Aug 20 15:01

Germany outraged by data theft scandal

German politicians are being urged to tighten data protection laws after a state privacy watchdog said information on the entire German population was available and being traded online.

Aug 20 14:29


President Bush’s grab for unchecked eavesdropping powers is the culmination of what the National Security Agency(NSA) has spent forty years doing unto others.

Aug 20 12:02

John McCain accused of plagiarising Wikipedia for speeches

More serious is the claim that Mr McCain has exaggerated or concocted the prison story, which he periodically uses in his stump speeches and which first appeared in his 1999 memoir Faith of My Fathers, which focused on his five and a half years in a North Vietnamese prison.

Aug 20 10:31

The Narrative Versus the News

The degeneration of journalism into "infotainment" has been bemoaned by the mandarins of the profession ever since the cable news revolution knocked the networks off their pedestal. Now the Internet is overtaking the cable channels as the place news consumers go to get their infotainment fix – or, alternatively, where they go to find out what the mainstream media isn't telling us.

Aug 20 09:51

American launches in-flight Internet on 3 routes

One of the few remaining Internet-free havens vanished Wednesday as American Airlines launched airborne e-mail, Web and other online services on some of its longer, nonstop flights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Internet-free havens?"

Who IS this luddite?!?

Aug 19 13:07

'Malvertizement' epidemic visits house of is one of several high-profile websites suspected of running rogue banner advertisements that try to trick visitors into installing fraudulent anti-malware programs, security researchers warn.

Aug 19 12:42

"The lack of any consistent lines of attack against McCain is becoming palpable"

With so many instances of corruption and influence-peddling around him and whatever problems with the candidate that are keeping the campaign from letting reporters interview him anymore, John McCain is now again charging Obama with what amounts to soft treason -- wanting to lose the war in Iraq in order to make himself president. The lack of any consistent lines of attack against McCain is becoming palpable.

Aug 19 09:40

Lifelike animation heralds new era for computer games

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and old dead Osamas!

Aug 17 22:35

MSOs Admit To Tracking Consumers’ Online Activity

Cable One last fall conducted a six-month trial of a network-based technology that tracks consumers' Internet movements in an effort to amass refined data on Web-surfer habits that can be sold to advertisers at premium rates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ummmm ... I am working on an article about online porn.

That was just research.

Yeah, that's it. Just research.

Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.



Aug 16 07:52

Government loses another 45,000 people's private details

The personal details of 45,000 people, including dates of birth, criminal records, National Insurance numbers and court information, were lost by a single Government department last year.

Aug 16 07:29

Bigfoot hoax causes a stir on YouTube

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some good ol' boys having fun, or a deliberate attempt to make the blog-o-sphere look silly?

Before this story was revealed to be the obvious hoax it was, I was flooded with emails insisting I just HAD to carry this story.

Aug 15 07:59

47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance on Radio, TV

Nearly half of Americans (47%) believe the government should require all radio and television stations to offer equal amounts of conservative and liberal political commentary, but they draw the line at imposing that same requirement on the Internet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would interpret this result as signaling that the public views the blogs are already far less biased than radio and TV.

Aug 14 09:05

Blogging Is Not A Crime

Most of those arrests are in countries with oppressive regimes, such as Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. But bloggers have been arrested in Canada, France, Greece, and even the U.S. (with Josh Wolf being one of the most famous incidents—he spent the better part of a year in jail for refusing to turn over journalistic video footage to a grand jury).

Aug 13 13:03

Blogging From The Front

Like most Russians his age, Romanoff is an active user of LiveJournal, a sort of blog-meets-social-networking site that has become a vital outlet for meaningful political discourse in a country where the mass media has been happily gobbled up by the state. Some blog for their friends, others have wider followings with thousands of commenters, putting them at the top of rankings done by Yandex, Russia’s search engine.

Aug 13 07:11

FCC Commissioner: Fairness Doctrine Could Lead To Government Regulation Of Web

The Fairness Doctrine was an FCC regulation mandating broadcasters afford time to opposing viewpoints. It was abolished in 1987 by the Supreme Court after it was found to be harmful to journalistic freedom and anathema to the First Amendment.

Speaking to the Business and Media Institute, McDowell stated that the Fairness Doctrine could return under a different name and be tagged on to the net neutrality debate, opening the door for the government to regulate content on the Web.

Aug 12 17:47

Steve Jobs Confirms iPhone Has a Kill Switch

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed that the iPhone 3G has a kill switch that can remotely remove software from the devices.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That just killed any interest in upgrading!

Aug 12 17:39


While Web users drown in spam and fend off scams aimed at stealing their money, U.S. federal and state law enforcement authorities are doing little to resolve what has become a multi-billion-dollar problem, a think tank said on Monday.

Aug 12 14:09

Wells Fargo says customer data access stolen

Wells Fargo & Co. is notifying some 5,000 people that their personal information might have been seen by someone using a bank access code illegally.

Aug 12 08:35

Force a cached Web page to reload

When you load Web pages in your browser, the browser creates a local copy of the data on that page. Depending on your browser and the specific Web page being viewed, you may get only this cached version the next time you load the page (as in when you press the Back button), or the page may refresh automatically (on a news page, for instance). However, sometimes things seem to get “stuck”—this past weekend, for instance, my local news page was showing headlines from Friday, even though I was looking at it on Sunday afternoon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have been getting emails from people that they are seeing older versions of this page. We have gone through our site code looking for reason why people are getting older pages, and even tried adding some meta tags to the page to force reloads each visit (which apparently had no effect). But according to this and other articles we have researched, getting the current page for many sites has become a problem, and one that is apparently due to shortcomings in the browsers themselves and the manner in which they handle cached data.

So, for those of you having such problems seeing the current day's version of whatreallyhappened, here are some issues to look into.

Aug 12 08:27

Browser Issues

In testing this website in various browsers, an issue has been discovered that sometimes affects the loading of the most recent updates to the pages on the site. A service is being utilized that forwards the website domain name to the location of the webpages. The Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers, under their default settings do not "refresh" automatically when you access the site.

Aug 12 08:13

Nvidia G92s and G94 reportedly failing

NV is simply stonewalling everyone and the costs are adding up. How adult of them. The question of why still remains though, and with another little tidbit of information, it becomes quite clear. There was a digitimes article on July 25, here if you are a subscriber, that said: "Due to Nvidia not clearly explaining the details of the faults reported in its notebook GPUs, some channel vendors have demanded graphics card makers issue a recall for desktop-based discrete graphics cards using the same GPU core, according to sources at graphics card makers."

Aug 12 07:54

IBM sees no alternative to Linux

Bob Sutor, Vice President of Standards and Open Source at IBM, has taken his company's commitment to promote free and open software over the past ten years as an opportunity to make predictions for the next ten years. He said that the use of the Linux operating system will continue to grow in his presentation at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco. Sutor thinks that there will be no open source alternative to Linux in the next ten years, and that there will be less focus on Linux on x86 processors as Linux is used more on other processors.

Aug 11 15:01


Aug 11 14:27


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Scroll in. All details have been erased from the database.

That rates a "Hmmmmm."

Aug 11 11:04

Russia Today Website Attacked

In the course of the last 24 hours RT’s website ( has endured numerous DDoS attacks, which have made it unavailable for some time. Channel’s security specialists say the initial attack was carried out from an IP-address registered in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. RT’s team apologizes for the inconvenience and gives a list of comprehensive external resources on the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict which can be used, should the attacks continue.

Aug 11 07:37

Cyberattacks knock out Georgia's Internet presence

Large-scale attacks, traffic rerouting traced to Russian hacker hosting network

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe. All of a sudden cyber-experts who can't find a script kiddie seem certain they know who to point fingers at. Every Georgian site I have visited that is not working is simply not responding, meaning a bomb probably hit the box or the router.

Aug 10 09:11

Bush Classifies $200 Million Surveillance Program

As Americans focus on the Olympics and the 2008 presidential campaign, the Bush Administration is finalizing plans to establish yet another massive surveillance program -- and has classified almost every single detail.

The Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative, established by National Security Presidential Directive 54 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 23 in January, is intended to improve the government's ability to defend against cybersecurity attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If they cannot find and jail the script kiddies pushing viagra ads into our mailboxes, they'll never be able to handle really sophisticated computer operatives.

Aug 08 13:58

Webcam Tbilisi, Georgia - Rustaveli Avenue

Aug 08 06:52

How LRC Ranks

From the expensive report of a famous rater of websites for potential advertisers, here are the latest rankings for the 50 best-read political sites:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I blush.

Aug 07 13:45

FBI tackles largest hacking case in U.S. history

"(Hackers) were previously searching fun and fame, now it's financial gain," he told Canada AM Thursday. "They're actually making more money now than the illegal drug trade. Organized web mobs throughout the world are making billions and billions of dollars every single year."

Rapidly-advancing technology has also changed the way the game is played, forcing the security industry to always operate a few steps behind.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And forcing US to pay for it all with more costly security systems and more kluge and complexity in our computers.

According to this article, hackers are making more money than drug smugglers. Let's see some prison sentences consistent with that fact. Hackers cause more damage than terrorists. Let's start treating them as such. Waterboard their computers and force the hackers to watch! :)

Aug 06 08:46

‘Fakeproof’ e-passport is cloned in minutes

New microchipped passports designed to be foolproof against identity theft can be cloned and manipulated in minutes and accepted as genuine by the computer software recommended for use at international airports.

Tests for The Times exposed security flaws in the microchips introduced to protect against terrorism and organised crime. The flaws also undermine claims that 3,000 blank passports stolen last week were worthless because they could not be forged.

Aug 05 17:35

11 charged in connection with credit card fraud

Eleven people, including a U.S. Secret Service informant, have been charged in connection with the hacking of nine major retailers and the theft and sale of more than 41 million credit and debit card numbers, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

Aug 05 15:15

High-tech Peeping Tom rigged laptop webcam to snap nude pics

Garcia then took her machine to another computer expert—a trusted friend this time—who discovered that Feigin had installed two pieces of software onto her machine: Log Me In and Web Cam Spy Hacker. Web Cam Spy Hacker may have been written by Feigin himself (the address on the site was the same as his home address), and it allowed him to upload the various photos taken on the machine to a remote server. Unfortunately for Garcia, that included 20,000 photos of her, her friends, and her boyfriend. Since the laptop mostly resided in her bedroom, some of them were taken while she was not clothed.

Aug 05 10:31

Law Professor: Counter Terrorism Czar Told Me There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act

Amazing revelations have emerged concerning already existing government plans to overhaul the way the internet functions in order to apply much greater restrictions and control over the web.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Soviets tried the same thing with the Samizdat.

It did not work.

Aug 05 10:24

US rebate cheques spent on porn

President Bush's economic stimulus plan which involved sending cheques of up to US$1,200 to every taxpayer has provided a boom to the online porn industry, according to market research..

Aug 04 16:37

Games spam attack alert

Internet security company Symantec has warned computer users and businesses about an increase in spam and phishing attacks in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics.

Aug 03 22:33


Aug 03 18:05


Aug 03 10:57

Secret multilateral negotiations on ACTA commencing today

The proposed agreement would criminalize copyright and intellectual property offenses. Under ACTA, Internet service providers would be required to filter illegal transfers of content and help the government track down the people downloading it. Border patrols would gain the authority to seize and destroy copyrighted materials at the border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And there is the REAL reason the TSA are confiscating your digital electronics at the borders. This has nothing to do with terrorism.
They are just clerks for the record and movie companies making sure you do not have illegal copies of music and video on your hard drives.

Aug 03 08:15

I may never see my son again

THE father of a Scottish computer expert accused of the “biggest military hack of all time” fears he will never see his son again if he is extradited to face charges of infiltrating American defence systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, dad, maybe you should have talked to him about breaking into other peoples' space.

Aug 03 08:06

New credit cards allow hands-free theft

Millions of so-called contactless credit cards have been mailed to Americans on the theory that we just don't spend money fast enough.

While you're absorbing that little nugget, consider this as well: The cards, which wirelessly communicate information about you and your account, don't have an "off" switch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What annoys me is that for some credit cards, you cannot get a radioless version any more!

And as is typical of our society, they won;t fix the problem, they won;t arrest the crooks, they'll just cme up with another product for us to buy to deal with the mess they themselves created.

Aug 02 08:30


Google is still at it… banning Blogspot bloggers… who dare to be critical of Israeli policies.
The latest two victims are
Rock the Truth *
Khalid Islaih
Both were determined to be ‘Spam Blogs’…. an unquestionably non kosher entity on any Google site.

Aug 01 07:59

Prosecutor asks TBI to see if blog info was a crime

Police Director likely could not get traction in efforts to obtain blogger identity simply based on complaint that blogger was critical of police.

Jul 31 15:07

Nah, this just COULDN'T be a puff piece bought and paid for by Google, could it?

Jul 31 14:46

California judge rules early cell phone termination fees illegal

In one of the most significant legal rulings in the tech industry this year, a Superior Court judge in California has ruled that the practice of charging consumers a fee for ending their cell phone contract early is illegal and violates state law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yee, HAAAA!!!!!!

Jul 26 07:06

Security shocker: 75% of US Bank websites have flaws

The vast majority of US bank websites jeopardize the security of their online customers by including design flaws that expose passwords and are susceptible to tampering by attackers, researchers say.

In a paper titled "Analyzing Web sites for user-visible security design flaws," researchers from the University of Michigan found 75 percent of bank sites surveyed had at least one such design flaw. The report was presented Friday at the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security meeting at Carnegie Mellon University.

Jul 25 17:39

Under Pressure, ISP Admits Secret Web Snooping in Kansas

Internet service provider Embarq eavesdropped on the web surfing habits of 26,000 customers in Kansas without notifying them personally, as part of its test of new, controversial advertising technology that profiles users, the company told federal lawmakers Wednesday.

Jul 25 16:47

Human and computer intelligence will merge in 40 years

At Intel Corp., just passing its 40th anniversary and with myriad chips in its historical roster, a top company exec looks 40 years into the future to a time when human intelligence and machine intelligence have begun to merge.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What a load of 101010011011011001101010110101001101010!

Jul 24 08:07

Asprox computer virus infects key government and consumer websites

Cyber-criminals have attacked key government and consumer websites, allowing them to steal the personal details of anyone browsing the sites, The Times has learnt.

Eastern European hackers are suspected of placing the Asprox virus on more than a thousand British websites, including those run by the NHS and a local council, in the past two weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, the fact that hackers are able to do what they do is proof that the United States has lost the war on terror. No amount of confessions extracted under torture can conceal the fact that a nation unable to track down and jail script kiddies does not stand a chance against really determined terrorists operating with the resources of a nation-state (and I don't mean the Mossad guys pretending to be Al Qaeda for the media).

Jul 23 20:47

Police director sues for critical bloggers' names

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and the city of Memphis have filed a lawsuit to learn who operates a blog harshly critical of Godwin and his department.

The lawsuit asks AOL to produce all information related to the identity of an e-mail address linked to MPD Enforcer 2.0, a blog popular with police officers that has been extremely critical of police leadership at 201 Poplar.

Jul 23 16:47

RFID chipmaker loses suit, says users must take 'urgent' action

A Dutch court has given university researchers the OK to publish their research about security flaws in the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips used in up to 2 billion smart cards. The cards are used to open doors in corporate and government buildings and to board public transportation systems.

Jul 23 16:47

"Spam king" walks away from prison

An inmate known as the "spam king" for sending hundreds of thousands of unsolicited e-mails has walked away from a federal prison camp in Colorado.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Are you @#$%ing kidding me?

This guy cost all of America billions of dollars in internet costs and annoyance factor and gets "Club Fed" with an open door, while Muslims have done nothing at all are being tortured to death?

Jul 23 09:12

Malware Destroyed a Man’s Life

It seems that the laptop was so poorly configured when it was given to Fiola by the DIA, that its antivirus could not offer any kind of protection. It wasn’t long before the computer was badly infected, and one of the malware that attacked it was downloading child pornography content in a file that Fiola had no idea existed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the government gives this guy a laptop with the security screwed up, then fires him after someone breaks into the laptop and uses it to store child pornography files, then after it is proven that hackers (and the poor security) are to blame, they won't hire him back because of his "reputation?"

That about sum it up?

Folks, the fact that hackers are able to do what they do is proof that the United States has lost the war on terror. No amount of confessions extracted under torture can conceal the fact that a nation unable to track down and jail script kiddies does not stand a chance against really determined terrorists operating with the resources of a nation-state (and I don't mean the Mossad guys pretending to be Al Qaeda for the media).