Nov 19 08:30


According to a June 2010 fact sheet on the USAID Internet site, last year American taxpayers funded the paving of 63 kilometers of asphalt roads in the West Bank. It also says completion of a road in the southern part of the West Bank dramatically increased the amount of trade between Dahriya and Beer Sheva.

Nov 19 08:23

S.510, Food Control (aka, People Control) for Dummies

Monsanto uses overt and covert strategies to accomplish their goals. They don’t leave important matters like “food” to chance. Monsanto counted on our apathy from the beginning.

To understand this abnormal behavior, we have to return to the scene of the 2009 crime, when the father of S.510 was introduced into the Congress, HR.875. [2]
The activists were out in force trying to stop HR.875, the bill That Will Kill All Farms and Eat Your Babies.
The problem was that the opposition to HR.875 wasn’t telling the truth about the bill.

Nov 19 08:07


The generosity of the US president’s package, which includes 20 combat aircraft worth $3 billion and backing for Israel’s continued military presence in the Jordan Valley after the declaration of a Palestinian state, has prompted even Thomas Friedman of The New York Times to compare it to a “bribe”.

Nov 19 07:57

The real picture must be really bad if they have to use a 157-day old wrong image

On the 204th day of the continuing BP’s Oil Spill disaster, BP quietly informed through a teleconference on 10 Nov that the “plug and abandonment of the Macondo 152 well” was completed two days prior. But what was most interesting was the picture they chose to display for the article. Not only was the still image of the “well” outdated by more than 157 days (8 June 2010) it is also the wrong image of the well.

Nov 19 07:44

Terrorism Cash Cow

People are getting richer by selling fear. Are airport body scanners really for our security or is it so people like Michael Chertoff, former officials who gained the public's trust, can now rake in the big bucks. The Daily Caller's Mike Riggs weighs in on this growing fear.

Nov 19 07:43



Right now the Americans are bribing the psychopaths with even more death-dealing toys to play with if they’ll suspend settlement building for another measly 3 months, what happens after that being left up in the air. Is this what Clegg and his coalition partners are so eager to support?

Nov 19 07:40

Bird Flu Outbreak in Hong Kong


HONG Kong is scrambling to contain an outbreak of bird flu after recording its first human case of the illness since 2003.

A 59-year-old woman now in a serious condition in hospital.

Nov 19 07:38

UN: Drug-resistant malaria spreading in Asia

Editor's Note: Could this have to do anything with scientists releasing billions of genetically modified insects into the environment?

Associated Press

GENEVA – The World Health Organization says countries are not doing enough to detect drug-resistant malaria, which is spreading in Southeast Asia.

Nov 19 06:45

Encircling Russia, Targeting China, NATO'S True Role in US Grand Strategy

Israel’s aggressive stance toward its regional neighbors would be a serious liability for NATO, apt to be dragged into wars of Israel’s choosing which are by no means in the interest of Europe.

However, there is one subtle strategic advantage in the Israeli connection which the United States seems to be using… against Russia.

By subscribing to the hysterical “Iranian threat” theory, the United States can continue to claim with a straight face that the planned missile shield is directed against Iran, not Russia. This cannot be expected to convince the Russians. But it can be used to make their protests sound “paranoid” – at least to the ears of the Western faithful. Dear me, what can they be complaining about when we “reset” our relations with Moscow and invite the Russian president to our “Strategic Concept” happy gathering?

Nov 19 03:46

Bill Clinton: Haiti’s Neo-Colonial Overlord

After the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince, Clinton became co-chair of Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. He is now the country’s neo-colonial overlord. He has betrayed all his humanitarian promises and failed to collect even a fraction of the promised $10 billion for reconstruction. And his reconstruction plan is the same free market plan he has been touting since 2004. He is putting Haiti up for sale to multinational capital.

The last thing Haiti needs is more "help" from Bill Clinton and the U.S. Instead, the U.S. and other imperial powers including the U.N. should get out of Haiti and pay reparations so that Haitians can rebuild their country in their own interests.

Nov 19 03:39

Exclusive: Professor who downplayed oil spill has federal government contracts

Quoted in scores of news outlets, appearing on dozens of network news programs and even landing a guest spot on The Late Show with David Letterman, oil spill expert Ed Overton has been a ubiquitous presence in the media throughout the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at Louisiana State University, Overton, who has been criticized for downplaying the effects of the worst offshore oil spill in history, has also headed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s chemical hazard assessment team for over 25 years.

Nov 18 23:11


The shadowy assailants that stormed the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral and perpetrated the massacre weren’t dressed as private military contractors and actually were private military contractors, employed by one of the agencies aforementioned; or the massacre was the sinister work of Mossad.

Dividing Iraq via partition and driving it into a hell of ethnic cleansing was a Zionist plot that was originally designed in 1982 by Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon (1). The policies for destabilizing Iraq were reestablished in the ‘Clean Break’ papers written for mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu by Zionist spy Richard Perle and several Zionist war criminals

Nov 18 20:16


Rep. Eric Cantor recently met privately with Bibi Netanyahu and said the Republican Party would serve “as a check on” the Obama Administration over its policies in the Middle East. In other words, Cantor was meeting with the leader of a foreign country and promising to do whatever he could to influence and even subvert the foreign policy of his own country.

Nov 18 17:52

Exposed: 200 Israeli army offices suspected of war crimes in Gaza

Redress Information & Analysis publishes the names, photographs and other details of 200 Israeli military commanders of various ranks suspected of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead against the people of Gaza, which resulted in the murder of more than 1,400 people, primarily civilians, including over 340 children. The information was received anonymously, presumably from someone with links to the israeli armed forces.

Nov 18 17:37

End of Free Internet: US Senate Committee Approves Internet "Blacklist" Bill

Activist Post

It seems the lame duck Congressional session is becoming anything but unproductive. Yesterday, we saw the cloture of the Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510), and today the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act was unanimously approved by the US Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday with a 19-0 vote. The COICA has been overwhelmingly viewed as a corporate hijacking of the internet by mega-media cartels. Indeed, it is the end of the free internet as we now it.

Nov 18 16:31

UK Nick Clegg’s initiation as Israeli stooge

Stuart Littlewood charts the slide of British Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic Party leader Nick Clegg from champion of justice to shameless stooge of a foreign power, the apartheid state of Israel.

Nov 18 16:02

July 7th - The truth at last

THE PERFECT CRIME had been planned. It would make history, and be the British answer to 9/11. After years of planning, it was ready to go! No-one would ever guess…

It was part of the main sequence of terror-events which have arced across our world in the New Millenium, extinguishing the hope which we had for the new century: 9/11 in New York, the Bali bomb of 2002, the Istanbul bomb of 2003, Madrid railway station in 2004 and then London in 2005: followed by the Mumbai train blasts of 2006. They have served to define the new Enemy – the phantom menace – and ratify Empire.

Nov 18 09:26


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Google's cache of the same page already has had all the pictures removed, proving that Google is under Israeli control as well.

They were foolish to think that would work as the page, with photos, is already copied all over the internet, such as HERE and a zip file of the contents can be downloaded HERE

Nov 18 09:21


By Stephen M. Walt

Here’s the rub: given the power of the Israel lobby, it’s unrealistic to think that the Obama administration would be able to put any overt pressure on Israel. Congress will make sure that Israel gets its annual aid package, and die-hard defenders like Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va) will make it impossible for Obama to use the leverage that is potentially at his disposal. And as noted above, those same forces will make sure that the United States continues veto any unfavorable resolutions in the U.N. Security Council and deflects international efforts to raise question about Israel’s nuclear program.

So what’s a president to do?

Nov 18 09:01

Banksters Move to Gut Aspects of Financial Reform Bill

Now that the game of political musical chairs is over and Republicans will control the House next year, the banksters are busy at work whittling away at provisions contained in the financial regulation bill pushed through Congress earlier this year by the Democrats. As should be expected, the corporate media is mostly mum, although McClatchy ran with a story.

“Lobbyists for Big Finance are working hardest to neutralize the so-called Volcker Rule, which would force big banks to spin off their lucrative proprietary trading operations, in which they invest their own capital in speculative deals,” Kevin G. Hall writes for McClatchy Newspapers.

Nov 18 08:10

Agroterror Threat Aganda: Terror Fight Extends To Nebraska Farm Land

The FBI said it's actively watching Nebraska farmland and farm operations. Omaha FBI Assistant Special Agent Jim Langenberg said no immediate threats exist, but an attack could cause devastating losses. "We know that Osama bin Laden has looked into our agriculture industry, seen its vulnerabilities and seen what the economic loss could be," Langenberg said

Are they planning to have Osama Bin aZombie terrorize us into accepting S 510?

Nov 18 08:09

The Underwear Bomber: More to the story. Kurt Haskell describes The Well Dressed Man and the Man in Orange.

Mr. Haskel reports that he and his wife were sitting on the floor in a crowed room playing cards when he witnessed the so called "sharp dressed man." Haskel, who speaks carefully as an attorney, states that "While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit". He says the suited "Indian" man asked ticket agents whether a supposed "Sudanese refugee" (the terrorist, Mutallab) could board without a passport". "The guy said, 'He's from Sudan and we do this all the time.'"

Nov 18 07:55

Will YOU consent to the naked body scans at airports still after learning that the Underwear Bomber incident was staged to bring the scanners in?

Witnesses saw both the allowance of this "bomber" to bypass security measures and he was also filmed during much of the flight. Experts suggest that he was told that his actions were part of a security test.

Why do "terrorists" always get around the security measures and checks while us citizens have to be humiliated, exposed to foot fungus, and harassed at airports by glorified rent-a-cops?

Nov 18 07:53


Obama’s spin team made a heroic effort to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Nov 18 05:05

Eurozone Debt Crisis 2.0: Dollar Sucks Less than Euro, Again

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The grand symphony of currency manipulation seems more finely orchestrated than ever before. However, it's not necessarily the fundamentals that are moving currencies so much as global perception. In the battle between the Fed's quantitative weakening of the dollar versus the eurozone debt crisis, the dollar is winning this round of who sucks less.

Nov 18 02:13

Celente Supports TSA "Groper" Procedure Proposes "Happy Ending" Policy Change

"I am one of those frequent flyers that will opt-out for health concerns," said Celente. "The government's assurance that the scanners are completely safe is alone enough to convince me that they are dangerous.

Nov 17 23:01


Israeli soldiers closed all roads and “negligently used dangerous high-velocity tear-gas projectiles,” able to cause serious injuries or death. Similar attacks occur regularly throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as frequent Gaza incursions by land against civilians, including farmers; sea against fishermen; and air against neighborhoods, communities, and other non-military targets.

Nov 17 18:40


What Eric Cantor did on November 10th was illegal. He broke the law. The Law he boasted about violating is known as the Logan Act. Essentially what Cantor did was tell the leader (Prime Minister Netanyahu) of a foreign country that he will protect that country from the official policies of the President of the United States–the person charged by the Constitution to carry out the nation’s foreign policy.

Nov 17 17:53

DHS Porn: TSA Trading Sanitary Napkin Images of Naked Body Scans Like Baseball Cards

And we know they have been caught saving untold hundreds of thousands of the images, as with the court house in Florida, trading them around like baseball cards after lying about not being able to store images... "Do the imagers, for example, detect sanitary napkins?" women wanted to know. "Yes," wrote Sharkey. "And what about tampons?" "They look kind of like sticks of dynamite. Are they going to ask us to pull them out and show them just to be sure?"

Nov 17 17:46

DHS Pedophilia: Body-Searching Children - No For The US Military, Yes For The TSA

You need to see the image caught of the TSA computer at the airport with the "My First Cavity Search" desktop screensaver - laughing in our faces!

Summary of his very powerful message: to avoid giving gross offense to the Afghan public, and to prevent the appearance of an uncontrolled security state, the US military forbids use on Afghan civilians of the very practices the TSA is now making routine for civilian travelers at US airports.

Nov 17 17:33

U.S. jury clears Ghailani of terrorism charges

The first suspect transferred from Guantanamo military prison to face a U.S. civilian court was found not guilty of terrorism charges on Wednesday in a setback to President Barack's Obama plans for trying terrorism suspects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is a setback only if you need to convict them despite being innocent of any wrongdoing. Otherwise this should be a validation that an open trial requiring proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is a sound system!

Nov 17 15:33

Greenpeace in the Gulf of Mexico: Pawns of the Elite and BP

Why has Greenpeace remained relatively silent about the Gulf of Mexico disaster? Does it have something to do with their relationship with the Rockefellers and the buried history of Standard Oil?

Nov 17 13:02

Ex-DHS Chertoff's RapeScan X-Ray Scammers: Selling Police State Cancer to An Airport Near You!

Let’s not forget that former Fatherland Security secretary Michael Chertoff is the founder of the Chertoff Group, a security consulting firm whose clients include manufacturers of full-body scanners.

Chertoff’s group represents Rapiscan, a California based firm “which until recently was the only company qualified to sell full-body scan machines to the TSA.” Last summer, “TSA purchased 150 machines from Rapiscan with $25 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.”

Nov 17 12:44

Chertoff ordered the full-body scanners when he was Homeland Security head BEFORE THE CROTCH BOMBER INCIDENT - Now he profits from them

Nov 17 12:08


Nov 17 11:34



The submarine launch of an ICBM off the California coast on November 8 is a milestone in American history. The immediate denials that it was an American test were a public relations disaster. America’s government does little but lie to its people, 9/11, Osama bin Laden, we could go on forever. In fact, nothing coming out of Washington or the press is remotely credible and it has finally been proven.

A submarine comes approaches America’s heavily guarded coast, through a network of defenses costing billions, and launches an ICBM capable of carrying up to 10 hydrogen bombs, launches the missile 2 minutes from Los Angeles, and we are utterly unaware? This is the same military we trust our children’s lives to?

Nov 17 11:22


The submarine launch of an ICBM off the California coast on November 8 is a milestone in American history. The immediate denials that it was an American test were a public relations disaster. America’s government does little but lie to its people, 9/11, Osama bin Laden, we could go on forever. In fact, nothing coming out of Washington or the press is remotely credible and it has finally been proven.

Nov 17 10:15

Obama’s New Healthcare Plan: Bridge TSA and Department of Health & Human Services with the Tourism Industry

The Obama administration is getting ready to unveil a new innovative healthcare initiative geared to bridge TSA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Tourism Industry to provide airline travelers with several major physical examinations at No Cost. Based on the proposed plan US travelers will be offered thorough colon, prostate and breast exams, and will be given health certificates as part of their routine and mandatory TSA security checks at airports.

Nov 17 09:48


By Ali Gharib

A source provides details to the American government about the nefarious activities of a Middle Eastern country. That information ends up in scores of secret U.S. government documents. Subsequently, the information winds up on the front pages of major newspapers, and is heralded by war hawks in Washington as a casus belli.

Sound familiar? It should, but perhaps not in the way you’re thinking. Here’s a hint: It’s not 2003, but 2010. This is the story of what happened recently to Iran in the wake of the latest WikiLeaks document release, where US military field reports from Iraq made their way into major national newspapers and painted the Islamic Republic as a force out to murder U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Nov 17 09:33

Corporate Media Propaganda: You people LOVE the naked body scanners! The naked body scanners are GOOD for you! Pay no attention to the Reuter's and WRH polls; four out of five Americans LOVE the naked body scanners and the crotch rubbers!

Would we lie to you?

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Nov 17 07:14

Did Gizmodo publish fake scanner images to trick the public?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given that these images are really too blurry to be of any use, and certainly we have already seen other scanner images showing much more clarity, one has to wonder if these images are fakes intended to calm the angry American pubic. If so, they don't; they are in fact insulting to our collective intelligence and just piss me off even more. But on the off chance that these are real from a cheaper scanner, note that in the above example, the TSA worker is also visible in the background of the scan! So the TSA worker is getting scanned with radiation every single time a passenger goes through the scanner, hour after hour after hour, all day, every day, slowly cooking their DNA into amino acid soup. Personally, after the way these arrogant asses treat innocent travelers, I have no sympathy for their coming cancers!

Nov 17 06:33

AIPAC Bares All to Quash Lawsuit

On Nov. 8, 2010, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) filed a massive 260-page motion in the District of Columbia Superior Court. It asks Judge Erik Christian to dismiss former AIPAC employee Steven J. Rosen's $20 million defamation suit. In October the court dismissed all counts of the March 2009 lawsuit except for Rosen's claim of harm over AIPAC statements to the press that he did not uphold its standards of conduct. Rosen and AIPAC have – until now – abstained from filing damaging information about the internal workings of AIPAC in court.

Nov 17 06:27

BP deep-cleaning Gulf beaches amid new worries

Jay Reeves
Associated Press

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. — What's typically a beautiful, quiet stretch of beach in the fall now resembles a construction site. Bulldozers and yellow dump trucks shake the ground; a giant sifting machine spits clean sand out one end, tar balls out another.

Nov 17 06:12


Dear American Jews, if you love Israel – criticize it
Your beloved Israel is addicted. It is addicted to occupation and aggression, and someone has to wean it from these addictions. Like any other junkie, it is incapable of helping itself. Thus the job falls to you.Gideon Levy

Nov 17 06:04

Eugenics And Nazis - California Connection

The public needs to know who these people are and exactly what their qualifications are for the jobs that we re actually paying them to do. Above all the government must be held legally liable for what they do, every time they do anything! At the very least there should be a huge sign posted in front of the Airline gates saying:

"Your Constitutional rights have been suspended. If you proceed beyond this point you are subjecting yourself to the whims of animals dressed like people: Do NOT expect to have any freedom to object, or any privacy to be respected; because you are entering a free-fire zone where TSA can do whatever they want to you no matter what that might involve: Because your congress thinks that you are only fit to be treated like cattle in the name of "The Greater Good!"

Nov 17 05:45


Unfortunately, the PA can’t be entrusted to safeguard Palestinian national interests given the moral and political bankruptcy of its leaders. In the final analysis, one can’t give what one doesn’t have. PA serves very much as a subcontractor for the Israeli occupation authorities.

Nov 17 05:35


A look at why some Jews love him and some don't trust him; and at the key role Chicago Jews played in getting him to where he is

By Pauline Dubkin Yearwood (10/24/2008)

Abner Mikva, the former Chicago congressman, federal judge and White House counsel to President Bill Clinton, puts a 21st-century twist on the notion that Clinton was "the nation's first black president."
"I think when this is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president," he said.

Nov 16 18:39

EPA Alerts Coastal States of Rising Ocean Acidification

Phuong Le
Associated Press

SEATTLE — States with coastal water that is becoming more acidic because of carbon dioxide should list them as impaired under the Clean Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Agency said.

The federal agency's memo Monday to states recognizes carbon dioxide as not only an air pollutant but a water pollutant, and notes the serious impacts that ocean acification can have on aquatic life.

Nov 16 18:27

Eugenicists & Bill Gates Unleash 'Flying Syringes' to 'Save' Humans from Disease

The man that mandates upon you crappy, yet invasive NSA backdoor software now brings you Genetically Modified mosquitoes... - An outdoor trial of mosquitoes genetically engineered to sabotage Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which spread dengue fever, has been declared a success by scientists in the field. The trial is first time genetically modified mosquitoes have been released in the wild. Right!

Background: Dengue Outbreak Leads Back to CIA Experiments

Nov 16 16:44

The History of Health Tyranny: Codex Alimentarius, part 1

Excerpt from Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom

Brandon Turbeville -- Activist Post

Contrary to popular belief Codex Alimentarius is neither a law nor a policy. It is in fact a functioning body, a Commission, created by the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization under the direction of the United Nations.

The confusion in this regard is largely due to statements made by many critics referring to the “implementation” of Codex Alimentarius as if it were legislation waiting to come into effect. A more accurate phrase would be the “implementation of Codex Alimentarius guidelines,” as it would more adequately describe the situation . . .

Nov 16 15:10

CBS steps up to counter Reuter's poll

4 in 5 Support Full-Body Airport Scanners

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And of course, you cannot actually vote on the CBS poll; you just have to take their word for it! Personally, I lean towards the Reuter's interactive poll than anything manufactured by CBS. I used to work for CBS.

Nov 16 14:51

The 9/11 Photo Record is Entirely a False Construction

Saturday, November 13, 2010
The 9/11 Photo Record is Entirely a False Construction
How to prove it? Take a look at these images of the fire department response on September 11th, 2001:

Now compare the look and feel of the level of activity on 9/11 with a view taken on West Street by Allan Tannenbaum after the first WTC bombing on February 26, 1993.

Or how about these three images by Brian Fountain taken at the Deutsch Bank Fire on August 18, 2007:

Nov 16 14:50



Nov 16 13:06

Bloomberg Calls for Carbon Tax as a Way to Fight Terrorists

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now they are just getting silly!

Nov 16 12:39

Yemen: US steps up covert war

Yemen: US steps up covert war
Sunday, November 14, 2010
By Tony Iltis
The US has stepped up flights by pilotless drones and increased the deployment of special forces and CIA operatives in the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen. The US military and CIA have been covertly operating in Yemen since at least 2002.

Nov 16 12:37

Bad China! BAD China! Ooooh really REALLY bad China!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We are not at war with Iran. Iran is our friend. Iran has always been our friend! We are at war with China! China is our enemy. China has already been our enemy!" -- Big Brother

Nov 16 12:36

US media gave BP easy ride for $20 billion check'

The US "self regulates"?
Isn't that an Oxymoron?

Nov 16 12:31

7/7 Lack of Credible CCTV or Witnesses - video

It has become evident from the 7/7 inquest that the only CCTV of any of the four alleged bombers in London that morning, is of Hassib Hussain pottering around Kings Cross. And that only starts at five to nine, after the tube bombs have gone off.

In addition. there is some genuine looking CCTV footage of Shezad Tanweer with Hassib Hussain at a M1 Petrol Station at 5.00 am that morning - and that is all!

There is nothing from the underground apart from some clearly faked CCTV footage at Kings Cross (faked time stamp) - only released in 2008. Ditto for the four entering Luton Station.

In fact alleged ring leader Khan was last seen fifth of July with his pregnant wife at hospital.

Nick Kollerstrom authour of Terror On The Tube relates

Nov 16 12:13

Stargate of Yemen

Dominant Social Theme: Soon the world will be a better place thanks to space aliens and stargates.

Free-Market Analysis: There is a new sub-dominant theme making the rounds on the Internet among the more extreme 'Net web sites. Being professional meme watchers, we investigated. The meme has to do with the discovery of a hidden stargate off the coast of Yemen and was first reported in January 2010. Apparently, so the reports tell us, a massive deployment of warships now circle the stargate, which is due to become active at any time. There are Youtube videos about the stargate (see links in above excerpt). Once the stargate activates, the world will become more peaceful, we are led to believe, and soldiers will lay down their weapons.

Yemen? What a coincidence.

Nov 16 12:02

Busted!! - Government/MainStreamMedia Puppet Show Exposed!!

Nov 16 11:25

Holocaust 5

Nov 16 10:47

'Robo-Signer' Foreclosure Scandal May Threaten Fundamental Financial Stability, Government Watchdog Warns

"If such problems were to arise on a large scale, the housing market could experience even greater disruptions than have already occurred, resulting in significant harm to major financial institutions," the report states."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read this one carefully, folks. This is the start of a propaganda campaign (already reported to be the tone of NPR's news broadcasts) to sell you the idea that the banks need to be let off the hook for the mortgage backed security fraud, or else the damage will only be worse. In other words, yeah, we caught the bankers screwing us all in the ass, but we better not try to punish them for it, or there will be worse problems. Of course, there will be, for the bankers. But like that executive for J. P. Morgan who walked away clean from a hit and run, bankers believe they should be above the laws, and in true fascist style that the losses from their crimes ought to be paid for by the general public without complaint.

Do any of you agree with the above?

"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." -- Andrew Jackson

Nov 16 09:29

People don't like Uwe Boll's Holocaust movie for some reason

Unfortunately, everyone just wants to forget about the Holocaust, we guess, because the reaction to the below teaser trailer (which first debuted in early September) has now resulted in "outrage," “widespread revulsion” and several open condemnations by critics. We’re not sure why: It just has Uwe Boll in a Nazi uniform, hanging outside a gas chamber while various prisoners are suffocated, have their teeth pulled, and babies are fed into ovens. It’s not like he stuck a fat female superhero in there for kicks.

Nov 16 09:18

FLASHBACK - Liquid Bombers Prove: “They Hate Our Freedoms!”

Muslims were planning to blow up a bunch of jetliners enroute from London to America – or so say George Bush and Tony Blair.

Muslims without tickets.

Muslims without passports.

Muslims without bombs.

Muslims without a clue … and they aren’t the only ones, it turns out. Without a clue, that is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked because with TSA under fire and the billions of dollars currently flowing into the "Security Industrial Complex" at risk, we can pretty much guarantee a lame-ass staged "terror" attack to scare us all back into taking our clothes off and allowing ourselves to be molested by the seminary rejects over at TSA!

Nov 16 07:17

IMF – International Monetary Fraudsters! The Banksters Are Going To Rape Our Country – Because We’re Asking For It!

Ask any ordinary person in the Third World after these gangsters have moved in and crippled them with debt if they think the IMF is a good thing and I think you’ll find an overwhelming majority, discounting the corrupt despots running these countries, who have seen their natural resources raped by international corporations, who have looted and pillaged every country they’ve gone into at the IMF’s behest for their international banker criminal cartel, you’ll find a resounding rejection of any such notion.

Nov 16 06:13

Vietnam II-Same Lies Different Liar

Young people may never have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing Richard Nixon.

If you did experience Nixon, you might be having a strong sense of deja vu right about now.

Here's what I'm talking about.

Nov 16 05:27

Neuromarketing - Ads that Whisper to the Brain

Natasha Singer
NY Times

WHAT happens in our brains when we watch a compelling TV commercial?

For one thing, certain brain waves that correlate with heightened attention become more active, according to researchers who have used EEGs, or electroencephalographs, to study the brain’s electrical frequencies. Brain waves that signal less-focused attention, meanwhile, tend to subside.

Nov 16 03:46

The Non-Existent Contract Between The US & The Unfinished State Of Israel

For the last sixty-two years the relationship between the so-called state of Israel and the United States has supposedly been based upon a "special relationship." However there is no treaty, no written contract, nothing, nada, zip that obligates the United States to do anything with regard to the still unfinished state of Israel.

How much has this 'special relationship' cost the United States in money, in American lives, or in the global destruction of America's reputation in the world? It might be an overstatement to use the word "everything" but not by much!

Nov 15 23:28

Flashback 9/11: Who Gets The Last Laugh Now?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Who Gets The Last Laugh Now?
The widely distributed falsehood that Father Mychal Judge was administering last rites to a fallen firefighter when he was fatally injured, was a public relations scam, a lie endlessly repeated by authorities, which never had a grain of truth to it. . . . If anything, evidence and testimony show that Father Judge was giving an interview to Jules Naudet at the time of Tower 2's collapse and his mysterious death.. . .Father Judge's status as Victim # 00001 was likewise a public relations stunt.

Nov 15 21:48


What, really, is the Obama-Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine?

It doesn’t matter that Netanyahu may have said to Hillary Clinton in their seven or eight-hour conversation something like:

“There’s no point in you asking for a freeze in Jerusalem. I couldn’t deliver it even if I wanted to, and I don’t.”

What any Israeli prime minister can or cannot deliver because of the pathological mindset of most Israelis is not the point. It is that if peace is to have a last chance, the Zionist (not Jewish) state must be obliged to comply with international law (not to mention a host of UN Security Council resolutions).

In my analysis there are three possible readings of the Obama-Clinton game plan.

Nov 15 21:46


What, really, is the Obama-Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine?

It doesn’t matter that Netanyahu may have said to Hillary Clinton in their seven or eight-hour conversation something like:

“There’s no point in you asking for a freeze in Jerusalem. I couldn’t deliver it even if I wanted to, and I don’t.”

What any Israeli prime minister can or cannot deliver because of the pathological mindset of most Israelis is not the point. It is that if peace is to have a last chance, the Zionist (not Jewish) state must be obliged to comply with international law (not to mention a host of UN Security Council resolutions).

In my analysis there are three possible readings of the Obama-Clinton game plan.

Nov 15 18:26

Fake Truth for Our Own Good?

In his book Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann discusses the "... insertion between man and his environment of a pseudo-environment. To that pseudo-environment his behavior is a response.

Nov 15 15:06

AIPAC Bares All to Quash Lawsuit: Sex, Spies, and Videotape

On Nov. 8, 2010, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) filed a massive 260-page motion [.pdf] in the District of Columbia Superior Court. It asks Judge Erik Christian to dismiss former AIPAC employee Steven J. Rosen’s $20 million defamation suit. In October the court dismissed all counts of the March 2009 lawsuit except for Rosen’s claim of harm over AIPAC statements to the press that he did not uphold its standards of conduct. Rosen and AIPAC have – until now – abstained from filing damaging information about the internal workings of AIPAC in court. AIPAC’s willingness to publicly air some extremely sordid and revealing content to get the remaining count thrown out before an alternative dispute resolution hearing begins in December is a sign that AIPAC is now fighting for its life, or – as one former AIPAC attorney put it – “reason for being.” If Rosen proves in court that AIPAC has long handled classified information while lobbying for Israel, the worn public pretense that AIPAC is anything but a stealth extension of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs – from which it emerged in 1951 – will end forever.

Nov 15 11:25


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, Geraldo has seen the light, and all of a sudden Huffington post has stopped deleting comments from 9-11 truthers; it's not like Adam and Jamie to be so "last century"! :)

Nov 15 11:05



This week, Geraldo Rivera was foiled in his attempt to “contain” the 9/11 movement, something exploding around the world. A Herald Sun poll in Australia the week before, 10,000 respondents, showed 78% support for 9/11 being an “inside job.” A reasonable estimate for Americans is likely to approach the same figure.

Fox News now “owns” 9/11 as much as they own Glen Beck. First, Judge Napolitano “outed” the phony investigation now Geraldo Rivera has taken a strong stand on the ( Building 7 demolition issue. If you put both shows together, they lead to the most frightening coverup in modern history and a clear evidentiary trail, one Fox News has exposed. Why, then, is the door opened and then closed again?

Nov 15 10:26

When Fascism Masquerades as Populism

Despite the absurd proclamations of the Supreme Court, money is not free speech, and corporations are not people. Free markets do not exist; they are always manipulated by insiders seeking unfair advantage. History attests that capitalism is kept afloat by raiding the public treasure. The elite adore capitalism because it provides them enormous wealth and political power without having to produce anything of value. It puts them in charge of the global plantation. It makes them masters of working class people because too many of us cannot distinguish between fascism and class-conscious populism.

Nov 15 07:57


Road to Hope (R2H) convoy members kidnapped from Libya to Greece Greek Commandos board Strofades IV in Greek Waters The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy left London on the 10th of October with £500,000 of medical aid for the besieged people of the Gaza Strip. After travelling 4,500 miles through the UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Nov 15 07:45


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lame attempt to remind us all why we should love the naked body scanners and being groped by losers who would not get into the priesthood.

Nov 15 07:33

No Breaks for Robo-signing Computer Stamping Mortgage Documents

Prashant Gopal

Bryan Bly is a pen-wielding “robo- signer” at Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., inking his name on an average 5,000 mortgage documents a day for companies such as Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Those are just the ones that cross his desk.

Nov 15 07:13

Scanners: Abdulmutallab, Reid, Chertoff, that Nicely Dressed Indian Man and the Great Terror Lobby

The Chertoff Connection and ICTS

Everyone must understand that ICTS is the worst airport security company ever to have existed…. FACT. They were running the show at Schiphol that day, just as they were at Boston’s Logan on 11th of September 2001, and as well when Richard Reid boarded his flight at Charles de Gaulle. This is the security company made up of crack Israeli ex Shin Bet agents, expert in counter-terrorism, that has the worst airport security track record in history. Prior to the 3 biggest air-terrorist acts in recent history this company actually managed to TURN OFF all procedures just at the moment when the terrorists were passing security. Mohamed Atta managed to breeze through the magnetic detectors with his boxcutters without so much as a beep. Richard Reid had already been identified as a potential threat, yet was allowed to board his flight. Abdulmutallab had all the markings of a suicide bomber and even his own father had reported him two weeks before, and the scanners just happened to be switched off that day. Either this company is really, really unlucky or its Israeli owners had a side-line more profitable than its airport security racket.

Nov 15 01:18


Two lines in the fourth stanza of The Star Spangled Banner provide a clue to one American mindset that supports empire building.
By James M. Wall – - My Catbird Seat

“Then conquer we must, our cause it is just,
And this be our motto, “In God is our trust.”

Francis Scott Key included an important caveat in that couplet when he wrote, “when our cause it is just”. He did not write, “for our cause it is just”.

Wise leaders know the importance of the “justice” caveat when faced with the temptation to conquer others.

Unwise leaders create bogus causes to attack others. Three bogus causes that unwise leaders use to justify the urge to “conquer we must” are security of the homeland, fear, and xenophobia.

Nov 15 01:07


Greek Commandos board Strofades IV in Greek Waters

The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy left London on the 10th of October with £500,000 of medical aid for the besieged people of the Gaza Strip. After travelling 4,500 miles through the UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya the convoy stalled at the Egyptian border on October 26th due to an Egyptian refusal to allow land access to Gaza. As a result the convoy leaders had little choice but to secure a ship at significant extra expense and delay.

Nov 14 21:33

Flashback: Organgate - After lying for decades, Israel admits illegal organ harvesting

Since USrael lied when they denied the practice entirely only a few months ago, we can safely presume they are lying about having stopped in the 1990s... On cue, the Anti-Defamation League’s whiny Abe Foxman let loose with a barrage of criticism of Goldstone. From other quarters, Goldstone was accused of being “anti-Semitic” and a “self-hating Jew.” The same sort of vitriolic name-calling had been meted out by the Israel Lobby, whose political backbone comes from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), to Mary Robinson, the former Irish President, who served as UN Human Rights Commissioner.

Nov 14 19:29

The reason your diet is doomed before you even start? You carry the greediness gene

Millions of Britons carry a 'greediness gene' that makes diets doomed to failure.

Researchers have shown that a rogue gene linked to obesity makes us fat by boosting appetite.

Don't mention Aspartame...

Nov 14 16:59

The Self-Sacrifice of Real Truthseekers and Whistleblowers

Self-sacrifice is a good testimony of truthfulness.
- Roy Tov, The Cross of Bethlehem

A prominent whistleblower who has paid a huge price for his efforts for world peace is the Israeli Mordechai Vanunu, who converted to Christianity in the process. In 1986 Vanunu revealed evidence of Israel's secret nuclear weapons arsenal, an illegal program which was developed largely through the efforts of Shimon Peres. Guess which one received the Nobel Peace Prize?

Nov 14 15:37

Geraldo Rivera Airs on Fox "What Happened to WTC7"

Geraldo actually gives time and credibility to guests talking about 9/11 Ad Campaign Asking NYC City Council To Investigate Collapse Of WTC-7 Building

Nov 14 10:44

I, Rigoberta Menchú, liar

The story of Rigoberta Menchú, a Quiché Mayan from Guatemala whose autobiography catapulted her to international fame, won her the Nobel Peace Prize and made her an international emblem of the dispossessed indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere and their attempt to rebel against the oppression of European conquerors, has now been exposed as a political fabrication, a tissue of lies. It is one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century.

Nov 14 10:09


With numbers of camp survivors going up each year, we tend to forget we are talking about death camps. There were few survivors and most of them died immediately after the war. Those alive were found dying and couldn’t be saved, and most of them weren’t Jews but rather Russians, Gypsies, Communists, trade unionists and anti-Fascists.

Nov 14 09:17

Britain's top soldier: Can't beat al-Qaida

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We can't beat them because we can't find them! Every time we think we have an Al Qaeda it turns out to be some damned Israeli playing make-believe terrorist while wearing a towel he swiped from Holiday Inn!"

Nov 14 08:42

Could some of the Holocaust be exaggerated?

Nov 14 07:51

Geraldo show throws 9-11 cover-up into a panic; they are trying to revive the no-plane at Pentagon nonsense!

Nov 14 07:02


Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically
incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians,
contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in
particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.”Nelson Mandela

Nov 14 06:26


Exemplifying these new developments is the rapid-fire rise of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), a deeply religious Orthodox Jew and pro-Israeli “neo-conservative” hard-liner who is expected to be named House majority leader in the forthcoming GOP-controlled Congress.

By Michael Collins Piper

Nov 14 06:25

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says

Eric Lichtblau
NY Times

WASHINGTON — A secret history of the United States government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad.

Nov 14 05:36

Native Blood: The Myth of Thanksgiving

It is a deep thing that people still celebrate the survival of the early colonists at Plymouth — by giving thanks to the Christian God who supposedly protected and championed the European invasion. The real meaning of all that, then and now, needs to be continually excavated. The myths and lies that surround the past are constantly draped over the horrors and tortures of our present.

Every schoolchild in the U.S. has been taught that the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony invited the local Indians to a major harvest feast after surviving their first bitter year in New England. But the real history of Thanksgiving is a story of the murder of indigenous people and the theft of their land by European colonialists–and of the ruthless ways of capitalism.

Nov 13 23:02

Yemen: Al Qaeda Presence Not Credible

With early news stories being continually contradicted, bombs that weren't really bombs heading out on flights that never existed, carrying packages for companies that don't service Yemen, all heading for Chicago synagogues, part of the wildest "persecution complex" of all time, the whole "Al Qaeda/Yemen" thing has been little more than a "borscht belt" comedy act.

Nov 13 21:36


This is not the only Israeli attack on churches and mosques in occupied Palestine. Killing worshipers is a common criminal practice that terrorist Zionist groups have mastered for over 70 years in Palestine. Baruch Goldstein opened fire on unarmed Palestinian Muslims praying inside the Ibrahim Mosque; and Zionists have made a statute for him at the entrance to Al-Khalil (Hebron)

Nov 13 15:42



The Trial is a novel by Franz Kafka, first published in 1925. One of Kafka’s best-known works, it tells the story of a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime never revealed either to him or the reader.

The theme developed a familiar ring to it following the imprisonment of “enemy combatants” in Guantanamo. Echoes of such places come from another Kafka story, “In the Penal Colony”, where everyone is guilty simply because they’re there.

Nov 13 14:57

In Motion: The Plot To Destroy The United States


By Gordon Duff * | Sabbah Report

“The 2010 election had one purpose, war with Iran, even if the risk is world conflict and the real loser, no matter what happens on the battlefield is the United States.”

Plans are in motion for a “false flag” attack on America. Iran will be blamed, everyone knows that and Iran will be totally innocent. This is the last thing Iran would ever want. The most likely scenario is a nuclear attack. Two bombs are missing, bombs built by Israel in South Africa and lost long ago. These were supposedly Saddam’s bombs. Now we are told Iran has them. Israel has had them all along and the fear, they may be inside the United States already.

Nov 13 12:33

Michael Chertoff's Company Manufactures TSA Naked Scanners

Since the attempted bombing of a US airliner on Christmas Day, former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff has given dozens of media interviews touting the need for the federal government to buy more full-body scanners for airports.

What he has made little mention of is that the Chertoff Group, his security consulting agency, includes a client that manufactures the machines. Chertoff disclosed the relationship on a CNN program Wednesday, in response to a question.

Nov 13 09:47

Hillary Clinton confirms, US trained Osama Bin Laden

Ms. Clinton accepted that the U.S. had created certain radical outfits and supported terrorists like Osama bin Laden to fight against the erstwhile Soviet Union, but that backing has boomeranged. “Part of what we are fighting against right now, the United States created. We created the Mujahidin force against the Soviet Union (in Afghanistan). We trained them, we equipped them, we funded them, including somebody named Osama bin Laden. And it didn’t work out so well for us,” she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Really< I thought Osama did an excellent job of scaring Americans into supporting invasion and conquest! Except for that part about dying in 2001 he would have been very useful indeed! :P

Nov 13 09:22

Ehud Barak's criminal legacy regarding Israeli attitudes to the Palestinians

Uri Avnery views the criminal legacy of Israeli Defence Minister and war crimes suspect Ehud Barak in hardening Israeli opinion against peace with the Palestinian people.

Nov 13 09:21

The torturers revisited

Paul J. Balles find echoes of Kafka in the US torture facility at Guantanamo in Cuba and a secret British detention centre near Basra, in Iraq.

Nov 13 08:26

British House of Lords: 1 Nov 2010

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This video provides a larger context for the earlier clip regarding the mythical "Foundation X". In this expanded clip, we start with Christopher Story explaining the links between CIA and the EU, and the pure criminality of the US financial system, including the illegality of derivatives. Christopher makes a convincing argument that the US financial system is using the money looted from the rest of the world to reshape future politics. We then segue to Lord James and his rant about "Foundation X", suggesting that this hoax is another aspect of the globalist agenda.

Nov 13 07:04

FLASHBACK - Israeli agents accused of creating fake al-Qaeda cell

A senior Palestinian security official says his services have uncovered an Israeli plot to create a fake al-Qaeda cell in the Gaza Strip, a charge Israel has dismissed as absurd.

The head of preventive security in Gaza, Rashid Abu Shbak, said Israeli agents posing as operatives of al-Qaeda recruited Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

"Over the past nine months we've been investigating eight [such] cases," Mr Abu Shbak said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted just because the media is waving yet a new Al Qaeda boogeyman at us all.

Nov 13 06:22

USDA plan could partially lift GM sugar beet ban

DES MOINES, Iowa — Federal agriculture officials have released a plan to let farmers plant genetically modified sugar beets while a lawsuit over them is resolved, but farmers fear a partial lifting of a court-ordered ban won't come in time for next year's crop.

Nov 13 04:26


opinion analysts, like the 2009 Zogby International poll of American attitudes toward Israelis and Palestinians, express surprise with what they are learning from the American public and detect significant changes in American public attitudes favoring US disengagement from Israel Franklin Lamb Beirut Exclusive to Al Manar Ever so slowly over the past two decades

Nov 13 03:28

Al Qaeda Reportedly Promotes Egyptian-Born Terrorist to Key Role in Targeting the West

Osama bin Laden reportedly has a new terrorist assigned to targeting the West.
Saif Al-Adel
(*and he looks just young enough to get mike rivero's bunch of wise crackers over at What Really Happened . Com , to knock off the dead guy stuff every time the media , I mean al quaida , announces a new terror attack . )

Nov 13 03:11

Iranian-Backed Faction Threatens Civil War in Lebanon

An Iranian-backed Hezbollah leader said Friday he would foment a civil war in Lebanon if members of the organization are found guilty of attacking and killing former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in a car bombing in Beirut in 2005.

Fox News, on its Web site, reported that word on the street in Lebanon is that the militant group, known to be supported by Iran, is liable to be indicted for the attack, which also left 22 other people dead.

Nov 13 00:02

Flashback 9/11: Let Me Know When You See Fire

LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SEE FIRE - the flaming inferno is mind control
Listen to the final moments of the daring rescue efforts of the New York City Fire Department operating in the South Tower of the World Trade Center moments before it suddenly exploded into oblivion. This is the biggest conflict of evidence of all: Either there were emergency teams operating in the building or there was a tremendous raging inferno. The two are mutually exclusive possibilities.

Nov 12 23:49


By Franklin Lamb
Exclusive to Al Manar

Some opinion analysts, like the 2009 Zogby International poll of American attitudes toward Israelis and Palestinians, express surprise with what they are learning from the American public and detect significant changes in American public attitudes favoring US disengagement from Israel.

Ever so slowly over the past two decades, and gaining momentum since the April 2002 Israeli destruction of the West Bank town of Jenin, American attitudes toward Israel appear to be changing according to some public opinion analysts.

Nov 12 22:09


I couldn’t understand the relationship between a set of sanctions which are aimed at what is claimed to be Iran’s “controversial” nuclear program and the mental health of thousands of patients who are suffering from different kinds of psychoses all around the country.

Nov 12 18:27

When The Collapse Comes, Will FEMA Camps Look Like Club Med?

John Galt
Activist Post

The collapse of American society occurs in early 2011. The system was fundamentally headed toward this stunning unraveling for decades, but it took a multi-city nuclear "terror" attack on American soil to plunge the system into chaos.

Food, fuel, and medicine supply lines disappeared overnight and money quickly became useless. It was every man for himself and there was little the government could do to stem the flow of anarchy and looting in the streets ....

Nov 12 16:03


Falk concludes as follows, “The United Nations will be judged now and in the future by whether if contributes, at long last, to the… realization of the Palestinian right of self-determination, and thereby brings a just peace to both [Israeli and Palestinian] peoples.”

Nov 12 12:53

The crucifixion of John Demjanjuk proceeds on schedule

Mercy is the essence of Christianity and revenge is the essence of Judaism. This is the great distinction between the two. Here below, Zionist reporter A.J. “Gruesome” Goldmann revels in John Demjanjuk’s hideous judicial torture in Zionist Germany. Mr. Goldmann is either too arrogant or too obtuse to understand how shocking to non-Talmudists is this prolonged torture of an ailing 90-year-old Christian and the extent to which his torment is gleefully celebrated by rabbis, Zionists and ghouls like Goldmann. (Goldmann insinuates that Demjanjuk is not ill: "Demjanjuk’s health issues...possibly fabricated to gain the court’s sympathy...”).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is not really a Christian versus Jewish issue. Israel's entire justification for taking Palestine away from the Palestinians is what happened in WW2, even though obviously the Palestinians did not have anything to do with that. Israel already arrested Demjanjuk once before, tried and convicted him and sentenced him to death. Demjanjuk was spared from execution at the last moment when evidence surfaced proving he was not the Guard "Ivan The Terrible."

So Demjanjuk was released and Israel's Nazi-hunters proven wrong. But Israel's Nazi-hunters can never ever be allowed to be seen as wrong, because of Israel's Nazi-hunters were wrong about Demjanjuk then the public starts wondering what else they were wrong about and how many innocent people were executed before evidence of their innocence could surface.

So, for the sake of the illusion of Israeli infallibility and the reassert that Israel never EVER makes mistakes, the Holocaust Industry came back for another go at Demjanjuk. For the sake of Israel's self-image, Demjanjuk is to be sacrificed on the altar of the Nazi Hunters. He must be guilty, of what is little matter. Accusation is proof of guilt against which even innocence cannot be allowed as a defense!

Nov 12 12:45


Despite your claims and twisting of the truth, Mr. Murdoch, the threats faced today are not “part of an ongoing war against the Jews.” The threat is the fear mongering which supports your war mongering.

Rupert Murdoch the warmonger encouraged George W. Bush’s maniacal killing spree in Iraq. He convinced Tony Blair to support Bush’s madness.

Popular news commentator Keith Olbermann of MSNBC’s nightly programme Countdown once dubbed Australian-born American media magnate Rupert Murdoch “the worst person in the world.”

Nov 12 12:11

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 1 - Revisiting American History - Financial Empire

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 2 - Revisiting Economics 101 – Debts

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 3 - Revisiting Civics 101 – Ownership

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 4 - The Culture of Empire

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 5 - The Emerging Global Empire

Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 6 (part 1 of 3) - Brightening the Future

Nov 12 10:19



Not only did the foul deeds committed on this ship not get the press attention they wanted…. it is actually backfiring on them as their lies are exposed…. BY THE VERY PRESS THEY HOPED WOULD HELP THEM…

Two Reports, both worth reading are linked here;
Gaza activists willingly on ship from Libya-ship manager
Activists tried to hijack ship to Gaza: owners
Not only is this a ship of fools, they think we all are fool enough to believe their saga at sea… Perhaps they can sell their story to the Enquirer

Nov 12 09:40


Young Jews disrupt netanyahu at jewish general assembly :The truth hurts – the brave protesters are “right” the whole world is watching!

Nov 12 08:25

Holocaust? Censorship adds doubt not support to officialdum. Auto-vilification

Nov 12 07:43

Missile mirth

We have one naysayer in the article, for balance:

A more down-to-earth – and non-military – explanation was given by John Pike, director of the US-based security analyst firm

He said: “The local station chopped up the video and so it’s hard to watch it continuously but at one place you can see it has changed course – rockets don’t do that.”

He added it was most likely to be a normal aircraft contrail which appears different in the sun: “It’s an airplane that is heading toward the camera and the contrail is illuminated by the setting sun.”

John Pike, director of the US-based security analyst firm

Verdict: airplane.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

John? Rockets do change course. That's how we got to the the Moon and how they hit their intended targets. You know, gyros, sensors, on-board navigation, GPS, movable fins kind of thing?

Nov 12 07:39

Netanyahu Nuclear False Flag

With Netanyahu in the United States during a hastily announced nuclear national level exercise and nuclear emergencies occurring after his arrival, the readership of my false flag analysis shot up from 322,000 Saturday morning to over 400,000 on Sunday night, according to Google.

Nov 12 07:26

41 Facts About The History Of Central Banks In The United States That Our Children Are No Longer Taught In School

Today, most American students don't even understand what a central bank is, much less that the battle over central banks is one of the most important themes in U.S. history. The truth is that our nation was birthed in the midst of a conflict over taxation and the control of our money. Central banking has played a key role in nearly all of the wars that America has fought. Presidents that resisted the central bankers were shot, while others shamefully caved in to their demands. Our current central bank is called the Federal Reserve and it is about as "federal" as Federal Express is. The truth is that it is a privately-owned financial institution that is designed to ensnare the U.S. government in an endlessly expanding spiral of debt from which there is no escape.

Nov 12 06:34

Osama bin Laden appoints new commander to spearhead war on West

Nov 12 05:38

Our Destiny: Digital Nomads in a Virtual Void

Our Destiny: Digital Nomads in a Virtual Void

November 11, 2010
By David Richards

Britain is a surreal place to be living right now.

The infamous Ministry of Defense trend report for 2007-35 projects the British middle classes 'becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx's proletariat.'

I should be seeing the start of the ferment.

Our living standards are being attacked: people are losing their jobs, there is fast inflation, taxes are increasing and every year hordes of young people leave university to few job opportunities.

And yet there is virtually no anger at all. The conversation between people is as trivial and inane as ever.

Nov 12 05:03

Rachel Maddow- With Facts Known_ Bush Loses Benefit of Doubt

Rachel Maddow points out that Bush is still lying. However, being a part of the mainstream media she still infers from her video that she believes that Al Qaeda planned and orchestrated 9/11.

However, her commentary is much more in line with the truth than most other mainstream media commentators.

George Bush is still a pawn of the private central bankers and the oil industry as his father is. The bankers and oilmen have told him to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the public so they can continue to dismantle the United States economy and create a one world economic system and government. In this way, they will finally have total and absolute control.

For more, go to my website which is

Nov 12 02:08

'America wages wars for profit'

Former US President George W. Bush has in his book said that by going to war in Iraq, the US has saved British lives as it stopped possible terrorist attacks.

What he did not reveal was that the Iraq war created much terrorism inside the country as many sources say the war has led to the deaths of over a million Iraqi lives.

To discuss the issue, Press TV had an interview with Stephen Lendman, writer and radio host from Chicago, Bill Jones with the Executive Intelligence Review from Washington and Jeff Gates, US attorney and author from California. The following is the transcription of the interview.

Nov 11 23:34


They left you to bleed to death. They watched as your innocent soul left your little body. They watched as your little loving heart stopped beating. They did nothing to save you. They feared you. They feared the little boy who stood up to their might, stood up to their tyranny, stood up to their killing machine and feared it not. They feared you because you are the generation that should have forgotten Palestine, that should have forgotten Jerusalem

Nov 11 20:57

Unions urge pilots to avoid body scanners at airports

In a similar letter sent out to US Airways pilots, US Airline Pilots Assn. President Mike Cleary wrote: "We are not the enemy, and we will not stand for being treated as such before each duty period."

The Transportation Security Administration responded in a statement, saying: "Administrator [John] Pistole is committed to intelligence-driven security measures, including advanced imaging technology and the pat-down procedure, and ordered a review of certain policies shortly after taking office to reinforce TSA’s risk-based approach to security. We look forward to further discussion with pilots on these important issues.

Nov 11 20:53

Request for foreclosure probe 3 years ago thwarted

As foreclosures began to mount across the country three years ago, a group of state bank regulators suspected that some borrowers might be losing their homes unnecessarily. So the state officials asked the biggest national banks for details about their foreclosure operations.

When two banks -- J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo -- declined to cooperate, the state officials asked the banks' federal regulator for help, according to a letter they sent. But the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which oversees national banks, denied the states' request, saying the firms should answer only to inquiries from federal officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess this is why the government is wagging the Chinese sub at us all; three years ago when state officials wanted to investigate whether the sudden surge of foreclosures might be the result of fraud, corruption, or criminality, the Federal Government BLOCKED THEM!

Nov 11 20:45

All Hail the Decider in Chief

Nov 11 20:22


From page 55.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


According to this official US Navy document the US Navy is indeed conducting live fire testing of missiles off the coast of California. This is a repeat of the situation with TWA 800 in which the US Navy at first denied knowing what missile it was that witnesses reported seeing only to have to admit to the ongoing tests of Aegis-CEC when the NOTAM surfaced days later.

Now, with this confirmation, I want to address this rumor being seeded all over the blogs (sadly including this one) about a Chinese nuclear submarine. This story tracks back to only one dubious source and the story is that a Chinese Jin class nuclear ballistic missile submarine launched the "Mystery Missile" as a show of force to the United States.

This rumor is a very obvious and heavy-handed bit of China bashing, and needs to be dealt with right now.

First off, while the Jin is much quieter than its predecessor the Xia (the running joke here in Hawaii is that you can drop a hydrophone off Kauai and hear the Xia subs idling at their base in Jianggezhuang), the Jin is far from the silent machines that the Ohio class subs are. And like all nuclear boats, the Jin leaves a thermal trace on the surface of the water in its wake that is detectable by satellite, as is the surface disturbance created by its submerged passing. Indeed, the ability to detect and track submerged submarines b y their surface wakes using synthetic aperture radar of the ocean surface was discovered back with SeaSat, which is one reason why the SOSUS networks have been turned over to the cetologists to track whale migrations.

Second, the Jin would not need to approach the United States to make their point. The Julang 2 missile launched from the Jin has an 8000 KM range.

Third, and most importantly, why would China do such a stupid thing? They have the upper hand at the G20. They do not need to show us a missile; they can destroy the United States with the IOUs. Provoking a war with China plays to the US' advantage as it gives the US Government an excuse not to honor their debts.

Fourth, we know from the NOTAM that the US Navy was in the area, which makes the possibility of an undetected approach even more unbelievable. Plus there is the inevitable fact that had the source of the Missile been anyone other than the US Navy, the Navy would have given chase to find the launch platform. It's the old "dog did not bark" logic. The Navy did not act like the source of the missile was unknown to them.

Personally I think this "Chinese sub" story is being planted to give the US Government a scapegoat when they come back from the G20 with their tails between their legs, and any such stories about Chinese sub-launched missiles posted by members not only do not reflect the editorial position of WRH but will be deleted as I see them!

Nov 11 17:03

Might Is Right, Chertoff scanners, NPR, Israel

Might Is Right
By Paul Craig Roberts
November 03, 2010 "Information Clearing House"
The full body scanners are manufactured by Rapiscan Systems, a firm represented by the Chertoff Group. The Chertoff Group is Michael Chertoff, a dual Israeli/US citizen appointed Secretary of Homeland Security in 2005 by Puppet President George W. Bush. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) used Obama’s economic stimulus, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to purchase 150 Rapiscan machines. Much larger purchases are in the works.
Chertoff is also the co-author of the USA PATRIOT Act, a piece of fascist legislation that destroys American civil liberties.

Nov 11 15:30

Bush Didn’t Write No Damn Book

What else did Bush and his ghostwriters forget? I doubt the book mentions anything about Bush’s role in giving American occupation forces standing orders to turn a blind eye to Iraqi government death squads and ignore the torture dungeons operated by the vicious Wolf Brigades. That decision was in line with the Bush Administration’s policy of extraordinary rendition. No worries. Bush had Cheney’s lawyers sign off on that policy too.

Nov 11 14:08


By Alan Hart — My Catbird Seat

There is a debate in Israel about whether the Zionist state is on the slippery slope to fascism or is already fascist. As far as I am aware the mainstream Western media has not drawn any attention to this:

It was Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics, who, along with 27 other most influential Jews, first warned of the danger of the rise of fascism in Israel. In a letter to the Editor of The New York Times published on 4 December 1948, when Menachem Begin was soliciting support in America, they said this:

Nov 11 12:17

Robo-Signing Is Child's Play Compared To This - Bank of America Allegedly LYING To State & Federal Courts About Fraudulent Foreclosures in Kentucky

This is a hell of a story. Legal documents included.

This sort of abuse is far more serious than robo signing. This practice has all the appearances of MULTIPLE COVERUPS. The steps undertaken here look to be a deliberate, concerted effort for the bank to get its way, THE LAW BE DAMNED.

Nov 11 09:38

Nation states are dead: EU chief says the belief that countries can stand alone is a 'lie and an illusion'

The age of the nation state is over and the idea that countries can stand alone is an ‘illusion’ and a ‘lie’, the EU president believes.

In one of the most open proclamations of the goal of a European superstate since the heyday of Jacques Delors, Herman Van Rompuy went on to denounce Eurosceptism as the greatest threat to peace.

Nov 11 09:37

FLIP-FLOP FED - Greenspan The Bank Fraud Denier!

Video: PBS Frontline - The Warning - Runs 3 Minutes

How quickly Greenspan sings a different tune.

Nov 11 08:18


The real struggle today is not between leftists and rightists, but rather, between democrats and fascists.”
As Einstein observed all those years ago, the American public “must” be informed about what is really happening in Israel. But there’s no chance that it will be as long as the mainstream media is unwilling to give voice to those Israeli Jews who can see fascism coming.

Nov 11 07:53


Most of Mr Netanyahu’s cabinet, including Avigdor Lieberman, his foreign minister, barely conceal their opposition to Palestinian statehood. Instead, Mr Netanyahu has imposed a precondition of his own: that the Palestinians recognise Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

Nov 11 07:52

Osama bin Laden Appoints New Commander To Spearhead War On West

Mike please add a Bovine Excretement category! Cover-Up/Deceptions/Propaganda just doesn't do articles like this justice. Oh yeah,we need a Booga-Booga category too!

Nov 11 06:00


Israel’s current foreign minister, ex-bouncer Avigdor Lieberman, is a convicted child-beater and has been variously described as “a virulent racist” and “a certified gangster”. He directly violates international law by living in one of Israel’s illegal settlements. “If you liked Mussolini, if you were missing Stalin, you’ll love Lieberman,” a member of Israel’s Meretz party observed.

Nov 11 05:45


I blame America’s pork-barrel system of politics which puts what passes for democracy up for sale to the highest bidders. It just so happens that the Zionist lobby in association with its Christian fundamentalist allies is one of the highest bidders, if not the highest.

Nov 11 05:18

James Corbett on Economic Meltdown

James Corbett broadcasting from Japan where he has the freedom to speak the truth. Some very interesting stats on current financial crisis and the FED.

Nov 11 05:15

Formation Of Al Qaida: US-Israel Collaboration

SPECIAL REPORT: The top secret Israeli-US program to establish “Al Qaeda”
By Wayne Madsen

Press clips gathered by the CIA and discovered in the National Archives’ stored CIA files point to an agency keenly interested in any leaks about the highly-classified CIA-Mossad program to establish Osama Bin Laden and the most radical elements of the Afghan Mujahidin as the primary leaders of the anti-Soviet rebels in the 1980s.

Nov 11 05:03

Letter to British Liberal Democrats: Protecting War Criminals

“just about lowest thing anyone could do”

By Stuart Littlewood – My Catbird Seat

“Whatever happened to the Liberal Democrats’ pledge to ‘reject all prejudice and discrimination based upon race, colour, religion, etc…’ and to ‘fight poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease and aggression wherever they occur and to promote the free movement of ideas, people, goods and services’?”

Nov 11 04:46

ZIONISM: The Need For Israeli Jews To Feel Frightened –ALAN HART


Kourosh Ziabari: In your recent article “Zionism and Peace are Incompatible” you reach a point where you state “if it is the case that American presidents are frightened of provoking Israel, the conclusion would have to be that the Zionist state is a monster beyond control and that all efforts for peace are doomed to failure.” Is it really the case that Israel possesses an uncontrollable, disproportionate power which enables it to violate the international law and enjoy immunity from being held accountable before the international community? What’s the source of this unwarrantable power and influence?

Alan Hart: Let’s start with Reality Number One.

Nov 11 04:41

Video - 9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

Can thermite cut steel beams? National Geographic's debunking experiment with thermite showed it can't, but what happens when you add sulfur to the thermite mixture and try the same experiment?

Nov 10 20:04

Staged Government Terror: An Open Admission Within The British House of Lords

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

If there was any doubt that governments fund terror and stage false flag attacks against themselves, that doubt should be erased by a recent exchange within the British House of Lords.

In addressing his peers in the House, Lord James of Blackheath revealed that he had been involved in the laundering of billions of pounds of terrorist money, specifically that of the IRA and various North African terrorists at the behest of the Bank of England. James also explained that he had been contacted by a secretive organization that was offering to help Britain pay off its extraordinary debt.

Nov 10 18:39

BREAKING NEWS: 10 Aid Workers Held Hostage on Greek Owned Ship: Gaza Road to Hope Convoy

"We are being forcefully taken out of the harbour with the captain going crazy ordering the ship to leave!!!" Ken O'Keefe

The violent Greek owner who is also its captain of “Strofades IV” has just disembarked (as at 22.50 GMT) through a side door of the ship, onto a speed boat. His speed boat has made for another cargo vessel in Derna the harbour – “Odin Finder”. None of our guys now know who is in charge of Strofades IV, or where it is destined to go.

Nov 10 16:36

Beware the Rising Ire of a Forgotten Generation

S. Paul Forrest
Activist Post

Confusion, frustration and outright anger are the only words I can think of to describe and define the undertones of a generation forgotten in the tides of history. These words are more than just a collection of letters with meaningless application; they depict the feelings and moods circulating through a group of people that have become disgruntled to the point of anger amidst the fog of deception emanating from our political systems past and present.

Nov 10 14:51

Letter to UK Liberal Democrats: protecting war criminals "lowest thing anyone could do"

Stuart Littlewood challenges Britain's Liberal Democrats, the junior partners in the Conservative-led governing coalition, to confirm or deny Foreign Secretary William Hague's claim that they had agreed to amend UK law so that Israeli war crimes suspects can visit Britain without fear of prosecution under universal jurisdiction.

Nov 10 14:35

EXPLOSIVE–Senate Foreign Relations Committee Investigates Zionist Groups in 1961-1963 For Their Role in False Flag attacks against America

–Ed. note–There is no other word to use for this except simply EXPLOSIVE. As Grant Smith of points out, newly classified documents originating from Senate Foreign Relations committe investigations reveal that Israel and her agents were being investigated for “false flag” attacks on America.

Nov 10 13:04

War Over Monsanto Gets Ugly

A delegation of politicians and community activists gathered on August 7 in La Leonesa, a small farm town in Argentina, to hear Dr. Andres Carrasco speak about a study linking a popular herbicide to birth defects in Argentina's agricultural areas.

But the presentation never happened. A mob of about 100 people attacked the delegation before they could reach the local school where the talk was to be held.
Dr. Carrasco and a colleague locked themselves in a car as the mob yelled threats and beat on the vehicle for two hours. One delegate was hit in the spine and has since suffered lower-body paralysis. Another person was treated for blows to the head. A former provincial human rights official was hit in the face and knocked unconscious.

Nov 10 12:42

L.A. ‘mystery missile’ may have been errant launch, experts say

Military officials remain stumped about the mysterious projectile spotted in the sky off the Southern California coast, but aerospace experts said it appeared to be an errant missile launch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The story changes yet again since the "Airplane" and "Optical Illusion" cratered so quickly, and not to kick the liars while they are down, but I am going to do it anyway and point out that if the launch was "errant", the range safety officer would have destroyed the missile by remote control as soon as it left the tube.

Nov 10 11:00

Dalton’s leaking oil

Meanwhile, Tory Leader Tim Hudak revealed an embarrassing document put together by Sussex Strategy group — a lobbying company — advising clients that renewable energy is anticipated “to be a wedge issue in the election.”

The document says the Tories will support a move away from renewables, so the industry needs to rally support for green energy.

“In this, it will be critical to ‘confuse’ the issue in the political/public/media away from just price to include key value attributes such as jobs, clean air, farm income, etc.”

So, we’re all so stupid, we can be “confused” by slick bafflegab to believe high hydro prices are good for us?

You wonder how much their clients paid for this crap.

Nov 10 09:53

Florida's Broward County schools on lockdown after 'credible threat'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Awww, forget about the G20, and the economy, and the foreclosures, and Alan Greenspan admitting the whole system is criminal and the bankers have committed massive fraud ... we got terror threats for you! Real TERROR THREATS!!!!!!! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA! Look over here, look over HERE!!!!" -- ABCNNBBCBSFOX

Nov 10 09:17

Wife of Zachary Chesser Pleads Guilty to Making False Statement

Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita, 26, of Bristow, Virgnia, pleaded guilty today to making a false statement to a special agent investigating her husband, Zachary Chesser, and his attempt to travel to Somalia to join the terrorist group known as al Shabaab.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a "make news" story to get the "American Al Qaeda back in the news, but they goofed. Zachary Chesser is one of the phony Al Qaeda being waved around to sell us more of Israel's wars and goes by the name of Abu Tallah Al-Amrikee. Chesser was the man who used the now-defunct RevolutionMuslim website, run by Youssef Al-Khattab (real name Joseph Cohen) top threaten South Park, in another obvious headline grabbing stunt.

Nov 10 09:12

FLASHBACK - Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile?

The government of the United States, despite the embarrassment of having been caught in court rigging lab tests and lying in its reports, still officially attributes the disaster to a spark in the center fuel tank, while government spokespeople insist that the witnesses who saw a missile hit the jumbo jet are all drunks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There has been another incident where witnesses saw a missile rise up out of the ocean, and the government's response was "There was no missile, there was no missile, there was no missile!"

Nov 10 08:45

The Parcel Bomb Plot – Al-Qaedas Gift to Israel

While Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) may have claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb plot, it’s worth considering how this latest Yemen-linked terror scare has been a gift to their avowed enemies.

Nov 10 08:39

TSA Resistance Taking Off: Are the Elitist Airlines Worried, Yet?

The airlines didn't like this type of ticket use, but didn't have the balls to check ID's against tickets, which would have pissed customers off. But once 9-11 hit, the elitist airlines (especially the bastards at United Airlines) got behind the mandatory government check of ID's to boost ticket sales fight terrorism. Naturally, a bureaucracy exploded around this ID check scam. The bureaucracy has now grown to the point of the naked body scan nonsense, which has alos resulted in blowback against the airlines, as the resistance is promoting the end to air travel. Web sites have been launched.

Nov 10 07:51

Mystery Missile May Be Optical Illusion

Experts believe the mystery missile fired off the Californian coast may have been an optical illusion.

Webmaster's Commentary: