Feb 08 14:12

PayPal Uses Slick Super Bowl Ad to Promote Cashless Society

Banks and governments all over the world have been pushing for a cashless society in recent years. They demonize cash at every turn, because they don’t want you to buy and sell anonymously. They want every transaction to exist in their surveillance grid. They don’t want the accountability that cash provides. Instead, they’d rather have the power to confiscate your wealth on a whim and impose negative interest rates. Above all else, they want to hinder your ability to save for the future.

So it’s no surprise that they would use slick propaganda to make cash seem dirty and old-fashioned, which is exactly what this PayPal advertisement is designed to do.

(read more)

Feb 08 07:40

#CancelTelAviv: Jenifer Lopez faces Twitter backlash over plans to perform in Israel as she is accused of 'entertaining children's killers'

Jennifer Lopez is facing a social media backlash from pro-Palestine supporters over her rumoured plans to perform in Israel for the first time in the summer.

Writing under the hashtag #CancelTelAviv, activists have been questioning her motives for wanting to gig in Tel Aviv, accusing her of 'entertaining children's killers'.

Some of the tweets were accompanied by graphic photos purportedly showing injured children in Gaza, with the caption questioning the American singer's unconfirmed decision.

Feb 07 13:37


About the only thing more crass than pre-Christmas hype is pre-Super Bowl Mania. To prolong the idiotic and tiresome drama, the National Football League maintains a two-week lag between its semi-final games and the Super Bowl Championship game.

Feb 06 14:18

EU calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian housing

The European Union on Saturday called on Israel to halt the demolition of Palestinian housing, some of which was EU-funded, and reiterated its opposition to expanding Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Note: But we were holocau$$$ted!

Feb 06 11:27

Every Oscar Nominee Received a $55,000 Trip to Israel

Not everyone at Academy Award can score an Oscar but even the losers will be winners when they head home with this year's Oscars gift bag.

This year's swag bag is worth a record-setting $232,000 and features trips to Israel and Japan as well as a Vampire Breast Lift.

Distinctive Assets, the marketing company in charge of creating the luxurious bags, claims that 'Everyone wins' with this year's incredible bag.

Feb 05 14:43

Hilarious Supercut of Hillary “Reintroducing Herself” Proves How Much Liberal Media Loves Her

Maybe if she wasn’t such a criminal psychopath historically, she wouldn’t have to keep reintroducing herself all the time in an effort to make people think she’s someone she isn’t.

(read more)

Feb 05 11:39

Super Bowl Takes Priority Over Humans As Riot Police “Sweep Away” the Homeless Before Big Game

By Justin Gardner

The priorities of San Francisco city government are being put on stark display as homeless people, and those supporting them in protest, are being cleared out to make way for Super Bowl festivities. The spectacle of American football, and the millions of dollars that come with it, are far more important than the well-being of the city’s less fortunate...

Feb 05 09:24

As Americans Prep for Super Bowl Sunday, Their Future Is Being Sold to the Corporate Elite

By Claire Bernish

“Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….” ? George Orwell, 1984

As Americans train their attention to Super Bowl 50, their way of life — and for nearly half a million people, their livelihoods — just got one step closer to being signed away. This Thursday, in Auckland, New Zealand, representatives of the twelve nations participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership gathered to sign the massive trade deal turned corporate coup, bringing an end to the obligatory 90-day period ostensibly set aside for debate, following the close of five years of negotiations in October...

Feb 04 09:09

"Washington Has Put Ukraine on Its Knees": Viewers Discuss the French Maidan Film

To say that the documentary film "Masks of the revolution", directed by French filmmaker Paul Moreira, blew up social networks, doesn't really explain anything. Thousands of users from around the world vividly and fiercely defended their point of view, whether they believed or not what was shown on the screen. The Federal news agency gathered the more interesting comments on the new video.

Feb 03 12:04

New Moms Demand Action Gun Control "Comedy" PSA with SNL's Rachel Dratch Is Just Dumb

This is what happens when you are backed by a billionaire who wants gun control and can pay any price for the propaganda to help get it.

The implication of this one is that all the time there are horribly scary incidents where people who can legally carry guns into restaurants are getting legally intoxicated at said restaurants and somehow accidentally shooting families with kids who were just innocently attempting to enjoy dinner out.

Because, you know, everyone is just bringing their AK47s to the local pizza joint, getting hammered, and leaving those guns sitting around in precarious positions where they could accidentally go off and kill everyone... or some such nonsense.

(read more)

Feb 02 21:21

High CBD Products for Medical Marijuana Patients

A non-psychoactive, highly therapeutic compound in cannabis known as CBD, or cannabidiol, has sparked a revolution in medical marijuana. The wheels of prohibition have been spinning in a 77-year old rut, but cannabis’ acceptance is beginning its steady crawl forward as education and testimonials spread. Studies have demonstrated CBD’s benefits in treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders, and many others. CBD can be extracted and processed into a variety of medications, each appropriate for different needs and lifestyles; this guide is meant to introduce you to just a few.
Here are some strains that are high THC.


Turn the sound down before you play the HT video.

Feb 02 15:47

‘CLOCKWORK ORANGE’ star says dystopian future becoming reality

Based on a novel by Anthony Burgess, the Stanley Kubrick film shows “a world in which all older people stayed indoors with their televisions on,” McDowell told the News. “And that’s basically what happened.

Feb 02 15:09

Television, Football and Politics: Gaming Spectacles Designed to Keep the Police State in Power

If there are two spectacles that are almost guaranteed to render Americans passive viewers, incapable of doing little more than cheering on their respective teams, it’s football and politics—specifically, the Super Bowl and the quadrennial presidential election.

Feb 02 07:59

Jewish Journalist Admits Jews Dominate Hollywood; Urges Jewish Moguls To Recruit More Minorities, Women

“The Jews control Hollywood.” It’s one of those anti-Semitic tropes that, we all know, contains a certain grain of truth. “Control,” no — not with that ominous, conspiratorial connotation. But “helped create”? “Disproportionately populate?” Sure.

Feb 01 14:46

Kid Rock explains why he endorses Donald Trump for President

"I'm digging Trump. I feel like a lot of people, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, feel like if you get Hillary or Bernie, or you get Rubio or Cruz or whoever, there's going to be the same s%^#. Has that much f-ing changed when anyone's in office, whether it's been a Republican or a Democrat in office, in our lifetime, anyway? I haven't really seen this big, like, f-ing change. Obviously some people f-ed up. [Laughs] That's a long debate. My feeling: let the motherf-ing business guy run it like a f-ing business. And his campaign has been entertaining as s%^#."

Feb 01 13:54

Watch Hillary Supporters Endorse Karl Marx as Her Vice President

This is hard to watch, but then again, it’s hardly a surprise either.

Feb 01 13:20

Oliver Stone: Jewish Control of the Media Is Preventing Free Holocaust Debate

Outspoken Hollywood director says new film aims to put Adolf Hitler, who he has called an 'easy scapegoat' in the past, in his due historical context.

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years.

Feb 01 11:39

REALLY BAD IDEA: Oregon Musician Going to Syria to Stop ISIS with “Peace Concert”

And in other news, this is happening today.

A singer from Portland, Oregon named James Twyman is heading on over to an ISIS-controlled, war-torn Syrian village to quote “serenade ISIS with songs of peace in a bid to defeat their savage regime” in a plan he has referred to as an “unprecedented spiritual experiment” but what may also be referred to as “suicidal” and/or “the worst idea anyone has ever had ever”.

(read more)

Jan 29 10:00

6 Pro-Christian Films That Made Christians Look Like Jerks

Christian films have a reputation for being heavy-handed, but they're more or less consistent in their messages of the importance of spirituality and family. However, some Christian filmmakers lay on the rhetoric so thick that they accidentally reveal some hidden part of their own personalities, be it deep-seated prejudice, a torture-porn fetish, or an affinity for Twilight slash fiction. Warning: The last entry is pretty gruesome.

Jan 29 09:59

Rule 1: Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood ... Except Gaza

As casualties mount in Gaza, an uncharacteristic reticence about the conflict has settled over high-level Hollywood. Cultural affinity and political support for Israel run deep in the entertainment industry, as they have since Israel's founding in 1948. It's commonplace for top executives to be on a first-name basis with prominent Israeli politicians and business leaders. As a consequence, the current Israeli incursion into Gaza, even with its civilian and child casualties, has not generated public debate among executive ranks. The celebrities and athletes who have expressed pro-Palestinian sentiments are being dismissed — for now at least — as "uninformed," an adjective expressed to THR by several top executives.

Jan 29 09:34

Hollywood Icon Just Destroyed Hillary’s Campaign With 1 Simple Question She Can’t Answer

Actress and activist Susan Sarandon will not deny that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has experience. But that, she said, is not enough.

“How has she led?” Sarandon said Wednesday in a Daily Mail interview after an Iowa rally in which she urged Democratic voters to support Bernie Sanders.

Sarandon also said that Sanders is “untainted” by donations from large corporations, in contrast to Clinton.

Jan 29 05:07

Jefferson Airplane Guitarist Paul Kantner Dead at 74

(*It should be noted Paul Kantner was a wicked political musician from back in the day . R.I.P.)

Jan 28 15:31

White actor cast to play Michael Jackson in roadtrip biopic – Twitter explodes

Perhaps announcing that Michael Jackson is going to be played by a white actor in the middle of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy wasn’t the best idea.

Joseph Fiennes, a British actor mostly known for his roles in Shakespeare in Love and more recently American Horror Story, has been cast to play the late King of Pop in what may be the strangest biopic ever.

Jan 28 13:05

Robert Redford Says Future Sundance Film Festivals May Separate Into Narrative, Documentary & Shorts

The legendary actor and director Robert Redford founded the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, in 1978.

Jan 27 16:01

BOOGA BOOGA BOWL : Security includes Fighter Jets, Choppers, National Guard…

Don’t be too alarmed if you see U.S. military fighter jets or helicopters flying overhead in the San Francisco Bay Area during Super Bowl 50.

Jan 26 17:49

Donald Trump Tells FOX News: I May Not Show Up for GOP Debate, FOX “Playing Games”

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president,” Fox News said in the statement, adding this gem: “A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.” -- Typical FOX News hard @ work...

Jan 26 16:17

Black Filmmakers Call Out Hollywood Racism, Exclusion as Calls for Boycott Grow

A growing number of actors and filmmakers are pushing for a boycott of the Oscars after no actors of color were nominated for a second year in a row.

Jan 26 14:33

Why Does Hillary Clinton Always Cackle with Glee at Violence, Horror, and Death?

And the elite say no matter what, we’re about to get stuck with her as president this time…

Yes, this question is largely rhetorical. Even psychopaths usually try to blend, don't they?

Watch this compilation.

Jan 26 14:04

Abe Vigoda, Sunken-Eyed Character Actor, Dead at 94

Not a hoax this time!

Jan 25 20:46

"God Bless America" (The Red Army Choir)

It's a strange world.

Jan 25 20:25

Laugh on Mars

Jan 25 19:00

Clint Eastwood Destroys ‘All-White’ Oscars Protesters With 1 Perfect Sentence

“All I know is,” the Dirty Harry star said, “there are thousands of people in the Academy and a lot of them–the majority of them–haven’t won Oscars.” -- He admitted he wasn’t paying too much attention to those upset over the annual movie awards adding, “a lot of people are crying, I guess.”

Jan 25 16:21

Top Gear: Chris Evans allegedly 'threatened to quit' the BBC show because of 'meddling' bosses

In another blow for Chris Evans’s Top Gear, it has been reported that the BBC presenter threatened to quit the show because of ‘meddling’ BBC bosses.

The Mirror claimed the 49-year-old grew frustrated after BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw - who recently left the show - was reluctant to give him the same creative control as ex-host Jeremy Clarkson.

Sources told the paper that Evans was annoyed with the “constant interference” from the BBC chiefs, stating how he felt “drained and disheartened” after all the run-ins and recent set backs.

Due to this “lack of faith” in his decision making, Evans reportedly considered quitting just six months into his three year contract.

Jan 25 09:32

No Room For Doubt: U.S. State Department, Harvard Univ. Reading About "ISRAEL DID 9/11!"

I really love it when I can illustrate the reality of things. When people in establishment and the corporate controlled media, for example, scoff at so called 'conspiracy theories' as if they are 'fringe' or relegated to the 'wanna-be militia guy' who lives in his mama's basement, I simply point out who the visitors of my site are. They read about these monstrous conspiracies daily. Non-stop. I don't do this too often, except when it is particularly delicious, such as today. Among the visitors to my ISRAEL DID 9/11 article today were the U.S. State Department in Washington DC, Harvard University, the U.S. Dept. of Interior & The Boeing Corporation. Are they all sitting in their mama's basements, too? ;-)

Jan 24 07:58

The New X-Files Is One Long Gulp of Clinton-Era Conspiracy Theories

BEX! * BEX! * BEX! * BEX! * BEX! * BEX! * BEX! * BEX! * BEX!
Conspiracy theories have changed fundamentally as they've made their way from obscure bookstores to your extended family's Facebook posts. They've lost their mythological aspects and become more darkly existential, as well as drifted further and further toward the political right. It's no longer dreaming about hidden alien technology–it's about seeing the grieving families of shooting victims on TV and thinking they're hired actors.

The phrases "crisis actor," "creeping sharia," and "white genocide" didn't exist when the X-Files first aired, and they don't really exist for the new series either. Thanks to social media and fake news sites, we're awash in conspiracy theories—from Obama's plans for a military invasion of the American Southwest to subliminal messages about interracial sex encoded in the new Star Wars movie—that the show's creators have decided, reasonably, to ignore in favor of almost quaintly old-fashioned stuff like Roswell and gravitational warp drives. It seems like real life has finally gotten too weird for The X-Files.

Jan 23 08:53

The Cronies, Opportunists and Thrill Seekers at Davos

The big global crony networking event of the year. The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is in full swing and Vice President Joe Biden is in attendance as are six members of Obama's Cabinet.

Jan 23 08:25

WOW National Review Has Sent Out a Letter About Cancellations in the Wake of the Trump Attack Edition

Last night, National Review published a special edition of its magazine, devoted to attacking Donald Trump. Less than 12 hours later, NR publisher Jack Fowler sent the below letter to "friends of the magazine." This is a very unusual letter. It suggests to me that cancellations to the magazine must be pouring in because of the Trump attack edition.

Jan 22 15:32

Entertainment Weekly 1-12-16… “Fox’s X-Files revival has controversial new theories”

“The most eyebrow-raising moment in the premiere is when O’Malley brings the 9/11 terrorist attacks into his conspiracy framework. “9/11 was a false flag operation,” O’Malley declares on his Truth Squad with Tad O’Malley show, echoing on Infowars theory.

Jan 22 08:05

For the First Time Ever, Older Albums Are Out-Selling Newer Albums

If albums are still worth billions of dollars, then a majority of those billions are now going to older releases. According to US-based data just released by Nielsen Music, older, ‘catalog’ albums outsold newly-released albums in 2015, the first time that has ever happened.

Nielsen categorizes an album as ‘catalog’ when its release date is more than 18 months ago. In almost all cases, an album has exhausted its new-release sales energy after that point, and becomes an older selection.

Jan 20 15:39

The Anti-Gun Glitterati

This is a level of propaganda we would expect from the pompous pigs in George Orwell’s 1945 classic novel Animal Farm, 50th Anniversary Edition. All people are equal, but some people (the elites who like to make the rules) are more equal than others.

Jan 20 14:59

This Is Hands-Down The Greatest Drug Commercial Ever Created

If you watch a lot of network TV or cable news shows, chances are you’ve also seen an awful lot of drug commercials. With more and more people taking responsibility for their own health and going the natural route, drug companies are feeling the pressure, and stepping up the advertising. Believe it…

Jan 20 10:47

GOP Consultant Rick Wilson to MSNBC: Trump Supporters ‘Childless Single Men Who Masturbate to Anime’

I was thinking a BEX tag but no this is just plain whacko mean BS!
How about a Mental Health or Brain Disorders tag Mike!

by Breitbart TV20 Jan 2016

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Republican consultant Rick Wilson, who has a long track record of attacking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and his supporters, once again took aim at Trump’s supporters.

“Who think Donald Trump is the greatest thing, oh, it’s something,” Wilson said to host Chris Hayes. “But the fact of the matter is, most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime.

Jan 20 10:45

Elderly Holocaust Victim Recounts Horror of '10-inch Nail Pounded Into Her Skull,' & 'Chain In Her Face Made Out Of Knives!'

"Somehow I survived! I was only three years old, maybe two! When you're two or three years old, you dont know what you know!" she says. ...LOL

Jan 20 10:28

"Three Dogs In Custody" After Wacky Woman Leads CHP On Freeway Chase With Six Dogs In Her Mercedes

A woman who had been parked on the side of the freeway in Los Angeles led cops on a chase when they approached the car to help her. The chase ended when they rammed her car, then and she let all her dogs loose onto the 710 freeway.

Jan 20 07:31


The poll, conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni in August 2015 but released in January 2016, concluded from the 1,000 surveyed that college graduates "are alarmingly ignorant of America's history and heritage."

Jan 19 16:53

Journalist Reveals Tactics Brainwashing Industry Uses to Manipulate the Public

Our reality is carefully constructed by powerful corporate, political and special interest sources in order to covertly sway public opinion. Blatant lies are often televised regarding terrorism, food, war, health, etc. They are fashioned to sway public opinion and condition viewers to accept what have become destructive societal norms.

Jan 19 14:38

‘13 Hours’: Benghazi movie makes for a political show

Michael Bay’s patriotic spectacle about the Benghazi attack may well be the opening act of the 2016 campaign. Hitting movie theaters just ahead of presidential primaries, it has attracted conservative moviegoers but is falling flat among the liberals.

Jan 19 14:28

Celeb 'Jesse James' Convinces The Girls at The Mexican Restaurant That Trump Is Not A 'Racist'

After his glowing endorsement of Presidential contender Donald Trump yesterday, 'West Coast Choppers' founder and reality TV star Jesse James faced some fallout from his friends. But it looks like he is having some success convincing them that Trump is not such a bad guy.

Jan 19 14:00

Ear Rape: Kanye West Wants to Make a “Tribute” Album of David Bowie Covers. Great.

Hey I know. Why doesn’t Kanye just take all of David Bowie’s work, throw it in a trashcan, take a dump on it, then light the thing on fire?

Oh wait, he apparently is.

The media is referring to it as a “tribute”.

(read more)

Jan 19 12:52

Sarah Palin's Daughter Slams 'Arrogant, Flip-Flopping, Rude' Ted Cruz: "I Hope She Endorses Donald Trump Today For President!"

Ted Cruz and his staff have really shot themselves in the foot with their misplaced angst that Sarah Palin was going to endorse Donald Trump for President today. Cruz has shown himself to be "a typical politician," Bristol Palin says, and instead, we need Trump, "who has a vision for economic prosperity, who won't let us get kicked around in the world, and who will fight for our future." This is getting good!

Jan 19 12:18

Donald Trump Endorsed By 'West Coast Choppers' Founder Jesse James: "This guy is the Real Deal, and will Make America Great Again."

46-year-old Jesse Gregory James, TV personality and founder of West Coast Choppers, issued a hearty endorsement of Donald Trump yesterday. James' letter recounted his experience working with Trump and his family, seeing him up close for six weeks while he appeared on the NBC's reality show 'Celebrity Apprentice' in 2009. James ends his letter with "So before you guys react to what I have written here. One thing you know about me is Good or bad I will always tell it like it is. This guy is the Real Deal, and will Make America Great Again." Trump happily responded to the endorsement with a message back to James.

Jan 19 11:22

Some Bad Ass History:Saladin!

Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub was born in the small town of Tikrit to Kurdish Muslim parents in the year 1137 CE. He would become one of the most influential and admired military leaders in medieval history; loved by his people and respected by his enemies for years to come.

Now Salah al-Din was renowned throughout the world for his ability to not be a dick to people. So when he took over the vast Arab territories, the Christian knight commander Raynald of Chatillon decided it would be cool to fuck with him and try to provoke him into a fight.

Finally, Salah al-Din was like, "OK seriously, fuck this guy." and he set out to kick the ass of Raynald of Chatillon.

Salah al-Din sold all the captured knights back to their families for hefty ransoms except for Raynald, who was executed because he had been both a total bitch and a pain in the ass.

Jan 19 09:26

’13 Hours’ Review: Riveting Indictment of Obama, Hillary, and The DC Media

There is no question, though, that the arch-villain of “13 Hours” is the White House and Clinton’s State Department. Bay never names names, never launches a diatribe, but his fury at the American government for abandoning these men, along with the 30 or so others stationed at the annex, is both palpable and contagious. (An offhand comment about one of the attacking terrorists being a former Gitmo detainee is especially timely.)

Overhead, throughout this terrible night, a military drone witnesses everything, and our government does nothing. Repeatedly, desperate calls are made begging for air support — if nothing else, a simple flyover to scare the militants. Just a few hundred miles away, F-14s sit idle on an aircraft carrier.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am going to have to take back some of the bad things I said about Michael Bay. And while the Democrats are screaming that this film is entirely fictional about the stand-down orders, Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi investigation have confirmed that indeed such stand-down orders were given, implicating Obama in allowing our Ambassador to be killed.

Jan 18 13:51

Oregon 'Judge' Who Wants To Charge Militia Occupiers $75,000 Per Day Is A Grand Poobah at the Masonic Lodge. (Meeting is TONIGHT!)

Steven E. Grasty, the 'County Judge' in Burns, Oregon who told the militia protesters that they owe $75,000 per day to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, is an 'Ancient Free and Accepted Mason' - and a 'Senior Deacon' at the 'Robert Burns Masonic Lodge No. 97.' The Craft meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm, That's tonight folks, so heads up. The masons also have an annual "Cave Meeting' where they note "There are no facilities at Malheur Cave for Wives or non-Masonic friends. SPECIAL NOTE: We have hired portable toilet service this year, two extra porta-potties with cleaning service. Those of you who have been here before knows what that means...."

Jan 18 07:56

Revamping Top Gear is making Chris Evans sick: Now host THROWS UP while filming troubled new version of the BBC car show

Despite not being on screen until May, the show has already been hit by controversy over its 'unknown' new presenters, high-profile backstage departures and reports suggesting it may not be ready for its relaunch in May.

But it seems that the BBC motoring show is now making the 49-year-old presenter sick, as he was spotted getting out of his sports car to vomit while filming at the Mazda Raceway track in Monterey, California earlier this month.

Jan 17 10:08

Dark Tourism: Meet The Man Who Takes Vacations In War Zones In Order To Experience The World

Dark tourism involves people travelling to places that are historically associated with death, pain and suffering. Many of us will probably not want to travel to such places for fear of our lives. But that is not the case for this English builder, Andrew Drury. According to CNN, for more than 20 years now, Drury has led a double life. The double life he has led is attending to his family and job, and at the same time, traveling around the world for

Jan 17 08:00

Murder Defendant Tells Judge: "Listen To Me. You Don't Let Me Out Of Here I'll F--king Kill You. I'm A Jew. Okay?"

This is an unbelievable must see. So this guy in handcuffs wearing an orange prison jumpsuit is brought in front of a female judge and begins speaking to the judge in an irritated manner, like the 'Tony Montana' TV character. He says "Listen To Me. You don't let me out of here I'm gonna f--king kill you. I'm a Jew. I will take your fucking life if you don't let me out of here. Okay? I'm done." He continues "What do you want? What's your pleasure, what do you want from me? What's your phone number? If you don't let me out of here I'm gonna f--king kill you!!"

Jan 16 16:31

Remembering Alan Rickman’s pro-Palestinian play about Rachel Corrie, American activist crushed by Israeli bulldozer

This guy was a great actor and evidently a Man!

British actor Alan Rickman died Thursday at age 69, after a battle with cancer. Although perhaps most known for playing the melancholy Professor Snape in the “Harry Potter” movies, Rickman had not only a legendary film and theater résumé, but also a firm commitment to progressive politics, and support for Palestinian rights in particular.

Rickman edited and directed a play in 2005 titled “My Name Is Rachel Corrie,” based on the life of a 23-year-old American activist who was killed by an Israeli soldier.

Jan 16 04:50

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

'Transformers' director Michael Bay tackles Benghazi — and the result is sound and fury signifying nothing

Have no fear Hillary Clinton. Michael Bay is not guilty of using his new blast of mind-numbing noise, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, as a battle cry against your shot at the Democratic presidential nomination. He's leaving that to Bernie Sanders. Clinton's name is never mentioned in this telling of the siege on a diplomatic outpost that occurred under her watch as Secretary of State. Still, enough blame is implied to make 13 Hours Donald Trump's early pick for movie of the year.
... the movie effectively captures the frenzy of the ambush. That's pretty much it for the good news.

Jan 15 14:41

New “X-Files” Will Take On 9/11 Conspiracy, World Government And NSA Spying

By John Vibes

Government corruption was always one of the main themes that played out in the classic television show X-Files, and it was typically shown in the form of UFO and alien cover-ups. However, the show’s creator said in a recent interview that the new revival of the series will also touch on some of the more political conspiracies that take place in our world.

X-Files creator Chris Carter said Edward Snowden and issues like the 9/11 conspiracy will be fair game in the new revival of the show. The new series will feature the same classic characters, David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully...

Webmaster addition: I AM AVAILABLE AS A CONSULTANT! :)

Jan 15 09:05

The Ignored Rickman

Rickman then stood up for murdered American activist Rachel Corrie, who was deliberately run over by an Israeli bulldozer when trying to stop the illegal razing of Palestinian homes in Gaza. In 2005 My Name is Rachel Corrie was met with censorship and political turmoil in New York City.

Rachel Corrie, by siding with Palestinians, met the same fate as many, including demonization in the western press for daring to oppose Israeli war crimes. Rickman not only stood up for her memory but immortalized it in the play based upon her words.

We haven’t heard much about Alan Rickman’s passionate political activism today. The perception pushed out is that he was simply another Harry Potter character. And so I needed to mention it. He was a great actor and a man of integrity, that rare ingredient you cannot buy at any price.

Jan 15 06:35

Occult Agenda: Why Did They Program the Sheep to Be Obsessed with the Kardashians?

Maybe "obsessed" is too strong of a word. Maybe the phrase "constantly tolerate" is better.

Why are we constantly inundated with Kardashian stories in the media?

It's a valid question, since this vapid, talentless group of people most well-known for strutting around half naked take up more headlines than actual relevant events which could potentially matter to a person's daily life.

I mean, Kim? Last time I checked, posting pictures of one's butt on Instagram and having Kanye West's babies isn't talent. Sorry.

And yet, somehow they got their own show: Keeping up with the Kardashians. Now who would really want to do that for any extended period of time? No really, why? That's like keeping up with watching a group of squirrels play on the fence in the backyard. It's cute for about two seconds, then it gets boring and you just have to move on. (Actually, maybe that's unfair to squirrels.)

Jan 14 13:43


As the world mourns the death of David Bowie, more things are coming to light about his life and accomplishments that highlights the type of person that he truly was. One interesting fact that appeared in the news after his death, was that he turned down a chance to be knighted by the Queen of England. This was an opportunity that was seized by many British musicians including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John and Sir Mick Jagger.

Jan 14 09:50

Alan Rickman: The cruel trick played on the actor in his Die Hard death scene

But one thing Rickman’s followers may not know is the real reason behind the look of utter shock on his face when he fall to his death in Die Hard.

Director John McTiernan asked Rickman to fall backwards onto an airbag from a height of 25 feet on the count of three. Sounds easy enough, until the stunt crew decided to drop him on “one” instead, to make his reaction more genuinely believable. So that explains why Hans Gruber’s expression is quite so priceless.

Jan 13 21:08


?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
Formula: C21H30O2
Molecular Mass: 314.2246 g/mol
Boiling Point: 157 °C (315 °F)

?9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly referred to as “?9-THC,” “D9-THC,” “d9-THC” or simply “THC”) is a neutral cannabinoid, well known for being strongly psychoactive. Of all the scientific discoveries that have been made about THC, probably the single most important was how THC enabled scientists to discover the existence of the Endocannabinoid system in vertebrate animals (including humans): a critical part of physiology that, up until then, was unknown. THC has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a variety of ailments and disorders including pain, tumors, nausea and ADHD.

And there is more!

Jan 13 15:26

Most Powerball Lotto Players Desperate to “Escape From the Feeling of Poverty”

American Dream? Dream on. Not in today's economy. Few opportunities offer grander possibilities than hitting the jackpot – and lower odds of becoming reality.

Researchers found in one study that people made to feel poor bought more lottery tickets.

The findings, he said, “suggest that lottery tickets provide an escape from the feeling of poverty.”

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Jan 13 12:28

Creedence Clearwater Lead John Fogerty Clarifies Hit Song “Run Through the Jungle” Is a Plea for Gun Control

Former lead singer and guitarist for CCR John Fogerty recently said in an interview that the “jungle” he’s singing about in the band’s 1970 hit “Run Through the Jungle” is not Vietnam.

“The thing I wanted to talk about was gun control and the proliferation of guns,” Fogerty said. “I think my first experience as a kid was hearing about the fellow that climbed up in the Texas tower and was able to kill several people on the campus.”

What great timing for declaring a 46-year-old song is part of a gun control agenda, no?

Jan 13 09:41

‘Don’t be a F***ing Idiot’: Twitter Explodes with Best Pun Ever over Sean Penn’s Interview with Drug Lord “El Chapo”

Clever Twitter users have turned Sean Penn’s name into a pun after the actor’s cozy, secret Rolling Stone interview with drug lord “El Chapo” was published — an interview done with Penn months after El Chapo escaped prison and was still on the run, and where Penn is now infamously seen (above) shaking hands with the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, a man who many consider to be directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of journalists.

The pun? Hashtag #NoSeanPenndejos.

According to the Daily Mail, ‘No sean pendejo’ basically means ‘don’t be a f***ing idiot’ in Spanish.

(read more)

Jan 12 16:14

‘David Cameron is dead’: Radio presenter confuses PM with Bowie in live gaffe

As the world awoke on Monday to mourn the death of British music icon Bowie, the broadcast journalist made the embarrassing gaffe during a morning news bulletin, in which she accidently said “David Cameron has died.”

Jan 12 15:10

Fox’s X-Files Revival has Controversial New Theories

Fox’s upcoming and eagerly awaited revival of The X-Files is updating its conspiracy theories — only this time, the sci-fi series might cause more controversy than when the show told tales of government-aided UFO cover-ups during its initial 1990s run.

Attention FOX: I am available as a consultant! :)

Jan 12 14:00

David Bowie fans place tributes at Brixton mural

Fans of David Bowie place candles and flowers at the foot of a mural of the pop icon in Brixton, London on Monday following the passing of one of the area's most famous sons.

Jan 12 10:05

Fresh blow for Top Gear as David Coulthard snubs co-presenter role on the show to front Channel 4's Formula One coverage instead

The 44-year-old former driver had been widely tipped to join Chris Evans in the new-look programme but has instead decided to front Channel 4's Formula One coverage.

It is the latest setback for the new Top Gear that has still not signed up any co-presenters for the relaunch on May 8.

Jan 11 21:36

A Nation of Fly Larvae: Obama and Gun Control

I’m going to move to Mexico. I swear I am. Except that I already have. Well, I’m going to move there twice. It’s to get away from Hussein Obama.

Who is this President? How did we get him? Does he have anything in common with me? Is there anything even American about him? He is an African of Islamo-Indonesian culture, deeply hostile to America and white people and ruling with a dictatorial style more like that of Shaka Zulu than Thomas Jefferson.

Yet I confess to a grudging admiration. He, belonging to one of the virile peoples—blacks, Hispanics, and Moslems–has keenly diagnosed the weakness of American society:

There is no one who will say ”No.”

Jan 11 16:22

Killing The Culture Of Death

On radio, iTunes, and MTV the Stars are aligned, singing “Die Young” and “Born to Die”. A former Poison Giant now supplies a large portion of the nation’s food supply, and a mega Soda Corp. uses fetal stem-cells in the lab to “enhance flavor”. Meanwhile Government subsidizes the clinical elimination of…

Jan 11 11:22

Richard Peterson Warns that the Stock Market has "Plunged over a Thousand Points Already this Year . . . Good Luck."

My friend, Richard Peterson (who is a high-functioning Seattle-area musical and mathematical savant), left me this voicemail over the weekend regarding recent stock market activity.

(The translation software for Google Voice has never been able to accurately transcribe is speaking.)

Jan 11 09:53

Denzel Washington Brings Whole Family On Stage To Accept Cecil B. DeMille Award

Denzel Washington was honored for his achievements in Hollywood on Sunday when he accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. The award was presented by Tom Hanks.
The "Flight" actor shared the win with his wife and kids, who stood with him on stage while he thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and everyone else who's helped him throughout his career.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although I rarely comment about actors, this guy is absolutely a prince among men, and I am very delighted to see this happen for him; he has absolutely earned it.

Jan 11 09:26


Hollywood tends to leave no opportunity unused in its quest to show that online piracy is devastating the movie industry. However, this supposed devastation is not visible at the box office this year. In 2015 worldwide box office grosses surpassed $38 billion, while North American theaters raked in more that $11 billion for the first time in history.

Jan 11 08:52

Alan Barnes, Gilad Atzmon & The Lowest Common Denominator, Bonnington Theatre, Nottingham

Gilad tour dates Jan-Mar 2016

Jan 11 06:02

Americans can’t wait to get out of these five states

Really? Americans continue to pack up and relocate to other states because...

Jan 09 13:24

Dr. Henry Makow On Spurious White "Guilters"

"Cartoons can be more effective than articles. Spurious "guilt" is an effective mode of coercion" Henry says.

Jan 09 08:25

SPIELBERG LAWSUIT .Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, Caught on Tape Lying About The holocaust

Hunt, 25, who was convicted last year in the attack on Wiesel in San Francisco in 2007, claims Zisblatt's new book "The Fifth Diamond: The Story of Irene Weisberg Zisblatt" is a fraud, according to the Sun-Sentinel.The lawsuit, filed on Oct. 6 in Broward Circuit Court, alleges that "Zisblatt blatantly stole other Jewish people's experiences during World War II and passed them off as her own in order to further the Jewish political agenda and profit off of these fantastical tales."Hunt, who is representing himself in the suit, adds that "the defendants must not go unpunished for tormenting Gentiles and instilling hatred in Jews using such hideous lies."Zisblatt appeared in Spielberg's 1998 documentary "The Last Days."

Jan 08 18:31

Ian Chappell wants world cricket ban on Chris Gayle for Mel McLaughlin interview

The hysteria created over Galye telling the reporter she had beautiful eyes and asking her out for a drink before saying “don’t blush, baby” as seen in the video below has been unbelievable.
Every femo-fascist with a keyboard wants him exiled. While the Femen rant on about "sexism" there not one word on racism. Gayle looks Aboriginal and the majority of Australians have a low opinion of the native people and Muslims.They think Wahabi is a vegetable.

Political correctness in Australia is out of control.

David Icke has just been denied a Visa as have numerous others.

Jan 07 18:15

Missing U.S. Hellfire missile located in Cuba

By UPS,FEDEX what! You would think that USPS would be just a bit picky about shipping missiles.

By Victor Morton - The Washington Times - Updated: 8:03 p.m. on Thursday, January 7, 2016

One of the most advanced U.S. missiles was unintentionally shipped to Cuba in 2014, according to a report Thursday evening in the Wall Street Journal.

Jan 07 18:09

Sorry, But This Is Hilarious: Photos Of A Rand Paul Rally Vs. Donald Trump Rally

Hey Rand: This is what happens when you kiss up to the establishment, endorse Romney, meet with Kissinger, praise Netanyahu, insist that "the eleven million (illegal aliens) don't need to go home," and say that the Confederate flag "is a symbol of murder." This is EMBARRASSING! LOL!

Jan 06 09:12

Hang It Up: Rand Cozies Up To Whoopi Goldberg

In an apparent attempt to top his cuddle-fest with race-baiter Al Sharpton, desperate Presidential hopeful Rand Paul has posted a pic of himself with arch-leftist actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Jan 06 08:50

Top Gear in crisis? Filming held up because Chris Evans 'CAN'T drive and talk into the camera at the same time'

Chris Evans has hit a major road block in his new role hosting Top Gear after realising he finds it nearly impossible to speak while he is driving.

The motormouth presenter can hardly breathe for chatting on his Radio 2 breakfast show.

But when it comes to talking from behind the wheel, he is said to freeze like a cat caught in the headlights and struggles to blurt out any of his lines.

Webmaster addition: I can talk and drive at the same time! :)

Jan 05 15:00

Trump: "I'll be the greatest jobs president that God ever sent to this planet, believe me!"

In a speech Saturday in Mississippi, Donald Trump promised to revive the economy and find jobs for young people. "I've employed tens of thousands of people, created jobs... I'll be the greatest jobs president that God ever sent to this planet, believe me!" the 69-year-old Republican front-runner said. "I have an ivy league education, am a great guy, have good genes," he continued. Trump also discussed repairing the country's infrastructure, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, and schools. "We're gonna rebuild our country. We're gonna create jobs for our young people. We protect other countries that do nothing for us, they don't even like us. What kind of deals are these? We're gonna get rid of Obamacare, we're gonna repeal it and replace it. We're gonna get something so good, and so great!"

Jan 04 09:42


Brazil’s government has excluded an Israeli “security” company from working at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro following a campaign by Palestine solidarity activists. In October 2014, the Israeli firm International Security and Defence Systems (ISDS) announced it had won a $2.2 billion contract with the Brazilian government to coordinate security at the huge sports event. The Times of Israel described the deal as “an unprecedented achievement for Israel,” while senior figures from the company stated it had already begun work.

Jan 03 10:59

Clinton Campaign Launches Contest, Sign Up For A Chance To Win A Free Dinner With Hillary Clinton!

The Hillary Clinton campaign has launched a contest where people can sign up for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to have dinner with Hillary. No purchase is required to enter the contest, and online sign-ups are open until 2/29/16. The contest organizers note that there will be a background check on each potential winner and their guest, and that they may disqualify anyone based on that background check at their discretion. They of course add the obligatory and in this case ominous warning that they are not liable if the dinner guest's death results as a result of the dinner or transportation thereto. (Umm, Mike & Claire, I'd opt out of this one if I were you, MmmKay? :-)

Webmaster addition: Wasn't even thinking about entering. :)

Jan 03 10:20

Star Wars: The Force Awakens still has a long way to go to beat A New Hope at the box-office

The original film, released in 1977 to little previous fanfare, was a gigantic success, making over $775.4 million at the box office.

Yes, you’re right, The Force Awakens has already made $1.39 billion globally, surpassing the original film, and on track to beat Avatar's US domestic run.

But if we adjust the figures for inflation, Star Wars - later subtitled A New Hope - has made $2.825 billion globally at the box office: more than double Episode VII.

Jan 02 11:44

Trump: Jeb Bush is 'a low energy stiff' who 'has no chance, is a total embarrassment to himself and his family'

Donald Trump, in his hilarious trademark style, has boldly mocked presidential hopeful Jeb Bush as "a low energy "stiff" who "has no chance!" Trump added that Bush is "A total embarrassment to both himself and his family."

Jan 02 08:52

New Trump Tweet: If Israel can Build A Wall, So Can We!

Donald Trump has called Hillary Clinton out on her hypocrisy, tweeting "Hillary Clinton said that it is O.K. to ban Muslims from Israel by building a WALL, but not O.K. to do so in the U.S. We must be vigilant!"

Jan 02 06:49

'Where White People Meet' Dating Site Deluged With New Sign-Ups After PC Media Hit Piece

A dating website which was dubbed 'controversial' for the name 'Where White People Meet' has been inundated with so many new members that its' website could not handle all the new sign-ups, according to a company tweet earlier today. The site WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com was featured in several corporate news outlets including FOX, ABC and Salt Lake Tribune after erecting their billboard featuring a smiling white couple along a busy Utah highway.

Jan 01 12:51

Last Year Was an Epic Year for Cannabis – Here are the Best….and the Worst Weed Stories of 2015

Let’s face it: 2015 has been a bumpy ride across the board — government intruded into our private lives by clandestinely passing CISA and laughed in our face by passing the ironically-monikered USA Freedom Act; the Police State kicked into high gear, with cops having killed at least one person in all 50 states by the time Christmas rolled around; and the attack in San Bernardino codified the presidential candidates’ push for war, while threatening to further erode any number of liberties for all of us. And that’s just a taste of what happened in the United States.

In order to narrow focus sufficiently for the confines of a single article, the struggle for cannabis rights earned more victories for the people than ever before, though the State still managed to ruin lives in several stunningly unjustifiable examples.

Following are a mere five stories of the countless wins — and sadly numerous losses — concerning cannabis, that took place in 2015.

Dec 30 21:17

Here's How Many People Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year

Kim Bellware Reporter, The Huffington Post

With marijuana now legal in some form throughout 23 states, the number of Americans who fatally overdosed on the drug last year was significant:

Dec 30 16:15

Spotify sued for $150m by musicians over alleged unpaid royalties

Spotify is being sued for at least $150m by a collective of musicians who allege that the streaming site has knowingly and willingly reproduced and distributed their music without permission, Billboard reports.

David Lowery, frontman of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, is leading the suit, filed at California’s central district court in Los Angeles on 28 December by the law firm Michelman & Robinson LLP.

Almond Grove, Get on Down the Road, King of Bakersfield and Tonight I Cross the Border were all made available to Spotify’s 75 million users, the suit alleges, but did not attempt to notify the rights holders.

Dec 29 13:26

Freeway Sign Showing Support for Donald Trump Goes Viral

Dec 28 - A couple driving on a Southern California freeway took video of an electronic road sign touting support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The hacked sign read: “Inland Empire supports Donald Trump. Merry Xmas. Vote Donald Trump.”

The video posted by Nikki Worden has gone viral, picking up more than 440,000 views since it was uploaded Saturday.

Dec 29 06:21

Predictions for 2015

Reading a slightly chipped 1850’ antique crystal doorknob reduced last year’s accuracy to only 109 percent. Charlatan seers filling up New Year’s Day publications are overjoyed at achieving two percent accuracy.

Dec 29 01:16

BBC radio hosts 13-minute Jewish conspiracy rant

‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ demands broadcaster give caller’s phone number to police following racist diatribe...Andy referenced well-known anti-Semitic tropes, claiming that the Jews didn’t originate from Palestine but that most came from “an empire called Khazaria” in eastern Europe and that “the Rothschilds, the people who own the Bank of England, the people who own the Federal Reserve, they’re all Zionist Jews. The people who own corporate America, the media …. they’re all Zionist Jews. We are ruled by Zionist Jews.” He continued by complaining about an obsession with the Holocaust and repeating the mantra that “we are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system.” He added that Jews are still “banging on about the Jews and the Holocaust- we keep going on about six million Jews.”

Dec 28 15:27

Best and shortest Oscar Acceptance Speech Ever -- Haskell Wexler R.I.P.

"I hope we can use our art for peace and for love. Thanks!"

Haskell Wexler died peacefully in his sleep yesterday. He was 93.

Dec 28 10:14

Hillary Clinton Touts Overthrow of Gadhafi, but Doesn’t Mention That Clinton Foundation Donors Did Big Business in Tyrant’s Libya

On Saturday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again justified the 2011 U.S. policy of regime change in Libya, citing, at least in part, the fact that dictator Moammar Gadhafi had killed Americans.

“We have to continue to do what is necessary when someone like Gadhafi, a despot with American blood on his hands, is overturned,” Clinton said during the weekend’s Democratic presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. “But I’ll tell you what would have happened if we had not joined with our European partners and our Arab partners to assist the people in Libya, you would be looking at Syria.”

But early in the administration, Clinton had championed an allegiance with the Libyan regime under Gadhafi, during a time when some of the major U.S. corporations doing business in Libya were also donating heavy sums to the Clinton Foundation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do not for a moment imagine that this "pay to play" mentality will suddenly leave her consciousness, if she is able to win (or steal) the election; it will simply continue, unabated. For her and Bill Clinton, inhabiting the White House is simply another way to make millions of dollars through her foundation, and the public be damned.

And this is why we have to bring her past behaviour to the unblinking gaze of documented fact, because, if in fact, past is prologue to the future, we can expect massive international interventionism from a second Clinton presidency.

And has anyone out there had the "male attributes" to ask her if the current post-Ghadaffi situation in Libya, which has been rife with civil war since 2011; whose leadership has been badly factionalised and has just this month created a basis for a national unity government, was the outcome she desired when she green-lit Ghadaffi's assassination?!?

And what about the reality that Libya has become a
second home to ISIS?!?

Because if all I have stated here were not the outcomes Clinton desired as Secretary of State, and were simply "unintended consequences" of her policies here, please consider Libya a thoroughly terrifying, but very real, "prequel" to what a Clinton presidency will look like.

Dec 28 08:18

Overworked Chris Evans quits TFI Friday due to Top Gear commitments amid claims the TV show's relaunch preparations are a 'shambles'

Losing the knowledgeable production team behind the show has also caused teething troubles.

The source added: 'They've brought in a production team that doesn't know anything about cars. Writers from Top Gear magazine have had to be called over to suggest ideas and offer advice on what cars to film.'

The latest blow for Evans was the loss of his long-time colleague Lisa Clark, just five months after she had been brought in as executive producer on Top Gear. The show's script editor Tom Ford is also departing.

Dec 27 12:48

California police officer killed protecting Alex Jones from potential killer

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — If you don’t already know him, Alex Jones is a controversial radio talk show host who does what he says and says what he does. The guy is for real and he’s in it for the long-haul. In fact, you can likely bet he’s one of the establishment’s top enemies aside from Donald Trump who Jones recently interviewed.

He’s been exposing the “New World Order” as he’s termed them, the world’s top “globalist elite” for years on his popular radio show, “The Alex Jones Show”.

On Dec 22. Jones reported while on air that the Police Chief of Austin had previously informed him that they had arrested someone who came to town awhile back to kill Jones.

Jones said:

Dec 27 09:44

One day after 9/11 Howard Stern called for the deaths of ‘Muslim Americans’

Same broadcast vindicates Trump, proves many American Muslims celebrated attacks

Dec 26 14:40


As the Red Scare spread, about 300 workers in the entertainment industry were blacklisted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take it from me, the blacklisting still goes on! /font

Dec 25 19:27

Funny Trump: "Wow, Even Lowly Rand Paul Has Just Past Jeb Bush In Latest Polls"

Here are some funny Tweets Donald posted on Dec. 24th, as well as all his Christmas Day tweets.

Webmaster addition: That should be "passed", not "past." Thank you common core!

Dec 23 10:43

1-minute video: Time to choose: Light or Dark side of the Force? Choose wisely.

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

1-minute Google video:


Star Wars artistically portrays Life as having a Light and Dark side. We in the real world factually prove Life as having a Light side of love, cooperation, and will for progress, with a thinly-veiled .01% empire engaged in Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes of:

Unlawful and lie-began wars.
So-called “money” that is actually debt to create accelerating and unpayable total debt.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government.
Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing intentional policy that has poverty-murdered over 400 million human beings just since 1995; more than killed from all wars in Earth’s recorded history.

Dec 23 09:31

But who are they? Top Gear reveals new presenters who will front the show alongside Chris Evans - but no one's ever heard of them before

Top Gear's new line-up has been revealed but nobody has ever heard of two of the presenters who will front the show alongside Chris Evans.

Journalist Chris Harris and German racing driver Sabine Schmitz have been selected after the likes of Jodie Kidd, Zoe Ball and Suzi Perry all ruled themselves out.

It comes as filming of the BBC show descended into chaos as two key backroom staff quit.

Dec 22 16:44

Top 10 ways the Obama Regime resembles the evil Empire from Star Wars

With the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film, many are analyzing the plight of the rebel cause and the Evil Empire portrayed in the film – the latter of which closely resembles the kind of world President Obama and his Marxist allies would like to see.

Dec 22 14:21

Der Schneemann (The Snowman) Hans Fischerkoesen 1944 NeaFrea NeaFrea

~ Hans Fischerkoesen (1944)

Created in Germany during World War Two. (That era was not all monochrome and Nazis.)

Dec 22 12:29

Jeb Bush Doesn’t Know How to Put on a Hoodie

Flashback: when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave presidential wannabe Jeb Bush a hoodie, this happened.

Dec 22 12:12

Welcome to the Dark Side: White House Admits America Is Officially an Empire

This guy Josh Earnest obviously has no idea what the word "irony" means. Just kidding, they did this on purpose and weren't even trying to be subtle about it. Welcome to the Dark Side. Cue the Imperial March. Earnest: "On behalf of the American government, we'd like to thank our corporate sponsor Disney..."?

Dec 21 20:55

Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson summons Trump for ‘private meeting’ on Israel

Well, it seems as if The Donald has been summoned by the Kingmaker himself, Mr. Sheldon Adelson. Yes, that kind old man who just loves to be involved in “the process” of choosing who gets into power in America.

Dec 21 13:40

Australian Govt Tries to Distance Itself from Its Laughably Bad Anti-Pot “Stoner Sloth” Ads

Sometimes in the so-called war against drugs, bureaucrats who have a vested interest in protecting megacorporate financial interests (like, say, that of big pharmaceutical companies for example) do something that’s so completely ridiculous, it actually has the opposite effect and backfires. Big time.

Meet “Stoner Sloth,” tagline “You’re worse on weed,” conceived by New South Wales’ National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre...

Dec 20 14:18

Video: Hillary Clinton Vs. the GOP: Can You Tell the Difference?

Hillary in tonight's dem debate vs. the GOP's last debate... only, there doesn't really seem to be much debate...

So which bombs do you prefer? Red ones or blue ones?

Dec 19 19:31

The Fletcher Memorial Home

When this whole mess is over, we should name our Spandau Prison 'The Fletcher Memorial Home' in tribute.

take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
and build them a home a little place of their own
the fletcher memorial
home for incurable tyrants and kings
and they can appear to themselves every day
on closed circuit t.v.
to make sure they're still real
it's the only connection they feel
"ladies and gentlemen, please welcome reagan and haig
mr. begin and friend mrs. thatcher and paisley
mr. brezhnev and party
the ghost of mccarthy
the memories of nixon
and now adding colour a group of anonymous latin
american meat packing glitterati"
did they expect us to treat them with any respect
they can polish their medals and sharpen their
smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for a while
boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead
safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye

Dec 19 18:55

VIDEO: White House Holds Press Conference with Star Wars Stormtroopers

The irony was not lost when a White House press conference featured two imperial stormtroopers on Friday, Star Wars Day. It’s not clear whether White House officials knew about the backstory regarding stormtroopers, but the parallels cannot be overlooked when it comes to the Sith-led Galactic Empire in Star Wars and the modern day U.S. empire

Dec 18 19:50

C-SPAN caller politely asks GOP Congressman: 'Can I sh*t in your mouth?'

I'm sorry but this is THE FUNNIEST FREAKING THING I'VE SEEN since I can remember., I laughed until I cried. LOL!!

Dec 17 19:09

Samuel Hawken Plains Rifle

Circa 1849 Samuel Hawken (U.S.) Percussion Plains Rifle (single-shot/ muzzle-loading/ black powder/ ball ammunition) The late 1840s saw an increase in U.S. westward expansion, up the Missouri River, across the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains, and to the Pacific coast. At first, the lure was fur, then cheap land, and finally, gold. Symbolic of this movement was a half-stock heavyweight firearm, variously called the Plains Rifle" and the "Mountain Rifle," which originated in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dec 17 19:06

Frontierland Shootin' Arcade

By the way,it's Hawken!

Ready! Aim! Fire!
Take aim at nearly 100 targets during an exciting shootout set amid Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona.

Mosey on up to a rustic, log cabin and wrap your hands around a replica .54-caliber Hawkins buffalo rifle. Peering out onto a southwestern landscape, a familiar sight comes into your view: legendary Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona set during the notorious times of the Old West. Featuring nearly 100 interactive targets, the dusty setting provides a picture-perfect backdrop to test your marksmanship.

Dec 17 13:56

Chaos Ensues As Popular Liberty Discussion Forum (Formerly DailyPaul) Abruptly Announces Permanent Shut-Down Dec 31

Michael Nystrom, owner of the very busy libertarian discussion forum PopularLiberty (formerly DailyPaul.com) has announced that he is closing his site down for good on December 31st. Nystrom had previously posted that he was considering shutting the site down over the past year or two, always to the consternation and upset of his members. In the wake of his latest announcement, which this time is for real, users are scrambling to start new discussion forums so that the users can keep a place to discuss events of the day, share ideas, keep in touch and maintain relationships that they have formed over the years.

Dec 17 12:54

Columbia River Gorge braces for more winter weather

Here comes some more climate change.The drought is breaking in the west!


Another storm system is making its way through the Columbia River Gorge and Portland metro Thursday and some local residents are already starting to see some snow.

With winter weather comes the possibility of high winds, fog, freezing rain, landslides and snow and residents should be prepared for anything.

Dec 17 12:04

First Big Snowstorm of Season Piles it On in Western States

There is more a comin Colorado. Look to the west! Got about 8"+ ! Back to shovelin this heart attack snow.

LONGMONT, Colo.— A powerful late-autumn storm dumped up to 24 inches of snow in the Colorado mountains Tuesday before barreling onto the plains, prompting airlines to cancel about 500 flights at the Denver airport and leaving hundreds of miles of highways slippery with snow and ice.

The snow tapered off Tuesday afternoon as the storm moved northeast, leaving behind drifts up to 4 feet high.

Dec 17 10:19


Adam Sandler Drops F-Bombs On Boycott Israel Movement

Dec 16 17:46

Two Young Women Kicked Out of A Trump Rally Speak

LibertyFight.com at a Trump rally: So I was in South Carolina this past Saturday 12/12/15 and was interviewing two young ladies who had been kicked out of a Donald Trump rally by police. About 4 minutes in, this hippy saunters up and starts bragging to the protesters about how many Jaguars and boats he has. The around minute 5, a military vet comes up agreeing with the hippie, and tells the ladies that he , a soldier, is the one who "gave them their rights." That's when it gets fun. I ask him if a soldier gave us our rights, or if our rights are God-given. He stammers and then changes it, and says that soldiers PROTECT our rights. "When's the last time a soldier protected the rights of American, who was being spied on or had their door kicked in a no-knock raid?" I ask. The soldier then gets defensive and says "I don't appreciate you filming me." I reply, "too bad, I'll film whoever I want, first of all. OOOH, HE 'GIVES US OUR RIGHTS' BUT I'M NOT ALLOWED TO FILM! WHOOOOH!" etc. LoL.

Dec 16 16:50

Predictive Programming?! 'By Dawn's Early Light'

Starting at the 6:05 mark.

We need to get our nuclear weapons out of Turkey.

Dec 16 12:50

Article Claims Elite Plan to Escape to Mars, Leave 99% of Us on “Dying, Warring Planet”

It’s a sad statement on society to note that people’s immediate reaction to the first commercial space flight available ever wasn’t to be bummed they can’t afford to go to Mars; it was to be excited about the fact that the wealthy elite might leave Earth en masse and go somewhere so far away, it takes roughly seven months to get there.

Dec 15 16:36

POLL: Americans would rather elect ‘STAR WARS’ characters than candidates…

The force is strong with the American public who, in a new poll, said they’d rather elect Star Wars characters Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi president than the political party’s two current frontrunners.

Dec 14 21:49

Backslash: Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters

“There is a huge disparity between the amount of technologies used by the authorities and the technologies available to protesters and activists during protests and riots,” warn Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen, two designers from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. “That gap is only getting wider.”

Oliveira and Chen hope to even the odds with an electronic arsenal of their own. At the Radical Networks conference in Brooklyn this past October, they presented the Backslash kit, a package of devices that help protesters stay safe and connected during demonstrations. Gadgets include everything from portable routers that create improvised communication networks in the event of an Internet blackout to a pendant that blocks radio signals (to prevent cell phone surveillance).