Window on Eurasia: Moscow Wins a Major Victory on Pipelines

With Iran’s declaration that it opposes the construction of any undersea pipelines in the Caspian on "ecological grounds" and thus will block any delimitation of the seabed that allows for them and Baku’s decision not to back the West’s push NABUCCO project, Moscow can claim its first major political victory from its invasion of Georgia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No wonder Cheney looked as though he was grinding his teeth to a pulp when he finished his round of "diplomatic meetings" in Azerbaijan!

It's not just access to the oil that matters: it's how to get the oil from where it exists to where it needs to be which is of critical importance.

Russia has used diplomacy and deals to get where they are in terms of control of oil, natural gas, and pipelines.

The US administration has been killing and maiming to get where they are on the same issue.

And after millions dead and maimed from our activities in the pursuit of oil, Russia winds up the winner.