will of the people should push any democracy into the optimal, the preferred, the healthy direction. That is after all one of the pros in the “Democracy” pros & cons debate...

Jan 09 00:15

Yemen - Strategically Correct

Jan 08 20:59

Baby Mine

I feel the need for some positive input, our babies are what we have. Mike, we need a Positive Children's category. Or something like that.

Jan 08 14:08

Air marshals rush to stop 'dozens' of suicide attacks

Hundreds of air marshals have been diverted onto inbound flights to the United States amid fears a dozen or more terrorists are preparing suicide missions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the US public isn't buying the administration's "terror, terror, all the time terror" ploy, I guess the administration has decided to throw more "booga booga" into the mix with this moveQ

Jan 08 13:51

Time Ripe For An Independent Populist Movement

A new poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal shows that a hypothetical Tea Party would beat out both the Republican and Democratic Party's in a three-way matchup. According to the poll, more than 40 percent of Americans would support the Tea Party movement, compared to a 35 percent for Democrats and 28 percent for Republicans. The Tea Party movement does not have an official political platform but provides a voice for angry populist sentiment against the government and political establishment.

Jan 08 13:30

Passenger forced off Detroit-bound plane after shouting 'I want to kill all the Jews'

An airline passenger has been forced off a Detroit-bound plane and arrested after shouting 'I want to kill all the Jews'.

Miami police said in a statement today that 43-year-old Mansor Mohammad Asad, of Toledo, Ohio, faces several charges including disorderly conduct...

Jan 08 12:36

Pakistan: unlawful US drone war kills 140 innocent civilians for 1 CIA-alleged terrorist

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Pakistan’s government reported US drones killed only civilians in 39 of 44 attacks on their country in 2009; with over 700 innocent civilians killed. Pakistan has repeatedly publicly denounced the US attacks, making the US guilty of War Crimes as they do not have explicit permission from Pakistan’s government.

Jan 08 11:54

Dementia could cost Canada $1 trillion: report

Canadians are developing dementia at such a rapid rate that dealing with the problem will cost a total of more than C$870 billion ($830 billion) over the next 30 years unless preventive measures are taken, a report released on Monday said.


Is there a vaccine for that yet????

Jan 08 11:52

Airline cancels German family's vacation after member jokes about terrorism at airport

A German man was temporarily detained at Stuttgart airport on Tuesday after he repeatedly told security personnel that he had explosives in his underwear, police said.

The 42-year-old man apparently was joking about the failed attempt by a Nigerian man to blow up a jetliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day by igniting explosives concealed in his underwear.

Police said a full body search of the German man did not turn up any explosives. However, Tuifly airline refused to let the man, his wife and daughter board the plane to Egypt, where they planned a vacation.


You can bet he didn't get "any" that night!!!!!

Jan 08 09:58

Goodbye kiss provoked Newark airport scare: report

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The security scare that shut Newark airport for hours and delayed thousands of passengers was caused by a man who slipped into a secure area to give a woman one last goodbye kiss, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Jan 08 08:40

Terrorists R US

An excellent short testimony from Mike Prysner, an Iraq war veteran connecting the dots between corporatism and militarism.

Jan 08 07:46

McDonald's restaurant rage sweeps the nation

Whatever the reason, Kansas City police want to know the identity of a woman who trashed a McDonald’s restaurant Dec. 27 because she hated her hamburger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jan 08 07:08

Man's penis removed from pipe

A man who went to casualty with his penis stuck in a steel pipe had to be cut free by firefighters using a metal grinder.

Jan 08 06:15

Big win for the big top

District judge Emmet Sullivan ruled in favour of Feld Entertainment, the owner of Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus, after a nine-year case initiated by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

The animal rights organisation had accused the circus of ill-treating its Asian elepants, which are one of its biggest attractions.

The case was supported by the Animal Welfare Institute, the Fund for Animals, the Animal Protection Institute and a former Ringling Bros employee, Tom Rider, who worked at the circus as a “barn man” or elephant handler between 1997 and 1999.

Jan 07 20:15

Brave Michael Scheuer & & Support Representative Press!

Simple and to the point - why can't the MSM be like this??????????

Jan 07 17:12

Russia, China, Iran redraw energy map

The inauguration of the Dauletabad-Sarakhs-Khangiran pipeline on Wednesday connecting Iran's northern Caspian region with Turkmenistan's vast gas field may go unnoticed amid the Western media cacophony that it is "apocalypse now" for the Islamic regime in Tehran.

The event sends strong messages for regional security. Within the space of three weeks, Turkmenistan has committed its entire gas exports to China, Russia and Iran. It has no urgent need of the pipelines that the United States and the European Union have been advancing. Are we hearing the faint notes of a Russia-China-Iran symphony?

Jan 07 12:28

Afghan govt. demands arrest of US "death squad" who handcuffed, executed 8 children. US refuses

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Kai Eide, UN Representative to Afghanistan confirmed the Afghan government’s investigative conclusions that US troops handcuffed and then executed eight students enrolled in grades 6 through 10 in a night raid on December 27, 2009. The US military and NATO responded the troops involved were non-official. The most likely source of para-military “non-official” troops in Afghanistan is Blackwater/Xe.

President Hamid Karzai demanded arrest of the US troops engaged in the break-in and mafia-style execution of their children. The US responded to the Afghan demand of January 1 by rejecting the findings of the Afghan government and UN with a vague promise of their own self-investigation at some later date.

Jan 07 11:54

The Coming Fury Of An Angry America

The American middle class will not spend its way out of disaster, if only because it can't. There are no savings. The house is worthless. The credit cards are gone. Jobs are disappearing. Today is bad and tomorrow looks worse. People are nervous, frightened, worried. They are behind in the mortgage, and struggle to make health insurance payments. All the while, they watch the stock market explode, the bonuses arrogantly roll on, and their government lie to their faces that the "recovery" is underway. China is booming, so is India and Brazil. Beneath the hope, patriotism, and the flag, the American middle class can feel it all slipping away.

Jan 07 10:35

Campaign to Move Money From Giant Banks to Community Banks Is Going Viral

Polls show that both liberals and conservatives are furious that the big banks are calling the shots and that the giant banks are running amok with the backing of the taxpayers. That's why the campaign is going viral.

Jan 07 10:21

Spiteful Mubarak succeeds only in creating a PR disaster for Egypt and himself

Stuart Littlewood pays tribute to the generous-heartedness, human decency and sense of honour of the courageous men and women of the Viva Palestina aid convoy, who made it to Gaza despite the dirty tricks, meanness and brutality of Egypt’s senile Pharaoh, Hosni Mubarak, and his goons.

”Mubarak’s misdeeds have shamed the Egyptian people and indeed all Arabs, and will be written indelibly into the history of the Middle East. Who would have thought that a man of his experience would visibly stoop so low as to invite wholesale ridicule and disgust?”

Jan 07 10:19

When Israel snaps its fingers British ministers jump

Stuart Littlewood comments on the latest display of arrogance by suspected Israeli war criminals who insist on being allowed into the UK without fear of prosecution, and on the cowardice of British ministers, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who say they will change the law to accommodate Israeli war crimes suspects.

”What is absurd is that murderous Israelis, with the stench of mega-deaths on them, expect to be let into the UK...

”Israel itself was happy to use ‘universal jurisdiction’ to try Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961. The principle, let us remember, is that there can be no hiding place for those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, extrajudicial executions, war crimes, torture and forced disappearances...

Jan 07 09:12

Man shoots 3 at Mo. office; conditions unknown

A man with an assault rifle walked into a business Thursday and shot at least three people, police said. Their conditions were not immediately known.

The shooting occurred around 6:30 a.m. at the ABB Power plant on the city's north side and two hours later, police believed the gunman was still in the building. Details about the victims were not immediately known.

Swiss-based ABB Group makes power transmission and industrial automation equipment. The company manufactures transformers at the St. Louis site, according to its Web site. It wasn't immediately known how many people work at the plant.

Jan 07 08:53

Counterterrorism In Shambles; Why?

If we don’t go beyond self-exculpatory sloganeering in attempting to answer that key question, any "counter terrorism apparatus" is doomed to failure. Honest appraisals can tread on delicate territory, but any intelligence agency worth its salt must be willing/able to address it.

Delicate? Take, for example, what Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the "mastermind" of 9/11, said was his main motive. Here’s what the 9/11 Commission Report wrote on page 147. You will not find it reported in the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM):

"By his own account, KSM’s animus toward the United States stemmed…from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel."

Jan 07 05:05

James W Von Brunn: Biography, Writings, and Murder: Holocaust Museum Murderer

Elites TV just gathered as much information as we could about Jame W. von Brunn and posting it below. This is for educational purposes only...

Jan 07 04:50

American Law Institute gives up support for death penalty

Last fall, the American Law Institute, which created the intellectual framework for the modern capital justice system almost 50 years ago, pronounced its project a failure and walked away from it.

There were other important death penalty developments last year: the number of death sentences continued to fall, Ohio switched to a single chemical for lethal injections and New Mexico repealed its death penalty entirely. But not one of them was as significant as the institute’s move, which represents a tectonic shift in legal theory.

Jan 07 04:37

MP3: Scott Horton interviews whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Former FBI contract translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds discusses the corruption of “political termite” former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, the systemic rot indicated by the disappearance of accountability and oversight in all levels of US government, pervasive political self-dealing and foreign espionage based in Chicago, bribes and lucrative salaries given to current and former US politicians by Turkish operatives, ignorant or apathetic voters that keep voting for incumbents, the special set of ethical and legal exceptions given to Israel and the bribery and espionage investigations that have targeted Dan Burton, Bob Livingston, Jane Harman and others in Congress.

Jan 06 17:28

Ady Gil Being Rammed by Japanese Whalers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Japan is trying to claim that the smaller boat rammed them.

Jan 06 17:15

Ady Gil rammed by Shonan Maru No. 2, view from MV Bob Barker

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A video released by Sea Shepherd showing the ramming from the vantage point of their new vessel, the Bob Barker. It appears that the Bob Barker was sitting parallel to the Ady Gil before the incident.

Jan 06 16:47

Viva Palestina convoy breaks Gaza siege

The Viva Palestina international aid convoy has reached the besieged Gaza Strip, despite the treachery of the senile Pharaoh, Husni Mubarak, the brutality of his treacherous police and the deafening silence of a listless population.

We salute the brave internationalists whose determination, courage and steadfastness has shamed the senile Pharaoh Mubarak and his barbarous, treacherous goons in the army and the "security" apparatuses.

It has been a long, arduous and frustrating journey but one that will have a lasting imprint on the minds of everyone with a conscience.

Jan 06 15:19

Jonathan Kay: B'nai Brith compares Vancouver's treatment of female ski jumpers to Nazi policies of 1936

It's time for the folks at B'nai Brith Canada to close up shop and go home: Their phobic mission to convince us that Canadian society is suffused with Nazi-like hatred has launched into the realm of outright farce.

The underlying controversy is, by now, quite stale and well-known: The Winter Olympics, including the Vancouver 2010 installment, hold events for male ski jumpers, but not for female ski jumpers. It is an issue that has been litigated, and the Supreme Court of Canada recently settled the issue by declaring that it would not hear an appeal in regard to the 2010 Games.

Jan 06 14:32

James Von Brunn Dead: Holocaust Museum Shooter Died In Hospital

The 89-year-old white supremacist charged with a deadly shooting at Washington's Holocaust museum died Wednesday in North Carolina where he'd been held at a prison hospital while awaiting trial, authorities said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How very convenient!

Nobody can examine the evidence against him in open court now!

Jan 06 13:50

S. 510: A New Attack on Small Farms

Read the bill & take action here:

Please help spread the word!

Jan 06 11:22

Urgent action call: Egyptian police attack humanitarian Gaza aid convoy

Call for urgent action

* Contact the Egyptian Embassy
* Contact the British foreign secretary and the BBC

On the night of 5/6 January Egyptian police again delayed the Viva Palestina aid convoy carrying much needed aid from reaching the people of Gaza. Having agreed to Egyptian demands whilst being stranded in the port of Aqaba [in Jordan] some seven days ago, convoy leaders agreed to re-route their journey after receiving guarantees from the Egyptian authorities of a safe passage to Gaza.

Jan 06 09:54

Philly TSA Dogs Fail Airport Training

Several TSA security dogs serving at Philadelphia International Airport have been removed from active service due to issues with their training, officials said Tuesday.

The dogs, which are typically used to detect drugs, bombs and other potential security threats, failed their recertification training. They were unable to distinguish the scents of explosive materials, officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jan 06 09:35

"We're OK With It All" The American Idiot - A Video

Video capturing how the dumbed down American people have no idea as to what is truly going on and couldn't care less as they sit and sip suds, watching dancing with washed up celebrities.
Jan 06 09:13

The Airport Scanner Scam

The body scanner is sure to get a go-ahead because of the illustrious personages hawking them. Chief among them is former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff, who now heads the Chertoff Group, which represents one of the leading manufacturers of whole-body-imaging machines, Rapiscan Systems. For days after the attack, Chertoff made the rounds on the media promoting the scanners, calling the bombing attempt "a very vivid lesson in the value of that machinery"-all without disclosing his relationship to Rapiscan.

Jan 06 04:21

America's Unhappy New Year

The Boomers are going to get screwed!

Jan 05 19:45

Former EU Justice Commissioner: We need to Scan Inside Travelers’ Bodies For Bombs

The rampant delirium over the proposed implementation of full-body security scanners in airports reached new heights today as a former EU minister suggested that all passengers need to have their insides scanned to make sure they are not concealing bombs.

"...and if we're unsure about the scan we'll send you off to hospital to have you opened up so that we can have a good look around."

Jan 05 15:13

"Caseworker found nothing unusual" (if you don't count the two frozen dead kids)

Jan 05 10:42

National Guard ad revives Nazi oath to Hitler: "Always place mission first," not US Constitution

In 2003, the US Army adapted the “Soldier’s Creed” to program soldiers to shift their Oath of Enlistment from “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” to the heel-clicking, non-thinking, dictator-obeying, “I will always place the mission first.”
This directly states that the FIRST duty of an American soldier is to achieve the mission dictated by military leadership, NOT the defense of the US Constitution.

Jan 05 10:18

Airports Set To Become Primary Peddlers Of Child Porn

Despite official assurances and media talking points that claim the naked body scanners now being implemented in airports worldwide do not show enough detail to be considered a violation of privacy, the true measure of how much of an intrusion they really are is proven by the fact that they break child pornography laws in the UK that bar the production of indecent images of children.

Jan 05 09:10

Las Vegas Courthouse Shootout

Jan 05 09:07

Oh to have this much free time (and money).

Jan 05 07:19

Burj Khalifa: window cleaners to spend months on world's tallest building

The building, which was initially to be named the Burj Dubai, stands at 206 storeys tall, reaching half a mile into the sky. While most visitors will look out from the skycraper to admire the view of the Arabian desert below, some will be looking back in.

A team of 36 cleaners, mostly made up of migrant workers, have been employed to man 12 state-of-the-art machines that travel along tracks fixed to the exterior of the building while its windows are washed.

Jan 05 04:42

Can farming save Detroit?

Then one day about a year and a half ago, Hantz had a revelation. "We need scarcity," he thought to himself as he drove past block after unoccupied block. "We can't create opportunities, but we can create scarcity." And that, he says one afternoon in his living room between puffs on an expensive cigar, "is how I got onto this idea of the farm."

Jan 04 22:15

Canadian family's golden retriever, Angel, saves 11-year-old owner from cougar attack

In a seemingly prophetic move, Angel had been following Austin around prior to the attack

Jan 04 15:45

Yemen – the new enemy: Gordon Brown will save the world again

Christopher King argues that rather than slavishly pimp for the US and cheer “its reflex to bomb and shoot everything in sight” in Yemen, he should instead try to win the hearts and minds of Yemen’s destitute people by helping to develop their economy and thereby give them a stake in peace.

Jan 04 11:20

National Guard ad revives Nazi oath to Hitler: "Always place mission first," not US Constitution

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

In 2003, the US Army adapted the “Soldier’s Creed” to program soldiers to shift their Oath of Enlistment from “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” to the heel-clicking, non-thinking, dictator-obeying, “I will always place the mission first.” This fascist propaganda is highlighted in the National Guard’s new 2-minute ad playing in movie theaters, shown below.

Brain-washing soldiers to place the mission first, that is, “just follow orders” given by der Fuehrer (“the leader” in German) rather than being responsible for obeying the Constitution and laws of war dramatizes the US shift into fascism.

Nazi German soldiers had such an oath:

Jan 04 10:29

New Security Measures Making Air Travel A Miserable Experience

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kiss off what remains of your tourism industry, all so that Obama can invade Yemen.

Jan 04 10:25


JJ Crockett January 4 at 11:17am Reply
Hello folks, cautious excitement is the mood here, we're ready to explode upon entry to gaza but we are aware through lots of experience that things can change rapidly. But for now, things are looking great, and we are nearing the successful completion of a great journey that we hope will contribute to ending the siege of Gaza.

Jan 04 09:55

Yemen rules out US intervention

Yemen's foreign minister has ruled out direct US military intervention to tackle the al-Qaeda group operating in his country.

Abu Baker al-Qirbi made his remarks to Al Jazeera on Monday as the US and British embassies in the capital, Sanaa, remained closed to public following threats by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

"Yemen is going to deal with terrorism in its own way, out of its own interests and therefore I don't think it will counterfire," al-Qirbi said.

"The negative impact on Yemen is if there is direct intervention of the US and this is not the c

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like Yemen really has anything to say about it...

Jan 04 09:51

Aaronovitch, Miliband & me, by Gilad Atzmon (a multimedia show)

"I wonder whether David Miliband is aware of himself being listed as an Israeli Hasbarah Author. I would assume that if the foreign minister insists to contribute to British politics in the future, he would like to make sure that his name is removed from the list. As long as he fails to do it, each of his decisions and statements should be interpreted in the light of his unchallenged affiliation with a foreign propaganda site."

Jan 04 09:41

If any of your idiot friends still believe in AGW, make them read this letter

Lord Monckton has written a letter about AGW to Kevin Rudd, offering to give the Aussie premier a private briefing to correct a few misconceptions he may have on the subject.

It’s a corker.

Jan 04 09:11

A case for letting nature take back Auschwitz

Ninety-nine per cent of what we know we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove . . . it has become part of our inherited knowledge.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or imposed beliefs.

Jan 04 06:50

Detroit Air Attack: Zionist Lies and Future Plans

Jan 04 06:28

Burj Dubai to be world's tallest building

Life in present-day Dubai is not for the faint-hearted. But for those who fear neither heights nor financial crisis, the Gulf city-state is to offer an entirely new experience: the chance to spend the rest of your days thousands of feet up in the air.

Monday sees the long-awaited opening of the Burj Dubai, not only the world's tallest building but the world's tallest building by some 1,000 feet. At 2,683 feet tall, it is the height of the current highest skyscraper, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, with the Eiffel Tower perched on top.

Jan 04 01:37

Israeli fifth columnists? Mark Elf and Tony Greenstein

Redress Information & Analysis warns Palestine supporters of the activities of Mark Elf and Tony Greenstein, both of whom "are highly suspect individuals, pretending to be pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist activists but in reality devoting much of their time to distracting genuine fighters for justice for the Palestinian people with endless, tedious and time-wasting arguments that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Israeli occupation, land theft, colonization, the Gaza siege, Zionism or apartheid".

Jan 04 00:35

Newark Airport terminal on lockdown after security breach

Officials were not sure whether the man had skipped screening completely or whether he went through the security checkpoint, then left the secure area and was returning when he went through the exit the wrong way.

The potential security breach comes just days after the airport, which serves 35 million passengers a year, said it would install body-scan devices following the attempted Christmas bombing of a passenger plane in Detroit.

Jan 03 17:33

10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who've Been Screwing You

Tired of getting pushed around by faceless big business? Here are 10 ways to push back!

Jan 03 16:45

2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World

In this still young millennium American soldiers have also deployed in the hundreds of thousands to new bases and conflict and post-conflict zones in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Djibouti, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mali, the Philippines, Romania, Uganda and Uzbekistan.

In 2010 they will be sent abroad in even larger numbers to man airbases and missile sites, supervise and participate in counterinsurgency operations throughout the world against disparate rebel groups, many of them secular, and wage combat operations in South Asia and elsewhere. They will be stationed on warships and submarines equipped with cruise and long-range nuclear missiles and with aircraft carrier strike groups prowling the world's seas and oceans.

They will construct and expand bases from Europe to Central and South Asia, Africa to South America, the Middle East to Oceania. With the exception of Guam and Vicenza in Italy, where the Pentagon is massively expanding existing installations, all the facilities in question are in nations and even regions of the world where the U.S. military has never before ensconced itself. Practically all the new encampments will be forward bases used for operations "down range," generally to the east and south of NATO-dominated Europe.

Jan 03 14:07

What Now?

New Year. New Decade. New Hopes, dreams, expectations. What now? Change we can believe in is just around the next bend so all we have to do is sit here, have a beer and let good things happen.

Jan 03 11:05

You're doing it wrong! Chinese demolition men accidentally create the leaning tower of Liuzhou

On 9/11 three buildings collapsed perfectly into their footprints supposedly by fire alone. Strange, eh?

Jan 03 09:34

An Introspective Look at the Future of America

As we close out 2009 and look forward into 2010 and beyond, this has been a year of near financial catastrophe and monumental change, none of which benefited America or ordinary Americans. Late in 2008 and throughout 2009, events have happened in the US which would have been labeled unfathomable just a few short years ago, and yet already these monumental changes are expected to be filed into the memory hole and Americans are expected to believe nothing has changed.

I have lost confidence in the US leadership. I have lost confidence in the fairness of the "system" where some elite entities are free to keep the profits and nationalize their losses.

Jan 03 06:46

British and American embassies in Yemen closed over al-Qaeda threat

Britain and the United States were forced to close their embassies in Yemen yesterday after al-Qaeda’s increasingly powerful local affiliate called on Muslims to kill every Western diplomat on the Arabian Peninsula.

Amid growing evidence that the Middle East’s poorest country has emerged as a major battleground in the War on Terror, al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen has emerged emboldened from the failed attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

Jan 02 22:04

US lies about Flight 253 "crotch bomber" patsy: summary of the evidence; Yemen attack implication

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The US government who lied for wars in other resource-rich countries are lying about what happened on Delta Flight 253 with an alleged underwear/crotch bomber. Below is a summary of facts reported at this time, along with a 4-minute news interview from Webster Tarpley, followed by an extensive interview of Mr. Tarpley by Alex Jones.

The longer explanations of the following bullet points are in the reporting from Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff, US Intelligence Examiner Fred Burk, Prison Planet, 9-11 was an Inside Job, American Everyman Scott Creighton, and Citizens for Legitimate Government Lori Price.

Before the flight to the US:

Jan 02 17:52

If US government says an American citizen is a "terrorist," the Constitution is gone, torture is on

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

An American citizen with a bachelor’s degree from 2003 earned from Brooklyn College in Political Science protested as a student against US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He appropriately earned his master’s degree in International Relations in a different country, at a London university, and continued lawful political protest against unlawful US and British wars.

Jan 02 17:18

"Jewish anti-Zionist" pretenders ramp up campaign to distract Palestine activists from core issues

Amid signs that a fringe group of self-proclaimed “Jewish anti-Zionist” pretenders are planning to distract attention from the accelerating theft and colonization of occupied Palestinian territories and the deadly siege on Gaza, Redress Information & Analysis advises Palestine activists to steer clear of these pretenders and not to engage with them in any shape or form.

Jan 02 14:49

Iran again offers to halt uranium enrichment for fuel swap; why won’t US and Obama declare peace?

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Will Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama declare peace with Iran upon their second acceptance of a nuclear fuel exchange program? Will the US corporate media headline this resolution? Will “leadership” of both US political parties announce peaceful victory?

Jan 02 11:26

Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe

For three decades, Texas congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul's extreme brand of libertarian economics consigned him to the far fringes even among conservatives. Not a few times, his views put him on the losing end of 434-1 votes on Capitol Hill.

No longer. With the economy still struggling and political divisions deepening, Paul's ideas not only are gaining a wider audience but also are helping to shape a potentially historic battle over economic policy -- a struggle that will affect everything including jobs, growth and the nation's place in the global economy.

Jan 02 09:34

The Detroit bombing shows that with humans in charge, security can't be foolproof

Americans are going through a collective spasm of frustration at the failure of the country's security apparatus to identify that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a terrorist, and prevent him from boarding NorthWest Airlines flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. I am currently in the US, and the media here are full of security experts screaming that "Nothing has been learnt since 9/11 – the billions spent on airline security have not made flying significantly safer!"

Jan 02 08:45

Pound of Flesh

Pound of Flesh
Something which is owed that is ruthlessly required to be paid back.
Reap what one sows: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head." In modern terms; what goes around comes around, aka you get what you deserve.

Jan 02 08:30

What Now?

Here we are. What now?

New Year. New Decade. New Hopes, dreams, expectations. What now? Change we can believe in is just around the next bend so all we have to do is sit here, have a beer and let good things happen. After all, the bowl games are on.

Jan 01 23:00

Goldman Sachs: Record of $23 billion in bonuses for 2009; explaining their economic parasitism

*hyperlinks and video live at source:

Jan 01 21:17

HR 4173: Congress promises banksters $4 trillion without hearings next time they cry, "Bailout!"

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Prominent financial futurist Gerald Celente calls what the oligarchic collusion of government and banksters are doing to the American public as economic rape. Bailout overseer and Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren calls it reckless gambling. After the year of the world’s largest transfer of wealth from US taxpayers to banksters, Congress is telling the US taxpayers, “TARP off,” by guaranteeing the banksters another $4 TRILLION next time they claim they’re holding the US economy hostage. The bill also limits debate to 10 hours, which could be eagerly construed to mean no hearings.

Jan 01 16:35

TSA backs off subpoenas in search for leaker of widely known security directive

The Transportation Security Administration on Thursday dropped its subpoenas it had issued to two Internet writers in its effort to find the leaker of an airline security directive.

The subpoenas were criticized by a leading journalism organization.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good; there was a huge howl about this on the net, and TSA realized that this was probably the worst thing they could do here.

Jan 01 16:32

TSA lapse helps gain not guilty verdicts

Defense attorneys for two Oahu farm managers charged with employment fraud asked how their clients are supposed to spot counterfeit ID cards for illegal immigrants when Transportation Security Authority workers could not.

A federal court jury apparently agreed with them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is shy throwing good money after bad on security systems will not make us any safer.

Mexican migrant workers here in Hawaii were caught with fake documents, which lacked the hologram all such documents are supposed to have, and contained mis-spellings and other obvious indicators of fraud.

The farmers who employed these workers were charged with hiring illegal workers but acquitted when their lawyer pointed out that as bogus as these documents obviously were, they got the illegals right past TSA in California.

Jan 01 16:16

Ron Paul Challenges Ben Stein to Debate!

Jan 01 12:00

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")

This is a video response to Ben Stein, Apologize to Ron Paul for your Vicious Attack: the "anti-Semitic argument"

Jan 01 10:43

Prostitution in the US government

Paul J. Balles argued that it is time to clean up the US government, in the light of President Obama’s prostituting himself to pharmaceutical industry pimps and recent revelations that every US government appointee must endure a background check by the American Jewish community and that, if they fail to support Israel strongly enough, they lose the job.

Jan 01 09:45

Hackable Drones, Crumbling Empire

What happens when global resistance forces get a handle on the game America and their allies are playing and begin leveraging the weaknesses of such systems, not of least of which are the ideological blind spots plaguing their developers, into a wholly subversive high-tech détournement in a bid to level the playing field?

But as Graham points out, the "often wild and fantastical discourses" of high-tech military theorists have run into a brick, not a silicon, wall: the will to resist.

Jan 01 09:30

2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World

January 1 will usher in the last year of the first decade of a new millennium and ten consecutive years of the United States conducting war in the Greater Middle East.

Beginning with the October 7, 2001 missile and bomb attacks on Afghanistan, American combat operations abroad have not ceased for a year, a month, a week or a day in the 21st century.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how many countries the US has to be fighting before that fighting can be declared a "world war"!

Jan 01 08:34

Judge drops charges against Blackwater guards accused of massacre

In a rebuke to government prosecutors, a federal judge dismissed criminal charges against five Blackwater security guards accused of fatally shooting 14 people in Baghdad in September 2007.

The case was among the most sensational that sought to hold Blackwater employees accountable for what was seen as a culture of lawlessness and a lack of accountability as it carried out its duties in Iraq.

The five guards, who had been part of a convoy of armored vehicles, had been charged with killing 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians and wounding 18 others during an unprovoked attack at a busy Baghdad traffic circle using gunfire and grenades.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (utter) absence of surprise.

The people who own the corporations which provide hired mercenaries now understand that there will be absolutely no accountability for any deaths or injuries caused to innocent foreigners by these people.

Dec 31 22:39

Declare independence from gambling Wall Street banksters: Move your money and demand full reform

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

In the holiday movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, the community banker played by Jimmy Stewart is in a fight for his life, and unknowingly has his community’s future in his hands. The difference for the survival of his community is access to bank credit, focused in the film on the ability to have a home. The antagonist is a destructive banker who would turn the community into a slum as a function of his short-sighted and loveless domination.

Dec 31 20:48

Israel’s hidden friends: troubled misfits in our midst

Redress Information & Analysis highlights the problem of false friends in Britain’s Palestine solidarity movement and urges genuine activists to steer clear from them.

"As veteran campaigners for justice for the Palestinian and other downtrodden peoples all over the world, our advise to our friends and comrades in the struggle for justice is this: steer clear of troubled, time-wasting, immature pretenders like Tony Greenstein and Mark Elf. Do not engage with them or else they will drag you down to the subterranean hovel they inhabit.

"If Greenstein, Elf and others in their camp wish to campaign against Zionism and racism, then we should welcome this and wish them good luck. But let them do it in parallel to us, not together with us."

Dec 31 13:16


Dec 31 11:26

Rudd: It wasn't all bad

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has defended his government's 2009 record in a New Year's Eve address to the nation.

He focused on climate change...

Fireworks then lit up Sydney...

...but we are told they were 'carbon neutral'.

Yeah, right.

Dec 31 11:24

Egypt lacks the milk of human kindness

Stuart Littlewood views the obstacles being placed by Egypt on the path of the Viva Palestina international humanitarian aid convoy for Gaza, which are not only bloody minded and treacherous, but also betray a lack of any sense of brotherhood or compassion.

”Freedom activist are complaining that all this bickering with Egypt has diverted attention from the main culprits, Israel and America. But other culprits lurk in the evil swamp and Egypt is one of them. It is no bad thing that the spotlight falls on their treacherous behaviour.”

Dec 31 10:54

Fighting Back: Ridding America of the Warmongers

Disgusted Americans who vote for politicians that talk peace yet, once elected, support wars, need to get active in between elections. Just voting every four years won’t hack it.

As MIT activist philosopher Noam Chomsky points out in his book “Failed States”(Metropolitan), “Opportunities for education and organizing abound. As in the past, rights are not likely to be granted by benevolent authorities, or won by intermittent actions---attending a few demonstrations or pushing a lever in the personalized quadrennial extravaganzas that are depicted as ‘democratic politics.’ …These tasks require dedicated day-by-day engagement…” Failure to grasp these opportunities “is likely to have ominous repercussions: for the country, for the world, and for future generations.”

Dec 31 09:46

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Public reaction to the Christmas Day attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow Northwest Airlines flight 273 all over Detroit, by allegedly igniting explosive strapped to his nuts, can be gauged by the willingness with which travellers will now accept the four hour check-in time for flights to the US and the quiet acceptance with which they subject themselves to increasingly invasive body searches. The campaign to make air travel a nightmare experience, for all but the political elite, continues to be ramped up. The US Transport Security Administration has just issued the following directive to all airlines flying to US destinations.....

Dec 31 09:35

Ron Paul “They’re Terrorist Because We’re Occupiers”

Dec 31 08:54

Russia Considers Sending Spacecraft to Knock Away Asteroid?

(*Somebody's got to do it . Where it could be life saving on a global scale , don't hold your breath waiting for the US to do anything about it . We've got wars to wage !
:official white horse souse)

Dec 31 05:59

The Old 'False-Flag Trick'

Government is the only human enterprise that profits from failure. Once that principle is understood, many otherwise inexplicable choices made by ruling elites and their servants can be made intelligible. For instance, we can begin to understand the perverse persistence governments display in courting preventable catastrophes, and then capitalizing on such incidents to enhance their power to do exactly the same things that resulted in disaster. In this case, in addition to requiring the helotry to undergo unconscionable personal violations before flying, the Regime is exploiting the incident aboard Northwest Flight 253 to escalate the ongoing military assault on Yemen, thereby increasing the human misery that helps propel international terrorism.

Dec 31 04:08

Egypt To Allow Convoy To Enter Gaza - Galloway Statement

George Galloway gives a statement explaining a deal that has been reached between the Turkish side of the Viva Palestina Convoy the Egyptian Government allowing the convoy to proceed to Gaza. Aired on December 30, 2009

Dec 30 14:22

Should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed go free? The torture of a terrorist

Christopher King argues the case for releasing Al-Qaeda suspect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in order to highlight the issues involved that go much further than punishing a terrorist.

”The crimes against Mohammed are so egregious that they have undermined both the foundations of Western law and fundamental humanitarian principles; they have regressed the relationship of the individual to the state by half a millennium; they have demonstrated that the USA regards foreigners as outside law and unworthy of humanitarian treatment. Mohammed has been subjected to crimes of incredible gravity by the American state.

Dec 30 14:17

PsyOp Internet battle for Hearts, and Minds

The Internet revolution has changed the face of our planet. Over the last 20 years there's been a complete transformation of the way we live, conduct business, and share information. In the same amount of time, information technology has helped bring countless atrocities committed by governments, and global corporations into view. We've seen the rise of groups like "We Are Change", and birthing of the "Truth Movement"; which has kicked off a viral, and grassroots information wave. The Internet's been in many regards a saving grace of mankind, and in the same likeness the greatest threat to the establishment!

Dec 30 12:14

Avatar: a humanist call from Mt Hollywood (film review by Gilad Atzmon)

"Avatar may well be the biggest anti War film of all time. It stands against everything the West is identified with. It is against greed and capitalism, it is against interventionism, it is against colonialism and imperialism, it is against technological orientation, it is against America and Britain. It puts Wolfowitz, Blair and Bush on trial without even mentioning their names. It enlightens the true meaning of ethics as a dynamic judgmental process rather than   fixed moral guidelines (such as the Ten Commandments or the 1948 Human Right Declaration). It throws a very dark light on our murderous tendencies towards other people, their belief and rituals…"

Dec 30 11:55

PetroChina Wins Approval for $1.8 Billion Canadian Acquisition

Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) — PetroChina Co. won the approval of the Canadian government for its C$1.9 billion ($1.8 billion) bid to buy a stake in two Alberta oil-sands projects, its biggest North American acquisition.

The purchase by China’s largest oil company of a 60 percent share in Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.’s MacKay River and Dover oil- sands projects “is likely to be of net benefit to Canada,” Industry Minister Tony Clement said in a statement yesterday.

Dec 30 09:56

Savannah’s Biscuit Police arrest Dangerous Criminal in Undercover Sting!

In Savannah Georgia a snitch/competior uses the favor of the police force to set up an undercover sting on a delivery service. More than 5 police officers detain a man for delivering biscuits and gravy. You got to hear this story!

Dec 30 06:18

Detroit in RUINS!

Dec 29 07:10

Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty

Congressman Ron Paul fears that the agenda behind the Flight 253 bombing incident is to expand the war on terror into Yemen while stripping Americans of more liberties, warning that it’s time people woke up and realized that the government cannot guarantee their safety.

Dec 29 07:08

Sorry, Secretary Napolitano, But the System Didn't Work

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano should make up her mind: did the system work or not? Following the failed terror attack aboard a Northwest Airlines Detroit-bound flight on Christmas day, Napolitano has changed her tune from: "Once the incident occurred, the system worked," to "Our system did not work in this instance." The real question is whether she actually believes the former declaration or the latter, and whether she's playing politics here. Either way, her behavior following Thursday's incident is disturbing.

Dec 29 06:25

Ex-TSA chief: security system did work

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, really, it did. Honest!"

Dec 28 17:09

Egypt's ruler Mubarak torpedoes international voluntary aid to Gaza

Stuart Littlewood considers the predicament of the Viva Palestina international humanitarian convoy – the culmination of voluntary work by thousands of supporters, fund-raisers and donors in the UK, Europe and internationally – whose journey to besieged Gaza was thwarted by Egypt’s ruler, Husni Mubarak, just four hours before it reached its destination.

Dec 28 11:25

A Tale of Two Terrorists?

The photos in the press of alleged terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab are so blurry, that his identity is somewhat obscured. I find this really odd. But, it is not just the poor quality of the photos, it is the fact that there appears to be two different looking alleged terrorists!

Dec 28 10:52

Just like swine flu: worry, don't worry, worry, don't worry, worry, don't worry

Wow, that didn't take long at all. Scant days after the American war machine took the cloaking device off its direct military involvement in Yemen, we have an alleged attempted terrorist attack by an alleged attempted terrorist who, just scant hours after his capture, has allegedly confessed to getting his alleged attempted terrorist material from ... wait for it ... Yemen!

Dec 28 08:08

Cash-strapped US running out of unemployment money

Twenty-five US states are running out of federal funds to pay unemployment benefits to jobless Americans.

State authorities currently have two options: Raising taxes or shrinking aid payments.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When benefits are completely gone, and there are no jobs to be had for the skilled individuals desperately seeking them, things may get ugly in a heartbeat.

Dec 28 06:27

Monaco to build into the sea to create more space

He has launched a drive to build into the Mediterranean to create an area around 12.5 acres – roughly the size of five football pitches.

It will extend from the Fontvieille district at the western foot of the "rock", where Monaco's palace and historic centre are situated.

The £10 billion plan was first floated last year but dropped due to the financial crisis and the "green" Prince's concerns it would damage the marine environment.

Dec 27 18:26

America Under Barack Obama

"I try to avoid hyperbole, but I think Obama is possibly the most dangerous and destructive president we have ever had."

~ Nat Hentoff

Dec 27 13:53

Video: Jewish South African, Ronnie Kasrils, compares Israel to apartheid era South Africa

On 4th December 2009, the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) and SOAS Palestine Society organised a public meeting putting forward the case for sanctions and boycott of Israel. Amongst the speakers were several from the South African struggle against apartheid including Ronnie Kasrils - former minister in Nelson Mandelas ANC government and Bongani Masuku - International Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). Other speakers included Omar Barghouti from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), Steven Rose of BRICUP, Yasmin Khan from War on Want, and Tarek Mustafa from Egypt's first independent trade union.

Dec 27 13:47

The plot thins ...

The more I read about the latest plane terrorist, the more I know it's all fake.

Yesterday we were told the terrorist himself said the explosive was strapped to his leg, today we are told by the Telegraph, quoting nobody at all, that it was sewn into his underwear. Okay, maybe he was wearing long winter underwear.

The Telegraph, again quoting nobody at all, tells us the explosive was the same as Richard Reid used. Yet in all this time, authorities have not come up with a detection method for this type of explosive?

I can't wait to see what stories the other rags are coming out with.

Dec 27 09:52

Zeitgeist Addendum film review: past, present, and future of money and economics

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Zeitgeist Addendum is the 2008 follow-up to the 2007 100 million Internet-viewed Zeitgeist. The film focuses on humanity’s fundamental problem of a viciously antagonistic relationship among ourselves and its reflection in economic structures. The solution presented is to understand three areas of money and economics, and one area of philosophical creative potential:

1.The mechanics of our fractional reserve monetary system that only and always creates debt that is impossible to ever repay.
2.Our corporatocracy governments that enslave nations under unpayable debt to control resources and profit.
3.The option of upgrading our economy from a scarcity and profit-based paradigm to a resource and technology-driven paradigm.

Dec 27 09:45

Black hole of debt triggers Obama defections but re-election is possible

Nearly one year on, Mr Obama, according to one poll last week, has an approval rating of 47 per cent – the lowest for any president at this point in his first term. The extraordinary movement of young, old, liberal, independents, black, Hispanic, disaffected Republicans and first time voters that propelled him to victory last year has splintered. The grandiloquent calls for transformation have gone. Today, it is not inconceivable that Mr Obama could lose re-election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real question is, bloated with an unrepayable national debt and with billions being spent on these wars without end, will the US government even survive in its current form in the year 2012?

Dec 27 09:34

Americans Are Hell-Bent On Tyranny

Obama's dwindling band of true believers has taken heart that their man has finally delivered on one of his many promises--the closing of the Guantanamo prison. But the prison is not being closed. It is being moved to Illinois, if the Republicans permit.

In truth, Obama has handed his supporters another defeat. Closing Guantanamo meant ceasing to hold people in violation of our legal principles of habeas corpus and due process and ceasing to torture them in violation of US and international laws.

All Obama would be doing would be moving 100 people, against whom the US government is unable to bring a case, from the prison in Guantanamo to a prison in Thomson, Illinois.

Dec 27 08:35

First Case of Highly Drug-Resistant TB Found in US

Swine flu didn't scare them enough! Better roll out the next one!

Dec 26 19:49

Passenger detains plane terror suspect

"He was actually a normal person, he was very scared, he had a very frightened look, he wasn't resisting or anything. I also spoke later to one of the Dutch people who was sitting next to him and they said he was a really nice and polite man. So he was someone you wouldn't expect to commit a crime like this."

Dec 26 16:35

Egypt’s President Mubarak blows his chance to behave decently

Stuart Littlewood argues that time is running out for Egyptian President Husni Mubarak to prove that he is not an Israeli stooge and allow the Viva Palestina international humanitarian aid convoy to reach the besieged Gaza Strip in time for the first anniversary of Israel’s mass slaughter of Gazans.

”The convoy’s request for easy passage was Mubarak's big chance to show that he was not, after all, the cruel and unprincipled Zionist stooge that civilized people across the world had already consigned to the dustbin of history. It is not too late to make amends. But if he doesn’t act quickly he’ll blow it for everyone, including himself.”

Dec 26 10:40

Pig farts spark Australia gas scare

A flatulent pig sparked a gas emergency in southern Australia Thursday when a farmer mistook its odours for a leaking pipe, officials said.

Fifteen firefighters and two trucks were called to a property at Axedale in central Victoria state after reports of a gas leak, the Country Fire Service said.

"When we got there, as we drove up the driveway, there was this huge sow, about a 120-odd kilo (265-pound) sow, and it was very obvious where the gas was coming from," said fire captain Peter Harkins.

"We could not only smell it, but we heard it and it was quite funny."

Dec 26 10:31


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The event as detailed by eye witnesses is remakarbly consistent with a known issue with laptop/notebook PCs running on lithium-ion batteries.

They are notorious for their incendiary properties. Apparently the perpetrator's thighs were severely burnt.(?)

The FAA has not publicly reported any such incidents as yet, but in-flight incidents are known.

So, what if Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, a student, was using his laptop on the plane when the Lithium Ion battery caught fire? The nearby passengers ove5r-react, the plot declares an emergency and thew US media is off and running with an attention-grabbing headline of terror in the skies before it was realized this was purely a computer malfunction!

Remember, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was started with a mistake by an inexperienced sonar operator who heard his own ship's screws and mistook them for a torpedo. The mistake was known almost immediately, but the media momentum to blame the "attack" on North Vietnam was already underway and there was no internet to force a correction.

Just something to think about. A cooked-off battery followed by a security and media over-reaction explains all the inconsistencies in the story.

Dec 26 09:29

Al Gore Continues To Put His Mouth Where His Money Is...

At times the real Truth may be a bit Inconvenient – but it does come out sooner or later. As soon as it comes out, the true career liar, the real Pro, launches a well-prepared damage control campaign. Can you imagine the next round? They already went to Copenhagen to sew up the deal. Now they are going to need something like a full-scale attack from outer space. Watch the tabloids carefully over the next few months. Orson Welles would love it. When someone mounts an instantaneous visceral counterattack you tend to suspicion that they either have something they are well prepared to hide or they are "true believers [read delusional]" – either of which can produce disastrous and expensive results.