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May 14, 2010

May 14 09:13

Propagandized in America- the chains of illusion

“In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached. The policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month, an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.”

May 14 09:09

Jupiter loses a stripe

A dark band in Jupiter's southern hemisphere is not visible in this 8 May snapshot, but it can be seen in earlier images.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll bet Al Gore taxed it out of existence! :)

May 14 09:06

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

More than a year and a half after Iceland's major banks failed, all but sinking the country's economy, police have begun rounding up a number of top bankers while other former executives and owners face a two-billion-dollar lawsuit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Iceland has the right idea!

May 14 09:06

Alaska's Murkowski blocks Senate on higher oil spill liability

Senate Democrats Thursday lost a bid to raise the liability cap for oil companies to $10 billion when Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski raised objections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder how much campaign cash Murkowski gets from big oil?

May 14 09:04

Settlement in 26 Vermont priest sex abuse cases

Dozens of former altar boys who sued Vermont's Catholic church over allegations of sexual abuse by priests 30 years ago will share in a nearly $18 million settlement of their cases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Plus a box of genuine Vermont Maple Sugar candies personally blessed by Pope Benny the Rat! :)

May 14 09:03

New Al Qaeda In Iraq Chief Vows 'Dark Days Soaked With Blood'

Al-Qaida in Iraq's new leader warned Shiites on Friday that "dark days soaked with blood" lie ahead and that a new campaign of attacks was under way.

Within hours of the warning, a car bomb exploded outside a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad just after Friday prayers, wounding 20 worshippers as they were leaving, according to local police.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if this is being manipulated as an excuse for American forces to stay in Iraq longer than the SOFA agreement with the Iraqi government originally stipulated.

May 14 09:02

New Iran sanctions bill to kill 20,000 US jobs each year

May 14 09:01

US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England

Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, fears that America shares many of the same fiscal problems currently haunting Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It does; a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest. The very nature of such a system guarantees that the debt to the private bank will always exceed the available money supply, enslaving the people and their government to that bank. By any reasonable definition, a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest is a pyramid scheme, doomed to collapse when it becomes impossible to draw more borrowers into the bottom to prop up the top, which is exactly what is happening right now.

May 14 08:59

Thai Protests: Violence Erupts In Bangkok

Late Thursday, the army moved to seal off the Red Shirt encampment in an upscale commercial district of the capital. Some 10,000 protesters, women and children among them, have crammed into the area.

The Red Shirts see Abhisit's government as serving an elite insensitive to the plight of most Thais. The protesters include many supporters of former prime minister Thaksin whose allies won elections in 2007 after his ouster. Two subsequent pro-Thaksin governments were disbanded by court rulings before Abhisit was elected by Parliament.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Making martyrs out of its own citizens will prove very counterproductive for the Thai military and government, both domestically, and internationally.

May 14 08:58

CLIMATEGATE - Weather Spain - 10 provinces in central and northern Spain put on snow alert Today

May 14 08:57

OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

May 14 08:53

US warns of 'last chance' on sanctions as Iran hosts summit

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva heads to Tehran on Sunday for a non-aligned summit the United States and Russia have said might offer Iran's last chance to avoid tough new UN sanctions.

"I think we would view the Lula visit as perhaps the last big shot at engagement," a senior State Department official told reporters on condition of anonymity on Thursday.

That was echoed on Friday by Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, who said "it may be the last chance before the adoption of appropriate decisions within the framework of the Security Council.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

China will veto any sanctions at the UN Security Council; it's a given. Or, if by some miracle, another round of sanctions are passed, they will be so watered down as to have absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

So what then?!? What will follow will be a series of unilateral, bi-lateral sanctions which will almost inevitably lead to war.

May 14 08:53

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The police are killing more innocent Americans than "Al Qaeda!"

May 14 08:48

Taliban recruiting sees surge after Times Square bomb failure, says leader

"We've got more publicity from this one failed bombing in New York than from more than 100 bombings in Afghanistan," a high-ranking militant in the Afghan Taliban told Newsweek

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that this guy allegedly making such a statement is never sourced, which leads me to believe that this was simply a fabrication, engineered to strike more fear and terror in the hearts of the Americans who read it.

First of all, the "Bandini Bomber" was a total failure, and failures do not inspire membership surges.

We've been in Afghanistan for 9 years now, and one primary objective (for private profit) has still not yet been accomplished.

That outcome was the "pacification" of the Afghan people to such a degree to allow pipelines to be installed with which to control Eurasian oil.

The Afghan people know that their country is cursed by geography, in terms of being an ideal place to install such pipelines.

The Afghan people do not hate us "because we are free";they hate Americans because we are killing their wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends in the pursuit of this outcome, and want their country back, out from under the yoke of US/NATO occupation.

If American and NATO leadership were really smart, they would declare victory, go home, and negotiate with whatever government was left standing for the pipeline rights.

Russia and China are deal-making at an unprecedented pace, to insure the energy sufficiency they need, without firing a shot.

May 14 08:39

Obama to fund Israel's missile system

"As the president has repeatedly said, our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable and our defense relationship is stronger than ever," said Vietor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So long as we can keep those dumb schmuck American taxpayers paying for it all!" -- Official White Horse Souse

May 14 08:38

Gerald Celente: Banks Robbing the People

The turmoil that has stricken Greece has spread to Romania and Ireland. This crisis may be spreading worldwide as the debt crisis continues, there have been reports that it may spread to Japan, one of the biggest economies in the world. Gerald Celente says that this is the greatest bank robbery in history and it is the banks that are doing the stealing.

May 14 08:35

Trilateral Commission Wants War With Iran

Trilateral Commission member Mikhail Slobodovsici, a chief adviser to the Russian leadership, unwittingly provided a revealing insight into the plans of the global elite during the group’s recent meeting in Dublin Ireland, when he mistakenly told a We Are Change Ireland activist he thought was a fellow TC member that the globalists are planning a war with Iran.

May 14 08:33

Hacking Democracy - complete video

Webmaster's Commentary: 


May 14 08:27

Gulf oil gusher ‘ten times worse’ than previously estimated, experts say

So this is why BP's release of video showing the Gulf oil gusher was mysteriously delayed.

According to a scientific analysis of footage from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, National Public Radio is claiming the growing ecological disaster is actually ten times worse than previously estimated, saying the rushing torrent of oil pouring into the ocean is equivalent to one Exxon-Valdez spill every four days.

That's more than 70,000 barrels a day -- when the U.S. Coast Guard had placed the figure at a seemingly modest 5,000 barrels a day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a disaster, and every single company which chose not to use the standards and practices necessary to prevent something like this from happening should be held completely responsible, and penalized.

May 14 08:25

Israeli settler ‘kills Palestinian’ youth

A Palestinian teenager has been shot dead by an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank, witnesses and activists said.

The settler opened fire after Palestinian youths threw stones at his car travelling along Route 60 in Mazra’a al-Sharqia, east of Ramallah.

The Popular Struggle Co-ordination Committee activist group said that Aysar al-Zaben was not involved in the stone throwing, but was tending his family’s land when he was shot.

May 14 08:25

Buying Brand Obama

Barack Obama is a brand. And the Obama brand is designed to make us feel good about our government while corporate overlords loot the Treasury, our elected officials continue to have their palms greased by armies of corporate lobbyists, our corporate media diverts us with gossip and trivia and our imperial wars expand in the Middle East. Brand Obama is about being happy consumers. We are entertained. We feel hopeful. We like our president. We believe he is like us. But like all branded products spun out from the manipulative world of corporate advertising, we are being duped into doing and supporting a lot of things that are not in our interest.

May 14 08:16

Boycott the People Boycotting Arizona

You can't have a country if you don't distinguish between citizens and non-citizens. You can't have a country if anyone can enter illegally and receive the benefits of citizenship.

That is why the Illuminati media is up in arms about this legislation. "You can't have a country" is the message the Illuminati has for the American people. The USA will be merged into a world government controlled by the central bankers.

May 14 08:15

Uncle Sam needs YOU: To help Expand the US Government's "List of People to be Murdered"-Videos

After all the leaders set the example for the citizens to follow. Let's help.

May 14 08:03

The Bailout of Big American Banks Has Cost Trillions More Than We've Been Told

The big banks - such as JP Morgan - also benefit from foreign bailouts, such as the European bailout, as they are some of the largest creditors of the bailed out countries, and the bailouts allow them to get paid in full, instead of having to write down their foreign losses.

These are just a few of the secret bailouts programs the government is giving to the giant banks. There are many other bailout programs as well. If these bailouts and subsidies are added up, they amount to many tens - or perhaps even hundreds - of trillions of dollars.

And then there is the cost of debasing the currency in order to print money to fund these bailouts. The cost to the American citizen in less valuable dollars will be truly staggering.

May 14 08:02

Are honey bees being killed off by chemically coated crop seeds?

(NaturalNews) A class of insecticide that is applied to seeds and taken up into plant tissue may be responsible for much of the widespread decline in honeybee populations, increasing numbers of researchers and environmentalists are suggesting.

May 14 08:00

Arizona governor signs bill banning ethnic studies

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill targeting a school district's ethnic studies program, hours after a report by United Nations human rights experts condemned the measure.

State schools chief Tom Horne, who has pushed the bill for years, said he believes the Tucson school district's Mexican-American studies program teaches Latino students that they are oppressed by white people.

May 14 07:45

The New World Order Currency Crisis

May 14 07:42

Obama Seeks $205 Million for Israel Iron Dome System

The budgetary difficulty that has been delaying Israel's armament with the anti-missile defense system Iron Dome has apparently been resolved. The Pentagon has issued a message to Israel's Defense Ministry that U.S. President Barack Obama has approved the transfer of special assistance totaling $205 million for the purchase of more than ten Iron Dome batteries.

The Iron Dome missile defense system aced a test run in January, and event that convinced senior defense officials that the defense system was on its way to becoming operational and that it will be able to effectively protect against short-range missiles, such as Katyushas and Qassams, which often hit Israeli settlements.

May 14 07:31

Dollar Jump Resembles ‘08 Crash

On Wednesday, I wrote about the troubling signal given by the Volatility Index (VIX) as it surged in a manner which resembled the 2008 crash. Today we can add another market indicator to the “trouble” list – The US Dollar.

I’ve mentioned the inverse relationship between the US Dollar and stocks several times. This relationship began in 2002 and continues today. The chart below shows that as the market bottomed in March 2009, the Dollar index hit a major top.

May 14 07:29

Gulf Oil 'SPILL' - What A Lie

Spill? The corporate media continues to call the volcano of continuous gushing oil, in the Gulf, a spill. How insulting. A volcano that shoots out a million gallons of crude oil a week is hardly a spill.

May 14 07:12

Could marijuana save California?

In the 60s hippies fled to the backwoods of northern California to grow pot. There they have been joined by growers of 'medical marijuana' – available with a doctor's recommendation – as well as by Mexican drug cartels. With cannabis now its largest cash crop, the state will soon vote on whether to legalise it fully – and even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is thinking the enormous tax revenues might just solve his budget deficit…

May 14 07:09

Medical journal warns of 'tidal wave' of mental trauma among servicemen

Medical services face a tidal wave of servicemen suffering from mental trauma as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a leading medical journal has warned.

May 14 06:52

Gulf oil spill ‘tiny’ compared to ‘very big ocean’: BP boss

Asked if he felt his job was under threat, he replied: "I don't at the moment. That of course may change. I will be judged by the nature of the response."

BP is facing a growing backlash in the United States as experts warn the spill may be at least 10 times bigger than an official estimate.

May 14 06:46

BP boss implies oil slick is nothing more than a drop in the ocean

BP’s beleaguered boss risked international outrage last night by implying that the millions of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico were nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

May 14 06:39

Bomb explodes in courthouse in northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, 1 wounded

The attack came less than a day after a powerful bomb exploded Thursday night outside Greece's largest prison, Korydallos, in the Greek capital, Athens. One woman was slightly injured in that blast, cut by flying glass. That blast had also been preceded by a warning call to a newspaper.

May 14 06:38

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

Loveable Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called his first few thousand users "dumb fucks" for trusting him with their data, published IM transcripts show. Facebook hasn't disputed the authenticity of the transcript.

May 14 06:27

U.S. Decision to Approve Killing of Cleric Causes Unease

The notion that the government can, in effect, execute one of its own citizens far from a combat zone, with no judicial process and based on secret intelligence, makes some legal authorities deeply uneasy.

May 14 05:27

65% Support Arizona...

May 14 04:06

Peak soil: it's like peak oil, only worse

The peak debate, although on the surface about energy security, comes back to food supply. So here I’m going to look at peak soil, peak water and peak phosphorous.

Peak soil

The world is losing soil 10 to 20 times faster than it is replenishing it. At the same time, population is growing exponentially – 9.3 billion by 2050, according to UN projections.

Areas of the world – particularly northern China, sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of Australia are already losing large tracts of arable land. Soil management is about more than heaping on chemical fertilizers.

May 14 03:30

Financial Chaos And The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning

Just who are these financial speculators? Well some are no doubt respected “pillars of the establishment” and “respected business leaders”. But, as Danny Schechter comments, “despite all the rules that govern the markets or regulations designed to assure transparency and accountability, crooks, swindlers, and even gangsters are commonplace” (6).

Whether “pillars of the establishment” or crooks or gangsters or just individuals who “love the smell of napalm”, they all have one thing in common though - when it comes to financial speculation, the flag they hoist is black as night and has the skull and cross bones emblazoned across it.

May 14 01:50

Kyrgyz government 'regains control' in city of Osh

Supporters of the ousted president seized the buildings, in Osh and other southern cities, on Thursday.

They appear to have remained in control of government buildings in Jalalabad, although there are reports of clashes and shots being heard in both cities.

May 13, 2010

May 13 19:57

Leonardo Da Terrorist

A 14-year old autistic boy was arrested on felony charges for drawing a stick figure representation of him pointing a gun at his teacher.

May 13 19:50

Here's Your War on Terror, America

May 13 18:35

Geithner Briefs Super Power Elite, Friday Afternoon

The heavyweights want a report from the Treasury Secretary, including David Rockefeller and Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Forester was introduced to soon to be husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, by Henry Kissinger at the 1998 Bilderberg Group conference in Scotland. They spent their honeymoon at the White House.)

May 13 18:14

Wanted Posters Issued for Alleged Israeli War Criminals

Tim King Salem-News.com

A group in Israel is exposing members of its government charged with war crimes.

(JERUSALEM / SALEM) – By now many already know that a series of wanted posters have been issued to help identify and possibly some day bring to justice, a number of Israeli officials who are suspected of acts of genocide and illegal warfare[1].

The posters were created and posted by an Israeli human rights group that is maintaining a great deal of anonymity at this point. Their Internet site, as Haaretz relates, details “alleged war crimes committed by senior government officials and Israel Defense Forces officers.”[2]

May 13 18:07

Columbia, Missouri Police Chief: "I Hate the Internet"

Columbia, Missouri Police Chief Ken Burton is apparently frustrated. At another press conference yesterday, a reporter asked the chief what he has learned from the international attention generated by the YouTube video of his department's SWAT team conducting a drug raid last February.

His reply: "I hate the Internet."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Use a modem, go to jail!

May 13 16:47

Blight devastates Afghan poppy crop; prices soar

Afghanistan's opium yield is likely to drop as much as 30 percent this year because blight is destroying fields full of poppies in the south — driving up prices amid a countrywide push to grow legal crops, a U.N. official said Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, let's see. Russia is suffering thousands of overdose deaths every year. Russia asks the United States to halt the flow of opium coming from Afghanistan and the US refuses, saying that those poor farmers would not have any means to earn a living without opium. Of course, those farmers got along just fine when the Taliban shut down the drug trade. And we have photos of US soldiers actually protecting those poppy fields!

And all of a sudden a "blight" hits those poppy fields!

Kinda makes you wonder!

May 13 16:07

U.S. posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit

The United States posted an $82.69 billion deficit in April, nearly four times the $20.91 billion shortfall registered in April 2009 and the largest on record for that month, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

May 13 16:02

Germany: Mandatory passwords for all wireless accounts

Germany's top criminal court ruled Wednesday that Internet users need to secure their private wireless connections by password to prevent unauthorized people from using their Web access to illegally download data.

Internet users can be fined up to euro100 ($126) if a third party takes advantage of their unprotected WLAN connection to illegally download music or other files, the Karlsruhe-based court said in its verdict.

May 13 14:55

Main Stream Media Admits Drug War has done nothing in the past 40 years: US drug war has met none of its goals

After 40 years, the United States' war on drugs has cost $1 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives, and for what? Drug use is rampant and violence even more brutal and widespread.

May 13 14:49

Videos: Lieberman's Hypocrisy re foreign firms: Do business with Iran or U.S. - not both

The word "allegiance" means that we promise loyalty. It also carries with it the expectation that this loyalty will be exclusive and unrestrained.

May 13 14:31

Are the bombers in Iraq Al-Qaeda, the CIA or Israel?

Christopher King argues that it is likely that the American CIA – or Israel acting on its behalf – is responsible for recent atrocities in Iraq, in order to extend and consolidate the occupation, just as it is probable that the Times Square bomber was, wittingly or otherwise, acting for the CIA or Israel, to justify the US military intervention in South Asia.

May 13 14:27

INSTANT CLASSIC: Irish Parliament Bailout Video -- Paul Gogarty & Emmet Stagg (WATCH -- NSFW)

Watch Paul Gogarty battle the tyranny of the Irish bailout machine.

May 13 14:25

Gold ATM Debuts in Abu Dhabi

This follows a wildly successful program in India in which the yellow metal is sold at thousands of post offices throughout the country and plans for gold sales in thousands of branches of one of China’s biggest banks.

May 13 13:51

Whistleblower Claims That BP Was Aware Of Cheating On Blowout Preventer Tests

May 13 13:45

Wall Street witch hunt

From protests abroad to financial investigations in the United States, the worlds money problems continue to dominate headlines. It appears Morgan Stanley is in the spotlight now, federal prosecutors are investigating whether the financial services firms mislead investors. The investors were taken for over 200 million dollars.

May 13 13:14

Democrats Pull Science Investment Bill, Rare Win for Republicans

This time, Republicans wrote a final change that banned federal dollars from going “to salaries to those officially disciplined for violations regarding the viewing, downloading, or exchanging of pornography, including child pornography, on a federal computer or while performing official government duties.”

That motion spooked Democrats. In fact, 121 Democrats sided with the GOP on the final proposal.

May 13 13:11

Obama's Carbon Scheme set to bypass Congress

For months, President Obama has all-but threatened to
use the EPA to bypass Congress and seize government
control of the air we breathe -- especially if Congress
could not pass Cap and Tax. That plan is just weeks
away from full implementation through the EPA.

May 13 12:53

Use nukes to contain the oil spill

I'm thinking that at some point in the very near future it may become necessary to try this just to save the world's oceans. Radical problems often require radical solutions. The Russians have apparently used this technique at least five times for similar disasters, four attempts reported as achieving closure. They seem to feel we'd have about a 20% chance of failure, which could also be looked at as an 80% chance of success.

May 13 12:21


There has been lots of talk again about a One or Two State Solution here in Israel/Palestine… After you watch the following ‘celebration’ held in Jerusalem’s Old City…. complete with chants of “Death to the Arabs” …. ask yourself one question….
If you were a Palestinian, would you want to share a state with these animals?

May 13 11:54

Turkish Air Defense System Deployed to “Defend Syria, Iran against Israel Raids”

High-ranking sources in the Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed displeasure with Turkey over deploying anti-aircraft batteries along the Syrian border in the Iskenderun district.

The Turkish daily Hurriyet meanwhile, quoted a military source as saying that “this move aims at repelling a US or Israeli attack against Iran or Syria.”

May 13 11:46

The Nakba continues

The catastrophe continues. As the 62nd anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes looms, rights continue to be violated and a solution is more urgent than ever.

May 13 11:12

Suspicious UNIFIL Activity in South Lebanon

A UNFIL topographic force had secretly went to the “Slouki” Valley in south Lebanon with a GPS-equipped laptop and without official authorization from UNIFIL chief Alberto Asarta Cuevas, to record “coordinates of covert defensive stations for the resistance.” The UNIFIL force did not request a Lebanese Army backup. Residents, including Hezbollah activists, blocked the force believing what this UNFIL unit was doing only served Israel, especially that the Slouki Valley is known for its sensitive military nature.

May 13 11:11


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so this has nothing to do with current events, but I get a lot of emails asking me about my involvement with LOST and now that the show has completed production I figured those of you who are fans of the show might be interested in the upcoming auction of the show's more iconic props.

May 13 11:10

More al-Quds demolitions in pipeline

More Palestinian homes are slated to be demolished in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) despite the ongoing indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

May 13 11:08

Israel's ID/Permit System

Under Israeli military occupation, repression is worse than South Africa's. It's a sophisticated form of social, economic, political and racial discrimination, strangulation, and genocide, incorporating the worst elements of colonialism and apartheid as well as repressive dispossession, displacement and state terrorism to separate Palestinians from their land and heritage, deny them their rightful civil and human rights, and gradually remove or eliminate them altogether.

May 13 11:07

Schwarzenegger's Revised Budget Plan Is Expected to Eliminate Some Billion Dollar Health Programs

Administration officials declined to reveal which specific programs the governor would eliminate. But officials involved in the budget process, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak publicly, said they would probably include home healthcare for the elderly and disabled, a nearly $2-billion program that serves 440,000 Californians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With government one of the largest employers in the land, cutting government jobs means increasing unemployment, which lowers tax revenues, which simply perpetuates the decline.

As long as the government wastes trillions on wars of conquest, Wall Street Bailouts, and Israel, there is no hope of saving this nation.

May 13 10:54

CEO Predicts Market Armageddon: Dow To 5,000

Cornerstone Wealth Management CEO David Hefty agrees with a growing number of other financial experts that a real estate collapse in China before the end of the year will send shockwaves through the global economy, leading to a stock market collapse which will send the Dow into free fall below the 5,000 level.

Although Hefty said that the Dow would push higher beyond 12,000 by July, the fact that the market is “still in complete denial of what’s going on around the world and here at home” would soon lead to a dramatic reversal, Hefty told skeptical CNBC hosts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The high-speed direct computer trading by Goldman Sachs accounts for more than half the total volume of the DJIA. So the soaring DOW is not a measure of the health of the US markets but merely a brag of how well Goldman Sachs is looting the nation.

May 13 10:48

FLASHBACK - DOJ: AIPAC case witness was asked to 'fake...suicide'

Two people asked a Pentagon official cooperating with prosecutors in an investigation into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to fake his own death to avoid testifying against two pro-Israel lobbyists charged in the case, according to the Justice Department.

Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin pled guilty in October 2005 to participating in a conspiracy with AIPAC officials Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman to obtain and distribute classified information. The Justice Department dropped the case against Rosen and Weissman last month as a trial approached.

May 13 10:33

Syria asks Russia to lean on Israel

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has been in the headlines, first for describing his predecessor Joseph Stalin as a "totalitarian dictator" and then for making the first state visit to Syria by a Kremlin chief since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

Medvedev met with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal during his Syria visit and in an unprecedented move wrote a front-page editorial for Syria's daily al-Watan on how important bilateral relations are between Damascus and Moscow.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is Russia's way of saying to Israel, "Back the flip off on any war plans against either Syria or Iran... OR ELSE!".

One would hope that Tel Aviv gets the message.

May 13 10:30

Cool G-15 heads take the heat

Cavalcades for eight presidents and more than a dozen foreign ministers may raise tensions among Tehran's drivers, yet their presence in the city for a Group of 15 summit throws cold water on the West's sizzling criticism of Iran.

The summit is both politically and globally timely as the United States and its Western allies do their best to isolate Iran at the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference in New York (May 3-28). They are counting on serious divisions within the 118-nation Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as a prelude to applying more pressure at the meeting of the ''Iran Six'' nations next month over the nuclear standoff with Tehran, with a view to applying more sanctions on the country over its nuclear-enrichment program.

May 13 10:28

Economist Tim Madden: The PIIGS Brief: understanding how oligarchs rig, loot our economies. 4 of 4

*hyperlinks live at source*

Tim Madden is an economist with expertise on credit and banking. Tim and I are colleagues in lobbying government for public banking, with concentration in the US for state-owned banks (and here). The good news is that structural solutions to our economic controlled demolition are obvious and simple; and explained beautifully by many of America’s brightest historical minds. The bad news is that we’re still mired in oligarchic looting of our economies.

May 13 10:23

Desperately smearing Goldstone

I’m sure Goldstone made at least some bad, even immoral decisions from the bench during the years of apartheid. He set for himself the task of stretching a viciously unjust legal system in the direction of justice, and I’m sure there were times he could have stretched it more.

But in all, he was one of the good guys of that terrible time.

We all saw the war in Gaza, we all read about it and we all know who Richard Goldstone is – and they think they’re going to turn us in favor of that war, or in favor of the way they treat the Palestinians in general, by turning us against Goldstone? Have the Israelis become so egocentric, so cut off from the world that they don’t see how transparent this is, how pathetic? How grotesque?

May 13 10:14

3 Arrested in Times Square Car Bomb probe

Federal agents conducted Thursday morning raids in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey in connection with the failed Times Square car bomb, and arrested three people, (INSERT PATSIES HERE) including two who had a direct connection to the suspect, Faisal Shahzad, law enforcement officials said.

May 13 10:06

New weapons experimented in Gaza: population risks genetic mutations

Toxic and carcinogenic metals, able to produce genetic mutations, have been found in the tissues of people wounded in Gaza during Israeli military operations of 2006 and 2009. The research has been carried out on wounds provoked by weapons that did not leave fragments in the bodies of the victims, a peculiarity that was pointed out repeatedly by doctors in Gaza. This shows that experimental weapons, whose effects are still to be assessed, were used.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What kinds of monsters use these kinds of weapons against a civilian population?!?

May 13 10:03

Hundreds of thousands join legal challenge to bank fees

Australia: Hundreds of thousands of disgruntled bank customers are expected set to join a landmark legal challenge that could force banks to pay back millions of dollars in fees.

May 13 10:01


May 13 10:01

Our Monstrous Culture, and the Monsters Who Rule You

You needn't be concerned about the following. It's not real. It's not as if it's a movie. So I mention this only as a point of momentary, exceedingly minor interest:

The Obama administration has gone to great lengths this week to smooth over relations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, or at least to present an image of a partnership that has improved after weeks of heightened tensions.

Reducing civilian casualties were also the agenda for the meetings and today Obama said the U.S. has "taken extraordinary measures" to avoid [them].

This is remarkably touching. The sight of the reluctant, apologetic monster is deeply moving.

May 13 10:00

CLIMATEGATE - Kerry/Lieberman rebrand "Cap and Trade" as "American Power" and hope you won't notice.

At this press conference, Sens. Kerry and Lieberman have both already indicated, they will insist that their scheme isn't "cap-and-trade" because... they aren't going to use that term this time around.

May 13 09:58

Thai protester shot, killed during violent clashes with police

Earlier, the leader of the Red Shirt movement, Seh Daeng, was shot in the head while being interviewed, according to a journalist who witnessed the shooting. He was in critical condition.

May 13 09:56

IAEA: Pressure on Israel to disclose nukes

The IAEA head is asking for international input on how to persuade Israel to join the Nonproliferation Treaty, in a move that is sure to add to pressure on country to disclose its unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.

May 13 09:55

The Panic Is On!

As the Great Depression of the 1930’s was getting underway, President Herbert Hoover refused to acknowledge it. In the weeks following the events of Black Tuesday, Hoover called the economy “fundamentally sound.” Months later, he still insisted that the strength of the American economy was “unimpaired.” However, by 1931 he could no longer hide the truth. With the economy in shambles, Hoover was forced to declare that America was indeed in a ‘depression’. He chose the word ‘depression’ because he believed it to somewhat innocuous and far less provocative than terms like ‘panics’ or ‘crises’ that had previously been used to refer to significant economic downturns.

May 13 09:52

Sympathy for the Oval: Seeking Shreds to Cover the Naked Truth of Power

This is what you support when you support Barack Obama. It does not matter if you think his opponents in the factional infighting to control a blood-soaked empire and its war machine are "worse" than he is in some measure. When you support him, when you defend him, when you excuse him, it is arbitrary murder that you are supporting. It is the absolute negation of every single principle of enlightenment and human rights professed by liberals, progressives -- indeed, by honorable people of every political stripe -- for centuries.

May 13 09:45

US Senate Begins Oil Spill Cover-Up

On Tuesday, the US senate began hearings into the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which took the lives of 11 workers in an April 20 explosion and has since poured millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the region with an environmental and economic catastrophe.

The hearing resembled a falling out among thieves, with multi-millionaire executives—who, until April 20, had collaborated in thwarting basic safety and environmental considerations—each blaming the other for the explosion.

May 13 09:43

Obama Scraps Iraq Withdrawal

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Under Obama's watch, from domestic to foreign policy, to the economy, "hope and change" morphed into "shock and awe" faster than the speed of light.

May 13 09:28

The next 2,000-page bill

The bill sets up two new supersnooping federal agencies to collect data on ordinary Americans:

•The Office of Financial Research. This supposedly would predict risk in the system by collecting massive amounts of new financial data, such as patterns of credit card use.

•The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It would collect data, especially on consumer transactions.

The data are supposed to be "scrubbed" of individual identifiers, so your privacy would be protected. But that might not work, Mark Calabria told us; the director of financial regulation studies at the Cato Institute formerly was a member of the senior professional staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has absolutely nothing to do with real financial reform, and everything to do with yet more levels of economic surveillance against We the People.

In the relationship between taxpayers and Congress, we have become "the enemy" to Congress, and our only use to them is as an allegedly inexhaustible supply of tax revenue.

That will have to change, and soon.

May 13 09:21

Many signatories of controversial letter on climate science not working in climate related fields

The mainstream media and these pages on Examiner.com reported the release of a letter from 255 scientists last week that said despite recent scandals in climate science, the science behind the manmade climate change theory remains sound. The embarrassing use of a faked photo in the trade journal that published the letter damaged the credibility and now a look at the resumes of the signatories shows most don’t even work in climate science.

May 13 09:19

So Much For ObamaCare's Savings

The Democrats' reform is barely out of the gate and the Congressional Budget Office already says its previous cost estimate was too low. Either the bill's supporters lied or they're profoundly ignorant.

Either way, they are not fit to serve the country, much less rule it, which many of them seem to believe is their divine right.

May 13 09:19

My Plan To Get The U.N. Off Of Arizona's Back!

It seems that Arizona has come under the UN's gun. Statement by the UN reads as follows:

" The United Nations release on Monday (5.10.2010) by a group of UN human rights experts expressed serious concerns over laws recently enacted the state of Arizona, United States of America, that affect minorities, indigenous people and immigrants and potentially subject them to discriminatory treatment.Arizona: UN experts warn against “a disturbing legal pattern hostile to ethnic minorities and immigrants” " Via: United Nations - Human Rights

I have a plan that will get the UN, and the rest of planet Earth, to give a wink and a nod to what you are trying to do. This has worked wonders for Israel so it will work for you too!

May 13 09:19

Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

May 13 09:17

Feinstein urges new defenses against terrorists

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, speaking after a confidential administration briefing Tuesday, said she believes that the man accused in the failed Times Square bombing operated "almost completely under the radar" of U.S. intelligence officials and represents a new kind of terrorist who can blend into American society.

Feinstein, a California Democrat who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, called the development ominous.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Senator Feinstein: the fastest way to guarantee that the US will not be a terror target is to stop mucking about with other people's countries for their resources!!

May 13 09:12

Is Israel Sliding Towards a Police State?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Sliding Towards a Police State"?!?

Ask any Palestinian, and trust me, they will tell you: Israel has been there for decades.

May 13 09:10

Settlers Torch Olive Orchard In Silwan

A group of fundamentalist Israeli settlers torched, Wednesday night, an 11-Dunam olive orchard in al-Rababa valley, in Silwan, south of the Old City of Jerusalem.

May 13 09:10

Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be Part Of The Herd…

Every researcher, writer, and filmmaker who tackles the New World Order issue will suffer the unfortunate experience of running into people who are almost criminally uninformed, and this will happen on a regular basis. For a long time, our frustration was magnified by our inability to specifically define what it was that made these people the way they were. Were some just mentally inadequate, and unable to effectively process the facts? Were they so indoctrinated by the MSM that there was no turning back? Was there an innate difference in intuitive faculties that made some people quick in picking out a lie, and others slow?

May 13 09:09

Incoming British FM Won’t Rule Out Attacking Iran

In an interview aimed at cementing his reputation as a “friend of Israel,” incoming British Foreign Secretary William Hague vowed to see British law changed so as to hold Israeli officials immune from war crimes charges, and promised to take a tough line against Iran’s civilian nuclear program, calling it the “most urgent thing” for him to tackle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, this "Israel Firster" refuses to let little things like logic and fact get in his way, to have come to the opinion that "...it would be a mistake to ever rule out military action against Iran..."

1. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT, which means that all their nuclear activities are consistently inspected by the IAEA.

2. To date, with all the inspections which have been carried out by the IAEA, Iran's program has been found to have absolutely no nuclear material missing, nor has the uranium been enriched to a level beyond that necessary for fueling a power plant.

3. Israel, which does have a nuclear arsenal, refuses to sign the NNPT, and will it allow inspections of its nuclear sites.

It is obvious that the real needs of the citizens of the UK are way down on the list of priorities for this man.

This does not bode well for either the UK, nor for world peace.

May 13 09:08


Ad that appeared in the Guardian (UK)

May 13 09:07


Settler celebrations of ethnic cleansing disrupt Sheikh Jarrah for second straight day

May 13 09:06


We, who live in Jerusalem, can no longer be sacrificed for the fantasies of those who love our city from afar. The Jerusalem of this world must be shared by the people of the two nations residing in it. Only a shared city will live up to the prophet’s vision: “Zion shall be redeemed with justice.” As we chant weekly in our vigils in Sheikh Jarrah: “Nothing can be holy in an occupied city!”

May 13 09:03


May 13 09:02

New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens

A primary reason Bush and Cheney succeeded in their radical erosion of core liberties is because they focused their assault on non-citizens with foreign-sounding names, casting the appearance that none of what they were doing would ever affect the average American. There were several exceptions to that tactic -- the due-process-free imprisonment of Americans Yaser Hamdi and Jose Padilla, the abuse of the "material witness" statute to detain American Muslims, the eavesdropping on Americans' communications without warrants -- but the vast bulk of the abuses were aimed at non-citizens. That is now clearly changing.

May 13 08:57

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: dead dolphins found washed up on US coast

Blair Mase of the National Marine Fisheries Service said that dolphin carcasses had been found in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama since May 2. Samples have been sent for testing to see whether the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was to blame for their deaths.

May 13 08:55

2nd Amendment Rights Protected During Emergency In Hawaii; "Castle Doctrine" Enacted As Governor Signs Laws

Current Hawaii law requires a homeowner to "retreat" from his or her own home when invaded by a criminal engaging in a felony. The new law establishes provisions relating to owner to felon; limited liability. Provides that any owner of any other interest in real property shall not be liable to any perpetrator for any injury or death that occurs upon the real property during the course or after the commission of certain felony offenses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Load up the blunderbuss! It's legal to shoot rapists now!

May 13 08:52

Middle East talks: US warning on East Jerusalem

The US administration has warned against an Israeli government announcement it could continue to demolish buildings in East Jerusalem.

An unnamed Obama administration official told Israeli media the US "calls on both sides to avoid inflammatory actions in Jerusalem".

On Wednesday an Israeli minister said the demolition of illegally built homes of Arabs could continue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ah yes, the US will continue to "warn and warn and warn", but in the end, do....absolutely nothing to stop this.

What we are seeing gathering pace is a brisk annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank by Israel,coupled with forced deportation of Palestinians to Gaza...until the Israelis figure a way to deport Palestinians from Gaza.

Obama and the world collectively refuse to use their only trump card in this situation.

That would be the immediate yanking of all military and financial aid to Israel, which would be speaking to the leadership of this country in the only language they understand.

May 13 08:51

Rekers ’Rentboy’ Scandal Roils Fla. Governor Race

Imagine hiring an expert witness at $300 per hour to testify in a high profile, highly charged case with significant political impact, only for the judge in the case to toss the witness’ testimony. Now imagine that three years later, the same expert witness is caught in behavior of a sort that he himself had condemned. Finally, imagine having to explain to the taxpayers why more than $120,000 of their money went to that expert witness on your recommendation--even as you ask them to vote you into high office.

May 13 08:50

Woman raped by census worker

A U.S. Census worker has been charged with rape and burglary, after two women in southern Indiana claim they were attacked. One of the victims was a 21 year-old physically handicapped woman.

May 13 08:43

Russia warns U.S. against unilateral Iran sanctions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the United States and other Western nations on Thursday against imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Interfax news agency reported.

The European Union has said it may impose unilateral sanctions if a U.N. Security Council resolution fails.

U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has been lobbying Western companies not to do business with Iran, but has not imposed sanctions against them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lavrov fully understands that any sanctions will be a prelude to a war which could well go global.

May 13 08:41

The U.N. Expresses "Concern" Over New Arizona Law

" The United Nations release on Monday (5.10.2010) by a group of UN human rights experts expressed serious concerns over laws recently enacted the state of Arizona, United States of America, that affect minorities, indigenous people and immigrants and potentially subject them to discriminatory treatment.Arizona: UN experts warn against “a disturbing legal pattern hostile to ethnic minorities and immigrants” " Via: United Nations - Human Rights


Now, I wonder why they are concerned about Arizona but not Israel's treatment of Arab people?

May 13 08:41

Obama tentatively backs peace talks with Taliban

Karzai also is looking for Obama to endorse a peace plan that carries a politically risky element: Reconciling with some of the Taliban's leaders. To date, the administration has been cool to the idea. With the Afghanistan war is already unpopular at home, many Americans are likely to be further dismayed at the thought of making amends with figures who killed hundreds of U.S. troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Karzai understands, at the end of the day, that the only way to bring peace to Afghanistan (and secure his own personal safety) is to cut a deal with the Taliban.

If in fact Obama has any shred of horse-sense, he will applaud the plan and work with Karzai to move it forward.

We will, then, hopefully, declare victory, go home, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul for the rights to installing the pipelines with which to control Eurasian oil, just as the Bush administration attempted to do with the Afghan government as late as August of 2001.

May 13 08:38

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"

May 13 08:36

Iraq violence set to delay US troop withdrawal

The White House is likely to delay the withdrawal of the first large phase of combat troops from Iraq for at least a month after escalating bloodshed and political instability in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Golly gee shuckies, I really meant to bring your kids back home; honest I did with a cherry on top, but ain't it just amazing that every time we are ready to bring the kiddies home, some unknown jerk goes and blows something up!" -- Official White Horse Souse

May 13 08:33

Iran Eases Grip On Al Qaeda

Al-Qaida operatives who have been detained for years in Iran have been making their way quietly in and out of the country, raising the prospect that Iran is loosening its grip on the terror group so it can replenish its ranks, former and current U.S. intelligence officials say.

This movement could indicate that Iran is re-examining its murky relationship with al-Qaida at a time when the U.S. is stepping up drone attacks in Pakistan and weakening the group's leadership. Any influx of manpower could hand al-Qaida a boost in morale and expertise and threaten to disrupt stability in the region.

A major concern among U.S. officials is that this movement foreshadows the release of al-Qaida's "management council," including some of al-Qaida's most dangerous figures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of a slew of current articles, dutifully vomited up by the corporate media, which is big on allegations, but really short on anything approximating fact.

The purpose of this article is to push public opinion toward an acceptance of a military strike against Iran, which would be one of the most colossally stupid things the US could do right now.

People in the world do not hate Americans "because we are free"; they hate us because we are killing their kids, moms, aunts, uncles, and friends in the name of stripping resources from their respective countries - ultimately - for private US profit, and that's just the bottom line here.

May 13 08:31

U.S. Probes Morgan Stanley

U.S. prosecutors are investigating whether Morgan Stanley misled investors about mortgage-derivatives deals it helped design and sometimes bet against, people familiar with the matter said, in a step that intensifies Washington's scrutiny of Wall Street in the wake of the financial crisis.

May 13 08:31

Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance

After the mortgage business imploded last year, Wall Street investment banks began searching for another big idea to make money. They think they may have found one.

The bankers plan to buy “life settlements,” life insurance policies that ill and elderly people sell for cash — $400,000 for a $1 million policy, say, depending on the life expectancy of the insured person.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Now all we need is a good plague and we'll be rich!" -- Gold-in-my-sacks

May 13 08:29

Charles Schumer (Likud, New York)

This week’s winner of a Golda Meir inflatable doll is US Knesset Senator Charles Schumer (Likud, NY), who has managed to outdo himself. Last week this disgrace was sending a letter to Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Whatever His Name Is, demanding that he impose “crippling” sanctions on a country that is abiding by international law on issues related to nuclear energy because that’s what Israel wants. This week though, he has gone even further.

May 13 08:29

David McWilliams: Forget bailouts, it's time for a two-speed Europe

Having rallied on Monday, the value of the euro has fallen back. One implication of this is that the financial markets are not convinced that the huge EU/IMF/ECB bailout will be enough. Maybe the markets think that the extraordinary web of borrowing between the European countries is just too big to manage, even with such guarantees in place.

May 13 08:28

Party threatens DK’s EU contribution

The Danish People’s Party is threatening to veto the Danish tranche of the EU’s emergency fund, which was agreed at the weekend to stabilise markets, in protest against EU commission plans to require national budgets to pass through Brussels before presentation in national Parliaments.

May 13 08:28

Many Greeks Blame Foreigners for Their Crisis

If it is to avoid sliding into the abyss, Greece must implement brutal austerity measures and increase its tax revenues. Yet many Greeks, including the political opposition, are in denial about the economic reality of the current crisis. Many ordinary people believe that foreign influences are to blame for the country's predicament.

May 13 08:27

Dutch credit-crisis committee points finger at everyone

The Dutch parliamentary committee that investigated the causes of the credit crisis published its findings on Monday, arguing for stricter oversight of the banking sector.

May 13 08:25

French guillotine exhibition opens 33 years after the last head fell

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take notes; there is a quiz next week!

May 13 08:25

How the French Revolution Worked

May 13 08:22

CLIMATEGATE - Snow and frost bring winter chill to May

Snowfall, overnight temperatures of -1C and daytime ones four degrees below normal just days before Chelsea flower show.

May 13 08:20

Thailand will use armored vehicles to seal protest

Thailand's government planned a massive lockdown Thursday on a posh Bangkok neighborhood occupied by thousands of protesters, and warned that troops will not hesitate to shoot armed "terrorists" who resist.

Armored personnel carriers and snipers will surround the so-called Red Shirt protesters who have barricaded themselves behind piles of tires and bamboo spears in the 1-square-mile (3-square-kilometer) area, said Col. Sansern Kaewkamnerd, the spokesman of the agency charged with ending the protest.

May 13 08:18


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not quite the image of the poor helpless Israelis the media wants you to see, is it?

May 13 08:17

Soldiers ‘joked about killing women and children

n a videotaped interview released Wednesday, Josh Stieber told The Real News Network things that troops did on a regular basis in basic training, including chanting during marches, were the start of his loss of faith in the US military.

In an interview with Real News Network senior editor Paul Jay, Stieber said he was alarmed in basic training when the chants "even joked about killing women and children."

STIEBER: One that stands out in my mind is—it goes, "I went down to the market where all the women shop/I pulled out my machete and I begin to chop/I went down to the park where all the children play/I pulled out my machine gun and I begin to spray."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we wonder why mental illness and suicide are skyrocketing in the military?!?

May 13 08:12

Incoming British FM Won’t Rule Out Attacking Iran

May 13 08:10

Pentagon expanding Guantánamo-like prison in Afghanistan

n a little-noticed filing Wednesday, the US Army announced it is soliciting bids for the expansion of the US prison at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

The announced request for proposals says the Army seems a "build contract for three (3) new detention housing units to be located directly adjacent to the existing detention facility at Parwan. The three new detention housing units include one (1) Special Housing Unit (SHU) and two (2) Detention Housing Units (DHU)."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

May 13 08:09

Philadelphia police officer shot himself, then blamed the shooting on a black man.

May 13 08:08

Gold Could Explode To $3,000 As Confidence In Currencies Collapses

Financial analyst David Rosenberg says gold could explode to $3,000 an ounce as European investors dump the ailing euro in exchange for the precious metal while JP Morgan states that bullion could face unlimited demand as panic buying ensues on the back of crumbling confidence in fiat currencies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Get ready for more tungsten fakes to flood the market and keep gold prices down and the suckers in the stock markets!

May 13 08:07

Shin Bet blackmails Jerusalem medical students

The Shin Bet is reportedly trying to entice Palestinian medical students to join the Israeli intelligence service by promising entry permits to al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The spying agency allegedly tried to blackmail two fifth-year medical students at al-Quds University who are pursuing internships in Palestinian university hospitals in the city, Israel’s English-language Haaretz newspaper said on its website on Wednesday.

May 13 08:07

6 years after child porn found on computer, priest resumes ministry

Six years after a half dozen photographs of naked boys and male teenagers were found on his parish computer, Father Darrell Mitchell will resume ministry in the Diocese of Yakima (Washington). Following FBI and police investigations, no charges were filed.

May 13 08:06

Early Christianity and the Hazard of Celestial Phenomenon

The effect of extraordinary events in the sky on the laity was of great use to the clergy. When the early Christians, unable to read and write, poor and despondent, and lacking in education knowledge, saw any of these celestial events (especially a comet), they took it to mean an imminent sign of God; unable to discern and unable to avert this coming tragedy, helplessness arose. The message in the heavens was serious indeed, and the people, in their inability to fathom a vengeful message of God, became fanatical and hysterical. The early Church leaders, both Catholic and Protestant, did the one thing, the only thing, in which they exceeded exceptionally...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Come with me to the choir loft, little boy, and I will bring back the sun!"

May 13 08:02

Why The UK Is The Next European Country To Experience A Massive Debt Crisis

Now that the Greek debt crisis has been "fixed" by a gigantic pile of more debt, many are wondering which European nation will be next to experience a massive debt crisis.

Increasingly, all eyes are turning to the U.K. and their public debt that is spiraling out of control. The U.K. government's deficit is projected to be approximately 13 percent of GDP in 2010, which is even worse than Greece's 12.5 percent figure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The global debt-based economy is like a boat with ten holes in the bottom and only five corks, and everything being done to deal with the crisis consists of ripping a cork our of one hole and pounding it into another in full view of the press cameras while the cork-pounder screams, "I am doing something about the problem!"

May 13 07:59

Greek debt crisis: IMF predicts more pain for Athens

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, the pain coming from the IMF is aimed at the people. The bankers and politicians will make out just fine!

May 13 07:59

An Updated List of Goldman Sachs Ties to the Obama Government Including Elena Kagan

This essay shows the pervasive influence of Goldman Sachs and its units (like the Goldman-Robert Rubin-funded Hamilton Project embedded in the Brookings Institution) in the Obama government. These names are in addition to those compiled on an older such list and published here at FDL. In the future, I will combine the names here and those on the earlier article but I urge readers to look at the earlier list too (links below). Combined, this is the largest and most comprehensive list of such ties yet published.

May 13 07:58

[NH] Budget plan short of erasing deficit

The state’s budget deficit gap has widened to a projected $290 million and thus far state House of Representatives budget writers failed to come up with enough proposed revisions to erase the entire deficit.

May 13 07:58

Russia, Turkey call for Hamas inclusion

Russia and Turkey have called for the inclusion of the democratically elected Palestinian government of Hamas in Middle East peace talks.

May 13 07:57

[Nebraska] State revenue falls short

At least one state senator believes a special budget-cutting session looks more likely, with Nebraska tax revenues falling $56 million behind projections for the year to date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forget all the glowing reports coming from the White House. Forget the DOW. The real measure of the economic recovery (or lack of it) is the drop in tax revenues.

May 13 07:55

Fungus hits Afghan opium poppies

Poppy cultivation and opium production in Afghanistan have decreased sharply, according to a United Nations report.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime says cultivation has dropped 22% in a year and opium production by 10%, with the biggest falls in Helmand province.

Yet again nature teach the Plutocracy a lesson on who is calling the shots...

May 13 07:55

[Kentucky] State reports revenue down in April

State tax receipts fell in April, raising the possibility of another revenue shortfall before the fiscal year ends June 30.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No jobs, no taxes.

May 13 07:54

State income tax revenue falls short

The state's expected revenue from personal income taxes fell about $3 billion short of expectations in April, prompting concern about further state cuts as the governor prepares to submit a revised budget to the Legislature.

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger submitted his 2010-11 fiscal-year budget in January, state finance officials estimated that personal income tax revenue would be about $10.5 billion in April.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You cannot have an improving economy and still come up short on revenues. Someone is lying about the state of the economy.

May 13 07:52

Texas House speaker says 5% cuts 'just the beginning'

House Speaker Joe Straus warned Tuesday that a 5 percent budget cut imposed on state agencies was "just the beginning" as he called on lawmakers to look at all available options to confront a multibillion-dollar shortfall when they meet next year to start writing the state budget for the next two years.

May 13 07:47

Venezuelan natural gas platform sinks in Caribbean

A gas platform has sunk in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, but the energy minister says it poses no risk to the environment.

President Hugo Chavez announced the incident via his account on the social networking site Twitter.

He said all 95 workers were evacuated from the Aban Pearl platform before it sank in the early hours of Thursday.

May 13 07:43

Dead Fish start coming ashore in Louisiana

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It just now dawned on me that we have not heard any comment at all from the global warming cult about our coverage of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. I figured after all the shrill accusations of how we just had to be working for the oil companies, a retraction and possible apology is in order.

But then again, being a fanatic means never having to say you're sorry!


May 13 07:43

It Lost an Oil Rig, but Transocean May Easily Ride Out the Gulf Oil Spill

Federal investigators, in my my opinion, ought take a look in the mirror before assigning ultimate blame. Washington bureaucrats knew when the license was granted to BP and its partners that the Deepwater Horizon rig would be drlling at untested depths in the Gulf of Mexico — a record depth of 35,050 feet, including more than 4,100 feet of water.

May 13 07:39

Honolulu 5th most indebted US city

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you TSA!

May 13 07:20

Making the World Safe for Cancer

Thanks to my friend disinformation at Myspace for this link.

When it comes to increasing cancer rates, we've done everything right. We couldn't have done it better if we'd actually planned it.

That's the takeaway from the President's Cancer Panel. Legislatively mandated back in 1971, this prestigious panel just issued its 2009 report. Reading it is an eye-opening experience. I'll synopsize the basic findings here (along with others from other sources) so that if other societies (or other planets) want to replicate our outstanding results in making the world safe for cancer, they can roll up their sleeves and do just what we've done.

May 13 06:52

James Traficant on the IRS

May 13 06:51

David Icke on the 2010 British Elections

May 13 06:31

Bakiyev supporters in Osh seize regional Kyrgyz offices

Supporters of the ousted President of Kyrgyzstan, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, have taken over local government offices in the southern city of Osh.

The interim government has vowed to restore order in Osh.


May 13 06:25

Israel nuclear whistleblower to be jailed again

Israel's top court has ordered nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu back to jail for three months after he refused to do community service in west Jerusalem for fear of harassment.

May 13 06:21

Rahm Emanuel's father specialized in bus bombings in Palestine

(WMR) --A well-placed British source informed WMR that Rahm Emanuel's father, Benjamin Emanuel, specialized in the terrorist bombings of buses carrying British troops and policemen during the British Mandate in Palestine.

British MI-6 files contain information on the elder Emanuel's participation in the terrorist activities of Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Jewish terrorist organization that targeted British forces, UN officials, and Palestinian Arabs in the lead up to Israeli independence in 1948.

May 13 04:53

Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media

In the 1958 preface for A Brave New World, Aldous Huxley paints a rather grim portrait of society. He believes it is controlled by an "impersonal force", a ruling elite, which manipulates the population using various methods.

"Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses." - Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

His bleak outlook is not a simple hypothesis or a paranoid delusion. It is a documented fact, present in the world's most important studies on mass media. Here are some of them:

May 13 03:56

Dr. Graeme MacQueen: The Connection between 9/11, Anthrax and Iraq-Part 1

Graeme MacQueen, PhD Associate Professor of Religious Studies and founding Director, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University (ret). * Interview 11/19/06: "... theres no way those 3 towers were brought down by planes, jet fuel and fire. One tower, maybe. A structural flaw in the tower, a set of coincidences. Two towers — were getting into a highly unlikely situation, even though their construction was similar, because the planes hit in different ways. Three towers (including WTC 7 now, which wasn't hit by a plane), the odds against this are astronomical."

May 13 00:54

The Price and Who Pays The BP Oil Spill

In This Article It Says BP is Responsible For the Spill


But we all know who's going to pay at the pump to help pay for it. Yep You and Me. I wouldnt be surprised to see 7 dollars a gallon for gas at the height of summer.

May 12, 2010

May 12 23:46

Down with 'Too Big to Fail': Angry Americans march on Wall Street

"The Huffington Post reached out to two official Tea Party organizations to see if they would send individuals to the Wall Street march. Neither Tea New York nor the Tea Party Express would be in attendance, said officials."

May 12 21:34

Elena Kagan and the Supreme Court: A Barnyard Smell in Chicago, Harvard and Washington

By James Petras

The issue of the composition of the US Supreme Court is increasingly crucial for all Americans, who are horrified by Israel’s devastation of Gaza, its threats to launch a nuclear attack on Iran and its Fifth Column’s efforts to drag us into a third war in ten years.

President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan for Justice of the United States Supreme Court on the basis of an academic publication record, which might give her a fighting chance for tenure at a first rate correspondence law school in the Texas Panhandle.

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May 12 20:22

Eric "am I in the Knesset or Congress" Cantor trying to pull stunt

Comments require approval at that site, but not here:


Tell them to cut programs for that foreign country of Israel if we need to cut before any American programs.

May 12 16:31

Obama's Ex-Auto Czar Says GM May Have Stretched Truth About Loan Repayment

President Obama's former auto czar has nothing but praise for General Motors' new chief executive, Ed Whitacre, but he acknowledged this week that the auto giant may have "slightly elasticized the reality of things" by airing an ad claiming it had repaid its government loans "in full."

May 12 16:04

Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), the leading independent research organization in the United States on the subject of the next climate change, issues today the following warning of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US and Canada:

Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period.

May 12 16:03

Climate Research From Briffa, Esper, Jones, Moberg & Mann All Confirm The Extreme Medieval Warming

During U.S. Senate testimony (2005), evidence was presented that revealed multiple studies supporting a consensus that the Medieval Period experienced extreme warming that matches or exceeds any modern, post-1970's warming. The multi-graph below represents the research from major climate researchers that was presented at the Senate testimony. It's of interest to note that none of these scientists are considered global warming "skeptics." (Source of multi-graph from 2005 testimony.)

May 12 16:00

California Is More Likely to Default than Iceland or Iraq

The Federal Reserve isn't the only one who owns credit default swaps betting that California will default.

As Ed Harrison points out, credit default traders have now ranked California in the top 10 governments likely to default, with a 20% default probability:

May 12 16:00

Israel FM: Iran, Syria, NKorea New 'Axis of Evil'

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said during a visit to Japan that the three countries are cooperating and pose the biggest threat to world security because they are building and spreading weapons of mass destruction.

May 12 15:48

Israel lobby’s control of Western media

Paul J. Balles compares China’s open control of the press with the “lies under pretence of freedom” of the Western media under the control of special interests, especially the Israel lobby.

May 12 15:33

Gulf Oil Spill Is Spoiling Tourism

A survey conducted by the Knowland Group May 3 and 4 of 50 hotel properties along the Gulf Coast found that 35% of respondents say the oil spill has prompted potential guests to cancel their reservations. Many of the hotels surveyed said they are concerned that more cancellations and deferred arrivals are in the offing in coming weeks.

May 12 15:23

US files first defense of health care law in court

Critics who allege that Congress overstepped the U.S. Constitution by requiring Americans to carry health insurance are "flatly wrong," the Obama administration said Wednesday in its first court defense of the landmark health care law.

Congress acted well within its power to regulate interstate commerce and to provide for the general welfare, Justice Department lawyers argued in a 46-page brief filed in federal district court in Detroit. For the courts to overturn President Barack Obama's signature domestic legislation would amount to unwarranted interference with the policymaking authority of Congress, they added.

May 12 15:19

Two priests in Spain probed over abuse at handicapped centre

Two Franciscan priests were placed under investigation Wednesday for suspected sexual abuse at a centre for the handicapped, court sources said.

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Remember "Wicked Uncle Ernie" from "Tommy?"

May 12 15:15

Federal judge blocks Gov. David Paterson from imposing furloughs on 100,000 state workers

Paterson included the furloughs in an emergency spending bill to keep government running. Angry lawmakers were forced to either pass the bill, which they reluctantly did, or shut down state government.

The unions and many lawmakers argued the furloughs were illegal because they were not collectively bargained.

May 12 14:51

The U.S. Government Is About To Get Hit With 'The Perfect Storm' Of Debt

Hearing President Obama’s economic peptalks, you might be under the impression that the U.S. needs to keep spending for just a little while longer to stimulate the economy – but then will swear off big deficits.

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And if you believe that I have some of Saddam's 'nookular' bombs to sell you!

May 12 14:38

Poll: 31% say America needs 3rd party

May 12 14:22

Report: Methane Gas Bubble Triggered Blast

BP Executives Were On Board Rig Celebrating Safety When Explosion Occurred.

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"The word "Petard" comes to mind.

May 12 14:07

Iceland: Int'l Arrest Warrant Against Top Bank Official

Vigorously pursuing those allegedly responsible for Iceland’s 2008 financial crisis, investigators have got issued an international arrest warrant against Sigurdur Einarsson, chairman of the board of governors of the failed Kaupthing Bank.

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Good for the Icelanders

May 12 13:55

Deficit Landmines Dead Ahead!

May 12 13:50


A few months ago I posted a Blog about children that were disappearing in Palestine…

Today it’s not the actual person that disappears, but with the use of gag orders their rights do…..

May 12 13:11

NFL Hall of Fame to Reality Hall of Shame

We have a society today that draws on professional sports to quench our human need and desire for heroes. Like it or not, our children are more likely than not to list a professional athlete if asked who they have for role models and heroes. Given the type and flavor of professional athletes, that’s pretty damn scary...

May 12 12:21

Jerusalem Day is Every Day for Us

As strange as this may sound to an outsider, there is no day out the year that I despise more than Jerusalem Day. I live in Jerusalem, my children were born there and to me, it is the city closest to my heart. Still, tell me "Jerusalem Day" three times and I might just start hyperventilating. This is because Jerusalem Day is when the government of Israel, followed by hundreds of thousands of Israelis celebrate the "reunification of Jerusalem". To Palestinians, this is retranslated into "the day the rest of Jerusalem fell". Jerusalem Day marks the day in June 1967 when Israel occupied the eastern sector of the city along with the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights.

May 12 12:14

Just in time for John Kerry's global warming bill: Record-breaking cold in Kerry's Massachusetts

Abc40 meteorologist Eric Fisher said the mercury dropped to 26 degrees at about 5 a.m., beating the previous record for the chilliest May 11 set back in 1962

May 12 12:08

Jewish Donors Outraged by 'Sociopath' Obama, Says Columnist

If senior journalist David Goldman is right, the correct word for describing the way a growing number of US Jews feel about President Barack Obama is not 'anger' but 'rage' – white-hot rage, at that, and a conviction that they have been swindled.

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Dear President Obama. It is time to stop sending Americans' tax money to Israel. They will never be grateful. Nothing we do will ever be enough. It is time to stop wasting time and money on these ingrates.

May 12 12:03

Israel Negotiates Only to Extort Concessions

The West planted Israel in Palestine, turned blind eye on its nukes and tolerated the premeditated depopulation of its indigenous people and eradication of their history. While Israel has been building Jewish-only settlements and Jewish-only roads in the occupied lands and laying siege to 1.5 million in Gaza, demolishing civilian houses in Jerusalem and denying the Arab-Israelis equal protection of the law by virtue of being non-Jews, the West officials do not miss an opportunity to applaud Israel’s “only democracy in the Middle East”.

May 12 12:00

Nakba and the Two State Solution: Unrealistic 'Realism'

On the surface and viewed from the perspective of dominating powers, their designated minions, and entrenched cohorts, it may appear that the Nakba is diminishing. Several facts corroborate that view: the passage of time, the very dispossession and dislocation of millions, the tendency of official Palestinian “leadership” to accept whatever scraps they are given, the seemingly insurmountable military superiority of Israel and its main backer, the United States, to name a few. Discursively also, talk of the Nakba has been curtailed, especially among official Palestinian Authority officials and Arab governments. It has been increasingly replaced by details and technicalities that avoid dealing with the crux of the Palestinian predicament.

May 12 11:58

Report: Israel training to block Freedom Fleet

Israel's naval forces are allegedly in training to prepare to seize eight boats scheduled to dock in the Gaza Strip on 24 May from Europe, Arabic-language media reported on Wednesday.

May 12 11:31

Economist Tim Madden: The PIIGS Brief: understanding how oligarchs rig, loot our economies. 3 of 4

*hyperlinks live at source*

Tim Madden is an economist with expertise on credit and banking. Tim and I are colleagues in lobbying government for public banking, with concentration in the US for state-owned banks (and here). The good news is that structural solutions to our economic controlled demolition are obvious and simple; and explained beautifully by many of America’s brightest historical minds. The bad news is that we’re still mired in oligarchic looting of our economies.

May 12 10:37

Tar Balls Wash Ashore In Plaquemines Parish

Tar balls have washed ashore in Plaquemines Parish, a result of the massive Gulf oil spill, state wildlife officials said.

May 12 10:17

Kevin MacDonald: Does Jewish financial misbehavior have anything to do with being Jewish?

Because Goldman is thought of as a “Jewish” firm, and because it dominates the financial industry, criticism of Goldman, or of bankers generally, is often accused of being anti-Semitic. Commentators including Rush Limbaugh and Maureen Dowd have been so accused. When, if ever, are such accusations fair?”

May 12 10:15

Yet another day of Iceland banking arrests

Helgason and Karason were both very near the top of the Kaupthing chain-of-command and worked closely with former Director, Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson and Sigurdur Einarsson, the former Chairman of the Board. It is not yet known whether the Special Prosecutor will allow the pair to be released, or if he will request that the Reykjavik District Court remand them in custody, as happened with Sigurdsson and Magnus Gudmundsson (former CEO of Kaupthing Luxembourg), Visir.is reports.

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Iceland has the right idea!

May 12 10:12

Tree ring circus

Are academics some special subspecies of hu- mans who are be- yond suspicion and above the law? That's the ques- tion being played out in a drama between Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the dead-end defenders of global warming's poster junk scientist, Michael Mann.

Mr. Cuccinelli is under assault by the climate-alarmist brigades for launching an investigation into whether any fraud against taxpayers occurred with respect to Mr. Mann's hiring by the University of Virginia and his receipt of government grants. Mr. Cuccinelli recently sent the university a civil investigative demand requesting e-mails and other documents pertaining to Mr. Mann.