Aug 22 06:37

Supercomputer performs 28.16 tn calculations per second

The 3,200 computer processor cores that power Cystorm makes it perform 28.16 trillion calculations per second, which is five times the peak of CyBlue, an IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer that’s been on campus since early 2006 and uses 2,048 processors to do 5.7 trillion calculations per second.

Aug 21 19:34

UK to share fingerprints with Canada, Australia

Privacy concerns over biometric data collection have arisen in the past with the UK government's plan to build a database of fingerprints and other data on citizens for ID cards and passports. No2ID, which has campaigned against the ID card scheme, also criticised the agreement covering foreign criminals and asylum seekers.

"Matching fingerprints is not an exact science, and if large numbers of fingerprints are being exchanged, the numbers of false matches will be high," said Michael Parker, press officer for No2ID. "Each false match means a family or individual will be harassed, accused and have their life disrupted."

Aug 21 15:58

Video appears in paper magazines

The chip technology used to store the video - described as similar to that used in singing greeting cards - is activated when the page is turned.

Aug 21 07:36

First U.S. Internet Addiction Center Opens

Whether your Internet addiction involves online games or plain old web surfing, there's a new treatment option for you.

Aug 20 19:44

Behind the music: The real reason why the major labels love Spotify

In Sweden, where Spotify has been running the longest, Magnus Uggla – well-established since the late 70s – has withdrawn his music from the service. On his blog he said that, after six months on the site he'd earned "what a mediocre busker could earn in a day". Regarding his record label, Sony Music, he says "after suing the shit out of Pirate Bay, they're acting just like them by not paying the artists". When he found out that Sony had 5.8% equity in Spotify he wrote: "I would rather be raped by Pirate Bay than fucked up the ass by (Sony boss) Hasse Breitholtz and Sony Music and will remove all of my songs from Spotify pending an honest service."

Aug 20 19:22

Home Office unlikely to accept ID card cloner's offer of demonstration

The Home Office is unlikely to respond to an invitation to see how a UK identity card was cracked and cloned.

A Home Office spokesman confirmed it had received an offer from Adam Laurie, an expert in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, to demonstrate how he cloned a government-issued ID card with little more than a mobile phone and a laptop.

"We've spent a fortune on this rubbish, dammit. Go away."

Aug 20 08:49

Phorm shares hit by OFT investigation

Shares for targeted internet advertising firm Phorm were hit hard today after the Office of Fair Trading announced that it will begin a full-scale investigation into the use of personal information for online marketing.

Aug 19 14:50

Flickr Censors Political Image Critical of President Obama

After creating the image Alkhateeb posted it to his Flickr account and ended up getting over 20,000 views on it. 20,000 views that is until Flickr pulled the image down censoring him, along with everyone who commented on the image, citing “copyright-infringement concerns,” according to the Times.

Aug 19 10:41

Ruling could let model find, sue online heckler

The protection of the right to communicate anonymously must be balanced against the need to assure that those persons who choose to abuse the opportunities presented by this medium can be made to answer for such transgressions," the judge said, quoting the Virginia decision.

Aug 19 08:05

Surfing Since 1991:The Evolution of Web Browsers

In order to surf the web, you need a web browser, and today there are several different ones to choose from. If you're looking for a lean, no-nonsense browser, Chrome is the one for you. Internet Explorer still stands as the odds on favorite when you want to make sure pages load correctly (not because of superior standards support, but because its majority market share have driven developers to code their webpages to look best on IE). Firefox has found more than a niche market by giving users near endless customization, and Apple's Safari purports to run circles around everyone else (it doesn't). And then there's the cornucopia of alternative browsers and browser shells, like Flock (Firefox-based) and Avant (IE-based).

Aug 19 07:18

Users Sue Facebook Over Its Claim That it Owns Their Content

Case could set a precedent for whether MySpace and Facebook have a right to take ownership of user content

Facebook has had its fair share of privacy debacles. When its user update service began posting user purchases from advertising partners and other unwanted information, it faced a flurry of criticism. In the time since, it has worked to make sure that the site keeps its users information private and has beefed up security as well.

Aug 19 06:33

Microsoft appeals against Word ban

A Texan court has ruled that Microsoft must stop selling Word in the United States, after finding the software giant guilty of copyright infringement

The ban was imposed after a Texan court ruled that Microsoft had breached patents owned by a software company, i4i Ltd, pertaining to the way Word handles XML, a type of programming language.

Aug 18 08:18

Man charged with biggest ever US credit card fraud

Hacker who worked for the US secret service charged with huge scale identity theft

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Secret Service makes me nervous!

Aug 17 18:52

US hacker charged with stealing 130m credit card IDs

A serial hacker has been charged with carrying out the largest theft of credit card identities ever recorded in the US, in a sophisticated scam in which he and accomplices allegedly stole at least 130m accounts from big retail companies.

Albert Gonzalez, 28, of Miami, who once worked with the US secret service, is accused of working with two unidentified Russian conspirators to hack into the databases of retail chains, selling the information around the world. According to a 14-page indictment, the hackers stole credit card numbers from Heartland, a New Jersey-based company that processes payments, from the store 7-Eleven, and the supermarket chain Hannaford.

The three also targeted two other, unnamed corporations, according to the US attorney's office in New Jersey.

Aug 16 10:59

Mandelson launches crackdown on file sharing... just days after meeting with record producer

Lord Mandelson launched a crackdown on internet piracy just days after meeting a leading Hollywood critic of illegal file sharing.

The business secretary plans to criminalise the estimated seven million people - one in 12 of the population - who illicitly download music and films over the internet.

In what critics describe as a gross attack on civil liberties, those flouting new laws could see their internet accounts suspended and face fines of up to £50,000. It means parents could be thrown off the net even if it is their children are caught downloading tracks upstairs in their bedrooms, not them.

Lord Mandelson ordered officials to draw up the draconian regulations just days after dinner with David Geffen, who founded the Asylum record label which signed Bob Dylan.

Aug 15 08:13


Now this is humorous… Google, the zionist controlled and operated search engine has opened a domain for Palestinians.

Google, the same outfit that censors pro Palestinian news sites on their engine, that shuts down pro Palestinian Blogs has opened a domain for Palestinians.

Will this domain pick and chose what Palestinians will be able to find on this domain? Will Google only allow pro Israeli views to be downloaded on this new site?

There is an old saying….’Beware of zionists bearing gifts’…. originally known as ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts’.

Aug 14 19:55

You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again

More than half of the internet’s top websites use a little known capability of Adobe’s Flash plug-in to track users and store information about them, but only four of them mention the so-called Flash Cookies in their privacy policies, UC Berkeley researchers reported Monday.

Unlike traditional browser cookies, Flash cookies are relatively unknown to web users, and they are not controlled through the cookie privacy controls in a browser. That means even if a user thinks they have cleared their computer of tracking objects, they most likely have not.

Aug 14 09:44

Facebook Can Incite Jealousy

Spending time on social networking sites can lead to jealousy toward romantic partners, a new study indicates.

The results are based on a survey of more than 300 college students, and reveal a vicious cycle that plays out in the digital ecosystem called Facebook and ends in a frenzy of jealousy feeding jealousy.

Aug 14 07:50

Glenn Beck: Government Website Takes Over Your Computer Forever

Aug 13 17:58

Man pleads guilty to racial threat using fake Facebook account

An African-American man has pleaded guilty after being accused of impersonating a white supremacist in a fictitious Facebook account to make death threats against an African-American university student.

Aug 13 10:24

Southern Poverty Law Center Supporter: Execute Alex Jones For His Political Beliefs

Despite the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center linked Infowars and Alex Jones with Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Poplawski earlier this year because Poplawski had left comments on Jones’ websites, comments on SPLC’s own website that call for Alex Jones to be executed for his political beliefs have remained online for four months.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s concern about comments on the Internet which call for violence does not seem to extend to their own website.

Aug 13 09:14

This website will self-destruct...

With so much data now being created, shared, and stored online - rather on individual computers - documents could remain online for years, even after the user deleted the original file.

Using Vanish, however, means that even archived or backed-up copies of the data are unreadable after the time limit set by the original user.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What if you reset the system clock? :)

Aug 13 08:43

Man charged over global computer virus

An Adelaide man has been charged with infecting 3,000 computers worldwide with viruses designed to capture banking details.

The 20-year-old is also suspected of having developed software capable of launching virus attacks on 74,000 computers worldwide.

Police believe the arrest of the man, from Adelaide's west, has given them intelligence likely to lead to further offenders.

Aug 13 06:04

U.S. Court Bars Microsoft Word Sales

A U.S. federal court's ruling in a patent infringement case could threaten sales of Microsoft Corp's popular word processing application.

A Texas district court on Tuesday ruled in favor of Canadian software firm i4i Ltd and filed an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling the 2003 and 2007 versions of Word.

Aug 13 05:40

Practical Internet Privacy

Aug 12 20:28

Computer scientists reveal new voting machine hack successfully changed votes

A team of computer scientists at University of California, San Diego, the University of Michigan and Princeton University announced a new way to electronically steal votes Monday.

“We wanted to find if a real criminal could do this, starting from scratch, with no access to source code or other closely guarded technical information,” the announcer begins. “We faced several challenges: getting a voting machine, figuring out how it works, discovering a weakness, overcoming the machine’s security features and constructing attack software.”

“In the end we found that it is possible to undetectably change votes and that such an attack takes a lot less time and money than one might expect,” the announcer said.

Aug 12 17:25

Two convicted for refusal to decrypt data

Two people have been successfully prosecuted for refusing to provide authorities with their encryption keys, resulting in landmark convictions that may have carried jail sentences of up to five years.

The government said today it does not know their fate.

The power to force people to unscramble their data was granted to authorities in October 2007. Between 1 April, 2008 and 31 March this year the first two convictions were obtained.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 12 16:58

Judge Rules DVD-Copying Software Is Illegal

A federal judge ruled here late Tuesday that it was unlawful to traffic in goods to copy DVDs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, how do I make copies of my demo DVD?

Aug 12 15:25

Government Proposes Massive Shift In Online Privacy Policy

The American Civil Liberties Union submitted comments today to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) opposing its recent proposal to reverse current federal policy and allow the use of web tracking technologies, like cookies, on federal government websites. Cookies can be used to track an Internet user’s every click and are often linked across multiple websites; they frequently identify particular people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't use government websites.

Aug 12 14:30

Obama Proposes Web-Tracking Plan, Privacy Advocates Alarmed

Government could reap a wealth of information from its citizens

Every day millions across the country navigate to government webpages, to read pertinent information. Since 2000 that access has been safeguarded, thanks to a prohibition on government websites using cookies or other tracking technology to track users. Agency exceptions could only be granted under cases of "compelling need".

Now the Obama administration is looking to overturn that prohibition and potentially begin harvesting a wealth of data on its citizen's activities. Under the plan, the prohibition would be replaced with a set of privacy provisions. Aides say that it would increase government transparency and "increase public involvement".

Aug 12 13:10

US Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra Accused of Being a Phony

In his post, Dvorak asks "Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony? This is the sort of question you might ask after trying to actually verify his supposed MS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland, College Park campus. The registrar has no record of it. In fact the current University of Maryland grad department doesn’t even show this degree as being commonly available to anyone."

Aug 12 11:59

Did you know 12160 was a hate site ??? We have an Anti -12.160mhz YouTube channel

This channel is intended to warn people about the website 12,160mhx.

This website well claiming to be anti NWO, is in fact: anti zionist, racist, pro government and racist. Not to mention home to racist militia groups, nut job christian patriots and various other assorted nuts and extremists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you start catching flack, it means you are over the target!

Aug 11 19:28

Fury as Tories team up with Google to let patients read medical records online

Tory plans to hand medical records over to Google and Microsoft could put personal information at risk, campaigners warned yesterday.

The Conservatives say the internet service will give patients greater freedom over health data, allowing them to check and even edit their NHS record online.

But critics, backed by the British Medical Association, claim the information could be vulnerable to hackers and the plan would make it harder for doctors to access information in an emergency.

Aug 11 12:45

Andy Warhol was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 11 10:56

Separating the Mice From the Men

After 9/11/01, the patriot movement morphed from “kooky militiamen” to a more mainstream phenomenon, simply by attrition–9/11 was so huge it was bound to cause people to open their eyes and pay attention, and those who caused 9/11 knew this would happen…

Aug 11 05:24

Google reveals caffeine: a new faster search engine

Google has revealed project “caffeine”, a new test version of its search engine which it claims will be faster and more relevant than ever before.

Aug 10 09:42

Obama Speech Police Shutdown Top You Tube Videos

Aug 10 07:45

Air Force Used Twitter to Track Public Backlash to Statue of Liberty Flyover

Although the Pentagon has warned of the security risks posed by social networking sites, newly released government documents show the military also uses these Internet tools to monitor and react to coverage of high-profile events.

Aug 10 07:25

Scientists closer to build a practical quantum computer

Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US, have demonstrated sustained, reliable information processing operations on electrically charged atoms (ions), thus raising prospects for building a practical quantum computer.

Aug 10 06:45

Google and Blogger Shut Down Sibel Edmonds’ Blog

Increasingly, Google and its properties — the vastly popular video site YouTube and equally popular Blogger — are tools for shutting down opposition to the government. On the weekend, Google removed an Alex Jones video critical of Obama’s policies. Google classified the video as “hate speech” because the corporation allegedly received complaints the content of the video was racist. In the video, Alex appears as “Obama the Joker,” as depicted in a now infamous street art poster

Aug 10 05:57

‘Snoop’ power is used 1,400 times a day to intercept private data

Britain has “sleepwalked into a surveillance society”, it was claimed last night after figures disclosed that public bodies had obtained access to private telephone and e-mail records about 1,400 times a day.

Council, police and other organisations made more than half a million requests for confidential communications data last year.

The statistics constitute a 44 per cent rise in requests over the past two years.

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which was created to help the authorities to fight the threat of terrorism, gives organisations such as local councils, the police and intelligence agencies the power to request access to confidential communications data, including lists of telephone numbers dialled and e-mail addresses to which messages have been sent.

Aug 09 12:22

Google is the WORST Search Engine

A Google search on "Curt Maynard" gets 8,300 hits.

A Yahoo search on "Curt Maynard" garners 118,000

A new search engine called BING.COM reveals the truth when searchig "Curt Maynard" at over 5 MILLION

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A Google search on "Michael Rivero" yields 26,400 results.

A Yahoo search on "Michael Rivero" yields 139,000 results.

A Bing search on "Michael Rivero" yields 2,940,000 results.

That rates a Hmmmmmmmm!

Aug 09 06:22

How tech is changing banks

Deposit checks with your iPhone camera? Banks as cyber cafes? Tech makes banking fun

It wasn't long ago that bank customers judged the quality of their local financial institutions by the sturdiness of their columns and vault doors. That idea is a throwback to an era when money was physical, and so was security.

Aug 08 06:05

Kitty porn: Florida man blames cat for illegal downloads

Griffin told police he had been downloading music, and that his cat jumped on the keyboard when he left the room. He said "strange things" appeared on the computer when he returned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kitten on the keys!

Aug 07 14:38

Government database snoops escape prosecution

Councils are failing to prosecute staff caught using a sensitive government database to snoop on celebrities and members of the public, disclosures under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed.

Aug 07 07:19

It's SO over: cool cyberkids abandon social networking sites

From uncles wearing skinny jeans to mothers investing in ra-ra skirts and fathers nodding awkwardly along to the latest grime record, the older generation has long known that the surest way to kill a youth trend is to adopt it as its own. The cyberworld, it seems, is no exception.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Or maybe this is another attempt to lure young peo0ple back to their TV sets by telling them their parents are watching them in Twitter!

Remember, the social networks, Twitter in particular, became the high ground in the propaganda war during the recent failed coup attempt in Iran. It stands to reason that before the next sneaky thing is done by the US Government, they need to wreck any propaganda battlefield they cannot control.

Yesterday it was reported that the social networking sites were under hacker attacks. Today young people are being told they are "UNcool."

See a pattern here?

Aug 07 06:18

Hackers hit Twitter, slow down Facebook

Speculation swirls about campaigns against both social networking sites

Twitter and Facebook said they suffered service problems from hacker attacks on Thursday, raising speculation of a coordinated campaign against the world's most popular online social networks.

Aug 06 19:35

XML flaws threaten 'enormous' array of apps

Security researchers have uncovered critical flaws in open-source software that implements the Extensible Markup Language in a staggering array of applications used by banks, e-commerce websites, and consumers.

The bugs uncovered by researchers at Finland-based Codenomicon were contained in virtually every open-source XML library available, Ari Takanen, CTO of Finland-based security testing firm Codenomicon, told The Register. Many of them could allow attackers to crash machines running applications that use the libraries or even remotely execute malicious code. The Python and Java programming languages and Apache Xerces are already known to be affected, and Takanen said many more could be as well.

Aug 06 19:22

UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes

Using a Nokia mobile phone and a laptop computer, Laurie was able to copy the data on a card that is being issued to foreign nationals in minutes.

He then created a cloned card, and with help from another technology expert, changed all the data on the new card. This included the physical details of the bearer, name, fingerprints and other information.

He then rewrote data on the card, reversing the bearer's status from "not entitled to benefits" to "entitled to benefits".

He then added fresh content that would be visible to any police officer or security official who scanned the card, saying, "I am a terrorist - shoot on sight."

Aug 06 16:52

Hacker attack clamps down Twitter, Facebook experiences intermittent problems

A hacker attack Thursday shut down the fast-growing messaging service Twitter for hours, while Facebook experienced intermittent access problems.

Twitter said it suffered a denial-of-service attack, in which hackers command scores of computers to a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember that Twitter/Facebook/Myspace were the high ground for info-war during the abortive coup against the Democratically-elected government of Iran.

If "someone" is practicing how to paralyze the social networks (just one day after the US Marines blocked them from their own networks, I might add) then something big is about to happen and shutting down non-governmental forms of mass communication will be part of it.

Aug 06 11:41


Have you ever come across a web site that you could not access and wondered,"Am I the only one?" Herdict Web aggregates reports of inaccessible sites, allowing users to compare data to see if inaccessibility is a shared problem. By crowdsourcing data from around the world, we can document accessibility for any web site, anywhere.

Aug 06 10:35

Urgent - Google's Blogger Blocks Politically Sensitive Sites!

Aug 06 07:56

Murdoch vows to charge for all online content

However, they resulted in a $3.4bn net loss for the full year, down from net income of $5.4bn a year earlier, reflecting $8.9bn in impairment charges.

The sweeping decision by the owner of titles including The News of the World and The Australian to abandon the practice of giving away news in exchange for attracting a large audience for advertisers could embolden other publishers warily examining paid content models.

"We intend to charge for all our news websites," Mr Murdoch said.

"If we're successful, we'll be followed by all media," he added, predicting "significant revenues" from charging for differentiated news online.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rupe, ol' boy; the reason you are losing audience and ad revenue has nothing to do with your business model and everything to do with the bias, slant, and deception regularly peddled by your rags as "News."

It doesn't matter if you change how you sell your lies; people still will not buy them.

People want the truth, and they will go where they need to to get it.

Aug 06 06:41

Internet firms condemn plans for GCHQ email access

A proposal to allow Cheltenham listening post GCHQ to monitor any email, phone call or website visit of people in the UK has been condemned by internet firms.

The London Internet Exchange, which represents more than 330 companies, including BT, Virgin and Carphone Warehouse, says the Government's surveillance proposals are an "unwarranted" invasion of people's privacy.

Aug 06 05:40

Terminator robots could trigger Armageddon, murder millions

Computer experts say robots being developed by various militaries the world over could turn on their inventors and murder millions of people.

Aug 05 20:37

Critical Windows 7 bug risks derailing product launch

Oh boy! It appears that Microsoft’s glowing track record with Windows 7 is about to come to an abrupt and unceremonious end. According to various Web sources, the RTM build 7600.16385 includes a potentially fatal bug that, once triggered, could bring down the entire OS in a matter of seconds.

The bug in question -- a massive memory leak involving the chkdsk.exe utility -- appears when you attempt to run the program against a secondary (that is, not the boot partition) hard disk using the "/r" (read and verify all file data) parameter. The problem affects both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and is classified as a "showstopper" in that it can cause the OS to crash (Blue Screen of Death) as it runs out of physical memory.

Aug 05 13:32

Hundreds Of ISPs Refuse To Go Along With Big Brother Spy System

A group of over 300 internet service providers and telecommunications firms is fighting back against the British government’s plans to monitor all emails, phone calls and internet activity nationwide.

The London Internet Exchange (LINX), which represents some 330 companies, including BT, Virgin and Carphone Warehouse, says that the government is misleading the public about the extent to which it plans to monitor their communications and internet activity.

Aug 05 13:28

$200 Billion Broadband Scandal

Broadband Scandals is a well-documented expose, 406 pages and 528 footnotes. Using the phone companies' own words (and well as other sources), the book outlines a massive nationwide scandal that affects every aspect of state of the Internet. Not only the web but broadband, municipalities laying fiber or building wifi networks, not to mention related issues such as such as VOIP, cable services, the cost of local phone service, net neutrality, the new digital divide, and even America's economic growth.

The fiber optic infrastructure you paid for was never delivered.

Aug 05 08:26

You Tube Pulls Hundreds Of Ron Paul Videos

You Tube has expanded its zealous copyright crusade by suspending the popular C-Span Junkie user channel, and in doing so has pulled hundreds of viral Ron Paul videos, which are now completely dead.

Aug 04 14:20

White House launches counteroffensive over Drudge Report link

New president, old headline: the White House fired back at the Drudge Report Tuesday, part of a fresh "viral" pushback over what it called a "campaign of misstatements and outright falsehoods" on health care.

Aug 04 14:05

Researchers hijack computer during software update

Two researchers from Israeli security firm Radware have worked out a way to trick computers into downloading malware or take over a computer by hijacking the communications during the update process for Skype and other applications.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How wonderful that Israelis are figuring out how to do things like this to all our computers!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 04 09:06

White House Cybersecurity Aide Quits

Aide quits after saying she is unable to be effective since a higher post she wanted has been left vacant for two months.

Aug 04 08:45

Jewish leader arrested for child porn

A director for a Holocaust museum and member of the Anti-Defamation League has been arrested for possessing more than 23 child pornography videos.
Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the way that Rob tries to talk up what a swell guy this pervert is if you just ignore that itty bitty problem of 23 child porn videos on his computer.

Aug 03 18:32

Fake ATM, skimmers found in Las Vegas hotels

Chris Paget, an RFID security expert who now works on Google’s security team, said he lost $200 to a rigged ATM that also claimed several other victims. Inexplicably, Paget said he got no help from hotel security or local police in Las Vegas when he reported the problem.

Aug 02 19:48

'Fake UK sites' trick customers

Trading standards officers say that consumers are being tricked into buying fake goods on the internet by companies pretending to be based in the UK.

The websites are often based in China, but use "" as part of their domain name, giving shoppers a false sense of security, they say.

Aug 02 09:14

Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Iss your mp3 player in order, schwine?!?"

Folks, here is the answer to the current copyright and copying issue.

1. Learn a musical instrument.

2. Write your own music.

3. Feel free to give it away.

I am not being smug here. One of the downsides of modern digital players is that fewer and fewer people learn to play musical instruments or to create their own music.

Playing a musical instrument is great exercise for your brain. Writing your own music means not having to be slaves to the thoughts of the corporate-owned lyrics. And since you own the music, you can do what you want with it, including giving away copies.

Being a content creator myself, I empathize with the holders of copyrights with regard to the file copying problem. But given the terror-tactics of the RIAA/MPAA and this new invasive attitude by the government, I an seriously disinclined to purchase any more commercial content and ready to toss all my digital players into the trash.

Silence can indeed be golden. If the government intends to make commercial entertainment too complicated and difficult to use, let us all agree to stop using it.

On a purely practical point, the latest iPhone has a 32 Gig memory. Some of the high end digital players go even higher. Are they really planning to slow down the airport lines even further by doing a 15 minute download on every single media player going through the gate?

Second practical point; Who pays for all this protection for the record and movie industry? The movie and music industries won't want to bear the costs because that would raise the price of product and further erode sales already in dire trouble from the declining economy. So the taxpayers will get screwed for this as well, which means WE THE PEOPLE will have even less money to spend for pleasures like music, which means record and film sales are still going to go down anyway because of this, but the record and movie companies will refuse to see that their draconian solutions are only accelerating the problem.

Third practical point; MP3 players are cheap these days. Just as I have a cheap laptop to travel with (since TSA destroyed a really expensive one a while back) those who are into pirated content will have a cheap MP3 player in their pockets when they go through security checkpoints while their "real" players are hidden somewhere else. Many smart phones that double as media players have removable memory cards. How hard is it to conceal one of those tiny gigabyte chips?

Fourth practical point; How does a scan of our media players know if the content is legally owned or not? Downloaded content has a DRM license tag on it, but what of music transferred from a legally-owned CD into the player; a feature supported by every current playing system. There is no way to know if the CD sitting in that drive is an original disk or not.

Fifth practical point; what if the MP3 player is borrowed, bought at a yard sale, a hand me down, or shared among multiple users in the family? Reasonable doubt exists that any one user of the device is the "criminal."

As scary as this new law sounds, it is on a practical level just flat out not enforceable.

In the end, content theft, like any crime, is a moral issue. All populations inherit the moral qualities of their leaders. In a nation where the government is stealing other nations' wealth, it is hard to convince kids that copying a file is any big deal.

Aug 01 15:15

You twitter! Civil servant's instructions to ministers on how to send 140-character messages are 20 pages long

With the economy in a hole, you might have thought the Whitehall mandarins of the Business Department had enough to do.

But one senior civil servant has found time to produce a 20-page strategy paper - on how to use Twitter.

Aug 01 15:12

Hacking threat 'exposes every iPhone in the world' to takeover by criminals

Criminals could take control of every iPhone in the world via text message, owners are being warned.

Hackers could exploit a newly discovered flaw in Apple's handset to control its key functions - stealing data, making calls, surfing the internet and sending texts.

Security experts warn that hackers could soon hijack any of the world's 21million iPhones for identity theft and other crimes.

Aug 01 10:14

Big Content: ludicrous to expect DRMed music to work forever

Rightsholders can't understand why people who bought DRMed music only to have the authentication servers go dark might demand the right to crack the DRM. Big Content believes the idea that rightsholders "are required to provide consumers with perpetual access to copyrighted works" is laughable.

Aug 01 10:09

Skype could be cut off for good over dispute

Skype might have to shut down because of a dispute over the core technology used to make the internet telephone system work.

EBay, which paid $2.6 billion (£1.6 billion) for the voice-over-the-internet system in 2005, is facing a court battle with the original founders of the company who retained the rights to the technology at the heart of the system.

EBay admitted in a regulatory filing that it might have to close down the company. It said it was trying to develop alternative software but if that did not work, or if eBay lost the right to the original software: "Skype would be severely and adversely affected and the continued operation of Skype's business as currently conducted would likely not be possible."

Aug 01 07:59

MIT's 'bokode' chip said to outperform bar codes

The new tag, which can be read by consumers with a cellphone camera, looks like a 1-mm-high raised bump. Called a "bokode," the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invention consists of an illuminated microdot behind a plastic lens. It will use flat, reflective holograms in future versions.

MIT's bokode is named after the Japanese term "bokeh," which refers to the image of a round blob that results when a camera is out of focus. MIT researchers reversed that process by encoding the microdot's blob-like image based on the angles at which rays emerge from the lens--an encoding that allows the out-of-focus camera to recombine the rays into the original.

Aug 01 07:47

Card PINs traded at two for a dollar

It is here, in this polite, super-exclusive online marketplace, that the world’s most dangerous cybervillains plot to make your life a misery and get fabulously rich in the process. This is where your debit card PIN is bought and sold, your e-mail inbox engorged with spam, your identity touted to the highest bidder and the company you work for blackmailed or incapacitated.

From here, a rogue IT engineer can sell access to the tills of 50 high street stores or a Taiwanese factory worker can be bribed to install spy software in a dozen credit card readers. Botnets, trojans, worms — and worse — are fomented here.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These hackers cause far more damage than terrorists, yet the US Government seems to remain totally unconcerned, probably because security software is now a huge business that tithes the appropriate congressional campaigns

Aug 01 07:06

What Happened to 'Kenny's Sideshow?'

Webmaster's Commentary: cannot be found at the internet archive, either!

Jul 31 17:30

Student Must Pay $675,000 in Downloading Case

Jul 31 06:46

Busted on MySpace: 2 FL men face charges over gang photos on Web sites

Elvis Rodriguez, 30, flashed Latin Kings hand signals on his page and called himself “King Kamel,” according to his arrest report.

Richard Figueroa-Santiago, 22, used his MySpace page to post pictures of friends making “Eastside” hand gestures, detectives said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess the police don't have any real crimes to worry about down there in Florida!

Jul 31 05:38

Anti-theft software could create security hole

Program may let hackers modify computer settings, take control of machine

A piece of anti-theft software built into many laptops at the factory opens a serious security hole, according to research presented Thursday.

The "Computrace" software, made by Vancouver-based Absolute Software Corp., is part of a subscription service that's used to find lost or stolen computers. Many people don't know it's on their machines, but it's included in computers from the biggest PC makers.

Jul 30 15:44

Damaged cable causes Internet blackout in four West African countries

Five days ago, the Appfrica tech blog reported an Internet blackout in Benin, a West African country roughly the size of Ohio. The outage, which also affected neighboring Togo, Niger and Nigeria, was caused by damage to the SAT-3 submarine communications cable, which links Portugal and Spain to South Africa via the West African coastline.

Jul 30 11:52

Warning:Electronically Cloning Cellular Phone Numbers

Your cellular telephone has three major security vulnerabilities:
* Vulnerability to monitoring of your conversations while using the phone.
* Vulnerability of your phone being turned into a microphone to monitor conversations in the vicinity of your phone while the phone is inactive.
* Vulnerability to "cloning," or the use of your phone number by others to make calls that are charged to your account.
Cloning is the process whereby a thief intercepts the electronic serial number (ESN) and mobile identification number (MIN) and programs those numbers into another telephone to make it identical to yours. Once cloned, the thief can place calls on the reprogrammed telephone as though he were the legitimate subscriber.

Jul 30 10:09

Air Force on the Hunt for ‘Subversive’ Behavior Online

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Subversive activity?

Start with this link

Jul 30 10:08

Vulnerabilities Allow Attacker to Impersonate Any Website

“This is a vulnerability that would affect every SSL implementation,” Marlinspike told Threat Level, “because almost everybody who has ever tried to implement SSL has made the same mistake.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Waterboard the hackers computers.

Make 'em watch!


Jul 30 10:05

Told You So. And I Told You Over Several Years - Hal Turner is a Snitch

Bear in mind that Apollonian, the dumb ass extraordinaiire defended this piece of shit for the entire time I condemned him. Hal Turner is, was, and has always been an FBI snitch period. His actions betrayed him long ago, but most of you never paid any attention. Bill White, alleged uber Nazi and Alex Linder [Webmaster of VNN and VNNforum] are also snitches and informants, and you can take that to the bank. This cunting bastard Turner was the one behind having my first blog the Politically Correct Apostate shut down.

You may not like me, but Curt Maynard does NOT lie....

Jul 30 09:21

2 Ga. officers suspended for investigating Obama

That investigation was prompted after the Secret Service contacted the county telling them that someone had accessed two police databases on July 20 around 4:40 a.m. to perform a background check on the president.
Edwards said that the Secret Service is leaving the investigation up to the county.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, all the databases are being watched as well.

Everybody watching everybody.

No wonder we can't get any work done!

And why is Obama so nervous about his background being checked? I thought we all had to tolerate this kind of intrusion to save us all from Osama whatsisname!

Jul 30 08:28


"So", he said, "they have you working the drive-thru I see. Is that a step up or a step down?"

"It's not the drive-thru," I replied, "it's a new system they've installed called Manna. It manages the store."

"How so?"

"It tells me what to do through the headset."

"Who, the manager?"

"No, it's a computer."

He looked at me for a long time, "A computer is telling you what to do on the job? What does the manager do?"

"The computer is the manager. Manna, manager, get it?"

"You mean that a computer is telling you what to do all day?", he asked.


Jul 30 08:12

Order to Show Kos: How to survive banning, bureaucracy & trolls on the Daily Kos

Posting a diary on the Daily Kos can sometimes be a truly humbling experience. And it is definitely a blood sport.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Rangers at WRH are far more civilized! :)

Jul 29 21:25

Microscam Vista is garbage

Listening to Mike talk about Microsoft(c)Vista... Mike, erase the hard drive and install XP, or better (if the particular PC hasn't been "fixed" to disallow it) install an open-source operating system. I find myself servicing PCs with Vista, and what you describe is highly common. Personally, I buy from a local Chinese PC dealer and wouldn't trust anyone else; I buy cheap used computers from them installed with XP and stick them on my LAN to use the hard-drive capacity. As for HP printers: they're to sell, not to use. I'll never buy another HP printer in my life. I use to rehabilitate older ones and never had a problem with HP printers, but these days they're fit for the landfill shortly after you buy them.

Jul 29 21:23

Microscam Vista is garbage

Listening to Mike talk about Microsoft(c)Vista... Mike, erase the hard drive and install XP, or better (if the particular PC hasn't been "fixed" to disallow it) install an open-source operating system. I find myself servicing PCs with Vista, and what you describe is highly common. Personally, I buy from a local Chinese PC dealer and wouldn't trust anyone else; I buy cheap used computers from them installed with XP and stick them on my LAN to use the hard-drive capacity. As for HP printers: they're to sell, not to use. I'll never buy another HP printer in my life. I use to rehabilitate older ones and never had a problem with HP printers, but these days they're fit for the landfill shortly after you buy them.

Jul 29 14:17

P2P Network Exposes Obama's Safehouse Location

Along with the safe house location, the LimeWire networks also disclosed presidential motorcade routes, as well as sensitive but unclassified document that listed details on every nuclear facility in the country. Now lawmakers are considering a bill to ban P2P use on government, contractor networks."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This feels like a manufactured incident to justify further government suppression of the internet.

Jul 29 09:46

Microsoft, Yahoo Team up to Ding Google With Bing

Microsoft and Yahoo forge search partnership and tell Google: Bing it on

Microsoft Corp. has finally roped Yahoo Inc. into an Internet search partnership, capping a convoluted pursuit that dragged on for years and setting the stage for them to make a joint assault against the dominance of Google Inc.

The 10-year deal announced Wednesday gives Microsoft access to the Internet's second-largest search engine audience, adding a potentially potent weapon to the software maker's Internet arsenal as it tries to better confront Google, which is by far the leader in online search and advertising.

Jul 29 09:12

Games That Design Themselves

This is a game that designs its own AI agents by observing the behavior of humans.

Jul 29 05:05

How it feels to be sued for $4.5m

To a certain extent, I'm afraid to write this. Though they've already seized my computer and copied my hard drive, I have no guarantee they won't do it again. For the past four years, they've been threatening me, making demands for trial, deposing my parents, sisters, friends, and myself twice – the first time for nine hours, the second for seven. I face up to $4.5m in fines and the last case like mine that went to trial had a jury verdict of $1.92m.

When I contemplate this, I have to remind myself what I'm being charged with. Investment fraud? Robbing a casino? A cyber-attack against the federal government? No. I shared music. And refused to cave.

Jul 29 04:58

Network Solutions breach exposes 573,928 credit cards

More than half a million credit cards could have been compromised after unauthorised code was discovered on major merchant website host servers.

Network Solutions is nothing less than a huge web hosting outfit, with a global customer base covering some 7 million domains and more than 350,000 web sites.

Which is why, when it announces that some of its servers have been breached and unauthorised codes uncovered upon them, it's potentially a huge concern. Especially given the average cost to a company of a single breach is put at more than USD 6 million.

Jul 29 04:57

Jane Burgermeister Blog Goes Down

I don’t know what the hell is going on, but in the past 6 hours I have done everything in my power to preserve the research, links, documents and related that were in her blog from yesterday. I don’t believe that what took place in the last 6 hours was a server belch. More math to be done. They most likely figured out that it wreaked of GUILTY as charged to yank that blog. So they let it go back up. At this point, I don’t care. My credibility as a writer is at stake here.

Jul 28 16:15

Obama declining approval reflected in reduced website traffic

Although the White House has redesigned its website at a cost of $18 million, hoping to bring in more traffic, it has now declined to that of George W. Bush during the waning days of his presidency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

7 months on the job, and already down to the Bush Leagues!

Jul 28 10:29

Check your connection speed

This page provides information on your broadband connection speed.

Jul 28 09:05

Has Evony become the most despised game on the web?

On the surface, Evony is a pretty standard online strategy game – a simulation in which players take the role of a medieval noble who must build up an empire. But the way the game has been marketed has created a bit of a stir: the games marketer Bruce Everiss has charted the volume of spam being sent by its creators, while Jeff Atwood, a US programmer and blogger, has documented the ads' increasingly racy nature – from a simple medieval warrior promising the game would be "free forever", through a string of increasingly racy images ... until, finally, it was simply advertising itself by showing a pair of breasts.

Jul 28 08:44

Online petition stalls plan to ban violent videogames in Germany

German government plans to ban violent videogames will have to be put on hold, after a successful internet petition by German gamers.

Officials had hoped to bring in a ban before federal elections in September, but the level of online opposition means the Bundestag must now examine and discuss gamers' demands. With more than 67,000 signatures, the e-petition calls for a ruling against the ban of violent video games and an increased focus on keeping such games out of children's hands. German gamers also want more government promotion of the videogame industry.

Jul 28 08:05

Apple jettisoning Google Voice from App Store

The systematic disappearances don't have a larger official explanation but, given the common thread of their using the same service, is now thought less to a matter of Apple guarding its built-in features and more cellular carriers pushing it to keep the service out. Google Voice not only lets users provide one virtual phone number to call multiple real phones but greatly reduces the cost of outbound long-distance and messaging, all of which potentially deprive AT&T and eventually other carriers of possible extra revenue.

Apple and AT&T have some explaining to do.

Jul 27 16:20

Hackers may slip through hole found in Adobe tools

Cybercriminals may have a clear path to spread mayhem on computers this week by taking advantage of a newly discovered vulnerability in Adobe's (ADBE) ubiquitous Flash video player and Acrobat Reader, the widely used tool for opening PDF documents.

Jul 27 15:00

Censorship comes to America: AT&T blocks 4chan /b/

Jul 27 08:54


Jul 27 08:07

How Wired Gadgets Encroach on Privacy

With every high-tech gadget we buy, we give up a little more privacy. Many devices today are in constant communication with their manufacturer. And it's not just consumers who are losing their rights -- the technology gives authoritarian states whole new ways of keeping tabs on individuals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Consumer rights are being trampled here. Capabilities and features we have already paid for are being deleted from our devices by court order and we the purchasers seem to have no recourse.

We have reached a stage where we cannot trust that the device we buy will keep working as it did when we got it. Never mind outright technical failures, the software that came with the device can be altered remotely at will and without our permission.

The IP debacle has reached a ridiculous stage when lawyers are fighting inside our smart phones and we the people pay the price.

Jul 26 09:23


Under the guise of fighting "antisemitism" the ADL is out to remove channels on youtube not just videos but channels for speaking out against Israel. You so much as show a picture in war it's removed under the gross clause, you use music the wrong way its removed for that, you get flagged enough even for no reason at all and they remove it for that. And there are groups that just mass email one another and go around and flag videos that criticize Israel. The ones they leave alone are actual racist because it only helps their cause. Meanwhile they can support racial cleansing and colonization as Zionism because you see it's OK to be racist so long at it's your religion.

Jul 26 06:38

Hacker Gary McKinnon will receive no pity, insists US

Gary McKinnon, accused of hacking into U.S. military computers and facing extradition to the U.S. to stand trial, leaving the High Court in London

American officials have made clear that they regard Mr McKinnon, 43, an unemployed computer programmer who has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, as a serious offender whose case must be pursued rigorously in the US courts.

Jul 25 08:07

Who Is Cyveillance And Why Should You Care?

So who exactly is Cyveillance? According to their website, they are a company that claims to be “Minding your business on the net” with their “comprehensive internet monitoring technology.”

Who are their clients? From what I can gather, the U.S. Government has used their services and Cyveillance also claims that half of the Fortune 50 companies are counted among their customers. As well, the RIAA is reportedly a client, presumably for information on illegal music sharing. However, Cyveillance won’t say who exactly their clients are. Who knows who they are sharing your data, posts, and comments with?

Jul 25 07:55

Fraudsters have you in their sights with five new scams

Phishing (also known as 419 scams), where criminals attempt to elicit payments or personal details by e-mail, are now well known, so practitioners are turning to telephone-based variants. The principal method is “vishing” (voice phishing), where the perpetrators call victims posing as their bank and ask them to verify their identities by divulging personal details, often using an automated system. In the most convincing version, the target is not asked for details on the spot, but told to call the bank’s “fraud department” on a specified security number. “Smishing” (SMS phishing) is the latest adaptatation, where initial contact is made by text message.

Jul 24 15:30

Exposed: Repair Shops Hack Your Laptops

Some computer repair shops are illegally accessing personal data on customers' hard drives - and even trying to hack their bank accounts, a Sky News investigation has found.

In one case, passwords, log-in details and holiday photographs were all copied onto a portable memory stick by a technician.

In other shops, customers were charged for non-existent work and simple faults were misdiagnosed.

Jul 24 15:26

Musician angry after BPI forces YouTube to pull his video

YouTube takedown drama is back this week, thanks to British musician Calvin Harris and the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The organization, which represents the recording industry in the UK, apparently had one of Harris' music videos removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim. The problem, however, was that the video was created and posted by Harris himself.

After his discovery that the video was missing, Harris had many colorful words for BPI in his Twitter stream (hat tip to The Music Magazine). "The BPI are the worst organisation to ever walk the earth and their setup is shambolic," Harris wrote in one tweet. "There are videos up there that other people have uploaded of the same song, and they haven't been removed!? But mine does!"

Jul 24 07:56

GamaSec & Data Clone Labs announced Zero Day Project To Fight Explosion in Web Attacks

Jul 24 07:10

New tool uses Facebook to improve Israel's image

The realization that young people are increasingly living life through their Facebook accounts recently gave birth to a new and potentially powerful tool in the fight for Israel's image. Observing this phenomenon, a group of 23 students from Jerusalem's Hebrew University came up with a small application which uses the Facebook "status line" to inform hundreds of thousands of users at any given moment about positive facts about Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And what if the users and creators of facebook need the status line for something else? Or does what they want simply not figure into this?

The arrogance displayed here; that Facebook exists for their personal benefit and use, is astounding, and lies right at the heart of why so many people are becoming angry with Israel.

Frankly, if my Facebook starts spouting Israeli propaganda at me, I will probably stop using it.

Jul 24 06:29

World's most powerful supercomputer becomes operational

The world's fastest and most powerful supercomputer, named Novo-G, has become operational at the University of Florida.

Novo-G gets the first part of its name from the Latin term for "make anew, change, alter" and the second from "G" for "genesis." A "reconfigurable" computer, it can re-arrange its internal circuitry to suit the task at hand.

Jul 23 17:35

WARNING: Adobe Acrobat, Flash and Reader Zero Day Vulnerability

Adobe has issued a security advisory following the discovery of what it describes as a "critical vulnerability" which exists within the current versions of Flash Player (v9.0.159.0 and v10.0.22.87) across all platforms, Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems, The same vulnerability can be found within the authplay.dll component that ships with Adobe Reader and Acrobat v9.x for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX operating systems and has the potential to cause a crash which could then allow an attacker to take control of the system. Well, I say potential, but Adobe admits that there are "reports that this vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild via limited, targeted attacks against Adobe Reader v9 on Windows".

Jul 23 17:02

Microsoft profits plunge again

Microsoft shocked investors yesterday by announcing another plunge in revenues and profits, sending the group's shares tumbling and leaving some analysts questioning the technology giant's prospects.

In its latest quarterly financial results, the world's biggest software company announced revenues of $13.1bn, down from almost $16bn over the same period last year. Profits for the last three months fell 29% to $3.05bn, down from $4.3bn for the fourth quarter of 2008.

Jul 22 08:12

That NSA Spy in your Wallet and Purse

Climbing into his Volvo, outfitted with a Matrics antenna and a Motorola reader he’d bought on eBay for $190, Chris Paget cruised the streets of San Francisco with this objective: To read the identity cards of strangers, wirelessly, without ever leaving his car.

It took him 20 minutes to strike hacker’s gold.

Zipping past Fisherman’s Wharf, his scanner downloaded to his laptop the unique serial numbers of two pedestrians’ electronic U.S. passport cards embedded with radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags. Within an hour, he’d “skimmed” four more of the new, microchipped PASS cards from a distance of 20 feet...

Jul 21 17:30

New Technology to Make Digital Data Self-Destruct

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 21 11:18

Internet surfers paid to spread Israeli propaganda

The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitter and Facebook may not be all that it seems.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is reported to be establishing a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel.

Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilized soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, from now on, ANY positive news about Israel must be assumed to be paid propaganda!

Jul 21 08:05

“Blogs Are Best at Debunking Myths That Can Slip Through a Lot of the Traditional Media Outlets"

Guess who just said:

Blogs are best at debunking myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets.


Some rabbid blogger?

A radical proto-terrorist?

A neo-nazi?

Some loser who lives in his mom's basement?

Wrong. Obama just said it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 20 07:51

YOU TUBE~ Under Zionist Control

Let’s play a little game. Let’s pretend you found a vile video that is very insulting to people of the Muslim faith. Let’s say you then decided to do as the Zio-Jihadists do and report this video under the terms and conditions of you tube as being hateful against a religious group. Ok, go to you tube here ,then scroll down to the bottom and click on where it says, “Safety Center” here, then select the radio button that says “hateful content” and click “enter” SURPRISE, it’s the ADL telling you how to remove videos and content that is “anti-Semitic” This begs the question, why is ONLY a “Zionist Jewish” group represented, why are the NAACP not included, what about African Americans? They constitute a far greater number of Americans than the 2% of Jews who make up the population.

Jul 19 09:51

That commenter on your blog may actually be working for the Israeli government

Straight out of Avigdor Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry: a new Internet Fighting Team! Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in order to remind everyone that the people posting anything pro-Israel should be assumed to be paid propagandists.

Jul 19 09:48

Suspiciously Prescient Man Files Patent for iPod-Like Device in 1979

Kane Kramer, an inventor by trade, came up with a gadget and music distribution service almost eerily similar to the iPod-iTunes relationship that predates it by three decades. The guy predicted details down to DRM and flash memory's dominance.

Kramer's device, the IXI, was flash-based, even though flash memory in 1979 only could have held about three minutes of audio, and featured a screen, four-way controls, and was about the size of a cigarette pack. Even weirder, he envisioned the creation and sale of digital music and foresaw all the good and bad that would come from this: No overhead, no inventory, but a great push for independent artists, with the risk of piracy looming large.

Jul 19 09:40

Another Critical Firefox Vulnerability Emerges

It has been only a few days ago that the Mozilla Firefox team released an update for Firefox 3.5 to Firefox 3.5.1 that would close a recently disclosed critical security vulnerability that allowed attackers to execute arbitrary code on the attacked computer system. Earlier today another Firefox vulnerability was disclosed to the public that affects the latest version of Firefox. The vulnerability can be remotely exploited and uses an stack based buffer overflow that is triggered by an overly long string of Unicode data. It can lead to remote code execution or to crashes, freezes or the allocation of a lot of computer memory.

Jul 19 08:52


When it comes to the First Amendment, Team Obama believes in Global Chilling.

Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law professor who has been appointed to a shadowy post that will grant him powers that are merely mind-boggling, explicitly supports using the courts to impose a "chilling effect" on speech that might hurt someone's feelings. He thinks that the bloggers have been rampaging out of control and that new laws need to be written to corral them.

Jul 18 08:23

Four million British identities are up for sale on the internet

Highly sensitive financial information, including credit card details, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and even PINs are available to the highest bidder.

At least a quarter of a million British bank and credit card accounts have been hacked into by cybercriminals, exposing consumers to huge financial losses. Most of the personal data has been gathered as a result of “phishing” — a process whereby members of the public are duped into handing over their key details, such as user names, passwords and credit card details.

Jul 18 07:44

Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others

As one of my readers noted, it’s like Barnes & Noble sneaking into our homes in the middle of the night, taking some books that we’ve been reading off our nightstands, and leaving us a check on the coffee table.

You want to know the best part? The juicy, plump, dripping irony?

The author who was the victim of this Big Brotherish plot was none other than George Orwell. And the books were “1984” and “Animal Farm.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That this capability of remote deletion has been built into the Kindle raises a very important question of what other remote access and alteration functions are built into other personal electronic devices without our knowledge and consent.

Jul 18 06:56

Security of millions of Britons compromised: Report

The security of millions of Britons may have been compromised, with their identities being offered for sale by cybercriminals, a news report said on Saturday.

Highly sensitive financial information, including credit card details, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and even PINs of more than four million Britons are available to the highest bidder on the Internet, The Times reported.

Jul 18 06:41

CANADA: ISPs must help police snoop on internet under new bill

Internet service providers would have to make it possible for police and intelligence officers to intercept online communications and get personal information about subscribers, under bills tabled Thursday.

"We must ensure that law enforcement has the necessary tools to catch up to the bad guys and ultimately bring them to justice. Twenty-first century technology calls for 21st-century tools," said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson as he announced the new bills with Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan at a news conference in Ottawa.

Jul 17 10:27

Facebook 'breaches Canadian law'

Popular social networking site Facebook is breaching Canadian law by holding on to users' personal information indefinitely, a report has concluded.

Jul 17 06:45

Laptop Security While Crossing Borders

Jul 17 04:13

Ex-Boeing engineer convicted of spying for China

The former employee of Rockwell International's space and defense unit, which was taken over by Boeing in 1996, was convicted of multiple counts related to his decades-long espionage.

After a three week trial, Judge Cormac Carney "found Chung guilty of conspiracy to commit economic espionage...

Jul 16 13:51

Censorship in the Internet age

Australia’s government nannies have officially banned 1,370 web sites. They’ve drawn up a blacklist, just like the medieval index of banned books. Right now it’s a voluntary pilot project to which Internet service providers can submit. But if the trial run is deemed a success and made law, anyone who links to a blacklisted site can be fined $11,000 a day. That means it will be a crime not just to provide the contents of a web site, but to merely reproduce its address.

That’s not just like banning books. It’s like banning books, and banning saying the banned book’s title. It’s a lot of banning.

Jul 16 12:38


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, it doesn't support the full set of commands and programs, but there is enough here to let you get the idea of what the state of the art in spaceflight computers was 40 years ago.

Jul 16 09:28

Microsoft Versus Chavez

Yesterday, Microsoft MSN (Spain) featured a montage photo of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the ex president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, wearing king's crowns, accompanied by the colourful title, "When power corrupts: Striving to be kings." The Venezuelan government and a grassroots technology movement here are both promoting the use and creation of open source (free) software, so it's no surprise that software tyrant, Microsoft, is lambasting Chavez.

Jul 16 07:57

Police chief denounces 'cowardly' iPhone users monitoring speed traps

The greater D.C. area has 290 red-light and speed cameras -- comprising nearly 10 percent of all traffic cameras in the U.S., according to estimates by a camera-tracking database called the POI Factory

Jul 16 06:30

Catching Spammers in the Act

Researchers have shed new light on the methods by which spammer harvest e-mail addresses from the Web and relay bulk messages through multiple computers. They say that findings could provide additional ammunition in the fight against junk e-mail campaigns.

The problem of unwanted e-mail messages, or spam, continues to vex computer users and security professionals. Currently, more than 90 percent of the e-mail messages traversing the Internet appear to be spam, according to the information released in June by the e-mail security firm MessageLabs.

Jul 15 19:04

Experts: Cyberstrikes originated from Britain, not North Korea

Jul 15 17:48

RFID passports: a tragedy waiting to happen

Even if it were encryption works best on unstructured data. What’s in a passport? Name, birthdate, birthplace, date of issue, height, weight, eye color, photo.

Gosh, who could break the code for that? It took security pros using a PC two hours to crack the Dutch version in 2005. Skimming your data for identity theft isn’t too hard.

Jul 15 17:47

UK data breach incidents on the rise

Seven in ten UK organisations experienced a data breach incident over the last year, up from 60 per cent in the previous year.

The third edition of an annual survey by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by PGP, also found that 12 per cent of 615 public and private sector organisations probed were hit by five data loss incidents over the previous year. Less than half of these breaches (43 per cent) were disclosed publicly, while disclosure of the remainder was neither a legal or regulatory requirement.

Jul 15 17:32

Highly Critical Security Vulnerability Found in Firefox 3.5

Secunia reports of a new, unpatched, and highly critical security hole in Firefox 3.5 (possibly in other versions, too) that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on the victim’s computer.

The vulnerability is caused due to an error when processing JavaScript code handling; for example, one could use simple HTML “font” tags to cause a memory corruption and then run arbitrary code.

Until Mozilla addresses this vulnerability, here’s a temporary fix: Type about:config in Firefox‘ address bar, and set “javascript.options.jit.content” to “false.”

Jul 15 16:55

The Foreign Ministry presents: talkbackers in the service of the State

Members of the new unit will work at the Ministry (“They will punch a card,” says Shturman) and enjoy the full technical support of Tahila, the government’s ISP, which is responsible for computer infrastructure and Internet services for government departments. “Their missions will be defined along the lines of the government policies that they will be required to defend on the Internet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, every person you see posting in support of Israel may be assumed to be paid to do so.

Jul 14 13:42

Computer attack may not have originated in North Korea after all

Bkis Security has just disclosed analysis showing that 166,908 botted PCs from 74 countries were used in the attacks. Commands were routed through eight control servers, tied into a master server located in the United Kingdom and running the Windows Server 2003 operating system, says Bkis research director Nguyen Minh Duc.

Jul 14 09:44

Hackers extracted data in attacks: S Korea

Seoul, S Korea: Hackers extracted lists of files from computers that they contaminated with the virus that triggered cyberattacks last week in the United States and South Korea, police in Seoul said Tuesday.

The attacks, in which floods of computers tried to connect to a single Web site at the same time to overwhelm the server, caused outages on prominent government-run sites in both countries.

Jul 14 07:33

Microsoft takes on Google as Office moves to Web

Microsoft Corp will release three versions of its dominant Office software that users can access over the Web, catching up with products that rival Google Inc launched three years ago.

The news helped send shares in the world's largest software maker up 2.7 percent by midday, more than double the gain in the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Jul 14 07:19

NSW Jewry goes ahead with Internet Censorship

Jul 13 20:47

Startpage - A search engine that does not record your IP.

Jul 13 13:06

Best Buy calls Twitter a job qualification

A recent job posting on Best Buy Co Inc.’s Web site for a Senior Manager – Emerging Media Marketing position based out of the company’s corporate headquarters in Richfield, Minn. listed two preferred job qualifications: a graduate degree and 250+ followers on Twitter.

Basic qualifications for the position include a Bachelor’s degree, “two plus years of mobile or social media marketing experience” at the director or strategist level, “four plus years people or resource leadership experience” and “one plus years of active blogging experience."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, it's Best Buy!

Jul 13 09:11

S. Korea's spy agency lowers cyberattack alert

U.S. and South Korean and Web sites had been targeted by hackers

South Korea - South Korea's spy agency lowered the country's cyberattack alert Monday as affected Web sites returned to normal after suffering outages in a series of assaults that have cast suspicion on North Korea.

Jul 13 08:39

Power sockets can be used to eavesdrop on what people type on a computer.

The attack has been demonstrated to work at a distance of up to 15m, but refinement may mean it could work over much longer distances.

Jul 12 22:53

Does Google Know Too Much About You?

Recently, at the Aspen Ideas Festival, WNYC talk show host Brian Lehrer asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt if Google's constantly growing importance to users in the United States and around the world meant that Google needed to be regulated as a utility by the Federal Government. The surprise wasn't in Schmidt's response (which was "no"), but the fact that everyone in the room laughed at Lehrer's suggestion.

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Yeah, I kinda lean towards "no" myself.

Jul 12 09:36


The Foreign Ministry unveiled a new plan this week: Paying talkbackers to post pro-Israel responses on websites worldwide. A total of NIS 600,000 (roughly $150,000) will be earmarked to the establishment of an “Internet warfare” squad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This will backfire, because the web will now simply assume that ALL pro-Israel commentary is paid propaganda.

Jul 12 09:24

Computers in U.S. Linked to Cyber Attack

The countries include South Korea, the United States, Japan and Guatemala, Chung Chin-sup, a member of the parliamentary intelligence committee, told reporters.

But the spy agency cautioned it was too early to conclude that North Korea was responsible as the investigations were still under way, according to Park Young-sun, another member of the intelligence committee.

Jul 12 09:00

In Wake of Turmoil In China, Minorities Face Painful Options

The bloody riots on Sunday show just how deep the mistrust between Han Chinese and other ethnic groups runs, and how quickly a seemingly minor disagreement can escalate. The violence began with a false Internet rumor about the rape of two Han women by Uighur workers. That led to a fight in a toy factory in the southern Chinese city of Shaoguan that left two Uighurs dead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, who benefits when a fake internet rumor kicks up massive riots?

Jul 11 16:15

Pair jailed for web race crimes

Two men have been jailed after becoming the first in the UK to be convicted of inciting racial hatred via a foreign website.

Simon Sheppard, 51, of Selby in North Yorkshire, received four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, of Preston, two years and four months.

Jul 11 10:28

60 million stung in social networking rip-off

New York's attorney general says that stole the identities of more than 60 million internet users worldwide - by sending emails that raided their private accounts.

Jul 11 09:29

Internet Attack Propaganda Increases as Cyber Bill Approaches

The new alleged threat and accompanying propaganda comes as Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller prepares for a July committee vote on cybersecurity legislation he introduced in April with Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine. One of the bill’s most controversial provisions would give the president the power to effectively shut off the Internet during a cyber crisis similar to the one now threatening PCs, according to South Korea and its U.S. created intelligence agency.

Jul 11 07:45

*AF Research Lab Doc Exposed* – Carpet Bombing people’s personal computers

The Army acknowledged in the announcement that it already has waged cyberattacks on enemy networks and communications platforms, but provided no details. But it wants to “leverage innovative technologies” to improve its cyberattacks “and prevent enemy forces from detecting and countering efforts directed against them,” according to the announcement. “Technologies designed to interrupt these modern networks must use subtle, less obvious methodology that disguises the technique used, protecting the ability whenever possible to permit future use.”

Jul 11 06:57

Google's new OS could hit Microsoft where it hurts

It's the ultimate showdown in the technology world, the clash of giants that has been eagerly awaited for years. Web giant Google is taking its clearest aim yet at Microsoft with its plan to produce its own operating system that would optimise the way computers work on the Internet.

The Chrome operating system is due to be out in the second half of next year and will initially be used in netbooks, company executives Sundar Pichai and Linus Upson said in a blog posting. The operating system would be released as free, open-source software, which would allow anyone to use or modify it.

Jul 11 06:28

Unclassified Report on the President's Surveillance Program

PDF document at the link. Patience required to open the doc; they've put a full-page image on the cover (to discourage reading?) so it takes a few minutes.

Jul 10 16:17

Israel keeps its dubious crown

Israel has much to be proud of, but one dubious distinction it might prefer to do without is that the People of the Book have the highest proportion of hackers per Internet user in the world.

The United States sports the highest absolute number of denial of service attacks. But Israel boasts the most malicious mischief per surfer in the world.

Jul 10 12:28

Soros funds infiltration of 9/11 truth, election protection, and “independent” journalism

WMR has learned from well-placed sources that international hedge fund mogul and financier of “progressive” causes George Soros has been, for a number of years, infiltrating 9/11 “truth” organizations, groups advocating election reform, and so-called “independent journalism” enterprises in order to hijack agendas and, eventually, cause the groups to collapse from within or be absorbed into larger organizations servile to Soros and his agenda.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not around here he hasn't! :P

Jul 10 12:25

Rogue Algorithms And Other Mutually Assured Destruction Program Trading Alternatives

HFTs are computerized trading programs that make money two ways, in general. They offer bids in such a way so as to make tiny amounts of money from per share liquidity rebates provided by the exchanges. Or they make tiny per share long or short profits. While this might sound like small change, HFTs collectively execute billions of shares a day, making it an extremely profitable business.

Why should institutional or retail investors care? After all, aren’t HFTs adding liquidity? That’s what they and the exchanges, who court their business, say.

There’s a lot to worry about.

Jul 10 12:22

Breaking News:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More details on the Goldman Sachs program trade software theft.

Jul 10 11:58

A new solar-cell design could cut costs and is suitable for large-scale flexible panels.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have made a new kind of solar cell by growing an array of upright nanoscale pillars on aluminum foil.The work is at an early stage, and "you won't know the cost until you do this using a roll-to-roll process," he says. "But if you can do it, the cost could be 10 times less than what's used to make [crystalline] silicon panels." Javey and his colleagues showed that the cells have an efficiency of about 6 percent in transforming sunlight into electricity.

Jul 10 08:48

Cyber attacks on SKorea came from 16 countries

This week's cyber attacks on South Korea are believed to have been mounted from 16 different countries but North Korea was not among them, Seoul's spy agency was quoted as saying Friday.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) told legislators the attacks were tracked to 86 Internet protocol addresses from 16 countries including the United States, Japan, China and Guatemala, the lawmakers said.

The lawmakers, quoting information from the NIS given in a closed briefing, said North Korea was not among the 16 countries.

Jul 10 07:43

8 New Features In VLC 1.0 That Will Make You Rejoice

VLC Media Player 1.0 gets launched after years in development, you download it instantly and launch it up. “Huh! There seems to be nothing new”, you proclaim. This is exactly what this post is about, showing you eight new useful features of VLC 1.0 that your faint eye can’t see otherwise.

Jul 09 16:42

Former Teen Hacker’s Suicide Linked to TJX Probe

A Miami man who achieved fame as a teenager for hacking NASA and the Pentagon took his own life last year after Secret Service agents accused him of being part of the conspiracy responsible for the largest identity theft in U.S. history, his family says.

Jonathan James, 24, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his home on May 18, 2008, less than two weeks after agents raided his house in connection with a hacking ring that penetrated TJX, DSW and OfficeMax, among others. In a five page suicide note, James wrote that he was innocent, but was certain federal officials would make him a scapegoat.

Jul 09 09:45

13-year-old uses Bar Mitzva IPhone gift to become a hacker legend, an e-hero, an Apple-code-breaking bon vivantreceives hacker legend

Ari is part of a loose-knit group of hackers that has made it a mission to “jailbreak” Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. The term refers to installing unapproved software that lets people download a range of programs, including those not sanctioned by Apple.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And they want to make him a hero for this?????????

Jul 09 08:05

Embedding a YouTube Video May Cost You a Bundle in ASCAP Bills

Fresh off a court victory against Google's YouTube, ASCAP tells us it is setting its sights on users of the video-sharing site. Welcome to the exciting world of copyright licensing, blogger; you may already owe gobs of money!

ASCAP licenses the performance rights for music, collecting royalties for its songwriter members when their songs are played in certain contexts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My wife and I are both ASCAP members, and I think this is going to backfire on ASCAP, because embedded videos are often the best advertising for new songs and new songwriters.

This is roughly the equivalent of demanding a license fee for one person to say to another, "Hey, you gotta hear this hot new song" and then sharing an earphone.

Revenues will actually DECLINE because blogs will simply quit embedding music videos and public awareness of and interest in the new musicians will vanish.

Jul 09 08:03

Newest IE bug could be next Conficker, says researcher

The critical flaw that Microsoft confirmed on Monday -- but has yet to patch -- is a prime candidate for another Conficker-scale attack, a security researcher said.

The critical bug that Microsoft confirmed Monday but has yet to patch is a prime candidate for another Conficker-scale attack, a security researcher said.

"It's better than [the vulnerability used by] Conficker," Roger Thompson, chief research officer at AVG Technologies, said yesterday. "It exposes the whole world, and can be exploited through the firewall. That's better than Conficker, which mostly did its damage once it got inside a network."

Jul 09 02:09

The Evaporation of Privacy and Freedom

What follows is a mosaic of the future materialising, bit by bit, before our very eyes. It transcends national boundaries.
The horizon of our global future now becomes visible through the dense fog of media. Now is the time to decide if what we see is what we want.

Jul 08 14:50

Israel takes war on Iran underground

"Aside from accessing secret data, we could also set off deliberate explosions, just by programming a re-route of the pipelines," the Shin Bet veteran said.

Another method of sabotage mentioned in the report was the use of malware -- a commonly used abbreviation for 'malicious software' -- to "corrupt, commandeer or crash the controls of sensitive sites like uranium enrichment plants".

Jul 08 13:51

The Internet, a model for true democracy

The internet is the best example of a decentralized and non-authoritarian system where cooperation is not enforced but comes naturally and easy, just look at all those wikis, open source programs and file-sharing sites....
By becoming members of the global blogger community we are entering the closest thing to a global democracy we have at the moment. It´s a true democracy, one which crosses borders, but does not abolish national sovereignty, neither does it take power away from the individual and his or her local community.

Jul 08 13:26

Not N. Korean but Israel's Cyberwarfare pros at work?

Wary of naked force, Israelis eye cyberwar on Iran
Reuters Dan Williams - Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Yesterday, 01:57 pm Cyberwarfare teams nestle deep within Israel's spy agencies, which have rich experience in traditional sabotage techniques and are cloaked in official secrecy and censorship.
They can draw on the know-how of Israeli commercial firms that are among the world's hi-tech leaders and whose staff are often veterans of elite military intelligence computer units.
Technolytics Institute, an American consultancy, last year rated Israel the sixth-biggest "cyber warfare threat," after China, Russia, Iran, France and "extremist/terrorist groups."

Jul 08 09:13

White House among targets of sweeping cyber attack

The powerful attack that overwhelmed computers at U.S. and South Korean government agencies for days was even broader than initially realized, also targeting the White House, the Pentagon and the New York Stock Exchange.

Other targets of the attack included the National Security Agency, Homeland Security Department, State Department, the Nasdaq stock market and The Washington Post, according to an early analysis of the malicious software used in the attacks. Many of the organizations appeared to successfully blunt the sustained computer assaults.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why would North Korea, which wishes to AVOID a war with the US, do something so obviously provocative?

This is a setup.

Jul 08 09:07

Up to 12,000 laptops are lost in United States airports each week

Most laptops are lost at security checkpoints

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not counting the ones dropped by TSA.

Jul 08 08:21

Officials: N. Korea believed behind cyber attacks

South Korean intelligence officials believe North Korea or pro-Pyongyang forces committed cyber attacks that paralyzed major South Korean and U.S. government Web sites, aides to two lawmakers said Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This reeks of a false-flag setup.

Jul 08 07:44

NYPD Finding Weapons Hidden Inside Cell Phones

Newsday also reported that police officers in Harlem recently arrested a man who had turned his cell phone into a mild stun gun. This rise in cell phone-related criminal innovation is especially troublesome, because prisoners have created several methods of smuggling cell phones into jails in order to plan escapes, negotiate drug deals, and perform other illegal activities. While you can certainly expect upgraded prison security measures, don't be surprised either if you're asked to remove your battery the next time you go through airport security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which will erase the memory on modern smart phones, thereby rendering them rather useless for the duration of your trip.

Once again the government's plan to deal with criminals is to treat innocent civilians like POWs.

Jul 08 07:29

4chan hellraisers finding fame brings heat?

Over the holiday weekend, 4chan users were being cited as the source of a prank that flooded Twitter with fake accounts and interjected into that site's "trending topics" section a rather crude subject having to do with primate anatomy. Six weeks ago it was a porn attack against YouTube. Earlier this year the target was a TIME magazine online poll that was manipulated to anoint "moot" the planet's most influential person.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are not amused.

Jul 08 02:46

Federal Web Sites Knocked Out by Cyber Attack

Via: AP:

A widespread and unusually resilient computer attack that began July 4 knocked out the Web sites of several government agencies, including some that are responsible for fighting cyber crime, The Associated Press has learned.

The Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department Web sites were all down at varying points over the holiday weekend and into this week, according to officials inside and outside the government. Some of the sites were still experiencing problems Tuesday evening.

Federal government officials refused to publicly discuss any details of the cyber attack, and would only generally acknowledge that it occurred. It was not clear whether other government sites also were attacked.

Jul 07 12:32

Police chief denounces 'cowardly' iPhone users monitoring speed traps

Area drivers looking to outwit police speed traps and traffic cameras are using an iPhone application and other global positioning system devices that pinpoint the location of the cameras.

That has irked D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier, who promised her officers would pick up their game to counteract the devices, which can also help drivers dodge sobriety checkpoints.

"I think that's the whole point of this program," she told The Examiner. "It's designed to circumvent law enforcement -- law enforcement that is designed specifically to save lives."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, it is designed to fight back against the pillaging of the public by cash-strapped governments.

Jul 07 09:39

Wary of naked force, Israelis eye cyberwar on Iran

In the late 1990s, a computer specialist from Israel's Shin Bet internal security service hacked into the mainframe of the Pi Glilot fuel depot north of Tel Aviv.

It was meant to be a routine test of safeguards at the strategic site. But it also tipped off the Israelis to the potential such hi-tech infiltrations offered for real sabotage.

"Once inside the Pi Glilot system, we suddenly realized that, aside from accessing secret data, we could also set off deliberate explosions, just by programing a re-route of the pipelines," said a veteran of the Shin Bet drill.

So began a cyberwarfare project which, a decade on, is seen by independent experts as the likely new vanguard of Israel's efforts to foil the nuclear ambitions of its arch-foe Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, if there is a mysterious industrial accident anywhere in the world, blamed on a mysterious computer "malfunction", that in any way benefits Israel, you know who to blame.

Jul 07 09:35

Microsoft warns of serious computer security hole

Microsoft Corp. has taken the rare step of warning about a serious computer security vulnerability it hasn't fixed yet.

The vulnerability disclosed Monday affects Internet Explorer users whose computers run the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating software.

It can allow hackers to remotely take control of victims' machines. The victims don't need to do anything to get infected except visit a Web site that's been hacked.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Instead of spending billions of dollars we don;t have on new security software which usually doesn't work all that well, let's just start shooting the hackers.

Jul 07 09:33

Researchers say they can guess your SSN

There’s a new reason to worry about the security of your Social Security number. Turns out, they can be guessed with relative ease.

A group of researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University say they’ve discovered patterns in the issuance of numbers that make it relatively easy to deduce the personal information using publicly available information and some basic statistical analysis.

The research could have far-ranging implications for financial institutions and other firms that rely on Social Security numbers to ward off identity theft. It could also unleash a wave of criminal imitators who will try to duplicate the research.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and send Lifelock's stock through the roof!

Jul 07 08:07

Internet filter danger

Or those grainy black-and-white photographs from May 1933 when the Nazis embarked on their campaign of burning all books considered to be subversive?

Do you recall the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984? Perhaps the burning books in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451?

Welcome to Australia in the 21st century, where totalitarian history meets science-fiction and dark political satire.

Welcome to the Rudd Government's internet filter.

Jul 06 15:02

TalkingPointsMemo Gets Funding From Andreessen, Others

Left-of-center political news blog TalkingPointsMemo has received its first outside money, from Marc Andreessen and other angel investors, according to TC. The amount is small, and pegged between $500K to $1 million. The investment from Andreessen, his second in a blog network (the first being Business Insider), is a personal one, and not from his new $300 million investment fund.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now we study how the editorial policy of TPM changes over the next few months.

FWIW we have been given no grants or funding at all other than the ad revenues, reader donations, and membership subscriptions.

Jul 06 10:20

Crown drops charges against outspoken N.B. blogger

Assault and mischief charges against controversial blogger Charles LeBlanc have been dropped.

He has posted an email to his blog in which the Fredericton police say the Crown had decided not to proceed with the criminal charges of assault or mischief laid after he was arrested in April on the grounds of the New Brunswick legislature.

Jul 06 08:45

Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop

Taiwan consumer regulators have ordered Dell to honor an online pricing error that offered 19-inch LCD monitors for only NT$500 (US$15, £9).

News of the supposed bargain spread quickly over the internet when it was posted June 25 at 11pm. Within the eight hours before it was removed, more than 26,000 customers placed orders for nearly 140,000 monitors, according to Taiwan's Consumer Protection Commission.

The agency said in a statement (in Chinese) it received 471 complaints after Dell corrected the listing to the intended price of NT$4,800 (US$148, £90).

Jul 05 09:49

Insane Sarah Palin, Late At Night On July 4, Threatens To Sue Entire Internet, Via Twitter

Honestly, this is what Sarah Palin twatted on Saturday Night, July 4th, Independence Day, in America.

Her link goes to (of course) Scientologist nut and sub-literate weirdo Greta Van Susteren’s blog on, where Greta has helpfully (?) posted seven pages of legal threats from Palin’s lawyers, although you can’t actually read beyond the first vague page of whining bullshit, because Greta/Fox can’t figure out how to operate the Internet.

But, from other websites, we gather Palin’s lawyers plan lawsuits against MSNBC, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, individual bloggers in Alaska, and other such anti-Palin forces such as “rain on your wedding day” and static cling.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I smell blood in the water! The lady doth protest WAY too much.

And if Caribou Barbie thinks she can control the public's view of her in the age of the internet then she really is as clueless as she came across during the campaign!

Jul 04 17:25

Password Recovery Speeds

This document shows the approximate amount of time required for a computer or a cluster of computers to guess various passwords. The figures shown are approximate and are the maximum time required to guess each password using a simple brute force "key-search" attack, it may (and probably will) be possible to guess correctly without trying all the combinations shown using other methods of attack or by having a "lucky guess".

Jul 04 17:15

London Stock Exchange to abandon failed Windows platform

It's not often that you see a major company dump its infrastructure software the way the LSE is about to do. But, then, it's not often you see enterprise software fail quite so badly and publicly as was the case with the LSE. I can only wonder how many other Windows enterprise software failures are kept hidden away within IT departments by companies unwilling to reveal just how foolish their decisions to rely on archaic, cranky Windows software solutions have proven to be.

Jul 04 10:22


Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are seeing the same tactic used in the failed Iran coup; the same claims repeated using different IDs over and over again.

Jul 04 08:27

Police told to use Wikipedia for court preparation

The Crown Prosecution Service is telling police officers to use Wikipedia to prepare for court cases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, of course, is nonsense.

There are a great many good articles in Wikipedia, but much of their articles, particularly those regarding recent events and politics, are heavily skewed.

At one point, Wikipedia had articles about WRH and myself; articles that contained a few factual errors. I logged in and corrected the errors.

When I logged back in later, the errors had been put back in. I again made the corrections, then corrections were then deleted and the story locked against further changes with the excuse (I am not kidding you) that Michael Rivero was not considered an authority on the subject of Michael Rivero. When numerous readers wrote into Wikipedia to point out the silliness of that position, Wikipedia retaliated by deleting all entries about me and WRH.

Jul 03 05:15

Big brother is watching: The technologies that keep track of you

By Claudine Beaumont
Published: 10:13AM BST 02 Jul 2009

The furore around the Chinese government’s Green Dam software has raised the issue of the way modern technology is used to monitor our daily lives. Here, we list seven of the technologies that can be used to keep track of your movements.

Jul 03 03:53

“US to conduct unprecedented surveillance over Internet”

02 July, 2009
US Internet users fear that the US National Security Agency is going to conduct fishnet-type surveillance without any predicate, says investigative journalist and RT contributor Wayne Madsen from Washington D.C.

President Barack Obama has announced that a special person is going to overlook the safety of government and military computer systems to protect them from attack.

But some believe that the 'Cyber Tsar' is just a way to spy upon people online.

Jul 03 03:04

Blogs won't beat us: News chief

NEWS LIMITED'S chief executive, John Hartigan, has launched a broadside on bloggers and other online amateurs, arguing they are no substitute for professional journalists.

(*His most scathing attack was reserved for bloggers, who, he said, lacked resources and access to key decision-makers.)

Jul 02 08:44

Ban Blogs From Linking To Newspapers, Says Judge

Famous and respected New York Judge Richard Posner says maybe we should ban links to save newspapers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This will backfire. The blogs are driving most of what little readership the newspapers have left. In the age of twitter, the blogs are quite capable of reporting and commenting on what is going on around the world.

And frankly, the blogs would not be such a threat to the newspapers IF THE NEWSPAPERS WOULD STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE!

Jul 01 19:19

Innocents accused of net piracy

Some 20 net users have come forward claiming they have been wrongly accused of illegally sharing video games.

It follows an investigation by Which? Computing magazine into a couple who were accused of playing a game they claim they had never heard of.

That case was dropped but other internet users have come forward, claiming to be falsely accused.

Jul 01 16:52

With less computing power than a washing machine

In the mid-60s, a golden generation of highly trained whizz kids was pouring out of American universities with PhDs in maths, engineering and chemistry. "It was the generation that went on to drive the development of silicon valley in the 1970s," says Dave Parker, director of the British National Space Centre. "And those people made the moon landing happen."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We built a bright future with our reach for the stars.

And our politicians squandered it all, strip-mined it, sold it off to foreign interests and campaign donors, turned our universities into political indoctrination centers that produced a generation of mostly useless graduates unskilled at anything except talking about how wonderful the current leadership was.

We did so much with so little back then. What we could do with what we have now, if only we had the will to dare as greatly as we did 40 years ago.

Jul 01 08:08

Murdoch CEO Labels Bloggers “Political Extremists”

A stinging attack by John Hartigan, the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited, labels bloggers and alternative media outlets as “political extremists”. Hartigan implies that bloggers should be jailed as they are in oppressive police states like China and Burma.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, we bloggers believe in things like the truth, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

CNBC calls us 'Dickweeds', now News Corp calls us 'Political Extremists'; I am feeling VERY unloved right now! :(