Aug 19 12:40

The Liberal Zionist Dilemma

You simply cannot adhere to the principle of universal civil and political rights and, at the same time, support a Zionist state. To do so is to involve oneself in a contradiction. The liberals are being forced to face this fact. Read more -->

Aug 19 12:39

The spirit of humanity shines bright in Palestine

We must demand that Palestinians, like Israelis, are able to live free from fear, in dignity and with equality. The spirit of humanity demands no less. Read more -->

Aug 19 12:16

Almost 8,000 Navy Chiefs Forced Out

Aug 19 11:58

For the last 15 years, at least $77 million in sophisticated counterfeit $100 bills have flooded into the country from Israel.

Government breaks up ring that circulated counterfeit $100s for 15 years

Aug 19 11:54

Krazy Glue, Duct Tape and Demon Spit ........Dog Poet Transmitting

Years ago we stated that Israel was formed for the sole purpose of a pack of criminals having a sovereign state from which to practice their international gangsterism, without fear of repercussion. I think it can be said there is little doubt of this being certain and true as exemplified here and then there are things like this, which move the reality of what they are up to further beyond doubt. When they are operational in the US they have their own special practices that stand out significantly. Consummate racist psychopath and propaganda shill, ( BIG) Abe Foxman has come up with a list of sites that may or may not be anti-Semitic. How come I did not make this list?

Aug 19 11:53

24/7 Online Live Stream From #GazaUnderAttack (Israel resume airstrikes)

Israeli air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse . Watch live streams from #GazaUnderAttack here:

Aug 19 11:52

Ferguson Police Have Body Cameras… But Don’t Wear Them

While many are crying out for the use of body cameras to be adopted in towns such as Ferguson, Missouri, the Wall Street Journal reported, “Police in Ferguson have a stock of body-worn cameras, but have yet to deploy them to officers.“

Aug 19 11:28

Second Informant Surfaces in ICE’s Mayan Jaguar Cocaine-Plane Op

The secrecy cloaking a corporate jet with a CIA-linked tail number that crash landed in Mexico in the fall of 2007 with a nearly four-ton load of cocaine onboard continues to unravel, one string at a time.

The Gulfstream II cocaine jet was part of a suspected US intelligence operation wrapped in the garbs of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) undercover operation called Mayan Jaguar, law enforcement sources suspect.

The newest revelations in the case pop up in court pleadings recently unearthed by Narco News and show the cocaine jet that ditched in Mexico’s Yucatan in September 2007 was part of a much larger web of cocaine planes sold to drug-traffickers with the assistance of at least two informants who continue to work for or own aviation brokerage companies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The biggest drug smuggler in the country ... is the country!

Aug 19 11:19

James Corbett - The Ebola Effect

yet another excuse for martial law and the revocation of your rights

Aug 19 11:19

News crew gets robbed while filming in Ferguson

Credo news stream gets their laptop stolen during the Ferguson protests

Aug 19 10:55

Police in Ferguson arrest Getty photographer

Police in Ferguson arrested a veteran Getty photographer, Scott Olson, on Monday.

Another Getty photographer pictured Olson being led away by officers from the Missouri state highway patrol. Police were preventing people from gathering in the area, and Olson is thought to have declined a request to move on. He was later released.

Aug 19 10:54

‘Raid & Detain’ Is Now The Standard Procedure For Internet Trash-Talk?

An innocent elderly woman’s home was raided by SWAT when she was suspected of using the internet to trash-talk and post threats toward the local police. In response, gun-wielding assailants breached her doors and windows in a violent search for electronic evidence. The hair-raising incident took place at the household of Louise Milan on Powell Street. It was the place where she and her husband had raised their six children, and had lived for three decades. On June 21, 2012, the solitude of the familial home was shattered — along with numerous doors and window panes.

Aug 19 10:42

How Foreign Militaries Share Responsibility for What’s Happening in Ferguson

Abby Martin remarks on the growing militarization of America’s local police forces in the midst of the unrest in Ferguson, MO, highlighting a program known as Urban Shield, where US police forces train and learn military tactics together.

Aug 19 10:38

Only Rich Know Wage Gains With No Raises for U.S Workers

Call it the no-raises recovery: Five years of economic expansion have done almost nothing to boost paychecks for typical American workers while the rich have gotten richer.
Meager improvements since 2009 have barely kept up with a similarly tepid pace of inflation, raising the real value of compensation per hour by only 0.5 percent. That marks the weakest growth since World War II, with increases averaging 9.2 percent at a similar point in past expansions, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data compiled by Bloomberg.

Aug 19 10:37

French Politician's Facebook post on veiled Muslim woman sparks furore, “When one chooses to come to secular, France... one must respect our culture and the freedom of women. If not, go elsewhere!”

A conservative French politician sparked a debate after she posted Monday a picture of a veiled Muslim woman on a beach in France and the cover of Le Figaro magazine portraying former French sex icon Brigitte Bardot.

Aug 19 10:31

Why Activists Are Blocking an Israeli Ship From Docking on the West Coast

Amidst the terror Israel has unleashed on Gaza, activists on the West Coast have organized a Palestinian solidarity action that is not only politically symbolic, but economically hits Israel where it hurts.

Aug 19 10:28

In the Port, the Port of Oakland, the Zim Ship Sits Still Loaded and Unloved.#BlockTheBoat

A call to blockade the Zim Chicago: Israeli govt-owned ship docks in Tacoma & Seattle around Aug 20-22 #BlockTheBoat

Aug 19 10:23

The Ferguson Police Have a Card up Their Sleeve

The Ferguson Police Department has a plan for how to improve their image to a world stunned by the unfolding story of the shooting of Michael Brown: Make their new boss from the state highway patrol look bad. Make Michael Brown look bad. Make the protesters look bad. Make the entire Ferguson community look bad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The media is still trying to spin Ferguson as a whites versus blacks issue.

It isn't.

As these photos from the Occupy Wall Street protests show, the real issue is ALL Americans, of every color, against a brutal government.

Aug 19 09:53

County investigation: Michael Brown was shot from the front, had marijuana in his system

Oh! My gosh! He was full of the devil weed. He had Reefer Madness! One more nail in the cop's BS story!
If you really want the protests to go away it's simple Governor! Arrest the police officer for murder and jail him with no bond. Arrest and or run the Poverty Pimps and the federal agent provocateurs outa Missouri.
SHOW ME! Governor!

While Case declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation into Brown’s death, another person familiar with the county’s investigation told The Washington Post that Brown had between six and eight gunshot wounds and was shot from the front.

In addition, Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot and killed by a police officer on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, according to this person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

Aug 19 09:25

The Real Value of $100 in Each State

For the first time ever, the federal government this year introduced a data series that compares price differences among states and metropolitan areas. Those estimates — regional price parities and real personal income — offer something simple and immensely useful for anyone considering making a move: They allow you to compare how far your money goes in each state.

Aug 19 09:24

Single mother of 5 uses texts to convince thief to return stolen van

A woman used text messages to convince a thief to give her back her stolen van.
"I'm just happy to have my van. I mean who does this, I can't believe this, it is my life, this is real," Megan Bratten said.
When Bratten walked out of the Kmart store near U.S. Highway 24 and Missouri Highway 291, her van was gone.

Aug 19 09:05


Hedy Epstein, 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor, Arrested During Michael Brown Protest

Aug 19 08:59

From The Holocaust To The Massacre In Gaza Through Ben-Gurion Airport - by Miko Peled

Israel is an illegitimate creation, born of the unholy union between racism and colonialism, and the refugees who make up the majority of the population in the Gaza Strip are a constant reminder of this. They are a reminder of the crime of ethnic cleansing upon which Israel was established. The poverty, lack of resources and lack of freedom stand in stark contrast to the abundance, freedom and power that exist in Israel and that rightfully belongs to Palestinians.

Aug 19 08:46

Cost of Medical Bills for Baby Hit by SWAT Grenade? Over $800,000. County's Refusal to Pay? Priceless

Remember back in May when a gang of uniformed thugs from the Habersham County SWAT team threw a flash-bang grenade right on top of a sleeping baby?

Well, stellar group that they are, they've refused to pay the over $800,000 in medical bills for the child that they permanently disfigured and nearly killed. That's right. They aren't paying the bills and are leaving the family to try and cover the costs for the toddler's care.

Aug 19 08:41

Ferguson’s Violent Protests Are Overtaking The Real Issue Here, and That’s a Problem

The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has launched the argument of institutionalized racism into the spotlight once again.

Brown’s death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson brings another highly publicized case of a young African-American having his life ended prematurely under suspicious circumstances.

Aug 19 08:40

Ferguson, MO and the “Israelization” of America’s Police Force

Ferguson, Mo is not about the militarization’s of America’s police force. It is and should be about the “Israelization” of America’s police force in equipment, training, ideology, perception and doctrine.

Aug 19 08:37

Every American town should do what Rockport, Maine and Chattanooga, Tennessee have done and build a publically-owned fiber-optic network. If they can't afford to do that, the state or federal government should step in and help them finish the job, just li

As Americans, we love to think we're number one, but the truth is that when it comes to internet speed we're pretty mediocre.

In fact, one recent study put the U.S. at number 31 in the world in overall download speed, lagging behind much smaller and less developed countries like Estonia, Hungary, and Slovakia.
Internet speeds in the U.S. average out around 20.77 megabits per second, which is less than half of the average internet speed in Hong Kong, which has the world's fastest internet.

Aug 19 08:36

Sober women arrested for DUI after being hit by police car: Sheriff Clarke confronted after FOX6 investigation prompts federal lawsuit

Accused of a cover-up, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and four of his deputies are named as co-defendants in a federal civil rights lawsuit — and it all started with a FOX6 investigation that garnered national attention. A sober driver was arrested for drunk driving in February of 2013 — and she’s still fighting back.

Aug 19 08:32

Over a Dozen Witnesses Corroborate Officer’s Story In The Death of Michael Brown

Christine Byers, crime reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, posted the following on Twitter late last night:

Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting #Ferguson

This comes just hours after autopsy reports reveal that Michael Brown was shot while facing the officer, refuting his friend’s claim that he was shot in the back, execution style.

Aug 19 08:07

Intercept Reporter Shot With Beanbags and Arrested While Covering Ferguson Protests

Intercept reporter Ryan Devereaux was arrested this morning while on the ground covering the protests in Ferguson, Mo. According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson, who witnessed the apprehension, Ryan and a German reporter he was with were both taken into custody by members of a police tactical team. They were handcuffed and placed in a wagon, and Carson was told they were being taken to St. Louis County jail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The police seem to be targeting reporters more than the protesters!

Aug 19 07:53

Michael Brown Shooting Witness Releases Video: ‘I Knew This Was Not Right’

She said she believed Brown was grazed by a shot near his arm, turned, and was then shot multiple times.

Aug 19 07:40

Conservatives Admit That Having Too Many Arms Causes Violence

One of the few hilarious things that has happened in the wake of the violence in and around the shooting of Michael Brown has been the parade of right-wingers declaring that, oh, their stars and garters, the militarization of the police in this country might be a problem. In an editorial in Time magazine this week (motto: "Yes, fer chrissake, we're still a magazine. Stop asking us already"), conservative hero-of-the-moment and a man who always looks like he wants to sell cannabis gummi bears to 3rd graders, Rand Paul, made the case that, gee whizzers, it's a problem that the neighborhood police get up in soldier drag and drive around in vehicles and with weapons that are associated with killing children in Gaza.

Aug 19 07:39

Eyewitness and Autopsy Reports Show Brown Shot Six Times “With His Hands Up, Facing Officer Darren Wilson”.

Michael Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson, who was with him during the shooting, said that the confrontation began as a scuffle at the police car window with Officer Darren Wilson still seated inside. Wilson fired his weapon out the window of the vehicle, said Johnson, and the two teenagers took off running down the street.
While Brown was running away from Wilson, Johnson says that his friend was shot once from behind and then turned to face the police officer while raising his arms in the air. According to Johnson, the officer fired several more shots at Mr Brown before he fell to the ground.

Aug 19 07:18

A cure for the common queue at the airport

TSA is seeking “Next Generation Checkpoint Queue Design” proposals to speed along people who have enrolled in its PreCheck program. Travelers who pay $85 and submit ample personal information and their fingerprints can bypass semi-strip-downs, routine groping and the nudie X-ray whole-body scanners. More than 400,000 people have paid up, providing TSA with a windfall of more than $30 million.

However, even a political scientist could recognize TSA PreCheck’s perverse incentive. The worse the TSA abuse of average travelers, the more people will pay $85 to avoid degradation at airport checkpoints. TSA can thereby profit every time a video showing it mauling innocent passengers goes viral on the Internet. Since the TSA is a federal agency, charging extra for PreCheck cannot be considered extortion.

Aug 19 07:12

Globalizing Gaza

Globalizing Gaza in both military and legal terms raises the slogan "we are all Palestinians" from one of political solidarity to literal accuracy. Its collolary also highlights a key element of international politics of which we must be keenly aware: our governments are all Israel. Read more -->

Aug 19 07:11

Is the Control of Gaza’s Offshore Gas Reserves a Factor in Israeli Military Operations?

As Israel's energy issues become more pronounced, repeated military incursions into Gaza show that dominating and exploiting its offshore gas reserves is an increasingly important issue. Read more -->

Aug 19 07:11

Missouri National Guard Troops Ordered to Ferguson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed an executive order early Monday morning authorizing the deployment of National Guard units to the town of Ferguson amid continued public protest and outrage spurred by the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, by a Darren Wilson, a white police officer, on August 9.

Aug 19 07:10

The U.S. Congress: a Metonym for AIPAC

The majority of the American people believe that they are governed by their elected representatives in Congress which in reality is more akin to a Knesset serving the interests of war criminal AIPAC Israeli Zionists. Read more -->

Aug 19 07:09

Our Towns Don’t Need Tanks

This past week I have watched both the print and television media’s response to the death of Michael Brown and the ensuing riots in Ferguson. For the first time, the mainstream media has finally started to question the militarization of law enforcement and its impact on our communities. My question is: What took you so long?

Aug 19 07:08

UN #GazaUnderAttack Emergency Situation Report as of 18 August 2014

Occupied Palestinian Territory: UN Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 18 August 2014, 0800 hrs) Read more -->

Aug 19 06:59

Fox expert defends Ferguson cop: Brown was shot in head because ‘bullets go that way’

Fox News contributor Bo Dietl on Monday defended the Ferguson officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown multiple times, saying that the 18 year old was shot in the head because “bullets go that way.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bullets go where you aim them.

Aug 19 06:43

How neonicotinoid pesticides are poisoning Canada's agriculture

Meanwhile, neonicotinoid usage is soaring. According to Health Canada's Pest Control Sales Reports, sales went from just over 100,000 kg in 2008 to nearly 300,000 kg in 2010. Two neonicotinoids, thiamethoxam and clothianidin, vaulted into the top 10 list of insecticides -- even though only small amounts of these compounds are applied per hectare because of their high toxicity.

Pesticide-coated seeds accounted for most of the increased sales. Neonicotinoid use has grown to the extent that it is difficult for Canadian farmers to buy seeds for major crops such as corn and soybeans (and soon, wheat) that aren't treated with these nerve poisons.

This means ever-increasing levels in our food. In a study published in 2014, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed fresh fruits and vegetables purchased from neighbourhood grocery stores in Boston. They found that "all fruit and vegetable samples (except nectarine and tomato) and 90 per cent of honey samples were detected positive for at least one neonicotinoid; 72 per cent of fruits, 45 per cent of vegetables, and 50 per cent of honey samples contained at least two different neonicotinoids."

Aug 19 06:11

Ferguson Media and citizen's Focus, should not be racial. Police getting away with murder and an 'Above the Law' complex. Swat teams Private Corps

The people of Ferguson want justice and they are bringing to light how the police are getting away with murder and it has to stop. The media is making it a racial issue, instead of talking about what it really is about.

They have murdered innocent people across this nation of all races. In fact from a statistical chart, if accurate shows they have murdered more unarmed whites than blacks.

Did you know that Swat teams are not regular law enforcement? Swat teams are private corporations mercenaries. In other words, Blackwater type hired killers are those that raid our homes and businesses when the government wants them to.

Aug 19 05:34

Russian sanctions to hit Dutch exports by $400 million euros: stats office

Sanctions Russia has imposed on agricultural products from the European Union will cut Dutch exports by "at least 300 million euros" ($400 million), based on 2013 figures, Statistics Netherlands said on Tuesday.

The total value of food exports to Russia, including fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products, was 500 million euros in 2013. Those exports generated 300 million euros for Dutch businesses, while 200 million went to service providers in neighboring countries, the bureau said.

The Russian measures - a response to sanctions against Moscow for its annexation of Crimea and what the EU says is its failure to curb separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine - could not come at a worse time for the Netherlands, the 5th largest economy in the euro zone, as it struggles out of recession.

Aug 19 05:23

DuPont pushing for lenient plan in cleaning up toxic former munitions plant

Multinational chemical giant DuPont is pressing New Jersey and federal officials to approve a plan that is much weaker than state standards usually demand in the company’s efforts to clean up a former munitions plant riddled with cancer-causing elements.

DuPont has proposed to leave some contaminated soil and cap it at the site of its former Pompton Lakes ammunition production site in northern New Jersey, according to The Record. Other sections of the area bisected by the Wanaque River would be excavated, and some of the soil would be sealed away in two tunnels carved into a ridge on the 600-acre property still owned by DuPont.

The area — for a century the site where ammunition was made — still tests for high levels of mercury, lead, cancer-linked solvents PCE and TCE and other metals and pollutants.

Aug 19 04:53

Bulgaria Halts South Stream Pipeline Again As NATO F-15s, Troops Arrive

As we detailed previously, Bulgaria had been an enthusiastic supporter of the Russian-backed South Stream gas pipeline project, whose construction has stoked tensions between the West and Moscow as it enabled gas supply to bypass troubled Ukraine (thus squeezing the desparate economy back into Russia's hands). In early June, Bulgaria's Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski ordered an initial halt (after Europe offered the nation's suddenly collapsing banking system a lifeline). This time, Energy Minister Vasil Shtonov has ordered Bulgaria’s Energy Holding to halt any actions in regards of the project as it does not meet the requirements of the European Commission. Of course, we assume this decision (to halt a 2nd time) is entirely independent of NATO's deployment of 12 F-15s and 180 troops to Bulgaria's Graf Ignatievo Air Base.

Aug 19 04:50

Crowd Gathers at CNN Headquarters to Protest Missouri Shooting (Photos and Tweets)

Protesters held a rally outside CNN in Atlanta Monday night to “demand radical change.” The #ItsBiggerThanYou protest urged protesters to wear their “Sunday best” and graduation gowns to ask the world, “How good must we look to be considered innocent?”

CNN doesn't report it.

See also:

Aug 18 22:53

East Ukrainian Civilians attacked near Luhansk

Ukraine government and separatists trade blame over attack on convoy, reportedly hit by artillery near Luhansk.

Aug 18 22:52

Pathologist: Brown may have had his hands raised

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) -- An unarmed 18-year-old whose fatal shooting by police has sparked a week of protests in suburban St. Louis suffered a bullet wound to his right arm that may indicate his hands were up or his back was turned, a pathologist hired by his family said Monday.

But the pathologist said the team that examined Michael Brown can't be sure yet exactly how the wounds were inflicted, citing the need for more information.

Aug 18 22:49

‘Outside agitators’ worsening unrest in Ferguson, Mo., residents say

Anger and frustration over the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer has been expressed through prayer vigils and peaceful protests throughout this St. Louis suburb.

During the daytime.
When the sun goes down, violence has reigned.

No one is more frustrated than local residents and leaders.

“The people causing all the trouble, they aren’t from Ferguson,” said resident Mike Marion, 26. “They’re from all over. They’re not trying to make things better or stand up for Michael Brown. They’re just taking advantage of the situation.”

Aug 18 22:44

Man faces felony charge after struggle with deputy

Old school cops! Peace officers! This is how it's done! The cops bust heads but they don't stack up bodies. They could have killed this guy but they didn't.

GRANITE CITY, Ill. - A man faces a felony charge of aggravated battery after an incident with a Madison County deputy on Saturday.

Deputies were called to a home in the 4700 block of Warnock Avenue in Granite City for a call of a suicidal subject armed with a knife, according to a news release. Once deputies arrived, they found Dakota Childs, 23, restrained by family members. Childs struggled and even spat in the face of one of his family members.

While trying to get Childs in the squad car, Childs spat in the first deputy's face and inflicted a three inch cut to the palm of the first officer, according to the release.

Aug 18 22:43

Rebellion in Ferguson: A Rising Heat in the Suburbs

The public reaction to the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., exposes the shifting dynamic of rebellion and repression in the United States.

Aug 18 22:42

Russia Has Right to Security Measures as War Rages Near Its Borders - Lavrov

Moscow has the right to make decisions on security measures on its territory because hostilities continue a few kilometers away from its border with Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

Aug 18 22:41

While Israel kills Gaza's children, media shield the truth about Hamas

As the people of Gaza find momentary respite to survey the impact of Israel's brutal terror, our 'leading' media show no let-up in its selective demonisation of Hamas.

Aug 18 22:30

Why have the media and Obama administration gone silent on MH17?

After a month during which Washington has failed to release evidence to support its charges against Putin, it is clear that the political offensive of the NATO governments and the media frenzy against Putin were based on lies.

Aug 18 22:29

LIVE Updates: Protesters and the National Guard in Ferguson


Missouri Governor Nixon ordered the National Guard into a St. Louis suburb early Monday morning. Over the past week demonstrations have erupted over the police shooting death of Michael Brown.

Aug 18 22:26

Did Iran Just Knife Putin in the Back?

You can see that the bloody, fratricidal conflict in Ukraine has nothing to do with democracy, sovereignty or even “evil” Putin. It’s all about gas and pipelines. It’s all part of Washington’s grand plan to put a wedge between Russia and the EU, control the flow of vital resources, and establish NATO bases on Russia’s western flank.

Aug 18 22:25

Police fire tear gas on protesters near QuikTrip in Ferguson; shots fired at scene

Updated at 11:56 p.m. with more details of tear gas; shots fired
When protesters defied police orders to leave the parking lot of the burned-out QuikTrip, police fired tear gas Monday night after repeated warnings.

Just before midnight, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters shots had been fired at Canfield and told the media to go to the command center about a quarter-mile away.
The St. Louis County Police Chief, Jon Belmar, echoed Dotson, telling reporters to move back to the command post because of gunfire.
Police fired at least three tear gas volleys near the QuikTrip as emergency vehicles sped to the scene. Police also used tear gas to break up protesters near West Florissant and Northwoods Estates.

"They're gassing our kids," one protester shouted.
At several points during the night, police warned off protesters by beating the pavement with their night sticks.

Aug 18 19:19

A Marxist View of Gaza - “Hey, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” –Chico Marx

....... The video record from inside Gaza effectively puts paid to any protestations of Israeli restraint. American reporting may be prejudiced in Israel’s favor, op-eds may be overwhelmingly pro-Israel and Bibi Netanyahu may be able to get on US TV anytime he wants, but images of dead and dying women and children are hard to overlook.

For instance the Israeli claim that firing a warning shot saves lives took something of a knock when one of their dummy rounds killed four children who were feeding the family ducks on the roof of their home. The attack and its aftermath were caught on video. Similarly, the oft repeated statement that civilians are not targeted was discredited in rather gruesome fashion when naval gun fire killed four boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach. Unfortunately for the Israel propaganda machine just behind the beach was a hotel housing foreign correspondents who filmed the scene even as they were helping to gather up wounded and dead children.

Aug 18 18:32

36% of American adults lack retirement savings, including many 65 or older

More than a third of American adults have no retirement savings, and 14% of those ages 65 and older also haven’t put money away yet, according to a new study.

Aug 18 18:30

VIDEO: Michael Brown, Ferguson Victim Paid For His Rellos?

The Ferguson PD release a police report that contradicts witness statements on the "robbery" and half a video to curry public opinion...but still no police report on the shooting, nine days later.
WATCH LIVE: #Ferguson Continues to Protest 
misunderstanding OR robbery?

Aug 18 18:29

100,000 elephants killed in Africa between 2010 and 2012, study finds

Poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, a huge spike in the continent's death rate of the world's largest mammals because of an increased demand for ivory in China and other Asian nations, a new study published Monday found.

Aug 18 18:28

Georgia county refuses to pay medical bills for toddler in crib that police threw flash-bang into.

Habersham County officials say they do not plan to pay for the medical expenses of a toddler seriously injured during a police raid.

Aug 18 18:21

The Liberal Zionist Dilemma - An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

You simply cannot adhere to the principle of universal civil and political rights and, at the same time, support a Zionist state. To do so is to involve oneself in a contradiction. The liberals are being forced to face this fact. And, as this happens, they will have to make a real choice: cease being Zionist or cease adhering to the liberal ideal. I suspect that, along with Ari Shavit, most of them will decide to “stand with the damned.”

Aug 18 18:19

Protesters Storm Governor's Office In Downtown St. Louis, Demand Removal Of National Guard

At least eight people were arrested, including a 90-year-old political activist, following a march in downtown St. Louis Monday afternoon.

Aug 18 17:49

County will not pay medical bills for toddler hurt in Habersham raid

Habersham County officials say they do not plan to pay for the medical expenses of a toddler seriously injured during a police raid.

Bounkham Phonesavah, affectionately known as "Baby Boo Boo," spent weeks in a burn unit after a SWAT team's flash grenade exploded near his face. The toddler was just 19-months-old and asleep in the early morning hours of May 28. SWAT officers threw the device into his home while executing a search warrant for a drug suspect.

Aug 18 17:38

Police refuse to release video after Dayton-area killing

Nearly two weeks after the police shot and killed a 22-year-old man holding a toy gun in a suburban Dayton Walmart store, government and store officials are still refusing to release surveillance tapes and other evidence related to the murder.

John Crawford III was shot and killed by Beavercreek police on Tuesday, August 5, while he shopped in the Walmart store for groceries to make ‘smores. He had two young sons, one-year-old John Crawford IV and four-month-old Jayden Crawford.

Aug 18 17:08

Rep. Hunter Criticizes Police Use of Battlefield Equipment

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Republican and military veteran who represents east San Diego County, has joined lawmakers criticizing the militarization of police forces in the wake of rioting in Ferguson, MO

Aug 18 16:18

Freedom to live ordinary lives… as per the 2005 promises. That’s all the Gazans want

When Israel “disengaged” from Gaza in September 2005 (i.e. pulled out its ground troops and squatters while continuing to occupy Palestinian airspace, coastal waters and crossings to the outside world) it signed an Agreement on Movement intended to maintain and develop Gaza’s economy and set the scene for a viable Palestinian state. The Agreement, drawn up by the US and sponsored by the Quartet, was launched by Condoleezza Rice (US Secretary of State) and Javier Solana (EU High Representative) in Jerusalem on 15 November 2005.

Condoleezza Rice(US Secretary of State) said the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza returned control of that territory to the Palestinian people and the EU would play an important role in implementing the scheme. "This agreement is intended to give the Palestinian people freedom to move, to trade, to live ordinary lives.

Aug 18 16:04

Why So Much Anger In Ferguson? 10 Facts About The Massive Economic Gap Between White America And Black America

When people feel like they don't have anything else to lose, they are likely to do just about anything. Many in the mainstream media seem absolutely mystified as to why there is so much anger in Ferguson, but as I pointed out yesterday, all of this anger did not erupt out of a vacuum. Economic conditions in Ferguson, and for African-Americans as a whole, have been deteriorating for years....

Aug 18 15:39

Michael Brown shooting: Private autopsy results revealed

The last 2 shots were fired at a downward angle. One in the top of the skull ranging downwards,no mention of exit. The second headshot ranging downwards through the right eye,through his face downward into his collar bone.
Some are now suggesting that Mike Brown lowered his head like a bull and charged head down into the 2 bullets that killed him. More likely he was on the ground with head facing his shooter who popped him once in the top of the head and once through the right eye,jaw and out into the collar bone. It took over 30 minutes to be called in. Plenty of time to clean up!

FERGUSON, Mo. - A pathologist hired by the family of an unarmed Missouri teenager fatally shot by police says a bullet wound to his arm may have happened when he put his hands up, "but we don't know."

Forensic pathologist Shawn Parcells said Monday that an preliminary results of an independent autopsy shows 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head.

Aug 18 15:28

Video: How to make Colloidal Silver (Easy)

Aug 18 15:22

Is Ebola in New Mexico?

A woman who is experiencing symptoms of Ebola is in quarantine at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque.

On August 4, the woman returned from a visit to Sierra Leone, a West African country that has been hit particularly hard by the current Ebola outbreak. So far, 810 cases and 348 deaths have been reported there.

Last Friday, the 30-year-old woman began to develop flu-like symptoms including fever, sore throat, muscle aches, and a headache.

On Saturday, she checked herself into the hospital.

Aug 18 15:19

Ferguson Chief, Communists and New Black Panthers Hijack Peaceful Protest!

FEARBOO7 on youtube via dc clothes line

A combination of the Department of Justice, Communist agitators and members of the radical New Black Panther party have descended on Ferguson, Missouri to hijack what were largely peaceful protests that have turned increasingly violent in recent days.

Aug 18 14:38

Freedom to live ordinary lives... as per the 2005 promises. That's all the Gazans want

Stuart Littlewood argues that while Israel continues to ride roughshod over international law and the will of the international community, Britain’s Conservative-led government continues to regurgitate the same tired old messages.

Aug 18 14:34

Guard troops into Ferguson -- taking the situation "to the opposite extreme of community policing,"

Police in the Ferguson area, just like many all over the country, have military equipment, which they used last week. So why bring in the Guard at all?

Aug 18 14:11

From Rodney King to Ferguson: Covering US Racism as an Event

While following events in Ferguson on Twitter, I noticed a small-but-steady stream of tweets from African-Americans irritated by users who were suggesting that, because there was police militarization and the use of excessive (and deadly) force against citizens and journalists, Ferguson was now like Gaza, Iraq or other international trouble-spots. These citizens were not irritated because they found the comparisons to be unfair, they were irritated because they felt these comparisons suggested that the use of excessive force was somehow new or unusual. For these users, the US had not become this way…it has always been this way. To suggest otherwise was to view the events in Ferguson in a social and historical vacuum, divorced from the everyday realities facing African-Americans resulting from generations of structural discrimination.

Aug 18 14:05

Obama’s Escalating War On Journalism

Aug 18 14:02

UN chief concerned over reports of refugee convoy attack in eastern Ukraine

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is concerned over reports that a convoy of refugees who tried to leave the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk was attacked, Ban’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Monday.

Aug 18 14:02

video - President Obama Speaks about Ferguson, Missouri Protests

taking a work break from his vacation, Obama to send Holder to Ferguson

Aug 18 13:56

40% Of Americans Will Develop Diabetes

Aug 18 13:56

The Militarization of the Police Has Produced a Murder Machine

I wasn’t surprised at some of the crude comments and hatred expressed toward blacks that came from a few white male anti-immigration Republicans in response to my article Cops Gone Wild. A few were so choked with rage over a “f*** pinko-liberal-commie” who would take the side of a “black bully thief” over the police that they never read beyond the introductory comment about Ferguson. Criticizing police can ignitethe same kind of hysterical hatred as criticizing the Israeli governments murders of Palestinians.

Aug 18 13:55

National Guard Will Only Escalate Tension in Ferguson

After eight straight days of unrest in Ferguson, MO, following the shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has called the National Guard to attempt a restoration of peace in the city. However, the action will likely result in the opposite.

While protests have grown more violent since they started the night after Brown was shot, the number of injuries resulting from them is still relatively low. Protesters have been escalating their attacks though and the police’s use of tear gas has become a daily headline. So far it appears only one to two people have been seriously injured from protest related incidents but it would seem that that number could be increasing very soon.

Aug 18 13:55

Highway Patrol: Ferguson Violence Caused by Outsiders

Ferguson Riots Being Exacerbated by Violent Provocateurs

Aug 18 13:46

Lessons from Ferguson: Prepping for Civil Unrest and Martial Law

Any prepared and informed person knows that the threat isn't always the event itself, which could be anything from a natural disaster to a rioting spree after a sporting event to an economic collapse. It's the chaos during the aftermath of the event.

If you ever had any doubts about that statement, you need look no further than Ferguson, Missouri.

Aug 18 13:31

Poland have asked the people of Ireland to eat their apples

A new online campaign by the Polish Embassy in Ireland has issued a unusual imperative to the Irish public to ‘Eat Polish Apples’.

Aug 18 13:26

Sanctions against Russia over Ukraine must continue: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that sanctions imposed on Russia over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine must continue.

Aug 18 13:22

NATO Seeking Long-Term Military Presence in Eastern Europe

NATO's leadership implore the leaders of its member-states to approve the long-term deployment of troops to Eastern Europe during its September summit in Wales, NATO's leaders wrote in an article published by The Wall Street Journal.

Aug 18 12:54

Credibility concerns in FERGUSON, Mo. shooting probe

facing questions about whether their eventual findings can be seen as credible among residents who are highly distrustful

Aug 18 12:35

The U.S. Congress: a Metonym for AIPAC

The majority of the American people believe — due to a corporate mass media-induced blinkered naivety — that they are governed by their elected representatives in Congress which in reality is more akin to a Knesset serving the interests of war criminal Israeli Zionists rather than the interests of the God, peace, and gun-loving American people. While it is sometimes alleged that the the National Rifle Association, or NRA — supported by smaller groups such as the Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership — is the most powerful lobbying group in the U.S., it is nowhere near as influential as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) whose leverage extends over far more areas of U.S. government policy.

Aug 18 12:23

Jay Nixon

The Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) issued a report titled "The Modern Militia Movement" on February 20, 2009, informing the Missouri State Highway Patrol of several groups of people who could possibly be linked to domestic militia groups. According to the report, these groups included white Christians, supporters of third-party presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin, as well as opponents of gun control, illegal immigration, abortion, the Federal Reserve System, and the Internal Revenue Service. Following a joint letter from Paul, Barr, and Baldwin condemning the report, Nixon and the MIAC issued an apology concerning the report and stated that it will no longer be displayed on any official state websites.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to keep in mind as events unfold in Ferguson!

Aug 18 12:20

Stirring The Pot: DOJ Sends ‘Marshals’ To ‘Coach’ The Protesters In Ferguson

according to the head of Judicial Watch, the Community Relations Service of the Department of Justice “has a record of racially inflammatory rhetoric that is extreme in ideology and cynical in its politics”.

Aug 18 12:16

Oakland Protesters Block Israeli Cargo Ship (video)

Calling for a boycott movement against what they referred to as “Israeli apartheid,” roughly 2,500 protesters marched to the Port of Oakland Saturday(8/16) intending to picket a Zim Integrated Shipping Services ship, the “Zim Chicago” in order to disrupt its docking or the unloading cargo in the port.

Chanting, “We're gonna block the boat. Where gonna block, block the boat,” protesters streamed from West Oakland into the port facility.

Aug 18 12:12

Block The Boat Protesters Confront Police (Raw Footage from 8-16-2014)

PLUS - Block The Boat Protesters chant "HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT!" at Oakland Police


Aug 18 11:53

Report: #BlockTheBoat Protesters shut down port AGAIN as Zionist owned ZIM cargo ship docks in Oakland port. Workers sent home

#blocktheboat in #solidarity #Gaza in #Oakland Port #BlockTheBoat #FreePalestine #punkboyinsf

#OccupyOakland #OSF

Aug 18 11:41

BEX ALERT - The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race

Will the recent rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, be a tipping point in the struggle against racial injustice, or will it be a minor footnote in some future grad student’s thesis on Civil Unrest in the Early Twenty-First Century?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is trying to sell the idea that what happened in Ferguson is all about black versus white. It isn't. What is really fueling the rage in the streets is all of the American people, of all colors, fed up with a repressive regime that uses the police to intimidate us all.

Aug 18 11:11

Jesse Jackson Gets Booed Off Stage After Asking For Money

Opportunist Jesse Jackson Asks For Donations In Ferguson

Aug 18 11:09

1475 Murders Since Rahm Emanuel Took Office- Rahm Emanuel Is America's Murder Mayor

Hey Jackass has all sorts of data on Chicago's murder rate. Scroll down on the right hand side to see how Rahm Emanuel stacks up against previous Chicago mayors. Just a reminder , the data suggests that Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is more violent than the Capone era and the so called wild west. Dodge City only had 5 murder in its' peak year of murders in of all of 1878!

Aug 18 10:55

USPS responds to complaints about Richmond sorting facility

Although the US Postal Service says only a small percentage of packages end up lost or delayed at its national distribution center in Richmond, there are many online forums dedicated to fuming about the facility.

A Google search for “Richmond USPS sort facility” yields negative comments from around the world about the large processing center at 2501 Rydin Road.

Between December 2011 and today, dozens of complaints about the facility have been logged in a forum on “Disappeared News,” a website claiming to report news you won’t find in the media. A post Friday morning claimed an eBay customer was furious because of an allegedly delayed package.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just before Hurricane season this year I ordered a case of MREs from one of our advertisers. According to the USPS website, it has been sitting at the Richmond facility since July 21st!

Makes you wonder what else the USPS loses? Like that million dollar check from your deceased relative you forgot had you in their will?

Aug 18 10:46

Seven in 10 black Americans say the criminal justice system treats them unfairly

It began a week ago, around noon in Ferguson, Mo. on Saturday, Aug. 9. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer, and his body was left in the street for hours. It took police six days to identify the officer who’d shot and killed Brown, but much is still unknown about the deadly encounter, which triggered widespread protests and clashes with police.

Aug 18 10:46

7 Pages That Gave President Obama Cover to Kill Americans: A newly released memo from the Office of Legal Counsel calls the wisdom of David Barron's lifetime appointment to a federal judgeship into question.

Before David Barron was confirmed this year to a lifetime seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, his critics objected that the cover he gave President Obama to carry out extrajudicial killings of American citizens ought to disqualify him from the bench. "I rise today to oppose the nomination of anyone who would argue that the president has the power to kill an American citizen not involved in combat and without a trial," Senator Rand Paul declared in remarks opposing the nomination. "I rise to say that there is no legal precedent for killing citizens not involved in combat and that any nominee who rubber stamps and grants such power to a president is not worthy of being one step away from the Supreme Court."

Aug 18 10:43

Mexico Freaks Out Over National Guard Troops On Border: “No Circumstance Justifies This Measure”

The Mexican foreign ministry has launched a formal protest in response to Governor Rick Perry’s decision to send Texas National Guard Troops to the southern border.

According to a head-scratching statement released by Mexico, there is apparently no border security problem and the State of Texas has grossly overreacted.

Aug 18 10:21

Germans are angry with their leaders and have been screwed over as well

Where do I start? Something that should be obvious is that Germany is not a free and sovereign country. From the start, when the Federal Republic was conceived, the Allies had a great influence on shaping the new Germany. Especially the Americans. It is somewhat subtle if you are used to how things are, but once you start observing it becomes clear that the American political circles have great influence on ours. Anyone interested can take a look at how many of our Politicians in the various established parties are members in transatlantic clubs. So guess where their allegiance lies? They are not even ashamed of it, it's normal to them.

Aug 18 09:56

TUTU: My plea to the people of Israel – Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for Haaretz, calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land. Read more -->

Aug 18 09:55

Netanyahu: Israel’s Pinochet

Netanyahu heads Israel's rogue government. He exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon and previous hardline leaders. Read more -->

Aug 18 09:53

The Fall of Gaza’s Temple

The eminent author claims that the people of Gaza are those who destroyed the Strip in the recent Israeli attack. Are the Israeli Air Force pilots Palestinians from Gaza? Read more -->

Aug 18 09:52

Nothing will come of Israel’s quiet

Israel want quiet and the hell with the surrounding noise and its causes. Let Gaza suffocate and the West Bank bow its head, as long as we have quiet. Read more -->

Aug 18 09:50

Palestine & Israel Magazine (Updated-10)

UNCENSORED - Occupied Palestine and Israel breaking news, related world news and multimedia.

Aug 18 09:35

‘What else do we need to give them to arrest the killer of my child?’ - Brown’s mother on private autopsy

The 2 head shots were both fired at a downward angle indicating they were coup de grace shots. Executed for jaywalking or stealing Swisher Sweets or fighting with the cop. Take your pick. They have a million stories! Nothing this kid did was a capital offense. He was denied the most basic right of due process!

The family of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri last Saturday, held a press conference Monday morning to discuss the preliminary autopsy and the number of bullets fired at their son.

Aug 18 09:27

Report: White House Had No Idea Gov. Nixon Deployed National Guard

White House blindsided on National Guard callout?

The National Guard will "help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson,"

Aug 18 09:09

Could the Next Bombshell be Michael Brown’s Toxicology Report?

The next bombshell in the Michael Brown shooting could be Brown’s toxicology report. Many people are questioning what sober person would bum-rush a police officer as it seems to be the case with Michael Brown. A friend of Officer Darren Wilson called into “The Dana Show with Dana Loesch” to give Officer Wilson’s side of the story. The caller explained that Officer Wilson thought Brown may have been strung out on something.

Aug 18 09:03

Michigan police agencies have received $43 million worth of surplus military equipment, including 17 mine-resistant armored fighting vehicles and 1,795 M16 automatic rifles, since 2006, a review of public records shows

The Detroit Free Press said it reviewed items that the Pentagon transferred to Michigan law enforcement. It said the list of 128,000 items also includes 165 utility trucks, three observation helicopters, 696 M14 rifles, 630 bayonets and scabbards and nine grenade launchers.

Aug 18 08:43

County officials refuse to pay medical bills for toddler burned by SWAT grenade

To all you people who think it's okay for the cops to brutalize Americans! To hell with the lot of you!

Officials in Georgia’s Habersham County are refusing to pay for the mounting medical expenses of a toddler seriously injured by a flash grenade after a failed SWAT team raid earlier this year.

Bounkham 'Bou Bou' Phonesavanh was just 19 months old when a Habersham SWAT team initiated a no-knock warrant at his family’s home at around 3 a.m. on May 28. Bou Bou was asleep in his crib at the time, surrounded by his family and three sisters. The toddler was severely injured when SWAT team officers broke through the house’s door and threw a flashbang grenade that ultimately landed in the Bou Bou’s crib.

Aug 18 08:42

It's time for officials to stop feigning surprise at what's happening in Missouri. They've created a total monster

More Fergusons are coming: Why para-military hysteria is dooming America

Aug 18 08:39

Billionaire Found in Middle of Bribery Case Avoids U.S. Probe

In the thriving business of global bribery -- which the World Bank says amounts to $1 trillion in illicit payments annually -- guilty pleas like the one by Alcoa’s unit are rare

Aug 18 08:16

Human rights groups : United States deliberately violating the laws of war.

Human rights groups accuse US of war crimes

Aug 18 08:02

Roots of Iraq / Syria Wars Go Back 60 Years

The same issues which drove war and terrorism in the Middle East in the 1930s and 1940s are still driving it today

Aug 18 07:38

The Silence is Deafening after analyzing MH17 Black Boxes. No data released. Silence as if it never happened.

Just a month ago the amount of war rhetoric and accusations against Russia from the U.S. and other Western countries was loud and screaming.

Now MH17 has been forgotten. It is almost as if it never happened from the silence.

I have done a search about the black box results from MH17. The latest I found was from July 30th. They have only released that there was a massive decompression event.

Aug 18 07:22

Paedophile at centre of historical abuse inquiry 'visited children's homes around Britain and took boys out' before advising Home Office on child care system

A notorious paedophile visited children's homes around Britain before advising the Home Office on reform of the child care system, it emerged today.

Peter Righton - a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which tried to decriminalise sex between children and adults - toured homes around the Midlands and North West before contributing to the Government paper in 1970.

He was later convicted of importing child abuse images and evidence used to convict him is now at the centre of a new inquiry into allegations of a sex abuse gang linked to the British establishment.

Aug 18 07:22

Autopsy reveals Michael Brown was shot SIX times in the front of the body by police officer Darren Wilson - including twice in the head

The last shot was while he was down on the ground. It's called a coup de grace!

Michael Brown was shot six times - including a final bullet to the head as he fell to the ground - according to the first autopsy results released in the controversial police-shooting death.

Aug 18 07:19

Liberia quarantine creates 'plague villages' at Ebola epicentre

To try to control the Ebola epidemic spreading through West Africa, Liberia has quarantined remote villages at the epicentre of the virus, evoking the "plague villages" of medieval Europe that were shut off from the outside world.

With few food and medical supplies getting in, many abandoned villagers face a stark choice: stay where they are and risk death or skip quarantine, spreading the infection further in a country ill-equipped to cope.

Aug 18 06:17

Sunday Night Fight: Police and Rioters Clash in Ferguson

Police and rioters clashed Sunday night as protests continued against the shooting death of 18-year-old black man Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson. Police shot flash grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas at the unruly protesters who threw rocks and bricks as they advanced towards the police command post.

Aug 18 05:29

One Word Would Change the World

With that one word, Obama could earn his Nobel Peace Prize and glory in an achievement too long delayed, revel in the dissolution of the power of AIPAC over America, find solace in the reality that under his administration the world found the United States that acted on its true beliefs of inclusiveness of all and for all, both in the United States and in the community of nations.

“How long a time lies in one little word!” (Shakespeare, Richard II )

Aug 18 02:19

You Have ‘Near Zero’ Impact On Policy, Determines Princeton Study

Is America really the most free country on the planet? Despite what patriots may tell themselves, several new studies say ‘no.’ A shocking new report from Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin Page found that the average American has a “near-zero” impact on U.S. policy, both domestic and foreign.

Aug 18 01:38

Iowa Students to Wear Heart Rate Monitors

Public middle and high school students will have to wear heart rate monitors in gym class to make sure they are actually being physically active.

Aug 18 00:25

Canadian Robot Producer First To Denounce Killer Robots

Waking Times

One could debate the overall merits or failings of robotic systems, but one area that clearly has become a point for concern on all sides is the idea of “killer robots.” According to robotics pioneer, David Hanson, we are on a collision course with exponential growth in computing and technology that might only give us a “few years” to counter this scenario.

Aug 17 22:21

POLL: 6 Words To Describe Various World Leaders

What Canadians really think about Harper, Obama and Putin

There are a host of differences between the leaders of Canada and Russia, but Stephen Harper and Vladimir Putin do have one thing in common: about 40 per cent of Canadians would describe both leaders as "secretive".

Polling firm surveyed more than 1,500 respondents and asked them to select up to six words from a predetermined list that they would use to describe various world leaders. Here are the most popular choices for each prime minister or president.

The mind boggles. They didn't poll me.

Read more here:

Aug 17 21:23

What world do you live in? Putin, East Ukraine and the Old World Order

It's difficult (in a face-palm kind of way) to listen to people, even well-informed educated people and 'experts', opine on global politics when they are clearly ignorant of (or studiously ignore) this most important fact. There is no 'democracy' in this world, and there has not been for, oh... forever. Western populations are so damn dumbed down and dissociated that they actually can't figure out that nothing of any significance changes with a change of government, despite all the evidence before them. In fact, it's worse than that, things do change, but for the worse from the point of view of the average citizen. Who will argue that Western warmongering and the divide between rich and poor has increased dramatically over the past 40 years? How many administrations does that period comprise, about 10? Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican... Whoopee frickin' doo. In the UK, it's Conservative, Labour, Conservative, Labour... In both countries, the supposedly 'bleeding-heart lefty' Democrat and Labour governments fronted by Tony Blair and then Obama actually out-warmongered their supposedly traditionally uber-warmongering opposition parties.

How do you explain that? Easy. There is no difference between them because neither of them, as parties or Presidents or Prime Ministers, actually control anything of any significance. Someone else does.

Aug 17 20:08

One Word Would Change the World

With that one word, Obama could earn his Nobel Peace Prize and glory in an achievement too long delayed, revel in the dissolution of the power of AIPAC over America, find solace in the reality that under his administration the world found the United States that acted on its true beliefs of inclusiveness of all and for all, both in the United States and in the community of nations.

Aug 17 18:37

Video: Black Panthers Lead Death Chant for Officer Darren Wilson

Listen to the chant lead by radical racial agitators the New Black Panthers. They are chanting:

What do we want?
– Darren Wilson
How do we want him?
– Dead

Welcome to Obama’s America.

Aug 17 18:35

I Went Undercover in America's Toughest Prison: "I didn’t believe that a “concentration camp” could exist in America until, in Phoenix, Arizona, I saw one with my own eyes."

Everyone knows the US imprisons more people than any other country in the world. What they might not know is that, as an American citizen, you’re more likely to be jailed than if you were Chinese, Russian or North Korean; that, with 2.3 million inmates, there are currently the same amount of people imprisoned in the States as the combined populations of Estonia and Cyprus; and that once Americans are sent to jail, they tend to keep going back.

Aug 17 18:33

Hungry Heroes: 25 Percent of Military Families Seek Food Aid

Petty Officer 1st Class Adam Yetter, a Navy sailor for 17 years, works a second job as a security guard and donates blood plasma twice a week to help make ends meet for his family. Deployed seven times during his military career, including an extended 19-month tour to Iraq, Yetter squeezes in family time with his three young boys and his wife in-between jobs.

Aug 17 18:26

Why Were The Police In Ferguson Told Not To Stop The Rampant Looting On Friday Night?

On Friday night, the city of Ferguson, Missouri was absolutely packed withmilitarized police. But when the looting started, they did nothing about it. In fact, news reports indicate that the police were lined up just blocks from where the looting was happening but did not make any attempt to stop it. When I first read the news reports that I am about to share with you, I could hardly believe them. I had to read them more than once just to be sure that I was understanding what I was reading. According to eyewitnesses, police vehicles were seen driving by some of the stores while they were being looted and they did not respond. If the police are not even going to lift a finger to stop rampant theft, then what in the world are they there for? Why don't they just pack up and leave the streets completely? If they are just there to confront protesters and arrest journalists, all they are accomplishing is inflaming the situation.