Jun 08 05:51

Senator confirms reports that wellbore is pierced; oil seeping from seabed in multiple places

Senator Bill Nelson was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell this morning on MSNBC and confirmed reports of oil seeping up from additional leak points on the seafloor.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL): Andrea we’re looking into something new right now, that there’s reports of oil that’s seeping up from the seabed… which would indicate, if that’s true, that the well casing itself is actually pierced… underneath the seabed. So, you know, the problems could be just enormous with what we’re facing.

Jun 08 04:10

Poll: Criminaly prosecution of BP for oil spill

Almost two-thirds of Americans agree "strongly" or "somewhat" that the federal government should pursue criminal charges against BP and other companies involved in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

(*I'm sure the execs at BP are really troubled by this poll .)

Jun 08 00:21

Helen Thomas resigned? Nothing surprising here

Debbie Menon

Helen Thomas always asks the right questions! That is why she is known as a “top US journalist.”

Helen Thomas, 89, began her long career with the wire service United Press International in 1943, and started covering the White House in 1960, according to a biography posted on her website. She became a columnist for Hearst in 2000. She (born August 4, 1920) is an American news service reporter, a Hearst News papers columnist, member of the White House Press Corps and author. She served for fifty-seven years as a correspondent and, later, White House bureau chief for United Press International (UPI). Thomas covered 10 U.S. Presidents.

Jun 07 21:43

New NOAA Forecast: Oil spill 35 miles from Tampa Bay area by June 8

By June 8 the outer boundary of the BP oil spill is forecast to be under 40 miles from the Tampa Bay area.

Jun 07 21:03

“Defending your Life” 5-minute video: overcome fear to have the ride of your life

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Faith in religion or spiritual justice ends fear. When a human being declares a loving God who has command of Life, then there is literally nothing to fear. This is equally true if one declares karma is a law.

Therefore, growing in spiritual strength and eliminating fear go hand-in-hand.

Spiritual strength and embracing factual reality also go hand-in-hand in almost everyone’s vision. I understand the facts I present (among hundreds of writers) shine light upon fear-evoking reality of unlawful US wars and “leaders” who intentionally collapse our economy; conclusions self-evident from this academic paper, “Open proposal to higher education,” and my citizen paper, “Government by dicts.”

Jun 07 17:35

White House Blasts Absent Thomas In Today’s Briefing;

(*with everything they never dared say when she was present)

Jun 07 17:10

Senator confirms reports that wellbore is pierced; oil seeping from seabed in multiple places

Senator Bill Nelson was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell this morning on MSNBC and confirmed reports of oil seeping up from additional leak points on the seafloor.

Jun 07 16:36

US Navy Veterans Continue to seek Justice for Israeli Attack (2010)

By: Dahr Jamail

On June 8, 1967, while sailing in international waters, the US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was attacked by air and naval forces of the state of Israel. Of the Liberty’s crew of 294, more than half were killed or wounded. More than 40 years later, survivors are still seeking justice.

The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that the Liberty was an American ship, yet survivors have been forbidden to tell their story under oath to the American public.....

Jun 07 15:01

US would accept 'reformed' Taliban in Afghanistan if 'red lines' respected: Holbrooke

you can't have a settlement with Al Qaeda, you can't talk to them, you can't negotiate with them, it's out of the question.

(* sure you can . You ever hear that slang expression ; Praying To The PORCELAIN God ?)

Jun 07 10:35

Drugs for Europe: Protected by Powerful Western Interests, Afghanistan Heroin Transits Through Kosovo

Two years ago a joke was being circulated on the Runet that a heroin producer has recognized its distributor’s independence. It was about Afghanistan, which was to the first to recognize the independence of the Serbian province of Kosovo which had illegally separated from Yugoslavia.

Kosovo has since become a transit point for drugs, channelled from Asia to Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When there is control of drug trafficking, there is also control of where the drugs wind up.

Jun 07 10:17

What NOAA wants us to believe about hurricanes and the mess in the Gulf

From their recent glib PDF. With commentary.

Will there be oil in the rain related to a hurricane?

No. Hurricanes draw water vapor from a large area, much larger than the area covered by oil, and rain is produced in clouds circulating the hurricane.


Jun 07 09:43

Intel chief nominee Clapper held disputed Iraq WMD view

President Obama's choice to be the next director of national intelligence supported the view that Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq sent weapons and documents to Syria in the weeks before the 2003 U.S. invasion.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and current undersecretary of defense for intelligence, will be the next DNI. President Obama announced Gen. Clapper as his nominee Saturday, saying he must not fall victim to Washington politics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this serial liar who "...supported the view (a view completely unhinged from anything remotely resembling facts) that Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq sent weapons and documents to Syria in the weeks before the 2003 U.S. invasion" is about to get promoted.

Tel Aviv's politicians must be dancing in the streets at this nomination, because once confirmed, this guy will now be screaming from the rooftops that Iran has "weapons of mass destruction", and can hit Washington with them in less than 30 minutes, paving the way for a war against Iran.

And just as happened in the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it will be American kids who will be fighting, getting maimed for life, and dying to neutralize yet another of Israel's "existential enemies" in the region.

Jun 07 08:43

Democrats Skip Town Halls to Avoid Voter Rage

The reception that Representative Frank Kratovil Jr., a Democrat, received here one night last week as he faced a small group of constituents was far more pleasant than his encounters during a Congressional recess last summer.

Then, he was hanged in effigy by protesters. This time, a round of applause was followed by a glass of chilled wine, a plate of crackers and crudités as he mingled with an invitation-only audience at the Point Breeze Credit Union, a vastly different scene than last year’s wide-open televised free-for-alls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to all those in public office in Washington; we have been lied to, ignored, and taxed to death to the point where it will be interesting to see how this outrage shapes the political landscape of the future - if this country has a future, given that US debt is expected to outstrip the GDP by 2012.

Jun 07 07:49

Press TV Live Stream Feed

Great coverage of the Flotillas and world wide protest .

Jun 07 07:42

Yahoo slipped, fell, handed your email contact list to third parties.

You did want the upgrade, didn't you?

Oh yes. No warning. This feature is opt-out, so woe betide all who eschew webmail; little will they know, buffered as they are by Thunderbird or Outlook, that their entire social network information has just been plundered, only to be relinked, visualized, mined. Opting-out procedure is of course non-intuitive. Info at link.

Jun 07 07:36

Our Enemies, the Israelis: When will we wake up to the threat?

By Justin Raimondo

One of my readers, in the comments section below, wrote the following in response to my last column on Israel’s hijacking of the Gaza flotilla: “Again I ask the question: What do the Israelis have on our politicians that makes them such whores? Dirty pictures? Threats of withholding campaign contributions? It’s really embarrassing as well as infuriating to see congress with its collective pants down around their legislative ankles just waiting for Israel to do it again.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

Jun 07 07:26

An Exclusive on: Israel’s Dr. Strangelove – Uzi Arad

This is the man who probably should be criminally indicted for Israel’s high-seas massacre of people on the Peace Flotilla.The latest total is 64 badly wounded, killed, or missing.Turkey, Egypt, and other countries should certainly blacklist him from any further visits. He is Israel’s Dr. Strangelove.
Like with so many other sensitive things about Israel, the question needs to be asked: Why are the major US newspapers and TV networks not telling the American people about Uzi Arad, arguably the most important and most dangerous man in Israel when it comes to war and peace, the man who really has his finger on Israel’s nukes, the man who has publicly threatened to totally destroy Iran, as well as the man thought to be most responsible for the 31 May massacre?

Jun 07 07:17

US midwest storms: tornadoes hit Ohio and Michigan, leaving at least seven people dead

A tornado unleashed a path of destruction in northwest Ohio, destroying dozens of homes and an emergency services building as a line of storms killed at least seven people. The tornado ripped the roof and back wall off Lake High School's gymnasium several hours before the graduation ceremony was supposed to begin there. The school board president said one of the victims was the father of the class valedictorian

Jun 07 07:09

How Israeli propaganda shaped U.S. media coverage of the flotilla attack

But now that the passengers and journalists have been released from Israeli detention and are speaking out, a much different story is emerging. As I noted yesterday, numerous witnesses and journalists are describing Israeli acts of aggression, including the shooting of live ammunition, before the commandos landed. The New York Times blogger Robert Mackey today commendably compiles that evidence -- I recommend it highly -- and he writes: "now that the accounts of activists and journalists who were detained by Israel after the raid are starting to be heard, it is clear that their stories and that of the Israeli military do not match in many ways."

Jun 07 06:01

Half of Federal Judges Have Conflicts of Interests In Oil Spill Lawsuits

A long standing judicial rule is that judges should not preside over cases in which bias and prejudice may exist. Bias and prejudice exists where a judge may have a financial interest in the case. Where such a conflict of interest occurs, a judge can “recuse” him or herself from the case, which means “remove” him or herself from the case, allowing another judge, who lacks a conflict of interest, to reach a disposition on the merits of the lawsuit...

Jun 07 05:58

Who Gives a Shalit?

Despite Israel’s expansion of illegal settlements, despite the recent Massacre in the Mediterranean, Despite issuing evacuation orders to forcibly remove Palestinians from the Gaza and west bank, President Obama still called Israel a “beacon of democracy.”..

Jun 07 05:52

MORE LIES: Experts Say Oil Spill Will Have Mild Effect On People

Images of oil-soaked birds and soiled beaches, combined with a general mistrust of industry and government, are making it hard for a skeptical public to believe there won’t be serious health effects from the devastating spill in the Gulf of Mexico...

Jun 07 05:49

Iran Red Crescent to send aid to Gaza, reports say

Iran's Red Crescent Society will try to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza by sending food and medical supplies "in the next few days," Iranian media reported Monday, citing an official with the organization.

Abdul Rauf Adibzadeh said relief goods will arrive in Gaza via Egypt by the end of the week.

The aid group also is preparing to send two relief ships to the coast of Gaza, including a hospital ship with doctors, nurses and operating rooms and another vessel with more relief goods such as food and medication, the IRNA and Mehr news agencies reported.

Jun 07 05:49

British PM: Country Facing 'Decades' Of Cutbacks

Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday that Britain’s financial situation was “even worse than we thought” and that the country would have to make savage spending cuts to bring its swelling deficit under control...

Jun 06 22:59

Press TV interviews it’s Reporter Hassan Ghani – Survivor of Gaza Flotilla

Press TV correspondent, Hassan Ghani, was aboard one of the Freedom Flotilla ship that came under the Israeli attack and in this 3-part video interview, he gives a most credible and measured account of the events of that tragic night, despite the horrors he had witnessed. He mentions in Part 3, a friend Ken O’Keefe who was severely beaten by the Israelis and a picture of Ken in a shocking condition is provided below. Also provided is Ken’s statement given in Istanbul after being deported by Israel.

Hassan Ghani was released from Israeli captivity and went to Turkey to attend the funerals before visiting Iran.

The following is a rush transcript of Press TV’s interview with Hassan.

Press TV: Tell us about your ordeal Hassan, What happened on the day of the attack?

Jun 06 21:54

U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe

U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe
By Kevin Poulsen and Kim Zetter, June 6, 2010
Federal officials have arrested an Army intelligence analyst who boasted of giving classified U.S. combat video and hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records to whistleblower site Wikileaks, has learned.
SPC Bradley Manning, 22, of Potomac, Maryland, was stationed at Forward Operating Base Hammer, 40 miles east of Baghdad, where he was arrested nearly two weeks ago by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division. A family member says he’s being held in custody in Kuwait, and has not been formally charged.

Jun 06 21:49

Our Enemies, the Israelis

Even when the Israelis blew up a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, a military reconnaissance vessel that was monitoring Israeli troops movements prior to the Six Day War, Washington went along – in public – with Tel Aviv’s fairy tale claiming it was an “accident.” This disgrace is repeated, today, as the beaten and battered Americans who lived to tell the tale of what happened aboard the flotilla return to bear witness to Israeli brutality. An American citizen is killed, and Washington looks the other way. The ghost of Rachel Corrie is not surprised. Nor am I. Because the Israelis, after all, are our enemies.

Jun 06 20:23

BP: 500,000 pounds of emissions released

At BP’s Texas City refinery, more than 400 pounds a day of benzene — 40 times the state reportable levels — was released during a 40-day period while a subunit of the refinery’s ultracracker unit was offline, according to a company filing with the state’s environmental agency Friday.

In all, BP officials said more than 500,000 pounds of pollutants and nonpollutants were released while the company increased flaring as they tried to repair a compressor on the faulty unit.

Jun 06 20:20

BP gets break on dumping in lake

The massive BP oil refinery in Whiting, Ind., is planning to dump significantly more ammonia and industrial sludge into Lake Michigan, running counter to years of efforts to clean up the Great Lakes.

Indiana regulators exempted BP from state environmental laws to clear the way for a $3.8 billion expansion that will allow the company to refine heavier Canadian crude oil. They justified the move in part by noting the project will create 80 new jobs.

Jun 06 20:06

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill

The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse.

Jun 06 18:57


This technique should have served two purposes based on this 80s film. The first one should be obvious for those old enough to remember the use of these microbes in oil spills. The second would have curtailed fashion trauma since polyester suits for men, and women's Captain Kangaroo style suit skirts of the late 70s and 80s, were made of combining two petroleum products, terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

In essence, these same microbes could have been used early enough to save us from this ocular blight. But I digress...

Jun 06 15:29

IDF Shayetet 13 specializes in underwater explosive devices

On Shayetet 13, State Terror and Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla
The unit apparently specializes in placing mines on foreign ships in Israeli ports using underwater personal vehicles (i.e. vehicles with specific gravity equal to the one of sea water); certain subunits of the fleet apparently use what is known in Hebrew as “Toshvei Hutz” (namely “Foreign Residents”) – apparently a military code name for large marine mammals – for the same terrorist activities; the unit apparently employs maritime biologists trained in the Tel Aviv University. Shayetet 13 was the main force used by Israel during the attack on Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla.

Jun 06 13:52

Oil Impacting Florida's Economy

Jun 06 13:40

There's another BP oil spill? - Shhh!! says BP, the Bushs' and Their CIA a Federal Judge Finds Out

In one case, BP's CEO of Alaskan operations hired a former CIA expert to break into the home of a whistleblower, Chuck Hamel, who had complained of conditions at the pipe's tanker facility. BP tapped his phone calls with a US congressman and ran a surveillance and smear campaign against him. When caught, a US federal judge said BP's acts were "reminiscent of Nazi Germany."

Jun 06 13:28

Congressional Record: JP Morgan & Co purchased all major media for propaganda: 1917. And now…?

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Congressman Oscar Callaway lost his Congressional election for opposing US entry into WW 1. Before he left office, he demanded investigation into JP Morgan & Co for purchasing control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of his corporate and banking interests, including profits from US participation in the war. Mr. Callaway alleged he had the evidence to prove Morgan associates were working as editors to select and edit articles, with the press receiving monthly payments for their allegiance to Morgan.

Jun 06 13:25

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes, start a new government? 8 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

Jun 06 13:00

The Amount Of Neurotoxin Pesticide Corexit Sprayed By BP Tops 1 Million Gallons

Corexit is lethal in as little as 2.6 parts per million where oil is lethal in 11 parts per million meaning that Corexit is over 4 times more toxic than oil.

Furthermore scientific studies show that oil dispersed with Corexit is 11 times more lethal than oil alone.

In fact the study referenced showed that crude oil was lethal at 4250 parts per million to killifish but combination of oil mixed with Corexit was lethal in as little as 317.7 ppm.

Jun 06 12:35

Top PR firm for BP tied to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Over at The Next Right, the've pieced together some interesting connections about the White House's ties to British Petroleum, better known as the company currently polluting the Gulf of Mexico. We all know Obama was the biggest recipient of BP's campaign cash in Washington, but it seems BP's ties to the White House run even deeper.

According to The Next Right, PR firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner "helped BP plan and evaluate its successful re-branding campaign, focusing the company's branding on energy solutions, including the development of solar and other renewable energy sources."

Jun 06 12:02

Read the Govt’s Report Blasting Drilling Regulators on Ethics, Drugs and Porn

The Department of the Interior’s Office of the Inspector General released a report [2] this morning indicating as much. At one Gulf Coast office of MMS, agency officials attended sporting events [3] on the dime of oil companies, stored porn [4] on company computers, used cocaine and crystal meth [4], and falsified inspection reports [5].

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Federal Government is so busy taking care of poor widdle Israel that they forgot to take care of the United States!

Jun 06 11:40

BP Live Webcam Working Again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BP is yammering on about how much oil they are pumping up from the destroyed Deepwater Horizon oil well and into a tanker, soon to be headed for your local gas station, and I am certain from BP's point of view, salvaging saleable product is a great improvement over the last going on fifty days of total losses.

But the issue for America and the world is not how much oil is being pumped into BP's tankers but how much is still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

As can be seen here, the problem is actually far worse than it was before. When the old riser pipe was still in place, it restricted the amount of oil flowing out of the broken BOP, but once that pipe was cut off for the LMRT, the flow became unrestricted and the LMRT failed to seal off the pipe as had been the plan.

In other words, the LMRT failed and BP failed and now things are much worse. If the reports of a second botched drilling sight leaking oil nearby are true, and/or if BP's statement about a broken safety valve 1000 feet below the floor of the Gulf of Mexico are true, then together with what we see here on this video there is no way to stop this thing. The drillers, as Tolkien would put it, delved too deeply and too greedily and woke the nameless horror that dwells in the dark. A real-life Balrog wreathed in flame and black smoke has awoken, and lays waste the halls of Moria!

Jun 06 11:28

FLASHBACK - MAY 28 - BP says oil spill stopped

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why we cannot trust anything these bastards say now!

Jun 06 11:26

Gulf coast Birds in Oil: AP video

Jun 06 10:45


After two days in an Israeli jail, 64-year-old Paul Larudee speaks out...

Sixty-four-year-old Paul Larudee, an American citizen and longtime pro-Palestinian activist, was on board one of the ships carrying humanitarian relief to Gaza that was raided by the Israeli navy on Monday. He dove into the Mediterranean Sea, only to be captured and held in an Israeli prison for two days.
This was not Larudee’s first brush with Israeli authorities, but it was easily his most dramatic. He spoke with Salon about the raid and his captivity this afternoon from Greece, where he arrived after being released by Israel.


Ken O’ Keefe

I have for many years understood that we, people of conscience, are the true holders of power in this world.

Jun 06 09:47

James Cameron? Really? Seriously...Really?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some frustrated film maker's gratuitous bash on James Cameron, who at the very least can do no worse than the US Government or BP with regard to solving the Gulf Oil disaster.

Jun 06 07:31

William N. Grigg On Flotilla Attack: We Bought The Bullets

Apologists for the Israeli government's actions insist that the commandos who invaded the Turkish-flagged ships were forced to defend themselves when they found themselves outnumbered by civilians armed with knives and pipes. But just as pirates and armed robbers have surrendered the right to self-defense, the commandos had no moral or legal right to continue their aggression through violent means once they met resistance.

Jun 06 06:00

US attendees at ‘world government’ meeting may be breaking law: activists

Activists protesting outside this year's meeting of the secretive Bilderberg Group say American citizens attending the meeting may be breaking the law.

The 56-year-old group, which hosts some of the world's most influential financiers and politicians on annual basis, is alleged to have been the driving force behind the launch of several wars and behind a push to create a single global government -- a claim that many observers describe as not credible.
Daniel Estulin, an investigator who has written two books about Bilderberg, told RT that the big question at this year's meeting is whether the Euro will survive the continent's fiscal crisis.

Jun 06 02:10

The Flotilla Gaza Activists Shot in Head at Close Range by IDF

by Robert Booth – The

Nine Turkish men on board Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times, autopsy results reveal

Israel was tonight under pressure to allow an independent inquiry into its assault on the Gaza aid flotilla after autopsy results on the bodies of those killed, obtained by the Guardian, revealed they were peppered with 9mm bullets, many fired at close range.

Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the autopsies for the Turkish ministry of justice today.

Jun 05 23:20

The Hammer of Heaven and the Synagogue of Satan

I suspect we are looking at ‘The Israeli Mistake’, as predicted by the Half Past Human Report. A lot of people are outraged by this vicious, criminal act by the criminal Rothschild Crime and Banking Family consortium that operates as a nation, for the purpose of every permutation of crime for profit and pleasure. Aside from the loss of life which attends nearly every act committed by this crime syndicate, this is actually a good thing. There will be more, because the entire nation is insane and made militarily powerful through their control of the United States government.

Jun 05 20:26

Flashback: Dual Americn-Israeli soldier citizens, Traitors on a Plane

Traitors on a Plane
October 24, 2009
1. I’ve had it being Mr. Nice Mantiq al-Tayr. These United States are permeated with traitors who pretend to be part of our society but whose loyalties lie elsewhere; said fact being a cause of tremendous damage to this country.
"I’m talking instead about the likes of traitor Tsvi Mark who recently completed his first year at West Point. He then got on a plane with 237 other traitors from North American countries and flew off to Israel. He did so in order to join an “elite” unit (the Hebrew word for “elite” means “really good at murdering Palestinians”) in the Israeli military. On that very same plane, over 50 others, at least, were going right into the Israeli military.

Jun 05 20:14

GORDON DUFF: Is Israel Planning Act of Desperation ?

It still holds two stolen nukes for possible port attack

Jun 05 20:10

Gordon Duff: Pakistan’s Role In Afghanistan



US policy in Afghanistan hasn’t so much failed as it hasn’t even materialized. With the original rationale for overthrowing the Taliban their relationship with Osama bin Laden now long forgotten, buried with, not only the death of bin Laden many years ago but much more. No ties between bin Laden and 9/11 have ever been established, none of the training camps seen in the online videos existed anywhere but in fiction, truth is such a delicate thing. Children in Afghanistan are taught to be fighters from birth. Training an Afghan to fight is like training a fish to swim.

Jun 05 20:05

JEFF GATES: How Israel Wages War on the U.S.—By Way of Deception

The Manipulation of U.S. General Colin Powell and Pakistani Cricket Star Imran Khan

Mass media and popular culture are powerful tools of manipulation when wielded by those skilled at waging way by way of deception. When shaping the opinion of an unsuspecting public, the star power of military leaders and sports heroes is routinely appropriated.

That duplicity was on display in February 2003 when Colin Powell gave false testimony to the U.N. Security Council that helped launch the U.S.-led invasion of a Muslim nation. Similar duplicity was deployed in May 2005 when Pakistani cricket icon Imran Khan launched from Islamabad a false story that provoked outrage at the U.S. in Muslim nations.

Jun 05 17:45

Anger Continues in Turkish Street

Jun 05 16:42

What legitimacy does Israel have? UN recognition of Israel is fatally flawed

Christopher King argues that beneath Israel’s litany of crimes against the Palestinians, and most recently its murder of humanitarian workers aboard the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla, lies the fact of its own illegality.

Jun 05 16:40

Rise people, rise: call for zero tolerance of Israeli crimes

Rich Wiles views Israel’s murder of peace activists aboard the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla against the background of a long history of Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. He reminds us that, even as the world was mourning the murder of the peace activists, Israeli soldiers and settlers continued to murder Palestinians.

”People of the world, you can see what is happening. You are taking to the streets. You are rightly angry at this inhumanity. For the sake of your fellow human beings this barbarity must be stopped for ever. All inalienable rights must be enforced, and all occupied lands must be liberated. Now must be our time; Rise people, rise!”

Jun 05 16:08


Jun 05 13:26

Understanding Israel's criminal seige of Gaza; one facet of US Orwellian "leadership"

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

I previously wrote that if Iran had carried out the Gaza carnage, the US and Israel would have already initiated war against Iran.

In my comprehensive resource article, "Government by dicts," is the documentation of acknowledged US military/CIA control of corporate media that explains why US public understanding of Israel's criminal Crime against Peace and War Crimes are unclear.

Jun 05 11:31

Oil Stains Beaches, Beachgoers in Alabama

Three stories from Alabama Press-Register/ Alabama Live at above link, but the photos say it all -- well all except the implication that this is all that will be washing up inherent in 'No New Beached Oil'....

Jun 05 10:49

Illinois - A State In Crisis

Illinois is a microcosm of the nation. Facing the largest per capital budget deficit in America, equal to half its operating budget, it's in deep crisis, one of many problems being poverty, the issue the Heartland Alliance addressed in its May 5 report titled, "2010 Report on Illinois Poverty," deepening under budget-balancing social safety net cuts, making a bad situation worse for growing numbers throughout the state, suffering under dire economic conditions, exacerbated by bad public policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

American citizens are of no use or value to their government, except as an allegedly endless supply of tax money for wars without end, the betterment of their own personal lifestyles, and unlimited funds and arms for Israel.

Jun 05 10:00

Obama secretly deploys US special forces to 75 countries across world

President Obama has secretly sanctioned a huge increase in the number of US special forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda around the world, with American troops now operating in 75 countries.

When Mr Obama took office US special forces were operating in fewer than 60 countries. In the past 18 months he has ordered a big expansion in Yemen and the Horn of Africa — known areas of strong al-Qaeda activity — and elsewhere in the Middle East, central Asia and Africa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note to President Obama; the alleged "Al-Qaeda" have nothing to do with the buildup of Special Forces, particularly in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, as you well know.

This is about the US wanting and needing the natural resources up which, or adjacent to which, the countries being infiltrated with US Special Forces, are sitting.

Afghanistan is a perfect example, literally cursed by its geography. Afghanistan was a target for invasion and occupation because it was the perfect place to install the pipelines with which to potentially control Eurasian oil.

There is only one small problem here, however, nearly 9 years on; the Afghan people want their country back, and are doing everything they can thing of to cause that to happen.

I would like to remind you, Mr. President, that as late as August of 2001, the Bush Administration was negotiating with the Taliban government on the rights to the pipeline routes, but considered the price being asked "too high". Then, conveniently, we had 9/11, and we were off and running with a war of occupation, which has still not brought about the outcome of "pacifying" the Afghan people enough to install the pipelines.

This is what our kids have been fighting for, getting maimed for life for, and dying for. Apparently, this price, in American blood and American money, is not considered "too high", either by the Bush Administration, or the Obama Administration.

I would also like to point out, Mr. President, that Russia and China have been making deals, rather than waging wars, to secure the energy their countries will need for the future of their countries.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the US has something to learn here.

Jun 05 09:20

"A Human Rights Nightmare is Occurring on Our Watch"

With 5% of the world's population, the United States today boasts 25% of its prison population. Despite declining crime rates in the last three decades (even in the midst of our current recession), rates of incarceration in the U.S. have been stunning.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American model of prisons and incarceration does not work; the rate of recidivism is incredible.

As reported, June 2006, in:

"Within three years of their release, 67% of former prisoners are rearrested and 52% are re-incarcerated, a recidivism rate that calls into question the effectiveness of America's corrections system, which costs taxpayers $60 billion a year. Violence, overcrowding, poor medical and mental health care, and numerous other failings plague America's 5,000 prisons and jails."

We could learn much from Scandinavian countries, which have a far more enlightened goal of rehabilitation, rather than punishment per se, and the recidivism rates are far lower in these countries.

Jun 05 08:59

Booms wouldn't keep oil from Pinellas beaches

If the BP oil spill ever reaches the Tampa Bay area, there are plans to set out floating booms to protect environmentally sensitive marshes and estuaries and mangroves.

But what about the beaches that are the lifeblood of the local economy?

Jun 05 08:57


Jun 05 08:21

Egyptian Men With Israeli Wives Lose Citizenship in New Ruling

A Cairo court on Saturday upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women... and their children, of their citizenship..... a ruling that cannot be appealed.... to prevent the creation of a generation "disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world." Children of such marriages "should not be allowed to perform their military service"...

Jun 05 07:47

What if BP Never Stopped the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico?

What if nothing worked at all? What if the oil just kept coming out of the ground until it stopped naturally? How long would it take? What would be the consequences?

The quick answer is that they would be severe -- though nobody is quite sure how much oil might escape because nobody, even at BP, is sure how much is down there.

"It's huge. It's a big oil field," said Roger Anderson, an oil geophysicist at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. "If 20,000 barrels a day are escaping, it could stay there for years, then drop off. It could flow at a small rate for a very, very long time."

Jun 05 07:26

Florida Gulf oil spill: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area are in place

Gulf Oil Spill 2010: Plans to evacuate Tampa Bay area are in place

As FEMA and other government agencies prepare for what is now being called by some, the worst oil spill disaster in history, plans to evacuate the Tampa Bay area are in place.

The plans would be announced in the event of a controlled burn of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico, if wind or other conditions are expected to take the toxic fumes through Tampa Bay.

Jun 05 07:25

Open letter to president Obama by Dennis Kucinich

" is incumbent upon the Commander in Chief to call Israel to an accounting for its conduct in planning and executing the deadly military attack in international waters upon a peaceful flotilla carrying citizens from over 50 countries."

Jun 05 07:19

Joe Meadors Interviews

Joe Meadors was on the same Free Gaza boat that Israel seized in the Mediterranean on Monday. He is also a survivor of the 1967 attack by Israel on the US military ship the USS Liberty. Meadors says that the attack on the flotilla was illegal and that Israel needs to be held accountable for its actions.

Jun 05 07:10

People Power! The Swedish dockers' union decides on a blockade against Israeli ships and goods

People ask themselves how to react to Monday's bloodbath on the Mavi Marmara. Svenska hamnarbetarförbundet, the Swedish dockers' union, has made a first contribution to that debate: it has decided on a blockade against Israeli ships and goods from June 15 at 00.00 hour to June 24 at 24.00 hour. Here is their press release, in Swedish and in English translation:

Jun 05 06:47

Gazan Survivalism by Karen Kwiatkowski

As Israel is increasingly the North Korea of the Middle East, Gaza is perhaps the Harrison Bergeron of our modern era. Sadly, Harrison’s destruction is the aim of the Handicapper General, just as a wholesale and final destruction of Gazan society and economy is clearly the Israeli government objective. The small strip of desert, once a food exporter has been made a modern concentration camp, not unlike the fantastical case of Manhattan in the dystopian Escape from New York.

Jun 05 06:27

Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal

Six of the nine passengers killed in an Israeli raid on an aid convoy bound for Gaza were shot by a single Israeli commando, who is being considered for a medal of valour for saving his injured comrades as passengers attacked them with clubs, knives and even guns they had taken from downed Navy Seals.

Jun 05 05:28

Massacre on the Mediterranean: Synopsis

There is a great deal to discuss regarding the recent episode in the Middle East specifically the attack on the humanitarian-aid vessels, or flotilla, that were headed to Gaza by the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces. In the aftermath 9 civilian deaths, including one nineteen-year-old American, were reported and countless more injured. The Prime Minister of Turkey called the attack a “bloody massacre”...

Jun 05 05:13


Join as they travel to Gaza. Witness what happens on board the Flotilla. Watch their videos.

Just before 9am this morning, the Israeli military forcibly siezed the Irish-owned humanitarian relief ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, from delivering over 1000 tons of medical and construction
supplies to besieged Gaza. For the second time in less then a week, Israeli naval commandos stormed an unarmed aid ship, brutally taking its
passengers hostage and towing the ship toward Ashdod port in SouthernIsrael. It is not yet known whether any of the Rachel Corrie’s passengers
were killed or injured during the attack, but they are believed to beunharmed.

Jun 05 04:52




Report: Autopsy shows Gaza activists were shot 30 times
Nine Turkish activists killed in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound ship, including one with U.S. citizenship, were shot a total of 30 times and five died of gunshot wounds to the head, Britain’s Guardian newspaper says.


Jun 05 00:55

Abkhaz Local Official Killed in Gali

The head of the local administration of the village of Rep in the Gali district of Abkhazia, Dmitry Katsia, was shot dead late on Thursday evening. Katsia’s car was reportedly attacked by 3 armed men.

Two days earlier before this murder, one Abkhaz customs officer was killed and two others were wounded when their car was attacked close to the village of Saberio in the Gali district.

Abkhaz leader, Sergey Bagapsh, who summoned a national security council session on June 4, said "the Georgian trace in quite obvious" in both of these incidents.

Jun 05 00:49

Rep. Brad Sherman: prosecute U.S. citizens involved with Gaza flotilla

Rep. Sherman: prosecute U.S. citizens involved with Gaza flotilla
Ali Gharib
June 4, 2010
On a press call hosted by a pro-Israel organization, Rep. Brad Sherman, Democrat of California, told reporters that he intends seek the prosecution of any U.S. citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla.
"The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 [PDF] makes it absolutely illegal for any American to give food, money, school supplies, paper clips, concrete or weapons to Hamas or any of its officials," Sherman said on the Israel Project call, conflating Hamas and Gaza’s civilian population. "And so I will be asking the Attorney General to prosecute any American involved in what was clearly an effort to give items of value to a terrorist organization."

Jun 05 00:23

Israelis had shoot-to-kill policy, says activist

Israelis had shoot-to-kill policy, says activist
Friday, June 04, 2010 - 02:50 PM
Israeli commandos shot passengers at the rate of one a minute during the bloody raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, a Briton on board the main vessel said today.
"Mr Patel said he was not visited by anyone from the British mission and Ms Harrison said the consul told her that Israeli officials had prevented him visiting captured Britons."
“I see that as an insult from Israel to the British, that they were denying the British consul the right that citizens have.
“I also see it as a sign that the British don’t have the strength to stand up to Israel.”

Jun 04 22:49

JAMES PETRAS: Israeli War Crimes: From the U.S.S. Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla

This is dedicated to the brave Turkish martyrs on the Mavi Marmara, May 31, 2010, and to the 34 murdered American sailors on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 – all victims of an unrepentant criminal state – Israel.

Introduction: Israel Crimes on the High Seas

Jun 04 22:37


Join as they travel to Gaza. Witness what happens on board the Flotilla. Watch their videos.

Stay tuned for news about MV Rachel Corrie as she makes her way to Gaza. About 10 minutes ago, they have been trying every two minutes to contact passengers onboard MV Rache Corrie. No answer.

Email information about worldwide protests and demonstrations to protests at


Jun 04 20:29

Rachel Corrie aid ship 'seized by Israeli navy'

One of the last ships on a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, the Rachel Corrie, has been intercepted by the Israeli navy, according to reports.

The activists on board the Irish-owned shup reported via Twitter that three boats were following them for around twenty minutes.

Israeli forces then boarded and reportedly placed passengers under arrest.

Irish-Malaysian ship MV Rachel Corrie, named after an American woman killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2003, had been making its slow journey towards Gaza despite the deadly commando attack by Israeli troops earlier in the week.

Jun 04 19:05

Israel attacked with US supplied weaponry, illegal use (AECA).

Josh Ruebner
Posted: June 4, 2010 02:53 PM
BIO Become a Fan
Justice for All? A Tale of Two Victims: Leon Klinghoffer and Furkan Dogan.
"It doesn't sound as if the Obama Administration will be scrambling fighter jets anytime soon to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak for ordering these attacks against U.S. civilians.
Since the Obama Administration is having trouble deciding how to punish Israel for injuring and killing U.S. citizens, here's a suggested first step: launch an investigation into whether Israel violated the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

Jun 04 18:44

US Navy destroyer USS San Jacinto stops pirate attack on Maltese flagged ship

Thursday, 3rd June 2010 - 10:26CET
US warship disrupts pirate attack on Maltese flagged ship
The American Navy destroyer USS San Jacinto (CG 56) on Monday disrupted an attack by nine Somali pirates on a Maltese-flagged vessel, the Navy said.
"The American Navy vessel arrived quickly and followed the pirate skiff in a helicopter. Navy sailors boarded the skiff and arrested the pirates, who threw their weapons into the sea.
The USS San Jacinto has detained 22 pirates so far in the last seven days. The pirates were turned over to Yemeni Naval Forces."

Jun 04 17:52

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill

The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill gusher caused its value to collapse.


Jun 04 17:39

Shame behind the silence of America over Israeli crimes

Paul J. Balles answers some poignant questions regarding the United States’ double standards on Israel and its failure to condemn Israel’s murder of peace activists aboard the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla.

Jun 04 16:09

Gilad Atzmon on Israeli collective madness

Gilad Atzmon, a British writer and musician who was born in Israel and served in the Israeli army, believes that the raid will lead the world to “see what Israel is all about”.

“They are convinced that the more people they kill, the more people will be deterred to jeopardise what they regard as their security,” Atzmon told Russia Today (RT)

Jun 04 16:06

Is Israel planning act of desperation? It still holds two stolen nukes for possible port attack

Gordon Duff warns that unless the international community takes decisive action by stripping Israel of its nuclear weapons and demanding regime change in Tel Aviv, the world might soon be subjected to an Israeli-concocted false-flag nuclear disaster.

Jun 04 16:04

“No citizenship without loyalty!” Fascism in Israeli society

Neve Gordon detects a disturbing trend in Israeli society, manifested recently in the way pro-government demonstrators reacted to protests by Israeli Jews and Arabs against the murder of peace activists on the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla.

Jun 04 12:18

Another War Is Required to Burn $13 Trillion of U.S. National Debt

US Treasury slips into the red announcing $13 trillion debt

Anna Bodrova also said that the US economy uses another reliable method to cope with such problems. The United States takes either physical or financial participation in military actions somewhere across the ocean.

It is not ruled out that the US will soon increase the defense spending to write off a big part of its debt,” the expert suggested.

Indeed, the USA has been using military actions for its economic revival since the Great Depression of the 1930s. A war boosts the industrial development, gives more jobs to people, etc.

Experts believe that the war in Iraq was launched to postpone the American crisis, which started brewing in the USA at the end of 2000.

Jun 04 11:15


Jun 04 10:49

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes and start a new government? 7 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

Jun 04 10:36

Plutocrats Convention

The secretive Bilderberg club of the rich and powerful, meeting in Barcelona, may decide the fate of the Euro, and much else.

Jun 04 10:26

BP, Coast Guard withheld video showing massive scope of oil spill

Federal officials and the oil giant BP effectively conspired to keep the worst images of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico from the public, according to a report Thursday.

The US Coast Guard, which is coordinating response efforts to the spill on behalf of the government, had hours of video showing the extent of the spill within nine days after the spill began. But by that point, they'd released only a single fuzzy still image.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 04 10:16

Contractor: BP Is Trying To Hide Dead Animals, Since The Ocean Will Eventually Wash Away The Evidence

In recent weeks, reporters and photographers for major news organizations around the country have been speaking out about the attempts by BP to prevent them from getting a first-hand look at the Gulf Coast oil spill. A CBS News crew was threatened with arrest when it tried to photograph the spill, and a BP representative in Louisiana told a Mother Jones reporter that she couldn’t visit the Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge without a BP escort.

Jun 04 09:51

A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State"

Question: Dr. Roberts, the United States is regarded as the most successful state in the world today. What is responsible for American success?

Dr. Roberts: Propaganda. If truth be known, the US is a failed state. More about that later. The US owes its image of success to: (1) the vast lands and mineral resources that the US “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants, (2) Europe’s, especially Great Britain’s, self-destruction in World War I and World War II, and (3) the economic destruction of Russia and most of Asia by communism or socialism...

Jun 04 09:21

Hamas and Al-Qaeda and Iran!...oh my

At one point he stated that Iran would smuggle weapons into Gaza via these "supposed" relief craft,and would set up an "Iranian port on the Mediterranean", if israhell were to lift the blockade. Perhaps he should ask his doctor if Hemlock is right for him. This man should be in a home somewhere.

Jun 04 09:02

ADL Rewrites New Testament

What happened is really not debatable. But it is unacceptable to speak. Anti-Christian Jews can be blamed for nothing. Their leaders must be portrayed as always wise, balanced, good and moderate. As a people, they were never xenophobic or legalistic. And they had nothing, nothing, to do with Jesus' death. The nails went through His hands and feet as if by magic. There was no murder.

Isn't it interesting? Jewish leaders allow others no such exoneration.

In Germany, there is no such convenient bleaching of history. A radically different situation prevails. There, no one can be free from their ancestral guilt. No reparations can be enough....

Jun 04 08:33


Deek Jackson weighs in on current events.

Jun 04 06:44

Swiss take next step to end bank secrecy

Switzerland moved a step closer to ending its centuries-old laws which have protected the secrecy of the country's banks on Thursday after a key parliamentary vote.
The upper house of the Swiss parliament ratified an agreement made by the Swiss government to hand over the names of thousands of UBS clients to the US.

The vote is seen as a major step forward in the US taxman's attempts to get his hands on the names of 4,450 of UBS's American clients as part of a wider investigation into tax avoidance.

Jun 04 06:15

BP wrestles cap over leak as Obama heads back to Gulf

BP engineers capped a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico but failed to stop it gushing more oil Friday, as a "furious" President Barack Obama prepared to head back to the stricken coast.

After the cap, the next chance to halt the flow of oil would not come until mid-August, when two relief wells are due to be completed.


Let's not forget that hurricane season is beginning. We may not see this resolved until December. And by then, the Gulf of Mexico will have to be renamed to the Gulf of Petrolium.

Jun 04 05:52

McDonald's pulls Shrek glasses in U.S.

McDonald's in the U.S. is recalling 12 million "Shrek"-themed drinking glasses because of cadmium in the painted design.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned consumers early Friday to immediately stop using the glasses. It was not yet clear if the recall extended to McDonald's in Canada.

The 16-ounce glasses being sold as part of a promotional campaign for the movie "Shrek Forever After," were available in four designs depicting the characters Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots and Donkey.

Jun 04 05:01

Gaza flotilla: Israel accused of ‘sabotaging’ Irish aid ship Rachel Corrie

Israel has been accused of sabotaging communication systems on the Irish registered aid ship MV Rachel Corrie which is bound for Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian campaigners behind the latest seaborne attempt to break the blockade on the Hamas-controlled enclave said that they had lost all contact with the vessel.

The Free Gaza Movement said that it assumed Israel must have sabotaged systems on board the ship, whose passengers include a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a former UN assistant secretary-general.

As a result they plan to pull it back to port and pack it with celebrities and journalists, in a direct challenge to Israel.

Jun 04 03:37

The Legal Framework of International Law The Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla by Israeli Navy Commandos on May 31, 2010

By Lynda Bray

Crimes against Peace and
Crimes against Humanity

During the pre-dawn hours of May 31, 2010, the Israeli Navy attacked the six civilian vessels of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The attack took place in international waters against ships flying under national flags of countries with which Israel is not at war, namely Turkey, Greece and the United States. The ships were carrying civilians from more than sixteen countries.

Salient points:

Since no state of war existed at the time, the attack on these vessels constitutes an act of war against those governments under whose flags the vessels were sailing. [...]

Continue Reading

Jun 04 03:31

Justin Raimondo : This Says It All

Israelis kill American – Joe Biden says: “What’s the big deal?”

What is US foreign policy in the Middle East all about – and for whose benefit is it being conducted? In two short paragraphs, this news story says it all:

“The U.S. confirmed that an American citizen, identified as 19-year-old Furkan Dogan, was killed by multiple gunshots during the Israeli raid on a flotilla carrying activists attempting to run a blockade of the Gaza Strip.

“State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said the U.S. has made no decision on a response to Dogan’s death.”

Apparently official Washington is torn between issuing a mild protest, and thanking them. [...]

Continue Reading

Jun 04 03:27

Erdogan: Israel in danger of losing its “best friend” in the Region NATO HQ Seething

By Juan Cole

As funerals were held in Turkey on Thursday for 7 Turks and 1 US citizen, a new wave of anger swept over Turkey at Israel. The popular emotions have potential implications for Turkey and NATO in the Middle East, and therefore for the United States and the Obama administration.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara on Thursday that Israel must review its policies lest it lose its best friend in the region, i.e. Turkey. [...]

Continue Reading

Jun 04 03:21

Review of Zionism, Militarism And The Decline Of US Power by James Petras

December 2009 issue of Culture Wars magazine – Ken Freeland

The hegemonic influence of Zionist-Israeli forces over America’s foreign policy, particularly Middle East policy, is a phenomenon without historical precedent. While right-wing radicals, with their focus on patriotism and constitutional values, set off early alarms about this perceived foreign domination,the Left pretty much slept through its insidious ascent to power. [...]
Continue Reading

Jun 03 23:34

BP's Top Two Officials On Rig Are No-Shows At Crucial Hearing

Donald Vidrine, BP's "company man," overruled the rig's chief mechanic and driller and pushed to speed up the process by remove the drilling mud faster to save BP money on the day of the tragic explosion, according to testimony from rig owner Transocean's Doug Brown on Wednesday.

Vidrine did not testify as scheduled on Wednesday, citing an unspecified medical condition.

The other top BP official on the rig, Robert Kaluza, also declined to testify, invoking his 5th Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

Note the highlighted text above. It is an obvious grammatically incorrect edit -- a hurried typo to spin the "to save time" mantra? I don't believe the current media mantra that removing the mud was done "to save time." From what I can gather, I believe that removing the mud was extremely non-standard.

Jun 03 22:21

Keiser Report ? 46: Social Fury builds up! Guillotines, Conspiracy Theories & Financial Terrorism

"They own these securities in their own accounts, Congresspeople, Senators and House of Representatives. That's why they aren't acting in the interest of the folks who don't own shares in the financial terrorism. If al Qaeda went public via Goldman Sachs on Wall Street and was trading for $140 a share on the New York Stock Exchange, nobody in America would be against al Qaeda, nobody in Washington would be against al Qaeda, because its shares are all listed on the exchange and they all own shares..."

Jun 03 21:52

Ocean currents likely to carry oil along Atlantic coast

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: A detailed computer modeling study released today indicates that oil from the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico might soon extend along thousands of miles of the Atlantic coast and open ocean as early as this summer. The modeling results are captured in a series of dramatic animations produced by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and collaborators.

Jun 03 21:18

BA says sorry for bin Laden boarding pass gaffe

British Airways apologised on Thursday after a photo of a boarding pass for passenger "bin Laden, Osama" appeared in an in-house magazine, touting the benefits of online check-in.

The photo -- including a Frequent Flyer programme number for the Al-Qaeda chief and a seat allocation near the front of the plane -- was published in LHR News, a publication for BA staff at London's Heathrow airport.


Booga Booga - Be vewy vewy scared!!!!!

Jun 03 20:13

BP boss expected to pay out £6.8b to shareholders

BP's chief executive, Tony Hayward, is today expected to defy calls from U.S. politicians to block over £6.8billion of payouts to shareholders this year.

According to sources he is prepared to risk further fury in America by promising to stick with the disgraced company's payout policy in an effort to placate shareholders.

Such a controversial move comes in spite of demands from American politicians that all dividends be halted until the total cost of the clean-up is known.

Jun 03 18:57


Jun 03 15:59

Sea blockade of Gaza was “temporary” – 15 years ago

Stuart Littlewood views a little-mentioned blockade of Gaza: an interim, five-year agreement signed by the Palestinian Authority in 1995 – probably under duress – but still in force, allowing the Israelis “to weave a tangled web of security zoning in Gaza's coastal waters” and leaving them in charge offshore, where there is a massive gas field.

Jun 03 15:49

American Furkan Dogan Killed on Gaza Aid Flotilla

A U.S. citizen who lived in Turkey is among the nine people killed when Israeli commandos stormed a Turkish aid ship heading for the Gaza Strip , officials said today. The victim was identified as Furkan Dogan, 19, a Turkish-American. A forensic report said he was shot at close range, with four ...

Jun 03 14:28

Goldman Sachs Dumps 44% of it's BP Stock Weeks before Oil Rig Disaster

Goldman Sachs (on March 31st) owned 6 million shares...after it sold 4.7 Million shares. WHAT DID THEY KNOW?

Jun 03 14:03

Big Pharma blackmails Greece; halts medicine supply over cash demands

In order to cut costs during its severe debt crisis, Greece had announced it would pay drug companies 25 percent less for their products, but this loss of profit was enough to convince several pharmaceutical companies supplying key drugs to the country to initiate their own medical blockade where they simply refuse to deliver any more medicines.

In doing this, Big Pharma shows its true character. When the profits are flowing and the companies are raking in full-price profits, they're you're best friend. But when budgets get tight and everybody is asked to take a cut, Big Pharma betrays your country and its citizens, withholding medicines in a thinly-veiled blackmail attempt to force you to cough up more cash.

Jun 03 13:43

“Mad dog” diplomacy: a cornered Israel is baring its teeth

Jonathan Cook argues that Israel is responding to growing domestic scrutiny of its human rights abuses and increasing international isolation, and to the erosion of its deterrence, by introducing new repressive laws and by branding its critics as supporters of terrorism.

Jun 03 13:20

Breaking: Coast Guard confirms oil sheen in Florida Keys

Jun 03 13:19


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the required uniform to be part of the official WRH tarring and feathering Olympic team!

Jun 03 12:55

Obama has a #1 brand name item in Israel

Jun 03 12:42

Sarah Palin Blames Oil Spill on Environmentalists

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know beauty queens are supposed to be ditzes, but this is just silly!

Jun 03 12:31

Adam Rothschild calls the Prime Minister of Canada a slave!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Canada Is Zionist Jewish Occupied Territory: Member Of Rothschild Empire Calls Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, A Slave! (Truth Comes Out!)
Adam Rothschild calls the Prime Minister of Canada a slave!
June 1, 2010
“CJPAC owns your country; Stephen harper is like a slave”.
CJPAC is the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, and Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada. At the bottom of the screenshot Adam Rothschild makes another post:
“May Yahweh bless the CJPAC with control of the Canadian Government just like the AIPAC controls the United States
-Adam R.”

Jun 03 12:16

LAPD rolls out iWatch, an expansion of its counter-terrorism program that gets public involved

“Everyone has a part to play when it comes to keeping this city safe,” said Deputy Chief Michael Downing, who manages the LAPD’s counter-terrorism efforts. “We felt people really needed to understand the nature of this threat and that they have a significant role.”

Jun 03 11:41

Interpol: Joran van der Sloot arrested in Santiago

Joran van der Sloot has been arrested and is in police custody in Santiago, Chile, an Interpol spokesperson in Santiago told CNN.

Van der Sloot, who was previously considered a suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba, is the main suspect in this week's slaying of 21-year-old Stephany Flores Ramirez, officials said. She was was found Wednesday in a Lima, Peru, hotel room registered to van der Sloot. Chilean police told CNN that paperwork showed that van der Sloot entered Chile on Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I recall that there was a pretty substantial case against Joran in Aruba, and I wondered by what magic he continued to evade arrest and prosecution.

Jun 03 10:03

Drugged To Death

After Sgt. Robert Nichols died at the WTU at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in 2008, the Army Criminal Investigation Command grilled his wife for possible evidence that his death was self-inflicted.

“You didn’t have to be Albert Einstein to see where they were going with that. I thought, are you really trying to suggest this? This man? No.” Nichols, who deployed to Iraq in 2007 to a base south of Baghdad, sustained a traumatic brain injury after a mortar round landed near him, his wife said.

Medical records show he was taking a cocktail of 11 drugs, including Percocet, Valium, the antidepressant Celexa, the antipsychotic Seroquel, and Depakote, an anti-seizure drug used to treat major depression and bipolar disorder, his wife said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would hazard a guess that the reason talk therapy is frowned upon by the US military is the possibility that some of these men and women might make the observation that in these current illegal and immoral wars, it is the US which is on the wrong side of history; it's simply easier to avoid the moral issues of these wars (and keep the lid on war crimes) by doping the soldiers up, and hoping that the cocktail of prescription meds they are taking doesn't kill them.

Jun 03 09:34

Giuliani Rips Obama’s Handling of Oil Spill

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, whose tireless leadership in the days and weeks after 9/11 made him a national hero, has accused President Obama of doing everything wrong in his handling of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

“It couldn’t be worse,” Guiliani said Wednesday when asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity to rate Obama’s performance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If anyone from BP (or Mike Cameron) is reading this, here is suggestion to get that cap on the pipe.

Click for larger version.

Jun 03 08:35

The Rachel Corrie to be quietly allowed to dock?

Reports are the Corrie was sabotaged by Israeli intelligence. As the lead ship in the flotilla, the name itself was viewed by Israel as a potential PR nightmare. Every US main stream media report I have seen on the ship heading to Gaza does not mention its name, only that it is Irish. No need to stir up old wounds or some may begin to question why the media has buried the Rachel Corrie story for so long and why Hollywood has not made the movie.

Jun 03 07:08

'Those morons don't know what they're doing': James Cameron's view as yet another BP oil spill fix fails

'Titanic' director James Cameron has labelled those trying to clean up the BP oil spill 'morons' after revealed BP turned down his offer of help.

Jun 03 02:38

CNN removed the video. of Huwaida Arraf's Account

Here's GRTV's video of the same interview but not with the same clarity as was CNN's.

Richard Falk, Huwaida Arraf & Norman Finkelstein on the Freedom Flotilla. Huwaida Arraf, US. activist released from Israeli custody recounts raid on the phone from Ramallah.

Please Listen :

Jun 03 02:32




This week “religious commandos” from Israel attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters. Seven Israelis were injured during the attack with one member of the “Israeli Secret Police” thrown overboard by an 81 year old woman. Jerusalem papers report that Israel is holding the woman for attempted sexual assault.

Is it illegal to rape a pirate on the high seas? We are waiting for a ruling from the International Criminal Court at the Hague on this.

Jun 03 02:27

Letter From Israel:The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

By Ran Ha Cohen

Not many atrocities can be less controversial than Israel’s attack on the Turkish-based flotilla heading to Gaza yesterday. Like Somali pirates, Israel attacked the boats in international waters. Like the darkest regimes, Israeli forces opened fire on unarmed civilians who had not posed a threat to anybody, except to the siege that Israel (with Egyptian co-operation and U.S. backing) imposes on Gaza. Condemnation of what the Turkish prime minister rightly termed “an act of state terrorism” has been global, except for the shameful mumbling of the American government (but what can you expect from the complicit?).

Jun 02 21:37

SUPERB! DEMOCRACY NOW:Global Condemnation

Amy Goodman

Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla: At Least 10 Dead, Hundreds Remain in Detention.

Jun 02 21:18

Obama’s Timidity and Deaths at Sea

By Ray McGovern

A chief lesson to learn from President Barack Obama’s recent unwillingness to stand up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Lobby is that such timidity can get people killed.

Casualty figures are still arriving in the wake of Israel’s Sunday night-Monday morning commando attack on an unarmed flotilla trying to bring relief supplies to the 1.5 million Palestinians crowded into Gaza. Already, at least nine civilian passengers are reported killed, and dozens wounded.

Jun 02 21:13

Full Text of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Speech! (English, Turkish)

By Mary Rizzo

Today I do not only want to speak to my dear people but to all of humanity.

I want to call to the conscience and hearts and minds of the whole of humanity, I would like to share courageously my feelings.

Yesterday, in the darkest moment of the night two bloody attacks occurred.

The first of them was the terrorist attack against our military troop at the Iskenderun Naval Base. In this malicious, vicious attack six of our soldiers died, and they have become martyrs. Seven of our soldiers have been injured.

The second, at dawn in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the heart of humanity has taken one of her heaviest wounds in history. The aid ships, from the humanitarian heart, these flowing aid ships have been hindered with guns, by violence, despotism.

Jun 02 19:38

Supreme Court backs off strict enforcement of Miranda rights

In her dissent, Sotomayor faulted the majority for announcing a "new general principle of law" that will be confusing in practice.

"Criminal suspects must now unambiguously invoke their right to remain silent — which, counterintuitively, requires them to speak," she said.

Jun 02 18:33

Canadian on Gaza flotilla says he was beaten

Canadian on Gaza flotilla says he was beaten
Wed Jun 2, 3:49 PM
By The Canadian Press
Rifat Audeh was one of three Canadians detained during the raid that took place in international waters Monday.
Audeh told The Canadian Press he and other activists were physically abused by the troops.
"I was beaten by the soldiers. They tied my hands behind my back, put a blindfold on me, threw me on the ground," he said in a telephone interview from Jordan, where he arrived after being deported by Israeli authorities.
"I thought they were actually going to break my arms and legs while they were doing this because it was very violent."

Jun 02 18:32

Rising doubts over Obama Asia trip

The White House said Wednesday that President Barack Obama's Indonesia and Australia trip this month was still on, despite speculation he may delay it again, this time over the BP oil spill.

Obama's political handlers may judge that it would look bad for the president to head abroad while the oil disaster unfolds back home.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This postponement, should it happen, will far likelier be due to a military conflict against North Korea, Iran, or both, rather than the disaster in the Gulf.

Jun 02 18:22

Commandos used kidnapped captain's child as threat

Thursday3/6/2010June, 2010
Activists tell of ‘barbaric’ attack
“The attack was totally barbaric,” he said by telephone from a bus taking the freed activists to Amman. “They used legitimate and maybe illegitimate weapons: rubber bullets, live ammunition, sound bombs and tear gas bombs. They also used batons as they landed to beat those on board to control the ship.”
“We were not armed. We did not go there to fight,” Brahimi, who said he was the co-ordinator of the Algerian contingent on board the convoy’s ships, said. “We used sticks and all what we could find to defend ourselves to stop the assault. During the second assault, they succeeded in kidnapping the young son of the captain, and then we found ourselves obliged to give up.”

Jun 02 17:42

Israelis shot people in forehead, says Pakistani

Israelis shot people in forehead, says Pakistani
Israel News.Net
Wednesday 2nd June, 2010 (IANS)
A Pakistani journalist who was captured during a naval attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla alleged Wednesday that Israeli soldiers were shooting people in cold blood.
Talat Hussain, one of the 124 people arriving in Jordan following their release by Israeli authorities, claimed that the commandos 'shot people in the forehead'.
'I witnessed myself the first Israeli assault on the ship. There was no weapon on the ship,' Hussain told Aaj news channel by phone from Jordan.

Jun 02 14:27

BP's Dismal Safety Record

As the nation comes to grips with the worst oil disaster in its history , there is evidence BP has one of the worst safety track records of any major oil company operating in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And yet only a month before the disaster, the US Government gave the Deepwater Horizon a safety award!

Jun 02 13:20

Israeli MP’s terror on aid ship: “Plan was to kill activists and deter future convoys”

Jonathan Cook reports on the eyewitness account of an Arab member of the Israeli parliament who says that Israeli warships fired on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla “a few minutes before commandoes abseiled from a helicopter directly above them”, and suggested that some unarmed peace activists had been executed while others were deliberately left to bleed to death.

Jun 02 13:19

Israel’s shameful justification for murdering peace activists

Neve Gordon considers the flaws and contradictions in Israel’s justification for attacking the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla and murdering innocent peace activists on board.

Jun 02 12:49

Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida Arrested on Corruption charges

He is charged with four counts of grand theft, one count of money laundering and one count of organized scheme to defraud, according to Statewide Prosecutor William Shepherd.

Jun 02 12:19


Jun 02 12:10

Achille Lauro ship attack, Piracy is an international crime

All At Sea
By Yvonne Ridley
June 01, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- I wonder how many of you remember the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship the Achille Lauro way back in October 1985?
"- under article 3 of the Rome Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988, it is an international crime for any person to seize or exercise control over a ship by force, and also a crime to injure or kill any person in the process. The treaty necessarily adopts a strict approach. One cannot attack a ship and then claim self-defence if the people on board resist the unlawful use of violence."

Jun 02 12:06

Feds Approve New Gulf Oil Well off La

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 02 11:24

Latest Setback for BP: Saw Snags Underwater

Jun 02 11:08

A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State"

"To American eyes a vague “terrorist threat,” a creation of their own government, is sufficient justification for naked aggression against Muslim peoples and for an agenda of world hegemony."

Jun 02 09:31

Latest Oil Containment effort hits snag

I thought they said this for sure was gonna work?

Jun 02 09:10

BP Disaster - The MTV version!

Jun 02 07:23


Rapper and Poet Lowkey rightly says, “We are sick of it”, “We are sick of it”, as he leads a demonstration at London’s Downing Street, on 31st, May, to protest yet another massacre by Israel, this time of 9-16 ( numbers and names not yet confirmed) human rights activists onboard the Flotilla sailing to Gaza , with humanitarian aid for Gazans. He says, “We need the names now… this is not a crime against the Palestinian people, this not a crime against the Turkish people, this is not a crime against the British people, this is a crime against Humanity… We were not there, it is our tax dollars that went into the bullets that killed those humanitarian activists….”

Lowkey has demonstrated huge support and love for the people of Palestine .

Must watch. He is Amazing!

Continue :

Jun 02 06:59

Ex-Mossad agent: Gaza flotilla raid ’so stupid it’s stupefying’

The former Mossad agent is Victor Ostrovsky, who enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force at age 18 and has since written two books highly critical of Israel's war-fighting apparatus. His first book, "By Way of Deception," illustrates the brutal and often confusing nature of the Israeli spy service's covert operations, casting the agency as a villain that engages in the drug trade to further their ambitions over the good of Israel.

Jun 02 05:44


Former United States Army Colonel, Foreign Diplomat, Peace Advocat, Ann Wright is seen in this video being arrested by Israeli commandos onboard the humanitarian aid flotilla “Marmara”, reports Dick Allgire from Honolulu.

“Israel has been allowed to get away with anything they want to, any criminal act they want to, any violation of international law, America protects them” says Ann Wright.


Continue :

Jun 02 05:04

Goldman Sachs Sold 44% of its BP stock three weeks before the Deepwater Horizon explosion

And Wells Fargo increased their holdings by 112%.

Jun 02 03:07

Obama's Timidity, Failed Policies and much more

Timidity. Euphemism for cowardice. --ts

Jun 02 01:56

Greta Berlin: Marbles, paint balls and nukes [Videos]

The Israeli military (IDF), has been busy spinning the story of their attack on a civilian convoy trying to deliver aid to the besieged people of Gaza. They’ve had a head start, sending out edited videos, posting ’supposed’ military footage of the passengers attacking them, saying that they confiscated ‘weapons’ which apparently turned out to be marbles, sling shots, kitchen knives and aluminum chairs.

More will be revealed as passengers are released. We already know that Israel shot the captain of the Marmara and the European Campaign boat, maybe hoping that we would no longer be able to hire captains. Several activists have spoken to their respective Consulates and informed of being kicked, beaten, dragged along the ground, tear gassed and bags thrown over their heads.

Jun 02 01:50

Former CIA Officer’s Giraldi & McGovern: Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media

Editors Note: Some tragic and hard truths and facts, pretty much the game as we’ve known it. Every bit counts, and this is public exposure of a positive nature, so hear it from the experts in the field, in this Press TV interview.

Phillip Giraldi, Former CIA Case Officer | Ray McGovern, Former CIA Analyst/Presidential Daily Briefer

Jun 02 01:46

AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 2 The Treasonous Dollar Drain

By Anthony Lawson

A closer look at how the members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee exercise a grotesquely disproportionate amount of power over the foreign policies of the United States.

Jun 01 23:21

From the 1953 CIA Overthrow of Democracy in Iran, to the Iraq War, to the Criminal Gulf Catastrophe and Deaths, BP Was There

If you were to draw an oily line from the first exploitation of oil in the Middle East by the British in 1901 (they were in the process of converting their then world dominating naval fleet from coal to oil and were in desperate need of it) to the overthrow of the secular democratic leader in Iran, Mohammed Mossadeq, in 1953, to the Iraq War, to the criminal environmental catastrophe in the Gulf, BP would have been there.

Jun 01 23:17

Obama's Timidity and Deaths at Sea

A chief lesson to learn from President Barack Obama’s recent unwillingness to stand up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Lobby is that such timidity can get people killed.

Jun 01 22:26

What Caused The Explosion On The Deepwater Horizon?

A worker told the Wall Street Journal that the crew was in fact preparing to drop the cement plug down the riser—standard procedure—when the order came to instead pump out the mud. “Usually we set the cement plug at that point and let it set for six hours, then displace the well,” he said. The worker told the Journal that this dangerous step was first cleared with the MMS. The MMS refused comment.

Jun 01 22:05

Safety fluid was removed before oil rig exploded in Gulf

If the final cement plug wasn't in place yet, removing the mud would be at odds with "good oil-field practice" outlined in 2003 by the federal Minerals Management Service. The MMS report, prepared by WEST Engineering Services, warns against single-point failures -- counting on one mode of protection -- by saying that "mud weight is the first round of defense against a kick, followed up by" the blowout preventer. Removing the mud left the blowout preventer as the only failsafe.

"To displace mud above the position of the upper plug with water before setting the upper plug means that you are relying on one barrier for the duration; this is not good," said a deepwater drilling expert who did not want to be identified because he does business with BP. The expert is not involved in the Deepwater Horizon project.

Jun 01 21:03

Responsibility of Deepwater Horizon Disaster is Pinned to BP & MMS

After reading the following article: that covers testimony from Transocean Ltd., Halliburton and BP, regarding the Deepwater Horizon Exploratory Rig Disaster, fault and responsibility is placed upon the decision of BP and MMS to deviate from established, proven, cementing, curing and plugging procedures.

...According to this worker, BP asked permission from the federal Minerals Management Service to displace the mud before the final plugging operation had begun. The mud in the well weighed 14.3 pounds per gallon; it was displaced by seawater that weighed nearly 50% less. Like BP, the MMS declined to comment on this account.

Jun 01 19:00

Oil Spill Hearings In Congress: Companies Blame Each Other, Refuse Responsibility

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama grew frustrated grilling the executives on why engineers replaced a heavy "mud" compound in the well with much lighter sea water – thereby reducing downward pressure on the oil – when they were temporarily capping the site for future exploitation. He quoted an oil rig worker saying, "That's when the well came at us, basically."

"I'm not familiar with the individual procedure on that well," BP's McKay said.

Steven Newman, Transocean's president and CEO, and Halliburton executive Tim Probert repeatedly told Sessions they did not know how often sea water instead of the compound was used to seal Gulf wells.

Jun 01 18:46

Deepwater Horizon oil spill -- Wikipedia

Just hours before the explosion, a BP representative overruled Transocean employees and insisted on displacing protective drilling mud with seawater.[233] One of the BP representative on board responsible for making the final decision, Robert Kaluza, refused to testify on the Fifth Amendment grounds that he might incriminate himself; Donald Vidrine, another BP representative, cited medical reasons for his inability to testify, as did James Mansfield, Transocean's assistant marine engineer on board. [234][235][236]

Jun 01 18:20

The madness of arrogance: Israel's attack on the Gaza aid flotilla

Alan Sabrosky argues that Israel may have overreached itself by murdering international aid workers bound for beleaguered Gaza, and that this act of wanton savagery provides the civilized world with an opportunity to rein in the rogue Jewish state once and for all.

Jun 01 18:20

After Removing Mud Before Accident, BP’s “Top Kill” Injects Mud to Stop Oil

In a hearing on Wednesday, the chief mechanic on Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon rig testified that a BP representative, in an argument that lasted for hours [9], “overruled drillers from rig owner Transocean and insisted on displacing protective drilling mud [10] from the riser that connected the rig to the oil well,” according to The Times-Picayune of New Orleans.

When Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes” asked Bob Bea, a UC Berkeley engineering professor, why BP would ask for the removal of the mud [13], Bea responded: “It expedites the subsequent steps.”

Jun 01 18:18

Letter to UK Minister Henry Bellingham: the rogue state of Israel’s foulest crime

Stuart Littlewood has emailed his UK Member of Parliament, Henry Bellingham, a newly appointed Foreign Office minister in the coalition government, asking him to spell out the actions the British governments intends to take in response to Israel’s murder on the high seas of Gaza-bound international aid workers.

Jun 01 18:17

Punish North Korea! Who sank the Cheonan?

Christopher King suggests that the sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan on 26 March was an American false flag operation aimed at creating a dispute with China to use as a pretext to raise barriers to Chinese imports, suspend interest payments on US debt held by the Chinese and force Beijing to revalue the renminbi to reduce China’s trading advantages.

Jun 01 16:26

If Iran had attacked the Gaza aid ships instead of Israel, can you imagine US corporate media spin?

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

In violation of international law, Israel boarded and fired upon civilians in international waters attempting to deliver medical supplies and life-necessary materials to Gaza.

Ironically, Gaza is the world's largest concentration camp; collectively, unlawfully, and lethally punished by Israel.

Kourosh Ziabari wrote a brilliant factual article and analysis asking this question: What if Iran Had Carried Out the Gaza Carnage? I’ll reprint his article below.

For my comprehensive resources that includes US/Israel lies to foment war with Iran, click here.

Jun 01 16:22

Eyewitness accounts demolish Israeli lies

Eyewitness accounts demolish Israeli lies: Commandos opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, then shot and tortured people at will
Dorian Jones & Helena Smith
The Guardian
Tue, 01 Jun 2010 11:52 EDT

Jun 01 16:19

Is BP trying to cap well, or siphoning oil to sell

Is BP trying to cap the Gulf oil well, or keep it flowing?
Mike Adams
Natural News
Mon, 31 May 2010 10:49 EDT
I spoke to several people who have a work history with BP, and two of them told me they are certain that British Petroleum is NOT trying to stop the oil coming out of the well. What they are trying to do, I was told, is SAVE the oil well so that they can capture the oil and sell it. This claim stands in direct contradiction to what BP says. The company insists it's trying to stop the flow of oil from the well. But if you look at BP's actions, what they're really trying to do is siphon off the gushing oil where it can be pumped to a tanker ship and sold as crude.

Jun 01 14:22

BP Cites Broken Disk in 'Top Kill' Failure

The ruptured disk may have allowed much of the heavy drilling mud being injected into the well last week to escape into the rock formation outside of the wellbore, people familiar with BP's findings said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If that is true, then far more oil and gas are escaping from the well than we see at the well head.

Jun 01 13:56

It's Official - Another BP Failure - Efforts To End Flow From BP Well Are Over, Coast Guard Says

BP Plc has given up trying to plug its leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico any sooner than August, laying out a series of steps to pipe the oil to the surface and ship it ashore for refining, said Thad Allen, the U.S. government’s national commander for the incident.

Jun 01 13:39

The Enemies of Humanity Expose Themselves Again

The Enemies of Humanity Expose Themselves Again
By Doug Steil | Aletho News | June 1, 2010
The recent storming by Israeli state terrorists of a Turkish humanitarian aid ship Mavi Marmara in international waters, killing of twenty people during the illegal seizure, and subsequent kidnapping of nearly seven hundred passengers, is yet another of numerous Israeli operations that have highlighted the essence of Zionism and its utter disregard for humanity.

Jun 01 12:26

BP Shares Plunge 20% in one day

I was waiting for this, But I actually thought it might fall even farther. Ah well the week isn't over yet.

Jun 01 11:55

'It has the smell of death': Experts warn BP could fall after another £12bn is wiped off shares

Such is the damage to its reputation, experts fear it may not survive and with its share price in a downward spiral, it is increasingly likely it could be taken over.

Deliberate sabotage? Read another article that a "BP company man" ordered Transocean to REMOVE the protective mud layer.

Jun 01 11:22

Cowen: Israel faces 'serious consequences' if Irish are harmed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We are studying the situation." -- Obama

Jun 01 10:15

Al and Tipper Gore decide to separate

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper said Tuesday that they have decided to separate.

Jun 01 09:29

Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil disaster

Researchers have said they have found at least two massive underwater plumes of what appears to be oil, each hundreds of feet deep and stretching for miles. Yet the chief executive of BP PLC — which has for weeks downplayed everything from the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf to the environmental impact — said there is "no evidence" that huge amounts of oil are suspended undersea.

Jun 01 09:27

Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico

"One oil rig goes down and we're going to be rolling in dough," Mr. Tourre wrote in one email. "Suck it, fishies and birdies!"

Jun 01 09:01

BP hit by avalanche of compensation claims over US oil spill

While work continues to try to staunch the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, an avalanche of class action lawsuits is descending upon BP in courthouses from Texas to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

The suits include claims for loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment or property, or for bereavement suffered by families of the 11 workers killed when BP's Deepwater Horizon rig caught fire and sank on 30 April.

BP has pledged to meet all "legitimate claims". But after the failure of the company's attempted "top kill" fix at the weekend, financial analysts fear the cost could become astronomical if oil continues to flow into the Gulf for weeks to come.

Jun 01 08:59

Attack Timeline: How Gaza Freedom Flotilla was raided by Israeli commandos

Strong condemnation is growing around the world after the Israeli military attacked a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. Reports say up to 20 peace activists were killed and dozens injured as commandos stormed the flotilla in international waters. Some of the ships have now arrived in the Israeli port city of Ashdod

Source: Russia Today

Video at link.

Jun 01 08:30

Glenn Greenwald: Murder and the Hunger Blockade

It hardly seemed possible for Israel – after its brutal devastation of Gaza and its ongoing blockade – to engage in more heinous and repugnant crimes. But by attacking a flotilla in international waters carrying humanitarian aid, and slaughtering at least 10 people, Israel has managed to do exactly that. If Israel's goal were to provoke as much disgust and contempt for it as possible, it's hard to imagine how it could be doing a better job.

Jun 01 08:05

'It has the smell of death': Experts warn BP could fall after shares tumble another 16%

Analysts today warned BP could collapse as its shares tumbled yet further after the latest bid to plug the oil well leak in the Gulf of Mexico failed.

More than £15billion was wiped off the British oil giant's market value, with its share price down by as much as 16 per cent on the FTSE-100 index.

The company has so far spent almost £690million trying to cap the well. It could also be hit with huge fines from the U.S. government as well as costly legal action.

Such is the damage to its reputation, experts fear it may not survive and with its share price in a downward spiral, it is increasingly likely it could be taken over.

Jun 01 05:16

Is BP trying to cap the Gulf oil well, or keep it flowing?

Interestingly, it turns out that a lot of the people living on the Gulf Coast have a history of working with oil companies -- and even on oil rigs. I spoke to several people who have a work history with BP, and two of them told me they are certain that British Petroleum is NOT trying to stop the oil coming out of the well. What they are trying to do, I was told, is SAVE the oil well so that they can capture the oil and sell it.

Jun 01 03:28

One Dies in Gali Shooting (Abkhazia-Georgia border)

One Abkhaz customs officer was killed and two others wounded when their car came under fire.

Chief of Abkhazia's customs office said "It was a subversive act carried out by the Georgian special services".

Georgian officials claimed that the shootout occurred between the Russian servicemen and Abkhaz customs officers.

May 31 23:59

China urges "quick" Security Council response to Israeli attack

China urges "quick" Security Council response to Israeli attack on aid convoy
08:04, June 01, 2010
"China is shocked by Israel's attack on a multinational convoy carrying international aid to Gaza which resulted in heavy casualties," said Yang Tao, a counsellor of the Chinese permanent mission to the United Nations, at the 15-nation council's emergency meeting.
"We condemn Israel's actions targeting humanitarian workers and civilians," he said. "We support a quick response by the Security Council and take necessary actions."
Yang also expressed serious concern about the "grim" humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territory, especially the Gaza Strip.