Jun 11 15:36

MERS Outbreak Affects South Korean Economy

South Korea is plagued with a rising death toll in its third week as the MERS virus spreads throughout the country. Analysts believe the outbreak will worsen the economy, as tourists stay away and locals remain at home.

Jun 11 15:33

Something Far More Dangerous Than Measles

California bill SB277 passed another major hurdle on the way to outlawing informed consent.

Jun 11 15:03

Disabled CA Boy's Testimony to SB277 Lawmakers: "I Love Going To School. Please Don't Take That Away From Me."

Otto was born a healthy little boy and was on target at every wellness check we had with our pediatrician. We got him all the recommended vaccines on schedule. Then, when Otto was 17 months old, he received four shots containing six different vaccines. At that time, he was walking, running, and climbing, just like his same-aged peers. One morning, not long after those 6 vaccinations, I entered his room and Otto was in major distress because he couldn't stand up. We immediately took him to the E.R. Over the next few days, Otto endured a painful spinal tap, a brain scan, and an M.R.I. It was discovered that Otto had an autoimmune reaction called Transverse Myelitis. It was explained to my wife and me that his immune system had gotten confused and had started attacking his own spinal cord causing severe damage.

Jun 11 14:46

BSE: Suspected 'mad cow' disease case found on Republic of Ireland farm

A suspected case of "mad cow disease" has been identified in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish government has said.

Further tests are being carried out, but if confirmed, it would be the first case of BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in Ireland since 2013.

Jun 11 14:32

Leaked Text Shows Big Pharma Bullies Using TPP To Undermine Global Health

Bolstering long-held criticisms from public interest groups, newly leaked sections of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) show how Big Pharma is employing “an aggressive new form of transnational corporatism” to increase profits at the expense of global health.

Jun 11 13:43

VA turns U.S. military vets into suicidal drug addicts while Big Pharma rakes in profits

A year ago, as the summer of 2013 dawned, the Obama Administration was hit with yet another scandal, one that would resonate with Democrat and Republican voters: VA Hospitals around the country were falsifying appointment records in order to satisfy treatment quotas, leaving scores of veterans without care which led to the deaths of perhaps 1,000 men and women who had honorably served their country.

Jun 11 13:38

Boy wins £120,000 damages for narcolepsy caused by swine flu vaccine

A 12-year-old boy has been awarded £120,000 by a court that agreed he had been left severely disabled by narcolepsy triggered by the swine flu vaccine, following a three-year battle in which the government had claimed that his illness was not serious enough to merit payment.

Jun 11 12:20

Latest TPP Leak Raises Burning Questions About Implications for U.S. Health Care System

The latest secret document from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations – published today by WikiLeaks – shows that the pact could expose Medicare to pharmaceutical company attacks and constrain future policy reforms, including the ability of the U.S. government to curb rising and unsustainable drug prices, according to Public Citizen. The concerns about the U.S. health care system arising from this latest leak add to the litany of reasons that nearly all Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives and a substantial bloc of House GOP oppose Fast Track trade authority for the TPP.

Jun 11 11:58

You’re Fired – Now Train Your Much Cheaper Foreign Replacement’

f you were laid off from your job, would you be willing to train your replacement if your company threatened to take away your severance pay if you didn’t do it? And how would you feel if your replacement came from India, and the only reason your company was replacing you was because the foreign worker was a lot less expensive? Sadly, this is happening all over America – especially in the information technology field. Huge corporations such as Disney and Southern California Edison are coldly firing existing tech workers and filling those jobs with much cheaper foreign replacements.

Jun 11 11:37

Chart: How to Avoid Cancer-Causing BPA at the Grocery Store

We all really want to avoid the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), but it can be difficult to navigate the grocery store aisles without accidentally putting a brand that still uses BPA in your cart. To help with this, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released a new report analyzing which brands continue to line their cans with BPA.

Jun 11 11:10


Congress wouldn’t allow Medicare to pay for benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Ativan until 2013. Now, the medications are among the most prescribed in its drug program. In 2012, Medicare’s massive prescription drug program didn’t spend a penny on popular tranquilizers such as Valium, Xanax and Ativan.

The following year, it doled out more than $377 million for the drugs.

Jun 11 11:09

It’s Time to Ban Toxic Flavorings from Processed Foods

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Kudos are due Center for Science in the Public Interest, Natural Resources Defense Council, Center for Food Safety, Consumers Union, Improving Kids’ Environment, Center for Environmental Health, Environmental Working Group, and James Huff for the 38-page petition they filed June 10, 2015 with the Director of the Office of Food Additive Safety at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition regarding the removal of seven synthetic flavors and one additional flavor from the U.S. food production/processing/manufacturing processes...

Jun 11 10:30

NASA Gets Best View Yet of Mysterious Bright Spots on Ceres

Webmaster addition: Gene Roddenberry's "Great Bird of the Galaxy?" :)

Jun 11 10:19

African-American community rages against SB277 and the Tuskegee-like crimes of mandatory vaccines that destroy black babies' lives

The sleeping giant of the African-American community has awakened against the crimes of the vaccine profiteers and their relentless destruction of young black lives.

It's happening right now, and it touches my heart to see this community rising up and waking up to the life-destroying deceptions of the CDC and its pharmaceutical puppet masters that have dictated "public health policy" in America with wildly destructive consequences for the black community. An entire generation of black babies now suffers under the vaccine injury side effects that the CDC has known about but has willfully hidden from the world in order to protect vaccine profits, all while black children suffer from autism caused by vaccines!

Jun 11 10:08

Arrested Mount Kinabalu 'nudist' admits 'stupidity'

Last Friday, Mt Kinabalu was hit by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake, which left 18 people dead, including children.

A senior minister last week said the tourists had angered spirits by showing "disrespect" to the mountain, which is considered sacred by some tribes in Malaysia.

Jun 11 09:24

House votes to repeal country of origin label requirement for meat

Under threat of trade retaliation from Canada and Mexico, the House has voted to to repeal a law requiring country-of-origin labels on packages of beef, pork and poultry.

Jun 11 09:23

So Now The TPP's Real Purpose Is Revealed

Now Wikileaks has gotten their hands on the health care component. Well, it's not called that, but it clearly is that. Yes, this "trade agreement" is meant to, and will, prevent you from doing things like going to Mexico to get a medicine made there that sells for $100 instead of paying $30,000 for it here.

Jun 11 09:07

Sierra Leone, Guinea See Spike in Ebola Cases

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday Sierra Leone and Guinea saw an increase in the number of Ebola cases during the week ending June seventh.

The WHO said 16 new cases were found in Guinea, while 15 more were found in Sierra Leone.

Jun 11 09:06

Medical marijuana legal in all forms, Supreme Court rules

Medical marijuana patients will now be able to consume marijuana — and not just smoke it — as well as use other extracts and derivatives, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled today.

Jun 11 07:00

Things You Didn't Know About Vitamin C

You won't typically hear this type of info from your doctors unless they made great efforts to further study nutrition, anatomy and orthomolecular medicine. Mainstream thoughts on this life-giving vitamin don't often go further than "enough to keep us from Scurvy."

Jun 11 06:53

Boy, 12, wins £120,000 in damages after swine-flu jab left him 'severely disabled' by narcolepsy

Iain Duncan Smith has lost a three-year legal battle and been ordered to pay £120,000 compensation to boy of 12 who faces a lifetime of suffering from narcolepsy caused by the swine flu vaccination Pandremix.

The landmark ruling could force the Government into paying millions of pounds to dozens of people with the same rare brain disorder that causes someone to fall asleep suddenly at any time.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) failed in its appeal against a tribunal judgment in a recent test case that the child, ‘John’, was entitled to vaccine injury compensation. He received the swine flu vaccine in December 2009, aged 7, and was diagnosed with narcolepsy five months later following “extensive hospital investigations”.

Jun 11 06:51

15-year-old on work experience at Keele University discovers a new planet - 1,000 light years away from Earth

A 15-year-old boy has found what astronomers, the world over, only began to find 20 years ago – a new planet, far from our own solar system – while on work experience.

Tom Wagg was at Keele University, in Staffordshire, studying data of stars in the Milky Way collected by cameras in South Africa when he spotted the new planet.

He noticed a tiny dip in the light of a star as another planet passed in front of it which can be a tell-tale sign of a new planet.

Now, after two years of further inspection, staff at the university have finally confirmed that Tom, did indeed, find a new planet and that it is 1,000 light years away from Earth

Jun 11 06:39

Things You Didn't Know About Vitamin C

Suzanne Humphries is a specialist in internal medicine and kidney disease and is also known for speaking out about vaccines after having had a lucrative career in nephrology. Few people know that she gave a brilliant lecture on the crucial role of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) over in Sweden this year.

Jun 10 15:46

FDA releases findings at Blue Bell plants; CDC officially ends investigation

Seven weeks after it halted production, Blue Bell Creameries still does not know when it will resume producing ice cream, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. But the company anticipates that the flagship plant in its Brenham headquarters will return to production after smaller plants in Broken Arrow, Okla. and Sylacauga, Ala.

Jun 10 15:45

Health care sellout on a global scale: Secret TPP trade deal to hand worldwide price monopoly to Big Pharma

It turns out that there is another globalist player at the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiating table – Big Pharma – and if things go the industry’s way, all competition will be crushed, and the world will be at its mercy

Jun 10 15:35

Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information

Warning: Disgusting(alphabetical order by vaccine)

Jun 10 15:32

This County In Oregon Completely Banned GMO Crops. Here’s Why That Matters For The Environment.

On June 5, Oregon’s Jackson County became the newest county in the U.S. to have an active ban on the growing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). -- The Genetically Engineered Plant Ordinance went into effect following the partial dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a group of noncommercial alfalfa farmers on May 29. The farmers sought to overturn the GMO ban, viewing the ordinance as a violation of their economic and legal rights.

Jun 10 15:26

CA Vaccine Bill Passes Health Committee, Heads to Full Assembly for Final Vote

California is going full totalitarian, but is anyone surprised?

The state's controversial and tyrannical mandatory vaccine bill has jumped another hurdle on its path to becoming law.

Yesterday, California lawmakers approved the bill, which requires all schoolchildren be vaccinated before being permitted to attend public or PRIVATE schools unless they have a MEDICAL exemption.

Jun 10 14:53

Non-GMO Project

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.

Jun 10 14:00

10 Worst Food Companies That Are Poisoning You Daily and Lying About It

Much of the mainstream American food supply is laden with unhealthy additives, artificial flavorings, coloring, dyes, preservatives, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and toxins. Not everyone agrees that GMOs have been proven harmful to humans, which is why the food chains listed here were selected specifically because they are responsible for a wide variety of health violations—the GMOs and their concealment from public knowledge are included for informational purposes. -- As with all things, I urge you to read with your head on a swivel, adjusting your worldview based on new information.

Jun 10 13:35

WikiLeaks: Big-Pharma Measures in TPP Will Raise Drug Prices

The latest from WikiLeaks suggests the TPP would effectively steer member states towards pro-business, anti-consumer healthcare policies.

Jun 10 13:25

‘Surprise’—Obamacare insurers desire double-digit hikes

Many Obamacare customers could be looking at surprisingly large price increases next year—if insurers get their wishes. -- Health insurance premiums for individual plans in major U.S. cities would rise by an average of 12 percent in 2016 if the newly proposed prices are approved, a new analysis finds.

Jun 10 13:24

Monstanto vs the world - How we will win the food war

By conventional wisdom it is excellent news. Researchers from Iowa have shown that organic farming methods can yield almost as highly as pesticide-intensive methods. Other researchers, from Berkeley, California, have reached a similar conclusion. Indeed, both findings met with a very enthusiastic reception. The enthusiasm is appropriate, but only if one misses a deep and fundamental point: that even to participate in such a conversation is to fall into a carefully laid trap.

Jun 10 13:20

Medical examiners don’t have to return all organs

Medical examiners don’t have to return to families all organs from autopsied bodies or even tell them parts are missing, the state’s highest court ruled Wednesday.

Jun 10 12:57

Mental illness: The challenges of staying on medication

PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie interviews Pat Doyle about some of the challenges those with mental illness face that cops may not be aware of.

Jun 10 12:36

Fortune 500 List Proves Move to Healthy Food Pays Off

Americans’ increasing awareness and preference for a healthy lifestyle has forced food companies like Nestlé and Kraft Foods to ditch their artificial ingredients.

Jun 10 10:37

“The state With the Highest Vaccination Rate Has the Highest Infant Mortality Rate”

it is one of only two states in the U.S. that does NOT allow parents a CHOICE regarding vaccine

Jun 10 10:25

California Lawmakers Pass Controversial School Vaccine Bill

California lawmakers on Tuesday approved a bill mandating that schoolchildren be vaccinated, after five hours of highly emotional testimony that brought hundreds of opponents to the Capitol.

SB277 is intended to boost vaccination rates after a measles outbreak at Disneyland that sickened more than 100 in the U.S. and Mexico. It has prompted the most contentious legislative debate of the year with thousands of opponents taking to social media and legislative hearings to protest the legislation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It should be noted that in both the recent measles, mumps, and whooping cough outbreaks, the vast majority of patients had had the vaccinations for those illnesses suggesting that at the very least the vaccinations do not work, and at worst, actually caused the illnesses!

Jun 10 10:25

Judge Upholds Jackson County’s Ban on Genetically Engineered Crops!

Family farmers and other supporters of Jackson County’s precedent-setting ban on genetically engineered (GE) crop cultivation are celebrating a federal court ruling upholding the legality of Jackson County’s ordinance. The ban passed last year with the backing of over 150 family farms threatened by contamination from GE crops, also known as GMOs, and bipartisan support from 66% of county voters. The win came despite almost $1 million in opposition spending by Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and other chemical corporations heavily invested in GE crops. The ruling released this afternoon by Federal District Court Magistrate Judge Mark Clarke was a resounding victory for Our Family Farms Coalition (OFFC) and Center for Food Safety (CFS), which intervened in the case to defend the ban along with two local family farmers. Lawyers with Center for Food Safety and the Earthrise Law Center based at Lewis and Clark Law School jointly represented the intervening parties.

Jun 10 10:23

Why Doctors Are More Dangerous Than Guns

"guns don't kill people, doctors do,"

Jun 10 10:18

Nearly 50 Indiana students test positive for tuberculosis

Nearly 50 southern Indiana students exposed to a classmate with a confirmed case of tuberculosis have tested positive for the disease in preliminary tests.

Clark County Health Department administrator Mike Meyer said Friday the 48 positive skin tests for the bacterial disease don’t mean those students have diagnosed TB cases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, I wonder who brought that tuberculosis into the US, where TB had been on the decline since the 1980s?

Jun 10 09:54

American Medical Association Announces New Mandatory Vaccine Policy

The American Medical Association (AMA), one of the largest and most influential associations of medical doctors in the country, today endorsed putting an end to religious exemptions to immunization requirements.

"Under new policy, the AMA will seek more stringent state immunization requirements to allow exemptions only for medical reasons," the organization said in a press release.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 10 09:28

Indonesia: Lake Toba's Volcanic Underbelly 'Could Erupt at Any Time'

Studies showed that Mount Toba has erupted four times in the past - 1.2 million years ago, at 840,000 years ago, 500,000 years ago and then again around 74,000 years ago.

The last eruption is recognised as the biggest known eruption ever to have taken place on Earth. The Toba catastrophe theory relating to this eruption suggests the event caused a decade-long global volcanic winter that was possibly followed by 1,000 years of cooling.

The blast was 100 times greater than the largest volcanic eruption in recent history - Mount Tambora in 1815.


"A quake could reactivate the magma chamber which is so far dormant. That's why we believe Mount Toba could erupt again at any time. When it will be, we don't know. Thorough and continuous research is needed to find that out."

Jun 10 08:53

TIGTA: IRS Can’t Verify Qualifications For Obamacare Subsidies

In response to the delays in receiving required Exchange Periodic Data submissions, the IRS developed contingency plans in an effort to improve its ability to ensure the accuracy of PTC claims. However, without the required enrollment data from the Exchanges, the IRS will be unable to ensure that all taxpayers claiming the PTC bought insurance through an Exchange as required.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is there anything about Obamacare that is actually working? Anything at all?

Jun 10 08:32

Mount Sinabung erupts — Lake Toba Supervolcano now steaming +emitting foul odors of gas

In addition to the large eruption at Mount Sinabung, we now have other reports that the nearby Toba supervolcano is showing large emissions of steam (from the ground), as well as foul smelling gas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Volcanoes in that part of the world tend to be stratovolcanoes; steep sided peaks built of thick hard lava. This is in contrast to shield volcanoes (such as we have here in Hawaii) made of much thinner and softer lava which tend to be more shallow. Stratovolcanoes are the ones that explode, such as Karakatau.

That being said, there are very few sources to corroborate this story. The multiple posts seem to track back to just one or two sources, and the global seismic network is not showing any activity around Toba.

Hopefully this is just a minor burp of a pocket of gas near the surface.

Toba's potential as a supervolcano is far larger than that of the more well known Yellowstone Supervolcano, and dwarf's the Mount St. Helen's Eruption.

Jun 10 07:54

Fallacies in Modern Medicine: The HIV/AIDS HypothesisBy Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Could the hypothesis that the multi-billion-dollar HIV/AIDS medical-pharmaceutical establishment bases its actions on be wrong? In 1987, Peter Duesberg, a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, who isolated the first cancer gene, and in 1970 mapped the genetic structure of retroviruses, published a paper in Cancer Research questioning the role of retroviruses in disease and the HIV/AIDS hypothesis in particular [4]. Then, in 1988, he published one in Science titled “HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS.” [5] As a result, Dr. Duesberg became a pariah in the retroviral HIV/AIDS establishment, which branded him a “rebel” and a “maverick.” Colleague David Baltimore labeled him “irresponsible and pernicious,” and Robert Gallo declared his work to be “absolute and total nonsense.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gallo was the man who claimed the discovery of the link between HIV and AIDS which triggered a public and legal battle with the Pasteur institute which claimed they had found the link. The shouting match overshadowed early concerns that both Gallo and Pasteur were following the wrong track, and given the potential profits arising from the resulting shared patent, nobody wanted to risk the possibility that the products based on those patents might actually be worthless.

Jun 10 07:32

World first: Woman delivers baby after transplant of her frozen childhood ovarian tissue

In what can be termed as a medical breakthrough and the first ever case in the world, a 27-year-old Belgium woman gave birth to a baby boy using transplanted ovarian tissue which was frozen in her childhood.
Just before her 14th birthday, she was diagnosed with acute anaemia, needing powerful, ovary-damaging treatment. Before the therapy, her right ovary was removed and frozen in fragments in the hope that it could be used if she ever wanted to become a mother.

Jun 09 23:01

Monsanto Exposed for Trying to Hide 'Ugly History' By Ditching Its Name

Borrowing a tactic of Philip Morris, agrochemical giant tried to change name as part of corporate merger.

Jun 09 22:57

The Water Terrorcrats Have Crossed My Line – Here’s What I Am Doing About It

To anyone living in the western US, the “water wars” are not new in the sense of legal battles between users over water rights. Similarly, unaccountable regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state level equivalents have been harassing water users for years about regulatory compliance. However, what has changed recently – as explained by Jeremiah Johnson here -is the ferocity with which such oppressive agencies have been attacking any type of water use. And this is not just occurring in drought-parched California, or Montana as Mr. Johnson describes: it is occurring across the US. People in southern Oregon are experiencing something similar under the auspices of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA).

(read more)

Jun 09 19:11

Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

Waking Times

When it comes to pregnancy, this intervention has slipped stealthily into the experience of nearly every pregnant woman alive today. But is it safe for expectant mothers or their babies?

Jun 09 16:16

You Have Two Choices Folks

As I pointed out earlier this morning, and have been writing about now since 2009 in volume, the entire medical system in this country is a racket. In virtually any other industry the routine practices in this "industry" and the associated "insurance" industry with it would be considered felonies at both a state and federal level, implicating RICO, The Sherman, Clayton and Robinson-Patman acts at the federal level and consumer-protection laws in the states.

It isn't for one reason and one reason only: You refuse to demand that it does, and you refuse to back up that demand with whatever you need to do, including a full-on tax and production strike, until it is. You also voluntarily provide services and goods to and associate with the very people in this industry who are intentionally screwing you blind!

Jun 09 15:31

You Have Two Choices Folks (Medical "System”)

In virtually any other industry the routine practices in this “industry” and the associated “insurance” industry with it would be considered felonies at both a state and federal level, implicating RICO, The Sherman, Clayton and Robinson-Patman acts at the federal level and consumer-protection laws in the states.

Jun 09 15:15

Organic farming thrives in India as growers revert back to traditional methods

Thousands of farmers throughout India are reverting back to traditional farming methods as the consequences of Western agriculture have begun to negatively impact the region's food and water supply, and the health of its people.

Jun 09 14:48

Missouri City Ponders Dropping Fluoride From Public Water Supply

The Park Hills city council meets tonight to decide whether they should keep adding fluoride to the public water supply.

Jun 09 14:44


A female patient with an extremely hard-to-treat form of tuberculosis is being treated at the National Institutes of Health outside Washington, D.C., and federal and state officials are now tracking down hundreds of people who may have been in contact with her.

Jun 09 13:32

Mount Sinabung erupts — Lake Toba Supervolcano now steaming +emitting foul odors of gas

In addition to the large eruption at Mount Sinabung, we now have other reports that the nearby Toba supervolcano is showing large emissions of steam (from the ground), as well as foul smelling gas.

According to reports from Indonesian press, locals are alarmed by these recent developments.

Toba supervolcano is indeed a “super-volcano” by all measurements. Actually LARGER in eruptive power to the other more well known “Yellowstone” super volcano (located in Wyoming / United States).

Jun 09 13:18

Docked spacecraft’s abnormal engine start causes ISS to move - Roscosmos

The engines of a Soyuz spacecraft docked to the International Space Station (ISS) started abnormally and the location of the station changed, Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos said Tuesday.

"Today, on June 9, 2015, at 18:32 Moscow Time, during scheduled testing of the radio system of rapprochement and docking of the International Space Station and the Soyuz spacecraft, Soyuz’s engines started abnormally, which led to a slight change of the ISS location," Roscosmos said.

"All required measures to stabilize the ISS have been taken," it said.

Jun 09 13:17

Industry opposes Durbin/Blumenthal amendments to limit military access to dietary supplements

Orange or SodaStream, academic or artistic boycott, the penalties will grow worse the longer Israel persists in settling, exploiting and stealing Palestinian land.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess the military wants "virgin" bodies to test their experimental drugs on!

Jun 09 11:30

Newsweek thinks we will believe them if they use really large capital letters!

Jun 09 11:23

Obama’s EPA Regulations: 6,552x As Long As Constitution; 46x As Long As Bible

EPA has issued an average of about 1.45 regulations per calendar day since Obama became president -- Since President Barack Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued 3,373 new final regulations, equaling 29,770 pages in the Federal Register and totaling approximately 29,770,000 words, according to a count of the regulations published in the Federal Register.

Jun 09 11:19

The White House’s Contingency Plan if it Loses on Obamacare at the Supreme Court: Blame Republicans

Obamacare continues pathetic downward spiral -- The White House has long insisted that it has no contingency plans in place should the Supreme Court rule against the administration in King v. Burwell, a case that challenges the legality of Obamacare’s subsidies in the 36 states that opted not to create their own health insurance exchanges under the law.

Jun 09 11:05

Monsanto Proposes to Change Its Name to Escape Its PR Woes

“Monsanto wants to escape its ugly history by ditching its name,” said Gary Ruskin, co-director of U.S. Right to Know, a consumer group. “This shows how desperate Monsanto is to escape criticism: of its products, which raise environmental and health concerns, as well as concerns about corporate control of agriculture and our food system.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any suggestions for a new name? :)

Jun 09 10:59


The club that has been bringing together west’s most influential financiers, media moguls, industry captains, politicians and royalty for over six decades, is meeting this week in Austria. Some 140 guests are to visit the Telfs-Buchen alpine resort, where this year’s conference is to be held, just 20 km from the site of the G7 summit. The group has published its agendaand guest list ahead of the four-day private event.

Jun 09 10:53


"The merger process is still ongoing, and it's clear that Monsanto will keep making offers," Ruskin told Common Dreams. "It's so telling that Monsanto wants to ditch its own name. It speaks to how strong rejection of the company is in the United States and around the world."

Jun 09 10:42

Obama blasts Supreme Court for accepting challenge to health care law

President Obama assaulted the nation's top court and seemed to criticize the U.S. legal system as a whole Monday, with the former constitutional law professor declaring that the Supreme Court was wrong to even accept a challenge to his signature health care reform law and deriding the fact that an “individual district court judge” was able to derail his deportation amnesty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama's getting too big for his britches! He seems to forget that as the head of the Executive Branch, his job is to execute the will of the Congress, but only after the Supreme Court verifies the Constitutionality of the law. The President presides, he does not dictate. Obama has forgotten that simple rule.

Jun 09 10:33

Monsanto Ordered To Pay $93 Million For Poisoning Residents With Agent Orange

Earlier this month the State Supreme Court of West Virginia dealt a huge blow to the biotech company Monsanto, ordering it to pay $93 million to the small town of Nitro, West Virginia for poisoning local citizens with Agent Orange chemicals.

Approved last year, the details were only recently worked out a few weeks ago as to how the funds would be dispersed.

Jun 09 10:21

Pfizer Report Warns of Possible Zoloft and Birth Defect Link

A Pfizer Inc. report shows a scientist warned executives last year about a potential link between the anti-depressant drug Zoloft and birth defects and recommended changes to the medication’s safety warning.

The document from a Pfizer drug-safety official might complicate the company’s efforts to fend off lawsuits brought by parents of children with malformed hearts. Pfizer has consistently rejected suggestions Zoloft caused newborn abnormalities and said Monday the document was taken out of context by lawyers suing the company.

Pfizer faces more than 1,000 suits alleging the company sold Zoloft, once the U.S.’s most-prescribed anti-depressant, knowing it could cause cardiac abnormalities in newborns. The company successfully defended in the first lawsuit to go to trial in April, before the disclosure of the document last week in a Philadelphia case.

Jun 09 09:45

US hospitals overcharging patients ‘because they can’

A new study shows that 50 hospitals in the United States charge uninsured patients around 10 times more than the normal care cost.

Jun 09 09:34

Conventional doctors push trackable microchip implants to avoid having to provide manual health care

In an apparent effort to further depersonalize medicine, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is funding research into an implantable microchip capable of digitally monitoring the health of patients and reporting their vital statistics to doctors’ offices without the need for an actual doctor-patient interaction.

Jun 09 08:18

Kamchatka’s Zhupanovsky volcano spews ash 6 km above sea level

The eruption has been assigned an "orange" aviation danger colour code; the volcano may spew more ash up to eight kilometres high.

Jun 09 07:10

BBC Panorama Programme: Promoting GMO and Cultivating Ignorance

“There is no global or regional shortage of food. There never has been and nor is there ever likely to be. India has a superabundance of food. South America is swamped in food. The US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are swamped in food (e.g. Billen et al 2011). In Britain, like in many wealthy countries, nearly half of all row crop food production now goes to biofuels… China isn’t quite swamped but it still exports food… No foodpocalypse there either.”

Jonathon Latham

Jun 09 05:48


The massive diode array is powered by a huge lithium polymer battery pack (capable up dumping 250A) and the laser array is regulated by a whopping 24 LM317 drivers.

Jun 09 05:02

“Truman Show-esque alternate reality all around you” – 4 ways to spot Big Pharma’s astroturfing and media manipulation

Studies show – that people are gullible enough to believe anything if it appears on TV and sounds authoritative. Really?

Giant corporations and any other entities that pretty much own the entire galaxy – or act as though they do – have a tendency toward the chameleon behavior of astroturfing because it works so well.

Jun 08 20:51

Aircrew launch personal injury claims against British airlines over toxic fumes they say causes nausea, numbness and even death

Airline crew members from several different British airlines have launched personal injury claims against their employers claiming they have been poisoned by contaminated cabin air.

At least 17 former and current cabin crew staff who believe they are suffering from Aerotoxic Syndrome have today launched civil cases against their airlines, according to Unite the union.

Aerotoxic Syndrome is the term given to the illness caused by exposure to contaminated air in jet aircraft.

Jun 08 20:45

Oregano could help eradicate MRSA superbug

Scientists have discovered that the herb, commonly used in cooking, could eradicate the deadly infection from hospital wards.

A team at the University of the West of England in Bristol, working with partners in India, found that tiny quantities of carvacrol, a naturally occurring compound in oregano, is a more effective antimicrobial agent than 18 pharmaceutical drugs it was compared against.


Carvacrol has been found to contain potent anti-fungal and antibacterial properties with a range of medicinal uses.

It can sterilise septic water, kill giardia, treat fungal infections such as candida and rivals pharmaceutical antibiotics such as streptomycin and penicillin in its ability to eliminate microbes.

Jun 08 20:43

Hospital bugs 'spread by use of wet wipes to clean wards' according to first study of its kind

Medical wet wipes used to clean hospital wards are helping spread deadly superbugs, the first study of its kind has revealed.

The majority of UK hospitals support the use of clinical detergent wipes in the routine cleaning of wards.

But the study discovered that in ‘every instance’ the wet wipes actually spread the superbugs from one surface to another. Cardiff University scientists said the wipes were ‘not up to the job’ of eliminating superbugs.

Jun 08 15:56

Architecture and Engineering Faculties of Five Major Universities Receive Explosive 9/11 Evidence. . .

Massive Mailing Effort Undertaken After Campus Newspapers Refuse to Run AE911Truth Insert

One professor, who teaches neither architecture nor engineering, who was included in the outreach effort is none other than the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow — now "History" professor at the University of Virginia — nice to know that a known dual-citizen/government criminal is re-educating today's children with his version of 'his-story.'


Let's not forget part of his resume: Write's a Foreign Affairs article in 1998 titled, "Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger," predicting "a new Pearl Harbor" with his co-chairs, current U. S. Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter and former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch.

Jun 08 13:06


As a packed crowd watched from the grandstand, a 443-pound robot named CHIMP ground its rubberized feet against the pavement and began to climb a set of stairs at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds. Heaving back and forth in the afternoon sun, the 4-foot-11-inch robot struggled slowly upwards, finally mounting a platform to cheers from the crowd. Tony Stentz, the Carnegie Mellon University professor who led the effort to build CHIMP, hailed his team’s ability to “turn what could have been a disaster into a success.”

Jun 08 11:43

British Media Acknowledges Toxic Impacts of Vaccines. MSM Censorship on Behalf of Big Pharma is Crumbling?

The censorship Berlin Wall on vaccine injuries is starting to crumble… in the UK, at least, where mainstream media outlets there are suddenly covering the thousands of young girls and boys who are routinely damaged by toxic vaccines.

The pharma-controlled, vaccine-worshipping U.S. mainstream media, of course, hilariously pretends vaccines cause no damage to anyone. That’s part of the reason why no one believes the mainstream media anymore, which explains why mainstream media readership is plummeting while New Media readership is exploding. (Our new search engine for the New Media has already received over 4,500 new site submits from webmasters.)

Jun 08 11:40

Organic Farming Thrives in India as Growers Revert Back to Traditional Methods

Thousands of farmers throughout India are reverting back to traditional farming methods as the consequences of Western agriculture have begun to negatively impact the region’s food and water supply, and the health of its people.

More than 40 years after the “Green Revolution,” a period in which India’s agricultural yields skyrocketed following the introduction of commercial farming techniques, growers are returning to traditional, organic methods that date back to centuries ago.

In a last-ditch attempt to save the country’s weakened resources, and the health of its people, India has emerged as a global leader in organic farming, as they’ve welcomed 600,000 certified producers.

Jun 08 11:36

Swiss Supermarkets Stop Sale of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Due to Cancer Link

It’s no wonder Monsanto asked the WHO for a retraction when a group of their appointed scientists called the main chemical in Roundup, glyphosate, ‘probably carcinogenic.’ The fallout was and is immense. Now, two Swiss supermarket chains are ditching the biotech chemicals due to health concerns.

Jun 08 11:35

Obama says Supreme Court should never have taken up health law case, in blunt challenge

President Obama bluntly challenged the Supreme Court over a pending ruling on the validity of ObamaCare subsidies, complaining Monday that the court should never have taken up the case -- and warning that a ruling against subsidies would be a "twisted interpretation" of the law.

The president and his administration's legal team for months have fought the Affordable Care Act court challenge, which is over whether people who enrolled through the federal are entitled to subsidies.

But the president's comments on Monday, during a press conference on the sidelines of the G-7 summit in Germany, were perhaps his toughest to date. He strongly suggested the court would be running afoul of established legal guidance if it rules against the administration, and took the rare step of saying the court should have stayed out of this fight.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 08 11:04

Next Season's Flu Shot Is Going To Be Very Different

Next season's flu shot will contain two new flu strains that weren't present in last season's shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health officials are making the change in the hope that next season's flu shot — which will be released in the autumn — will be a better match to the strains that are actually circulating, and will do a better job of preventing flu cases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hoping?" I'll tell you what; when you can prove the vaccine actually works and causes no harm, get back to me. Until then, shut the hell up!

Jun 08 10:58

‘NHS hospitals wasting millions every year’

The latest review of the UK National Health Service (NHS) spending has revealed an excessive amount of waste, including too many staff holidays, soluble tablets and the purchase of latex gloves.

Jun 08 10:50


A former senior scientist from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been speaking out against GMOs, but his voice is especially noteworthy among the many scientists who talk about genetically modified organisms. Why? Because he studied the impacts of altered crops on the environment. Read on to find out what this expert has to say about a genetically modified world and the ‘pesticide treadmill’ that biotech has us all running on.

Dr. Ramon Seidler’s credentials are nothing to sneeze at. He was a professor of microbiology at Oregon State University for 16 years before he worked at the EPA. He holds many honors, too, including being listed by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England as one of the 2,000 outstanding World Scientists of the 20th Century.

Jun 08 10:50

Why is the Army hiring people to provide “emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US”?

Does the Army expect that there will soon be “disaster stricken” areas all over the country? As you will see in this article, a job advertisement has been posted on a federal website seeking workers that “will provide emergency support to disaster stricken areas throughout the US“.

Jun 08 10:01

Army Corps of Engineers seeking ‘civilian workers’ ahead of ‘impending national disaster’?

A tip was sent to me by a reader via email Saturday documenting out how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now soliciting civilian workers for “maintenance” positions ahead of what appears to be an upcoming and potentially ‘imminent event’ of some type.

Jun 08 09:52


?A fish headed towards Australiais primed to walk all over the continent’s ecological system — literally.
What the fish dangerous is that the climbing perch, or Anabas testudineus, would be disastrous for the native wildlife including not only other fish, but turtles and birds that might try to prey on it as well. That’s because when it’s swallowed, the fish swells inside the predator’s throat causing it to choke or starve, according to the Guardian.

Oh yeah. It can walk on land.

The fish is able to live for long periods out of water because it has lungs in addition to gills, Nathan Waltham, a senior researcher in wetland ecology at James Cook University, told the Guardian.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone looking at this critter and thinking Darwin was wrong about evolution, needs to have their head examined!!

Jun 08 09:47

Aloha: Hawaii sends its Obamacare exchange to the death panel

Cue up the Queen soundtrack… another one bites the dust. Hawaii is throwing in the towel and shutting down its state Obamacare exchange. $200M in federal taxpayer cash has essentially disappeared down a rat hole. Customers will instead be directed to the federal system.

Jun 08 09:25

Gardasil Survivors in Ireland Launch Support Group

The R.E.G.R.E.T. Support Group was launched recently in Ireland by parents of chronically ill teenage girls. These parents blame an injection the girls received at school as the cause of their daughters’ illness. The drug in question is called Gardasil and is being marketed as an anti-cancer vaccine. R.E.G.R.E.T. is an acronym for “Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma”.

Jun 08 09:24

M6.1 - 70km ENE of Mutsu, Japan

Jun 07 17:43

Comet 67P reveals surprise in ultraviolet spectrum, ESA reports

Data taken by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe, now orbiting comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, indicates an unexpected type of atomic interaction around the comet where water and carbon dioxide molecules are being broken apart. A report published in the journal Nature explains that the breaking-up process is being caused by electrons, as opposed to photons, as scientists would normally expect.

“It was a great surprise,” study leader Paul Feldman of Johns Hopkins University said.


Jun 07 12:10

Boeing just patented a drone that can fly forever

Depending on the specific application of the drone, the tether can be connected to a variety of sources including land- and ocean-based power supplies. The tether can even be connected to moving vehicles, allowing the drone to charge while flying. The patent — filed in March 2013 and approved this week — is a reasonable concept for an efficient and effective way to manage and charge a fleet of drones. Because the drones can fly indefinitely without landing, the system forgoes the need for landing and storage space. Of course, the drones would probably have to periodically land for maintenance.
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Jun 07 08:24

The Industrial Medical Complex – A Profiteering Weapon of Mass Destruction


Jun 07 06:25

Independent Researcher: Cold regions to follow magnetic poles in coming shift

Now is the time “to really get a grip on the understanding of what’s taking place on our earth right now during this period of magnetic reversal or attempt at magnetic reversal, this event that generally only occurs every 790,000 years.”, reported independent researcher maverickstar reloaded back in Feb. on his YouTube channel

Jun 06 17:57

There’s Something in the Water in Utah: E Coli

For the second time in as many months, Utah is facing a municipal water crisis. Back in April, the community of Nibley was unable to use the water from the taps due to a chemical spill. This time, the city of Syracuse, Utah has issued a boil order due to E. Coli and Coliform contamination in the water supply.

Jun 06 13:57

Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

We want to trust. We want, almost need, to believe that medical and pharmaceutical interventions have been vetted. When our doctors tell us not to worry, we want to take their word for it.

Unfortunately, history has shown us that every recalled drug, every banned intervention, from Vioxx to shoe-store foot x-rays bore government-approved claims for safety and efficacy before they were pulled from the market.

Ultrasound may be no different.

Jun 06 10:05

Why Texas Has More to Fear than the Rain

Well, it looks like Texas has solved one of those problems, albeit in the worst possible way. Over the past week, the state has been drenched in rain to the tune of 37.2 trillion gallons. That’s enough to cover the entire state in 8 inches of rain, most of which has fallen in the past few days. The soil throughout Texas is totally soaked, which means that even the smallest of rains could cause flooding.

Not that they haven’t had plenty of that already. As of writing this, 24 people have died due to flooding, hundreds have had to be rescued, and 11 more are still missing. Flash floods are stranding drivers and rising waters have washed away homes. While minor streams are overflowing and low lying areas are quickly being submerged, larger waterways such as the Trinity River that runs through Dallas, have risen to their highest levels since 1989. By all accounts this is an abnormal event, even for the flood prone region.

Jun 06 08:45

Organic Takeover: Toxic Food Makers Lose $4 Billion in Sales in One Year

Consumers are leaving toxic food makers’ products behind on grocery store shelves faster than you can say ‘organic.’ Big Food lost $4 billion in sales last year alone due to their inability to answer market demand for non-GM, organic food that doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, gluten, antibiotics, growth hormones, MSG, and other toxic additives. Meanwhile, organic food is absolutely exploding.

Jun 06 08:43

Egg Rationing in America has Officially Begun

In recent days, an ominous sign has appeared throughout Texas. “Eggs [are] not for commercial sale,” read warnings, printed on traditional 8 1/2-by-11-inch pieces of white paper and posted at H-E-B grocery stores across Texas. “The purchase of eggs is limited to 3 cartons of eggs per customer.”

Jun 06 08:40

Jury Sends Message to Cops, Go Find Real Criminals, Acquits Man on Felony Pot Charges

In the words of Big Journalism correspondent John Nolte at Breitbart News, today's mainstream media is rife with "liars, frauds, partisans, cheats, plagiarists, and those who tolerate, defend and enable all of them."

In fact, he continues, "there is no American institution -- not the NFL, not the tobacco companies, not any corporation or enterprise regularly targeted by the media -- that engages in anywhere near the amount of fraud and dishonesty that serially oozes from Our Media Overlords."

One of the most regular abusers of the public trust -- though always reporting under the guise of honesty and integrity -- is one of the country's legacy newspapers and serial Pulitzer Prize winners: The Washington Post.

Jun 06 08:39

Europe turning against vaccines

“Europeans are turning away from vaccines, amid rising distrust of immunization for infectious diseases,” begins an article earlier this year in EurActiv, the journal of record for the European Community, published in over a dozen languages and widely read by journalists as a go-to-source for emerging policy debates in Europe.

As evidence for its claim, the article cites the French National Institute for Prevention and Health Education, which found that “distrust of vaccination has risen from 10% in 2005 to 40% in 2010,” as well as pointing to a major conference held in Italy last year, The State of Health of Vaccination in the EU.

Jun 06 08:31

Judge upholds Oregon county's GMO ban in rare democratic win vs. Monsanto

A federal judge has partially dismissed a lawsuit brought by two local commercial alfalfa farmers in Oregon and backed by biotech giant Monsanto who sought to overturn a Jackson County ordinance banning the use of GMO seeds.

Jun 06 08:04

What Makes a Makerspace?

By Brian Berletic

Makerspaces can be many things to many different kinds of people. To some, it is a club where geeks can work on fun projects together. To others, it is a place to learn something new and interesting and even sometimes something very useful...

Understanding the different kinds of makerspaces that exist today, and by mixing and matching what works best at each, can give us a formula to form a more diverse and appealing space within our own local communities...

Jun 06 07:43

“Amazon, Google Race to Get Your DNA Into the Cloud” Inc is in a race against Google Inc to store data on human DNA, seeking both bragging rights in helping scientists make new medical discoveries and market share in a business that may be worth $1 billion a year by 2018.

Jun 06 07:25

40 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

When common household goods like baking soda have hundreds of different uses from shampoo to cleaning product to deodorizer, it make us question why we even need such a vast assortment of products in our everyday lives.
Another one of these versatile, environmentally-friendly products is apple cider vinegar. Looking for a new mouthwash? Apple cider vinegar.

Jun 06 07:25

There’s Something in the Water in Utah: E Coli

For the second time in as many months, Utah is facing a municipal water crisis. Back in April, the community of Nibley was unable to use the water from the taps due to a chemical spill. This time, the city of Syracuse, Utah has issued a boil order due to E. Coli and Coliform contamination in the water supply.

It seems that across the country, more and more water crises are occurring, underlining the need for all households to possess an emergency water supply.

The contamination was discovered after residents complained that the color of the water coming from their taps was “off”.

Jun 06 07:23

Things That Will Take You by Surprise on Your First Trip to the US (25 pics)

Popularity of peanut butter Along with hamburgers and pizzas, peanut butter can be considered an American staple. While Americans love peanut butter and eat tons of it, to people from many other countries, the sweet-salty tasting spread may prove too much for them

Jun 05 11:55

Did the Pentagon Send Live Anthrax to Itself?

Last week it was revealed that the Pentagon accidentally sent out dozens of live anthrax cultures to laboratories across the United States. The DoD routinely ships inert anthrax samples to research facilities to study, but in this case, the samples were not thoroughly inactivated before they were sent (sometimes by FedEx) to unsuspecting researchers. Since that time, the number of dangerous deliveries sent by the Pentagon has risen to 50 in 18 states, which is expected to rise in the coming days and weeks.

Now the story has taken an interesting turn, with the news reporting that the Department of Defense may have sent live anthrax to their own headquarters, the Pentagon. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency was apparently on the list of locations that received the tainted Anthrax batch sent by the Dugway facility.

(read more)

Jun 05 10:46


When the world first got wind of a $900 stipend being offered to young scholars to partake in GMO banana trials to be tested on live, human, Iowa State University students, many were in an uproar. Most people were quite certain that the “informed consent document” that ISU lead researcher Wendy White gave to students did not disclose the health risks associated with eating GMOs of any kind.
Since then, the informed consent document was redacted and revised, but it is still being accused of exemplifying special interests. It is really nothing more than a bulleted list of biotech talking points, none truly addressing what these college students would really be subjecting themselves to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The callous disregard shown to these students in this experiment typifies the corporate thought process about people put potentially in harm's way by using their products; and that is people are completely expendable for the good of the bottom line.

Jun 05 10:17

Dr. Easterbrook Global Warming HOAX & Facts

Dr. D. Easterbrook supplies us with true data as opposed to the lies we are fed by the corrupt dictators trying to continually brainwash the masses into FEAR

Jun 05 10:07

Head transplantation surgery currently impossible — leading Russian surgeon

Head transplantation planned by an Italian neurosurgeon will be impossible until medical science solves the problem of spine regeneration, a leading Russian surgeon told TASS on Friday.
Academician Anzor Khubutia, director of the Moscow-based Sklifosovsky emergency hospital, said Sergio Canavero's plans to perform history's first human head transplant were absolutely "reckless".

Jun 05 09:41

FLASHBACK - Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )

Jun 05 09:36

FLASHBACK - The Ten Worst Drug Recalls In The History Of The FDA

Many dangerous drugs have slipped past the FDA and found their way into the marketplace. When the agency approves a dangerous drug, there can be a number of consequences, often times tragic. Once news of a tragedy reaches the public, pressure mounts for FDA policy to change, as happened after the Thalidomide controversy in the 1960s.

Jun 05 09:05

Vitamin C shown to annihilate cancer

Conducted in vitro, lab tests were performed by injecting high doses of vitamin C into human ovarian cells. These test were also performed on mice and a group of 22 human subjects. The test, according to BBC News, showed the vitamin C competently targeted the ovarian cancer cells while averting healthy cells. This major finding could potentially save millions of lives and at only a fraction of the price of modern cancer treatments. Dr. Jeanne Drisko, co-author of the study, stated to BBC News, "Patients are looking for safe and low-cost choices in their management of cancer. Intravenous vitamin C has that potential based on our basic science research and early clinical data."

Jun 05 09:02

Is titanium dioxide a safe filling agent?

Take a look at products that commonly contain the additive in your fridge. Find titanium dioxide listed on the ingredients of any of the following items that commonly contain the additive.

• Cottage, cream and processed cheeses
• Condiments including mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish cream, and vinegar
• Nut spreads such as almond or peanut butter
• Desserts such as custard, tapioca pudding, sherbet or sorbet
• Sausages
• Processed deli meats
• Confectionery sugar
• Canned fish products
• Dairy drinks including chocolate milk, eggnog, kefir or whey-based drinks
• Prepared foods such as potato and macaroni salad, and foods containing battered fish or poultry
• Energy drinks labeled as "sport," "energy," or "electrolyte" beverages with a water base
• Processed snacks like Twinkies and powdered donuts
• Many different supplements contain the filler

Jun 05 08:58

Toxic ingredients used in nail salons causing manicurists to miscarry

Apart from inadequate pay, manicurists are continually exposed to a range of harmful chemicals routinely used in the salon that result in cancer, miscarriages, and respiratory and skin ailments. Some manicurists who worked in salons while pregnant report having one, two or even three miscarriages.

Others report giving birth to children who suffer from mental retardation, leaving them unable to walk and speak properly.

"The stories have become so common that older manicurists warn women of child-bearing age away from the business, with its potent brew of polishes, solvents, hardeners and glues that nail workers handle daily," reports The Times.

Jun 05 08:22

‘Dangerous’ Domoic Acid Levels Prompt Seafood Warning in California

Due to “dangerous levels” of domoic acid found in some species, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is advising consumers not to eat recreationally harvested mussels and clams, commercially or recreationally caught anchovy and sardines, or the internal organs of commercially or recreationally caught crab taken from Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

Department officials are working with commercial fisherman in the area to ensure that recently harvested anchovy and sardines were not distributed into the human food supply.

Molluscan bivalve shellfish, anchovy and sardines are especially of concern because the toxin resides in their digestive tract and these seafood products are normally not eviscerated prior to consumption.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Earlier reports of the warning implied a link to Fukushima, but there does not seem to be a connection.

Jun 05 07:56

Universe is Not Expanding After All, Controversial Study Suggests

In their study, the scientists tested one of the striking predictions of the Big Bang theory – that ordinary geometry does not work at great distances.

In the space around us, on Earth, in the Solar System and our Milky Way Galaxy, as similar objects get farther away, they look fainter and smaller. Their surface brightness, that is the brightness per unit area, remains constant.

In contrast, the Big Bang theory tells us that in an expanding Universe objects actually should appear fainter but bigger. Thus in this theory, the surface brightness decreases with the distance. In addition, the light is stretched as the Universe expanded, further dimming the light.

So in an expanding Universe the most distant galaxies should have hundreds of times dimmer surface brightness than similar nearby galaxies, making them actually undetectable with present-day telescopes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jun 05 07:52


If the practitioner really truly believes their products are safe and effective, they should not have any reason not to sign this agreement, which is a direct contract that bypasses the indemnification of the Homeland Security Act.

If the practitioner does hesitate, or outright refuses to sign, then you have all the proof you need that the shot being prescribed is not safe and that the practitioner knows it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


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WRH Exclusive
Jun 05 07:43

Petitions launched to demand Home Depot and Lowe's pull cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide from store shelves

As news of glyphosate's toxicity continues to spread, retailers across Europe are dropping the deadly chemical in rapid succession. Over just the last few days, Swiss supermarkets have halted sales of the hazardous chemical, with both Coop and Migros now removing glyphosate products from store shelves.

Earlier, German retailer REWE also halted sales of glyphosate products, and German ministers have called for an EU-wide ban on glyphosate. Similarly, the entire Dutch Parliament recently voted to ban glyphosate sales to individuals across the entire country.

Glyphosate is the key ingredient in Roundup herbicide, and it's currently sold to consumers in retail stores across America, including Lowe's, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and many others.

Jun 05 07:42

Is your child eating cancer-causing glyphosate for breakfast? Most likely, yes

Although there aren't any genetically modified oats on the marketplace today, that doesn't mean we should run to stores with open arms, thankful that we're eating healthy foods. The truth is, products containing oats are typically sprayed with the cancer-causing herbicide ingredient -- you know, the one that a division of the World Health Organization recently deemed "probably carcinogenic to humans" -- known as glyphosate.(1,2)

See, unfortunately, it's perfectly acceptable for non-GMO crops to be sprayed with glyphosate, so long as it's done prior to planting or just before harvest. In the instance of non-organic oats, they're sprayed with glyphosate (Roundup's active ingredient), so they're essentially in the same health-harming category as Roundup Ready GM corn, canola and soy.(2)

Jun 05 07:34

‘Killer Germs’ Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals

The ritualistic use of plant smoke stretches back to the prehistorical era and is still used, the world over, as a way of ‘cleansing’ the spirit. Now modern scientific research reveals that the practice may actually have life-saving implications by purifying the air of harmful bacteria.

The burning of herbs and plant resins for medicinal and spiritual purposes – so-called ‘smudging’ – is an ancient practice among indigenous people around the world; one increasingly adopted by Westerners. Smudging is a technology believed to unlock the ‘spirits’ of various plant allies to restore balance and ease to the individual or group. Some liken it to taking a ‘spiritual shower,’ enabling you to wash away emotional and spiritual negativity that accumulates in your body and the spaces you live.

Jun 05 06:29

Fracking causes lower birth weights - study

In an alarming new study, University of Pittsburgh researchers revealed that pregnant parents who live in close proximity to fracking wells are more likely than their counterparts, who live farther away, to have babies with lower birth weights.

Jun 05 04:14

GMO Corn – the POISON plant everyone eats

Just about everyone loves corn, especially fresh corn-on-the-cob in summer. Well, maybe “corn-aholics” ought to research the effects of modern GMO corn before taking another bite. Don’t pop that corn yet!

Jun 04 18:23

Oil Tycoon Attacks Anti-Fracking Researchers

Jun 04 17:20

2+2=5: EPA Says Fracking Water Safe To Drink

The Environmental Protection Agency has decreed the natural-gas producing hydraulic fracturing process, otherwise known as “fracking,” has no detrimental effect on ground water, despite documented evidence to the contrary.

Jun 04 15:00

Harvard, Syracuse Researchers Caught Lying to Boost Obama Climate Rules

E-mails obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency show that Harvard University, Syracuse University and two of their researchers appear to have falsely claimed a study supporting EPA’s upcoming global warming rules was conducted “independent(ly)” of the agency.

Jun 04 14:05

Connecticut House Votes 142-2: Bill Would Legalize Hemp Farming, Effectively Nullify Federal Ban

On Monday, the Connecticut state House approved a bill today that would remove the ban on industrial hemp in the state, setting the state to effectively nullify in practice the federal prohibition on the same.

Jun 04 13:59

If it first you don’t succeed, Lie, Lie again : NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming ‘Hiatus’

“It’s the same story all over again; the adjustments go towards cooling the past and thus increasing the slope of temperature rise,” Tisdale and Watts added. “Their intent and methods are so obvious they’re laughable.”

Jun 04 13:04

The Red Cross’ Secret Disaster

. . . . Red Cross officials at national headquarters in Washington, D.C. compounded the charity’s inability to provide relief by “diverting assets for public relations purposes,” as one internal report puts it. Distribution of relief supplies, the report said, was “politically driven.”

During Isaac, Red Cross supervisors ordered dozens of trucks usually deployed to deliver aid to be driven around nearly empty instead, “just to be seen,” one of the drivers, Jim Dunham, recalls.

“We were sent way down on the Gulf with nothing to give,” Dunham says. The Red Cross’ relief effort was “worse than the storm.”

During Sandy, emergency vehicles were taken away from relief work and assigned to serve as backdrops for press conferences, angering disaster responders on the ground.

Jun 04 13:03

Thanks Obama: Health Premiums to Soar

Health premiums for Americans are about to go through the roof, and even the vaunted Obamacare can’t help them.

Jun 04 12:07

Sherry Leedy exhibit captures eerie, abandoned New York psychiatric hospital

Avery Danziger didn’t just create art, he introduced a mystery.

On one of the photographer’s many excursions to the abandoned Harlem Valley/Wingdale State Hospital in New York, he spent the night shooting the facility’s exterior. It wasn’t until he reviewed the images in his Connecticut studio that he noticed an apparition in the sky. A giant question mark.

“I, nor anyone else who has looked at this picture, have any idea what this is,” Danziger says. “There is the distinct possibility that this is a very unique and possibly exclusive image of something very extraordinary.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It looks like the contrail produced by a pulse detonation jet engine.

Jun 04 11:16

2015 Dietary Guidelines Continue Failed Low-Fat Advice

Despite a growing body of evidence that low-fat diets are harmful to health, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for American Committee (DGAC) continues to recommend failed low-fat advice in it’s latest Advisory Report and request for public comment [].

The Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education foundation, recently filed comments that detail serious inconsistencies and bias in the Report. For example, the Committee recommends avoidance of red meat, but notes serious nation-wide deficiencies in protein, iron and zinc, nutrients best supplied by red meat. In addition, the Report continues warnings against animal fats like butter and lard, while urging increased consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils. Animal fats provide vitamins A and D, nutrients also lacking in the American diet, while the omega-6 vegetable oils are linked to cancer and heart disease.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But it makes money!!!"