Early rumbles

Regardless of whether Obama was actually born in Kenya or in Hawaii, the formerly unthinkable idea that he is constitutionally eligible to be president appears to be cropping up at precisely the wrong time. Or, if you are the Lizard Queen, precisely the right time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Needless to say I have been asking around locally and can find no support at all for claims that Obama's birth certificate is phony.

Hillary's people are preparing a three-prong attack in their effort to steal the nomination away from Obama.

1. Cast doubt on his eligibility. They don;t have to prove it, merely cast the suspicion.

2. Use the John Edwards infidelities to claim that Hillary WOULD have been the nominee if Edwards' scandal had erupted sooner. There is no way to know that voters deserting Edwards would have switched to Hillary rather than Obama; that[s just an assumption on her part.

3. Portray Hillary as the wronged woman for not being considered as VP by Barack "I don't want to wind up like Vince Foster" Obama.

With these three "pursuaders", it is clear Hillary will make a play for the nomination in a floor fight.