JEFF GATES: ‘The Hate Mongers Among Us’ [VIDEOS]

In this latest Criminal State Series — ‘The Hate Mongers Among Us,’ the author of Guilt By Association, Jeff Gates, pretty much sums it up — All well-timed agent provocateur stunts designed to advance the latest narrative — and all traceable to the identical ideological core and as usual, the power of association is once again deployed to wage war on the U.S in plain sight — with the usual suspects blaming the U.S., many of them alleged “progressives.” Brilliant war-waging strategy—in a typically psychopathic sort of way.

This duplicity can only work if done in plain sight – observes Jeff Gates. “Certainly the “unbreakable bond” rhetoric ran contrary to U.S. interests. Israel’s domination of a superpower’s foreign policy has enormous consequences worldwide. The facts suggest these thugs are running for cover — and finding nowhere to hide. Thus the need for clumsy operations like the Crotch Bomber — and the Times Square Fizzler?”

This 4-part series identifies those who induce us to hate—and describes how.