May 11 08:52

Racial Tensions Spill Over Into Brawl At South Bay High School

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That "blend everyone together to make one formless mass of humanity" idea isn't working out so well, is it?

May 11 08:45

Seven Native American tribes in Oklahoma join forces to provide habitat and food on their lands to help monarch butterflies

Seven Native American tribes in Oklahoma will provide habitat and food on their lands for monarch butterflies, whose numbers have plummeted in recent years due to troubles along their lengthy migration route.

May 11 08:44

Australians raise over $35 000 for struggling truck driver who called out a politician over tax cuts for the rich

Sweet, beautiful Australia has come through with the goods today. If you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps pinned under an especially large, over-priced toaster, Monday’s Q&A gave birth to the next true Australian legend. During the episode, part-time truckie Duncan Storrar piped up and asked Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer why the Government was planning on lifting the tax bracket for high earners while low earners like Duncan don’t cop a break.

May 11 08:35

American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About the Government’s Secret Experiments

Shame on every politician, bureaucrat, and technician who is a shill for the U.S. government’s abuses and lies, and shame on every gullible American who keeps buying into the government’s propaganda, believing that it has our best interests at heart.

May 11 07:42

Bankrupt Empires Often Start Wars

We know that central banks and governments have lost the plot. When the crisis started in 2006, US short rates were 5%. In 2008, they were down to zero and have virtually stayed there ever since. A crisis package of $25 trillion was thrown at the financial system. This is what the likes of JP Morgan and Goldman told the Fed they had to do to save the bank(-ers). Ten years later the world financial system is in a mess that is exponentially greater. World debt has exploded, most governments are running deficits and the financial system is balancing dangerously on the edge of a precipice. $8 trillion of government debt is now negative and $16 trillion is below 1%.

May 11 07:41

The Obama Administration Just Gave Warmonger Henry Kissinger the Distinguished Public Service Award

It’s a sick sad joke coming from the Nobel Peace Prize (for nothing) president who is bombing… wait, how many countries is Obama currently bombing again? Seven? Is anybody even keeping track anymore?

Here’s everyone’s favorite humanitarian Henry Kissinger shaking hands with defense secretary Ash Carter at a special ceremony at the Pentagon two days ago where the good bridge troll doctor got the highest award the Department of Defense can possibly bestow upon a civilian: a Distinguished Public Service Award.

So is it the more people murdered, the bigger the award?

(read more)

May 11 07:33

Former President Vicente Fox wants war with America over Trump’s comments

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is now threatening “war” with America over Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican/U.S. border.

Fox said that Trump’s “words and messages of hate” are bringing us back to the “era of the ugly American […] where the gringo was hated all around the world,” as it’s not appropriate for the U.S. to secure its own borders.

Webmaster addition: Hey Vinnie, before you get too big for your britches, remember the reason California and Texas are now part of the United States!

May 11 07:09

Obama Pretends to Drink Lead Water to Placate Flint Residents

You've gotta love the predictable spectacle of our "leaders" always pretending to drink poisonous water to assure us how safe it is...

May 11 06:30

Feel the Bern: Someone Tried to Get Bernie Supporters to Literally Blow Themselves up with This

Here’s one way to Feel the Bern… (sorry, worst pun ever).

Someone really wanted Bernie Sanders’ supporters to kill themselves. Literally. With a meme.

This meme, complete with an encouraging fake “Bernie Sanders approves this tutorial” line at the bottom, began making the rounds across the Internet on major social media sites like Tumblr and Reddit a couple of days ago.

While it appears to be cutesy instructions for a Bernie glow stick, the recipe is actually for a potentially deadly Anarchist Cookbook-style chlorine bomb.

(read more)

May 11 06:21

Remarks by Sanders — and Trump — indicate more turbulence ahead for Clinton’s campaign

With a month to go before California’s votes are tallied, however, neither Sanders nor Trump was ceding any ground.

May 11 06:02

Poll: Most Republicans fine with Trump

Three-quarters of Republicans accept Donald Trump as their presidential nominee after an ugly primary season, a poll released Tuesday suggests. And that growing comfort level could be causing the presidential race to tighten up.

May 11 05:55

Family Who Made Billions Off Rise Of OxyContin Are Clinton Donors

The Clinton Foundation took donations from the family that made a fortune off OxyContin — one of the opioids fueling an addiction epidemic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now campaigning to fix.

May 11 05:31

Government Loves To Pull the Trigger

The thing is, when government game bureaucrats kill mountain lions, the lions cannot understand why they’re being shot. This is a futile gesture because you can’t even know this is the lion preying on the sheep. You just took a guess and pulled the trigger. I would say that’s exactly how the United States foreign policy is based: They just take a guess and pull the trigger.

May 11 05:22

BEX ALERT - Released Emails Show Use of Unclassified Systems Was Routine

Whatever the disposition of the investigation, the discussion of troops to Bahrain reveals how routinely sensitive information is emailed on unclassified government servers, reflecting what many officials describe as diplomacy in the age of the Internet, especially in urgent, fast-developing situations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The New York Times is not allowing comments on this piece of crap, or I would make the comment that unsecured servers are "routinely" used only for unclassified documents. Even the example given involves documents that were not classified at the time they were sent by conventional email, yet the New York Times is trying to equate this to Hillary's situation, to try to defend her.

Simple logic here...

The job of Secretary of State involves handling a lot of classified information. Hillary never used her secure government email account. If she didn't use her private server to handle the classified material (as she claims) ... then what server DID she use? Is there a third system out there?

Remember China-gate from 1996? Then President Bill Clinton authorized the sale of sensitive US technology to China and Chinese money was donated to his re-election campaign!

Was Hillary playing the same game, selling US secrets delivered via a private server with weaker security than the Ashley Madison website in exchange for "donations" to her "charitable" foundation?

It is time to look past the server itself to what may be the biggest spy scandal in US history!

May 11 03:13

Americans imprisoned for marijuana, while feds get patents on the drug

Publicly, government says marijuana is bad; privately, they're moving to control the industry...

May 11 03:04

Casey Research: “What’s Coming At You Is A Historic Event… And It’s Going To Result In Disaster”

“Negative interest rates” have become a phenomenon with economists and the media. But I’m writing to tell you something about negative interest rates you haven’t heard. You certainly won’t hear about it in the mainstream press.

May 11 02:38

Clinton’s quest for power at any price

The lies and campaign rhetoric would be laughable except for the fact that the only real contenders remaining are Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Both bend the truth, charitably speaking, and Clinton has proven to be an exceptionally adept liar. Little wonder she is considered untrustworthy by half of those polled on the issue.

May 11 02:13

Trump’s Time: The Donald Can Beat Hillary Without NeverTrump

As Donald Trump prepares for an epic battle with “First Enabler” Hillary Clinton, the media is too focused on party unity and are oblivious to the fact that denunciation of Trump by failed elites like the Bush’s as well as the prevarications of Paul Ryan only fuel his rise, as did the opposition of Mexico’s ex-president, the Chinese Communists, the Pope, David Cameron, the Saudis, and Mitt Romney. The political class is discredited with voters hungry for change.

May 11 00:42

VIDEO: 'Race Riot' Breaks Out At LA High School In 'Most Diverse District in Nation'

A massive "race riot" between blacks and Hispanics broke out at a Los Angeles high school on Monday.

Cell phone videos show students at Sylmar High School violently punching and kicking one another while completely ignoring attempts by police to break up their fights.

Some 40 students were involved in the melee and 12 officers and a host of school staffers were seen struggling to get the situation under control.

KTLA says several students told them the riot was "race and gang related."

May 11 00:38

London's Muslim Mayor Tells 'Ignorant' Trump Muslims Will Start Killing People if he Doesn't Let Them Into US

Muslims are peaceful and nonviolent, but if you don't let them into your country they'll start killing people, so says the new Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

The emir waited only five days before attacking US presidential candidate Donald Trump on his proposed temporary Muslim ban.

"Donald Trump's ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe," Khan said, "it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists."

May 10 23:34

Emma Watson Shows up In Panama Papers, Says She Registered Offshore Corp 'For Privacy'

Left-wing feminist and migrant invasion supporter Emma Watson has had her name show up in the Panama Papers.

Unfortunately, the news media won't report any of the actual details as the leak was intended only to demonize the US government's enemies, but it's a funny development nonetheless.

May 10 22:31

Slaughterhouse Employee Accused of Murdering 71 Coworkers Over 17 years

so much for quality control!

it says he was a gulf war veteran with PTSD so was he on psycho-active meds?

May 10 19:52


any payment on a loan or monetized bond is profit on a fraud because there was no consideration provided by the lender

the market manipulation is also free because the money they bet win or lose are imaginary too

fines are also meaningless since the money is still imaginary

May 10 15:31

Brazil’s Post-Rousseff Cabinet To Include Advocate Of Police Repression

Brazilian vice-President Michel Temer has invited São Paulo State’s Public Safety secretary, Alexandre de Moraes, a strong advocate of police repression, to assume the key post of Minister of Justice in what is emerging as an extreme right-wing cabinet that will take the reins if the Senate votes to proceed with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

May 10 13:43

Lawsuit targets Obama administration for deliberate Freedom of Information obstruction

A transparency watchdog is suing the White House and 11 federal agencies over the Obama administration’s routine obstruction in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

May 10 13:41

America: No country for young men

Shocking new figures out from the Congressional Budget Office reveal that one out of every six young men in America is either unemployed or incarcerated. The figures illustrate a growing trend of disenfranchisement for men aged 18 to 35 which first emerged in the 1980s. During that decade, however, just 11 percent of the nation’s young men were either jobless or imprisoned.

May 10 13:38

Presidential Elections: The Business Of Illusion

The election itself is a sham: it provides the illusion of choice, when it is the ones who pull the strings behind the scenes that select their “president” long before any of the uncomprehending public pulls a lever. Controlled by the bankers, corporations, and those “vetted” and in positions of power within a myriad of interlocking globalist cliques (the Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, CFR, etc., ad infinitum) the elections place in office those who will follow their agendas in a time-frame of their choosing.

May 10 13:21

Offshore Tax Haven Leak Implicates Seven-Figure Pro-Clinton Donor

One of the Democratic Party’s largest 2016 donors directs an offshore entity named in a massive leak of information on foreign corporations used by the world’s wealthiest people to shield their assets.

May 10 13:13

SHOCKING: Here’s why Canada’s largest water bomber wasn’t “available” in Fort Mac

The Martin Mars is Canada’s largest water bomber. It’s staged at Sproat Lake BC, a short flight away from Fort McMurray and could have been used in the fight against the massive wildfire nicknamed “The Beast” by Fort Mac fire chief Darby Allen. But it wasn’t.

The bomber wasn't there because the company that owns it wasn't asked by Alberta government officials to make it available to fight fires in Alberta.

May 10 13:09

I identify as a horse. No, really. I do.

“Faced with two estranged parents in utter disagreement about their daughter’s wish to be a boy, a British Columbia Supreme Court judge has appointed the child a legal guardian to protect her interests… The father not only wants his daughter to cease taking hormone blockers but also to cease all contact with transgender activists or transgender-friendly therapists…Though the case is about whether the 11-year-old can give informed consent to such serious medical treatment, which is intended to delay the onset of female puberty, the judge appears to have already conceded the point by referring to the girl by her preferred, male, initials, J.K., and accepting her male self-identification.” (, “Court orders dad to start treating his 11-year-old daughter as a boy,” 5/6/16)

I’ve decided I’m Nyquist, the winner of last weekend’s Kentucky Derby. This in no way subtracts from, or replaces, the Nyquist who ran the race in 2:01.31.

I just want to be Nyquist in my own way. So I’ve moved into a barn in Kentucky (undisclosed location), with other horses who will not be named. They are, for the most part, friendly. I believe they’re on the way accepting me as one of their own.

May 10 13:02

Clinton is largest beneficiary of Facebook donations

Facebook employees as individuals have donated more than $114,000 to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton this election cycle, by far the most of any presidential candidate.

May 10 11:46

How Schooling Leads to War

How did we become so manipulable and herd-like? So easily spooked into hysterical stampedes? So docile and ready to be driven by our government herders over the precipice of war?

In a word, near-universal compulsory schooling. In school, students are not so much taught as they are conditioned. Schooling deeply ingrains certain mentalities that foster militancy: timidity and tribalism, dependency and docility, conformity and credulity. And so schools sow the spiritual seeds of war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Critical thinking, and intelligent, reasoned challenge to the status quo, are nearly strictly forbidden in public education these days; and those students who dare to indulge in these activities may find themselves severely punished.

May 10 11:42

Israel court convicts Palestinian boy of murder attempt

Ahmed Manasra was with his cousin, 15-year-old Hassan Manasra, who was shot dead by Israeli police after the incident on October 12 at the illegal Pisgat Zeev settlement in occupied East Jerusalem.
Note: Does this country have a right to exist?

May 10 11:41

Delusional Zombie Cruz Considers Reviving Campaign If He Wins Nebraska Primary

It appears the establishment is so frightened by a Trump presidency that they’ll now do anything, including supporting a back-from-the-dead zombie Ted Cruz campaign that has no chance of winning anything except a Halloween costume contest. (This is also why we should double tap!)

May 10 11:38

NYT Endorses US-Sponsored Coup Attempt in Venezuela

The Times is a longstanding mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege. Its record is deplorable - pro-business, anti-populist, endorsing all US wars of aggression, color revolutions and coups by other means against sovereign independent states.

It denigrated Hugo Chavez throughout his tenure, calling him “a would-be dictator…a populist demagogue…an authoritarian caudillo (strongman),” among other pejoratives.

It bashes President Nicolas Maduro the same way. Its history shows a consistent record of supporting despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, other repressive Gulf States, Egypt, Turkey and Israel among others, while opposing sovereign independent democratic governments Washington doesn’t control.

Majority US supported Venezuelan National Assembly fascists openly call for ousting democratically elected President Maduro.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The support of coups on governments not to the US Governments liking are, unfortunately, as American as apple pie.

Unfortunately, however, some really bad planning on the part of Maduro's government goes right to the heart of the problem. As reported yesterday at

Making sense of the rolling political and economic disaster in Venezuela isn't easy. But the bigger mystery may be why the whole country isn't flooding into the streets to demand the end of the social revolution that's left one of Latin America's most resource-rich nations in a shambles. Start with the riddle of why the country with the world's largest crude oil reserves has suffered constant power outages. (Spoiler: instead of using oil to generate electricity, the government has relied on hydropower while failing to plan for this year's punishing drought; it neglected to build new power plants or invest in its crumbling infrastructure.) And how has President Nicolas Maduro responded to the energy crisis? He cut the work week for public servants to two days. Along with the furlough, Maduro -- who also is presiding over the world's worst recession -- ordered a 30 percent hike in the national minimum wage. Just how much the crowd-pleasing bonus will matter in a country with high triple-digit inflation, where consumers queueing for hours can't find eight out of 10 staple goods at grocery stores, is debatable. Not to mention that Venezuela is literally running out of bank notes. Venezuela's Revolution The fact is, the Maduro government may have lost its way, but it's still got an iron grip on this nation of 30 million people. And that residual clout, coupled with disarray among the president's political foes, has given the regime the benefit of public doubt even in desperate times.

May 10 11:37

Economic Collapse Logistics For The Government

Many feel a collapse of any kind is impossible in the mighty USA but times change and anyone that fails to heed the warnings will pay dearly when events unfold and they find it is to late to get the supplies they need. People buy many types of insurance just in case. They save for retirement just to make sure. Then they ignore economic warnings that make all those things useless. The government helps people when it is convenient for them. The government has also shown its willingness and ability to take from people when it suits them. Any government big enough to give you anything you want is also big enough to take everything you have. And, they will eventually.

May 10 11:32

Iran will sue US over decision to give terror victims $2 billion from frozen funds

Iran is planning to take legal action against the United States in international court over a US Supreme Court ruling that granted American terror victims $2 billion from frozen funds belonging to Tehran.

"We will soon take the case of the $2 billion to the international court," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a Tuesday speech in Kerman, southeastern Iran, as quoted by Reuters. "We will not allow the United States to swallow this money so easily."

In April, the US Supreme Court ruled that American victims of terror attacks in Beirut and Saudi Arabia were eligible to receive damages from Iranian central bank assets that had been frozen, upholding a 2012 law passed by Congress permitting the payments.

May 10 11:21

Cruz considers rebooting his campaign

(*GOOD! We have Cruz to kick around some more !)

May 10 11:16

US Carries Out Bioterror Experiment Using ‘Non-Toxic’ Gas On NYC Subway

The US government is examining how a poisonous chemical attack might impact the New York subway system by releasing “non-toxic” particles and gas into train stations during operating hours.

May 10 11:14

Atomic Oxygen Detected on Mars

A specially-equipped 747 has detected atomic oxygen in Mars’ upper atmosphere, NASA reported, marking the first time that the space agency has made that observation in four decades.


May 10 11:11

Reuters: OSCE says open to sending armed monitors to Ukraine conflict zone

OSCE's current mandate in Ukraine is as an unarmed civilian mission to monitor and help implement the ceasefire

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which is monitoring a fragile ceasefire in militant-controlled eastern Ukraine, is open to sending armed personnel there, but only if that is agreed by all sides, its chief said on Monday.

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier's comments are a measure of the threat to unarmed staff observing a ceasefire between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists that is constantly violated, killing soldiers and civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am frankly surprised that a proposal like this didn't come sooner, given the gravity of the situation here.

May 10 11:08

Cops Charge Scottish Man With Hate Crime for Training His Girlfriend’s Pug to Do a Nazi Salute As a Joke

This really happened.

In what was supposed to be a joke aimed at his girlfriend, a 28-year-old Scottish man trained her pug to do a Nazi salute and has been charged with a hate crime for it after posting the resulting “offensive material” online (aka: improper use of electronic communications under the Communications Act 2003).

May 10 11:06

Seriously? Now Isis Has a Choir That Sings Terrorist Threats…

Somehow we are supposed to take this seriously. So it’s kind of like “We Are the World”… except with terrorists who want to murder you and your family.

May 10 11:04

You Won’t Believe What Bernie Does to Hillary in This Video

It’s surprising this video was even allowed to be put up on YouTube at all, let alone that user cooljunkproductions didn’t get a visit from the Secret Service for it…

May 10 11:03

American Wages Have Actually Been Falling for 46 Years

It’s widely known by now that America has a serious wealth inequality crisis, and there is an abundance of evidence to support that assertion. While the wages of the top 1% of wage earners has risen by over 150% since 1979, the wages of the bottom 90% have only risen by 17.1% in that same time period.

May 10 11:02

Man Cusses Out Swat Team for Waking Him Up

For most people, finding a SWAT team on the front porch is a nightmarish scenario that’s more likely to produce swift compliance, rather than resistance. But last week a man from Odessa Texas (who wishes to remain anonymous) was rudely awakened by that very situation, and he did what most people only wish they had the guts to do.

The SWAT team in question was conducting a raid next to the man’s house, and for reasons that haven’t been explained, decided to enter his home instead without a warrant. The man was so incensed by how they behaved, that he recorded this very NSFW interaction with the police officers as he kicked them off his property.

May 10 11:01

MSNBC Reports Bill Clinton’s Infidelity As Still Only “alleged” After Trump Calls Hillary a “nasty, Mean Enabler”

Wow, the mainstream media is so utterly full of crap.

Now that Donald Trump is the presumed GOP nominee, he’s been going after “Crooked Hillary” (who deserves it), but now MSNBC is reporting on Bill Clinton’s infidelity as “alleged”… as in, not proven, may not have really happened “alleged”.
Webmaster addition: Does MSNBC actually get paid for this nonsense? There is nothing "alleged". Bill Clinton publicly ADMITTED to affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky! Is MSNBC really THAT out of touch? Are they THAT clueless? No wonder their ratings are in the Al Qaeda!

May 10 10:55


3M, the company best known as the maker of Scotch tape, holds numerous contracts with prison systems. (; Edited: LW / TO)Incarceration has become a big business in the US, which is now home to the world's largest prison population. Amid a growing dialogue about mass incarceration, the dubious ethics (and horrible track records) of private prisons have generated widespread outrage.

But the privatization of prison facilities by for-profit corporations is just the tip of the iceberg. Every aspect of incarceration provides an opportunity for someone to make a buck. State and federal governments spend billions to run prisons, jails and detention centers. Each one is like a small city, requiring infrastructure, services and upkeep -- all of which can be outsourced, including:

Design and construction of prisons;

Furniture, from guards' desks to the metal bunks prisoners sleep on;

Prisoners' medical and mental health care;

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At a time when Sweden is closing their prisons, because they focus almost completely on rehabilitation, the US's prisons are doing horrifically, with terrible recidivism rates.

And private prisons are among the worst of the worst, in terms of prisoners serving their time, getting out, and re-offending; they should be outlawed, but somehow, generous campaign contributions at state and federal levels keep them open, with their populations growing and festering.

May 10 10:47

The Washington Post Accuses Stingy Americans Of Ruining Obama’s Recovery

Yes, dear broke American consumers which once made up the world's most vibrant middle class: please stop being such a nuisance and source of confusion to nice Op-Ed columnists at the WaPo, the WSJ and, of course, the Fed and their $4.5 trillion in direct injections into the offshore bank accounts of America's wealthiest 1%, and instead go ahead and splurge all your savings on trinkets, gadgets and gizmos you don't need. Only that way will Obama's recovery be truly complete.

May 10 10:42

Corporations Pushing Globalist Agendas Equals a New Era of American Fascism

What is the tie-in between abortion, anti-gun legislation, and gay marriage? You guessed it, the U.N. There is now a recent fad of multi-national corporations "coming out" in support of very politicized agendas such as gay marriage, abortion and anti-gun support, effectively dividing the country in half. From a purely Chief Financial Officer point of view you would think that alienating literally 50% of your customer base would be corporate suicide, right? How can a company even survive ticking off 150 million customers on issues that fundamentally are offensive to them? Case in point the laughable state of Target's company stock plunges due to its obscene allowance of men into woman's bathrooms if they self-identify as woman.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 10 10:39

New York Subway Undergoes Bio-Terror Experiment: DHS

The New York City has released an odorless gas into the subway to experiment an instance of a bio-terror attack.

Three of the busiest stations underwent the Monday experiment, which included a combination of odorless, inert gases, and tracer materials, said officials with the US Department of Homeland Security.

May 10 10:38

CDC: Prescription painkiller drugs kill 40 Americans every single day

Prescription painkiller drugs like OxyContin (oxycodone) and Vicodin (hydrocodone) are now directly responsible for killing 40 Americans every single day. This disturbing fact comes from new data compiled by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as part of an ongoing investigation into prescription drug abuse.

May 10 10:12

Best-paid U.S. hedge fund managers take home $13 billion

Hedge funds lost money for their investors last year but the industry's top-paid managers had a banner year, with five men earning more than $1 billion each in 2015, an industry survey released on Tuesday showed.

May 10 10:11

Clinton and the DNC Are Not Just Colluding — They’re Changing the Rules for Superdelegates

The award for most deliberate and egregious burying of a lead has just been handed out.

It goes to NBC News, for a story entitled, “Bernie Sanders Makes Things Awkward for Hillary Clinton’s DNC Takeover.”

May 10 10:06

What will the global economy look like after the ‘great reset?’

In a post-reset world, the elites will argue that the banks and bankers are not necessarily to blame. Rather, they will accuse the “system” of being too complex and chaotic, leaving itself open to greed, stupidity and overall unconscious sabotage. The fact that the crisis was engineered from the very beginning will never be mentioned. Almost all other changes to our economic environment will stem from this single lie.

May 10 10:02

TPP: What media?! — The whores of the 4th Estate

Author’s Note: This is Part Four of a previous report direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Intellihub to bring urgent awareness of the threat of TPP to its American and international readers. Like the European, TTIP, TPP is treason. TPP must be stopped. Now! B.R-T.

(INTELLIHUB) — In the land of the “exceptional” a new, unjustifiable definition of journalism has over-ridden the previously time-honored tenants regarding the obligatory role of the press: that of presenting the whole truth of any story via documented facts. These-days, the role of the press is reduced to complicity in pervasive, blatant propaganda. Hence, it is not what the reader is told that truly matters; it is what is deliberately left-out.

May 10 09:48

Trump Accuses “Crooked Hillary” Of Pushing “False Narrative” To Media

The billionaire candidate noted that she was only competing against one other person, while he was up against 17 people.

May 10 09:46

List Of All United States Military Aircraft In Service (39 pics)

The US Air Force is considered to be the world's first aerial power. Let's take a look at 39 distinct kinds of US military aircraft that are on duty.

May 10 09:46

Dating website to match Canadians with Americans escaping Trump presidency

A new dating website is offering to pair Americans with Canadian singles to save them from a Donald Trump presidency. promises love and a U.S. escape plan if Trump becomes commander-in-chief.

May 10 09:40

‘I’m Not Just the Typical Granny’

Woman, 80, who shot and killed an intruder after he broke in and stabbed her husband in the kitchen 'just did what I had to do'

May 10 09:33

Arkansas judge resigns after investigators find sexually explicit photos of defendants on computer

An Arkansas judge accused of trading sex for reduced sentences with young male defendants for the past three decades has resigned after investigators said they found thousands of photographs depicting nude male defendants.

May 10 09:32

Hillary Clinton Picks a Doomed Fight With Americans Over Guns

Hillary Clinton thinks she's found a formula for winning the presidency by attacking gun rights. But her chosen attack on a cherished freedom picks a fight with millions of Americans—and with reality.

May 10 09:10


A teenage girl died just five days after having a cervical cancer jab. Shazel Zaman, 13, was suffering with a severe headache, vomiting and dizziness after having the jab. Her symptoms became so severe that her family took her to Bury’s Fairfield Hospital.

May 10 08:32

11-Year-Old Facing Hate Crime Charges For Burning Bus

An 11-year-old African-American boy is being charged with a hate crime in connection with a fire which was lit on a Jewish school bus in Brooklyn. The bus had been parked in front of the Beth Rivkah Hebrew School for girls when a group of children set fire to it.

May 10 08:19

Fighting Tooth And Nail: 143 NYC Salons Ordered To Pay $2 Million In Back Wages

Nearly 150 salons owe employees $2 million in outstanding wages, the New York State Nail Salon Industry Enforcement Task Force has found, following a damning expose of the manicure industry which The New York Times published nearly exactly a year ago.

May 10 08:14

New Panama Papers data leak reveals the names of thousands of offshore companies in a searchable online database

The latest data to be leaked in connection with the Panama Papers scandal reveals the names and details of thousands of offshore companies in easily searchable online databases.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has made 200,000 entities available on its website today, based on the massive trove of information discovered on the finances of the rich and powerful.

May 10 06:42

Lawsuit: Rancher Cliven Bundy Sues President Obama, Harry Reid and other officials

In an effort to get the charges against him dismissed, rancher Cliven Bundy is suing President Barack Obama and Nevada officials.

Bundy’s lawyer filed suit Tuesday in Nevada. Among those listed were President Obama, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Clarke County Commission Chair Rory Reid and U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro, according to The Hill.

May 10 04:50

UVA Student: Identifying as “American” is a Microaggression

Safe space cry-baby upset by appropriation of "entire hemisphere" : The expansion of alleged “microaggressions” is another way in which the left is using political correctness to chill free speech.

May 10 03:42

Do Americans Live in a Free Society?

Whenever I hear someone say that U.S. troops fighting overseas somewhere, anywhere—it doesn’t matter where—are defending our freedoms, it makes me want to vomit, and for two reasons. The troops aren’t defending anything. They are engaging in the offense: intervening, violating, invading, occupying, killing, maiming, destroying, and making widows and orphans.

May 10 02:26

Trump: US Will Never Default On Debt

US will never default on debt 'because you print the money' – Trump

In an attempt to clarify his stance regarding potential default on national debt payments, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that, in the US, "you never have to default because you print the money."

Responding to questions over recent comments indicating that as president, he would renegotiate US national debt rather than pay creditors in full — which could spur a global financial shock — Trump said the notion that he would default on national debt is "crazy."

"People said I want to go and buy debt and default on debt, and I mean, these people are crazy. This is the United States government," Trump told CNN on Monday "First of all, you never have to default because you print the money, I hate to tell you, OK?"


May 10 02:16

Trump Can Beat Hillary Clinton

Ken Langone: ‘All in’ for Trump, Can Beat Hillary Clinton, ‘He’ll do a Hell of a Good Job’
GOP Mega donor Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot, says he’s now “all in” for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I’m all in,” Langone stated, referencing a Trump ticket. “And you want to know something? I think he’ll do a hell of a good job.” He previously backed Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Langone predicts the real estate mogul can defeat Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton in November, according to CNBC.

Langone added that he’s “never had any adverse experiences with him” and applauded Trump’s business dealings.


May 10 02:02

McCarthy signs up to be a Trump delegate

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has signed up to serve as a delegate for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at this summer’s national convention in Cleveland.
Under California’s delegate rules, candidates select their own delegate slates, and Trump put McCarthy in to represent his Central Valley congressional district.

Peter Thiel, the billionaire tech venture capitalist who was an early investor in Facebook and a past backer of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, signed up as a Trump delegate in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district.

David Horowitz, a conservative activist, and Richard Grenell, a former spokesman for past U.S. ambassadors to the United States, also are slated to be Trump delegates.

Other notable Trump delegates from the California congressional delegation include Reps. Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter, who was one of the earliest House members to endorse the Manhattan billionaire.

May 10 01:50

US Navy Carries Out Patrol In Disputed Part Of South China Sea

US Navy carries out patrol in disputed part of South China Sea after PLA wraps up combat drills in the area
The latest US ‘freedom of navigation exercise’ close to Chinese-controlled Fiery Cross Reef, amid increasing tensions over territorial claims in region

A US navy warship carried out a freedom of navigation operation near a disputed reef in the South China Seas on Tuesday, the US Department of Defence said, after the Chinese military wrapped up a military drill in the area.

The operation by the USS William P. Lawrence, travelling within 12 nautical miles of Chinese-occupied Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands, was to “challenge excessive maritime claims of some claimants in the South China Sea”, a defence department spokesman said.
The US operation came after the Chinese military had carried out a combat drill involving its most advanced warships as Beijing boosts its military presence in the South China Sea.


May 09 23:11

Of Course the US Government Will Default on Its Debt

While it is still popular to claim that the United States has never defaulted on its debt, this is a myth. The US has been forced to default a couple of times throughout history, the last of which being when Richard Nixon’s closed the gold window. By cutting the ability of foreign governments to redeem US dollars for gold, America was allowed to pay back past debt with devalued fiat money. This form of default has long been a popular option for governments with debt obligations it can’t or won’t honor.

May 09 22:54

Cops Notice Nothing Unusual As They Read Miranda Rights To Woman They Are Arresting For Remaining Silent

That moment is priceless. She, a lawyer, is suing.

Video, storyboard, story and hyperlinks at link.

May 09 21:30

American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About the Government’s Secret Experiments

snip: One would also be hard-pressed to suggest that the American government had our best interests at heart when it conducted secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace—citizens and noncitizens alike—making healthy people sick by spraying them with chemicals, injecting them with infectious diseases and exposing them to airborne toxins. The government reasoned that it was legitimate to experiment on people who did not have full rights in society such as prisoners, mental patients, and poor blacks.

May 09 18:19

American Wages Have Actually Been Falling for 46 years

It’s widely known by now that America has a serious wealth inequality crisis, and there is an abundance of evidence to support that assertion. While the wages of the top 1% of wage earners has risen by over 150% since 1979, the wages of the bottom 90% have only risen by 17.1% in that same time period.

May 09 17:56

Socialism is an immoral system

The American economic system, and in fact the world’s economic system is failing, and that failure is being attributed by many on the left (and some on the right) as a failure of capitalism. This false notion has given rise to Bernie Sanders and his preaching of social democracy. How has this happened?

May 09 17:51

272 million emails hacked: Yours may be among them

So has one of your email accounts been hacked?By some accounts, there are over 2.5 billion email users in the world today, and there may be as many as 3.9 billion active email accounts.

May 09 17:26

Fired ESPN Commentator: Only Conservatives Told Not to Share Their Political Opinions

Former ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling slammed his former employers in an interview today, asserting that the network implied only conservatives were not welcome to share their political views. Schilling was fired last month over an “offensive” social media post that was critical of opposition to a North Carolina law that requires transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological birth.

May 09 17:11

Who Promoted Private Ryan?

Trump did not “inherit” anything. He won the nomination of the Republican Party in an epic battle in the most wide-open race ever, in which Trump generated the largest turnout and greatest vote totals in the history of Republican primaries. What is Ryan up to? He is pandering to the Trump-hating Beltway media and claiming the leadership of a Republican establishment routed and repudiated in the primaries, not only by that half of the party that voted for Trump, but also by that huge slice of the party that voted for Ted Cruz.

May 09 16:33

CBO: Nearly 1 in 6 Young Men in U.S. Jobless or Incarcerated

Nearly one in six young men (between the ages of 18-34) in the U.S. were either jobless or incarcerated in 2014, according to a new government report. It details a striking amount of male alienation that has been on the rise since the 1980s.

May 09 16:00

Hyperinflation monster will destroy the dollar

Our biggest problem is that the bankers and politicians know how to game the system better than they did before. Now, we don’t even see the underpinnings of a serious economic crisis that are there because all the information is buried.

May 09 15:53

Trump success is mainstreaming third party chatter

Donald Trump’s GOP primary success has created a great deal of turmoil within the Republican Party. And if you’re tired of two-party politics in the U.S., that could be really good news.

May 09 15:32

ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov't Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse

After writing a lengthy suicide note exposing terrifying plans the government has for American citizens, a US Customs Agent walked onto a pier in NYC and blew his brains out.

Sources inside the New York City Police Department have revealed to SuperStation95, the contents of a suicide note found on the body and they are utterly frightening.

The note, which says it was written over the course of a full week in advance, outlines why the officer chose to shoot himself:

"The America I grew up in, and cherished, has been murdered by its own federal government. Our Constitution has become meaningless and our laws politicized so badly, they are no longer enforced except for political purposes" the note said. "Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them. To them, everything is about getting and keeping power, and making illicit money from backroom deals."

May 09 15:23

The queen is above the peasants : Hillary limits public, press access

In an apparent attempt to control who is able to talk to the candidate — and reduce the possibility of embarrassing moments — the Hillary Clinton campaign is severely restricting the crowd size at a Virginia event today. Not only that, but the campaign is hampering media coverage by allowing a “pool” reporter only.

May 09 15:21

On the misuse of anti-Semitism

Lawrence Davidson says the charge of anti-Semitism is being improperly exploited for political purposes, namely to bludgeon criticism of Israel, most recently by British Zionists intent on silencing pro-Palestinian activists and critics of Israel.

May 09 15:19

Once, most Jews viewed Israel as the anti-Semite’s best friend

Jonathan Cook examines the symbiotic relationship between Zionism and anti-Semitism, and argues that recognising the racial roots of this might allow us to understand modern Israel better, and why it seems incapable of extending a hand of peace to the Palestinians.

May 09 15:04

Feds eye tighter rules on political speech on web… ‘New media’ too influential…

Regulators in Washington are showing increasing interest in tightening rules on political speech on the web, arguing that the dissonant voices enabled by "new media" have become too influential. If that effort is successful, experts wonder whether it could impact more traditional media as well, especially in how it relates to conservatives.

May 09 15:02

Was Prince The Latest Opioid Casualty?

The autopsy results from Prince’s unexpected death are not in yet, but it has been reported that the musical star had the prescription opioid painkiller Percocet in his possession when he died. Unconfirmed reports suggest Prince not only used prescription opioids for pain but may have had an addiction.

May 09 14:51


Judicial Watch today released new State Department emails (one batch of 103 pages, the second of 138 pages) that again appear to contradict statements by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department and that she did not use her system until March 18, 2009.

Judicial Watch recently released Clinton State Department emails dating from February 2009 that also call into question her statements about her emails.

The documents were obtained by Judicial Watch in response a court order in a May 5,2015, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department, after it failed to respond to a March 18 FOIA request (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00684)). The lawsuit seeks:

May 09 14:40

Illegals Dwarf American Households in Welfare: “Obama Seeking $17K For Every Illegal Minor”

A new study found that both illegal and legal immigrants, who typically work low wage jobs, receive more in government assistance each year than struggling American families do.

Illegal immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 in federal welfare benefits every year, far more than the average “native” American household, at $4,431…

And Obama wants more... just MORE.


May 09 14:15

South African Judge Mabel Jansen in race rape row

A white South African judge has been strongly condemned for purportedly saying on social media that rape was part of the culture of black men.

Judge Mabel Jansen said the gang-rape of babies, girls and women was seen as a "pleasurable" pastime.

A petition has been launched to demand her removal as a judge. She said her comments had been taken out of context.

South Africa has been hit by a spate of racism rows in recent months, triggered by comments on social media.

The government has responded by saying that it intends to toughen anti-racism laws.

May 09 14:14

Tar Sands Boomtown Blaze Still ‘Burning Out Of Control’

The Alberta wildfire that has been dubbed The Beast and described as a post-apocalyptic nightmare is still burning “out of control,” according to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who gave a briefing Saturday afternoon in Edmonton.

“In no way is this fire under control,” she reiterated.

May 09 14:11

Illegal immigrant households get $5,692 in welfare… $1,261 MORE than American families…

Illegal immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 in federal welfare benefits every year, far more than the average "native" American household, at $4,431, according to a new report on the cost of immigration released Monday.

May 09 13:55

The Arrogance of the Prom King

That’s right, hard as it is to believe, after ten months of watching Trump swat every political fly who’s annoyed him, the pathetic “Never Trump” crowd really and truly still does not understand what’s taking place in America. Specifically, what they don’t get is that this is a genuine revolution. And it’s not a revolution about Trump. It’s a revolution about the corruption and arrogance of the leadership of the Republican Party — and, on a broader scale, the entire Washington political establishment.

May 09 13:51

Emails From Hillary Clinton’s IT Director at State Department Appear to Be Missing

The State Department said today it can’t find any of Bryan Pagliano’s emails from the time he served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s senior information technology staffer during her tenure there.

Pagliano would have been required to turn over any official communications from his work account before he left the government. State Department officials say he had an official email account, but that they can't find any of those records and continue to search for them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 09 13:46

Globalists Threaten Voters with World War if Britain Exits Eurozone

In a recent speech, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that if Britain leaves the Eurozone, it could cause World War Three to break out across the continent. “Can we be so sure peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking?” he said. “I would never be so rash to make that assumption.”

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May 09 13:42

Editing Reality: Former Employees Admit Facebook Censors Conservative News

Now it's officially admitted.

We know Twitter works the same way and so does Google’s “breaking” and “trending” news. We can tell ourselves that people will go elsewhere to read and vet news, but come on. We live in a world where the average human attention span is now smaller than that of a goldfish.

To act like the Internet isn’t powerful enough to influence reality, including protests, politics and even the outcome of elections, is just wishful thinking.

(read more)

May 09 13:38

April Capped a Record-Setting Year for Gun Purchases

While Hillary Clinton says that, if elected, she would start going after guns on Day One of her theoretical presidency, Americans appear to be doing their level best to make sure Clinton would have a whole lot of guns and gun owners to tackle.

May 09 13:35

Background Check-Loving Media Gags on Its Own Medicine Thanks to New Obama Directive

Now that big media is feeling the indignity and insecurity of submitting their rights to the whims of an opaque and seemingly arbitrary bureaucratic screening process, we can only say, “Welcome to the club … It serves you right.”

May 09 13:30

Trump Stumps CNN Presstitute Chris Cuomo, Gets Him to Admit "You're Right," Restart Interview

Pro-Hillary CNN presstitute Chris Cuomo just learned the hard way you "Can't Stump The Trump."

Starting off his interview this morning by accusing Trump of being the "opposite" of presidential and claiming CNN's "panel of independent voters" "don't like it" when Trump attacks Hillary for being an enabler of her husband's abuse, Trump called Cuomo on his bias and actually ended up getting him to admit he is "right," whereby he paused to "restart" their interview!

May 09 13:07

The Clinton Family Slush Fund

Wall Street Analyst Who Warned on GE Ahead of Crash Calls Clinton Foundation “Charity Fraud” -- The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

May 09 12:42

Laquan McDonald Case: Prosecutor Requests Withdrawal, Police Attorney Wants Special Security

The Cook County prosecutor who brought murder charges against a Chicago police officer who fatally shot Laquan McDonald wants to withdraw from the case, while the cop’s attorney has asked the court for special security after receiving death threats.

May 09 12:37

Thanks to TSA, Almost 7,000 Passengers Missed Their Flights in Just One Week on Just One Airline

And in other news, the TSA continues to suck.

It isn’t even summer yet, and major problems with longer and longer TSA screening times are happening at major airports across the nation, including Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and San Jose just to name a few. During Spring Break (March 14-20) this year alone, an estimated 6,800 airline passengers missed their flights due to TSA screening delays on American Airlines — just American Airlines.

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May 09 12:35

Revenge! Group of Women Kick This Guy’s Butt After He Flashes One of Them on the Bus

This Turkish guy picked the wrong time and place to harass this woman... on a crowded bus surrounded by other women.
(read more)

May 09 12:14

Man faces hate crime charge in Scotland over dog's 'Nazi salute'

A man has been arrested over an online video that reportedly shows a dog making a Nazi salute.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just getting silly!

May 09 12:11

Kerry tells grads to accept the coming ‘borderless world’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The New World Order comes out of the shadows!

May 09 12:09

Obama: TTIP Necessary So As to Protect Megabanks From Prosecution

On May 7th, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or German Economic News, headlined, “USA planen mit TTIP Frontal-Angriff auf Gerichte in Europa” or “U.S. Plans Frontal Attack on Europe’s Courts via TTIP,” and reported that, “America’s urgency to sign TTIP with Europe has solid reason: Megabanks must protect themselves from claims by European investors who allege that they were cheated during the debt crisis. … The U.S. Ambassador to Italy has now let the cat out of the bag on this — probably unintentionally.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the real reason President Obama has his knickers in a twist about the TTIP getting signed quickly is to protect megabanks from cheated customers!!

If you want to know by whom politicians are owned, look for the national and international corporations which are protected by legislation for which they are shilling.

For example, in the Homeland Security Act, pharmaceutical manufacturers were "held harmless and indemnified" for any harm their vaccines could cause; with Obama, it is the TTIP, which he has championed, which dissolves all national sovereignty; puts corporations in charge of all laws; and protects megabanks from lawsuits by cheated customers!!

I know that I have become disgusted and cynical about the political process in this country, but darn it, sometimes I just can't keep up!!

May 09 11:44

US Ambassador to Hungary: Overthrow Assad, Let in Refugees, and Fight Russia… or Else!

If anyone wants a short course on what’s wrong with US diplomacy look no further than US Ambassador to Hungary Coleen Bell’s speech Friday to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. In typical diplo-speak there was plenty of flowery language about shared values, fish swimming together in the same water (?), sappy poetics like “together, out of that winter, we would force the spring,” and talk of together being “part of the world’s greatest military and political alliance.”

But make no mistake: Inside Ambassador Bell’s velvet glove is an iron fist, poised to strike should Washington’s annoyingly independent-minded Fidesz-led government step out of line on the big issues. And by “big” issues it should be understood that the US means the issues it considers in the interests of its own foreign policy, not those in Hungary’s interest.

Message to Hungary: do as we say or you will be sorry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love it; this gal was a TV soap producer who "earned" her ambassadorship not by her education, previous employment, research, or knowledge about Hungary, but because she was a top Obama fundraiser!

If I were a US State Department official who had done the work, worked my way up the ranks, had a clue about international relations, and saw this woman get this job with other qualifications than to have been a top Obama fund raiser who could lie for her country with impunity, I would resign in abject disgust.

For the last couple of administrations, both Democratic and Republican, real qualifications for such a job mean absolutely nothing.

May 09 11:36

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scientific Studies (HBO)

eye-grabbing headlines on unverified manipulated 'scientific studies'

May 09 11:33

Price for Witnessing Against War

Fr. Daniel Berrigan’s funeral was being live-streamed Friday, as I started to write this, which seems only fitting. Dan’s witness and writing have been a constantly rechargeable battery for my moral compass.

Live-streaming (arranged by America magazine) was the next-best thing to being at the funeral in person. And it brought back memories of getting shoehorned into West Baltimore’s St. Peter Claver church in early December 2002 for an equally moving celebration of the life of Dan’s younger brother, Fr. Phil Berrigan.

Homilist Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J., who has spent more than a decade in this or that prison for nonviolent resistance to war began with some Berrigan-style Irish humor: “Let members of the FBI assigned here today validate that it is Daniel Berrigan’s funeral Mass of the Resurrection, so they can complete and perhaps close their files. ‘Death has no dominion!’ to quote Daniel’s friend William Stringfellow.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I briefly met Ray McGovern at the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, where Mike spoke in New York.

I consider him a man of absolute, peaceful, and Christian, principal, and I hold him in the highest regard.

The treatment he was given by Clinton's goons at her speech demonstrates, painfully clearly, her fascist, belligerent, and inescapably violent tendencies, which make her a lousy candidate for President.

May 09 11:19

Turkey Bombs Kurdish City Using Banned Phosphorous Munitions

The Turkish army used munitions containing phosphorus against the Kurdish-inhabited city of Nusaybin in the country’s south, a Kurdish source told Sputnik on Sunday.

"The Turkish army shelled a district of the Nusaybin city in southern Turkey using munitions which are likely to contain the banned substance of phosphorus," the source said.

Nusaybin is located in the Mardin province, where two Turkish servicemen were killed during a raid against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), outlawed in the country, earlier in the day.

White phosphorus munitions are used in smoke and incendiary munitions. White phosphorus is not specifically banned, but the 1983 UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons bans the use of incendiary weapons in indiscriminate attacks against civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More serial genocide against the Kurds in Turkey, I see.

When you exclude people from the political process, you create a recipe for creating radicalism and chaos; this is precisely what the Turkish government has done against their Kurdish minority.

May 09 11:15

What is Cooking in the Bosnian Pot? CIA Director’s Visit to the Balkans

On April 21, 2016, under the cover of darkness, a U.S. military plane landed on Sarajevo international airport.[1] The mysterious guest was greeted by Osman Mehmedagi?, the chief of the Bosnian intelligence agency - the Intelligence-Security Agency.

The first reports in the Bosnian and other regional media were that the mysterious visitor came unannounced.[6] It later emerged that this was only a surprise for some, but hardly for all Bosnian politicians and high-level security officials. After all, this is a standard CIA operational procedure. It’s called ‘compartmentalization’: in the know are only those who need to know. The CIA director John O. Brennan's visit to Sarajevo was actually carefully planned and scheduled at least two months in advance at the time of Mehmedagi?'s first visit to the U.S. Brennan flew into Sarajevo directly from Riyadh where he accompanied the U.S. President Barack Obama and attended a meeting of the regional Arab security heads.

May 09 11:02

Mind Pollution: The Promotion of Sexual Perversion on National TV

Some would argue that this is not about the pollution of minds. They would maintain that there is no deliberate attempt to undermine the morals of a virtuous nation, still less the morals of its innocent minors. It’s more fundamental than that.

This is simply a question, they would point out, of a bunch of dirty-minded writers and degenerate TV executives getting together to produce buckets of sleaze for an increasingly debased public. Depravity, they would tell us, is not being systematically manufactured: it is the natural flatulence of filthy minds. It is the foul atmosphere around us, the very air we breathe. We are filthy, stewed and marinated in filth like dung flies, and filth is what we naturally produce.

Let’s examine this interesting thesis.

May 09 11:02

Alberta wildfires expected to burn for months, threaten oil sands mines (VIDEOS)

Massive blaze in Alberta could double in size and go on for months, local officials predict. There are about 19,000 people already evacuated from the affected areas.

May 09 10:58

Woman dies before air ambulance arrives, still charged $25k

Imagine losing a loved one suddenly, and while trying to deal with the terrible loss, you get a bill for $25,000.

May 09 10:45

Mercury's transit of the sun draws Vancouver astronomy fans
The planet Mercury is seen in silhouette, lower center of image, as it transits across the face of the sun on May 9, 2016 as viewed from Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Mercury passes between Earth and the sun only about 13 times a century, with the previous transit taking place in 2006.NASA/Bill Ingalls / Handout/NASA

Astronomy buffs hauled out their solar telescopes Monday morning to get a rare glimpse of Mercury’s transit of the sun.

Members of the Vancouver Centre chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada had three telescopes set up in Granville Square and invited anyone who happened by to have a look between 8 and 11:30 a.m.

Even when highly magnified, Mercury appeared as just a tiny round dot as it made its 7.5-hour trip across the surface of the sun.


May 09 10:37

McDonald's stock at all-time high

(*they had to have gotten pretty creative with an erector set to rig that one . )

May 09 10:28

Why Did NBC News Sit on Explosive Story About Clinton's Alleged Hacked Email Server For Weeks?

According to the NBC News press release, Lazar was interviewed by reporter Cynthia McFadden from a Bucharest prison, where he admitted to also hacking into Clinton’s private e-mail account.

So, it stands to reason that McFadden conducted the interview before he was extradited to the U.S. which means NBC News was sitting on these explosive claims for more than one month. Which raises the question, why would a major news network sit on such an explosive allegation — especially when the claim directly relates to a presidential candidate and the biggest story the 2016 presidential election cycle?

The delay cost them what would’ve been a huge exclusive....We reached out to NBC News for clarification and a spokesman declined to comment at this time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 09 10:24

How Obama’s Lawyers “Legalized” the War on Terror

The legal architecture of Obama’s version of the “war on terror” is as resistant to adjudication as was Bush’s more ramshackle structure. How does a defendant prepare a defense when he is denied accusatory evidence on the grounds that it entails ‘state secrets?’ How does a defendant in a non-terrorist case protect himself from the prosecution’s exploitation of evidence obtained without a court warrant when its source is kept secret because it was the fall-out from a national security surveillance case? How does a plaintiff gain standing to bring suit when the courts agree with the Executive’s assertion that the individual in question must demonstrate having suffered personal damage? How does some American citizen on Obama’s ‘kill list’ appeal for redress when required to make a personal appearance in a United States court — transit to which might make him vulnerable to murder by American authorities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The conclusion here is glaringly, and painfully, obvious; President Obama is just as much a criminal warmonger as was his predecessor, and no less accountable to the warlords of the military/industrial complex, to keep the madness of perpetual wars going.

May 09 10:11

Brazil Real Plummets With Stocks as Impeachment Hits Roadblock

Brazilian assets plunged after the effort to impeach President Dilma Rousseff appeared to hit a roadblock, spurring concern that some of the world’s biggest stock and currency rallies would be undone if the current administration remains in power.

The Ibovespa stock benchmark plummeted as much as 3.5 percent as the real weakened as much as 4.6 percent, the most since September 2011, after the interim chief of Brazil’s lower house called for a new vote on the impeachment, accepting an argument by the attorney general that the ballot last month had procedural irregularities.

The Ibovespa and real have posted the biggest rallies among major markets this year on speculation an impeachment would usher in a new government better able to pull Latin America’s biggest economy out of its worst recession in a century, tame inflation and shore up a fiscal deficit. The Senate had been scheduled to vote this week on whether to move forward with the impeachment and compel Rousseff to stand trial on allegations she used state banks to shore up the government’s accounts.

May 09 10:10


Isaac Herzog, member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Israeli Labor party, revealed that the Saudi king has been overtly influential in the election campaign that saw Netanyahu get elected.

“In March 2015, King Salman has deposited eighty million dollars to support Netanyahu’s campaign via a Syrian-Spanish person named Mohamed Eyad Kayali.

The money was deposited to a company’s account in British Virgin Islands owned by Teddy Sagi, an Israeli billionaire and businessman, who has allocated the money to fund the campaign Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”, Herzog cited from a leaked Panama Paper.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Talk about very strange geopolitical bedfellows!!

May 09 10:02

How Can It Get Any Weirder?

Okay, so it’s not just Dick Cheney but now John Bolton who is supporting the guy who says Bush lied us into the Iraq War (and that Bush deserves blame for 9/11). Trump may not be my cup of tea, but I have to give him credit: He understands people – both average voters (who give him majorities in state after state) and politicians and policy types (who support him for their own reasons). Understanding people’s psychology, and using that to get them to do what you want, is an important gift, maybe the most important gift, for a leader. I just wish I could be confident that a President Trump would use this gift to move America in a positive direction.>>>

(*coming from the NR !?! but after that kind introduction , this article , somehow , finds it's way into becoming another shellacking of Donald Trump .)

May 09 09:58


Caught on surveillance video gunning down a mentally ill veteran last year, San Diego Police Officer Neal Browder is under investigation again for accidentally shooting a baby’s crib weeks after returning to duty. Although Browder does not face criminal charges for recklessly firing his service weapon into a crib, the controversial cop is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit.

While conducting a probation check on the morning of February 20, Browder and several officers entered an apartment occupied by Kimberly Espinoza, her 11-month-old son, her 54-year-old grandmother, and her uncle who was on probation. After removing Espinoza’s uncle from the residence, Browder and another officer ordered the family into the living room before searching their bedrooms.

Entering Espinoza’s bedroom with his gun drawn, Browder suddenly fired a bullet into her son’s crib for no reason.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this is how San Diego cops interpret "to protect and serve",do not go there.

IF you are planning an event, and San Diego was on your list for a Conference or Symposium, take that city off your list, and please inform Mayor Kevin Faulconer of why you made your decision to take San Diego off your list.

If you live in San Diego, and can do so, move out of the city, again informing Mayor Faulconer of why you made your decision.

Because it is only when a city has endured enough present and potential future economic pain, that the attitude of police who believe that this is perfectly acceptable behaviour, will change.

May 09 09:54

The Arkansas Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld the civil forfeiture of almost $20,000 taken from a man during a traffic stop, even though he was never charged with a crime and prosecutors had previously attempted to dismiss the case.

Back in July 2013, Guillermo Espinoza was travelling with his girlfriend to Texas, when they were pulled over by the Arkansas State Police. During the stop, a drug dog alerted to a computer bag. Inside, police found $19,894 in cash, which they promptly seized. No contraband was found during the stop.

May 09 09:53

Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

Facebook workers routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network’s influential “trending” news section, according to a former journalist who worked on the project. This individual says that workers prevented stories about the right-wing CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and other conservative topics from appearing in the highly-influential section, even though they were organically trending among the site’s users.

May 09 09:50


Vladimir Putin said Russia is all for creating a non-aligned system of international security to counter global terror. The president, speaking at the V-Day parade in Moscow, called on all nations to learn the lessons of WWII.

“Today our civilization has faced brutality and violence – terrorism has become a global threat,” the Russian president said, addressing the crowds on Moscow’s Red Square ahead of a parade dedicated to the 71st anniversary of victory in WWII. “We must defeat this evil, and Russia is open to join forces with all countries and is ready to work on the creation of a modern, non-aligned system of international security.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This concept is brilliantly logical; which is why the US government will avoid any kind of cooperation or implementation of such a project as though it were the plague.

May 09 09:49

German Government Turns Against TTIP Despite Merkel’s Support

In his interview for Der Spiegel, Schmidt said that the trade agreement, already sparking a decent amount of controversy, does not provide significant concessions to German food producers, offering minor concessions to the automotive sector instead.

May 09 09:46

‘People before profits!’ Thousands rally against TTIP, US corporate rule, GMO & wars in Rome (VIDEO)

Tens of thousands came out in the capital of Italy to decry the secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between the EU and the United States, which protesters believe would push Europe into corporate slavery.

May 09 09:23


May 09 09:21


Following Donald Trump's Thursday comments that rising interest rates would be disastrous for the economy, saying that "we're paying a very low interest rate. What happens if that interest rate goes up 2, 3, 4 points?" hinting that the U.S. should "renegotiate longer-term debt" with creditors and that if the economy crashes he "can make a deal", various media outlets went to town on Trump, most notably the NYT, which took Trump to task:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would imagine that there are members of the Federal Reserve, plotting to poison this man's tea right now, for having said that!!

May 09 09:17

Newly Unearthed Version of Elie Wiesel's Seminal Work Is a Scathing Indictment of God, Jewish World

In Wiesel’s uncensored Hebrew 'Night' manuscript, unveiled here for the first time, the author expresses desire to take revenge on the Hungarians, lashes out at fellow Jews and describes sexual scenes from the train to Auschwitz.
Note: Eli Wiesel is a total fraud! Getting laid on the train with hundreds watching. What a whooper! Eli Wiesel received a standing ovation from the United States Congress. Eternal shame on us.

May 09 09:11

Trial Starts For Israeli Soldier In Killing of Palestinian

An Israeli soldier went on trial for manslaughter before a military court on Monday after he was caught on video fatally shooting a wounded Palestinian attacker in the West Bank two months ago.
Note: Israeli Law. Soldier blows the brains out of a helpless Palestinian but it is not murder....just manslaughter.

May 09 09:08

European Parliament Orders MEP To Take Down A Video About His Attempt To Visit The 'Reading Room' For Trade Documents

And it's been standard practice in the US that if a politician does want to see the documents, they can't bring anything with them (not just no staff, but no electronics, no way to write anything down). They can just "read and retain." The EU has been following the US's lead on this, with special "reading rooms" for elected officials where someone watches over their every move. Again, they're not allowed any electronics. They are allowed a pen and are given paper to write on, which is a modest improvement on the USTR's system, but still ridiculous.

A Member of the European Parliament, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, decided that he was going to go have a look for himself, and had someone film his attempt:

May 09 08:44

HEADS UP! DHS to release HARMLESS gas in NYC subway system for bioterrorism drill next week

Don’t hold your breath, it’s only a test.

The Department of Homeland Security will release “harmless particle materials” in the city’s subway system next week.

The “non-toxic, safe gas material” will be released at subway stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens in order to understand where hazardous material would travel in the event of a biological terrorist attack.

May 09 08:43

Sanders: Too many Americans have seen their lives destroyed because they have criminal records as a result of marijuana use. That’s wrong. That has got to change.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was campaigning in Michigan on Monday when he suddenly opened up about his own history with marijuana.
One day before Sanders’ surprise win in Michigan’s primary, the candidate dismissed other lawmakers’ comparisons of heroin to cannabis — and he also talked on his limited experience with marijuana.

May 09 08:28

The Real Problem — It’s government itself

Throughout history the government has served as a vehicle for the organization of hatred and oppression, benefiting no one except those who are ambitious and ruthless enough to gain control of it. That’s not to say the government hasn’t, then and now, performed useful functions. But the useful things it does could and would be done far better by the market.

May 09 07:31

Who Would Win If America, Russia And China Went To War

Let’s compare these world’s three strongest military nations in 4 categories:

May 09 06:48

DHS to orchestrate fake terror attack, release gas in NYC subway for bioterrorism drill

Don't worry, it's only a test: Bioterrorism drill being conducted to better help officials respond in the event of a real attack

May 09 06:20

Israel: Will Nazism comparisons trigger soul searching?

It was a moment of extreme self-recrimination rare among Israel's political and military leadership. The political backlash was not long coming. The same day Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, demanded a retraction in an angry telephone call to Moshe Yaalon, the defence minister.
Note: It is an insult to national socialism to compare the criminals of Israel to it!

May 09 06:17

After Hitler’s pal died, Nazis recreated his injuries in a sick experiment

The Polish woman had returned to Ravensbrück, 70 years after she had last seen the place. This time, she was in a wheelchair, strolled around by an attentive volunteer who called her his “auntie” and wore a Polish flag scarf with her concentration camp number emblazoned on it.
Note: AFTER 70 years! This one is a whopper of a whopper!

May 09 02:41

Jack Yantis Killer Responds To Secret Police Memo

Brian Wood, one of the two Adams County, Idaho Deputies who killed rancher Jack Yantis on November 1, 2015, has responded to the leak of the secret police memo which painted him a bad light. Wood claims "The man who fabricated the information in the law enforcement bulletin lost his job a couple weeks later." Wood does not name the man or even attempt to prove his claim. Even if the man did indeed "lose his job," it's far-fetched that the unnamed mystery man lost his job as a result of the ATL (attempt to locate) memo. The Ada County Idaho sheriff, in response to the leak, certainly never said that anything in the memo was untrue. Matter of fact, Wood's own boss, Sheriff Ryan Zollman, said "Yes, that was back in January" and that "I think Deputy Wood is doing much better now."