Nov 06 05:50

Saudis warned US of package bomb plot weeks ago

WASHINGTON — Western officials are crediting a Saudi intelligence tip they received in early October, nearly three weeks before terrorists in Yemen managed to smuggle mail bombs onto airplanes, with heading off what could have been a series of catastrophic explosions aboard jetliners.

Nov 06 01:25


By Jonathan Azaziah

Undeniable facts about Zionism.

Disinformation is defined as ‘misinformation that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse rivals.’ It is used by governments to mislead and brainwash their citizen populations, instigate wars, and blackmail foreign regimes. It is the ultimate instrument of the media. The most effective disinformation is that which is comprised of falsehood as well as facts. Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange, fits this description perfectly, right down to the letter.

Nov 05 22:57



The post Congressional election euphoria has not extended to Lebanon and this region.

Nov 05 22:02

U.S. Islamic Web Site Is Taken Down

A United States-based extremist Islamic Web site was taken down on Friday after the British authorities complained of a post praising a young woman who stabbed and nearly killed a British lawmaker over his support for the Iraq war.

The post included a list of 383 British lawmakers who voted for the war, with instructions on tracking their movements, and it called for Muslims to “raise the knife of Jihad” against them, according to The Times of London, which reported the post on Friday. It also included a link for buying a kitchen knife, the report said.

The site,, is no longer available, but Google shows a cached version that predates the post. It is registered in Bellevue, Wash., a suburb of Seattle, and was run this year from Brooklyn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... not much point is keeping it up now that everyone knows it's a fake propaganda site, and the webmaster, Yousef Al-Khattab, was really named Joseph Cohen.

Nov 05 20:41


It confirms what we have always believed: that the Zionist project of occupying and holding on to all of historic Palestine was, is and continues to be the prime and sole objective of the Zionist leadership in Israel.

Nov 05 19:21


Ros-Lehtinen, the all time Congressional record holder for all manner of anti-Arab congressional initiatives’ over the past two decades is expected to renew her call to cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Nov 05 19:09

Al-Qaida group takes responsibility for mail bombs

Editor's Note: Ah, Hahahaha...Ah, Hahahha. Of course they did.

Brian Murphy and Lolita C. Baldor
Associated Press

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A Yemen-based al-Qaida group on Friday claimed responsibility for the international mail bomb plot uncovered late last week as well as the crash of a United Parcel Service cargo plane in September.

Nov 05 16:45

Fall of former UK minister exposes Labour's fascist election strategy

Yvonne Ridley views the demise of former British Minister of State for Borders and Immigration Phil Woolas against the background of the Labour Party's racist and fascist election strategy under suspected war criminal Tony Blair and his successor, the now defeated ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Nov 05 14:20

Flashback: 9/11 Aerial Photos Released: NYPD Helicopters ONLY!

New 9/11 Aerial Photos Released: Helicopter Captured Pictures Of World Trade Center After Attack (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post/AP First Posted: 02-10-10 02:27 PM |
"The images were taken from a police helicopter – the only photographers allowed in the air space near the towers on Sept. 11, 2001. They were obtained by ABC News after it filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which investigated the collapse."

Nov 05 10:26


So, according to some observers, the incident of the parcel bombs of last week could well be a provocation to justify the US and its allies moving in to “help” the government and strike Al-Qaeda (and Al-Awlaki) directly. “This is something being done to justify American strikes against Yemen,” accuses Nabil Al-Bukairi, a researcher specialised in Al-Qaeda. “Why was Saudi Arabia the first to tell the world about the packages? Does this mean Al-Qaeda is infiltrated by the Saudi intelligence,” he wondered.

Nov 05 08:35

Consumers' right to file class actions is in danger

If AT&T has its way before the Supreme Court, any business that issues a contract to customers would be able to prevent them from joining class-action lawsuits, taking away arguably the most powerful legal tool available to the little guy.

Nov 05 06:53

propaganda alert - British Booga Booga!

Nov 05 04:58

FED to Print Another Trillion Dollars-Purposeful Destruction of Dollar

The only piece that Ron Paul and others are not willing to say is that the FED's actions are not negligent but intentional.

Nov 05 02:40


Since when is a state that demands that aspiring citizens pledge oaths of loyalty to a Jewish state qualified to complain about incitement? Since when is a state that instructs soldiers to murder babies at their mothers’ laps and children on their way to school qualified to judge which talk constitutes incitement and which doesn’t?

Nov 04 20:54

Independent News Site Fraudulently Blacklisted by Internet Explorer After Negative Bill Gates Article

Activist Post

Is the Internet Blacklist already being enforced via web browsers? Microsoft's Internet Explorer recommended that visitors should not access Activist Post today, claiming the site contains threats to outside computers. First, we want to assure all of our visitors that this is blatantly FALSE. Our site does not contain any viruses, malware, or data-harvesting capabilities. We have a voluntary and confidential sign-up mechanism for our free weekly newsletter, which apparently now falls under the category of illegal data mining according to Microsoft.

What's interesting about the timing of this possible censorship is that it comes on a day when we posted an article that reflects negatively on Bill Gates.

Nov 04 17:39

GS-13 Anwar Al Awlaki - Invited To Pentagon After 9/11 - Terrorist? Or Pentagon / CIA Employee? Same Thing!

Al-Qaeda terror mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt, brainwashed the 7/7 bombers, had pursued a Doctorate in Education from the CIA's favorite University, George Washington in DC and who also preached to the alleged September 11 hijackers, dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11 documents obtained by Fox News show.

Nov 04 17:03

Imam Linked to Ft. Hood Rampage Believed to Be Among 30 Al Qaeda Killed in Airstrike

The radical Muslim imam linked to the rampage at Fort Hood reportedly is believed to have been killed in a Yemen airstrike that may have also taken out the region's top Al Qaeda leader and 30 other militants.

The raid in Yemen's east targeted an Al Qaeda leadership meeting held to organize terror attacks. U.S. officials believe radical cleric Anwar Awlaki was "probably" one of dozens of militants killed in the strike, a source confirmed to FOX News.

"Awlaki is suspected to be dead [in the air raid]," Reuters quoted an unnamed Yemeni official as saying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Well, shit! Do we have a terrorist mastermind we can wave at the people who isn't already fucking dead!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 04 16:37

Obama needs another domestic terror attack to reconnect with the people.....

Nov 04 16:35

WHOOPSIE! Anwar al-Awlaki, Yemen toner mastermind,actually died in 2009!

At least 30 suspected al-Qaeda fighters have been killed in a dawn air raid by Yemeni forces in the eastern Yemeni province of Shabwa.

Among those thought to have been killed in the raid early on Thursday was Anwar al-Awlaki, a Muslim preacher, who according to a Yemeni security official was linked to a man who killed 13 people at a US army base in Texas.

"Anwar al-Awlaki is suspected to be dead [in the air raid]," the unnamed Yemeni official was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying.

According to US officials, al-Awlaki had contacts to Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a US soldier, who shot dead 13 people at the Fort Hood army base in the US state of Texas.

Nov 04 16:28


Pro-Israel group AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), hails success for supporters on both sides of the political divide, as well as election of three new Jewish members of Congress; polls shows 66 percent of U.S. Jews voted Democrat.

America’s largest pro-Israel lobby group on Wednesday hailed the results of midterm elections in the U.S. which saw staunch supporters re-elected to Congress on both sides of the party political divide.

Nov 04 15:43

NY City Officials: Tap Water Shows Elevated Lead Levels (Warning Issued for Entire Water Supply)

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Whether you live in a house or an apartment, this could impact your life.

There’s a water warning in New York City.

Nov 04 14:58

MI5 told to make July 7 files public

MI5 officers will have to give evidence to the 7 July inquests publicly, after the coroner rejected a plea from the Home Secretary to hold closed hearings.

Nov 04 14:43

The Source of America's wars, Neocons Zionists

Whose interest are we spending trillions of dollars on wars and bankrupting America for? Certainly not America's interests.

It's not a blame Israel chorus (Alex) or some abstract group. It's facts. The pre-war hype that led to war with Iraq was not generic corporatism. The lies specifically came from a zionist cabal in the DOD. It's wasn't oil companies faking Niger documents it was Ledeen and Franklin. It wasn't weapons companies lying about witnessing a transfer of anthrax in a meeting that didn't even happen, it was Woolsey Barns and Schmit. It wasn't security companies lying about WMDs or spying on the US it was AIPAC It was the god damn Israeli moles Perle, Kristol, Fieth, Frum, Abrams, Libby, Wolfowitz, Kagan, Goldberg, and Grossman.

This is not some vague blame game. We have very specific facts as to who did what and it WAS the Israelis and this IS Israel's war.

Nov 04 14:12

VIDEO - Foundation X, The OITC, & Lord James Of Blackheath: International GOLD Conspiracy Or Hoax?

Video: Lord James Speech on Foundation X - House of Lords - Nov. 1, 2010

It's quite the most extraordinary speech I think I've ever come across. It was given by Lord James of Blackheath, a respected industrialist and a former senior adviser to the Conservative party.

Many are now convinced that the mysterious Foundation X is the international financing scam wich goes by OITC - The Office of International Treasury Control.

UPDATE: The UK Guardian has now picked up the story.

A BIZARRE tale of gold and international finance.

Nov 04 11:24


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anwar Awlaki is the winner of the "Who wants to be the next Osama" reality TV show, and like the original Osama bin Laden, Adam Gadahn, Yousef al-Khattab, Abu Tallah Al-Amrikee, .etc .et al, he is another phony.

Awlaki, supposedly the inspiration for the 9-11 plotters, and cited as the mastermind behind the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Frt Hood shooting, and the Times Square Bandini Bomber, wes invited to dinner at the Pentagon after 9-11!

Nov 04 11:22

Anwar Al Awlaki Terrorist? Or Pentagon / CIA Asset? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Nov 04 11:14

CIA lawyer: U.S. law does not forbid rendition

Daniel Pines, an assistant general counsel at the CIA, has asserted in a law journal that the abduction of terrorism suspects abroad is legal under U.S. law, even when the suspect is turned over to countries notorious for torture.

“There are virtually no legal restrictions on these types of operations,” Pines asserts in the current edition of the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal.

“Indeed, U.S. law does not even preclude the United States from rendering individuals to a third country in instances where the third country may subject the rendered individual to torture. The only restrictions that do exist under U.S. law preclude U.S. officials from themselves torturing or inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on individuals during rendition operations, or rendering individuals from a place of actual armed conflict or occupation -- all of which prove to be narrow limitations indeed,” Pines writes.

Nov 04 09:48

Officials deny Yemen bomb defused 17 minutes before it was set to go off

A claim by the French interior minister that one of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was defused 17 minutes before it had been set to explode was today disputed by officials familiar with the investigation.

Brice Hortefeux provided no other details in an interview on France's state-run France-2 television, and did not say where he had got the information about the timing.

Nov 04 09:36

Jon Stewart's older brother, Larry Leibowitz, is the chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange

Not as many people are aware of it as should be, but Jon Stewart's older brother, Larry Leibowitz, is the chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jon who?

Nov 04 09:09

Re: obama drops cap and trade...NOT

Cap and trade is already going on right under our noses. California is ready, Oregon probably wont be ready for another 6-12 months.

Nov 04 08:52

Washington Post Politics Writer Calls for War With Iran to Boost the Economy

David Broder… call[s] for Barack Obama to bomb Iran to get the economy moving? It would be good for the country if this monstrosity shut itself down today. … Broder is … monstrous:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War doe snot create wealth, War creates debt and that plays to the advantage of the bankers who enslave the planet with manufactured debts. War on Iran serves Israel. So we know who Broder really works for and it is not the readers of the Washington Post!

Nov 04 08:46

Can 'Foundation X' save the British economy?

A bizarre intervention in the House of Lords debate on the Spending Review has been picked up by Hopi Sen. In it, Lord James of Blackheath, most famous as the efficiency expert whose proposed savings were a key plank of Michael Howard’s election platform in 2005, has revealed his secret contacts with a mysterious “Foundation X”, which is prepared to invest billions in gold bullion in the restoration of the British economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a replay of the "Prester John" gambit, in which a mythical Christian King in the far east was invented to encourage Europeans to join the Second Crusade to "free" the Holy Lands, despite having suffered the collapse of the first crusade.

Rumors of the impending intervention of Prester John bolstered the courage of the Christians of the Crusader Kingdoms and of Europe, and based in part on the promise of Prester John as an ally, Pope Eugene launched the Second Holy Crusade, led by Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany .

But Prester John did not show up as promised. The Second Crusade ended in the route of the Crusader armies at Damascus, and the Christians found themselves holding less of the Holy Lands.

In 1165, just as the situation in the Holy Lands began to deteriorate further, a letter began to circulate around Europe purportedly from Prester John. The letter again promised support for the Christian armies of Europe . The letter included descriptions of the wonders of Prester John's kingdom. The letter was so popular it was copied far and wide, and portions of it set to music!

But again, Prester John did not show up when promised, and in 1187 Jerusalem fell to Saladin. This prompted the start of the Third Crusade. Once again, rumors of Prester John's armies attacking the Muslims from the East bolstered the invading forces.

Prester John was a fiction told to the masses to give them a false hope for victory when none was really possible.

Foundation-X appears to be more of the same.

Nov 04 08:18

Sarkozy channels "24" and grasps at BOOGA BOOGA straws.....

One of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was defused just 17 minutes before it was set to explode, the French interior minister said Thursday.

Nov 04 08:12

Pentagon awards jet fuel contract to secretive company

In a move that could anger a vital ally in the war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon on Wednesday awarded a major jet fuel contract to Mina Corp., a secretive company that has declined to reveal its ownership but has nonetheless become a trusted partner with the U.S. military.

Nov 04 08:11

Chinese Professor-The Real Translation

Nov 04 07:39

Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

Activist Post

There has been much debate about the pending FDA approval of genetically modified salmon that grows to maturity twice as fast as a natural salmon. Its many detractors have labeled it "Frankenfish" and say it will spoil the natural marine environment, as well as being potentially harmful for human consumption. While that debate continues, it looks like another genetically modified live organism may be approved for release into the ecosystem: GM mosquitoes.

Nov 04 07:30

Most Yemenis See al-Qaeda Presence as ‘Myth’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Nonsense! Al Qaeda is as real as Saddam's nuclear weapons! Ummmm....." -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 04 05:50

Despair Follows Delusion

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Despite all the hype and rhetoric, only one impact of the midterm elections is assured. Notwithstanding power shifts from Democrats to Republicans in Congress there will not be any deep, sorely needed true reforms of our corrupt, dysfunctional and inefficient government. The culture of corruption in Washington, DC will remain. Hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate and other special interests will assure that.

Nov 04 05:48

Wayne Madsen: Toner Bomb Plot Used to Empower CIA

n addition to adding new urgency and a fresh dose of hysteria to the flagging war on manufactured terror, the toner bomb plot has provided an excuse to rationalize the global reach of the CIA.

"Officials said support was growing both within the military and the administration for shifting more operational control to the CIA — a move that would allow the U.S. to strike suspected terrorist targets unilaterally with greater stealth and speed," reports the Wall Street Journal today. "Allowing the U.S. military's Special Operations Command units to operate under the CIA would give the U.S. greater leeway to strike at militants even without the explicit blessing of the Yemeni government," or the American people who, as usual, remain woefully uninformed.

Nov 04 04:25

F 35 Shot Down Before It Could Fly?

On April 21, 2009, the Department of Defense announced the theft of 1.5 terabytes of data on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the platform meant give the United States and her allies air superiority for the next 40 years. In a flash, all that was gone, $300 billion dollars of funding down the drain, every system, defense, offense, stealth, everything needed to build one or shoot it down, all gone. Day one, China was accused but it wasn’t China, it wasn’t Iran, it wasn’t Pakistan. The theft left a clear signature, one identical to the data Wikileaks has been receiving, sources inside the Pentagon repeating the actions of Israeli-Soviet spy, Jonathan Pollard.

Nov 03 18:00


Despite your claims and twisting of the truth, Mr. Murdoch, the threats faced today are not “part of an ongoing war against the Jews.” The threat is the fear mongering which supports your war mongering.

By Paul Balles — My Catbird Seat –

Nov 03 17:29


In case Mr Murdoch hadn’t noticed, Israel itself is widely regarded as a terror state frequently resorting, as it does, to assassinations and extra-judicial executions, abductions and torture, massacres and starvation sieges, air-strikes, armed incursions, the use of prohibited weapons on civilians and massive violations of human rights?

Nov 03 17:17

Murdoch: a warmonger and a fear monger

Paul J. Balles views the deception and fear mongering employed by News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch at a gathering of the venomous US "Anti-Defamation League" to rally support for Israel.

Nov 03 17:16

Murdoch drums up "war" where propaganda collides with truth

Stuart Littlewood analyses Rupert Murdoch’s speech to the US Zionist hate peddling "Anti-Defamation League", in which the media magnate regurgitated Israel’s propaganda lines. He argues that Murdoch’s imaginary "war against the Jews" is "merely the flashpoint where propaganda lies finally collide with the sickening truth about Israel".

Nov 03 16:48

Nevada voters don't want Harry Reid, re-elect him anyway

At polling places across Nevada Tuesday, researchers conducting exit polls asked voters one fundamental question about Harry Reid: Do you approve or disapprove of the way he has handled his job as senator? The results were terrible for the Senate Majority Leader. Fifty-five percent of voters disapproved of the job he has done, while 44 percent approved. Such numbers might seem a sure indicator of defeat, and yet by Tuesday night, Reid was leading his supporters in a victory celebration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, you think maybe there might have been vote fraud involved in the "surprise upset?"

Nov 03 16:42


Part of the tragedies of the peoples of Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia, and the dangers threatening Iran, Sudan and Yemen, is caused by the cowardice of leaders and their succumbing to the dictates and temptation of Zionist money and the blackmail of Israeli media and not responding to their human conscience and the interests of their nations which they are supposed to represent.

Nov 03 16:31


Rupert Murdoch the warmonger encouraged George W. Bush’s maniacal killing spree in Iraq. He convinced Tony Blair to support Bush’s madness.

Nov 03 13:52

Unplugged: Bomb Iran For Votes?!

David Broder, columnist for the Washington Post, said Obama should spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with Iran. He calls it just a little fear mongering in order to rally the nation, because "Iran is the greatest threat to the world in the young century."

Nov 03 13:49

Bankster Looting Blamed on China

US-based global corporations have been shifting their business to China and off-shoring millions of jobs to the region due to their extremely low worker wages. Americans are already pre-disposed to blaming China because of the media and political jargon. US politicians have been conveniently been shifting blame for unemployment from themselves to China with political ads during the current midterm election season.

Nov 03 13:34

Flashback: Protesting AIPAC's Mafia Convention in Washington, DeCeit®™

Its Springtime for AIPAC! The mega-Israel Lobby convenes annually in Washington, D.C. at the convention center. AIPAC sucks out over $3 billion a year from our fast fading treasury for Israel with little or no dissent from the fakers in the U.S. Congress. If only the cities of Detroit, LA, Atlanta and Baltimore had such a puffed-up advocate in their corner. If youre lucky, you can spot some of your Congressional low lifes crawling on all fours into the convention center to pay homage to the Israel-First types. Isnt there a law against that kind of bootlicking? As always, lovers of the Republic were outside on the streets on Monday, May 4, 2009, protesting AIPAC.

Nov 03 11:21

Did somebody just try to buy the British government?

Mysterious "Foundation X" Offers To Solve All Of Britain's Financial Woes.

Nov 03 11:08

Bush: 'I Was A Dissenting Voice' On Iraq War

In the first interview of the publicity tour for his new book, Decision Points, Bush told Matt Lauer that he didn't want to use force.

"Not everybody thought you should go to war, though," Lauer said. "There were dissenting voices."

"I was a dissenting voice. I didn't want to use force," Bush said.

See also: Bush on the Start of the Iraq War: "I feel good!"

Nov 03 10:44

When is a Leak "Hacking", Hacking a "Leak" and What is "Espionage?": F-35 Stealth Fighter Cover-Up

On April 21, 2009, the Department of Defense announced the theft of 1.5 terabytes of data on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the platform meant give the United States and her allies air superiority for the next 40 years. In a flash, all that was gone, $300 billion dollars of funding down the drain, every system, defense, offense, stealth, everything needed to build one or shoot it down, all gone. Day one, China was accused but it wasn’t China, it wasn’t Iran, it wasn’t Pakistan. The theft left a clear signature, one identical to the data Wikileaks has been receiving, sources inside the Pentagon repeating the actions of Israeli-Soviet spy, Jonathan Pollard.

Nov 03 09:39

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in reply to an article you will find below.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Nov 03 09:34

Expert points to strong evidence of Bin Laden presence in Yemen

Al Qaida expert tells Gulf News he has no doubts that wanted Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden either visited Yemen or is actually based there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 03 09:07


“Another spy disaster like Pollard, shoved under the rug too long due to pressure from the powerful Israeli lobby.”

Nov 03 08:49

US pro-Israel bias demonizing Islam

A political analyst says the US media hype over a UAE flight is a pro-Israeli move aimed at demonizing Muslims across the world.

Nov 03 08:46

Bomb plot could raise costs, but who pays?

Security fears triggered by the air freight bomb plot could increase the costs of global trade and fuel debate over the technology needed to screen packages and who should pay for it, transport officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like it is not a foregone conclusion that the public gets stuck with the bill for more useless security crap.

Nov 03 08:44

Could a Cellphone Call From Yemen Blow Up a Plane?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Probably not, since the media already reported that the circuit card from a cell phone did not have a SIM card, which means it would never have worked even if unplugging the screen and keypad (and battery) had not already rendered it little more than a decoration.

Nov 03 07:59


"It is a slaughter house,” “even the Gestapo didn’t do this;” I spent many years in Israeli jails, and never experienced some thing like that.” These are some of the comments and observations made by people who have just been released from Palestinian Authority (PA) lockups and detention centers.

Nov 03 07:48


By Justin Raimondo ( )

The expected Election Day Republican “wave” that broke over our heads is a disaster for the anti-interventionist cause in the immediate sense – but there may be a silver lining.

The disaster is embodied in the various GOP warmongers who will be placed in key positions in Congress, and a good case could be made that among the worst of the worst will be the probable majority leader in the House: Eric Cantor.

Nov 03 07:37


The government is trying to build a protected autonomy for the Jewish majority and a stunted autonomy for the Arab.

Nov 03 06:35


By Barry Grey (Source: Global Research)

In what has become a regular feature of American public life—especially on the eve of major elections—the airwaves were taken over Friday by breathless reports of a new terror threat. It is impossible to determine how much is fact and how much is fiction in the ever-expanding claims being made regarding two packages from Yemen allegedly containing high explosives and addressed to two synagogues in Chicago.

But the very fact that the decision was made, undoubtedly at a very high level, to give such massive media coverage to the alleged plot—before any concrete details were being reported and entirely on the basis of unsubstantiated claims made by, for the most part, anonymous officials—is sufficient reason to adopt a highly skeptical attitude.

Nov 03 04:52

Perfect Storm-What Is Coming that Elections Will Not Fix

Both parties are on the same payroll and it is not our tax dollars that are paying them. They are on the private central bankers' payroll.

Nov 03 04:36

Obama Prepares To Expand Military Attacks In Yemen

By Bill Van Auken

02 November, 2010

The Obama administration is preparing to escalate its intervention in Yemen, placing US military units under CIA control to facilitate intensified drone attacks and death squad killings.

Citing unnamed government officials, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the administration has responded to the alleged airplane mail bomb plot by stepping up its consideration of “military options” inside Yemen.

Nov 03 04:23

9-11 Commission Not Once Mentioned World Trade Center 7 Collapse-WHY?

This compilation shows the collapse of Building 7 at 5:20pm on September 11, 2001 from several different angles.

9-11 Commission never even mentions WTC 7 nor of course tries to explain it to be anything but a controlled demolition. Controlled demos take weeks to set up.

Nov 03 01:03


By Daniel Tencer (source: The Raw Story )

Washington Post political correspondent David Broder has kind words for President Barack Obama in in his opinion column Sunday, arguing that it isn’t the president’s fault the economy is stuck in reverse.

But the four-decade-plus veteran of Washington politics offers a startling solution to the president’s political and economic woes: March off to war with Iran.

The president, who is “much smarter” and “more inspirational” than any of his opponents, could benefit from a confrontation with Iran because it would strike up a war machine that would pull the US out of economic stagnation, Broder argues.

Nov 02 22:35


The Israeli Jewish society is constantly drifting toward fascism and racism. For example, at least half of the cabinet ministers in the current Israeli government, openly and shamelessly call for the expulsion of Palestinians from Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Nov 02 15:42

Deliberate Evil: The American Strategy of Seeding Civil War

Pressing business elsewhere precludes me from giving proper attention to this, but I must take a moment to urge you to read -- immediately -- the new article by Gareth Porter at "Torture Orders Were Part of US Sectarian War Strategy."
Porter delves into the latest Wikileaks trove to find new and detailed evidence of how the vicious sectarian civil war in Iraq in 2004-2008 -- which killed thousands of people, subjected thousands to brutal and macabre tortures, drove hundreds of thousands of people from their homes -- was deliberately seeded and constantly fueled by the leaders of the American occupation.

Nov 02 15:23

Julie "Sabbath Goy" Burchill: Zionist serpent in our midst

Gilad Atzmon views the hypocrisy and state of mind behind a recent venomous attack by Zionist pro-war columnist Julie Burchill on peace and human rights activist Lauren Booth for converting to Islam.

Nov 02 15:12

UPS bomb - to get CIA into Yeman (Foreign policy by stealth)

PressTV info on CIA, Yeman, and serious political blowback.
Pro Zionists have control over US media.

Nov 02 14:03

America's press corps(e) - Bill Blum & The Anti-Empire Report

"Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel," said Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in a sermon in Israel on October 16. Rabbi Yosef is the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel and the founder and spiritual leader of the Shas Party, one of the three major components of the current Israeli government. "Why are gentiles needed?" he continued. "They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [master] and eat," he said to some laughter.

Nov 02 13:53

FBI preemptively prosecuting

Like preemptive strikes abroad, activists say Washington is waging similar an offensive here at home. Targeting citizens who one day could...maybe...possibly...commit a crime. Meanwhile, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are turning a blind eye to these injustices.

Nov 02 13:33


There is now “no chance” for a two-state solution. So said Haneen Zoabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli parliament in an exclusive interview with The Electronic Intifada, two days after she was by Israeli police.

Nov 02 13:05


Was it Osama bin Laden or the Mossad? Was it the Illuminati or the Council on Foreign Relations? Did they do it together? Where was Marc Anthony after 9/11 when we really needed him? A sad thing, perhaps beyond comprehension, is that we know more about Julius Caesar than we know about or own recent history. A few days ago someone sent me a link to a video by David Irving, the British author who professionally debunks everything. Irving, famous of late for taking on the holocaust, is the “go to guy” on World War II and Germany in particular. His research is, hands down, the best out there and he loves humiliating others for being duped by writing academic garbage based on secondary sources, too often proven, not just unreliable, but utter fiction.

Nov 02 12:59

Bombs, Terrorism & Manure: Is That A Bomb In Your Pants Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

We have seen it all before. Last Christmas, the "Crotch Bomber" was another "PETN/Yemen" terror fiasco. Press stories blamed Al Qaeda and were ready to build this into a new 9/11 except that reliable witnesses, Detroit area attorneys, saw the terrorist, no passport, no visa, escorted onto the plane. Before that, newspapers said the bomber had a diplomatic passport, a visa and had "evaded" security.

Nov 02 11:41

Intercepted device likely a cell phone, photo analysis shows

The electronic component visible in a law enforcement image of an intercepted suspicious shipment from Yemen appears to be a printed circuit board from a disassembled cell phone, an engineer told CNN Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With that itty-bitty battery seen right above the RF cage? Hardly. However, let us for the purpose of kicking CNN in the gonads stipulate that this is a circuit card from a cell phone that still manages to operate despite the removal of the screen, keypad, etc. etc. etc.

It is true that in the years since 9-11 repeaters have been installed on passenger aircraft to allow you to make or receive calls using a cell phone on a plane, but you have to enter your credit card information into the system via the phonebefore it will work!

Nov 02 11:36

Yemen hunts bomb suspect

The official also disclosed that both mail bombs, one recovered in Dubai and the other in Britain on Friday, were wired to detonators that used cell phone technology.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The hoaxsters are just digging themselves in deeper. Yes, in the years since 9-11 repeaters have been installed on passenger aircraft to allow you to use a cell phone on the plane, but you have to enter your credit card information into the system via the phone before it will work!

Nov 02 10:10

$80 Billion Down the "Al Qaeda!"

Our government announced on Thursday that it has spent $80.1 billion on intelligence activities in the last 12 months. Over $53 billion of that was rendered into thin air by the CIA and other agencies that report to the director of national intelligence, and the Military Intelligence Program blew the remaining $27 billion chasing hot tips on which Muslim weddings to bomb next.

Nov 02 10:05

Suspect package found at German chancellor's office

German-language daily Tagesspiegel reported that the package was sent via the delivery company UPS and contained "explosive material". At around 3:30 P.M. local time, a police bomb disposal unit used a water canon to neutralize the package, some two and a half hours after it was first discovered.

UPS was also used last week to transport parcel bombs sent from Yemen and destined for targets in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 










Nov 02 10:01

Paper defends pulling 'anti-Semitic' cartoon

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Thou shalt not offend Israel! Thou shalt not offend Israel! Thou shalt not offend Israel! Thou shalt not offend Israel! Thou shalt not offend Israel!"

Nov 02 09:13


Notice the sign above the door? FEDEX!
BUT, BUT, BUT the ‘bombs’ were sent via UPS which does not operate in Yemen!
BUT…. we already knew that from previous reports so the text had to be changed from UPS to FEDEX…

Then we have…. (From)
Rabbi Michael Balinsky, executive vice president of the Chicago Board of Rabbis, said that he anticipates Shabbat services be held as usual.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Rabbi Michael Siegel of Anshe Emet Synagogue in Lakeview said the congregation will not accept UPS packages until “we know the danger has passed.”

Shabbat Services be held as normal? With an impending ‘bomb threat’?? C’mon guys, there was a bomb threat or there wasn’t…. make up your minds.

Nov 02 09:12

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics

This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been better food and clean drinking water. Improved sanitation, less overcrowded and better living conditions also contribute. This is also borne out in published peer reviewed research:

Nov 02 08:47

The Television Commercial About The National Debt That Is Being Banned By Major Networks

A new television ad about the U.S. national debt produced by Citizens Against Government Waste has been deemed "too controversial" by major networks including ABC, A&E and The History Channel and will not be shown on those channels. The commercial is a homage to a 1986 ad that was entitled "The Deficit Trials" that was also banned by the major networks. Apparently telling the truth about the national debt is a little too "hot" for the major networks to handle.

Nov 02 08:22

Glenn Beck a hypocrite and a warmongering tool

Nov 02 08:19


Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister Dan Meridor cancelled on Monday a planned visit to London, England, after receiving information that he might be facing a lawsuit or an arrest warrant upon arrival.

Nov 02 08:10

Real estate is a bad investment does not show up in Google News and other interesting housing trends – Strategic default searches went viral in 2010. Banks betting against American homeowners.

82 percent of American households have internet access. Of those with internet access, a large number are homeowners. The vast majority use Google to search for many things including foreclosure advice or investigating the real estate market. The online trends give of a sense of what is happening in the collective psyche of our country that really isn’t revealed through the conventional press. The housing market seems to be entering a second leg down and many are now predicting nationwide home prices to fall by 5 to 10 percent in the upcoming year. With that being said, very few articles have made their way to the popular press regarding real estate as a bad investment. Even today, there is still a sense that no matter the price, real estate will always be a good financial choice.

Nov 02 07:59

Obama can rejuvenate the economy by war with Iran - Jewish journalist David Broder

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War does not create wealth, It creates debt.

Nov 02 07:55

Yemen hoax - CEO of UPS is former Director of the Federal Reserve!

Nov 02 07:53

Gilad Atzmon: Julie Sabbath Goy Burchill

But I guess that Burchill didn’t really have to convert -- She is obviously far more Jewish than anyone I can think of. Burchill can teach Rabbi Ovadia Yosef what self-love is all about. She can teach Paul Wolfowitz, David Aaronovitch and David Miliband what moral-interventionism stands for. She can give Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman a crash course in Hasbara. Burchill can lecture Zionist slander operators on how to spread venom.

Nov 02 07:50

QE2: Return of the Printing Presses

Nov 02 07:45

Companies may have to make amends after midterm elections

Republicans have a message for the businesses that worked closely with the Obama administration over the past two years on key controversial issues: We won't forget.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is not a message you put out before the election. The goal of this message is to scare Democratic supporters into remaining Democratic supporters. Hence I do not accept that this story traces back to the GOP.

Nov 02 07:21

Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop: Bill Gross

The dollar is in danger of losing 20 percent of its value over the next few years if the Federal Reserve continues unconventional monetary easing, Bill Gross, the manager of the world's largest mutual fund, said on Monday.

Nov 02 07:18

US 'intercepted mail bomb dry run'

They removed "papers, books and other materials" that now appear to have been sent by the Yemeni militant group al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap) to test logistics of the air cargo system, the official said.

"We received information several weeks ago that potentially connected these packages to Aqap. The boxes were stopped in transit and searched. They contained papers, books, and other materials, but no explosives," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

If you believe this then I've got a watch to sell you.

Nov 01 22:17

Newspaper bomb threat traced to police

A bomb threat which emptied the offices of a newspaper in Luleå in northern Sweden last week has been traced to the town’s police headquarters.

Nov 01 16:13

The Love Police Hacks Bergen (Norway)

Love Police protest in Norway.

Nov 01 14:35

US attitude to people's national sovereignty

Lawrence Davidson considers why so many US officials, some ostensibly intelligent, end up blatantly lying or blindly following murderous orders without question, and why the general public seems to accept this.

Nov 01 13:00


“Worse still, the “terrorists” father, described by the press as a “Muslim banker” turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA.”

“Never was America, its freedoms and security less free and less secure as when Michael Chertoff was watching over us.”

Nov 01 11:30

Did Obama Order British Authorities To Find Non-Existent Ink Bomb?

After having examined the suspicious ink toner device for six hours and found it to be a dud, bomb experts at East Midlands Airport only reversed their decision after being ordered to re-inspect the package by US authorities following President Obama’s Friday afternoon speech in which he claimed that the devices did in fact contain explosives.

This telling contradiction in the timeline of the cargo bomb plot fiasco proves that the story was being hyped and manipulated from the very early stages.

Nov 01 11:27

Yemeni terror threats spark fears in U.S., Britain

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not among anybody I know. I didn't find a single person over last weekend who didn't think this whole story was a huge pile of manure!

Nov 01 11:24

Government accusations: no evidence needed

"The reality, as today's version of the NYT makes clear, is that the U.S. has no idea who is responsible for sending these bombs. So in the dark are they that Homeland Security actually blamed two Yemeni schools that don't even seem to exist, with the only one remotely similar to it being one sponsored by the State Department. But no matter: within a very short time of the attempted attack's becoming public, U.S. government officials fanned out to anonymously pin the blame on Anwar Awlaki as the Mastermind, and newspapers then dutifully printed what they were told, even though nobody had any idea whether that was actually true.

Nov 01 08:44

Yemen toner-cartridge hoax solved: Israel "knew" of plot day before it happened!

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz hinted Monday that Israel received warning of the intent to send bombs to US synagogues on Thursday, before the plot was revealed to the public on the following day.

Nov 01 08:39

Investigation falters as female bomber suspect is released

Yesterday Yemeni officials said that a shipping agent called in to identify her said that she was not the person who signed the form. The authorities now say she was the victim of identity theft.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The obvious conclusion is that this woman's identity was stolen to lay a false trail to Yemen, to justify the invasion and murder of more of Israel's enemies and guarantee US military control of the Gulf of Aden.

Nov 01 08:34

LA Holocaust museum opens doors to new $18M home

There will be many familiar artifacts, including a concentration camp uniform, a partial replica of a boxcar used to haul Jews to death camps and a death camp model.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Replicas" and "models." There was a museum down south had "replicas" and "models" of humans co-existing with dinosaurs. "Replicas" and "models" are not proof of anything.

Nov 01 08:17

UK 'will not send troops to Yemen'

Yemen must not become another Afghanistan but Britain's role is to "stay close" and offer it assistance rather than send in troops at this stage, the new head of the UK's Armed Forces said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the people behind the toner-cartridge-of-death thought they would sucker the world into another war on Israel's enemies, looks like they are off to a bad start.

Nov 01 08:13

Now the synagogues say Egypt to blame for toner cartridge of death!

A rabbi at one of the synagogues allegedly targeted by explosive-laden packages from Yemen said that the group's website was visited dozens of times recently by individuals located in Egypt.

Nov 01 08:11

Okay, so the frame-up of that Yemeni medical student for the toner-cartridge-of-death fell apart; who else can we frame? Any MIdeast country we haven't invaded yet? Let's frame them!

Nov 01 08:10

PRESTO! Toner Cartridge of Death story magically changes

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Okay, you caught me. There are no UPS flights from Yemen to Great Britain. So the package came, ummm, ahhh, the package went ... by camel. No, wait; by rocket. No. Carrier Pigeon? No, that won't work. Guitar? How do you send a phony bomb inside a guitar? Oh, Qatar! I see. (clears throat) The bombs were sent from Yemen hidden inside a Qatar! ... Stop kicking me. What? A country? You're kidding! Well, why wasn't I told? Okay, shut up already. (clears throat again) The suspicious toner cartridge was sent from Qatar. Wait a second... How do we justify invading Yemen if the toner cartridge came from Qatar?!? You better start sweating, boy! This is really getting #$&^ed up! Look, you make it work; I gotta go campaign for the Democrats and wave dangerous Yemeni or Qatari or Mexicans at the voters between now and Tuesday." -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 01 08:10


Saleh said that Yemeni security authorities received a letter from Washington includes a telephone No. to a woman and that she allegedly who had sent the two parcels to two mail services companies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, the Yemeni have no evidence against this woman other than an accusation sent from Washington DC!

Nov 01 08:10


In short a toner cartridge that cannot explode shows up on a UPS jet which could not have come from Yemen, and Obama pounds it for all its worth trying to save the Democrats next Tuesday. Frankly I think Americans should be outraged not that Obama tried such a stunt, but that after all the times Bush was caught using terror scares for political gain that Obama thinks you are all stupid enough to fall for it again! If tonight's polls are accurate, you weren't and you didn't and Obama may have just screwed his own party to the point where they are all praying for Diebold to save them!

Nov 01 08:10

Yemen official: Arrested woman didn't mail bombs, is released on bail

The young Yemeni woman arrested on suspicion of mailing powerful bombs to U.S. synagogues was released on bail Sunday, and a Yemeni official said authorities no longer believe she shipped the bombs.

Authorities arrested the woman after tracking the name and address used on the packages. But after the woman was arrested, the shipping agent said she wasn't the one who signed the shipping documents, the official said.

Nov 01 08:09

Mail bombers "would not have known where device would explode"

The terrorists behind the cargo bomb plot would not have known exactly where the deadly device was to strike, UK Home Secretary Theresa May said Sunday, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

The unpredictable routes taken by freight planes meant it was "difficult" to say even now whether the explosions would have happened over Britain or America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which means Synagogues were NOT the targets, if you believe this latest spin!

Nov 01 08:06

Yemen threat prompts Cobra meeting

The prime minister will chair a meeting of Cobra later today, the government's planning committee for emergencies, in response to the Yemeni bomb plot over the weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, last week the heads of the British Airlines were calling for an end to American style intrusive (and very expensive) security, most of which is provided by Israeli companies, and all of a sudden, just when those security companies are facing major financial losses, Obama's desperate attempt to save the Dempocrats with a phony terror attack just happens to include a flight from Yemen to Britain (which didn't actually happen), a toner cartridge that wasn't actually a bomb, somehow "discovered" at a British airport, and today the British government scurries back to the waiting and greedy arms of the security-industrial complex!

Nov 01 07:13

CIA Covert Role Pushed in Yemen After Thwarted Attack

Editor's Note: Wait for it, wait for it; yes, there it is: problem-reaction-solution. Never mind the fact that the CIA has been in Yemen for quite some time. It must be announced publicly that death squads will be sent in to yet another country, to be followed by expanded drone strikes to kill more civilians. The Nobel Peace Prize winner does it again. Nice job.

Nov 01 06:46

Incomes Fall, Consumer Spending Weakest in 3 Months

Activist Post

Only a few days after the U.S. government reported that the economy expanded 2% in the third quarter on consumer spending, where they claimed that, "Household purchases, about 70 percent of the economy, rose at a 2.6 percent pace, the best quarter of the recovery that began in June 2009," a new conflicting report says otherwise.

Nov 01 06:28

Soldier Speaks Out


Nov 01 06:19


Those terrorist settlers (colonizers) are funded by large segments of the American Jewish community and by American tax exempted Jewish organizations with the knowledge and protection of both the Justice Department and Department of Home Land Security. Such funding encourages more terrorism and counter-terrorism rather than peace the Obama administrations claims to pursue in the Middle East

Nov 01 06:16


“Now we find ourselves in our third day at the Libyan / Egyptian border and we remain hopeful that the land route will be opened to us in the coming days” -Ken O’Keefe

Nov 01 06:16

COP-10: Biodiversity Convention Hijacked by Corporate Influence

Ed. This report by Anne Petermann recaps the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan which met for several days at the end of October. Key was the failure to reach consensus on a binding treaty to curb the rapid loss of plant and animal species. A protocol on access and benefit sharing (ABS) of genetic material was stalled, many say, by Canada’s refusal to recognize indigenous people’s right to such sharing.

Nov 01 06:13


The entire story of the danger of extermination was invented in every detail and exaggerated a posteriori to justify the annexation of new Arab territory

Nov 01 05:01

John Stewart on Freedom of Speech and 9-11-Quite the Contrast from Rally

Just like Bill Maher, John Stewart is a hypocrite when it comes to free speech and allowing a free exchange of ideas regarding 9/11. Bill himself has berated and thrown out of his audience spectators who were speaking out about 9/11. John Stewart's producer physically assaulted a person from wearechange who was speaking about 9/11.

Nov 01 01:22


By James M. Wall — My Catbird Seat –

What effect will Tuesday’s midterm elections have on US-Israel relations?

What effect will Tuesday’s midterm elections have on US-Israel relations?

Let us count the ways, starting with the impact of the 1964 Civil Rights Act on American college and university campuses.

A new and much more conservative Congress will bring us changes we don’t want to believe in. A recent news release from the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) offers a clue on what we can expect.

Nov 01 00:48

Finding the 'Cure' for the 'Cyber Epidemic'

Just another day in our collapsing American Empire!

As the "War on Terror" morphs into a multiyear, multitrillion dollar blood-soaked adventure to secure advantage over imperialism's geopolitical rivals (and steal other people's resources in the process), hitting the corporate "sweet spot," now as during the golden days of the Cold War, is as American as a preemptive war and the "pack of lies" that launch them.

Always inventive when it comes to ginning-up a profitable panic, U.S. defense and security grifters have rolled-out a product line guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of everyone: a "cyber epidemic"!

Oct 31 17:37


Richard Falk’s Report to the UNGA on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967


The present report considers developments relevant to the obligations of Israel under international law, as well as the situation of people living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Emphasis is given to the cumulative impact of Israeli policies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem arising from prolonged occupation, which exhibits features of colonialism and apartheid, as well as transforming a de jure condition of occupation into a circumstance of de facto annexation.

Oct 31 17:34


“Worse still, the “terrorists” father, described by the press as a “Muslim banker” turned out to be a partner in an Israeli managed defense company and a close friend of the CIA.”

“Never was America, its freedoms and security less free and less secure as when Michael Chertoff was watching over us.”

We have seen it all before. Last Christmas, the “Crotch Bomber” was another “PETN/Yemen” terror fiasco. Press stories blamed Al Qaeda and were ready to build this into a new 9/11 except that reliable witnesses, Detroit area attorneys, saw the terrorist, no passport, no visa, escorted onto the plane. Before that, newspapers said the bomber had a diplomatic passport, a visa and had “evaded” security.

Oct 31 16:38

Horror Films: The 9/11 NIST FOIA Releases

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Horror Films: The 9/11 NIST FOIA Releases
An eyewitness tells of the massive explosions as the twin towers were demolished and describes the scene as out of a 'horror film.' Little did she know at the time that it was only the beginning of a serial terror movie in which the whole world is an unwilling actor and viewer.
Many thanks to those who are revealing the horror scenes through the NIST FOIA releases on their youtube channels. Many of these clips did not make the 'Hollywood' final cut. If anyone knows of others, please leave a comment.

Oct 31 16:30

Imagine my shock! New York Times actually posts my comment on Fraudclosuregate!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my shock! :)

Oct 31 15:52

In What State is our Union?

The police-state grows and the civil rights recede - like a hairline - as the population looks in the mirror comes to a realization that their potency wanes. How to reverse the trend?

Oct 31 15:09

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the Government and media attempt to re-sell an Al Qaeda terror threat to distract the American people from the government's crumbling legitimacy.

Oct 31 14:58

Yemen bomb suspect released, says lawyer

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The frame-up craters!

Oct 31 14:33

Is Rupert Murdoch ignorant or an agent of Zionist deception?

Using the testimony of former senior Israeli military and political leaders, Alan Hart debunks News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch’s gross misrepresentation of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the purported "danger" facing Israel and the Jews today.

"If I had the opportunity to address Mr Murdoch directly, I would say to him the following. If you really care about the Jews (I mean the Jews as people as opposed to their money), you would put your media empire at the service of the truth of history...

"I would then say to Murdoch that my charge today is (generally speaking) that the mainstream media has betrayed democracy. And I would add: 'You, sir, are the greatest betrayer, traitor, of them all.'"

Oct 31 14:32

Rupert Murdoch: hiding truth behind euphemisms, omissions, slanders and lies

William A. Cook exposes the falseness of Rupert Murdoch’s warped and distorted view of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as summarized in a speech Murdoch gave recently at a dinner hosted by the hate-mongering Israeli mouthpiece, the so-called Anti-Defamation League.

Oct 31 13:34

End of Liberty

Oct 31 13:22

Police block sex abuse survivors near Vatican

ROME — Italian paramilitary police blocked a boulevard leading to the Vatican to prevent a march in Rome on Sunday by survivors of clergy sex abuse from reaching St. Peter's Square.

When Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi came to speak with organizers Sunday evening, a protester shouted "Shame, shame" in Italian, and Lombardi left, escorted by police.

Oct 31 12:59

Zionist Tolerance for a Change

I have spent the last ten years elaborating on Jewish national ideology and tribal politics. During my journey of grasping what Zionism and Israel stand for, I came to realize that it is actually the Jewish left — and Jewish Marxists in particular — that provide us with an adequate glimpse into contemporary Jewish identity, tribal supremacy, marginal politics and tribalism.

‘Jewish left’ is basically an oxymoron. It is a contradiction in terms, because ‘Jewishness’ is a tribal ideology, whilst ‘the left’ are traditionally understood as aspiring to universalism.
On the face of it, the ‘Jewish left’ is, at least categorically, no different from Israel or Zionism: after all, it is an attempt to form yet another ‘Jews only political club’.

Oct 31 12:46

Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama

A former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton says that the only thing which can rescue Barack Obama’s increasingly tenuous grip on power as his approval figures continue to plunge is a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11, another startling reminder that such events only ever serve to benefit those in authority.

Buried in a Financial Times article about Obama’s “growing credibility crisis” and fears on behalf of Democrats that they could lose not only the White House but also the Senate to Republicans, Robert Shapiro makes it clear that Obama is relying on an October surprise in the form of a terror attack to rescue his presidency.

Oct 31 12:01

Gulf Blue Plague: It's Not Wise to Fool Mother Nature

This article explains why BP is still using dispersants and the relationship of dispersants computer-controlled synthetic microorganisms. The title of the story tells you where it's going.

Oct 31 10:30


PETN is interesting stuff. It is actually a heart drug. There are more than a few ways to detect it, certainly those airport swabs can pick it up, sniffers and the newer scanners. It doesn’t hold together well so you can’t shape it as with other explosives unless you mix it with something else. It also requires a trigger of some kind, another explosive device, something that makes it even easier to detect. Ah, but the press doesn’t care about any of this, they are willing to fabricate stories about the new “magic” undetectable explosive, one that requires that airports, post offices, courier companies, all buy new inspection equipment.

Oct 31 09:43

Propagandists still trying to recover from "Yemen UPS plane" gaff!

The explosive found hidden in a package on a plane in the United Arab Emirates on Friday may have traveled on passenger planes to get there, airline officials said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"May have" means they don't actually have any information. They are guessing; trying to come up with a new cover story that the blog-o-sphere won't hand back to them in a body bag!

Oct 31 09:36

Hanan al Samawi, woman busted in Yemen for role in cargo plane bomb plot, was 'set up': lawyer

According to NBC News, Hanan al Samawi's lawyer claims she was nabbed by authorities because her telephone number was on the packages loaded with explosives.

However, the attorney argues that the fifth-year computer science student was not involved and the phone number was intentionally left to make her a suspect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is really insulting is that whoever set up this hoax really thought that it would never occur to us that an intelligent woman, sharp enough to be a medical student, would probably not put her own phone number on such a package. They really did think you were that dumb!

Oct 31 09:06

Leave it to Jon Stewart to totally trivialize grass-roots activism.

Oct 31 09:01



WHY A FABRICATED ‘TERROR ATTACK’ just days before the US election??


Oct 31 08:42

Anchorage CBS Affiliate Caught on Voicemail Conspiring Against Alaska’s GOP Senate Candidate

Clearly the reporters were conspiring to set up some type of smear of Joe Miller. With glee, they even cite a recent controversy over an incident involving the Rand Paul campaign, while discussing how they would spread the story via social media after whatever incident they had in mind came off. It also brings to mind another recent episode that ended with Jerry Brown’s California gubernatorial campaign being caught up in controversy when someone from Brown’s camp called Brown’s opponent, Republican Meg Whitman, a “whore.”

Oct 31 08:36

Yemeni Suspect Is 'Innocent' Say Legal Team

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said the US and United Arab Emirates provided him with information that identified her as a suspect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, another frame-up. Saleh doesn't seem to understand he is about to get the Saddam treatment by going along with this hoax.

Oct 31 08:34

U.S. intelligence trades on fear

Call me cynical, but I find it too much of a coincidence that this bizarre alert came less than 24 hours after British Airways chairman Martin Broughton has accused the country of bowing to U.S. demands for increased airport security measures.

Mr. Broughton criticized the U.S. for imposing more security checks on U.S.-bound flights, but not on its own domestic services.

He urged the UK to stop kowtowing to demands for passengers to take their shoes off and to put any laptop computers through scanners to be screened separately.

The UK government said it would give airport operators permission to review their security procedures and I hope they stick to their promise despite all this nonsense.

Oct 31 08:32

Cargo plane bomb plot: Yemen doubts its link to the plot

The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen on Friday or any indirect or direct flights to British or American airports.

In a statement distributed to journalists and posted on the official website, the statement warned against "rush decisions in a case as sensitive as this one and before investigations reveal the truth".

Oct 31 08:03


Oct 31 07:56


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Before you believe Yemen, remember Iraq!

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Oct 31 07:42

Leading environmental campaigners flip-flop to support nuclear power and GM foods

Editor's Note: This propaganda alert claims the environmental movement has been wrong for decades in opposing GMO foods and nuclear power. It's a clear indication that the real environmental movement has been hijacked by the crowd that promotes CO2 as more dangerous than depleted uranium, or genetically-mutated pesticide-ready crops. It's convenient for the establishment to force the world's population to choose between the lesser of their two evils, both of which thoroughly enrich them and continue to poison the planet.

Oct 31 07:33

War on Terror Finds a New Target: Yemen

Note: In this week's Propaganda 101 exercise, we see the coordinated connection being made between supposed al Qaeda plots in the UK and US and the country of Yemen. The War on Terror obviously has found its new target.

Oct 31 07:09

Airport Body Scanners Under Pressure: Experts Now Warn X-ray Devices "could give you cancer"

Activist Post

As we wrote in our newsletter this week: scanners and backscatter devices are under pressure from all sides. Despite the best efforts of Michael Chertoff and the TSA, word is out that the Backscatter X-ray scanner technology that is being used in airports is exceedingly harmful, along with being an invasion of privacy.

Oct 31 06:23


Group of Israeli settlers broke a number of windows of the two-story church and hurled Molotov cocktails inside it completely burning the first floor. Zakaria Al-Mashriqi, a leader in the church, denounced in a press release the “sinful crime”

Oct 30 22:24

Internet Killed Israeli PR (must watch)

Oct 30 21:49


What were the Special International Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigators imagining as they walked into Dr. Iman Charara’s private obstetrics and gynecology clinic this week demanding personal information on her patients?

Perhaps more interestingly, what was Jeffrey Feltman’s ‘Special STL Unit’ housed on the 6th floor of the U.S. Department of State, 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC thinking when their clearly exasperated boss, according to a Hill Rag source, recently shouted by phone to the STL investigators in the Hague: “ Just hold your […]. Stop chasing Dutch […], and get your […] over to Hezbollahistan for Christ’s sake!”

Oct 30 21:46


Road to Hope convoy stalled at Egyptian border

By Ken O’Keefe — My Catbird Steat


Oct 30 21:17

Yemen arrests medical student over cargo jet bomb plot

The lawyer, Abdel Rahman Burman, confirmed to Reuters news agency the student had been arrested on suspicion of involvement in sending the two packages.

"Her acquaintances tell me that she is a quiet student and there was no knowledge of her having involvement in any religious or political groups," he said.

"I'm concerned the girl is a victim because it doesn't make sense that the person who would do this kind of operation would leave a picture of their ID and their phone number."

Oct 30 18:37


Perhaps the Roman Catholic hierarchy has woken up to the fact that tens of thousands of Palestinian Arab Christians are forced to leave their ancestral homeland as a result of the brutality and oppression stemming from the ongoing Israeli occupation.

More than two thousand years ago, the frenzied multitude rejected Jesus because they thought he was going to rob them of their “chosen people” status and equate them with the rest of mankind. Today, 2000 years later, under the same chosen people rubric, Palestinian villagers, Christians and Muslims alike, are still being chased, assaulted, and hunted down “because they don’t belong”.

Oct 30 17:59


- Peace cannot be achieved without an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land (They add: Settlement activities are contrary to international law).

- The window for a two-state solution is closing rapidly because of changing facts on the ground driven by settlement activity, evictions and deportations.

- An agreement on Jerusalem is central to any solution. The threats to the Arab identity of East Jerusalem are an obstacle to peace.

Oct 30 17:04


The question I would like to ask both Ambassador Rice and Secretary Feltman is, when did the United States government start taking seriously any state’s sovereignty other than its own or its allies? Neither could answer this question seriously (at least not in public) for to do so would reveal that they are loyal agents of a government that practices a murderous hypocrisy

Oct 30 14:21

GOP in late poll roll

- A wave of polls out yesterday showed voters across the country breaking in favor of Republicans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It looks like "Osama bin Toner" really was a bomb, because it just blew up in Obama's face! :)

Oct 30 14:17


Ten years ago today a Palestinian child, aged 12 was killed by Israeli sniper fire. Literally adding insult to injury, the zionists claimed that this incident was ‘staged’ by the Palestinians as a publicity stunt. One often wonders how low the zionist can sink, this was truly one of the lowest levels ever.

Oct 30 14:14


Oct 30 14:01


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Post this link to the UPS website everywhere so people can see for themselves that the claim of a terror bomb on a UPS flight from Yemen is a total hoax!

Oct 30 11:58

Ex B'nai Brith head ashamed of child porn

Surkis's lawyer said in November 2009 that the videos were downloaded for research reasons.

"The purpose of his viewing the child pornography material [was] to educate himself on the topic of child pornography," lawyer Steven Slimovitch told CBC News outside court. "Then he would go into schools and give lectures on people abusing people."

But, prosecutors argued in court that there was no evidence to back up that claim. Surkis had not been hired by anyone to research child pornography and had not begun work on a study, they said.

In May, Surkis agreed to a plea bargain. In return for pleading guilty to charges of possessing and accessing child pornography, Crown prosecutor Cynthia Gyenizse dropped a charge of distributing child pornography.

Oct 30 11:21

Bomb Scare is BS

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"It is too explosive! I am the @#$%ing President and if I say it's explosive, it damn well better be explosive!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 30 11:18

Suspicious Package to U.S. not from Yemen; Yemenia Air Cargo Director

Mohammed al-Shaibah, Air Cargo Director for Yemenia Airways said to Yemen Post, "No UPS cargo plane left Yemeni lands over the land 48 hours. These accusations are false and baseless."
He added, "No UPS or DHL cargo packages heading to Chicago through Yemen took place in the last 48 hours as well."

"All packages are checked very carefully in Yemen, and there is no evidence to prove that this package came through Yemen."

Oct 30 11:16

UAE rejects US claims on Flight 201

The United Arab Emirates’ Civil Aviation Authority has rejected claims that a US-bound Emirates’ flight from Dubai contained “suspicious” parcels from Yemen.

Fighter jets were scrambled on Friday to accompany an Emirates plane into New York’s JFK airport after a security alert, US media reported.

Emirati authorities, however, said flight 201 carried no ’suspicious’ cargo from Yemen as claimed by US-Canadian military agency NORAD.

UAE officials rejected the claim and said the plane was not a source of threat.

Oct 30 09:57

Yemeni Government Arrest Two Females for Sending Suspicious packages to U.S.

According to a senior governmental official who spoke to Yemen Post on anonymity, Yemeni security forces arrested two Yemeni women under suspicion of sending the packages to the United States.
The Yemeni official claims that the two women sent the packages in order to damage the reputation of Yemen and not on links of Al-Qaeda. He denied that Al-Qaeda had links to the packages that were sent.

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Other stories indicate that these women were arrested purely on the basis of suspected associations with Al Qaeda. There is no actual evidence of involvement in the toner cartridge hoax.

Oct 30 09:23


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Before you believe Yemen, remember Iraq!

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Oct 30 09:12

The Apocalypse is one of Your Best Friends.

It’s unfortunate how so much of the focus is on Iran while Saudi Arabia is getting billions to manifest bristling and massive defense systems and all of these defense systems are to defend lies. Now they keep making more lies. Their power is draining. As more and more people see the ridiculous inconsistencies between planes that never came from Yemen with printing cartridges that look like a kid’s electric, circuit board kit, I’m thinking even the committed political party materialists; Fox News, Newsmax, Peephole Magazine, Oprah Winfrey and come to Jesus funda-money, ‘rapture me with a swipe card’ people are picking up on it now.

Oct 30 09:07

Pre-Election Bomb Plot a Political Boost for Obama

Though the administration has declined to raise the terror alert level, the very public nature of the Yemen bomb plot is seen as giving President Obama and incumbent Congressional Democrats a much-needed political shot in the arm, conveniently enough just days before the midterm elections.

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I would expect most voters to vote GOP, angry that Obama thinks winning my trickery and deceit is acceptable in America. Of course, maybe the voters are going to vote GOP anyway but Obama needs an excuse to explain away the "Miracle" (vote fraud) come from behind victory for Democrats!

Oct 30 08:57


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This toner-cartridge-of-mass-destruction may be nothing more than a play for pity by Israel, or the much expected pre-election Scare-orrism by a White House looking at major congressional losses next week. But given the media focus on Yemen as the culprit, and Yemen's strategic position relative to military control of the Gulf of Aden, this is possibly another "Gliewitz" to kick off yet another war of conquest.

Oct 30 08:49

Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama

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And sure enough; we got one!

Oct 30 08:34

Yemen says UPS planes never take off or land in it

No UPS cargo planes left Yemen to other countries in the last days and there are no direct flights from Yemen to the United Kingdom or the United States, a Yemeni official said, after allegations that British and U.S. officials had found suspicious packages on planes that originated in Yemen.

The official wondered how the media mentioned the name of Yemen reporting that an explosive device was found onboard a cargo plane that landed in London coming from Yemen.

UPS planes never land or take off in Yemen, the official made clear.

Oct 30 08:22


Even more shocking is the story of the U.S. spy ship, Liberty off the coast of Sinai when the war started. Israel attacked and tried to sink the ship with no survivors. When the U.S. 6th fleet in the Mediterranean sent rescue planes, President Lyndon Johnson personally told the commander of the fleet, Admiral Geis, to call the planes back. Johnson said: “I don’t give a damn if the ship sinks and all the Americans are killed.