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August 6, 2010

Aug 06 08:30

Terror group claims bomber hit Gulf tanker

However, Diaa Rashwan, an analyst at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo, questioned whether the group existed, saying that al-Qaeda leaders had never associated themselves with the movement or the attacks it has claimed.

“If it is true, we have one group moving from Egypt to Lebanon to the Arab Gulf,” he said.

“I’m not sure it exists.”

The full title of this 'terrorist group' is "Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Battalion of Ziad al-Jarrah". It is supposedly named after a 9/11 hijacker. There is a problem with this...

Aug 06 08:26

Queen Nancy of the Robber Class By Cindy Sheehan

Planet Earth of the Real People to Queen Nancy of the Robber Class—can you use some of your husband’s millions to buy a clue? We here down in the class that does the fighting, killing, and dying while you and your buds do the profiteering, don’t quantify human loss as “Metrics.”

Aug 06 08:26

Pentagon can’t account for $8.57 billion in Iraqi funds

The report by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction offers a compelling look at continued laxness in how such funds were being spent in a country where people complain basic services like electricity and clean water are sharply lacking seven years after the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Aug 06 08:22

Police officers 'smashed OAP driver's window and dragged him out of car' after he was stopped for not wearing seatbelt

For the apprehension of a disabled pensioner, it seemed a little excessive.

A police officer jumped on the bonnet of retired businessman Robert Whatley’s car and kicked the windscreen while another hit the window with his baton 15 times until it smashed.

They then dragged the 70-year-old, who has a heart condition and recently recovered from a stroke, from his £60,000 Range Rover.

Aug 06 08:21

Flexner Report

Flexner was John D. Rockefeller's "stool pigeon" in setting up the takeover of the entire medical school industry by Carnegie Foundation, which was a Rockefeller Foundation subsidiary at that time.......When you say "Carnegie Foundation", you're talking about something that has no substance. It's entirely under the domination of the Rockefellers. .................He (Abraham Flexner) did "The Flexner Report", and this changed the medical schools of the United States from homeopathic, naturopathic medicine, to allopathic medicine -- which was a German school of medicine which depended on the heavy use of drugs, radical surgery, and long hospital stays. That's what we've got today, allopathic medicine."---Eustace Mullins

Aug 06 08:21

More Obama propaganda - "Opposition to Obama policies is racist! Really! Honest! No kidding!"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Pussy

You are spending too much time with the Israelis. Now you are starting to think just like them; that you are perfect, and the only reason people do not fall down and worship at your feet is that they hate your race.

But this is not true. Like Israel, it is your actions that have caused people to turn away from you. You failed to keep pretty much all your campaign promises. The economy is still in tatters. We are still fighting losing wars against nations that did not attack us and you look eager to get into a new one, again with a nation that did not attack us. Meanwhile, and this is your greatest failing, you are still signing illegal financial support checks to hand to the nation that casually has attacked Americans (killing one) and a US-flagged ship in international waters.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third, and in that regard, your failure is obvious to all, and would equally be so no matter what color you are, black, white, peach, taupe, mauve, teal, or orange!

Aug 06 08:14

It’s Time to Keep America From Becoming Just Another Banana Republic

The great American tradition of individualism, entrepreneurship and revolution is being systematically undermined by a cadre of financial strongmen bent on turning us into just another "banana republic" - where a subdued and apathetic population is subjugated by a ruling class of wealthy oligarchs.

The gross irony is that the same capitalist system that molded America into the strongest, most productive and richest nation in history, has been transformed into a mostly private moneymaking enterprise whose beneficiaries are those who actually produce nothing but paper profits.

Aug 06 08:13

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate

It's hardly unusual to hear small-business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red.

So when Multnomah County shut down an enterprise last week for operating without a license, you might just sigh and say, there they go again.

Except this entrepreneur was a 7-year-old named Julie Murphy. Her business was a lemonade stand at the Last Thursday monthly art fair in Northeast Portland. The government regulation she violated? Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another government weevil desperate to prove their indispensability to modern society.

Aug 06 08:11

Globalists Race To Enforce Criminal Carbon Tax

Despite the failure of last year’s Copenhagen climate summit, the United Nations is pushing ahead for a global carbon tax that will bankroll the expansion of world government as globalists attempt to make Americans pay for the evisceration of their own sovereinty and future prosperity

Aug 06 08:09

The Dismal Jobs Picture – and the Fed’s Misguided Medicine

Can we just stop sugarcoating the issue? Dispense with the happy talk? Instead, let’s cut to the chase here: This job market sucks. Plain and simple.

By this stage in a true economic recovery, the country would be creating hundreds of thousands of jobs — month in and month out. But we aren’t. Not by a long shot!

Aug 06 08:07

More proof that the Tea Party has been hijacked.

Expanding their foray into foreign policy, 21 members of the new caucus have now come out explicitly endorsing Israel’s right to strike Iran’s nuclear program.

Aug 06 08:01

Terror plot suspect worked for the CIA's airline

In a previous post, I argued that the "terrorist ring" led by Russell DeFreitas -- the man who had targeted JFK airport, where he once worked -- was actually a drug smuggling ring. Now we have a Newsday piece on the bomb plot which functions as a sort of palimpsest: The surface text shows hints of a more important tale which lies beneath.

Aug 06 08:01

Ahmadinejad warns Arab states not to abandon Palestine

“A wise person will not be bitten twice from the same (snake) hole. Why are you rushing to sell out the Palestinian nation to the occupiers? The Zionist regime is mired in crisis and it is being destroyed,” Ahmadinejad said in the western city of Hamedan on Wednesday.

Aug 06 08:00

Ahmadinejad calls for intl. response to Israeli attack on Lebanon

In a telephone conversation with his Lebanese counterpart, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a firm and immediate international response to the Zionist regime’s cross-border attack on Lebanon on Tuesday in which three Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist were martyred.

A clash broke out after Israeli soldiers crossed the Lebanese border and attempted to uproot a tree obstructing their view.

Aug 06 07:59

Bicycle Conspiracy Spins Cities toward NWO Domination

Aug 06 07:58

Pathetic attempt to wave 'Anti-Semitism" and "Jew Hate" to excuse Israel's atrocities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is not what Israel is, but how they behave, that is the cause of the problem. Yet this loser, like so many other Israeli supporters, is still convinced that if they whine "Anti-Semite" long enough and loud enough, the world will forget CAST LEAD, the wars with Lebanon, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon affair, and the attack on American aid workers in international waters.

Aug 06 07:53

'Klutz' Cameron erroneously claims Iran possesses nuke weapon

Downing Street has admitted that Cameron had "misspoken" during a question and answer session with voters "PM Direct" in Brighton when he suggested that the Islamic Republic, which is seeking to develop a nuclear capacity, was already in possession of a bomb.

Cameron had meant to say that Iran appears to be trying to pursue a nuclear program, according to Downing Street.

Aug 06 07:52

Volcano erupts in eastern Indonesia

One of Indonesia's most active volcanos erupted Friday, sending lava and a searing gas cloud tumbling down its slopes. At least four people were feared dead, officials said, and several others were seriously hurt.

"It happened so fast," said Surono, the director of the volcanology and mitigation agency. "There was no time for an evacuation."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are seeing a lot of geological activity all around the Pacific basin these last couple weeks!

Aug 06 07:51

A Time to Learn

We know that shackles and chains do not enslave the mind; but we also know that the psychology of greed and the manipulation of it can enslave us just as easily – go now, pay later ... at what is now a globally binding debt on … interest, also known as usury or ‘money for nothing’.

If capitulation is on the table at all, what do we have to offer?

First, a refusal to make that interest ‘non-binding’ in the sense that Iceland and Greece are defending their stand, a legal position called the doctrine of ‘odious debt’, which is debt that does no one any good except for those who impose it through ‘legal’ trickery.

Aug 06 07:49

Crazy Muslim conspiracy theories

Rizvi held America responsible for many woes in the Muslim world. "You supplied arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, then invaded Iraq in the name of searching for weapons of mass destruction. You created the Taliban with the help of Pakistan. You have been backing Israel ever since its creation. First, right the wrongs that you have created if you want to establish peace in the world,'' said Rizvi to applause from the students.

Aug 06 07:47

Iran: U.S. Hasn’t Learned Lesson from Hiroshima

After visiting the lingering traces of America’s crimes in Hiroshima, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Sa’eed Jalili declared, “At the very least, the U.S. should be punished with disarmament and the revocation of its right to veto for its crimes here.”

According to several agencies, Jalili spoke at a press conference on the last day of his trip to Japan after visiting the site of the bombing and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, describing the message of Hiroshima as the obvious need for American disarmament.

Jalili said, “Because nuclear weapons lack legitimacy, no country or party should have such weapons at its disposal.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For all the whining about Ira and Iran, the fact remains that the United States is the only nation to actually use nuclear weapons against the civilians of another country.

Aug 06 07:45

Kabul: US-led raid killed 39 civilians

President Hamid Karzai's office said late on Wednesday the inquiry shows 39 civilians -- all women and children -- were killed in the attack.

Aug 06 07:44

Israeli arrested for allegedly running Ukraine organ trafficking ring

According to Army Radio, the ring recruited potential kidney donors on the internet for which they paid $10,000 before sending the organs to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good reason to wreck a national economy; to force people into selling their organs!

Aug 06 07:43

Milwaukee teachers union seeks court order for Viagra in its health plans

The Milwaukee teachers union has asked a judge to order the school board to include Viagra in its taxpayer-funded health insurance plans.

Aug 06 07:42


President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe. It was his backdoor to war.

FDR blinded the commanders at Pearl Harbor and set them up by -

1. denying intelligence to Hawaii (HI)
2. on Nov 27, misleading the commanders into thinking negotiations with Japan were continuing to prevent them from realizing the war was on
3. having false information sent to HI about the location of the Japanese carrier fleet.

Aug 06 07:41

The lies of Hiroshima live on, props in the war crimes of the 20th century

When I first went to Hiroshima in 1967, the shadow on the steps was still there. It was an almost perfect impression of a human being at ease: legs splayed, back bent, one hand by her side as she sat waiting for a bank to open. At a quarter past eight on the morning of August 6, 1945, she and her silhouette were burned into the granite. I stared at the shadow for an hour or more, then walked down to the river and met a man called Yukio, whose chest was still etched with the pattern of the shirt he was wearing when the atomic bomb was dropped.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two lessons to recall in Hiroshima day.

1. For all the caterwalling we get in the media about the nuclear threat posed by the nations Israel does not like (but in some cases may have sold nuclear weapons to), the only nation on Earth that has ever actually used nuclear weapons of mass destruction on the civilians of another country is the United States.

2. The war with Japan, like the war with Iraq, Germany's war with Poland, and Israel's wars with ... everyone, was started with a deception consisting of a provocation designed to make it look like the attacked nation was actually at fault for starting the war.

Aug 06 07:39

Doug Casey: War Is Coming

Doug: That's right, at least until their house gets blown up or their son gets killed. Nothing like a good foreign war against an invariably evil and subhuman enemy to distract people from local problems. And, of course, there are actually fools out there that believe war stimulates economies.

L: Yes… Can't tell you how many times I've heard that WWII ended the Great Depression – they told me so in school, so it must be so. Alas, the dumb masses.

Aug 06 07:37

Brilliant Student Exposes the Slave Matrix in Graduation Speech

I am now accomplishing that goal. I am graduating. I should look at this as a positive experience, especially being at the top of my class. However, in retrospect, I cannot say that I am any more intelligent than my peers. I can attest that I am only the best at doing what I am told and working the system. Yet, here I stand, and I am supposed to be proud that I have completed this period of indoctrination. I will leave in the fall to go on to the next phase expected of me, in order to receive a paper document that certifies that I am capable of work. But I contest that I am a human being, a thinker, an adventurer - not a worker. A worker is someone who is trapped within repetition - a slave of the system set up before him. But now, I have successfully shown that I was the best slave.

Aug 06 07:34

Nagasaki the forgotten bomb

Aug 06 07:34

65 years ago today USA dropped "Little Boy" on Hiroshima..

Aug 06 07:30

ICE Union employees: ICE Director won't let us enforce U.S. immigration laws

The letter, acquired through sources, provides a litany of examples of how ICE's mission is being skewed towards supporting an unflinching goal of amnesty by refusing to allow agents to do their job; allowing criminal aliens to roam free; depleting resources for key enforcement initiatives that preceded this administration; and misrepresenting facts and programs, demeaning the extent of the criminal alien problem and geared to support amnesty.

Aug 06 07:27

Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted

Tony Blair must be prosecuted, not indulged like his mentor Peter Mandelson. Both have produced self-serving memoirs for which they have been paid fortunes. Blair’s will appear next month and earn him £4.6 million. Now consider Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act. Blair conspired in and executed an unprovoked war of aggression against a defenseless country, which the Nuremberg judges in 1946 described as the "paramount war crime." This has caused, according to scholarly studies, the deaths of more than a million people, a figure that exceeds the Fordham University estimate of deaths in the Rwandan genocide.

Aug 06 07:25

BP Oil,Enough is Enough

Aug 06 07:18

Oil Leaking From BP Gulf Oil Spill Sea Floor Strata

Aug 06 07:18

BP, Feds mislead on cleanup to be protected from people who get "sicker and sicker"

Aug 06 07:17

BP Well Is Still Leaking Underground

By now, I have enough experience of this oil spill (Gawd help me)
to have an instinct that BP(and others) have been scamming us hard
over the course of the last couple of weeks.

I pointed out that the low sub-7,000psi pressure reading when they
capped the well was far below the projected, expected 8,500psi+.
And that it meant the well was likely leaking underground.

I think it's been leaking far enough down hole to not pose a risk of an
imminent sea floor blowout. And so they decided to handle the well
in two sections: above the underground leak and below the leak.

So they just handled the top section with the static kill and cement.

And that bottom section is still leaking.

Aug 06 07:09

Studies Prove that These Drugs Make Your Brain Stop Working…

Drugs commonly taken for a variety of common medical conditions negatively affect your brain, causing long term cognitive impairment. These drugs, called anticholinergics, block acetylcholine, a nervous system neurotransmitter.

They include such common over-the-counter brands as Benadryl, Dramamine, Excedrin PM, Nytol, Sominex, Tylenol PM, and Unisom. Other anticholinergic drugs, such as Paxil, Detrol, Demerol and Elavil are available only by prescription.

Aug 06 06:57

What You Don’t Know About Gaza

Most of the people living in Gaza are not there by choice. The majority of the 1.5 million people crammed into the roughly 140 square miles of the Gaza Strip belong to families that came from towns and villages outside Gaza like Ashkelon and Beersheba. They were driven to Gaza by the Israeli Army in 1948.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds like all of Gaza is a concentration camp.

Aug 06 06:56

Camden(NJ) Closing Library System

New Jersey's most impoverished city will close all three branches of its public library at year's end unless a rescue can be pulled off...

Aug 06 06:56

Exotic Deals Put Denver Schools Deeper in Debt

In 2008, the Denver public school system needed to plug a $400 million hole in its pension fund. Bankers at JPMorgan Chase offered what seemed to be a perfect solution, claiming that the school system could raise $750 million in an exotic transaction that would eliminate the pension gap and save tens of millions of dollars annually in debt costs.

Since it struck the deal, the school system has paid $115 million in interest and other fees, at least $25 million more than it originally anticipated. To avoid mounting expenses, the Denver schools are looking to renegotiate the deal. But to unwind it all, the schools would have to pay the banks $81 million in termination fees, or about 19 percent of its $420 million payroll.

Aug 06 06:56

The Bomb

The bomb that hit the former Arafat Compound near the Gaza Beach road was said to be the biggest to hit Gaza City since the onslaught of ‘Cast Lead’: the 3 week Israeli bombing and ground attack of the Gaza Strip during the new year of 2009. In our visit to the bomb site yesterday, a graveyard for vehicles from previous bombardments, we saw the blast had blown an armoured car 20 metres from its original spot, sandwiching another car nearby. Like most people, such as those sitting at my table at the beachside café about 800m away from the strike, I had not experienced a bomb before, least of all one that weighed about one and a half tons, leaving behind it a crater the size of a small house.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given the renewal of bombing into Gaza coupled with the State Department's travel advisory warning Americans not to travel in Israel or Gaza, I would say CAST LEAD II is starting up.

Aug 06 05:56

AP Exclusive: CIA Whisked Detainees From Gitmo

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Four of the nation's most highly valued terrorist prisoners were secretly moved to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2003, years earlier than has been disclosed, then whisked back into overseas prisons before the Supreme Court could give them access to lawyers, The Associated Press has learned.

The transfer allowed the U.S. to interrogate the detainees in CIA "black sites" for two more years without allowing them to speak with attorneys or human rights observers or challenge their detention in U.S. courts. Had they remained at the Guantanamo Bay prison for just three more months, they would have been afforded those rights.

Aug 06 03:59

What You Need To Know About What Happened To Mexico

Before you read the second article below , every American -- Anglo, Latino, Black and Asian needs to know what is really behind the monster that has taken slavemaster's control in Mexico and is bringing dire misery to both Mexican and US citizens. Let this information drive home the point that it is not Mexican peasants coming here to work that is our problem as the Tea Party organizers, Beck, Palin and other phony and/or totally uninformed patriots will tell you. This is what we all have to know to really solve the deadly situation we are facing.

Let us start with the richest man in Mexico (and, according to Forbes at one point, the richest in the world)

Aug 06 02:35

NATO And The US: Protectors of Global Corporate Capitalism

NATO and the US with all these bases are the protectors of global corporate capitalism, they are the protectors of the world bank, that's the agenda. Those are the oppressors.

Aug 06 01:22

Russia's defense spending to rise by 60% by 2013 - paper

Russian defense spending will increase by 60 percent, to more than 2 trillion rubles ($66.3 million) by 2013 from 1.264 trillion ($42 million) in 2010, a leading Russian business daily said on Friday.

To quote Mr. Rivero, quoting the War Party, "Yee-haa, we got the cold war back!!

Aug 06 01:19

Combat Vets Face More Unemployment

Many U.S. combat veterans face significant socioeconomic challenges including higher rates of disability and unemployment, researchers found.

"Veterans who saw combat started their work lives at a relative disadvantage that they were unable to overcome," Alair MacLean of Washington State University Vancouver said in a statement.

"Soldiers exposed to combat were more likely than non-combat veterans to be disabled and unemployed in their mid-20s and to remain so throughout their work life."

Aug 06 01:16

Iraq: We’re ‘Withdrawing’ – But Not Leaving

Oh happy day! But, wait – not so fast …

Like everything else in our oh-so-modern world, things are not quite what they seem: "complexities" get in the way. So let’s look at what is actually happening, not what the President and his amen corner would like us to see, before we throw our hats in the air.

To begin with, Obama’s original campaign promise was to get all the troops out by May of this year. But I guess we aren’t supposed to remember that, and it would be rude to bring it up.

August 5, 2010

Aug 05 22:41

It's Only A War

Aug 05 22:29


To launch a U.S. Boat to Gaza to join the upcoming International Flotilla and the global campaign that opposes these policies and demands justice for the Palestinian people; to confront the U.S.-Israel political and military alliance resulting in criminal Israeli policies of occupation and siege against the Palestinian people; to highlight the role that the U.S. plays in maintaining the siege of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine

Aug 05 21:53

Oh, really?

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and about threats to themselves and to U.S. interests in those locations. The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to remain mindful of security factors when planning travel to Israel and the West Bank and to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip. This replaces the Travel Warning issued June 20, 2010 to update information on the general security environment in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

Aug 05 21:41


Rabbis rallied near the World Trade Center site today in support of a planned Islamic center known as the ground zero mosque.

Aug 05 21:40


Rabbis rallied near the World Trade Center site today in support of a planned Islamic center known as the ground zero mosque.

Aug 05 19:57

U.S. dietary supplements often contaminated: report


Many popular dietary supplements contain ingredients that may cause cancer, heart problems, liver or kidney damage, but U.S. stores sell them anyway and Americans spend millions on them, according to Consumer Reports.

The consumer magazine published a report on Tuesday highlighting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's lack of power to regulate such supplements, and said the agency rarely uses what little power it does have.

The report from the influential group urged Congress to speed up small moves toward giving the agency more clout, especially in regulating supplements.

Despite the "natural" labels carried by many of the supplements, many are contaminated.

Aug 05 19:26

The War Party Who are they? What are they?

By Justin Raimondo – Antiwar.com

I often make reference to “the War Party” in this space: it’s a convenient shorthand, one that evokes an image of something sinister, even Satanic, and this serves my rhetorical purposes well. But if we unpack the concept, and look for examples in real life, what we find is a little more prosaic than Satan with a sword.

Speaking of real life, I’ve been on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch show twice, of late (the second show has yet to be aired), and in both cases I was matched up with someone we might reasonably describe as a charter member of the War Party.

Aug 05 18:08

FCC Abandons Efforts for Net Neutrality Compromise: Allows Google and Verizon to Write the Regulations


WASHINGTON — Federal regulators are abandoning efforts to negotiate a compromise on so-called "network neutrality" rules intended to ensure that phone and cable TV companies cannot discriminate against Internet traffic traveling over their broadband lines.

The announcement Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission ends weeks of FCC-brokered talks to try to reach an agreement on the thorny issue among a handful of big phone, cable and Internet companies. And it comes as two big companies that have been taking part in those talks – Verizon Communications Inc. and Google Inc. – attempt to hammer out their own separate proposal for how broadband providers should treat Internet traffic.

Aug 05 18:08

Attacking Iran: US options

By GWYNNE DYER | Arab News

When Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the highest-ranking American officer, was asked recently on NBC’s Meet The Press show whether the United States has a military plan for an attack on Iran, he replied simply: “We do.”

General staffs are supposed to plan for even the most unlikely future contingencies. Right down to the 1930s, for example, the United States maintained and annually updated plans for the invasion of Canada — and the Canadian military made plans to pre-empt the invasion. But what the planning process will have revealed, in this case, is that there is no way for the United States to win a nonnuclear war with Iran.

Aug 05 17:52

Hedging Chaos with Gold


In an extraordinary mea culpa published July 31st in the New York Times, President Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, David Stockman, a Republican, blamed his own party for four critical errors that contributed to America’s decline:

The errors are as follows:

Aug 05 17:39

Putin Announces Halt To Russia Grain Exports; Grain Futures Jump To Two Year High

Russia, the world's third wheat exporter, Thursday banned grain exports for the next four-and-a-half months due to a record drought that has destroyed millions of hectares (acres) of its land...

Aug 05 17:33

US Postal Service loses $3.5 bln in third quarter

The U.S. Postal Service reported a quarterly net loss of $3.5 billion on Thursday and said it will likely have a cash shortfall going into 2011...

Aug 05 17:32

Social Security Program Running Deficit For First Time

Social Security will pay out more this year than it gets in payroll taxes, marking the first time since the program will be in the red since it was overhauled in 1983, according to the annual authoritative report released Thursday by the program's actuary...

Aug 05 15:56

US Border War Zone News: Bomb Found On Tex-Mex Bridge

Bomb Found On Bridge From Ciudad Juarez,
Mexico, Into El Paso, Texas
August 4th, 2010 Posted By Pat Dollard.
CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – One of the four international bridges linking this northern Mexican city and El Paso, Texas, was closed for nearly two hours Tuesday after a bomb was found and detonated on the Mexican side of the border, a police spokesman told Efe.
This was the latest in a series of bombings in northern Mexico.
Assailants suspected of having links to an organized crime group threw a bomb Saturday at one of the bridges connecting Nuevo Laredo, a city in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, with Laredo, Texas.

Aug 05 15:00

Net neutrality is foremost free speech issue of our time

Back in the 1990s, Congress rescinded rules that prevented television networks from owning their own programming. Network executives swore in congressional hearings that they wouldn't give their own programming preferred access to the airwaves. They vowed access to the airwaves would be determined only by the quality of the shows.

I was working at NBC back then, and I didn't buy that line one bit. Sure enough, within a couple of years, NBC was the largest supplier of its own prime-time programming. To take advantage of this new paradigm, Disney bought ABC, Viacom (the parent company of Paramount) bought CBS and NBC merged with Universal.

Aug 05 14:50

Material girl Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette on a glitzy Spanish vacation

But while most of the country is pinching pennies and downsizing summer sojourns - or forgoing them altogether - the Obamas don't seem to be heeding their own advice. While many of us are struggling, the First Lady is spending the next few days in a five-star hotel on the chic Costa del Sol in southern Spain with 40 of her "closest friends." According to CNN, the group is expected to occupy 60 to 70 rooms, more than a third of the lodgings at the 160-room resort. Not exactly what one would call cutting back in troubled times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And who is paying for this trip, including the Air Force aircraft being used to ferry Michelle and her closest friends around?

Aug 05 13:41

Million dollar California foreclosures – 35 examples of massive upper-tier foreclosures including one home that is underwater by $2.2 million. Santa Monica housing still in a bubble.

These luxury homes are swimming underwater yet many don’t show up on the MLS. Looking at the list we see famous names like JP Morgan Chase, WaMu, Bank of New York, and Wells Fargo to just throw out a few. What will this do to their balance sheet? Hard to say but the strategy right now is to pretend these loans are not underwater. In the high priced luxury market, good luck trying to find some of these homes listed. I was driving down one of these neighborhoods with a couple of foreclosures and life was going on as usual. What is your neighbor not telling you? The driveway was loaded with your typical European foreign cars but the place is underwater by over $1 million and hasn’t had a payment for over a year. The place did have a nice view of the Hollywood sign. Good times in California!

Aug 05 13:22

Daughter of 'zero tolerance' New York mayor Rudy Giuliani arrested for shoplifting in Manhattan

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani's daughter has been arrested after she was allegedly seen on store CCTV pocketing make-up.

Caroline Giuliani, a 20-year-old Harvard University student, was apparently seen taking five items worth more than $100 at a branch of the Sephora cosmetics chain in Manhattan.

Managers at the shop on Est 86th Street and Lexington Avenue called in the police but decided they didn't want to press charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 05 13:08

Fannie and Freddie's Foreclosure Barons

A Florida notary's stamp is valid for four years, and its expiration date is visible on the imprint. But here in front of Ice were dozens of assignments notarized with stamps that hadn't even existed until months—in some cases nearly a year—after the foreclosures were filed. Which meant Stern's people were foreclosing first and doing their legal paperwork later. In effect, it also meant they were lying to the court—an act that could get a lawyer disbarred or even prosecuted. "There's no question that it's pervasive," says Tom Ice of the backdated documents—nearly two dozen of which were verified by Mother Jones. "We've found tons of them."

Aug 05 12:51

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Blows the Cover on an Insider Scam

Last year, in Davos, during a private coffee conversation that I thought aimed at saving the world from, among other things, moral hazard, I was interrupted by Alan Blinder, a former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, who tried to sell me a peculiar investment product. It allowed the high net-worth investor to go around the regulations limiting deposit insurance (at the time, $100,000) and benefit from coverage for near unlimited amounts. The investor would deposit funds in any amount and Prof. Blinder's company would break it up in smaller accounts and invest in banks, thus escaping the limit; it would look like a single account but would be insured in full.

Aug 05 12:26


Now, just for a moment imagine that instead of declaring immediate war on those who attacked Americans, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had rushed over to the League of Nations to explain why Japan's attack on Americans was really no big deal, and that Japan had good reason to attack and kill Americans! Imagine if Roosevelt, instead of the "Day of Infamy" speech, had made countless excuses why Japan was perfectly right to attack and kill Americans. Imagine that the US Congress, instead of voting war against the nation that attacked Americans decided to punish those who criticized the nation that attacked Americans?

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 05 12:25

Secretary of State Clinton: Now That the Wedding Is Over, Could You Respond to Requests From American Citizens on the Gaza Flotilla?

On June 14, 2010 I delivered to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of American Citizen Services a letter to you requesting investigation of the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla in which one unarmed American citizen was killed by Israeli commandos and fourteen other American citizens were kidnapped from international waters and taken to Israel against their will, imprisoned and their personal possessions stolen by Israeli commandos.

Despite numerous inquiries to the State Department about the status of the response to my letter, after seven weeks I have not received a response to the letter nor to the 80 questions that I requested that the United States government pose to the Israeli government concerning their attack on the Gaza flotilla.

Aug 05 12:08

BP Disaster: Russian Expert, Oil from 18 different sources

BP Disaster: Russia’s Take
27.07.2010 Source: Pravda.Ru
Anatoly Sagalevich has added his voice to the latest controversy over the BP ecological catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. This expert from the Russian Academy of Science was called to the Gulf by BP shortly after the Deepwater Horizon rig collapsed. And what he has to say is not very reassuring.
Dr. Sagalevich’s report was drawn up and presented to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. ...For Dr. Sagalevich, the oil pouring into the Gulf is not just coming from one source, as the media have been claiming, but fro 18 different places. According to the report, the Russian scientists called by the USA are forbidden to divulge their findings to the media – yet another source backing up the claim that there is a media blackout.

Aug 05 11:43

Constitutional Sheriff Tony DeMeo

In this 3-part video interview with Tony DeMeo, Sheriff of Nye County, Nevada, he explains that he is a Constitutional Sheriff and that authority for public office holders is derived from the people. He tells the story about how he used the Constitution as his foundation in the saga of Nye County rancher Wayne Hage's disputes over encroachments by the federal government. While Wayne Hage's case centered around property rights in federally managed lands, Sheriff Tony DeMeo's example is relevant for everyone to understand the power of local government, the importance of following the Constitution and upholding the Tenth Amendment (states' rights and sovereignty).

Aug 05 11:32

GM announces major investment in auto plant (in Mexico)

U.S. automobile giant General Motors Co. said Tuesday it plans to invest close to $500 million in its Ramos Arizpe plant in northern Mexico to produce a new line of engines as well as a new vehicle...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This after they got how much bailout money from the American taxpayers?

Aug 05 11:10

Only we're allowed

True, Israel maintains that the area across the fence is its territory, and UNIFIL officially confirmed that yesterday. But a fence is a fence: In Gaza it's enough to get near the fence for us to shoot to kill. In the West Bank the fence's route bears no resemblance to the Green Line, and still Palestinians are forbidden from crossing it.

In Lebanon we made different rules: the fence is just a fence, we're allowed to cross it and do whatever we like on the other side, sometimes in sovereign Lebanese territory. We can routinely fly in Lebanese airspace and sometimes invade as well.

Aug 05 11:09

afghanistan outrage at civilian deaths by u.s. airstrikes

Aug 05 11:07

Mark Steel No guns? They must be Terrorists

Mark Steel
One fact emerging from this process was that the victims, according to "Sgt S" who shot six of them, "were without a doubt terrorists". And he produced evidence to back this up, which was: "I could see the murderous rage in their eyes".

Aug 05 11:06

The US isn't leaving Iraq, it's rebranding the occupation

For much of the British and American press, this was the real thing: headlines hailed the "end" of the war and reported "US troops to leave Iraq".

Nothing could be further from the truth. The US isn't withdrawing from Iraq at all – it's rebranding the occupation. Just as George Bush's war on terror was retitled "overseas contingency operations" when Obama became president, US "combat operations" will be rebadged from next month as "stability operations".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if the families of the dead kids take any comfort that their loves ones were blown to bloody bits in "stability operations" instead of combat.

Aug 05 11:05

Why is Obama moving to fund Israel's Iron Dome project?

US President Barack Obama asked Congress to authorize $205 million to support Israel's Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system.

If approved, these funds would be "above and beyond the $3 billion in Foreign Military Financing that the Administration requested for Israel" for 2011.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could we compromise and build the @#%$ing rockets here in the US to provide some high-tech jobs, then send the completed rockets to Israel? Or do we really need to spend yet more Americans' money to create jobs for Israelis?

Aug 05 11:03

Michelle Obama at luxury Spainish resort: Gibbs asked about "the appearence" of trip

"The first lady is on a private trip. She is a private citizen and is the mother of a daughter on a private trip. And I think I'd leave it at that," Gibbs said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So who paid for the Air Force jet flying her and her entourage around and the 60 rooms they are staying in?

Aug 05 10:53

Morons at Air Canada break a dying kid's $15,000 wheelchair

Tanner Bawn, 10, of Vancouver, has muscular dystrophy and is immobile without the electric wheelchair.

Tanner’s aunt, Toronto-based blogger Catherine Connors, said the airline told her the boy would have to wait until Monday to get his chair back.

Aug 05 10:43

Using Google Earth to Find Tax Cheats

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"ALL YOUR MONEY ARE BELONG TO US!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 05 10:38

Google, Verizon Web Deal Could Upend Net Neutrality

Washington -- Google Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. are close to finalizing a proposal for so-called "network neutrality" rules, which would dictate how broadband providers treat Internet traffic flowing over their lines, according to a person briefed on the negotiations.

A deal could be announced within days, said the person, who did not want to be identified because negotiations are still ongoing. According to the New York Times, the agreement between Google and Verizon "could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content's creators are willing to pay for the privilege."

Aug 05 10:36

Explosive new evidence shows ruling of AZ judge illegal

Judge in the Arizona case has absolutely no Constitutional jurisdiction over the matter upon which she ruled. As the Constitution makes abundantly clear, only the U.S. Supreme Court can issue rulings that involve a state.

From Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, we find these words: "No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

No one who is actually familiar with the crisis at the southern border can deny that Arizona is endangered by the relentless assault of lawless Mexican invaders who ignore our laws, inundate our schools and medical facilities with unpaid bills, and even endanger the very lives of citizens with criminal drug cartels that engage in kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, and other mayhem, including aiming missile and grenade launchers directly at U.S. border cities from just across the Mexican border.

Aug 05 10:20

Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered

A group of influential conservative members of the behemoth social media site Digg.com have just been caught red-handed in a widespread campaign of censorship, having multiple accounts, upvote padding, and deliberately trying to ban progressives. An undercover investigation has exposed this effort, which has been in action for more than one year.

Aug 05 10:20

Second U.S. revolution coming?

I don’t like to carry more information than necessary about U.S. affairs, but the simple fact is that things are rapidly coming to a head in the States.

With mid-term elections coming up in just four months time, and U.S.–backed Israel scheming to start a war with Lebanon which will inevitably drag in Syria and Iran, and then quite possibly Russia and China (who have multi-billion dollar investments in Iran’s oil infrastructure), America as we know it, and quite possibly the world itself, may be considerable changed for the worse by the end of this year.

Aug 05 10:17

US lawmaker calls for sanctions on China, Russia

The United States should immediately impose sanctions on Russia and China under a US law that punishes major investments in Iran's energy sector, a senior US lawmaker said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That's just fine. We just need to cash in all these trillions of dollars in IOUs we are holding. We need payment in gold by close of business today." -- China

Aug 05 10:10


The settler leader was also quoted as suggesting that the US government should confine First Amendments freedoms and civil liberties to sincere “Jews and Christians” that support Israeli Nazism, and deny them to nonconformists.

Aug 05 10:09


Those bastards, the Lebanese, changed the rules. Scandalous. Word is, they have a brigade commander who’s determined to protect his country’s sovereignty. Scandalous.

Aug 05 10:09

U.S. still undecided on joining landmines treaty

The United States has still not decided whether it will sign a 1997 global treaty to ban land mines but said on Tuesday it has invested heavily to help mitigate the impact the weapons have around the world.

The United States has not signed the Mine Ban Treaty or a global treaty banning cluster munitions, despite what it says are world-leading efforts to provide assistance for the clearance of landmines as well as the destruction of unsecured weapons and munitions.

Activists and groups of U.S. senators have urged the Obama administration to sign the Mine Ban Treaty which bars the use, stockpiling, production or transfer of antipersonnel mines. It has been endorsed by 158 countries, but the United States, Russia, China and India are among the countries that have not adopted it.

Aug 05 10:06


Too many pro-Israel MPs speak and act as if they would rather wave the Israeli flag than the Union Jack. These “Israel-firsters” refuse to condemn the illegal occupation, the racist policies and the war crimes. As Israel’s interest often clashes with Britain’s, their defence of the indefensible inevitably raises questions about loyalty, a deadly serious issue given the number of Zionists in public life.

Aug 05 09:58

Cancer cells love high fructose corn syrup

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) recently conducted a study revealing that cancer cells have a particular liking for refined fructose. In tests, pancreatic cancer cells quickly fed on refined fructose and used it to divide and proliferate rapidly within the body.

"These findings show that cancer cells can readily metabolize fructose to increase proliferation," explained Dr. Anthony Heaney of UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center, one of the authors of the study.

Published in the journal Cancer Research, the findings also reveal that not all sugars are the same, a widely held belief in mainstream medicine. Tumor cells love both glucose sugar and fructose sugar, but fructose directly causes cancer cells to reproduce and spread in a way that glucose does not.

Aug 05 09:55

RED ALERT: The Other Well

This shows that BP are lying about having capped the gushing well. I captured this video a couple hours after BP issued a press release claiming that their "static kill" procedure had successfully taken control of the well. Kudos to Youtube user "2010MsBambi" for tipping me off to this -- watch his excellent 4-part video series about this topic at Youtube. But what would take you 40 minutes to hear him explain I can do for you in a fraction of the time.


Aug 05 09:54

Network of right-wing PACs preys on small donors, nets millions in fees

Thousands of grassroots conservative donors around the country who believe they are contributing to the fight to reclaim Congress in the fall have actually poured millions of dollars into a group of political action committees whose primary function appears to be enriching a notorious Washington direct mail fund-raising firm, Salon's review of the groups' FEC filings shows.

The PACs -- Freedom's Defense Fund, the Black Republican PAC, Veterans for Victory, and the Republican Member Senate Fund -- are all based out of post office boxes in Washington and all have a treasurer in common: Scott Mackenzie, a campaign finance consultant at Base Connect, the direct mail firm. Formerly known as BMW Direct, Base Connect has long been controversial for its practice of raising large sums of money for long-shot conservative candidates, who in turn pay Base Connect as much as 80 or 90 percent of the money raised for its services.

The PACs appear to be a clever twist on that model: Instead of having to find and pitch a congressional campaign on its services, Base Connect can, through the PACs, send out fundraising solicitations each election cycle on the basis of evergreen issues like promoting black Republicans. Of the money raised by the four PACs, 60 to 70 percent typically goes to Base Connect and its affiliates. Meanwhile, the PACs have spent from as little as 2 percent to as much as 6 percent of the money raised on funding actual campaigns -- a strikingly small share. The rest of the PAC's funds go to operating expenses like bank and legal fees, and occasionally to consulting fees to people such as conservative activist Jerome Corsi.

Aug 05 09:50

Suspicion Growing About Possible Link between outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Israel

Amid the growing outrage over an Israeli attack on civilian ships in international waters that killed nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists and wounded dozens last week, there is deepening suspicion about the possible Israeli involvement in the killing of seven soldiers in a terrorist rocket attack on a naval base in ?skenderun, in the southern province of Hatay.

Aug 05 09:47

So Please Tell Me Again: What's the War About?

When facts are inconvenient, when international law, human rights and history get in the way, when war crimes can't easily be justified or explained away, when logic doesn't help much, the current crop of American political leaders turns to what is now the old reliable: 9/11. We have to fight in Afghanistan because ... somehow ... it's tied into what happened on September 11, 2001. Here's Vice-President Joe Biden: "We know that it was from the space that joins Afghanistan and Pakistan that the attacks of 9/11 occurred."

Aug 05 09:46

A Coup in Turkey Before Any Attack on Iran?

Before any attack on Iran, there may be a military coup in Turkey?

Turkey's government is friendly with Iran and has fallen out with Israel.

Aug 05 09:40

Israeli PM Demands International Community Blame Hamas for Sinai Missiles

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Whether they really did it or not!!!"

Aug 05 09:39

About 100,000 War Vets Owed Stop-Loss Cash Payments

A U.S. senator wants to know why more than 100,000 servicemen and women never received thousands of dollars they are owed by the Pentagon after being forced to extend their military tours during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aug 05 09:39

Patrick Disney Describes The Day After the US Bombs Iran

First, there is no military option short of a full-blown invasion and occupation. Even if all of Iran’s nuclear facilities can be located, and even if they can all be destroyed with surgical air strikes, the ruling hardliners will just rebuild them — only this time without the contraints of the IAEA.

Indeed, no proposed air strike would permanently destroy Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions and would probably exacerbate already tense U.S.-Iran and Iran-Israel relations.

Aug 05 09:38

DHS Deploys Special Teams to Battle Hackers in Cyber War for Infrastructure

Just hours before reports emerged that hackers were for the first time attempting to take over specific infrastructure plants, a former CIA director told ABC News that weaknesses in critical infrastructure systems in the U.S. were among the country's greatest threats to national security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just a propaganda tactic to convince people that the internet must be brought under tight government control "for your own safety." But stop and use your common sense. Hackers do what they do to make money. They steal credit card data and "ping" each one for a few bucks to make millions. They steal identities to buy whatever they buy with their stolen credit card data.

There is hardly a profit motive going after infrastructure, because there is no way to collect an extortion payment that does not provide the opportunity for a capture. The risk is far higher while the financial rewards cannot compete with the fees paid to hackers to pump viagra and porn ads into every mailbox!

Aug 05 09:34

Unemployment extension: who's in and who's out

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Kimberly's Tainter's mother, Bonnie, no longer receives unemployment benefits. After ten years of working in alterations she lost her job and began receiving unemployment benefits. That was about two years ago -- now she's known as a 99er.

So, what's that? A 99er is a person who has received unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks. At that point they have exhausted all avenues of unemployment limits. They have also reached the legal limit a person can receive benefits.

Aug 05 09:26


Prior to 1913, there was no federal income tax, the states had rights and representation in Washington DC, there was no Federal Reserve Bank and the federal government lived under the enumerated powers afforded it within the US Constitution. What a difference one year can make.

Almost a hundred years later, it’s clear that the policies established in 1913 must be revoked in order to restore power to the people and the states. But can the American people get the Genie back in the bottle?

The History of the US Tax System can be summed up in one paragraph:

“Prior to the enactment of the income tax, most citizens were able to pursue their private economic affairs without the direct knowledge of the government. Individuals earned their wages, businesses earned their profits, and wealth was accumulated and dispensed with little or no interaction with government entities.”

Aug 05 09:24

Fortune teller blamed for teen 'torture'

A COUPLE allegedly tied up and tortured a teenage employee because a Vietnamese fortune teller told them she stole from them, a Darwin court has heard.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a seeker born every minute.

Aug 05 09:12

Flashback - Judge Napolitano's important message to all Americans.

Judge Andrew Napolitano gives a speech from the heart about freedom and from where our rights come. The Judge explains the hard core truth about the Constitution and why we must fight to regain and retain our freedoms.

Aug 05 09:06

Jobless claims jump to 3-month high

The number of Americans filing for initial unemployment insurance jumped last week to the highest level in 3 months, the government said Thursday.

Aug 05 09:06

Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May

The number of Americans who are receiving food stamps rose to a record 40.8 million in May as the jobless rate hovered near a 27-year high, the government reported yesterday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 05 09:03

'My daughter's gone berserk': 'Missing' police evidence could clear Jeremy Bamber over farmhouse family massacre

Dramatic new evidence unearthed by ‘evil’ Jeremy Bamber could overturn the killer’s conviction for shooting dead five relatives.

Lawyers are examining two ‘lost’ police logs which they claim suggest the 50-year-old’s sister was behind the 1985 family massacre.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another wrongful conviction.

Aug 05 09:01

Video: police officers filmed smashing up pensioner's car

Aug 05 09:00

Special constable convicted of Wigan ex-soldier attack

A special constable from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has been convicted of assaulting an ex-solider during an attempted arrest in Wigan.
Aug 05 08:59

Disembowelling Palestinian Right of Return: America’s Dog in Lebanese Fight

By Dr. Franklin Lamb
“Some members of Parliament prefer that the camps explode and then they will insist that “Palestinian security problems must be resolved before Parliament can consider giving them civil rights”—meaning several more years of delay. That would be a disaster for all concerned.”

Aug 05 08:59

The National Breaking Point is Approaching

Read the email below. I apologize for that person beforehand for using vulgarity. Look past the vulgarity to see the real message written between the lines. This email indicates that things are really heating up in the United States. The email just shows the anger and frustration that the Obama administration has ignited in We the People throughout the country with their:

* constant playing of the race card,
* supporting criminals and illegal aliens,
* stacking the Supreme Court with extremist/radical progressives,
* supporting Muslims/Islam while denigrating Christians,
* robbing the treasury and spending the nation into extreme debt,
* cramming legislation down the throats of the people who don’t really support such legislation, and

Aug 05 08:54

China rejects U.S. pressure on Iran trade ties

China pushed back at U.S. pressure on its business and oil trade with Iran in comments published on Wednesday, while Iran's oil minister was in Beijing seeking to shore up ties with the big customer.

Aug 05 08:53

US-China tensions over South China Sea

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s provocative stance at the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) security forum last month, where she voiced opposition to China’s claims in the South China Sea, has inflamed another global flashpoint.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Dammit, I need a major war to distract the suckers from the economy, and my policy is to go on pissing off people until I get it!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 05 08:53

Elena Kagan tied to Obama's birth certificate

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more players in the ongoing soap opera over the hunt for President Obama's original birth certificate and his constitutional eligibility for office, there comes yet another name: Elena Kagan.

Yes, the same Elena Kagan nominated by the commander in chief to be the next justice on the U.S. Supreme Court has actually been playing a role for some time in the dispute over whether Obama is legally qualified to be in the White House.

Here's the connection. Kagan served as solicitor general of the United States from March 2009 until May of this year.

In that role, she legally represented the U.S. government in numerous cases coming before the Supreme Court.

Aug 05 08:49

U.S. To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Workers

Despite President Obama's pledge to retain more hi-tech jobs in the U.S., a federal agency run by a hand-picked Obama appointee has launched a $36 million program to train workers, including 3,000 specialists in IT and related functions, in South Asia.

Following their training, the tech workers will be placed with outsourcing vendors in the region that provide offshore IT and business services to American companies looking to take advantage of the Asian subcontinent's low labor costs.

Aug 05 08:45

Israeli Claims of Uprooting Trees on Israeli Side Are Nothing but Fabrications

Lebanese Lawyer May Al Khansa denounced the claims of the United Nations Interim Forces in South Lebanon (UNIFIL), which said that the trees uprooted by the Zionist enemy were inside the "Israeli" territories. She described these claims as fabrications that serve the image of "Israel", as if it were the assaulted which affects the international opinion in its regard.

In an interview with moqawama.org, Al Khansa said that will be filing a complaint on Tuesday's "Israeli" crimes before the International Criminal Court, in coordination with lawyers from Spain and Italy.

Aug 05 08:43

China Rejects US Concerns about Deals with Iran

China has defended its business ties with Iran after a United States official urged Beijing to fully implement sanctions against Tehran.

China Thursday rejected concerns about its dealings with Iran.

China's state media quoted a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman saying trade with Tehran is normal business and does not harm the interests of other countries or the international community.

Aug 05 08:40

Aug. 4: Strange burst at BOP... then black blobs leak out

Aug 05 08:38

BP turns out the lights as 'BOP Monitoring' shows largest leaks yet

Aug 05 08:37

Bankruptcy Blues

Bankruptcy is painful. Charles Dickens wrote of the horrors of 19th century Debtor's Prisons. Fall behind on your mortgage or horse-and-buggy loan and the progenitor of Citibank would swoop in for all your assets, throw you into prison, and ship your wife and kids off to a Workhouse until your debts were satisfied. Ah, the Golden Age of Banking!

Aug 05 08:34

Israelis Demolish Bedouin Village Again

Aug 05 08:27

The Great Gay Distraction Perfectly Timed for November Elections

Howard Beale
Activist Post

The establishment knows that gay marriage is one of the hot-button issues that drives voters to the polls. On Wednesday, U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker declared California's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, overturning the voter-passed Proposition 8.

We can now expect the entire news cycle from now until election day to be filled with this distraction from real issues like war and peace, and the hijacking of our economy by the criminal ruling oligarchy. From the moment the news broke of the court ruling, the Drudge Report had no less than 8 headlines dedicated to the story.

Aug 05 08:26

Lebanon’s Diplomatic Mass Rallies World Support

In the wake of the Israeli attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty, a Lebanese foreign ministry diplomatic campaign was launched to clarify the Lebanese position and resilience to face any aggression on the borders with occupied Palestine.

Arab and foreign ambassadors lashed out at Israel’s aggression on the Lebanese Army (LAF) as a “flagrant infringement” and “blatant violation” of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. They also called upon their governments to support Lebanon and work on implementing resolution 1701.

Aug 05 08:18

Public Service Anouncement: An Important Light Is About To Go Out

We've plugged Injustice Everywhere previously for its herculean efforts at documenting American police misconduct on a daily basis:

Did you know that the last time the US government bothered to gather any information about the problem of police misconduct in the United States was in 2002?

Even then, the study they did only covered 5% of the police departments in the US and, on top of that, participation was only voluntary and relied on what police departments were willing to report about misconduct within their own ranks.

The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP), established in April of 2009, is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental project devoted to help resolve that problem.

Aug 05 08:12

New Claims for Jobless Benefits Rise to 479K

The Labor Department said Thursday that new claims for unemployment insurance rose by 19,000 to a seasonally adjusted 479,000. Analysts had expected a small drop. Claims have risen twice in the past three weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The analysts are clueless.

Aug 05 08:11

Suspected Mossad agent loses extradition fight over Dubai hit

Poland to extradite Uri Brodsky to Germany within 10 days to face charge of forging passport used in assassination of Hamas leader.

Aug 05 08:09

Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?

It doesn't sound like much. But Graber is not the only person being slapped down by the long arm of the law for the simple act of videotaping the police in a public place. Prosecutors across the U.S. claim the videotaping violates wiretap laws — a stretch, to put it mildly.

Aug 05 08:07


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Article (in Spanish) about how David Cameron goes on vacation to a small Spanish town mixing with the people and spending very little money for his vacation, while Obama´s wife spends millions coming like and emperor´s wife visiting a colony.

Aug 05 08:05

Israeli Group Spotlights Sham Of Israeli Construction Freeze

An Israeli NGO has documented widespread disregard for the construction freeze that was supposed to be enforced in the West Bank settlements.

Aug 05 08:04


Nearly 71% of voters in Missouri voted in favor of Proposition C, which repeals part of Obamacare. In other words, 71% voted AGAINST socialized medicine!

Aug 05 07:59


So . . . You think you know quite a bit about Obama and his band of thieves. Read on and see just how little you know.All of this comes together in the last part.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you were wondering why the global warming cult was still pushing their hoax even as scientists admit the Earth has actually cooled since 1995, this is the motive. Trillions of dollars scammed from the public and divvied up amongst the cronies are at stake! Trillions of dollars in carbon taxes and billions of dollars in fees are the prize for which the warmistas will lie, cheat, and steal!

Aug 05 07:56

Is Alex Jones An Escaped Lab Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong?

From a comment left on Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors blog about the man with the bullhorn being a LYING, SACK OF SHIT.


AJ:"Hello & good evening you're on the Alex Jones show!!"

Aug 05 07:51

Intelligence Officers Warning: The U.S Could be Drawn into yet Another Unwinnable war if Israel Attacks Iran!

Retired U.S. Intelligence Officers warning that Israel may plan to attack Israel as early as this month

Aug 05 07:40

Rein in Israel before it’s too late

The UN has urged both sides to display restraint and stand by previous commitment as per the 2006 truce agreement brokered by the UN.

However, it is feared that this episode may serve as a catalyst to ignite the simmering animosity into a full-blown conflict that will engulf not just Lebanon but the whole region. The attack has rightly been taken as a very serious affront to Lebanese sovereignty.

Aug 05 07:37

Israel has cost the U.S. about $1.6 trillion since 1973

Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today’s population, that is more than $5,700 per person. Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All this money has, since the 1976 passage of the Symington Amendment to the 1961 Foreign Appropriations Act, been illegal, as Israel has been in possession of nuclear weapons while refusing to sign the NNPT or allow IAEA inspections.

Aug 05 07:36


It may be noted that among the over 92000 secret documents compiled in five years, there is not a single line written about India. The documents are silent about role of RAW, RAAM and Mossad in destabilizing Pakistan. Nobody in USA and entire western world has noticed these glaring oddities as to how come role of three principal players is missing from the radar screen and US documents are blank. Have RAW agents in huge numbers present in every nook and corner of Afghanistan and moving up and down Pak-Afghan border been grazing grass all these years?

Aug 05 07:32

US airstrikes 'kill Afghan civilians'

One of the attacks left at least 30 people dead and injured. The other strike, which hit a funeral procession in a separate area, killed 13 civilians including two children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We needed to make sure he was dead, dammit!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 05 07:24

Climate Scandals: List Of 94 Climate-Gates

No science produces more controversy, exaggerations, distortions, follies, and falsehoods than climate science does. In this new list we’ve got

94 climate-gates total
28 new gates
145 links to reports with details.

Aug 05 07:15

The Temperature Decline That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Let’s look at the NOAA claim that the surface temperature increased .11° C during 2000-2009. Although they did everything possible to hide this information from the public, media, politicians, and even fellow scientists, by the late 2000s even die-hard alarmists were eventually forced to accept that the surface temperature record showed no warming as of the late 1990s, and some cooling as of about 2002. In other words, overall, for the first decade of the 21st century, there was either no warming, or no warming and even some cooling.

Aug 05 07:10

RED ALERT: The Other Well

BP used Tropical Storm Bonnie as an excuse to pull all the ROVs from the water and then reposition the Skandis and probably others as well at the clean, capped Well A, which was capped well before problems started happening to Well B. That's the missing piece in this whole game. Well B, the one that cause all this mess, is still wide open and BP and the dumb media are lying to you.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bump back to the top.

Please read and verify the data for yourself!

Aug 05 06:12

Dare to Prepare: Collapse of Civilization Now Guaranteed

Eric Blair
Activist Post

"It has been written" as the saying goes. For many generations there have been small groups of people who have researched and protested the criminal nature of our rulers who cast their disease on civilization. These activists screamed truth to the masses about humanity's hidden slavery, yet few listened.

However, the injustices have now become too extreme, too obvious, that the truth has risen to near critical mass with the independent-minded population. And indeed many more sheep, who unknowingly fund their own prison, are waking up by the minute.


Aug 05 05:45

Peace Train - How much we are alike

Song and images, the media doesn´t want you to see To end war and suffering we must get to know one another. Israel’s Insane War on Iran Must Be Prevented !
Aug 05 01:58

A Cakewalk Against Iran

Posted By Philip Giraldi On August 4, 2010 @ 11:00 pm In Uncategorized |

Aug 05 01:12

Striking matches in Middle East tinderbox -- Pentagon and Israelis working together to trigger war

(WMR) -- In the days before, during, and after Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen revealed the Pentagon has a military strike plan for Iran, part of that plan may have already been launched. WMR’s Lebanese sources report that a number of recent provocations in the region are being viewed by regional intelligence agencies in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt as being launched by the United States Joint Special Operations Command in alliance with the Israelis.

Aug 05 00:55

Pentagon: WikiLeaks did not contact us

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon said on Tuesday it had not been contacted by WikiLeaks, despite claims that the whistle-blowing website sought its help reviewing thousands of classified Afghan war documents ahead of their release.

Aug 05 00:46

Obama declares Gulf disaster “coming to an end”

The Obama administration on Wednesday stepped up its efforts to declare the Gulf oil catastrophe at an end.

The public relations campaign, which is based on little scientific evidence, aims to bury the ongoing disaster in advance of the midterm elections, protect BP from further financial damages, and accelerate deep-sea oil drilling operations under the same environment of total deregulation that led to the April 20 blowout at the Deepwater Horizon rig.

August 4, 2010

Aug 04 23:28

A Progressive Alternative in Illinois: Rich Whitney, the Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Running on a Platform of a State-Owned Bank

LUCKILY, THERE is an alternative to Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Illinois' 2010 election: Rich Whitney and the Green Party.

Instead of regressive taxes on working people or draconian cuts in education and social services, Whitney and the state Green Party call for taxing corporations and the rich. Instead of scapegoating LGBT people and undocumented immigrants, they favor equal rights and legalization. Instead of attacking public-sector unions, Whitney opposes cuts and favors increasing union rights in the private sector as well.

Aug 04 23:25

Emily Who? Independent Candidate Steals the Show at Gubernatorial Forum (VIDEO)

Emily Peyton of Putney, one of five independent or minor party candidates on the ballot for November, made her debut appearance in northern Vermont during a two-hour debate at the Turning Point Center on Bank Street, a facility for substance abuse programs and group meetings.

Emily Peyton is also running on a platform of a state-owned bank!

Aug 04 23:19

Freedom FLOTILLA Deaths Will Not be in Vain

THE Israeli massacre of nine activists on the Freedom Flotilla could in time to be a game-changer with regard to the siege of Gaza. International attention has focused on the humanitarian crisis there and on the sheer brutality of Israel’s enforcement of the blockade.