Well, I recently got in an argument with one of my best buddies in the WRH chatroom. I felt really bad. It opened my eyes though. All the in-fighting between the radio hosts, RCN, GCN etc. I got caught up in it myself. But after getting in an argument with a really cool person on WRH chatroom, it opened my eyes, and I want nothing to do with this anymore. When I think about all the negative things I could say about Alex, Mike, John, etc etc...I look in the mirror and find I am the last one to throw the first stone. I sometimes feel bad, because with all the in-fighting, there will be no one left to give some truth out there. not sure if I am the only one, but with all the in-fighting, i have come to the conclusion that maybe its just best for me to say 'fuck u all' and go back to writing/recording music, taking care of other things, in the realization that all of you suck so why bother.. screw the truth, just enjoy the last few days we have here while the elite wreak their havoc..
ok, thats all I got.