Eisenkot: IDF prepared for all-out war within hours

Northern council heads met Sunday with Northern Command Chief Gadi Eisenkot on the backdrop of this week's wide-scale home front command drill and the heightened state of alert declared by Hezbollah, and asked the Israel Defense Forces to convey a clear and calming message to the public during the days of the exercise.

"I hope this summer will be hot only in terms of its weather, and not in terms of war," said Hatzor Haglilit Mayor Shimon Swisa. Eisenkot, on his part, said that the IDF was prepared for an all-out war within hours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would feel infinitely more comfortable had Northern Command Chief Eisenkot made the statement that the IDF was prepared for an all-out peace within hours! :-)

But what Eisenkot is telegraphing is that Israel is getting ready to initiate a war, against any one of its neighbors (or perhaps Iran) very quickly.