Nov 26 13:17

Australia: Private Intelligence Company Monitors Activists Online for Police

A PRIVATE intelligence company has been engaged by police to secretly monitor internet and email use by activist and protest groups, a report says.

The company was hired to monitor and report on the internet activities of anti-war campaigners, animal rights activists, environmental campaigners, and other protest groups, Fairfax Media reported.

It was hired by Victorian Police, the Australian Federal Police and the federal Attorney-General’s department.

Nov 26 09:02

New report predicts massive increase in malware and phishing in 2009

Reports from security provider MessageLabs suggest that virus writers are highly likely to release increasingly sophisticated strains of malware over the course of next year in an effort to get back in to the game after some high-profile botnet shutdown operations in 2008.

The organisation predicts that hackers will set off a series of attacks in which malware will exists as a virtualization layer running directly on the hardware and hidden by the operating system.

Nov 26 08:59

Microsoft ranked fifth worst spam service ISP

Microsoft is listed fifth in the Top 10 list of the worst spam service ISPs compiled by

Spammers are advertising links to sites that "peddle fake pharmacy products, porn, and Nigerian 419 scams" on Microsoft's and sites because they know that the Microsoft sites won't get blocked by antispam groups, writes Brian Krebs on his Security Fix Blog at the Washington Post.

Nov 25 15:56

drudge report deceptively promotes a russian analyst 'decline and breakup of u.s.' prediction

we had just finished posting a ria novosti article captioned "russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of u.s."
when we flipped over to the drudgereport and was quite surprised to see that matt drudge appeared to be giving
the same article big publicity with an over the logo, giant type headline:

expecting to find the usual deep link; directly to the ria novosti article we were surprised and
suspicious to be taken to a copy and paste job from the drudgereport website instead:

Nov 25 11:49

Battered, but not broken: understanding the WPA crack

Academic researchers have found an exploitable hole in a popular form of wireless networking encryption. The hole is in a part of 802.11i that forms the basis of WiFi Protected Access (WPA), so it could affect routers worldwide. German graduate student Erik Tews will present a paper at next week's PacSec in Tokyo coauthored with fellow student and aircrack-ng team member Martin Beck that reveals how remnants of WPA's predecessor allow them to slip a knife into a crack in the encryption scheme and send bogus data to an unsuspecting WiFi client.

Nov 24 11:56

Tina Sherman Nude Photos Story Likely A Hoax, Naked Pictures Don't Exist

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only problem I have with this story is that it attempts to prove a negative, which is a logical fallacy.

Is McDonald's legal department playing spin doctor?

Nov 24 10:36

Couple sue McDonald's over nude photos

A man who accidentally left his mobile telephone in a branch of McDonald's is suing the fast-food chain after nude photos of his wife that had been stored in the device ended up on the internet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Over a billion served!

Hasn't this clown heard about password protecting "sensitive" information?


Nov 24 09:51

Film studios to become 'police, judge, executioner'

Internet users would have their connections terminated summarily on the whim of the film and TV industry should it win its landmark legal battle against iiNet, legal experts have warned.

Seven of the world's biggest film studios and the Seven Network last week filed suit against iiNet, Australia's third largest ISP, in the Federal Court.

They claim iiNet authorised copyright infringement by failing to prevent its users from downloading pirated movies and TV shows.

Nov 23 20:13

Nightmare ends for teacher in pop-porn case

A former substitute teacher in Connecticut has reached a deal that calls for her to lose her teaching licence after exposing students to online pornography.

Forty-one-year-old Julie Amero pleaded guilty on Friday in Norwich Superior Court in Connecticut to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. She will also pay a $US100 fine.

Pornography appeared on her classroom computer in 2004 in view of seventh-graders. Several computer experts believe the machine was infected with programs that caused the images to pop up beyond her control.

Nov 23 19:09

Kernel vulnerability found in Vista

A flaw in Vista's networking has been found that can crash the system, but no fix is expected until the next service pack

A flaw has been found in Windows Vista that could allow rootkits to be hidden or denial-of-service attacks to be executed on computers using the operating system.

The vulnerability was found by Thomas Unterleitner of Austrian security company Phion and was announced Friday. Unterleitner told ZDNet UK on Friday that Phion told Microsoft about the flaw in October but that he understood a fix would only be issued in the next Vista service pack.

Nov 23 16:14

Government loses 53 computers in a year

The government has lost 53 laptop or desktop computers in the year since HMRC mislaid two discs containing the details of 25 million people.

Government departments also lost 30 mobile phones, 36 Blackberries, four disc drives and four memory sticks.

"But ID card are perfectly safe - really!"

Nov 23 08:43

San Francisco artist looks to replace lost eyeball with webcam

A one-eyed San Francisco artist wants to replace her missing eye with a Web cam - and tech experts say it's possible.

Nov 23 07:54

2 engineers sentenced for espionage

Two Silicon Valley engineers from China have been sentenced to prison for stealing chip designs and attempting to smuggle them back into their native country

Nov 22 09:38

Kin outraged, distraught over teen's cyber suicide

The family of a college student who killed himself live on the Internet say they're horrified his life ended before a virtual audience, and infuriated that viewers of the live webcam or operators of the Web site that hosted it didn't act sooner to save him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rather than blame the web, maybe this family should be asking themselves why the kid killed himself, and more to the point, why those living with him missed all the signals in the first place.

Nov 22 09:04

Virus strikes some Pentagon computers

Some Defense Department computer networks have been infected with a "global virus" and steps are being taken to mitigate it, the Pentagon said Friday.

The acknowledgement followed reports that the military has banned the use of removable flash media like thumb drives or memory sticks in any Defense Department computer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shoot the hackers!

Nov 22 07:56

New AG Appointee Advocated To Stifle Speech On Web

As tragic as Columbine was, Holder’s reaction to stifle free speech on the internet is nonetheless disturbing. Combine his zeal for what he may consider “reasonable regulations” along with his advocacy for a federal hate crime law(H/T to National Review), and internet users may find themselves in a world of legal woe after the Obama administration takes over in January.

Nov 21 20:55

Uninstalling Windows Live Messenger Beta (updated)

I installed Windows Live Messenger Beta and I hate it - mostly because although it displays my personal emoticons on my chat partner's screen, it refuses to show them to me! However, when I tried to remove it using Add/Remove Programs, it runs its installer, which gives me the option of adding other things, but no option to uninstall it.

Nov 21 08:13

Iran blocks access to more than five million websites

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Nov 21 07:40

Australia’s content filtering “frightening”

Deibert, who also co-authored the book Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering, said optional filtering schemes in Canada and the UK had major transparency and accountability problems that may be duplicated, if not exacerbated, in Australia.

In Canada, for example, filtering of access to child pornography is left in the hands of private ISPs. Deibert said this lack of civilian oversight meant there was no measure of redress for sites that had been improperly blocked.

Nov 21 07:37

China's hackers stealing US defence secrets, says congressional panel

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The servers used may be in China, but that does not mean the hackers are all Chinese.

PS This is what happens when you send all your IT work to India.

Nov 20 21:54

Verizon Says Employees Hacked Obama's Account

"This week we learned that a number of Verizon Wireless employees have, without authorization, accessed and viewed President-elect Barack Obama's personal cell phone account," Verizon said in a Thursday statement.

Nov 20 13:41

Iranian 'Blogfather' Hossein Derakhshan is arrested on charge of spying for Israel

A prominent Iranian blogger, nicknamed the Blogfather for spawning Iran’s spectacular blogging revolution, has been arrested in Tehran and accused of spying for Israel.

Nov 20 11:07

Court slams door on sale of spyware

The Federal Trade Commission today had a US District Court issue a temporary restraining order halting the sale of RemoteSpy keylogger spyware.

According to the FTC's complaint, RemoteSpy spyware was sold to clients who would then secretly monitor unsuspecting consumers' computers. According to the FTC, the defendants provided RemoteSpy clients with detailed instructions explaining how to disguise the spyware as an innocuous file, such as a photo, attached to an email.

Nov 20 10:05

Apple To Boost Movie Piracy, iTunes Competition With Anti-Piracy Feature (AAPL)

If this is true, it's one of the least consumer-friendly things we've ever heard Apple (AAPL) get behind.

According to Wired, Apple has quietly added anti-piracy technology to its new MacBook laptops. If you hook your laptop up to your digital TV, projector, external monitor, etc. -- which we do on a near-daily basis -- to watch movies, it will block you from playing movies you've paid for from iTunes unless you have a "High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection" compatible display.

Nov 19 22:36

Academics warn of EU 'three strikes' back door plan

The content industry has lobbied to force internet service providers (ISPs) to disconnect users they suspect of engaging in copyright-infringing file-sharing after two warnings.

Digital rights activists have questioned the accuracy of the evidence gathered by industry against individuals and have said that the effects on a whole household of one user's actions are disproportionate.

Nov 19 13:00

Ballmer dismisses Yahoo buyout but open on search

Microsoft Corp. is no longer interested in buying all of Yahoo Inc., CEO Steve Ballmer said Wednesday, though he told shareholders that the company would still be "very open" to a collaboration on Internet search. His comments sent Yahoo shares diving by 19 percent.

Nov 19 09:21

Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs

As America’s newspapers shrink and shed staff, and broadcast news outlets sink in the ratings, a new kind of Web-based news operation has arisen in several cities, forcing the papers to follow the stories they uncover.

Nov 18 09:40

Google's browser labelled a 'digital Trojan horse'

Perhaps the biggest threat to Google's increasing dominance of internet search and advertising is the rising fear, justified or not, that Google's broadening reach is giving it unchecked power.

This scrutiny goes deeper than the skeptical eye that lawmakers and the US Justice Department have given to Google's proposed ad partnership with Yahoo. Many objections to that deal are financial, and surround whether Google and Yahoo could unfairly drive up online ad prices.

Nov 18 09:31

Top 10 reasons to be paranoid

The truth is out there ... and so is your data. And just because there are no virtual black helicopters following you doesn't mean somebody somewhere doesn't have a bead on who you are and what you are doing.

Nov 18 08:13

Does Your Boss Have to Pay You While Vista Boots Up?

Lawyers are noting a new type of lawsuit, in which employees are suing over time spent booting [up] their computers. ... During the past year, several companies, including AT&T Inc., UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Cigna Corp., have been hit with lawsuits in which employees claimed that they were not paid for the 15- to 30-minute task of booting their computers at the start of each day and logging out at the end.

Nov 17 09:01

Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits

Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group -- the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA -- carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. He also says the music industry group abused the legal process by brandishing the prospects of lengthy and costly lawsuits in an effort to intimidate people into settling cases out of court.

Nov 17 07:20

Data retention laws: what they mean for ISPs

If you think you're making a private call, or sending a discreet message, think again. Under an anti-terrorism law passed in late 2001 in the wake of the atrocities of September 11, details of every website visited and the transmission of every email sent and every phone call made in the UK can be retained and made available to authorities. This may give individuals privacy concerns but for telcos and internet service providers faced with the consequent storage and retrieval requirements, it is cause for financial concern.

Nov 17 07:07

Woman Loses $400,000 To Nigerian Email Scam

Why did this woman, a reverend and a nurse, give over $400,000 to Nigerian email scammers? It started with just $100. The emails told her a long-lost relative with the same last name had $20.5 million caught up in the banks of Nigeria. Janella Spears just had to help with a few processing fees...

As she sent the money, more and more obstacles would arise, each needing more money to solve. Driven by blind greed, she sent over $400,000 to the scammers, draining her and her husband's savings, retirement fund, mortgaged the house and put a lien on the car.

Nov 16 15:27

Jewish Wikipedantry

A look at Jayjg's wiki page:

will show his overarching interest in articles about synagogues on Wikipedia. It seems that a page for every minor synagogue is far more important to Jayjg than a page for a noteworthy man that informed the political views of the new White House chief of staff.

My point? Only a fool thinks that Wikipedia has anything to do with objective, neutral articles. Had my article been about a noteworthy terrorist father of an Arab politician, Jayjg probably would have added to it.

Nov 16 09:51


The government, projecting a comprehensive internet filter, originally assured internet users that they could legally receive banned content by contacting their providers and circumventing such restrictions. Now the government says they can't. All illegal content, which should include everything from pornography to political and religious speech violating Australia's hate laws, will be forbidden. It will be illegal to create or receive communication which the government disapproves.

Nov 15 09:42

Main Core: New Evidence Reveals Top Secret Government Database Used in Bush Spy Program has published new details about a top secret government database that might be at the heart of the Bush administration’s domestic spying operations. The database is known as “Main Core.” It reportedly collects and stores vast amounts of personal and financial data about millions of Americans. Some former US officials believe that “Main Core” may have been used by the National Security Agency to determine who to spy on in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell
you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Nov 14 21:39

Speculation over back door in Skype

According to reports, there may be a back door built into Skype, which allows connections to be bugged. The company has declined to expressly deny the allegations. At a meeting with representatives of ISPs and the Austrian regulator on lawful interception of IP based services held on 25th June, high-ranking officials at the Austrian interior ministry revealed that it is not a problem for them to listen in on Skype conversations.

Nov 14 11:00

Google Offers Text Ads Linked to Malware Site

Search giant Google is known for its "do no evil" approach. It goes to great lengths to protect the environment and it blocks sites on lists of known malware sites from being searched.

However, security researchers made an alarming discovery of a major slip-up for Google. The site had allowed a known malware site to buy text ads and was placing these ads on its partner pages through its Google AdWords service. The link was listed as “Antivirus XP 2008,” which led to the URL “” (Don't go there)

Nov 14 10:58

Google Offers Text Ads Linked to Malware Site

Search giant Google is known for its "do no evil" approach. It goes to great lengths to protect the environment and it blocks sites on lists of known malware sites from being searched.

However, security researchers made an alarming discovery of a major slip-up for Google. The site had allowed a known malware site to buy text ads and was placing these ads on its partner pages through its Google AdWords service. The link was listed as “Antivirus XP 2008,” which led to the URL “” (Don't go there)

Nov 14 10:52

Microsoft Says over 11% of Vista Printer Driver Installs Fail

Anyone who used Windows Vista in the early days of its launch will likely have not so fond recollections of driver issues that often led to frequent crashes and lockups. Video cards from NVIDIA were especially difficult to get working on Vista early on thanks to drivers that didn’t work well.

Nov 14 10:46

Naval base link to jet plunge

Transmissions from a top secret naval base may have caused a Qantas flight to nose dive more than 1000 feet last month, Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators say.

Investigators into Qantas Flight 72 from Singapore to Perth on October 7, are assessing possible sources of external electromagnetic interference, "including from the Harold E. Holt very low frequency transmitter near Exmouth in WA", the bureau's director of strategy and capability, Kerryn Macaulay, said.

Nov 14 10:46

State of Washington sues Web/SEO firm

The attorney general has charged the company and its owner, Gilbert Walker, with:

* Misrepresenting the ability to significantly increase traffic to customer Web sites by achieving top search-engine rankings and failing to deliver other promised services.

* Falsely claiming an affiliation with other marketers including Specialty Merchandise Company, a so-called drop-ship wholesaler.

Nov 14 10:02

Spam traffic plunges after report blames server hosting company

Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates' 2004 proclamation that the spam problem would be solved within two years has proved a bitter joke, with unsolicited messages doubling yearly to make up about 90% of mail transmitted on the Internet.

But this week, the tide turned. The number of unwanted, offensive and misleading e-mails sent across the globe plummeted by about two-thirds, to a mere 60 billion or so a day by Thursday, according to spam filtering companies.

Nov 14 09:37

Sun to cut up to 6,000 workers, 18 pct of staff

Sun Microsystems Inc. plans to cut up to 6,000 jobs, or 18 percent of its global work force, as sales of its high-end computer servers have collapsed.

The drastic move announced Friday highlights Sun's desperation to cut costs and survive as an independent company. Sun's shares have fallen so steeply they've crossed an ominous threshold, driving the company's market value below its cash on hand.

Nov 14 09:07

Wikipedia deletes Benjamin Emanuel entry

Wikipedia has deleted Rahm Emanuel's father's page. Benjamin M. Emanuel's entry was recommended for deletion shortly after Obama named the younger Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, and it looks like it had already been deleted (or recommended for deletion) once before in January of 2007.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wikipedia has an obvious bias.

Nov 14 08:28

After banning YouTube, military launches TroopTube

The U.S. military, with help from Seattle startup Delve Networks, has launched a video-sharing Web site for troops, their families and supporters, a year and a half after restricting access to YouTube and other video sites.

TroopTube, as the new site is called, lets people register as members of one of the branches of the armed forces, family, civilian Defense Department employees or supporters. Members can upload personal videos from anywhere with an Internet connection, but a Pentagon employee screens each for taste, copyright violations and national security issues.

Nov 14 08:20

Australia planning to block 10,000 websites

The websites will be blocked as part of a government-sponsored trial of its filter technology that will start before Christmas and last six weeks.

The government has already identified 1300 websites that it wants to black list as part of the clean feeds scheme.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said the sites mostly contained child pornography and other unwatned content, including images and videos.

Nov 13 18:23

Under the Hood, Windows 7 Is Vista's Twin

If any pre-beta software ever called for a close look and benchmark testing, Windows 7 was it. I rolled up my sleeves and dove in. I started by examining Windows 7's innards--the kernel and other low-level structures--then slowly worked my way out to subsystem behavior and application runtime characteristics. Because one of the focal points of Microsoft's keynote presentation was improved performance, I looked for signs that Windows 7 would be faster, more responsive, and less resource-intensive than the bloated Windows Vista.

Nov 13 18:21

Government plans for 'black box' web surveillance take shape

BRITISH GOVERNMENT plans to install black boxes at ISPs around the country, in order to log every email and web site visit its citizens make, are taking shape.

Shady Home Office officials have had talks with representatives from British based ISPs including BT, AOL Europe, O2 and BSkyB and told them of possible plans to implement the "black box" technology for storing all raw data being transmitted over the Web. It would all be funnelled into a giant central database controlled by the Government.

Nov 13 17:57


Transferring jpegs between jump drive or Nikon d40 or backup drive and Dell Inspiron 531s, via UBS, corruption in up to 50% of files. This is the worst!

Nov 13 09:39

AVG Antivirus Accidentally Kills Windows

Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish users of the popular anti-virus software AVG have discovered a nasty surprise. AVG has mistakenly identified a core Windows system file, user32.dll, as a Trojan, and summarily deletes it, b0rking Windows. AVG has announced they're working on a fix.

Nov 13 07:54

Internet providers cut off host of spam e-mail

Reporting from Washington -- The volume of junk e-mail sent worldwide may have dropped drastically Wednesday after a San Jose Web-hosting firm, identified by many in the computer security community as a major host of organizations engaged in spam activity, was taken offline.

McColo Co., which computer security experts say serves as a U.S. staging ground for international firms that sell items including counterfeit pharmaceuticals and child pornography, ceased operations after two Internet providers blocked Web access.

Nov 12 21:18

Spam Volumes Drop by Two-Thirds After Firm Goes Offline

The volume of junk e-mail sent worldwide plummeted on Tuesday after a Web hosting firm identified by the computer security community as a major host of organizations engaged in spam activity was taken offline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeee, HAAAAA!!!!!!!

Nov 12 15:46

Obama to pioneer Web outreach as president

Nov 11 23:02

Usenet Shake-up Could Strengthen Usenet Industry

Commercial Usenet access providers have been offering discounts to Usenet refugees from Time Warner and other ISPs in the hopes of getting them to switch. Giganews Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Vogelpohl told NewTeeVee that his company had “a great response” to its Time Warner special, and that Giganews is “thankful for the opportunity” provided by the ISPs’ Usenet shake-up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, in trying to shut down usenet because of "child porn" (actually found in 0.0003 percent of the 3.7 billion articles on usenet at any given time) Cuomo has actually kicked off a commercial boom which will result in even MORE downloading, much to the annoyance of the real motivators behind the Cuomo crack down, the RIAA and MPAA.

Nov 11 22:35

New Way to Smuggle notes: Inside a Hollow Nickle

Nov 11 16:58

Flawed AVG antivirus update cripples Windows XP PCs

Nov 11 09:30

Wikipedia deletes page on Rahm Emanuel's father

Nov 11 09:09

Internet faces increased threat from hackers

Nov 11 08:37

Palin calls bloggers "kids in pajamas"

In Sarah Palin's interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren this evening, she referred to bloggers as "kids in pajamas sitting in the basement of their parents' homes" spewing out mean and inaccurate things about her. Well, I am no kid, I am definitely not wearing pajames and I am living in my own house, thank you! And I am seriously depressed about the prospect of this person having a political future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't own pajamas! Be grateful the webcam is turned off!

Nov 10 21:13

Spam gets 1 response per 12,500,000 emails

A new study details how spammers – the bane of our email inboxes – still make pots of money, despite only receiving a response to one in every 12,500,000 emails they spam out.

The study, by a team of seven computer scientists from University of California, Berkeley and UC, San Diego (UCSD) infiltrated the Storm network, which uses hijacked home PCs to relay much of the junk email you spend your days wading through while wondering 'who the hell responds to this stuff?'

Well. Now you know. One gullible idiot in 12,500,000 recipients. Or thereabouts.

Nov 10 11:29

Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way

Armed with millions of e-mail addresses and a political operation that harnessed the Internet like no campaign before it, Barack Obama will enter the White House with the opportunity to create the first truly "wired" presidency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 10 09:19

Pentagon's "Cyber Storm" war game simulates blogger leaks, train disorder -- wait, blogger leaks?

That's quite an afternoon, but we're taking offense to the Pentagon's classification of the press and bloggers as "threats" -- come on guys, we're here to help. We wouldn't spread rumors -- there's nothing at all in the hollowed-out left leg of the front pew at St. Micheal's Church in Fort Walton, Kansas.

Nov 10 07:37

MGM to Post Full Films on YouTube

With critical plaudits and advertising dollars flowing to Hulu, the popular online hub for television shows and feature films, YouTube finds itself in the unanticipated position of playing catch-up.

On Monday, YouTube will move forward a little, announcing an agreement to show some full-length television shows and films from MGM, the financially troubled 84-year-old film studio.

Nov 09 11:13


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This article is from April, but apparently there has been a new flood of these recently.

Nov 09 09:32

Obama's transition website unavailable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I was going to send Obama a copy of the recent NIE estimate stating that Iran had discontinued efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. Just to make SURE hhe knew about it, you understand.

But, the official website of the transition, is not responding. At one point I got a message "No available nodes", so either the website is simply flooded from enthusiastic supporters or it is being DOS'ed.

Nov 08 09:36

F.B.I. Looks Into a Threat to Reveal Patient Data

Nov 07 10:11

Internet generation don't have the attention span for jury duty, warns Lord Chief Justice

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe if lawyers were not so boring...

Nov 06 12:02

Obama, McCain Campaign Computers Hacked

Computer systems used by the Obama and McCain campaigns were reportedly hacked over the summer by an unknown "foreign entity," according to an account of the attacks published Wednesday.

The sophisticated cyberattacks has prompted a federal investigation, Newsweek reported Wednesday. Attacks on both campaigns were similar in that investigators believed a foreign entity or organization sought to steal information on policy positions. Such information could be used in negotiations with the future administration.

Nov 06 09:04

Can’t Access Your Google Account? Tough Luck

A web programmer is the latest victim in a string of recent Google account shut-downs the company has been slow to remedy.

Axod, creator of the Ajax-powered chat webapp Mibbit, which we’ve written about previously, was apparently the victim of a malicious hacker last Thursday. While that sort of random attack could happen to anyone, it’s Google’s response that has Axod steamed.

“A company really shows its true colors when things go wrong, or when users need help,” he writes. “Google has shown that it simply doesn’t care.”

Some details from the Mibbit blog:

Nov 06 09:04

Can’t Access Your Google Account? Tough Luck

A web programmer is the latest victim in a string of recent Google account shut-downs the company has been slow to remedy.

Axod, creator of the Ajax-powered chat webapp Mibbit, which we’ve written about previously, was apparently the victim of a malicious hacker last Thursday. While that sort of random attack could happen to anyone, it’s Google’s response that has Axod steamed.

“A company really shows its true colors when things go wrong, or when users need help,” he writes. “Google has shown that it simply doesn’t care.”

Some details from the Mibbit blog:

Nov 05 07:24

Government black boxes will 'collect every email'

Internet "black boxes" will be used to collect every email and web visit in the UK under the Government's plans for a giant "big brother" database, The Independent has learnt.

Nov 04 08:58

Blogged Down in the Past

Barack Obama’s campaign reaches out to activist bloggers in order to communicate with and mobilize campaign volunteers and feed them into its online social networking site, In contrast, John McCain’s campaign takes a top-down approach, using blogs—many of which it helped incubate—as an echo chamber for channeling mostly anti-Obama attacks into the mainstream media, in order to create an impression of grassroots online support.

Nov 03 08:08

Phone company: Heavy Internet users to pay more

The company is at the forefront of what CEO Maggie Wilderotter believes is a trend among Internet service providers toward billing for the amount of data subscribers use, rather than all-you-can-eat monthly plans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think this is aimed at people sending music and movies back and forth.

Nov 03 07:44

I need a 'wallet phone' why?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To make it that much easier to spend even MORE money you don't have, silly!

Nov 03 06:37

Thanks for the memory

We read, all too often, of various government and other (dis)organizations losing huge files with personal information in them. Would it not be nice if the people involved did not have to carry these files around with them?

Thanks for the memory

A mathematical trick may allow people to scatter their computer files across the world's hard disks ...

Nov 03 06:35

Thanks for the memory

We read, all too often, of various government (and related) organizations losing huge files with plenty of VERY personal information in them.

Would it not be nice if the people involved did not have to carry these files around with them?

"Thanks for the memory

Sep 10th 2008

A mathematical trick may allow people to scatter their computer files across the world's hard disks ...


Nov 02 11:09

Undetectable data-stealing trojan nabs 500,000 virtual wallets

Unlike many trojans, it doesn't rely on tricking the end user into clicking on a link or file to get installed. Rather, it spreads silently via websites that prey on unpatched vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system or in third-party applications, such as Adobe Flash and Apple's QuickTime media player.

"This particular trojan can get installed without even awareness of the end-user that they have agreed to anything or that anything has been installed," Sean Brady, manager of identity protection at RSA, said in an interview.

Nov 02 09:37

Voice of the White House October 30, 2008

“Even as the Bush righwingers are smelling defeat in the air, they are allying themselves with American law enforcement agencies in an attempt to completely censor and control the Internet usage and reception inside the United States.

Nov 02 08:54

Tax website shut down as memory stick with secret personal data of 12million is found in a pub car park

Ministers have been forced to order an emergency shutdown of a key Government computer system to protect millions of people's private details.

The action was taken after a memory stick was found in a pub car park containing confidential passcodes to the online Government Gateway system, which covers everything from tax returns to parking tickets.

An urgent investigation is now under way into how the stick, belonging to the company which runs the flagship system, came to be lost.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The time has come to outlaw the government keeping such volumes of personal data on We The People since it is obvious that they cannot be trusted with it.

Nov 01 14:07

Internet Now Major Source of Campaign News

Many more Americans are turning to the internet for campaign news this year as the web becomes a key source of election news. Television remains the dominant source, but the percent who say they get most of their campaign news from the internet has tripled since October 2004 (from 10% then to 33% now).

Nov 01 13:03

Trojan virus steals banking info

The details of about 500,000 online bank accounts and credit and debit cards have been stolen by a virus described as "one of the most advanced pieces of crimeware ever created".

The Sinowal trojan has been tracked by RSA, which helps to secure networks in Fortune 500 companies.

RSA said the trojan virus has infected computers all over the planet.

"The effect has been really global with over 2000 domains compromised," said Sean Brady of RSA's security division.

Nov 01 05:44

Anger about banking network security.

I'm interested in network security for online banking sites. It's a huge problem that seems to be being summarily ignored, and shirked for the responsibility it represents.

And there is a huge, gaping hole in the response for what could be done.

Here's the problem: we're all under attack 24/7. Anyone who has an online banking account is at risk.

Banks have done some things, and sometimes they change for improvement.

Oct 31 21:22

Long lines, glitches greet early voters

Four of the five computers that check voter registrations crashed Thursday night at the Adamsville Recreation Center in Atlanta, leaving more than a thousand people waiting long after the official closing time of 7 p.m. Hundreds were still in line at 11 p.m. as Atlantans watched them on the city’s late news broadcasts.

“This may be one of many places that this will happen,” said Lisa Borders, president of the Atlanta City Council. “The system is not adequate to accommodate the numbers of people that are going to be voting.”

Oct 30 15:17 With Caution

For the past few years has positioned itself, or others have labeled it, as the 'tell all final word' on any comment, claim and email.

But for several years people tried to find out who exactly was behind It is run by a husband and wife team - that's right, no big office of investigators and researchers, no team of lawyers. It's just a mom-and-pop operation that began as a hobby.

Oct 29 10:35

Christian Science Monitor to discontinue daily print edition

Oct 29 10:23

Toshiba drops 99 percent on weak chips, outlook hazy

Oct 29 09:11

Australia's compulsory internet filtering 'costly, ineffective'

Australia's level of net censorship will put it in the same league as countries including China, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, and the Government will not let users opt out of the proposed national internet filter when it is introduced.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bloody drongos!

Oct 28 17:24

Windows 7 Walkthrough, Boot Video and Impressions

Like Elvis in '68, Microsoft is itching for a "comeback," and Windows 7 is the perfect excuse. In fact, this week in LA at the Professional Developers Conference, Windows 7 officially shoved Vista aside. Having suffered through the often deserved criticisms of that ill-fated OS installment, Microsoft's people are thrilled to tears to be able to talk about something (anything!) else. On Sunday, they took journalists through a lively 7-hour orientation on Win 7, then handed off a Dell XPS M1330 loaded with pre-beta Build 6801.

Oct 27 09:28


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to do with that old PC stored in the closet.

Oct 26 10:50

What happens to your discarded old computer?

Remember how good it felt the last time you hauled your clunky, old computer and monitor out to the curb and went back inside to turn on your shiny, new PC? Well as it turns out, that quick trip to the trash wasn't the best idea you ever had.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My wife and I volunteer for a local organization called Hawaii's Computers For Kids.

We take donations of old computers and refurbish them for school, teachers, and other non-profits. Last year we put together an entire computer laboratory for the kids at a local Methodist church. I wanted to call it the "Meth Lab" for short but was over-ruled. But I digress.

As much as possible, we save parts from dead computers to upgrade/repair computers rather than let them get into landfills or wind up in these toxic disposal sites.

As the economy slows and school budgets tighten, fellow technoids might think about starting similar operations where they live, to keep computers alive and in the hands of people who need them rather than dumped into the environment.

Oct 26 09:36

New Worm Exploits Microsoft Bug

Only two days after Microsoft released the patch, security researchers identified a new worm named Gimmiv, which exploited the vulnerability in the RPC service.

Moreover, on Friday, a sample of the code hackers could use to further take advantage of the bug was posted on the Internet, on the hacker site.

Oct 26 07:34

Satyam denies spying claims

SATYAM Computer Services has denied a report alleging its contractors installed spy software on World Bank computers but has refused to assure Australian clients that it does not engage in such activity.

Satyam declined to guarantee that it (or its contractors) had not installed spying software on computers in any Australian or global customer site. The spokesperson said Satyam could not comment on individual client contracts.

Oct 25 09:00

Security Flaw Is Revealed in T-Mobile’s Google Phone

Just days after the T-Mobile G1 smartphone went on the market, a group of security researchers have found what they call a serious flaw in the Android software from Google that runs it.

One of the researchers, Charles A. Miller, notified Google of the flaw this week and said he was publicizing it now because he believed that cellphone users were not generally aware that increasingly sophisticated smartphones faced the same threats that plague Internet-connected personal computers.

Oct 24 17:27

Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield

A colleague today showed me a cool, new browser that he's been using to browse the web at blisteringly fast speeds. The browser? Minefield. The author of the code?


Yes, that same Mozilla that makes the Firefox browser. Minefield is, in fact, a way to glimpse into the future of Firefox, as it's a pre-release/alpha version of the Firefox browser.

After spending some time with Minefield, one thing is clear: the future of Firefox is fast. Lightning fast.

Oct 24 09:06

Labor's web gag 'worse than Iran'

The Federal Government is attempting to silence critics of its controversial plan to censor the internet, which experts say will break the internet while doing little to stop people from accessing illegal material such as child pornography.

Internet providers and the government's own tests have found that presently available filters are not capable of adequately distinguishing between legal and illegal content and can degrade internet speeds by up to 86 per cent.

Oct 24 09:01

Woman Arrested For Killing Virtual Husband In Video Game

The 43-year-old was reportedly furious at finding herself suddenly divorced in an online game known as 'Maplestory'.

Police say she illegally accessed log-in details of the man playing her husband, and went on to kill off his character.

Oct 24 08:51

Putin Kills Google Deal

The Russian government blocked Google from acquiring contextual advertising firm Begun.

Google would have paid Russian portal Rambler $140 million for its subsidiary, but Russian authorities say Google failed to provide "documented information about individuals that may influence the business group Google."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That DOES it! ATTACK!!!!!!! :)

Oct 24 07:33

Time to patch Windows again, ASAP

If you use a Windows computer connected to a network, a newly discovered bug makes it possible for a bad guy to wreak havoc on the computer without your doing anything. The most vulnerable versions of Windows are XP, 2000 and Server 2003. Vista and Server 2008 are also vulnerable, but not as badly. Microsoft considers the bug important enough to issue the patch immediately rather than waiting for their normal once-a-month patch Tuesday.

Oct 22 11:08

White House Emails: The Missing Link?

Although several administration officials, including Gonzales have testified before the Judiciary Committee, there is one person, yet to be interviewed, who may hold the keys to the missing emails -- Bush IT expert Mike Connell. Most people have never heard of Mike Connell. But that's no surprise as the very nature of his job keeps him behind the scenes. Connell is the architect and cyber keymaster of George W. Bush election websites including and, the site Karl Rove used for 95-percent of his email communication.

Oct 22 10:33

The Power of the Internet and the Failure of Rovian Politics

Age has finally become an issue for John McCain. But the problem isn't the candidate's 72 years; it's the antediluvian approach of his campaign.

McCain is running a textbook Rovian race: fear-based, smear-based, anything goes. But it isn't working. The glitch in the well-oiled machine? The Internet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 22 10:17

Voice of the White House October 20, 2008

At present, Websense monitors more than 42 million individual employees at more than 50,000 organizations such as government agencies which includes the email systems for both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Imagine if this software is in use in government offices such as the House and Senate - the users probably do not realize all their internet usage is being monitored and recorded. Imagine the potential for blackmailing someone like Senator Larry Craig if he has been using office computers to access boy porn sites, or any married politician accessing female escort services.

Oct 21 14:21

Yahoo firing 1,500 workers; 3Q profit falls 64 pct

Mired in a deep slump, Yahoo Inc. will fire at least 1,500 workers to cope with a crumbling economy that dented its third-quarter profit and turned up the heat on the Internet company's management as investors stew over a missed opportunity to sell to Microsoft Corp. for $47.5 billion.

Oct 21 12:55

Eric Boehlert: Drudge unplugged: How his campaign influence has collapsed

I'm not saying that given the choice I wouldn't pick a robust economy and a worry-free global outlook. But circumstances being what they are, I have to say that as the White House campaign hits its final stride under the ominous shadow of the Wall Street meltdown and the deep recession that's hurtling this way, perhaps the only silver lining -- the one unexpected pleasure -- has been watching the Drudge Report be completely neutered by current events.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Long time readers will recall that Drudge and I parted ways back in the Clinton years when I gave him (handed him on a #$^%ing silver platter) the FBI documents proving that the FBI faked evidence in the Vincent Foster murder case.

Drudge refused to run the story (detailed HERE) and instead ran a story accusing Sidney Blumenthal of domestic violence. Sidney Blumenthal sued, and the resulting media circus made Drudge THE internet icon. Once Drudge's status was secure, Sidney Blumenthal dropped the lawsuit.

So, I will admit to a slight tinge of joy that Drudge's shining star, purchased in much the same way Dan Rather purchased his media star, is finally starting to dim!

Just a tinge.


Oct 21 12:48


Oct 21 10:29

Keyboard sniffers to steal data

Computer criminals could soon be eavesdropping on what you type by analysing the electromagnetic signals produced by every key press.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually the computer criminals are just copying what the FBI has already been doing for years. Not only the keyboard, but especially the monitors put out radio noise which can be picked up at a distance and used to reconstruct what you are seeing on the display.

Of course, real criminals and terrorists know to Tempest Vault their systems, so this is just another way for the government to spy on ordinary citizens, to keep us from getting "uppity."

Oct 21 10:22

DARPA building search engine for video surveillance footage

The government agency that birthed the Internet is developing a sophisticated search engine for video, and when complete will allow intelligence analysts to sift through live footage from spy drones, as well as thousands of hours worth of archived recordings, in order to spot a variety of selected events or behaviors. In the past month, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced nearly $20 million in total contracts for private firms to begin developing the system, which is slated to take until at least 2011 to complete.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I see a really cool commercial application (non-surveillance) for this!

Oct 21 08:56

Big Brother database threatens to 'break the back of freedom'

Government plans to build a giant database holding information about every phone call, email and internet visit were last night dealt a major blow after the man in charge of prosecuting terrorism in England and Wales warned of the dangers posed by a "Big Brother" security state.

Oct 20 11:14

Group Reveals More Than 8,000 Disturbing Hate Sites On The Internet

The Internet can be a lawless wild west, filled with as much evil as good. And there aren't many ways to combat the former as this spider of hatred spins its sticky poison across the web.

That's one of the chilling conclusions in a Simon Wiesenthal Center report on hate sites on the net, identifying at least 8,000 known postings or web addresses spreading hatred or intolerance, a frightening 30 per cent increase over last year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here comes the call to censor the Internet. Of course, what the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls "hate" are often simply those websites that refuse to genuflect to the "official" versions of history.

Oct 19 22:39

World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'

The World Bank Group's computer network — one of the largest repositories of sensitive data about the economies of every nation — has been raided repeatedly by outsiders for more than a year, FOX News has learned.

Gosh, I wonder who?

Oct 19 22:36

What Really Happened University: Electronic Harassment

If someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing harm, this is Electronic Harassment.

Oct 19 17:51

MSN Closing Groups...this is NOT a Rumor

The natural question to ask in this situation is why we are closing MSN Groups. It is our goal to provide our customers with the most current and user friendly technology available today. We made the difficult decision to close the MSN Groups service as part of an overall investment in updating and re-aligning our online services with Windows Live. In the long term we believe that closing the service is the best way to continue to offer innovative, best of breed services that help you stay in touch with the people you care about.

Oct 19 10:37

Spam Scam Nets Another Conviction

Francis "Frankie" Tribble of Los Angeles pleaded guilty Friday in U.S. District Court in Detroit to fraud and money laundering charges. He admitted he made more than $2 million through a scheme involving sending millions of unsolicited e-mail messages to inflate the price of Chinese stocks.

Oct 18 07:48

Computer circuit builds itself

A team of European physicists has developed an integrated circuit that can build itself. The work, appearing in this week's Nature1, is an important step towards its ultimate goal — a self-assembling computer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That old joke about the human brain being the only computer built by unskilled labor is about to be obsolete!

Oct 17 13:36

R.I.P Usenet: 1980-2008

Dropping all of Usenet to lose alt.binaries.videos.of.criminal.acts is definitely throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but at the same time I don't have much pity for the binaries crowd. Usenet is a hideously inefficient way to distribute binary file—you end up making thousands of unused copies on various servers and encoding your files in inefficient ways. And way too much of the binaries traffic consists of piracy and warez.

Oct 17 12:27

Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Online Market

An internal investigation by the popular online market Intrade has revealed that a single investor’s purchases prompted “unusual” price swings that significantly boosted the prediction that Sen. John McCain will become president.

Oct 17 10:08

Corporate Media Sour Grapes...

"But if there's an overarching culprit, it is the Internet, which in the run-up to Election Day is betraying its dark side as the perfect conduit for crackpot conspiracy theories, manipulative propagandists and obnoxious chatter."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And after all, that's OUR job!" -- ABCNNBBCBS

Oct 17 08:24

Dangerous and depraved: paedophiles unite with terrorists online

The realisation that there might be something in common between violent Muslim fanatics known for their supposed piety and sexual deviants who prey on children has only slowly dawned on officers. Cracking the mystery of how these worlds overlap is expected to improve understanding of the mindsets of both types of criminals and has been hailed as a potentially vital intelligence tool to undermine future terrorist plots. “A way of finding who the extremists and terrorists are”, an anti-terror source said, “is to go through the child-porn sites.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I just got a phone call from NASA. They are billing me for damage done to the space station when shrapnel from the bovine excrement meter hit it just now!

These propagandists really do think we are idiots!

I mean, would a real terrorist hide their secrets in websites GUARANTEED to already be under examination by the police??????

I understand the Pentagon is paying $300 million for their propaganda this year. They gotta stop using the lowest bidders because they are looking like fools right about now!

Oct 16 16:23

No opt-out of filtered Internet

Australians will be unable to opt-out of the government's pending Internet content filtering scheme, and will instead be placed on a watered-down blacklist, experts say.

Under the government's $125.8 million Plan for Cyber-Safety, users can switch between two blacklists which block content inappropriate for children, and a separate list which blocks illegal material.

Pundits say consumers have been lulled into believing the opt-out proviso would remove content filtering altogether.

Oct 15 10:08

Free Nationwide Wi-Fi Network To Censor Political Websites

Both individual proposals to roll out free nationwide wi-fi Internet access across the United States contain language indicating that political websites deemed “offensive” will be filtered out and blocked.

Oct 15 08:21

FCC overhaul eyes broadband but could raise bills

The head of the Federal Communications Commission wants a massive overhaul of the fees that phone companies pay each other when they connect calls. Supporters say the reforms will help fund improved broadband Internet access for rural America, but consumer advocates question how much the plan will raise people's phone bills.

Oct 15 07:38

US authorities shutter worldwide spam operation

Authorities said Tuesday they have shut down one of the largest spam operations in the world, a vast network involving countries from New Zealand to China and the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Oct 14 18:29

McCain begs for YouTube takedown immunity

After having several campaign videos removed from YouTube for alleged copyright violations, Republican presidential candidate John McCain wants the video-sharing web site to consider special takedown privileges for politicians and their ilk.

McCain '08 general counsel Trevor Potter yesterday sent a letter to YouTube execs claiming the site is too quick to remove their campaign videos based on "overreaching copyright claims." He wrote that on numerous occasions that the material in question was "clearly" privileged under the US fair use doctrine.

Oct 14 09:33

Internet in Canada will be going dark to prevent leaks of election results

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now THERE is a red warning flag of what is to come!

Oct 13 09:18

Up to 1.7m people's data missing

A missing computer hard drive may have contained details of 1.7 million people who had enquired about joining the armed forces, the government has said.

The drive was reported missing last week by EDS, a firm contracted to the Ministry of Defence.

Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth told MPs the information, which went missing at an EDS site in Hampshire, was "unlikely" to have been encrypted.

It is not known if the drive was lost or stolen. An investigation has begun.

Oct 11 15:00

World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'

The World Bank Group's computer network — one of the largest repositories of sensitive data about the economies of every nation — has been raided repeatedly by outsiders for more than a year, FOX News has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Okay, so the computers that control all the transactions all crash (with the backups) wiping out all record of who owes what to whom, Bush declares a national emergency and the terrorhackers get the blame?

Oct 11 09:09

Researchers: RFID Tags Can Transmit Computer Viruses

Cheap radio chips that are replacing the ubiquitous barcode are a threat to privacy and susceptible to computer viruses, scientists at a Dutch university said on Wednesday.

Researchers at Amsterdam's Free University created a radio frequency identity (RFID) chip infected with a virus to prove that RFID systems are vulnerable despite the extremely low memory capacity on the cheap chips.

Oct 10 19:32

Opera releases 9.6 web browser

Opera has released version 9.6 of its desktop browser, highlighting further speed and efficiency improvements plus a number of new features.

One of these, Opera Link, will save browser history and favourite search engines to ‘the cloud’, enabling users to access bookmarks and previously-visited sites from any computer. Meanwhile, Opera Mail offers a ‘low-bandwidth’ mode, designed for use on slow connections that will strip out attachments, unless specified. It will also let you choose to either follow or ignore contacts in a thread.

Oct 10 17:23

Sneaky OpenOffice 3 Download

OpenOffice is a free and open source productivity suite that is seen as an alternative to Microsoft Office. This latest version could be seen as a playful Microsoft Office 2003, missing some of its features but surpassing it in other areas. OpenOffice Writer (Microsoft Word equivalent) defaults to saving in its own format (.odt), but the setting can be changed to automatically save in the prevalent Word format (.doc). With this change, we believe most users wouldn’t even notice they were using OpenOffice 3 instead of Microsoft Office 2003 or below.

Oct 10 06:44

WiFi is no longer a viable secure connection

WiFi is no longer secure enough to protect wireless data.

Global Secure Systems has said that a Russian's firm's use of the latest NVidia graphics cards to accelerate WiFi ‘password recovery' times by up to an astonishing 10,000 per cent proves that WiFi's WPA and WPA2 encryption systems are no longer enough to protect wireless data.

Oct 10 06:38

Bank buyouts trigger new phishing scams

Security experts are warning users to be on the lookout for a new round of spam attacks playing off of the recent banking crisis.

The US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-Cert) highlighted new spam messages purporting to be from popular banks.

The warnings come after the recent economic crisis pushed several major banks into the hands of new owners.

The rash of buyouts left some consumers puzzled as to the company now operating their banks, and phishers have capitalised on this confusion.

Oct 10 06:30

Oops : Asus EEE Mini PC Box Contaminated With Recycled.exe Virus

Big Box manufacturer Asus has acknowledged that its EEE Box Desktop Mini PCs contain a virus called Recycled.exe which is hidden in the box's 80GB hard disk drive.

While Asus says that it only affects computers shipped in Japan, the Register understands that EEE Boxes in Europe and elsewhere could also be at risk.

The Windows-only malware is activated once the D: drive is accessed and it will try to infect all fixed and removable drives. What's more, The Register found another password-sniffing Worm loaded on their review EEE PC box - definitely not a good sign.

Oct 10 06:28

Armed forces personnel details go missing

The Ministry of Defence said on Friday it was investigating the loss of a portable hard drive used for storing personal information of armed forces staff.

The drive contained the private details of 100,000 Army, Navy and Royal Air Force personnel -- around half the armed forces -- the Sun said.

Oct 10 06:27

Messages from Earth sent to distant planet by Bebo

Messages from Earth – including a photo of George W Bush chosen to illustrate evil - have been sent to a distant planet that could be home to intelligent life.

Oct 09 11:48

New video game literally a mind game

Willpower is set to replace fast fingers in a new video game in which players move characters through a headset that monitors their brain waves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

William Gibson, answer your page!

Oct 08 19:33

750,000 lost jobs? The dodgy digits behind the war on piracy

If you pay any attention to the endless debates over intellectual property policy in the United States, you'll hear two numbers invoked over and over again, like the stuttering chorus of some Philip Glass opera: 750,000 and $200 to $250 billion. The first is the number of U.S. jobs supposedly lost to intellectual property theft; the second is the annual dollar cost of IP infringement to the U.S. economy. These statistics are brandished like a talisman each time Congress is asked to step up enforcement to protect the ever-beleaguered U.S. content industry.

Oct 08 14:33 has been Hacked by "Islamic Jihad"???

My guess is that "Islamic Jihad" is about as much responsible for this hack job as they were responsible for the attack against the US embassy in Yemen...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Probably the same jerkoffs who were trying to get into WRH yesterday.

Oct 08 11:38

What's good for the goose ... or moose ... or whatever ...

In researching an investigation involving the AOGCC in 2004 I've learned that, according to

Oct 07 13:43

Apparently The Financial Crisis Is The Fault Of Flickering Computer Screens

From Paul Kedrosky we find one of the most idiotic theories on where the whole financial crisis came from, out of a laughably stupid interview with author Tom Wolfe. Apparently, the problem wasn't complex securities, massive leverage, unsupportable subprime mortgage giveaways or anything of the sort. No sir. It was all those flickering screens on computers that make financial types not want to pay attention

Oct 07 10:40

Government report: Data mining doesn't work very well

The most extensive government report to date on whether terrorists can be identified through data mining has yielded an important conclusion: It doesn't really work.

Oct 07 06:41

Vista R.I.P.

Vista is awful. Everyone knows it, including Microsoft, and now Microsoft's actions have made it clear that Vista is on its way to the Microsoft junkyard with such similar failures as Windows ME and Microsoft Bob.

You don't have to believe me. Just look at what Microsoft has been doing. First, Microsoft started fast-tracking Vista's successor, Windows 7. Recently, we discovered that Windows 7 alpha will be coming to developers this October.

Oct 06 13:56

eBay's Acquisitions, Layoffs: Too Little, Too Late?

eBay answered mounting Wall Street concerns about its business by laying off 10% of its workforce and spending $1.34 billion on business to bolster non-core company growth. The soon-to-be acquired companies are Bill Me Later-- a tool for quickly giving online shoppers credit on purchases--and two Danish auction sites. eBay called the moves contrarian plays, and the market wasn't too thrilled.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have been getting all kinds fo spam emails from eBay "reminding" me that I have not bought anything from them in a while.

Oct 06 09:38

How to create the ultimate encrypted flash drive

To create your own ultimate encrypted flash drive, here is what you’ll need to do. Keep in mind, this procedure has been done with the latest 6.0a version of TrueCrypt.

Oct 06 08:00

Sanity check: Five reasons why Windows Vista failed

With Windows Vista’s public perception in shambles and most IT departments stubbornly refusing to adopt it, has the time come for an early post-mortem on Vista? Here are the top five reasons why Vista has failed. Hint: Most of them aren’t technical.

Oct 06 07:58

Hackers Clone Elvis Presley's Passport

A group of Dutch hackers has shown the vulnerability of the new "ePassports" by making, and then using, one for Elvis Presley.

Oct 06 07:04

Film industry shuts down RealDVD (for now)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I suspect that the MPAA and RIAA are behind the recent shut down of USENET and that the claims of fighting child porn were just a cover story.

Oct 06 06:57

Windows XP: the invincible OS

Good news for consumers and business customers alike who would not touch Vista with a slow-running barge pole, bad news for Microsoft which is already touting the wonders of Windows 7. XP simply refuses to die, and Microsoft appears unable or unwilling to turn off the life support…

Oct 06 06:56

State to spy on all e-communications

The electronic communications of everyone in Britain will be stored and scrutinised as part of a £12billion plan to build the nation’s biggest ever surveillance system.

If installed as proposed, the Interception Modernisation Programme’s database will be directly fed by filters put inside the networks of internet and phone service providers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sew stahrt spelin evrythin rong!

Oct 06 06:13

T-Mobile Loses Data Of 17 million Customers But No Bank Details

In a startling revelation T-Mobile has admitted that it lost records of nearly 17 million German customers which contained their personal details including email addresses and phone numbers.

In a statement T Mobile's parent, Deutsche Telekom mentioned that a storage device that contained these files has landed in the hands of unknown parties.

Reports indicate that the records of German customers which were lost in 2006 possibly included secret addresses of politicians and some celebrities; however the fact that no bank details were present comes as a saving grace.

Oct 04 15:52

Verizon shuts down access to Usenet

Verizon has announced that they will be stopping access to tens of thousands of Usenet discussion areas including the very popular alt.* groups that have been around since the late 1980s.

Verizon spokesman Eric Rabe said only a select few newsgroups/discussion groups would be offered to customers going into the future. It appears the decision is in response to political "strong-arming" from New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who wants strong restrictions on all newsgroups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is not just Verizon. Roadrunner has also shut down their news servers. and I for one do not believe the crap about child porn. This is a move by the media corporations to deal with content pirates, and as usual, unable to find the criminals, they instead punish us all!

Even this article admits that they only found child porn (planted?) on 88 newsgroups out of 90,000, but that is still "justification" to shut the whole usenet system down?

Anyone have any decent usenet servers operating outside the dictatorship of the United States, please send them along. I miss

Oct 04 07:22

Police: Pa. landlord spied on 34 female tenants

Daley's sophisticated set-up fed the camera images to a recording system in the basement, enabling him to view the tapes from his home via the Internet, authorities have said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wouldn't alt.binaries.nekkidladies been easier and safer?

Oct 03 08:13

BT rolls out Phorm web tracking

Phorm’s online targeting service is designed to make advertising more relevant by taking account of all the websites a person visits, rather than just the content of a single web page.

Webwise works by having equipment at internet servive providers such as BT that will capture, for each site you visit, the URL, any search terms entered in a search engine, and other data from the page, in order to categorise it.

Oct 03 02:30

How a Canadian cracked the Great Firewall of China

When Nart Villeneuve couldn't remember the password to his Chinese MySpace page, the industrious Canadian hacker began examining China's version of Skype, and in the process, unlocked the inner workings of an Internet surveillance network tracking thousands of political activists in the world's most populous nation.

Oct 02 15:15

A Look at the ‘Clickjacking’ Web Attack and Why You Should Worry

There’s a nasty new security threat making waves on the web. Actually, clickjacking, as this attack is known, isn’t entirely new, but because no one has yet come up with an effective solution, it remains a serious threat. And clickjacking is the worst sort of security risk — it’s transparent to the unwitting user, simple to implement and difficult to stop.

Oct 02 08:07

Outsourcing aids many data thefts, Verizon says

The reliance of restaurant chains and retail stores on outside companies to handle credit-card processing and other information-technology functions is partly to blame for a rash of consumer data breaches over the last few years, according to data sleuths at Verizon Communications Inc.

Sep 30 18:49

Four top sites vulnerable to attack, warn researchers

Four leading websites were or are vulnerable to attack through an underrated vulnerability, according to Princeton University researchers.

While ING Direct, YouTube and Metafilter have taken action to address the cross-site-request-forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities, the fourth site, belonging to The New York Times, has not been fixed, the researchers claimed in a blog post.

Sep 30 16:10

Toxic Mac Pro’s emitting benzene?

Mac Pro owners, listen up.

A french newspaper has published a report (English translation) stating that Mac Pro owners run the risk of getting diseases as dangerous as leukemia (blood cancer) simply by using their computer. The newspaper was warned by a national agency scientist that the smell (already detected by many Mac Pro users on Apple forums) is actually toxic, composed of several toxins, including benzene.

Sep 30 06:03

Yahoo Mail Security Flaw Exposes Passwords

A hacker working on a way to access Yahoo Mail via IMAP, recently discovered that Yahoo’s desktop e-mail client is sending your password as plain text. That’s bad news for those of you using the desktop client over public wifi connections, where just about anyone with the know-how can see your unencrypted traffic.

Sep 29 16:16

Adobe's CS4 pricing is completely bananas

IF YOU WERE THINKING about popping along to your local computer superstore to pick up a copy of Adobe's Creative Suite 4 Master Collection on its release date of November 14th, you might just want to reconsider.

Because Adobe's insane pricing policy means that it would be cheaper to fly from London to New York, grab a copy of the software, spend the night in a hotel, and fly back to London the next day!

Sep 28 08:23

Damage to fibre optic cable affects Internet

Internet services throughout Pakistan were affected on Saturday after an undersea fibre optic cable, connecting Pakistan to the rest of the world, was cut near Egypt, Geo News reported. The channel quoted sources as saying Internet traffic was temporarily moved to a SMW 3 cable. Internet users faced hours of disruption. Ali Qadir Gilani, a spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, told the channel later that the submarine cable had been restored and the system was fully operational now. daily times monitor

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Return of the mysterious undersea cable cutters?

Sep 26 13:59

Clickjacking: Researchers raise alert for scary new cross-browser exploit

In a nutshell, it’s when you visit a malicious website and the attacker is able to take control of the links that your browser visits. The problem affects all of the different browsers except something like lynx. The issue has nothing to do with JavaScript so turning JavaScript off in your browser will not help you. It’s a fundamental flaw with the way your browser works and cannot be fixed with a simple patch. With this exploit, once you’re on the malicious web page, the bad guy can make you click on any link, any button, or anything on the page without you even seeing it happening.

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"So you just stay away from those unpatriotic terrorost-luvin' websites like that whatzisreallyhappening." -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 26 08:19

Bailout Outrage Races Across the Web

The Internet is flooded with angst about Treasury Secretary Paulson's proposed $700 billion bailout—and inspiring old-fashioned street protests

Sep 23 17:52


You will receive an email from UPS Packet Service along with a packet number. NOTE: The word packet is mis-spelled on this line. It will say that they were un-able to deliver a package sent to you on such and such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached. DON'T TRY TO PRINT THIS. IT LAUNCHES THE VIRUS!

Sep 23 17:49

Free Software Downloads to Optimize Windows XP

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Relinked by reader request.

Sep 23 16:53

Internet attacks on 9/11 Truth intensify

Internet censorship is once again in the news after legendary YouTube user Nuffrespect posted a new video detailing the latest online attack on 9/11 Truth: a user who is creating clones of respected user accounts and truth movement leaders in order to smear 9/11 Truth by posting racist comments. These have already led to the deletion of several well-known accounts in what has been revealed as a coordinated effort to eliminate 9/11 Truth from YouTube.

Sep 23 16:27

Fake popup study sadly confirms most users are idiots

For most of us, security issues happen to "other people"—we block popup ads, we carefully examine dialog boxes and, for those of us on the Mac platform, we snicker when confronted with something that attempts to mimic a Windows system warning. But everyone knows that they are exceptional—what's the behavior of a more typical user like? Some researchers have tested how college students respond to fake dialog boxes in browser popup windows and found that the students are so anxious to get the dialog out of the way, they click right through obvious warning signs.

Sep 23 05:57

Hunt for Palin hacker shaping up to be simple case

WASHINGTON - The hunt for the hacker who broke into Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's personal e-mail account is shaping up to be a remarkably simple investigation, by the standards of major cybersecurity whodunits.

U.S. investigators figure the hacker claimed responsibility in a detailed accounting that included his own personal e-mail address and that he tried to cover his trail using a U.S. Internet anonymity service that has been surprisingly cooperative with the FBI in efforts to peel away that anonymity.

Sep 22 19:40

Customs Officials Arrest 14 Year Pirate

I didn’t grow up in a ‘lock up pirates and throw away the key’ environment yet i’m still disturbed and concerned at how copyright enforcement is heading. Going to war against today’s potential customers seems foolish. Punishing and polarizing children - tomorrow’s customers - at the behest of big-business, is in a completely different league.

Sep 22 19:36

8 hacks to make Firefox ridiculously fast

Firefox has been outperforming IE in every department for years, and version 3 is speedier than ever.

But tweak the right settings and you could make it faster still, more than doubling your speed in some situations, all for about five minutes work and for the cost of precisely nothing at all. Here's what you need to do.

Sep 21 19:08


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My wife and I decided to catch a movie this afternoon. WE went to see "Righteous Kill" (Pacino and DiNero did their best, adequate script, terrible DP and Director, film needed at least one more edit before release).

The film was preceded by 20 minutes of ads and previews (including military recruitmens spots, and the usual obligatory film about @#%ing Nazi Germany; can we see movies about assholes who lived in THIS century?) and in those previews were TWO commercials for "That Guy".

So, after getting home, I decided to check out the website and for you flash animators it is a VERY impressive piece of work! But after you dig for a while what you find is that this is part of a huge and apparently well-funded campaign by the US Department of Defense to deal with alcohol abuse by US Servicemen.

Now, I am willing to cut servicemen some slack if they want to get drunk. I mean, would you wake up one day and discover you are THIS century's version of the Nazis and remain sober? I couldn't!

But to judge from the scale of this program, as evidenced by the money they spent on this website, it appears that the problem is on runaway proportions!

Sep 21 17:10

FBI eGuardian System

Sep 21 09:33

Attorney General Pulls Immunity Trigger, Denies 'Dragnet' Surveillance

U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Saturday denied that the Bush administration -- in conjunction with the nation's telecommunication companies -- devised a "dragnet" electronic surveillance program that funneled Americans' communications to the National Security Agency without court warrants.

But the attorney general also insisted that defending his claim in court would harm national security.

Sep 20 09:30

Proxy server trail leads FBI to Palin email hacker

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... but they can never find those "Al Qaeda Video" websites, right?

Sep 19 17:54

Things That Go Poof

From my iGoogle page, I monitor a number of news feeds.

The headline below, obviously caught my eye. The Fed is now backstopping the mutual fund industry and, yet, corporate officials are apaprently still hesitant to park money there. My enquirung mind wanted to know more. I clicked on the story. Poof, Wham, Bam, Gone.

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If you see an interesting story MAKE A LOCAL COPY IMMEDIATELY.

Sep 19 12:41

Palin Hackers May Dodge Feds via DOJ Loophole

Under DOJ's interpretation, the Palin hackers might only be prosecuted for accessing e-mails the Alaska governor had not yet opened. Based on the data leaked by the hackers, it is not clear if they opened any unread messages.

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So, if your target has already read the email, it's legal to peek at it! The gummint sez so!

Sep 18 07:27

Ask Steve to Change the "You Choose '08" page. See Renetto's Interview with Nader

Isn't it incredible how even "new media" are excluding choices and deceiving the public? I am trying to at least get YouTube to change their "You Choose 08" page so that it isn't perpetrating a fraud.

Sep 17 13:17

Overstating Drudge's Influence For Fun And Profit

What's more, another topic that Drudge-ologists will never dare to broach is the question of whether reporters and editors should take their cues from a confirmed serial fact-inventor. Is this, you know, a bad thing? What does it say about the business? Don't the same reporters and editors who proclaim Drudge's influence make editorial decisions to follow him when they do? Isn't one of the dirty secrets of the profession that reporters and editors on occasion actually tailor their stories to get Drudge links?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Drudge is, I suspect, a manufactured gate-keeper, promoted to internet stardom precisely so that he can tell web surfers what they should and should not pay attention to.

The reason I say this has to do with the falling out I had with Drudge many years ago during the Clinton administration. At the time, I had just started my own political website, focused almost exclusively on the murder of White House Deputy Council Vincent Foster

At the time, Matt and I traded emails on a regular basis. I fed him information, some of which he used.

Then I stumbled upon the official FBI records which proved that the FBI had fraudulently manufactured the testimony of Lisa Foster regarding one critical piece of evidence.

Vincent Foster was found with a dark blued steel gun next to him. His fingerprints were not on it. A DNA test could not connect him to it. The gun was made from pieces from at least two other guns to make tracing the serial number useless (an old CIA/Mafia trick). Nevertheless, the official inquiry concluded that the gun found with Vincent Foster's body was Foster's gun, because Lisa, his widow, identified it as such. But the official FBI records, written by the FBI interviewers, proved that the gun Lisa actually identified, the gun shown to her by the FBI, was "silver colored", not dark blued steel.

I presented this hard evidence to Drudge. He ignored it, choosing instead to run a story in which he claimed that Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal had a history of Domestic abuse. Blumenthal sued Drudge for $30 million and the news coverage made Drudge an instant internet celebrity, eventually landing Drudge his own TV show on FOX. Once the objective of making Drudge an internet star was achieved, Blumenthal dropped his lawsuit.

Ever since then, I have ignored Drudge (as he ignores me), as he appears to be the internet's version of a Mockingbird asset.

Sep 17 10:49

WOW!: YouTube Executing Video Censorship Based on Lieberman’s Anti-Terror Lobby

Sen. Lieberman released a statement regarding YouTube’s new standards for videos, saying that YouTube represented a tool for Islamist terrorist organizations to recruit and train followers; however, the stronger community guidelines should decrease the number of videos on YouTube produced by al-Qaeda and affiliated Islamist terrorist organizations, he added.

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Excerpt the videos from THESE "Al Qaeda."

Sep 17 10:26


Governor Palin has come under criticism for using private email accounts to conduct government business and in the process avoid transparency laws. The zip archive made available by Wikileaks contains screen shots of Palin's inbox, two example emails, address book and a couple of family photos. The list of correspondence, together with the account name tends to re-enforce the criticism.

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Now, before you scream 'privacy', please recall that the government started all this email snooping business by peeking at our emails without warrants. Sauce for the goose and all that. Government officials suspended civil protections for email, so they cannot complain when We The People (who pay their salaries) take a peek now and then to make sure our employees are obeying the laws of the land.

Sep 17 05:56

Encrypt Your Mobile and Land Line Conversations

SecVoice Secure Phone software allows your Microsoft smart phone or pocketpc to make secure cellular and landline calls.

Sep 16 13:00

Ebay "deteriorating" - mass layoffs expected

EBAY WORKERS may be in for a shock they didn’t bargain for, with a report claiming the firm is floundering and preparing to lay off about 10 per cent of the company's 15,000 employees.

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Will they sell eBay ... on eBay?

Sep 16 12:05

Dell shares fall on warning of slowdown

Before the opening bell, Dell issued a statement that described "further softening in global end-user demand" in its current, fiscal third quarter.

Sep 16 08:06

Porn passed over as Web users become social: author

Social networking sites are the hottest attraction on the Internet, dethroning pornography and highlighting a major change in how people communicate, according to a web guru.

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Porn is (was) interesting only because it was forbidden. Living in a religiously repressive society like the US, seeing pictures of naked people is exciting because people keep their clothes on all the time, even at the beaches. But, with the advent of the Internet, seeing naked people is now commonplace and after a while, pretty boring. Contrary to the dire predictions of the religiously deranged, the availability of porn has not transformed the entire nation into a population of ravening sex maniacs (at least outside of Washington DC and the churches), but instead we are now more relaxed and sophisticated about sexual matters, not unlike our more worldly European cousins.

Porn (unless well done) is boring and passe'. Online users are looking for the next big thing and at the moment, the social networks are the hot thing; in effect an emerging democratic self-government system devoid of ruling body.

Government by Twitter! Now there's an idea! AIPAC cannot bribe an iPhone!

Sep 15 10:37

BBC spreading the word that internet censorship is desirable

And let me guess who will decide which web site is reliable ?

Oh yes, the same people who claim there was no explosives in ANY of the World Trade Center towers.

Sep 15 10:36

U.N. agency eyes curbs on Internet anonymity

A United Nations agency is quietly drafting technical standards, proposed by the Chinese government, to define methods of tracing the original source of Internet communications and potentially curbing the ability of users to remain anonymous.

Sep 15 10:04

BusinessWeek website attacked and hosts malware

Folks from Sophos have discovered that the website of BusinessWeek, the world famous weekly magazine, has been attacked by hackers in an attempt to infect its readership with malware.

Sep 15 09:58

Rolling dice on the iPhone

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Proof that some people have WAAAAY too much time on their hands!

Sep 15 09:23

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

Depending on which feature you use, Google Maps offers a satellite view or a street-level view of tons of locations around the world. You can look up landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China, as well as more personal places, like your ex's house. But for all of the places that Google Maps allows you to see, there are plenty of places that are off-limits. Whether it's due to government restrictions, personal-privacy lawsuits or mistakes, Google Maps has slapped a "Prohibited" sign on the following 51 places.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many of the photos used on Google are outdated. For example, Hawaii State Sound Stages north of the Diamond Head Crater went through a major renovation over two years ago, but the image in Google Earth shows the older layout.

Sep 15 09:19

Anger as car journey data stored

Civil liberties campaigners have expressed alarm that millions of car journeys are to be stored on a national database for five years.

Already some 10 million journeys a day are being recorded using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), but this is set to rise to 50 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's nobody's business where I go, dammit!

Sep 15 09:01

Iphone tracks your every move

YOUR IPHONE IS WATCHING every move you make and the Cupertino Cabal knows all about it according to Wired.

Insecurity expert Jonathan Zdziarski has found that the phone takes a temporary snapshot of pretty much everything you ever do on your touchy-feely phone.

It's all in the name of aesthetics, says Apple. The sneaky screen grab is used to make the swooshy genie effect, which sweeps your current page off of the screen in a very pretty manner, whenever you hit the 'home' button.

Sep 15 09:00

Run-amok Verizon robo-caller torments 1,400 customers

Nine robo-calls in 24 hours, all from Verizon: Nothing could make them stop; not my wife's increasingly urgent pleas (I was away); not the hapless customer service reps who promised relief; not the "in-charge supervisor" who wasn't in charge; and, not even the ever-so-helpful individual who said the barrage was "a national problem" before adding, "We're suggesting that people just unplug their phones."

Unplug our phones? How about you unplug your bloody robo-caller first?

Sep 14 16:34

Our Data, Ourselves

In the information age, we all have a data shadow.

We leave data everywhere we go. It's not just our bank accounts and stock portfolios, or our itemized bills, listing every credit card purchase and telephone call we make. It's automatic road-toll collection systems, supermarket affinity cards, ATMs and so on.

Sep 14 12:44

Palin Aide Tells Blogger To Stop Blogging

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"And avert your eyes as I walk by!"

Sep 14 08:20

Hackers claim there’s a black hole in the atom smashers’ computer network

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People are worried that this thing could end the world, so these bozos break in and start tinkering with it.

Sep 13 10:05

Hackers claim there’s a black hole in the atom smashers’ computer network

Hackers have broken into one of the computer networks of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

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So if the LHC destroys the world, now you know who to blame!

Sep 13 08:34

Google's IP anonymization fails to anonymize

After nine months, the company has confirmed with The Reg, Google will "change some of the bits" in the user IPs stored in its server logs. But as the plan stands now, it will leave cookie data alone.

This means the missing bits are easily retrieved.

Sep 13 07:21

Virginia Anti-Spam Law Overturned, Spammer Walks

The Virginia Supreme Court today struck down a state anti-spam law, saying the statute violated the First Amendment right to free and anonymous speech. The decision also tossed out the conviction of a North Carolina man once described as one of the most prolific spammers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a real crock.

The First Amendment does NOT guarantee anonymous speech. And while freedom of speech is guaranteed in any public forum (except around political conventions these days apparently) the First Amendment does not grant a right to force ones speech into the private space of another citizen in defiance of a 'no trespassing' sign.

Given the hypocrisy on display here between a spammer's "right" to flood our mailboxes with viagra ads and the treatment of protesters at the conventions, I suspect someone got bought off in Virginia! After all, it is not viagra ads but political speech that the First Amendment was intended to protect.

Sep 12 07:44

Your internet access is going to get suspended virus

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More joy from the bastard hackers.