Jan 19 09:49

Should Children be Allowed to try Cannabis Before Chemo?

As the movement to legalize cannabis continues to gain momentum, and as more research is conducted, we are discovering that this easy-to-grow plant is effective in treating many difficult illnesses, and surprisingly many types of deadly cancers. Cancer treatment in the U.S. has become its own industry, and even though chemotherapy admittedly over-prescribed and is known to have many devastating side effects, chemo and radiation are still the treatments most touted by doctors and the medical establishment.

Many people are seeking out medical marijuana as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment, and success stories are easy to find. Yet, underage cancer patients sometimes find that their legal rights when fighting cancer are unclear, and that when the state decides to intervene, their personal sovereignty may be compromised.

Jan 19 09:45

Cancer $creening Doesn’t Save Lives, Meta-Study Reveals


Should we be looking for disease in people who don't have any symptoms? A large new study indicates the answer is NO.

Jan 19 09:15

Future hollow Earth expedition planned, Dr. Agnew explains

Is the Earth hollow? All evidence points to yes!

Jan 19 09:00

Social Services To Family: ‘Get Flu Shots Or We’re Taking Your Baby’

The Washington Department of Social and Health Services is about to change the very nature of who is or is not responsible for making life changing decisions for your children. Whether you agree with yearly flu vaccines or not, the following report from Tacoma, Washington should scare the hell out of you because if the government moves forward with their threats then every child in America will effectively become a ward of the state.

Jan 19 08:38

Vitamin D supplementation reduces need for respiratory support, study suggests

Additionally -- and more pertinent to this particular study -- proper vitamin D levels have been linked to improvements in lung function, further reinforcing the importance of its supplementation.

Previous studies have delved into this very matter, with results showing that vitamin D plays a significant role in boosting respiratory health. One finding, for example, honed in on "the known effects of vitamin D on immune function... in relation to respiratory health." Its population-based study concluded that "Vitamin D appears capable of inhibiting pulmonary inflammatory responses while enhancing innate defence mechanisms against respiratory pathogens." In addition to boosting the immune system overall, vitamin D was found to improve lung function in those suffering from respiratory-inflammation conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jan 19 08:36

Fructose causes reproductive problems, earlier death, study shows

An open-air mouse barn, using mice that normally tend to inhabit homes and restaurants, was created to observe male and female mice over a 32-week period. Protected tubs and open trays with vertical tube feeding stations were used to feed sucrose and HFCS proportionally to what most humans eat.

The researchers discovered that female mice that ate HFCS died earlier and had very poor reproduction cycles compared to sucrose-consuming mice. On the other hand, male mice showed no difference in toxicity from HFCS to sucrose or table sugar.

Both were equally toxic, affecting their ability to hold a territory and reproduce. The researchers concluded that all added sugars are toxic in some way, but HFCS is worse

Jan 19 08:34

Harvard professors who helped construct Obamacare are furious that they're not exempt

There's no clearer indictment of the kind of thinking that was responsible for the creation of Obamacare in the first place -- and the problems associated with its implementation in the real world -- than the recent flap that was engendered when Harvard professors realized that they are not exempt from the changes in their health plans that the Affordable Care Act helped bring about.

The irony is contained in the fact that Harvard is one of the institutions that was largely responsible for drafting and endorsing the Obamacare model. But now that the ivory tower profs are being forced to have a taste of their own medicine (pun intended), they -- like most Americans -- are now claiming that the flavor is somewhat bitter.

Jan 18 23:09

The Importance of Being Angry

Anger is a vitally important evolutionary gift and without it we are perpetual victims. Anger has two primary evolutionary functions: to let us know when we are being threatened or attacked (whether by a more 'subtle' abuse or in an explicitly violent manner) while also giving us the power to respond effectively to this threat/attack.

Jan 18 17:40

Dr. Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski’s gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970?s called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and has been given permission by the FDA to begin the final phase of FDA testing–randomized controlled clinical trials.

Jan 18 14:44

This 88-year-old doctor treats the poor out of his Toyota Camry. Mississippi wants to punish him for it.

They arrest people for feeding homeless people in some cities. And God forbid you are a doctor in Mississippi with an excellent reputation who wants to treat people for free. Can’t have that. Many of Dr. Landrum’s patients can’t afford to drive to a doctor’s office. So he comes and sees them. I thought that was called a “house call.”

Jan 18 09:23

US Musicians Drafted into CIA’s MKULTRA

Here is a bit of US history that illustrates the reach of the CIA’s infamous mind-control program, MKULTRA.

Some would say the 1940s and 50s were the most vibrant and innovative period in the history of jazz.

During those years, it was common knowledge that musicians who were busted for drug use were shipped, or volunteered to go, to Lexington, Kentucky. Lex was the first Narcotics Farm and US Health Dept. drug treatment hospital in the US.

According to diverse sources, here’s a partial list of the reported “hundreds” of jazz musicians who went to Lex: Red Rodney, Sonny Rollins, Chet Baker, Sonny Stitt, Howard McGhee, Elvin Jones, Zoot Sims, Lee Morgan, Tadd Dameron, Stan Levey, Jackie McLean.

It’s also reported that Ray Charles was there, and William Burroughs, Peter Lorre, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

It was supposed to be a rehab center. A place for drying out.

Jan 18 09:14

You Won’t Believe Which Big-Name Groups are Opposed to Flu Vaccine Mandates

by Missy Fluegge

Labor unions representing professionals and skilled workers from many fields have publicly opposed mandatory vaccination in written statements to a government organization. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, skilled laborers, teachers, flight attendants, manufacturing employees, energy workers, and members of many more professions have spoken out against mandatory vaccines to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC).

This news is not new, but you probably didn’t know that so many labor unions and trade groups are collectively against mandatory vaccination. These groups, representing millions of workers, include names that may surprise you...

Jan 18 08:54

Agency will confiscate infant if entire family doesn’t get flu shots

A state bureaucracy is threatening a mother with removal of an infant unless her entire family subjects themselves to flu shots.

Mrs. Smith is a dedicated foster mom, and has fostered seven babies. She currently raises five children, including an adopted 4-year-old daughter. Her objection to vaccines is based on safety concerns for her family, she revealed in an interview with KOMO News:

“I’ve done a lot of research on it and I don’t like some of the side effects that it has,” she said.

Among the alarming vaccine ingredients that Mrs. Smith referred to is Thimerosal, a drug stabilizer that contains the compound ethyl mercury, a known neurotoxin. Popular influenza vaccines such as Fluzone®, FluLaval®, and Fluvirin® each contain Thimerosal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That this dedicated mom, who took the trouble to do her due diligence on the chemical composition of the flu vaccine, should be demonized for having done so, demonstrates an absolute, out of control on steroids,State government department, run amok.

Families with skills and kids, get the hell out of this country while you still can. The window for your exodus is closing incrementally.

Jan 18 08:42

The Woman Who Thinks Reducing the Male Population by 90 Percent Will Solve Everything

The Femitheist is a 22-year-old criminology student with a three-year-old. One angry day in 2012 she took to the Internet to outline the brutal concept of International Castration Day. After posting it on YouTube she stepped out for a coffee. Returning home a few hours later, she found that all gnashing male hell had broken loose.

Her argument was that only through the reduction of the male population to between 1 and 10 percent of their current number we can approach “true equality”.

Jan 18 08:31

A 24-year-old Ypsilanti man has become the first person in Michigan to walk out of a hospital with a totally artificial heart.

A 24-year-old Ypsilanti man has become the first person in Michigan to walk out of a hospital with a totally artificial heart.
The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is connected to two tubes in Stan Larkin's chest. They snake out from under his ribs and connect to a 13-pound compressor carried in his backpack.

Jan 18 08:28

Chief of Obamacare rollout resigns amid allegations of misconduct

The top Obama official overseeing the so-called rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, commonly called ObamaCare, has notified the administration on Friday that she his leaving her position after serving five years. Marilyn Tavenner, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) administrator, said she will official vacate her office in February.

Tavenner's service included the rollout snafu in which the multi-million dollar website cause enormous problems for both the Obama administration and the Americans attempting to enroll. It also included allegations of "gaming the numbers" when it was discovered the administration released a report containing inflated enrollment statistics.

Jan 18 01:51

The Bizarre Future of Genetic Engineering for the Masses

The Singularity University, which was founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, and is funded by mega corporations like Google, has unveiled a device that can create millions of strands of DNA from scratch, and they think it will allow DNA to become a “consumer product”. Buckle-up, you’re about to see ego and hubris at its finest.

Jan 17 20:10

Father arrested in Australia for successfully treating his dying cancer-ridden toddler with cannabis oil

A family Facebook feud with a baby's suffering in the balance

Jan 17 10:35

Why is Washington's CPS Treating Marijuana Different Than Alcohol?

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Why is the CPS treating marijuana differently than alcohol in Washington state? Child Protective Services have torn apart a young family over marijuana, a legal substance in the state.

ABC's 20/20 is reporting that this family ran a legal marijuana dispensary from the old days when people needed permission from doctors to use the plant...

Jan 17 10:07

Humans have brought world’s oceans to brink of ‘major extinction event’

But 'proactive intervention' could still avert marine disaster, researchers find

Jan 16 20:33

Prescription painkillers’ overuse has become ‘silent epidemic’

In 2012, Americans received nearly 260 million prescriptions for opiate painkillers. Now, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a white paper that reports “a dire need for research” to make up for the “scant” evidence that opioid painkillers should be used to treat chronic pain.

Jan 16 16:57

Chuck Norris Raises Red Flag Over Monsanto

The reason it should be on our radar now is that glyphosate is under a standard registration review by the Environmental Protection Agency. The agency is determining whether glyphosate use should continue as is or be limited or even halted.

Jan 16 16:44


Look at the comments on youtube.... Why is this even being OFFERED to people with "side effects" like that!?

Jan 16 13:23

McDonald's Just Recalled 1 Million Chicken McNuggets for a Super-Gross Reason

McDonald's Japan is having a rough start to 2015. Last week, the company apologized after a customer found plastic fragments in an order of Chicken McNuggets, which were thought to have been produced at a Cargill factory in Thailand. McDonald's pulled out nearly 1 million McNuggets from the factory in one day. The same week, a customer in Misawa found a piece of vinyl in an order of McNuggets.

In a statement about the plastic contamination, company spokesman Takashi Hasegasa said, "We deeply apologize for the trouble we have caused our customers and we are taking quick measures to analyze the cause of the contamination."

Plastic and vinyl are, sadly, not the only gross items that customers have found in their McDonald's meals over the past year. In August, the company received a complaint from a customer in Osaka who had found the shard of a human tooth in an order of french fries. It was unclear at press time if the customer was in fact "lovin' it."

Jan 16 09:34

Costa Rica Court Rules Process for GMO Approval Unconstitutional

In a ruling Thursday lauded by Costa Rica’s anti-GMO activists, the country’s Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, struck down the government’s regulatory framework on genetically modified organisms, declaring the process of approval for GMO projects unconstitutional...

Jan 16 08:59

Boy confesses he did not go to heaven; Publisher to pull book

Nearly five years after it hit best-seller lists, a book that purported to be a 6-year-old boy's story of visiting angels and heaven after being injured in a bad car crash is being pulled from shelves. The young man at the center of The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, Alex Malarkey, said this week that the story was all made up.

Jan 16 08:26

Can Ayahuasca Cure PTSD?

Waking Times

Donald “Donnie” Bumanglag spoke with Reset just months after sipping the psychedelic, sacred, traditional healing brew ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon. Unlike many of his fellow participants in the week long retreat program, Donnie is a 33-year-old veteran military combat medic and father of four. And, like many veterans, he was on the verge of suicide due to severe PTSD symptoms prior to his visit to the jungle (22 veterans take their own lives in the U.S. each day according to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs).

Jan 16 08:16

Elon Musk Donates $10M to Eradicating Threat of Artificial Intelligence

by TechSwarm

Elon Musk has been one of many tech luminaries who have recently intensified their concerns about the threat of Artificial Intelligence run amok. Following a reading of Nick Bostrom's book "Superintelligence," Musk stated that advanced A.I. without proper ethical boundaries are "potentially more dangerous than nukes." Stephen Hawking has said much the same, and universities such as Cambridge have said that "terminators" are one of the greatest threats to mankind according to their study program Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.

The concern has manifested into serious research being conducted to ensure that robots know their limits. The United Nations has taken up the discussion; the U.S. military is being forced to address the issue; and even one Canadian robot manufacturer has issued an open letter urging his colleagues to proceed with the utmost caution, and to support the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots...

Jan 16 08:07

Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government's prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy.

Jan 16 07:41

FCC to vote on Obama’s call for government-run internet next month

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote in February to decide whether municipalities can bypass state laws to provide their own internet service – a policy that President Barack Obama threw his weight behind earlier this week.

The vote is controversial but has support from the Obama administration, and proponents say it would give the public more options and faster service. Many Republicans and opponents argue that permitting such behavior exceeds the FCC’s authority.

Jan 16 07:38

USDA approves Monsanto's new GMO soybeans, cotton

Monsanto Co. received final U.S. approval on Thursday for herbicide-tolerant crops to be used with a new herbicide the Creve Coeur-based company says will fight problematic weed resistance on farm fields, but critics say will only worsen the problems.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service said the genetically modified cotton and soybean plants are granted “non-regulated” status. Monsanto is still waiting for final approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for the herbicide it designed to be used with the crops.

Jan 16 07:12

Off the Grid? Or Make Your Own Grid?

by Brian Berletic

There are many reasons people want to get "off the grid." From unstable energy prices, to environmental concerns, to even just a search for independence, the list is long and diverse. Just as diverse are attempts to "get off the grid." But as one community in Thailand is proving, sometimes building your own grid is just as good, maybe better.

The "Pa Deng model" is a project born out of necessity. The national power grid simply didn't reach the farms and villages in this remote sub-district located south of Bangkok along the border with Myanmar in Phetchaburi province. Several failed attempts at simply handing out technology had frustrated many, and the founders of this project, including one Ministry of Energy employee, decided to take matters into their own hands...

Jan 16 06:56

Busted: Popular Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Loaded with Aluminum, Fluoride and Phosphates!

Like many of you, I believed Dr Joel Wallach, and Alex Jones, when they said that Youngevity was a leader in the field of nutrition and that their Beyond Tangy Tangerine was a superior product, second to none. I was convinced that I was doing my body good…

It was only after I read claims on the Internet that BTT was loaded with heavy metals that I decided to find out for myself…after all, my wife and I had been taking BTT daily for several years already and I wanted to know once and for all if the rumors were true.

So a few months ago I sent a sample of BTT 2.0 ( 2 scoops in 8oz distilled H20) to an independent Swiss laboratory for toxicological analysis and the results are in…

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 is “contaminated “

Jan 16 06:52

Chantix (varenicline), thoughts of suicide/self-injury and homicide

Some history: In 2008, my organization, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) commented on an unexpectedly large number of serious psychiatric and other ADEs for this drug. Specifically, we expressed concern about thoughts (ideation) of suicide, self-injury, or homicide. Also, in addition to these risks, Chantix has been associated with sudden blackouts, seizures, and impaired vision. We thought it was troubling that an alternative to nicotine replacement products (gum, patch, etc.) was the primary suspect in more reported cases of serious injury than toxic chemotherapeutic agents, potent opioids, or powerful immunosuppressant drugs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason I am running all these stories about Chantix and suicide is because last night I learned a close friend lost a family member to suicide in what has become a clear pattern. No prior signs of depression or risk of harm to self or others, put on Chantix to quit smoking, followed by erratic behavior and suicide. This is the second time this problem has hit so close to home, with another friend losing her husband the exact same way a couple years ago.

This is fascism in its ugliest form; a government that allows the sale of dangerous products by corporations, indeed protects them, in exchange for campaign contributions. In 2011, the FDA actually came out and said there was no link between Chantix and suicide, in a cover-up reminiscent of the CDC's report that there was no link between vaccines and autism, since admitted to have been a fraud by one of the authors of the CDC study.

FDA and CDC are funded with your tax dollars. They are supposed to be looking out for the safety and welfare of the taxpayers, not of large corporations.

Jan 16 06:29

Chantix, Smoking-Cessation Drug, Raises Suicide Risks, New Study Shows

Pfizer's smoking cessation drug Chantix carries too many risks and should only be tried when other treatments fail, researchers said on Wednesday.

Chantix was eight times more likely to be linked with a reported case of suicidal behavior or depression than other nicotine replacement products, such as the nicotine patch, they said.

Jan 16 06:26

FDA: Anti-smoking drug Chantix linked to more than 500 suicides

In 2007, Mark Alan Whitley turned to the Pfizer drug Chantix to help him kick his smoking habit. Chantix did help Whitely quit, but something else happened to the Minnesota man. His behavior became erratic and on November 29, 2007, Whitely killed himself. That same month, Pfizer added a warning to Chantix's label reflecting reports of depression, agitation and other behavior changes connected with the drug. In January 2008, the label was updated again to include suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior. A year and a half later, the FDA required what's known as a black box warning for Chantix, the most serious warning possible, saying doctors should monitor their patients for behaviors including "attempted suicide."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Label? Why is this even being sold at all?!?

Jan 16 06:24

Chantix, smoking cessation drug, blamed in murder-suicide

A Eugene woman whose husband killed the couple's son and himself has sued the dentist who prescribed her husband a nicotine-cessation drug and the hospital that determined he was not a danger to himself or others two days before the slayings.

Lamae Stout has sued dentist Matthew McLaughlin and PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center's University District hospital in Lane County Circuit Court, The Eugene Register-Guard reported.

The lawsuit seeks $2.2 million in damages.

Jan 15 22:19

Al Gore, wrong again – Polar ice continues to thrive

and so do food crops

Jan 15 19:53

Squam Lake Ice Harvest

Ice harvest at Squam Lake, NH. One of the last of its kind.

Jan 15 18:37

VIDEO: DARPA's Six-legged Snake Monster is first of new breed of reconfigurable modular robots

Initial demonstrations of autonomous walking of "Snake Monster", a hexapod robot built with modular actuators from the Biorobotics Lab's snake robot project, at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. The series-elastic actuators in each joint allow simultaneous position-velocity-torque control, enabling compliant motions using a simple alternating-tripod walking gait. This work is funded by the DARPA M3 program.

Jan 15 16:45

Ebola in Scotland: Patient from Fife under investigation as suspected second case of deadly disease

A PERSON from Auchtermuchty in Fife is being investigated as potentially the second case of the deadly virus ebola to be detected in Scotland. The patient had recently returned from west Africa.

Jan 15 16:41

‘Uncaged Corporate Parrots’ and the GMO False Narrative

British Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has stated that genetically modified (GM) food should be grown in Britain because it is more ‘eco-friendly’. She adds that steps should be taken to speed up this development. Her statements come as little surprise to many because Truss’s predecessor, Owen Paterson, was also a staunch supporter of GM technology.He was so staunch in his support that fellow Conservative Party MP Zak Goldsmith stated Paterson was little more than an industry puppet (see here). Paterson was ignorant of or quite content to ignore the devastating, deleterious health, environmental, social and economic impacts of GMOs (see here). He acted as a mouthpieces for the GMO biotech sector and made numerous false claims about the benefits and safety of GMOs that flew in the face of research findings.

Jan 15 16:22

The aliens under the sea: New species of sulphate breathing bug found deep under ocean crust

Two miles below the surface of the ocean, researchers have discovered new microbes that 'breathe' sulfate.

The microbes, which have yet to be classified and named, exist in massive undersea aquifers — networks of channels in porous rock beneath the ocean where water continually churns, researchers say.

About one-third of the Earth's biomass is thought to exist in this largely uncharted environment.

Jan 15 16:17

Experience landing on Titan: Stunning video marks 10 years since Esa's spacecraft touched down on Saturn's moon

Ten years ago today one of the most remarkable moments in human history took place, when the Huygens probe landed on Saturn’s largest moon - Titan

It remains the only landing of a spacecraft in the outer solar system to date - and to celebrate the accomplishment Nasa has released a stunning video visualising the approach.

It shows what the probe would have seen as it approached the moon and passed through the atmosphere, before finally coming to rest in a dried-up methane riverbed.

Jan 15 14:59

FDA Approves Surgical Implant to ‘Fight Obesity,’ But Won’t Label GMOs

The Food and Drug Administration wants you to implant a small ‘anti-obesity’ device deep within your body that shuts down your nerve connection to your stomach and requires very risky surgery — but you aren’t allowed to actually know what’s making you fat and sick in the first place.

Jan 15 14:43

How Eating Certain Beans Cuts the Risk of These 5 Cancers

If you are worrying about cancer, including beans in meal planning could go a long way to ease your mind. Research has shown that beans and other legumes work in many ways to stop cancer while providing plenty of other health benefits.

Jan 15 10:48

Astronauts return to American section of ISS following a suspected ammonia leak

As threat assessment continued, evidence began to stack up in favor of a computer malfunction, with system data analyzed by flight controllers on the ground suggesting that the alarm had been caused by an error in one of the station's computer relay systems. The theory was later confirmed as the relay was switched off and on, clearing the error from the system. That's right, restarting a computer even works in orbit.

Jan 15 09:54

Argentina: The Country That Monsanto Poisoned

American biotechnology has turned Argentina into the world’s third-largest soybean producer, but the chemicals powering the boom aren’t confined to soy and cotton and corn fields. They routinely contaminate homes and classrooms and drinking water. A growing chorus of doctors and scientists is warning that their uncontrolled use could be responsible for the increasing number of health problems turning up in hospitals across the South American nation. In the heart of Argentina’s soybean business, house-to-house surveys of 65,000 people in farming communities found cancer rates two to four times higher than the national average, as well as higher rates of hypothyroidism and chronic respiratory illnesses. Associated Press photographer Natacha Pisarenko spent months documenting the issue in farming communities across Argentina.

Jan 15 09:44

University Of Glasgow Scientists Create Chemical Evolution ‘Synthetic Life’

Scientists are on the verge of the possibility of creating ‘synthetic life’ – the development of a form of artificial evolution, with simple apparatus and without DNA. The team comes from the University of Glasgow’s School of Chemistry. They reported in a research paper titled, “Nature Communications,” on the 8th of December 2014 as to how they managed to create an evolving chemical system for the first time. The process was not possible without robotic aid and has the potential to be used in the future to perform specific tasks.

Jan 15 07:41

Offshore wind blows drilling out of the water: Report

As oil industry pushes for more offshore drilling, study finds wind energy is more useful, less harmful than fossil fuels

Jan 14 20:41

Man Breaks Disturbing Record With Needles (6 pics)

Menchzhika Matthew recently broke the record for most puncture wounds on the body at the same time. The previous record was 650 and he shattered it using needles to make the new record 4,500.

Jan 14 16:18

US ISS Crew Staying Overnight with Russians After Cooling System Glitch!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right out of the movie "2010!"

Jan 14 15:42

Time to Pull the Plug on a $30B Nuclear Fuel Boondoggle

It sounded like a good idea back in 2000. Two decades after the Cold War ended, the United States and Russia each agreed to dispose of 34 metric tons of weapons-grade plutonium -- enough for about 20,000 warheads -- by combining most of it with uranium to create mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for commercial nuclear reactors. Proponents boasted it was a modern-day fulfillment of the biblical call for nations to "beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks."

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out to be that simple.

Jan 14 12:28


Ever since deodorant manufacturers convinced women in the early 1900’s that they would not possibly be able to bag a guy with sweaty armpits, deodorants have been the mainstay in the toilet of men and women.While the initial products in the category were so acidic that they would burn a hole right through your clothes, the modern day offerings are seemingly safer for sweaty pits and clothes, or are they?

Jan 14 10:49

Professor's BEAGLE, missing for 10 years, FOUND ON MARS

The long-lost, dustbin-lid sized British Mars lander Beagle 2 - whose fate had been unknown since it departed from its Mars Express mothership in orbit above the red planet on Christmas Day 2003 - seems likely to have been found at last.

Jan 14 09:56

Why is Australia’s vaccine mafia desperately trying to silence this brilliant scientific researcher?

What are Australia's vaccine zealots so afraid of, really?

Jan 14 09:17

Microbes or Aliens – The Case for the Existence of Life on Mars

Buck Rogers, Staff
Waking Times

Recent photo analysis is recognizing that some of the rock features are surprisingly similar to formations here on earth that were shaped by living micro-organisms, opening up the possibility that there is, or was, indeed life on Mars. The Mars Curiosity Rover took photos of a formation on the surface of Mars called the Gillespie Lake outcrop, showing rock structures that are very similar to microbially-induced sediment structures (MISS) found on Earth, which in some cases have been dated to be up to 3.8 billion years old; some of the oldest geologic formations found our planet.


Jan 14 09:14

Genetically Engineering Humans

Waking Times

"Genetically engineering ‘ethical’ babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor"

"Genetically screening our offspring to make them better people is just ‘responsible parenting’, claims an eminent Oxford academic"

Well, apparently, to me as a father, responsible parenting means something completely different from what it obviously means to an Oxford professor.

Jan 14 08:41

Ebola tests negative for Texas soldier found dead in yard

Officials are investigating the death of a Fort Hood soldier who was found outside an off-base apartment after he returned from deployment in West Africa.

A Fort Hood statement says two tests on the 24-year-old soldier Tuesday showed no signs of Ebola, and that there is "no evidence of a public health threat."

Jan 14 08:35

Where virtual reality is going

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

“In the early 1960s, I was sitting in a crowded New York theater watching one of the first dubbed Japanese monster imports. I was hoping the police would stop the huge lizard, who was clomping around, wrecking the city, toppling buildings, squashing humans I gradually became aware that the audience was cheering for the monster. A cultural shift had happened. I hadn’t known about it until then.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

I want to sketch the path along which virtual reality is going.

Right now, companies are selling improved tech that allows a helmet-wearer to see landscape and people in a wider perspective, and hear layers of sounds to the left and right, and above and below him. He can also walk inside the virtual set up...

Jan 14 08:15

Obama targets oil and gas industry, demands massive reduction in methane emissions

Taking direct aim at the oil-and-gas industry, President Obama on Wednesday put forth long-awaited regulations on methane emissions, setting an ambitious goal of reducing those emissions by 45 percent over the next decade.

The move comes just days before the State of the Union address and underscores that, in the final two years of presidency, Mr. Obama is looking to cement his legacy on climate-change and environmental issues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's a laudable goal but Obama's timing sucks. Right now the entire oil industry is being hammered by this ill-conceived oil price war against Russia. The very last thing they need is a whole new raft of "Obamaoil" regulations that will escalate costs, all in the name of controlling climate change, which changes no matter what we humans do. Methane in the atmosphere does not persist. In the presence of oxygen it decomposes to water and carbon dioxide, the first being what we need to live and the latter being what plants need to live. This underscores an observation I have been making all along; that the quality of thinking in this administration is rather poor. Policy decisions are being made for political (and in this case historical) reasons but are not thought all the way through to find potential negative consequences!

Jan 14 07:37

Emergency evacuation on the International Space Station: Nasa believe toxic leak of ammonia or faulty sensor may be responsible for alert

Roscosmos said an 'escape of hazardous substances from an air conditioning unit' was discharged into the station's atmosphere at around 8.45am GMT (3:45am EST) today - but Nasa are not convinced and say it may simply be a faulty sensor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem with NASA's guess is that there were two separate instrument readings which prompted the alert. According to Roscosmos, first they noted an increase in the cooling system water loop pressure, followed by an increase in cabin pressure. That doesn't sound like instrumentation to me. I would chastise NASA for allowing wishful thinking to override the hard data, but they've been doing that since Challenger and Viking!

Jan 14 06:21

Ebola scare: Entire neighborhood ‘sealed off’ after Texas soldier falls out dead on front lawn

HAZMAT crews dispatched to remove dead body of soldier just returning from duty in Liberia

Jan 14 06:16

The Disease That Nearly 8 Million Americans Don't Know They Have

Ignorance isn’t bliss. About 28 percent of Americans with diabetes aren’t aware they have the disease, finds new research from Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Jan 14 06:14

The Deadly Cancer That Grows for Two Decades

This news could leave you gasping: Lung cancer—which kills more people than any other cancer—can develop slowly for 20 years before it becomes aggressive enough to detect, finds new research from University College London.
Scientists studied 25 regions of seven lung tumors surgically removed from patients.

Jan 13 21:17

The Importance of Being Angry

Unfortunately, in many circles, anger has a bad reputation. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that we are scared when people are angry at us, so we try to scare people, especially children, out of being angry. By doing this, we hope to escape responsibility for our dysfunctional behaviour. Another reason that anger has a bad reputation is because it enables people to defend themselves against violence and other forms of abuse. But if we want obedient and hardworking students, reliable and pliant employees/soldiers and submissive law-abiding citizens, then we must terrorize people out of being angry. Social control is not easy with people who are powerful and you need your anger to be powerful.

Jan 13 18:46

Kids eat 54% more fruits and veggies if recess comes before school lunch

Because of a federal rule, kids throw away millions of dollars of fruits and vegetables every single day at school.

Jan 13 17:43

Elon Musk Says "Maybe a Thousand" Seattleites Will Help Him Colonize Mars

In an interview with Bloomberg, rocket and PayPal entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed more about his plans for a satellite engineering office in Seattle. Commercial satellites built here, he said, will help him build a future colony on Mars.

For all of those times I expressed a desire to get off this planet . . . FINALLY! (In my own city)

Jan 13 16:57

Diarrhea-causing Illness Shuts Down Entire Elementary School

Students attending William C. McGinnis Middle School and their teachers are not scheduled to return to class until at least Thursday as the district continues cleaning the school after an adult was diagnosed with a contagious diarrhea illness last week.

Jan 13 16:55

Seahawks Players Shill For Obamacare in New Ad

Two stars from the Seattle Seahawks took time away from the field to cut an ad shilling for Obamacare.

Jan 13 16:43

Top Researcher Finds Medical Studies to be Largely Wrong or Fraudulent

Considering his background, Dr. John Ioannidis had good reason to expect that he might become a noted and respected researcher when he first entered the field of medical research. What he did not expect was that he would become known for challenging and exposing the bad science of his peers and finding that up to 80 percent of medical studies results are either wrong or fraudulent.

Ioannidis was unusually well prepared to enter medical research: he had been a math prodigy of near-celebrity status in high school and both of his parents were physician-researchers. He believed he would be able to follow his parents footsteps and use math to better support findings in a surprisingly sloppy field. "I assumed that everything we physicians did was basically right, but now I was going to help verify it," he said. "All we'd have to do was systematically review the evidence, trust what it told us, and then everything would be perfect."

Jan 13 16:37

EU Parliament Votes ‘Yes’ on GMO Opt-Out for Member States

New legislation to allow EU member states to restrict or ban the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their own territory, even if this is allowed at EU level, was passed by MEPs on Tuesday. The legislation, informally agreed by Parliament and Council in December, was originally tabled in 2010 but was then deadlocked for four years due to disagreement between pro- and anti-GMO member states...

Jan 13 16:04

Radioactive leak reported at US nuclear plant

Radioactive water leaked from a tank at a nuclear plant near Athens in the US state of Alabama, releasing tritium into the environment, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which operates the plant, has said.

Jan 13 15:17

Rise in mass die-offs seen among birds, fish and marine invertebrates

An analysis of 727 mass die-offs of nearly 2,500 animal species from the past 70 years has found that such events are increasing among birds, fish and marine invertebrates. At the same time, the number of individuals killed appears to be decreasing for reptiles and amphibians, and unchanged for mammals.

Such mass mortality events occur when a large percentage of a population dies in a short time frame. While the die-offs are rare and fall short of extinction, they can pack a devastating punch, potentially killing more than 90 percent of a population in one shot. However, until this study, there had been no quantitative analysis of the patterns of mass mortality events among animals, the study authors noted...

Jan 13 14:19

Fort Hood Soldier Monitoring for Ebola Symptoms Found Dead Outside Residence

A Fort Hood soldier recently ordered to self-monitor for exposure to the Ebola virus was found dead outside his off-post residence Tuesday morning.

According to Fort Hood, the soldier had recently returned to Texas on emergency leave and was ordered to self-monitor himself twice per day and report the status to medical officials. That directive is standard protocol for soldiers returning from service in West Africa.

Officials said that there is no indication the man had contracted Ebola, but medical tests were being performed to ensure there was no threat to the community.

Results of a medical exam that are expected to shed light into the man's cause of death are expected Tuesday afternoon.

Jan 13 11:13

Maine Bill Would Legalize Full-Scale Industrial Hemp Farming

Shane Trejo
Activist Post

A bill introduced in the Maine state house would authorize the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same once put into effect.

LD4 was introduced by State Rep. Deborah Sanderson (R-Chelsea) on Jan. 5. At the present time, industrial hemp production is only approved in the state for research purposes after receiving federal approval. If successfully passed, LD4 would broaden opportunities for widespread production of the potential cash crop by creating a state-level licensing process that rejects any need for federal permission...

Jan 13 07:08

10 Things Everything American Should Know About Toxins

Toxins in the body and chemical body burden are out of control in America. There are currently 82,000 synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat, the toys our children touch, the products we use to clean our homes, the air we breathe, and the cosmetics we apply to our skin — and only a fraction of these have ever been tested for safety.

Jan 13 07:06

Beyond Prevention: Chemical in Broccoli Kills Cancer Cells

New research has identified one of the key cancer-fighting mechanisms for sulforaphane, and suggests that this much-studied phytochemical may be able to move beyond cancer prevention and toward therapeutic use for advanced prostate cancer...

Jan 12 11:13

‘Junk DNA’ from million-year-old viruses actually plays vital role in human intelligence

A study released today by researchers at Lund University in Sweden indicates that inherited viruses may be responsible for creating the complex neural networks that make up the human brain.

For many years, the endogenous retroviruses that comprise about 5 percent of human DNA were thought to be “junk” — that is, sequences of DNA that do not encode protein sequences and therefore cannot self-replicate.

Jan 12 11:08

Evidence of life on Mars mounts with new research

As the evidence grows, it’s becoming more and more probable that there was once life on Mars. Nora Noffke, a geobiologist and associate professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia recently announced that she sees possible signs of life in rock formations on Mars. When these formations are compared with similar structures on Earth, they indicate that microbial life was likely present on the planet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And according to Viking, still is!

Jan 12 09:43

HPV vaccine controversy in Colombia continues

by Norma Erickson

Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia has become ground zero in the international debate over HPV vaccine safety, efficacy, and need. After the administration of the 2nd dose of Gardasil in local schools, beginning in March 2014, hundreds of young girls were admitted to the hospital with mysterious new medical conditions.

According to local sources, doctors who examined the girls and reported symptoms as possible adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine would often find manufacturer’s representatives in their office the next day trying to convince them otherwise...

Jan 12 09:10

World's largest indoor farm in Japan is 100 times more productive than outdoor fields, uses 99% less water, 40% less power and creates 80% less food waste

The statistics for this incredibly successful indoor farming endeavor in Japan are staggering: 25,000 square feet producing 10,000 heads of lettuce per day (100 times more per square foot than traditional methods) with 40% less power, 80% less food waste and 99% less water usage than outdoor fields. But the freshest news from the farm: a new facility using the same technologies has been announced and is now under construction in Hong Kong, with Mongolia, Russia and mainland China on the agenda for subsequent near-future builds.

Jan 12 08:29

In Search of King Solomon's Temple

Tradition has it that Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque were built upon the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70AD.

But what if the ruins aren’t there?

That, in fact, is the conclusion drawn by Dr. George Buchanan, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Buchanan posits that the original site of King Solomon’s Temple is just south of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aska Mosque in an area where today Palestinian homes are being bulldozed to make way for a park over what is now considered by many archaeologists the old City of David.

Jan 12 08:24

Mandatory chickenpox vaccination increases disease rates, study shows

By now, you know they've come under fire by those who are adamant that they do more harm than good. Countless people have developed irreversible health problems and even died shortly after receiving a vaccination, which the medical community chalks up to "coincidence" or cleverly crafted wording that a patient should have known about.

Take, for example, the young Florida girl who made headlines last year when she received the flu vaccine. Marysue Grivna, now 10 years old, experienced paralysis and vision loss within a few short days of receiving the shot. She was ultimately diagnosed with a debilitating brain disease called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). Today, she's confined to a wheelchair or bed and is almost entirely nonverbal.(1)

There's also the disturbing discovery of elderly people who lived at a senior care facility in Georgia. After all received the flu shot in 2014, five of them died the next week.(2)

Jan 12 07:43

Mandatory chickenpox vaccination increases disease rates, study shows

Once again, the completely illogical debacle concerning the world of vaccinations has surfaced

Jan 12 06:47

This Japanese Scientist Has Created An Amazing Indoor Farm (7 pics)

Japanese plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura is changing the agriculture industry as we know it. Every single day he grows 10,000 heads of lettuce at his indoor farm. He's truly at the forefront of an agricultural revolution.

Jan 11 20:34

iPhone Separation Anxiety Makes You Dumber, Study Finds

iPhone lovers who didn't have their phones performed poorly on cognitive tasks Ever feel anxious when you’re not around your iPhone at school or at work? That separation anxiety might be impacting your cognitive abilities, a recent study found.

Jan 11 19:09

Scientists identify gene behind triple-negative breast cancer

Scientists have successfully identified the gene behind one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, a breakthrough which could lead to new targeted treatments and a comprehensive "molecular understanding" of the deadly disease.

Jan 11 19:08

5 reasons why PM Narendra Modi is a health & fitness icon

Being responsible for managing a country as big as India is certainly no mean feat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to do plenty of travelling across the world, and meet lots of people. Here are a few things that keeps him healthy.

Jan 11 16:06

Whooping cough explodes in California as researchers admit vaccines are failing

The worst whooping cough epidemic in seven decades has hit California this year, with nearly 10,000 cases having been reported by the end of November

Experts are warning that the vaccine currently being used to prevent the disease is partly to blame for the outbreak.

Jan 11 16:02

Woman gets flu vaccine, dies from flu

A Wisconsin health care worker Katherine McQuestion received her flu vaccine as usual and later died from the flu

Jan 11 15:47

New ‘Monsanto Law’ in Africa Would Force GMOs on Farmers

The front lines of the food sovereignty war in Ghana are swelling as the national parliament gives support to the Plant Breeders Bill. This proposed legislation contains rules that would restrict farmers from ancient practices: freely saving, swapping, and breeding seeds. Under new laws protecting the intellectual property rights of biotech, farmers would be subject to hefty fines for growing anything that has been ‘patented,’ even if their crops were cross-pollinated.

The obviously biotech-infiltrated Ghanaian government states that the new laws would “incentivize the development of new seed varieties to ensure the marketability of crops,” but farmers argue it gives rights straight to corporations like Monsanto, and not farmers who have been growing food in Ghana for centuries.

Jan 11 11:19

Brain Imaging Tech Opens Up New Door to Predicting Behavior

Nicholas West
Activist Post

Mind control scientists and their government bureaucrat counterparts are obsessed with trying to predict human behavior. As Jon Rappoport has elucidated, this is being done under the cover story of identifying brain injuries for treatment; but, in reality, it is a DARPA military command-and-control directive first and foremost, not benign medical research for the betterment of humanity.

The ongoing investment in the field of neuroscience has opened up many pathways to theoretically making direct remote mind control possible, as well as mapping the brain for other social engineering applications...

Jan 11 10:13

Monsanto’s fraudulent tomato patent revoked by patent office

As Natural News readers know, there are many documents riddled with loopholes and laws that squeak by based on cleverly crafted words. The situation was no different in this case; it was ultimately determined that Monsanto was attempting to be wise wordsmiths, saying that their patent focused on conventionally bred tomatoes that had a natural resistance to botrytis, a fungal disease, and should therefore be considered as an intervention. However, the tomatoes for the patent were accessed from an area in Germany that already had the resistance to begin with; Monsanto was attempting to pull the wool over people’s eyes by indicating that their techniques were unique and, therefore, patent-worthy.

Jan 11 10:04

Farmers Rise Up Against Monsanto

In February 2005, David Runyon of Geneva, Indiana became a victim of Monsanto’s reckless persecution of farmers. This is his story. Watch and see why farmers everywhere are rising up against Monsanto.

Jan 11 09:51

Victims of the Church care home Dr Mengele: For Teresa and her children, the damage of horrific drug experiments inflicted on girls in Church of England care homes 30 years ago can never be undone

Mother-of-three Teresa Cooper has finally pushed the Church of England into launching an investigation into one of the most cruel and bizarre episodes ever in the grim history of British children’s homes: how scores of children at a CofE institution were force-fed huge quantities of prescription drugs by a Dr Mengele-like charlatan seemingly bent on conducting unauthorised medical experiments.

Jan 11 09:12

McDonald's cheeseburger left in doctors' surgery for 2 YEARS - can you guess what happens to it?


Jan 11 08:20

IRS allows vaccine companies to claim revenue on vaccines they never even produce

It is documented fact that the private vaccine industry receives large cash payments from the federal government to produce “life-saving”

Jan 11 06:08

This Artificial Leaf Is An Oxygen Factory That Could Let Us Breathe In Space (7 Pics)

RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri says the synthetic biological leaf he developed, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant, could enable long-distance space travel.

Jan 11 06:06

10 Health Numbers You Need to Know

make 2015 the year you finally own your health. The best way to start: See how you measure up for 10 of the most common—and telling—health indicators below.

Jan 11 04:31

Why Is This Giant Cell Phone Tower Smack Dab in the Middle of an Elementary School Playground?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Thanks to a tip, we took a look at the playground for Anne Frank Elementary in Dallas, Texas via satellite image, where a rather large cell phone tower looms over the public school campus.

The very place that these young children (and their teachers) spend their time – both inside and outside the school building – is saturated with powerful electromagnetic frequency radiation.

This is unconscionable. How is this even allowed? To have a giant cell phone tower standing in the middle of an elementary school right on the basketball court directly between the playground where small children with developing brains are playing and the buildings they are supposed to be learning in every day on this public school campus?


(Read More)

Jan 10 19:06

Is Cancer Risk Mostly Affected By Genes, Lifestyle, Or Just Plain Bad Luck?

While cancer can strike anyone — young or old, unhealthy and healthy — we do have some idea of what can affect risk. Genetics often play a role, for instance, as do lifestyle habits. But according to a new study from Johns Hopkins University researchers, much of cancer risk may actually be due to mere chance.

Jan 10 19:05

The DASH Diet Is The Best Diet In America — So Why Haven't You Heard Of It?

When U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of the 35 Best and Worst Diets was published , the top choice left readers scratching their heads. America’s “best” diet wasn’t the popular Mediterranean diet or the oft-Instagrammed Paleo diet.

Jan 10 18:46

New Claim: Dinosaur Farts May Have Caused Prehistoric Global Warming

Sauropod dinosaurs that roamed the planet 150 million years ago may have released more methane gas into the atmosphere than all modern sources combined. Although methane does not stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, it is 20 times more effective at trapping heat than CO2. “A simple mathematical model suggests that the microbes living in sauropod dinosaurs may have produced enough methane to have an important effect on the Mesozoic climate,” Dr. Wilkinson told The Telegraph.

Jan 10 15:06

Former MIT Professor ‘Robs Bank,’ Films ‘Heist’

A wacky former MIT professor took cinema verite to a whole new level by robbing a Manhattan bank and recording the heist, authorities said. Joseph Gibbons, 61, a filmmaker and “visual artist’’ who taught for a decade at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, has gone rogue, robbing banks as part of his latest “art’’ project. Gibbons was charged on Friday with robbery after allegedly making off with $1,000 from a Capital One branch at Bowery and Grand Street in Chinatown. While waiting for his arraignment, the eccentric academic boasted to fellow inmates that his crime was for art’s sake.

Jan 10 14:31

Minnesota mom faces up to 2 years in prison for saving son’s life with cannabis oil

A mother has been criminally charged for the efforts she took to save her son’s life with cannabis oil, and could spend up to two years in prison if convicted. In 2011, eleven-year-old Trey Brown suffered a traumatic brain injury. Trey was struck in the skull with a baseball and put into a coma due to bleeding in his brain. When he finally awoke, he was “a shell of himself” and suffered from chronic pain, seizures, learning disabilities, and suicidal thoughts. “I cry like every day before I go to bed,” Trey, now 15 years old, told CBS News. “Like my brain is about to blow up, cause there is so much pressure.”

Jan 10 09:31

Protecting yourself from harmful smart meter radiation

Over the last decade, millions of homes worldwide have been outfitted with smart meters

Jan 10 09:01

SpaceX rocket dispatches space station cargo, but fails to reland on sea platform

An unmanned Space Exploration Technologies mission blasted off on Saturday carrying cargo for the International Space Station, but efforts to reland the rocket on a sea platform failed, the firm said.

“Rocket made it to drone spaceport ship, but landed hard. Close, but no cigar this time,” Elon Musk, founder and chief executive of SpaceX, as the company is called, said on Twitter.

“Bodes well for the future,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Before we get too critical of Space-X, go back and review the history if early US Government spaceflight, including Project Vanguard, the US military's first attempt to orbit a satellite for the United States, which flopped, allowing the USSR to achieve Sputnik, then followed by the US' Explorer 1.

Then there was the Ranger program, which sent probes with TV cameras to crash into the Moon, sending back close-up images as they headed towards destruction.

Rangers 1 and 2 never got out of Earth orbit. Ranger 3 missed the Moon. Ranger 4 hit the Moon but sent back no images. Ranger 5 missed the Moon. Ranger 6 hit the Moon but did not send back images. It wasn't until Ranger 7 that the mission succeeded.

If this stuff was easy EVERYBODY would be doing it!

Chin up, Space-X; you will get there!

Jan 10 08:21

Ohio Bridal Shop Visited by Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson Is Closing Down

Vinson, a native of Akron, had visited the shop with her bridesmaids when she was planning her nuptials. Days later, she was diagnosed with Ebola, which doctors say she had unknowingly contracted while caring for patient Thomas Eric Duncan at the Dallas hospital where she worked. Her diagnosis forced the temporary closing of Coming Attractions as a precaution. Younker told NBC affiliate WKYC that she lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in business due to the stigma of Ebola.

Jan 10 08:07

History proves that Western governments have already used food as a weapon of genocide

British government forced suffering Irish people into starvation

Jan 10 07:46

CIA mind-control program: not gone, not forgotten

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

Follow me on a few twists and turns down the rabbit hole.

Start with this untitled June 27, 1994, document, stored at the National Security Archive at The George Washington University.

It was written by a CIA advisory committee, and forwarded to the Presidential Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, which was preparing public hearings in 1994...

Jan 10 07:41

NASA closing on fix for Opportunity rover's 'amnesia'

Opportunity has 256MB of flash, so losing even a portion of it won't be welcome. Nor will the task of re-installing its OS, although NASA has done it before in 2007.

Whatever the outcome, the vehicle is a marvel: it was expected to last 90 Martian days, but has operated continuously since July 7th, 2003

Jan 10 04:54

Insane Video of 193 Vehicle Chain-Reaction Crash on Interstate 94 in Michigan

Witness captures footage as car after car after truck after truck smashes full speed into wreck. A reminder not to travel so fast if visibility is so low.

Jan 09 21:12

What Life Is Like For The People Of Detroit (32 Pics)

Detroit is a city that is in $15 billion worth of debt and is considered the criminal capital of the United States. This is what life looks like for the people that live in the outskirts of the city.

Jan 09 19:56

Major Earthquake Will Happen in California Anytime Soon

MacDonald gained recognition in Canada for his posts to the Weather Network's website.

His forecast predicting a Vancouver earthquake was featured on the program Tosh.0 and BuzzFeed called his Hurricane Isaac forecast, "the only forecast you need for Hurricane Isaac."

MacDonald's videos have turned him into a "internet weather-broadcasting sensation", with several hundreds of thousands of views for some videos, his Minnesota forecast video reached over 150,000 views. His forecasts have been picked up by media throughout the world and he has given weather forecasts for the Nova radio network in Australia. Source:

Jan 09 16:50

Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Brain Cancer

Waking Times

No one wants to hear that something as “indispensable” as your cell phone might cause grave harm to your health, but that’s exactly what mounting evidence tells us we’re faced with.

Wireless phones and other gadgets have the potential to cause all sorts of health problems, from headaches to brain tumors. The link between brain cancer and cell phone use has been a particularly persistent one, and mounting research has only made this association stronger…

Jan 09 16:48

Protecting Yourself from Harmful Smart Meter Radiation

Anna Hunt, Staff
Waking Times

Over the last decade, millions of homes worldwide have been outfitted with smart meters. Power utility companies continue to force smart meters upon the population under the argument that they allow a more accurate and concise measurement of home energy usage, and give the resident and utility provider more visibility of and control over power consumption. Yet, concerns continue to grow about the potential dangers from the electro-magnetic radiation given off by these devices.

Jan 09 16:02

VA admits Agent Orange residue may have affected health of Air Force reservists

Air Force reservists based in the U.S. who worked after the Vietnam War in C-123 aircraft that sprayed Agent Orange during the war could have experienced adverse health effects from exposure to the herbicide, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine. The reservists who served in the contaminated C-123s experienced some degree of exposure to the toxic chemical component of Agent Orange known as TCDD (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin), and it is plausible, in some cases, that the reservists exceeded TCDD exposure guidelines for workers in enclosed settings.

After their use in Vietnam, 24 C-123 aircraft were added to the fleets of four U.S. Air Force reserve units for use in military airlifts and medical and cargo transport. From 1972 to 1982, approximately 1,500 to 2,100 U.S. Air Force Reserve personnel trained and worked aboard these C-123 aircraft...

Jan 09 12:03

Yet another cancer doctor admits fabricating false positives to profit from selling toxic chemotherapy

Cancer doctors are slick used car salesmen pretending to be medical professionals

Jan 09 11:33

House approves building Keystone pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline cleared its first hurdle of the new Congress on Friday when the House voted to approve construction of the long-stalled project, just hours after a court in Nebraska cleared a final legal hurdle there.

Jan 09 10:43

FLASHBACK - A Parent's Horrid Nightmare: Coming Soon to YOUR State?

The state of California has just passed bill AB499, which will permit minor children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated with sexually transmitted disease vaccines like Gardasil without parental knowledge or parental consent. This means that if you live in California, school or medical personnel would be allowed to vaccinate your child against an STD without your ever knowing it.

Jan 09 10:42

Gardasil Primer: Doctors & vaccine injured families speak out!

Jan 09 10:41

Gardasil Vaccine Victims and Deaths - Did You Know?

Jan 09 07:51

USDA refuses to test foods for glyphosate contamination, says pesticides are safe to eat

The American food supply is teeming with deadly pesticides. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), headed by former Monsanto lawyer Tom Vilsack, says people shouldn't worry because pesticides are completely safe to eat!

The latest pesticide data released by the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) claims that most pesticide contamination on fresh fruit, vegetables, butter, and other food commodities is below the legal tolerance limits established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Jan 09 07:42

Nebraska supreme court overturns ruling blocking Keystone pipeline

The Supreme Court of the state of Nebraska has overturned an earlier ruling that had until now held up construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Early Friday, the state’s highest court reversed a lower court’s ruling that had previously determined that Gov. Dave Heineman's decision to approve a path for the pipeline had violated the state constitution.

Now with the high court’s blessing, construction of the pipeline may soon proceed through Nebraska, pending how lawmakers in Washington, DC handle the project on a national level.

Jan 09 05:52

The Best Diet in America?

Even though the DASH Diet originally was developed to fight high blood pressure, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension eating plan claimed the top overall spot in U.S. News and World Report’s annual Best Diets rankings for the fifth year in a row.

Jan 08 20:16

Back to the Future II’s Predictions for 2015 vs. Real Life (18 pics)

Back to the Future II’s Predictions for 2015 vs. Real Life (18 pics)

Jan 08 17:23

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

All the successful cures against cancer discovered in the last 100 years, and the reasons why they were suppressed.

Jan 08 16:54

Total Smart Grid Control: “Warren Buffett Wants to Tell You When You Can Wash Your Clothes”

Bloomberg News began its recent piece on this with the slightly different line, “Warren Buffett wants to tell you the best time to wash your clothes.”

But the article continues on with not just Buffett wanting to give you a friendly reminder of a more cost-effective time of day to use energy…

No apparently, in conjunction with Siemens AG, Buffett’s UK Northern Powergrid Holdings Company is testing a new smart-grid system that will be able to literally take control of when a homeowner can use their appliances. They are testing quote, “a so-called smart grid that has the ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home.”

(read more)

Jan 08 16:47

Woman Allows Thousands of Bedbugs to Feed on Her over 5 Years, Makes Incredible Discovery

Now her literal blood sacrifice has paid off. She and her husband Gerhard, both biologist at Simon Fraiser University in Vancouver British Columbia, say they have figured out how to attract and repel the bloodsucking parasites.

It turns out bed bugs communicate by odor. The researchers have been able to identify that histamine effectively repelled the creepy creatures.

Jan 08 15:57

Watch a meteor turn night into DAY: Security cameras capture the moment a space rock blazes across sky in Bucharest

At 3:05am local time, several security cameras throughout the Romanian city captured the incredible sight of the space rock lighting up the area.

The flash lasted for several seconds, with locals expressing their shock at the eerie glow which engulfed parts of the capital.

The Romanian Space Agency (Rosa) said the event was caused by a meteoroid entering the Earth's atmosphere and was recorded at an altitude of 31 - 43 miles (50 – 70km).

Jan 08 14:50

Iowa Pharmacy Board Recommends Cannabidiol Be Schedule II

CBD is one of many active cannabinoids in marijuana. It is believed to effectively treat many seizure disorders, particularly in children, and is also known to help those suffering from inflammation and chronic pain.

Jan 08 14:46

Medical Tyranny: Supreme Court Just Ruled the Government Can Force a 17-Year-Old to Take Chemotherapy

How can any American living here in the supposed “land of the free” honestly believe we still are?

The Connecticut Supreme Court has now ruled that yes, the government has the power to force a minor to undergo chemotherapy treatments even if she doesn’t want to.

That’s right. The court has unanimously determined that a 17-year-old patient cannot refuse chemotherapy treatment, even if her mother agrees they want to seek alternative treatment, for her Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

We aren’t just a fascist oligarchy and a police state, but we absolutely a medical tyranny.

You know this isn't going to stop with cancer treatments, either.

(read more)

Jan 08 14:44

House passes 40-hour workweek for Obamacare; Dems buck Obama veto threat

The House passed a bill Thursday that defines full-time work under Obamacare as a traditional 40 hours, with a dozen Democrats choosing to rebuff President Obama’s veto threat before the measure heads for a tougher test in the Senate.

Jan 08 11:59

Big Pharma Promotes The Most Profitable, Not Effective, Medicines

For more than five decades, the blood thinner Coumadin was the only option for millions of patients at risk for life-threatening blood clots. But now, a furious battle is underway among the makers of three newer competitors for the prescription pads of doctors across the country.

Jan 08 11:50

Court To Decide If Teen Can Refuse Chemotherapy Treatment

The Connecticut Supreme Court will make a decision as to whether or not a teenager should be forced to undergo chemotherapy against her wishes. WFSB reports.

Jan 08 11:31

Obamacare causing massive wave of hospital closures across USA

A number of acute-care hospitals closed across the United States last year -- 18 to be exact -- and experts who see a raft of new regulatory processes being heaped upon the healthcare industry in the coming years, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, believe that a wave of additional closures are ahead.

Jan 08 11:22

Mainstream media finally realizing 3D printing could spur global revolutions

I see the implications of 3D printing revolution as clear as day

Jan 08 10:47

Psychiatric Drugs Deadly Time Bombs

Psychiatric drugs are more dangerous than you have ever imagined. If you haven’t been prescribed one yet, you are among the lucky few. If you or a loved one are taking psychiatric drugs, there is hope, but you need to understand the dangers and how to minimize the risk.

Jan 08 10:22

GMO-Free Food Sales Explode Amid Public Awareness

Americans are speaking with their wallets like never before in order to voice our true collective opinion of how corporations and Big Food are working with our food. One critical example of how we are demanding change can be seen where the sale of non-GMO Project Verified foods have more than doubled since 2013.

Jan 08 09:56

Mainstream media finally realizing 3D printing could spur global revolutions

As someone who routinely considers the future ramifications of present-day trends, I’m always astonished when people are reluctant to acknowledge obvious trends

Jan 08 09:15

LA City Council members suddenly oppose GMO ban after heavy lobbying by biotech industry

Just when a GMO ban for the city appeared to be favored by officials, a good ol' one-two switch took place when they suddenly expressed opposition. In fact, their abrupt change of heart came a mere three days before LA lawmakers were slated to vote on a proposal to ban genetically modified crops in the city, a decision which -- coincidentally -- also occurred when top City Hall lobbyists were hired to prevent it from going into effect.