Google Complains Americans are Stupid - Needs Foreign Engineers to Fill U.S. Tech Jobs

The New York Times Tech Recruiting Clashes With Immigration Rules - Matt Richtel MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Where’s Sanjay?

[This is a four page corporate-propaganda article meant to justify bringing in foreign workers to work in Silicon Valley. The article laments in typical jingoist fashion that America is losing its preeminence in technology worldwide because high tech companies cannot hire foreigners at will -to take America's highest paying high tech jobs. The article says in no uncertain terms, that the profitability of these companies should take a higher priority than putting American kids to work, or, -even forcing the American educational system to start to work for American kids.

Read the article for what it is. This article is one big lie from beginning to end. This author has a job at The New York Times? Where the fuck are the editors? This is the most anti-American piece of rubbish I have ever seen printed in my entire lifetime, bar none.

Might I suggest to The New York Times that Mr. Matt Richtel should have his job outsourced to some American kid who actually knows what it means to be an American?]