Apr 08 15:18

Eastern Ukrainian Resistance

Thousands of Eastern Ukrainians reject Kiev putschists. Perhaps millions. They want local sovereignty. They want autonomy rights.

They want them respected. They reject fascist rule. They demand their own referendum. They want Ukraine federalized.

Protests continue in Kharkov (Ukraine's second largest city), Donetsk (its largest industrial city), Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Nikolayev and elsewhere.

Apr 08 15:05

Volcanoes All Over The Ring Of Fire Are Erupting Right Now – Is The U.S. Next?

All of a sudden, the Ring of Fire is starting to tremble violently. Last month, we hada whole bunch of major earthquakes along the Ring of Fire, and this month volcanoes all over the Ring of Fire are erupting. Of course there has always been seismic activity within this giant band that stretches around the Pacific Ocean. After all, approximately 75 percent of all volcanoes are located in the Ring of Fire and approximately 90 percent of all global earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire. But what is alarming is that the level of activity appears to be rising. Chile is experiencing almost constant shaking by earthquakes, a volcano in Peru just awakened for the first time in 40 years, and major volcanic eruptions have just taken place in Ecuador, the Kamchatka peninsula and off the coast of Japan. The west coast of the United States also lies along the Ring of Fire, but so far it has gotten off easy.

Apr 08 14:34

Democrat Spews Hate at Gun Owners and the NRA, Calling Them “Pure Trash”

Mike Dickinson, a progressive Virginia Democrat who hopes to take Republican Eric Cantor’s House seat in November, has taken to Twitter to bash gun owners and NRA supporters.

Last weekend, Dickinson (DickinsonForCongress @VoteMike2014) spewed hate all over Americans who support the Second Amendment and other non-progressive issues – and he didn’t hold back.

Apr 08 13:26

Ukraine Says Russian Gas Transit to Europe Under Threat

Russia’s set price on gas for Ukraine is unfairly high and is creating a threat of transiting Russian gas to Europe, Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan said Tuesday.

Apr 08 13:24

Protesters in Ukraine’s Lvov seize building of prosecutor’s office

A rally in the city of Lvov, in western Ukraine, that demanded the resignation of the Kiev-appointed prosecutor has ended in a storm of the building of the local prosecutor’s office, local media reported on Tuesday.

Apr 08 12:39

How did they manage that? Precisely half of a tower block is blown down in China - and the other half is left intact

A large tower block in north eastern China has been split perfectly in half by a controlled explosion.

Construction workers manually cut through supporting walls in the middle of the Xiangyun Building in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, before explosives were used to precisely demolish just one side.

Apr 08 12:36

Alleged suicide of Dutch banker and assasination of German banker brings "death list" to 16

Only this year, at least 16 people around the world who were affiliated to banking services, mysteriously died or disappeared.

Apr 08 12:21

'River of blood' after drone 'hits' Australian athlete

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says it is investigating an incident that involved an athlete in a West Australian triathlon being injured by a drone that was filming the event.

Apr 08 12:16

Don't believe the black box ping story

Early on in all of this, the msm was talking about how remote the Indian Ocean was, and how long it would take to get anything out there to look for the black boxes from flight 370. Most media said it would take two weeks. THAT is a lie.

The actual time to get proper search equipment into the area is 4 hours or less. THAT is how long it would take an F-16 to take off from Diego Garcia and fly ANYWHERE in the region to scan it at mach 2. And in reality, with all the NSA satellites up there, satellites so sensitive that they can detect the beeper circuit in a digital watch from outer space, the real time is ZERO. And if this entire charade was real, that is exactly what would have happened. But since it's all a dog and pony show of fraud, two weeks was the number given because then they could look for a little while and say OH, we will never find it now, the batteries are dead.

What an insult of a joke, some things want to make me hurl my last meal, and this is one of them

Apr 08 11:43

The Air Force’s secret space plane has been up in orbit for nearly 500 days... and no one knows what its mission is.

The Air Force’s secret space plane has been up in orbit for nearly 500 days—a space endurance record. But nearly a year and a half into the mission, the Pentagon still won’t say what the X-37B is doing up there, or when it might come back.

Apr 08 11:29

This Map Shows The Deadly Aftermath Of War Right Here At Home

Army Spc. Ivan Lopez, the veteran who fatally shot three people before taking his own life Wednesday at Fort Hood, Texas, is among a growing number of recent veterans who have committed violent crimes after returning from war.

In 2008, The New York Times compiled a list of 121 cases in which veterans were charged with a killing after returning home, and Current TV, GOOD and collaborated to update the research in 2010. The Huffington Post collected data from these sources and more recent news articles to create the infographic below, which shows that at least 194 veterans have been charged with killings after returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. It also shows that there has been a concentration of such incidents around military bases. Our research may not be a complete tally, but these were the cases we could confirm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It frustrates me greatly that the one question these writers refuse to ask is, how many of these Vets committing violence were on SSRIS?!?THAT is the research which needs to be going on, not pinning incidents to a damned digital map!!

There is a known linkage between taking these drugs and violence; but because they are so profitable for the large pharmaceutical houses which make them, that aspect of their chemical effect on the human brain is simply swept under the proverbial rug.

And if you don't believe me, check out:

Apr 08 11:23

US Border Patrol Agents Held at Gunpoint by Mexican Military Inside US Borders

Yes, you read the title correctly. The administration that refuses to seal the border, tells our Border Patrol agents to throw things, run and hide and above all else, don't use their guns, which we are told they train with using millions of rounds each year, is finally seeing the fruit of their policies.- H/T  2facedjtvchat

Apr 08 10:55

First Fracking Trial in U.S. Opens in Dallas

Activist Post

The first fracking trial in the U.S. opens in Dallas today. Texans Bob and Lisa Parr of Wise County are suing Aruba Petroleum for property and personal damages which the couple claims they have suffered as a result of Aruba’s fracking operations. The Parr property was surrounded by natural gas frackers in 2009. The Parrs charge that frackers have so polluted their air and water as to destroy their right to peacefully enjoy their home and property and properly care for their pets and livestock, some of whom have died as a result of the fracking pollution, according to the complaint against Plano, Texas-based Aruba Petroleum...

Apr 08 10:43

Europe’s top court kills invasive phone and email data collection law

Europe’s top court on Tuesday struck down an EU law forcing telecoms operators to store private phone and email data for up to two years, judging it too invasive, despite its usefulness in combating terrorism.

By allowing EU governments to access the data, “the directive interferes in a particularly serious manner with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data,” the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said.

Advocate General Pedro Cruiz Villalon declared the legislation illegal and told the European Union’s 28 member states to take the necessary steps to withdraw it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Now it is high time in the US for the NSA to be disbanded, the CIA to stop torturing, and for the complete legislative repeal of the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the NDAA.

Apr 08 10:21

Energy Industry Consultant Exposes Drilling and Fracking Crimes in Alberta, Canada

Jessica Ernst worked for over three decades as an environmental biologist doing research and independent consulting for the Alberta petroleum industry. One of her main clients was the EnCana Company, which began large-scale fracking in the region of her home community of Rosebud Alberta in the early years of the 21st century.

In 2007 Jessica Ernst the scientist became Jessica Ernst the whistle blower. Bringing forward evidence that her own water well and those of her neighbours had been severely contaminated, Jessica sued the EnCanada Corporation. She also sued the forerunner of the Alberta Energy Regulator as well as the Alberta government itself.

Apr 08 10:19

BEX ALERT - Russian ‘plans for war on Sweden’ cause concern

“The most serious threat we see right now is war preparations,” Säpo chief counter-intelligence analyst Wilhelm Unge said at a press conference on Monday.
While stressing that such preparations did not necessarily mean anything dramatic, he said: “It’s no secret that Russia is engaged in this. It’s a little bit worrying.”
Unge said Russia’s intensified interest in Sweden was evidenced by simulated flight attacks on Swedish targets as well as attempts to recruit spies, increased signals intelligence, and the purchase of a significant number of maps.
“If you weren’t carrying out war preparations against Sweden, you probably wouldn’t have any military intelligence here. The intelligence service is part of the Russian general staff and just the fact that they are here indicates some kind of intent,” he said.
The simulated flight attacks were a particular point of concern for Säpo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, who is this guy, and where the heck is his proof that such things are happening?!?

I cannot find a bit of biographical info on him in English on line.

This feels to me like just more warmongering.

I can no longer accept the accusation of any official of any government who does not deliver proof of what they are saying, and I see no proof here whatsoever.

Apr 08 10:18

Health Plan Premiums Are Skyrocketing According To New Survey Of 148 Insurance Brokers, With Delaware Up 100%, California 53%, Florida 37%, Pennsylvania 28%

Health insurance premiums are showing the sharpest increases perhaps ever according to a survey of brokers who sell coverage in the individual and small group market. Morgan Stanley’s healthcare analysts conducted the proprietary survey of 148 brokers. The April survey shows the largest acceleration in small and individual group rates in any of the 12 prior quarterly periods when it has been conducted.

Apr 08 10:10

Boston Transit Police Conducts Warrantless Searches on All Bus, Subway Riders

In accordance with the Department of Homeland Security, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is now requiring that all Boston bus and subway riders submit to a warrantless search prior to boarding.

The MBTA transit police announced that everyone will be stopped and searched at “Transit Watch” checkpoints and that anyone declining a search will be ordered to leave the station, even though the area is public property.

“All persons choosing to use the MBTA transit system will be subject to security inspections of their handbags, briefcases and/or other carry-on items,” a Transit Watch pamphlet reads. “Any person refusing to allow a security inspection will be either denied entry or requested to leave MBTA property.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Boston is a city I would love to visit, at some point, for both its fine music and its historical significance.

However, given the current state of the City, and the fact that MBTA has decided the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States no longer applies in their city, I will not visit until that situation changes.

Apr 08 10:09

Toxic Combo of Roundup and Fertilizers Blamed for Tens of Thousands of Deaths

The public's appreciation of the toxicity of glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto's broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup—is still limited, despite highly damning research being published.

The fact that Monsanto marketed Roundup as "environmentally friendly" and "biodegradable" probably has a lot to do with this general lack of insight.

More people are apt to remember the Roundup commercial than recall the fact that Monsanto was twice found guilty of false advertising of this herbicide. In 2009, a French court again upheld these earlier convictions.

Mounting evidence shows that glyphosate is FAR more toxic than anyone previously suspected, both alone and in combination with other additives (as in the case of Roundup), or in combination with other agricultural chemicals and/or heavy metals.

Apr 08 10:03

The Fed Takes Our Money, Gives It to Banks Who Loan It Back to Us at 16%

So the Fed is robbing the purchasing power of our money as a matter of policy. In simple terms, the Fed is stealing purchasing power and delivering the stolen wealth to the financiers and banks, who borrow money from the Fed for near-zero rates of interest.

And what do the banks do with the money the Fed stole from us? They loan it back to us at 16% (or more). Those of us who haven't just emerged from bankruptcy get offers from banks on a weekly basis: for transfers of credit card debt, new credit cards, cash advances, auto loans, home equity lines of credit, you name it.

A recent offer from a Too Big to Fail bank offered a teaser rate of 0% for a few months, after which the credit card's interest rate reverted to 16%.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 08 09:40

MH370: no further pings detected in hunt for black box recorders

No further pings from what may be the black box recorders of a missing Malaysia Airlines jet have been detected after a weekend of hopeful leads, as search teams "throw everything" into finding the aircraft before the black box batteries are expected to die, investigators have said.

Apr 08 09:25

Friedman the Fox

At face value, what Thomas Friedman states in his Op-Ed column, New York Times Sunday Review, April 5, 2014, sounds like a clear statement of facts, but only at face value.

Thomas Friedman is correct in his appraisal of Sheldon Adelson’s blind and passionate “zealously pro-Israel” mindset, which he believes will ultimately work against the long-term preservation of Israel as a Jewish state.

But just like Sheldon Adelson, Thomas Friedman wants a racist, ethnocentric Jewish state when the only solution is a civilized democratic state where Jews, Moslems, and Christians of all denominations live together as one nation.

Read more:

Apr 08 08:57

Brooklyn woman gets 45-year-old letters from loved ones in the mail

The term "snail mail" has taken on a new meaning for a Brooklyn woman who recently received a birthday card that was 45 years too late.

Apr 08 08:27

Courts OK With Enslaving You

A slave is somebody compelled to provide service to another. Elane Huguenin, a wedding photographer from New Mexico, was arraigned before that state’s “human rights” soviet for politely declining to provide her services to a lesbian couple planning a “commitment ceremony” (the state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage).

Apr 08 08:05

Mom Dies so Her Baby Can Live

Elizabeth Joice survived cancer in 2010, thanks to aggressive chemotherapy treatments. The downside, she was told by doctors, was that those treatments would leave her infertile. So she and her husband, Max, were shocked when she became pregnant in 2013.

Apr 08 07:53

Jon Rappoport: How did the FBI turn Sharpton into their bitch?

Why, they caught Rev. Al up to his hairdo in a drug-money Laundromat in which Don King, the much-indicted boxing promoter and a longtime pal of Sharpton’s, was a central figure. What’s more, the drug deal was an FBI sting — and the feds had it all on videotape, too.

Just two years ago, Bryant Gumbel — the second most popular black on television next to Oprah — aired on his HBO Real Sports show an FBI videotape of Sharpton discussing laundering money from a South American drug dealer via King with Michael “Sonny” Franzese, a former Colombo family captain.

Sharpton was going to arrange a meeting with King and the coke peddler to set up the deal. But the “South American” was an FBI agent, Franzese had already been turned by the feds into an informant and Sharpton fell right into their trap.

Sharpton became a sting artist for the feds when he was himself stung.

Apr 08 07:50

Ukraine Turmoil Leaves Zoo Animals Starving – Over 6,000 in dire straits. 114-yr-old Nikolaev Zoo survived 2 world wars, but likely not this. Only enough left for carnivores to eat today & tomorrow. Herbivores will last 1 more week. No medical supplies.

These Ukrainian zoo animals are in dire straits because government funding for their food has dried up, De Lange said the animals will starve if aid is not provided by donors.

Apr 08 07:36

Fort Hood shooting draws more attention to mental health issues, gun laws

Base commander Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said Lopez, who arrived at Fort Hood in February, had a wife and children and was taking several medications for mental health-related symptoms.

Apr 08 07:30

Y’all Need To Go Looking For Bigfoot

We think those ripped-apart children are fine. We think we have torn the hearts and stomachs from those children for their own good.

The electronic time and temperature sign at the Nebraska State Bank says We Support Our Troops.

Every other car has a yellow sticker on the back that says we support those darn troops fighting over there for our daggoned freedom.

Don’t you hate those message signs in front of Nebraska churches? So trite, so patriotic. These people are not Christians. They have about as much awareness of who they are or where they are going as ants to a picnic.

They march to church each Sunday thinking the feast is meant for them, when they are merely pests.

Apr 08 07:19

MH370 Mystery Deepens. Pentagon Blocks All Leave To Diego Garcia.

Interesting information posted on the Diego Garcia Passenger Facebook website.

Apr 08 06:17

Media Shirked Duties As Alabama Jailed Journalist Fought For First Amendment

The nation’s media provided remarkably little support to an Alabama journalist jailed for five months while he fought against prior restraint of his investigative reporting.

A part-time state judge freed blogger Roger Shuler March 26 after Shuler spiked columns alleging an affair between a reputed congressional candidate and a lobbyist.

Apr 08 05:57

URGENT! Another "Ruby Ridge" Unfolding - Help STOP It!

CALL THE BLM AND TELL THEM TO BACK OFF. They will murder these people to save a TURTLE?!
Do not let this happen, get dialing.


Current situation:


Apr 08 05:10

Violent Anti-African Race Riot Rocks Israel, Black Men and Women Beaten

Miri Regev, Israel Legislator, Calls Sudanese Refugees ‘A Cancer’ Amid Violent Anti-Immigrant Protests

Violence surged in the streets of Tel Aviv as a 1000-strong protest against African immigrants seeking asylum in Israel turned violent.

Apr 08 04:45

American Oligarchs – Their Money, Our Votes

Contrary to Professor Robert Reich, America is already an Oligarchy and is moving fast toward Monarchy. The shameful and degrading events in Last Vegas last week, is an insult to every American voter and to America. One would think that in “democratic America” potential political candidates would go directly to the people, to their constituents to seek their input and to sound off their ideas and chances for winning elections, not go to Las Vegas and kneel before someone like Sheldon Adelson, the King of American politics. Continue reading -->

Apr 08 04:27

As peace talks falter, Israel’s intentions become clearer

For every settler home built, Palestinians lose territory needed not only for a state but also to keep individual families living where they are now. The innocuous term “settlements” conceals their true role: as Israel’s primary vehicle for ethnic cleansing Palestinians through dispossession and harassment

Apr 08 04:01

The Cookie Monster Is Now Considered A Symbol Of Hate By German Police

German police are probing an unlikely new symbol for neo-Nazi extremists – the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Apr 08 03:22

Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada

It's evident that the pro-Israel lobby has been active in mobilizing politicians in the "friendly capitals" of Washington, Ottawa, and Canberra for many years. This essay will argue that revisions to the Canadian Criminal Code proposed by the Harper government contain wording that is designed to enable lawfare prosecutions of human rights activists in precisely the manner desired by Netanyahu and his associates. Continue reading -->

Apr 08 02:15

American Mercenaries Are On The ground In Ukraine: We Are One Step Nearer To War

Whilst still maintaining that it has no plans to invade Ukraine Russia has trotted out the same line it used just before it marched into Crimea:

'We reserve the right to defend ethnic Russians in the country' Kiev was also warned not to use force against pro-Russian demonstrators.

“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task police unit Sokol,”the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.“Organizers and participants of such incitement are assuming a huge responsibility for threatening upon the rights, freedoms and lives of Ukrainian citizens as well as the stability of Ukraine.”

Apr 07 22:56

Ukraine's unelected President accuses Kremlin of creating uprising in east to justify new invasion

Ukraine’s President on Monday accused Moscow of trying to tear his country apart after separatist protesters stormed buildings and declared an independent republic in an eastern city not far from the border where tens of thousands of Russian troops are massing.

Lets not forget that Turchynov came to power as a result of a violent and bloody foreign-sponsored coup that overthrew a democratically elected government. Sure, the government was corrupt, but so are the political classes in most countries. Corruption and politics go together. Turchynov was elected by NOBODY and as such has the right to speak for himself only.

Apr 07 22:48

Donetsk People’s Council Set to Hold Referendum to Join Russia on May 11

Donetsk region People’s Council established by local pro-federalization demonstrators on Monday declared its plans to create the republic of Donetsk and join Russia if people so vote during the referendum which is due to take place no later than May 11, RIA Novosti correspondent reported Monday.

Apr 07 22:43

"Anti-terrorist operation" starts in Kharkov, city center blocked – Ukraine Interior Minister

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has launched an anti-terrorist operation in the eastern city of Kharkov by blocking the city center, said acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. At least 70 activists have been arrested by the police.

Apr 07 19:57

Ebola cases suspected in US and Canada, airports in Guinea begin health checkpoints

Multiple travelers leaving the Ebola outbreak area in West Africa have already taken a deadly Hemorrhagic Fever virus home with them

Apr 07 19:26

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging drone assassinations of US citizens

On Friday, federal Judge Rosemary M. Collyer entered an order dismissing a civil rights case that challenged the Obama administration’s “targeted killing” program. Judge Collyer ruled that there is no legal remedy for the extrajudicial killings of US citizens, endorsing a battery of totalitarian pseudo-legal doctrines advanced by the Obama administration.

Apr 07 19:19

Christopher Bollyn: Malaysian Flight 370?s evil twin still lurks in Tel Aviv! (podcast)

Has Christopher Bollyn’s article Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777? stopped a big false flag? At the very least, Bollyn is asking some very good questions, such as:

“Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv? The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 2H6(ER) first flown in July 1998, Construction No. 28416* (Original Reg. No. 9M-MRI), an identical twin of the missing plane, which was given a new registration number (N105GT) and flown to Israel in November 2013.”

In this interview, Christopher Bollyn discusses the well-documented and extremely suspicious history of the “evil twin” of Flight 370 – and wonders whether the plan wasn’t to dump 370 into the ocean, then slam the “evil twin” into a skyscraper in Tel Aviv, blame the Iranians via the two photoshopped patsies, and launch Netanyahu’s 3 billion dollar go-it-alone attack on Iran?

Apr 07 18:44

The master pretense of US economic life — the delusion that wise persons are actually in control of anything

Forward Guidance

Guess what? There is none. Rather, the Federal Reserve practice of Delphically divulging its intentions ought to be understood as the master pretense of US economic life — the delusion that wise persons are actually in control of anything. The result of this guidance continues to be the mis-pricing of everything, especially the cost of money as represented in the operations of debt, and hence the value of everything denominated in money. The interventions of our central bank have really been aimed at one objective: to compensate for the contraction of real wealth in an economy that replaced purposeful activity with Kardashian studies and tattoo art. Purposeful economic activity provides surpluses that allow for the repayment of debt. Kardashian study and tattoo art lead to entropic entrapment, aka, a death spiral of culture and economy. That’s where we are at. The debt is now eating us alive, and the central bank trick of piling on additional debt to mask the failure of repaying old debt is losing its palliative punch.

Apr 07 18:38

The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

Since Russian troops first entered the Crimean peninsula in early March, a series of media polling outlets have asked Americans how they want the U.S. to respond to the ongoing situation. Although two-thirds of Americans have reported following the situation at least “somewhat closely,” most Americans actually know very little about events on the ground — or even where the ground is.

Apr 07 18:11

Bill Clinton: An Alien Invasion “May Be The Only Way To Unite This Increasingly Divided World”

Would contact with a race of aliens be enough to fully unite humanity? Would it cause all of us to drop our bitter quarrels and come together as one? That is apparently what former president Bill Clinton believes. On Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, Clinton said that an alien invasion “may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours”. He also said that “if we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised”. So does he know something that the rest of us don’t? And why is he sharing this now? In recent years, the general public has been primed for the possibility of contact with aliens. There has been an endless barrage of books, movies, television shows and video games that portray human contact with extraterrestrials. It has gotten to the point where even some of the most hardcore skeptics in our society seem quite eager to embrace the possibility of extraterrestrial contact.

Apr 07 18:00

Man who convinced online strangers to commit suicide has conviction reversed

A Minnesota man who once trolled the Internet disguised as a "depressed" female nurse was improperly convicted of encouraging others to commit suicide, the state's highest court has ruled.

In a 27-page opinion, the Minnesota Supreme Court described how the man, William Melchert-Dinkel, of Fairbault, Minn., posed as a depressed, suicidal, young female nurse in responses he made to posts on suicide websites by Mark Drybrough of Coventry, England, and Nadia Kajouji of Ottawa, Canada.

Apr 07 17:28

China heading off cold war through economic diplomacy

During his visit to Duisburg, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a master stroke of economic diplomacy that runs directly counter to the Washington neo-conservative faction’s effort to bring a new confrontation between NATO and Russia.

Using the role of Duisburg as the world’s largest inland harbor, an historic transportation hub of Europe and of Germany’s Ruhr steel industry center, he proposed that Germany and China cooperate on building a new “economic Silk Road” linking China and Europe. The implications for economic growth across Eurasia are staggering.

Apr 07 16:12

DEA Cheif: Marijuana Legalization Will Kill Puppies!

Bureaucrats terrorizing the American people to justify their high paid, yet almost pointless positions in government, is nothing new. DEA Chief Michele Leonhart? latest comments on Cannabis legalization highlight a new low in justifying the failed US drug war. It is rancid and ridiculous propaganda to say the existence of the DEA is actually saving kittens and puppies, oh my.

Apr 07 15:32

Fusion Centers: A Dangerous Part of the Surveillance State

Nadia Kayyali

While NSA surveillance has been front and center in the news recently, fusion centers are a part of the surveillance state that deserve close scrutiny.

Fusion centers are a local arm of the so-called “intelligence community,” the 17 intelligence agencies coordinated by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). The government documentation around fusion centers is entirely focused on breaking down barriers between the various government agencies that collect and maintain criminal intelligence information.

Barriers between local law enforcement and the NSA are already weak. We know that the Drug Enforcement Agency gets intelligence tips from the NSA which are used in criminal investigations and prosecutions. To make matters worse, the source of these tips is camouflaged using “parallel construction,” meaning that a different source for the intelligence is created to mask its classified source...

Apr 07 13:31

Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?

When the International Monetary Fund announced a tentative loan agreement with Ukraine last month, the move was widely acclaimed as vital to saving the country’s struggling economy. Headlines trumpeted the decision to “help” Ukraine with a $14–18 billion “financial lifeline.”

Apr 07 13:13

Cop Pulls Gun on 11yr Old Black Child for Building a Treehouse

An eleven year old African American child and his friends were held at gun point by a Georgia police officer for building a tree house in a wooded area near their home, according to local media reports.

Apr 07 13:06

Ukraine is dancing on the edge of a volcano

In Ukraine, pro-Russian protestors have taken over a regional government building in the eastern city of Donetsk and declared a "people's republic". The Ukrainian interim President Oleksandr Turchynov says it's "the second wave" of a Russian operation to destabilise his country.

Apr 07 12:46

Why is the US Honoring a Racist Rabbi?

If things proceed normally, President Barak Obama will soon proclaimApril 11, 2014 “Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.” Despite the innocuous name, this day honors the memory of a religious leader whose lesser-known teachings help fuel some of the most violent attacks against Palestinians by extremist Israeli settlers and soldiers.

Apr 07 12:35

7th Grader Suspended and Subjected to Psychological Evaluation for…Twirling a Pencil

A New Jersey 7th grader was subjected to a five-hour physical and psychological examination for twirling a pencil in class.

Here’s how it went down:

Ethan Chaplin was twirling a pencil with a pen cap on it when a fellow student yelled, “He’s making gun motions – send him to juvie!”

The student who made the accusation had bullied Ethan earlier in the day and was trying to get him in trouble, Ethan says. He said the school administrators wouldn’t hear his side of the story.

Ethan was suspended and told he could not return to school until a complete physical and psychological examination was conducted.

Apr 07 12:24

Threats from Palestine’s nasty neighbour

Stuart Littlewood views Israel’s threatening response to Palestinian moves to join international organizations as they’re entitled to, and wonders what entitles the squatters to threaten the indigenous people from exercising their rights.

Apr 07 12:23

The reality behind the Israeli-Palestinian talks

Jonathan Cook argues that, with the imminent failure of the Israeli-Palestinian talks,“the era of wishful thinking may finally be coming to an end – and that will be progress in itself”.

Apr 07 12:10

Ukraine considers stronger penalties for separatism

On April 8, the Verkhovna Rada is planning to discuss a law that will impose stronger penalties for separatism and other crimes against the state.

Apr 07 11:19

Millions of Americans aren't working. Why?

A large chunk of American adults are no longer in the labor force. That has left economists divided over how many of them are voluntarily not working-or even looking for work-because they wanted to retire, go to school or take care of family members, versus how many have been forced out because they couldn't find a job.

Apr 07 11:17

Congressmen are ‘underpaid,’ can’t afford to ‘live decently’ in DC

Members of Congress make more than three times the median income of an American citizen, but one representative believes it’s not enough.

Speaking with CQ Roll Call, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) said that the $174,000 annual salary lawmakers receive is not adequate enough compensation for their role in the government, to the point that their quality of life in Washington, DC, is affected.

Apr 07 11:14

Govt Records Show (Christian?) Churches Complicit in Mass Murder of Aboriginal Canadian Children

Seventeen years after Rev. Kevin Annett publicly disclosed evidence that over 50,000 children died in Canada’s church-run “Indian residential schools”, Canadian governments have finally confirmed this genocidal mortality rate after releasing hitherto-concealed death records from the schools.

Until this week, government and church officials have either denied or stayed silent about Rev. Annett’s documented estimate. But previously “segregated” statistics of the deaths of residential school children made public last Friday by different provinces indicate that “tens of thousands” of these children died in the facilities, which were operated primarily by the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

Apr 07 09:59

Another 5 Executive Orders

As I scroll through the news sites searching for any indication that someone has reported on the Executive Orders our sitting President has written I am not surprised I cannot find so much as a blurb.

Apr 07 09:59

Nuke EMP Nightmare: Why You Should Worry about EMP Terror

How likely is a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack? Could a crude EMP attack disable the United States? Author and preparedness blogger Bill Quick sat down with Glenn Reynolds to discuss the possibilities.


Apr 07 09:50

Ukraine’s Donetsk proclaim independent republic

Pro-Russia protesters in eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk have proclaimed the creation of the independent People’s Republic of Donetsk.

Apr 07 09:33

Snowden, Poitras to Receive 'Truth-Telling' Honor

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and one of the journalists who helped catapult his message into the mainstream press, Laura Poitras, were named recipients of The Nation Institute's 2014 Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling on Monday.

Apr 07 09:16

Artists install massive poster of child’s face in Pakistan field to shame drone operators

An artists collective has unfurled a massive poster showing a child’s face in a heavily bombed area of Pakistan in the hopes that it will give pause to drone operators searching the area for kills.

Apr 07 09:11

Norway refuses holiday visa to Russian TV's Dmitry Kiselyov, the anchor who recently said Russia was the only country that could reduce US to radioactive rubble

Russian television host Dmitry Kiselyov has been forced to cancel his planned family holiday in far northern Norway after Norway's government refused him a visa as a result of EU sanctions.

Apr 07 08:48

Dutch Jesuit priest beaten and killed in Syria

A Dutch Jesuit priest was beaten and shot dead by unidentified gunmen at his monastery in the besieged Syrian city of Homs on Monday, the Vatican said.

Apr 07 08:36

Searchers for missing MH370 detect ‘promising’ acoustic lead

“The towed pinger locator deployed from the Australian defence vessel Ocean Shield has detected signals consistent with those emitted from aircraft black boxes,” Houston told a press conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Didn't Ocean shield make a visit to Diego Garcia just a week ago?

Apr 07 08:17

Why Are Americans Paying to Be Searched, Spied On, Shot At and Robbed Blind by the Government?

“To force a man to pay for the violation of his own liberty is indeed an addition of insult to injury.”—Benjamin Tucker, 19th century advocate of American individualist anarchism

Apr 07 08:13

U.S. ‘Monitoring’ Development Of European Communication Network Proposals

n February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she’s going to talk to the President of France, Francois Hollande, about building a separate communications network for Europe so as to stop data from passing through the U.S. The U.S. has criticized such proposals and has said that they may breach international trade laws. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said that obstructions to cross-border data flows are a serious and growing concern.

The U.S. has been heavily criticized ever since word of the NSA’s global electronic spying programs broke last summer. Documents leaked by former CIA technical analyst Edward Snowden revealed just how widespread the NSA’s clandestine spying operations are. Apparently it also spied on allies of the U.S., which weren’t exactly happy when all this came to light.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good on Merkel, and good on Germany and Europe for this development! And there is really absolutely NOTHING the US government can do about it, except complain bitterly.

Apr 07 08:10

Triathlete hit in head by falling drone at race

Conspiracy theorists rejoice, drones are now attacking the general public.

Well ... not really. But an athlete competing in the Endure Batavia Triathlon in western Australia was hit in the head by a falling one during the race.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was being operated by local videographers covering the sporting event. The media company's owner said the circumstances surrounding the accident looked to be suspicious.

Apr 07 08:05

This Is What Employment In America Really Looks Like…

The level of employment in the United States has been declining since the year 2000. There have been moments when things have appeared to have been getting better for a short period of time, and then the decline has resumed. Thanks to the offshoring of millions of jobs, the replacement of millions of workers with technology and the overall weakness of the U.S. economy, the percentage of Americans that are actually working is significantly lower than it was when this century began. And even though things have stabilized at a reduced level over the past few years, it is only a matter of time until the next major wave of the economic collapse strikes and the employment level goes even lower. And the truth is that more good jobs are being lost every single day in America. For example, as you will read about below, Warren Buffett is shutting down a Fruit of the Loom factory in Kentucky and moving it to Honduras just so that he can make a little bit more money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The offshoring/outsourcing of decent American jobs means the absolute end of the middle class in this country; and the US government has been arming itself to the teeth to protect itself against the angry aftermath which will inevitably follow.

Apr 07 07:57

Obama’s Hegelian Deception: NSA ‘Overhaul’ Forces Telecoms to Collect More Data

In the new American Stasi States, it’s been imperative for White House technocrats to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. Instead of repealing the unconstitutional Patriot Acts (these legally enable illegal gov’t practices), the public outrage over the NSA’s rape of 4th Amendment privacy rights has been used by President Barack Obama to order the seizure of even more of our metadata.

Even better now, instead of the NSA collecting and storing up to 30% of our phone records and communications, Obama has ordered that US telecoms firms store ALL of our data, and will come calling when they want it. Very clever.

In other words, the whole operation has just gone “more corporate” now. More fascist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Common sense dictates that one avoids all phone calls and all internet communication for anything sensitive or delicate: that is simply reality for Americans at this point.

IF information doesn't get communicated this way, it cannot be tracked.

Apr 07 07:34

More threats from Palestine's nasty neigbour

Tourism Minister Uzi Landau warns that Abbas's unilateral request to join 15 international institutions is in breach of peace talk conditions and "will cost the PA [Palestinian Authority] dearly.... ? They must know something simple: they will pay a heavy price

Apr 07 07:26

Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO — Paul Craig Roberts

The Obama regime has issued simultaneous threats to the enemy it is making out of Russia and to its European NATO allies on which Washington is relying to support sanctions on Russia. This cannot end well.

As even Americans living in a controlled media environment are aware, Europeans, South Americans, and Chinese are infuriated that the National Stasi Agency is spying on their communications. NSA’s affront to legality, the US Constitution, and international diplomatic norms is unprecedented. Yet, the spying continues, while Congress sits sucking its thumb and betraying its oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

Apr 07 04:28

Activists declare Donetsk republic after capturing regional administration in Eastern Ukraine

In the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, a group of activists have declared their region independent from Kiev. This comes after protesters stormed a local government building last night.

Mass demonstrations against the country's new leadership started peacefully on Sunday, but the situation quickly escalated.

Pro-Russian protesters in Donetsk have seized the local power building, including the headquarters of the Security Service of Ukraine and proclaimed the creation of a People’s Republic of Donetsk.

Ukraine’s police and security services have not interfered, although officials in Kiev are threatening punishment for the rioters.

Apr 07 03:34

Bill Clinton: An Alien Invasion “May Be The Only Way To Unite This Increasingly Divided World”

Would contact with a race of aliens be enough to fully unite humanity? Would it cause all of us to drop our bitter quarrels and come together as one? That is apparently what former president Bill Clinton believes. On Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, Clinton said that an alien invasion “may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours”.

Apr 06 22:21

African Center for Biosafety orders Monsanto to stop making false claims about GMOs | Intellihub News HOME NEWS-FEED MULTI-MEDIA BLOGS OPINION REVIEWS WORLD African Center for Biosafety orders Monsanto to stop making false claims about GMOs

Since the 1970s Monsanto has falsely advertised their products – from insecticides to DDT, even when independent research proved how vile these substances truly were. DDT was eventually banned, overturning Monsanto’s then claims, that the substance was ‘safe.’ It now seems that the African Center for Biosafety is among the clear-headed, realizing that Monsanto’s GMO crops are nothing but another false advertising campaign gone amuck.

Apr 06 22:02

How water will be used to subjugate America

Let’s assume for a moment that in the unlikely event that the Ukrainian crisis is mitigated without escalating into World War III, we have another dire set of circumstances which have been created that will force the world into conflict

Apr 06 22:00

New flight 370 details: All signs point to backdoor westwardly landing approach onto secret island base

All evidence shows that a massive cover-up surrounding flight 370 has taken place, likely implementing U.S. military factions

Apr 06 21:01

#OpIsrael: Anonymous attacks hundreds of Israeli websites

Hacktivist group Anonymous plans to execute an anti-Israel operation dubbed #OpIsrael by launching massive cyber-attacks against Israeli ministries and organizations on April 7, the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary” the group said in a statement.

Apr 06 18:35

Filmmaker puzzled by silence of those who saw 9/11 terrorists up close

Film producer Robert Erickson, working on a documentary for the National Geographic Channel that focuses on the last 24 hours prior to the 9/11 attacks, has encountered roadblocks in trying to find interview subjects--specifically, those who reportedly encountered accused hijackers Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari in the Portland, Maine, area on the night and morning of September 10-11, 2001.

As reported in the Portland Press Herald on March 31:

Erickson said he’s also been unsuccessful in tracking down any of the passengers or the two pilots who flew with the terrorists from Portland to Boston on US Airways Flight 5930, a small commuter plane that carried about 10 passengers that morning.

....Similar roadblocks have stymied his efforts in Boston as well, he said.

Apr 06 18:30

Thousands Riot In The Streets of Isla Vista California

What began as an unlawful assembly during a spring break party Saturday night in Santa Barbara quickly became an emergency situation, leaving multiple sheriff's deputies injured, more than 100 arrested and many transported to the hospital.

Apr 06 18:28

Obama, the Sauds, and Bottomless Hypocrisy

Based on the given pretexts the Western World has used to justify a belligerent foreign policy toward other nations, it would appear that Saudi Arabia is a suitable candidate to likewise be subjected to sanctions, internal political meddling, and open calls for regime change. Yet for some reason, it most certainly is not. Instead, it is clearly protected by media self-censorship and diplomatic double standards across the West.

While the US recently closed Syria’s embassy in Washington and ordered Syrian diplomats out of the country claiming, “it is unacceptable for individuals appointed by that regime to conduct diplomatic or consular operations in the United States,” the US gladly continues its close relationship with Saudi Arabia. This is even after revelations have come to light that the Saudis have been funding and arming terrorists listed as such by the very US State Department that shuttered the Syrian embassy in D.C.

Apr 06 16:39

Mainstream media warns: ‘Fort Hood shooter was stockpiling weapons and ammo’

As investigators attempt to put together the pieces surrounding the most recent mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, it didn’t take long for the mainstream media to begin fabricating its own narratives as to why Ivan Lopez may have targeted twenty soldiers last week

Apr 06 15:51

Mounting evidence of health concerns near tar sands development

Two studies released in the past week have drawn attention the linkage between tar sands development and significant health concerns. The two reports both released by the Alberta government separately show that the incidence of cancer downstream of tar sands development is higher than expected and that air emissions from a certain type of drilling tar sands operation is likely causing health problems. These studies add to what is a growing mountain of peer-reviewed science that confirms tar sands operations are contaminating air and water with toxic and cancer-causing chemicals. In other words, the linkages between tar sands development and potential health impacts are emerging.

Apr 06 14:04

Another Banker Found Dead

A mere two weeks since former JPMorgan banker, Kenneth Bellando jumped to his death, Bloomberg reports that the former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro (and his wife and daughter) were found dead at their home after a possible “family tragedy.”

Apr 06 12:13

Uri Avnery: The Monster on the Hill

THE BASIC problem is that the American political process is totally corrupt. There is no other way to put it.
It is nice to think that ordinary citizens can raise these sums with their modest donations, but that is an illusion. Donations of these dimensions can only come from the rich, especially from the very, very rich.

In Las Vegas, potential GOP Presidential candidates groveled before Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson who has one primary interest: potential Presidential candidates must support the militaristic right wing in Israel.
Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview. Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding.

If Adelson succeeds in installing his favorite in the White House, the U.S. will become totally subservient to the extreme right-wing in Israel. He might as well put Netanyahu in the Oval Office.

Uri Avnery writes from Israel:

Apr 06 11:34

Protesters in Donetsk seize state administration building

Earlier on Sunday, about 2,000 people gathered in Donetsk’s central Lenin Square in voice their support to the officers of the Berkut riot police who had been detained by the security services.

Apr 06 11:17

In US, vaccine denial goes mainstream

Vaccine hesitancy is increasingly common, and not only when it comes to infant and childhood immunizations, experts say.
Two in three working age adults refuse to get the annual flu vaccine and the same proportion of parents decline the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for young adolescents, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Apr 06 11:16

More than $85,000 raised for man beaten by crowd in Detroit

Donations of $10 and $20 and more continue to pour in for Steve Utash, who was beaten within an inch of his life in Detroit after police say he accidentally hit a child with his truck.

Apr 06 11:10

David Morgan Interview. Computing Today's cash dollars on market - Gold would be $10,000, Silver 1,000 per ounce

I interviewed David Morgan of Silver-Investor about what is happening in the metals market right now and how the events of the world are and will affect the metals.

We discuss how the sanctions against Russia and their bartering with Iran for oil now can lead Gold and Silver much higher in the markets.

We discuss how the manipulation could end of Gold and Silver and what it would take.

Apr 06 11:02

Rwandan president accuses France of direct role in 1994 genocide - French justice minister will not attend commemorations marking 20th anniversary of genocide, after Paul Kagame's comments

France has reacted with fury after the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, renewed accusations of direct French involvement in the 1994 genocide, on the eve of ceremonies marking the 20th anniversary.

Apr 06 10:16

Glyphosate/Roundup & Human Male Infertility

There is already evidence that glyphosate is an endocrine disrupting chemical (see later), but the extent of the problem is far greater than it appears. Different glyphosate formulations vary in toxicity, mainly because some of them contain adjuvants that are either toxic by themselves, or else exert synergistic effects with glyphosate. It has long been known that Monsanto’s formulation Roundup, the most widely used glyphosate herbicide, is far more damaging than glyphosate itself (reviewed in [5] Ban GMOs Now, ISIS special report).

Apr 06 09:37

Here's what happens when an alligator tries to eat an electric eel, and gets stunned with HUNDREDS of volts of electricity

This is what happens when you bite off more than you can chew! An object lesson from Mother Nature!

An unlucky alligator had his last meal when he decided to bite into an electric eel.The eel flops on the muddy banks of an unidentified waterway as the alligator eyes its prey.
Its appetite aroused, the gator finally snaps its jaws over the slithery eel, only to be stunned.

Apr 06 09:27

EU "unhappy" with Australia's decision to drop climate change from the G20 agenda

European Union officials say Australia has become completely “disengaged” on climate change since Tony Abbott was elected in September last year.

Apr 06 09:15

All Wars are Banker's Wars QR code T-SHIRTS!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"All Ware are Banker's Wars" has become one of the most popular articles at with Google reporting almost 2 million links and references to it around the world. So I created a QR code that points at that article and made it into T-shirts, buttons, etc. at the WRH CafePress store for our readers to share the link with others around them!

Apr 06 09:01

The Kamikaze Economics and Politics of Forcing Austerity on the Ukraine

“Unpopular austerity measures” are, of course, among the best things Ukraine can do to aid Russia’s effort to “destabilize” the Ukraine. Indeed, Yatseniuk admits this point later in the article.

Apr 06 08:51

13 yr old suspended in Vernon NJ for Twirling a pencil like a gun

Michael Chaplin? gives us a cautionary tail about his son's ordeal at his local public school in Vernon NJ

Apr 06 07:51

Obama boasts 10 million Americans signed up for Obamacare – after Medicaid and PRISON INMATES are FORCED TO JOIN

Three million lower-income Americans have enrolled in the Medicaid program for the poor so far during the rollout of U.S. President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, the administration announced on Friday.

That brings the number of people who have signed up for both public and private health coverage to 10 million since the October 1 launch of Affordable Care Act.

A percentage of those new enrollees includes prisoners in cash-strapped states that have decided to rely on Obamacare for their inmates’ health insurance needs.

Apr 06 07:40

Massive theater, smoke and mirrors desperately invoked to portray Obamacare as a success

The Obama administration and its friends in the press and public policy sector have gone all in to declare the President's signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, a "success" now that 7 million people have allegedly signed up for coverage under the law's exchanges.

But there are a number of things which make this victory lap that the White House is taking seem foolish and inherently political; under further scrutiny, it becomes obvious that a number of claims being made by the administration about Obamacare are misleading, if not outright false:

Apr 06 06:51

11-year-old building tree fort says officer pulled gun on him, friends

According to 911 records, Henry County Police were called after a neighbor noticed the children “chopping off tree limbs,” an activity she claimed was hurting the environment and creating “tripping hazards.”

Apr 06 06:00

Another Banker Found Dead

A mere two weeks since former JPMorgan banker, Kenneth Bellando jumped to his death, Bloomberg reports that the former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro (and his wife and daughter) were found dead at their home after a possible “family tragedy.” This expands the dismal list of senior financial services executive deaths to 12 in the last few months. The 57-year-old Jan Peter Schmittmann, was reportedly discovered by his other daughter when she arrived home that morning. Police declined to comment on the cirumstances of his (and his wife and daughter’s) death.

Apr 06 05:18

A Century of Deceit: Iraq, the World Wars, Holocaust and Zionist Militarism

While the West bears much shame and responsibility for aiding and abetting the Zionist project and all of its murderous and destructive consequences, bringing history into accordance with the facts is one way to uplift the Palestinians whose struggle for freedom and justice goes on.

Some studies estimate that close to 1.5 million Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the brutal American invasion and occupation of their country in 2003.[1] Millions more Iraqis have become refugees and orphans. American depleted uranium weapons have caused cancer rates in some Iraqi cities to skyrocket, permanently destroying the genes of future generations of Iraqis who are being born with horrific birth defects and diseases.

Apr 06 01:49

Ukraine ready to buy Russian gas for $268 per 1,000 cm

"We do not accept the price of $500", said parliament-appointed Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.

If he doesn't accept the price, then I'm sure Yatsenyuk, the unelected leader of Ukraine, can go elsewhere for a better price.

Apr 06 01:43

Namesake of Kremlin chief Sergei Ivanov denied right to buy sneakers from US shop

The shop provided him with a notice saying that Sergei Ivanov had been included in the list of persons who could not be sent any mail from the United States.

Apr 06 01:33

Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

It is nice be be able to post some uplifting news occasionally, and it just goes to show that music does have healing powers.

Apr 06 01:31

Detected signal could belong to missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Planes and ships are heading to an area where a Chinese ship has reported detecting signals consistent with a black box beacon in the ongoing hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

Apr 05 22:48

Obama, the Sauds, and Bottomless Hypocrisy

Saudi Arabia’s role as the “world’s largest oil exporter” is only one contributing factor to America’s bottomless hypocrisy regarding its relations with the Saudi Kingdom. While some would see US policy dictated by Saudi wealth, it is the regime’s precarious political existence both domestically and internationally, a key feature desired by hegemons when searching for vassal states, that primarily dictates US-Saudi relations

Apr 05 15:48

Another Fraudulent Jobs Report

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

As I have pointed out for a decade, the “New Economy” jobs that we were promised in exchange for our manufacturing jobs and tradable professional service jobs that were offshored have never shown up. The transnational corporations and their hired shills among economists lied to us. Not even a jobs report as deceptive and fraudulent as the BLS payroll jobs report can hide the fact that Congress, the White House, and the American people have sat sucking their thumbs while corporations maximized profits for the one percent at the expense of everyone else in the United States.

Let’s look at where the alleged jobs are...

Apr 05 15:23

Militants fire mortar shells at Syrian capital

Foreign-backed militants in Syria have fired mortar shells at several areas in the capital, Damascus, with one landing near the Russian Embassy, reports say.

Apr 05 15:09

Girlfriend Of Passenger On Flight 370 Says A Family Member Saying Plane Was Followed By Fighter Jets

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This story just gets weirder and weirder.

Apr 05 14:28

CIA Interrogation Program Saved Lives: Head

(Newser) – A Senate panel has voted to release a giant report slamming CIA interrogation methods, the Washington Post reported this week. But regardless of what the Senate report says, the interrogation program saved lives, its former head writes in the Post. "Unlike the committee’s staff, I don’t have to examine the program through a rearview mirror. I was responsible for administering it, and I know that it produced critical intelligence that helped decimate al-Qaeda and save American lives," Jose Rodriguez, Jr., writes.

Apr 05 14:23

Zionist billionaire eyes US presidential purchase

Uri Avnery examines how big money is corrupting US and Israeli politics, and highlights the role of American Jewish casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is now considering his next US presidential purchase.

Apr 05 13:55

“Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked”

A high-level Malaysian source has confirmed that missing Flight MH370 must have been hijacked by remote control.

Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained why only a remote-hijacking “fly by wire” scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance.

Apr 05 11:24

City, state police deny request for recordings from Boyd shooting

Created: 04/05/2014 12:04 PM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

Albuquerque police released lapel camera video from just one of the two officers involved in the shooting of a homeless man in the foothills, but KOB Eyewitness News 4's request for the other recordings has been denied.

Apr 05 11:12

US killing machine turns on itself

An army is supposed to be an honorable institution of the state tasked with defending the nation. In America’s case, the military has been debased by the country’s rulers for their own criminal purposes.

This week saw the emergence of the US Senate report into systematic torture and law breaking by the US military and intelligence agencies. This is an integral part of even bigger crimes – stemming from the illegal wars of aggression committed by the US government in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as ongoing presidential-run assassination programs with drones and Special Forces in several other countries, including Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.
The so-called war on terror is nothing but a pretext for the American ruling class to embark on global imperialism with impunity. In this criminal enterprise, the ranks of the American military have been turned into a killing and torture machine in the service of elite corporate and financier interests.

Read more:

Apr 05 10:51

A Message to the Tea Party: Nothing Good Happens Supporting the Nation of Israel.

Any Candidate that has taken money from AIPAC needs to be aware that they are in danger of losing their seat in the House or Senate. Supporting Israel is a foreign entanglement we can not no longer afford as a nation. Israel wants American soldiers to fight their wars. These wars have ran the nation into the ground economically as well as weakened our readiness of our armed forces to defend ourselves if we come under attack on our borders because troops are deployed worldwide.

Apr 05 10:39

Food-Bank Slumming For Dummies: The Series

Greetings from Times-Are-Really-Tough (TART) Land!

Here we are in the greatest depression since... er... The Great Depression, and nobody's writing about it, because... um... why again?

O but wait, that's right: Woohoo, the "recession" is over! The economy is picking up! Things are rosy all over! How do we know? Because all the mainstream pundits say so! LOL.

Meanwhile, back in TARTLand...

I'm going to be writing a series from my own perspective about what it's like for a "regular" person having the food-bank experience for the very first time. That is, for folks who never envisioned themselves being in such a position - ever! - but, well, now that everyone's one part-time paycheck away from complete and utter destitution...

You/me/anyone could be next.

Apr 05 10:31

Rosenberg’s rubbishing of BDS misses the point

In an article asserting that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) Movement is “irrelevant”, M.J. Rosenberg has written that “The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is two states for two peoples.” The point he misses, perhaps because there has not yet been a formal burial attended by Western leaders and the mainstream media, is that the two-state solution has long been dead. (In truth it was probably never alive in Zionism’s mind).

The most effective way for the BDS Movement to respond to its critics and detractors would be to give priority to spelling out why One State For All, and thus the dismantling and eradication of the Zionist entity, is in the best interests of all – not only Arabs and Jews but all of us, governments and peoples of all faiths and none everywhere.
The point being that if the Zionist state is not dismantled and eradicated it will most likely take the region and quite possibly the world to hell.

Read more:

Apr 05 10:21

Half of Americans Think Cops Not Held Accountable

The April 2014 Reason-Rupe poll found that half of Americans think law enforcement officers are not held accountable for misconduct. That number rises to 64 percent for Hispanics and 66 percent for African Americans.

Apr 05 09:49

Presidential Rule by Deception: Obama, the Master Con-Man

Petras pulled no punches saying “(i)n an electoral system, run by and for a corporate oligarchy, deception and demagoguery are essential elements – entertaining the people while working for the wealthy.”

Every US president does it. All congressional leaders. It’s “de rigueur” to pretend to be “everyman.” It persists while committing “war crimes worthy of prosecution.”

It’s play-acting. It’s duplicity. Obama is the “master of deceit.” He lacks an honest bone in his body.

He condemns torture while practicing it. He denounces Wall Street excess while supporting it. He wages one war after another while promising peace.

He backs Palestinian rights while trashing them. He supports the worst of Zionist militancy. He ignores institutionalized Israeli racism.

His word isn’t his bond. He broke every major promise made. He’s “hands down” the “greatest con-man president in American history,” Petras explains.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At this point in US history, we have a government of the oligarchs by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs: we the people are no longer represented by the US government, whatsoever.

Apr 05 09:00

Moody’s downgrades Ukraine to ‘default imminent’

Moody's Investors Service has downgraded Ukraine's government bond rating one notch from Caa2 to Caa3, citing the current political crisis and deepening economic instability as reasons for its negative outlook.

The Caa rating is a credit risk grading pertaining to investments that are both very poor quality and entail a high credit risk. The current downgrade drops Ukraine from Moody's "extremely speculative" rating to "default imminent with little prospect for recovery."

Moody’s said the downgrade was driven by three factors, which “exacerbate Ukraine's more longstanding economic and fiscal fragility.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unless Ukraine can get some money quickly, the government will no longer be able to pay its workers, or its military, creating the perfect storm for massive economic collapse and unrest.

Apr 05 08:50

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against U.S. drone program

A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government by the families of three American citizens killed by U.S. drones in Yemen, saying senior officials cannot be held personally responsible for money damages for the act of conducting war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...for the act of conducting war."?!?!?

I didn't realize we were at war with Yemen!!!

Well, let me redefine that. We are obviously at war against the people of Yemen, who consider their leadership corrupt, tin-earned, and hell-bent to destroy their lives even more than they are already destroyed by poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and disease. So, the US military is bombing the crap out of them, to make their lives even more miserable, taking out innocent men, women, and children in the process, to keep the regime in Yemen from changing course into one not to the US government's liking.

But I deplore this Judge's decision, because she has absolved the US government of any moral responsibility for the extrajudicial assassinations of Americans and others in this world. Apparently, Judge Collyer has had SMD (selective memory disorder) on the issues of due process, and the right to be tried by a jury of one's peers, before judgement is passed by that jury.

Judge Collyer, thank you so much for making this world even more of a "shooting gallery" for an American government already drunk with the power to use technology to kill anywhere at will; even right here at home. And if you don't think that is coming, you had better think again.

Apr 05 08:38

Insurance payouts to family members of MH370 continue in exchange for waivers

Waivers have been accepted and insurance payouts have already been made surrounding the missing Malaysian airliner

Apr 05 08:34

Tucson cop who randomly slammed woman to the ground not so tough after receiving threats

The Tucson police officer who was caught on video brutally pummeling a female student as she walked innocuously near the campus of the University of Arizona has been identified as Joel Mann, according to local ABC affiliate KGUN.

Tucson’s police department has reassigned Mann after a large number of anonymous threats were made against him, reports the Daily Mail.

All told, about 50 police officers showed up in riot gear Saturday night. Numerous bystanders say the officers began to act with great hostility toward people in the vast crowd—essentially starting the riot they were sent to prevent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the officer was not summarily sacked for his behaviour against this woman betrays a really insidious, dark collective mindset at the heart of police administration in this city. I wonder: did they take training from the IDF? I note that there are two schools in Tucson which teach this technique, called "Krav Maga". Unfortuntely, the more American police train with the IDF, or former IDF, more and more innocent Americans are treated just like the IDF treats the Palestinians.

Too often, around this country, the phrase "to protect and serve", which used to define American policing, has been replaced by a brutal philosophy of "to maim and kill with impunity".

Apr 05 07:56

High School Student Arrested For Telling Principal He's "Disappointed" In Him

In Lake Central High School in St. John, Indiana students staged a sit-in over the school's failure to acknowledge a student's suicide. Of note is the fact the principle responds to their protest by saying he's "in charge" and ordering everyone to get out their IDs, basically acting like a two-bit thug cop. After one student makes a snarky comment that he's "disappointed" in the principle, he then orders the student be arrested, to which the lackey cops present immediately oblige.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These kids were obviously in emotional pain at the death of one of their classmates.

An open invitation to group counseling, for those who asked for it (WITH parental permission) right after this suicide happened would have been the right way for the administration to handle it; saying nothing, and doing nothing, was a pretty lousy response, and drove these kids to feeling that they had to do something, even if that something was a disruption to their day.

Apr 05 07:36

A senior CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

A senior CIA official has died in an apparent suicide this week from injuries sustained after jumping off a building in northern Virginia, according to sources close to the CIA.

Apr 05 07:16

Chinese ship looking for missing Malaysia Airlines plane detects black box ‘pulse signal’ in southern Indian Ocean

Chinese ship Haixun 01 is said to have picked up the signal

The frequency of 37.5Hz per second is understood to be the same as that emitted by flight recorders

MH370 went missing on March 8 travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing

The Australian government agency coordinating the search would not immediately comment on the discovery

Apr 04 19:36

The Monster on the Hill

If Adelson could dictate our future, it would spell disaster for our country. INDEED, IF anyone had any illusions about American politics, they were dispelled this week.

The casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, organized a public display of his power. He summoned to his Las Vegas betting paradise the four most probable Republican candidates for the next presidential elections, in order to choose one of them. All the invitees heeded the summons, of course.

It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord. Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview. Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding.

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Apr 04 19:34

Malaysian politician: ‘The government is withholding evidence on missing flight 370?

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim recently came forth on the world stage, claiming that Malaysian officials are withholding evidence surrounding flight 370 which went missing Mar. 8, 2014.

Apr 04 19:29

Rare skin infection outbreak spreads in NYC

Skin infection causing lesions, pain and swelling to the hands and arms and even difficulty moving fingers spreads rapidly through NYC

Apr 04 19:05

Military Drone Crashes Near Elementary School in Pennsylvania

An unmanned 375-pound RQ-7 Shadow drone operated by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard crashed near Lickdale Elementary School this week. A military official called the incident a hard landing, but the drone was apparently run over by a car. Fox News reported that a public affairs officer said that it happened during a training exercise at nearby Fort Indiantown Gap.

Apr 04 18:49

Did missing flight 370 land in the Maldives or at Diego Garcia?

Well over a week after the disappearance of flight MH370 – which now is the longest official disappearance of a modern jet in aviation history

Apr 04 18:49

Half of Americans Think Cops Not Held Accountable: "That number rises to 64 percent for Hispanics and 66 percent for African Americans."

The April 2014 Reason-Rupe poll found that half of Americans think law enforcement officers are not held accountable for misconduct. That number rises to 64 percent for Hispanics and 66 percent for African Americans.

Apr 04 18:47

Tennessee's governor has proposed using lottery money to pay for two years of community or technical college for all high-school graduates in the state

Tennessee's governor said on Monday night that by using lottery money the state should pay for two years of community or technical college for all high-school graduates.
Gov. William E. Haslam, a Republican, included the proposal in his State of the State address as a key part of his higher-education agenda and a means of increasing the percentage of state residents with a college degree.

Apr 04 18:08

Girlfriend of 370 passenger Wood: ‘Fighter jets accompanied flight 370 in secret militarized operation, my husband is still alive’

The cat is slowly coming further out-of-the-bag as a general consensus from family members says plane still intact

Apr 04 16:13

Obama’s NSA overhaul may require phone carriers to store more data

President Barack Obama’s plan for overhauling the National Security Agency’s phone surveillance program could force carriers to collect and store customer data that they are not now legally obliged to keep, according to U.S. officials.

Apr 04 15:52

Michigan Triggers Article 5 Convention: Could U.S. Constitution Be Changed to Eliminate Second Amendment?

Michigan may have just triggered a modern-day Constitutional Convention. Though it’s not yet clear if Michigan’s call for a convention pushes us over the threshold due to procedural issues associated with the applications of other states, at the very least our Federal Congress will now be forced to review the situation.

Our nation is broken, that should be clear. Our Founders left for us a mechanism to fix it, and one of the most powerful is an Article V Constitutional Convention, which is designed specifically for the fifty states to initiate Constitutional changes outside of the purview of the federal government. The President of the United States, for example, will have absolutely no say in the matter and is unable to exercise veto power over Constitutional Amendments. The Federal Congress can do nothing more than oversee the Convention. And the Judicial Branch will have to abide by ANY and ALL ratified changes.

Apr 04 15:33

Millions face hunger as deadly fungus decimates global banana crop

Scientists have warned that the world’s banana crop, worth £26 billion and a crucial part of the diet of more than 400 million people, is facing “disaster” from virulent diseases immune to pesticides or other forms of control.

Apr 04 14:21

Creepy! Are Cereal Box Characters Designed to Make Eye Contact With Your Children?

If you needed another reason to avoid taking your children down the cereal aisle at the grocery store, here it is: insidious cereal box characters seem to be trying to make eye contact with your kiddos.

While it’s no surprise that marketing techniques like product package design and placement in stores are used to attract buyers, some methods are more exploitative than others. Directing advertising to adults who understand marketing tactics and have the ability to make informed decisions is quite different than employing psychology-based tricks designed to lure innocent kids into brand loyalty.

Apr 04 14:11

Missouri House Votes to Nullify all Federal Gun Control Measures

Activist Post

By a broad margin, the Missouri state House passed an “emergency” bill that seeks to nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books, “whether past, present or future.” House Bill 1439 (HB1439), introduced by Rep. Doug Funderburk (R-St. Charles), passed by a vote of 110-36.

With language inspired by Thomas Jefferson, HB1439 declares that the state rejects the idea of “unlimited submission” to federal power. It also declares that “whenever the federal government assumes powers that the people did not grant it in the Constitution, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” ...

Apr 04 13:48

Officer Pulls Gun on Children Who Were Building a Tree Fort

Eleven-year-old Omari Grant was building a tree fort with his friends in the woods near his Henry County, Georgia home when he says two officers came up on them, one with his gun drawn.

Apr 04 12:52

Was it 'Worth it?': Canada exits Afghanistan

Mainstream media coverage of the departure of Canada's last troops from Afghanistan has, with very few exceptions, ranged from unquestioning celebration of the Canadian state's work in that country to asking whether the war was worthwhile.

As a general rule, alarms bells should roar when the predominantly white politicians and pundits in imperialist states or their adjuncts ask whether it was "worth it" to kill a lot of people of colour living in a distant, impoverished country for economic and/or political gain. (Recall, for instance, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright saying "we think the price is worth it" when asked on 60 Minutes about U.S. sanctions killing 500,000 Iraqi children.)

Apr 04 12:46

Fort Hood job listing: ‘Seeking individuals to act as role-players in mass casualty exercise’

Speculation as to the circumstances surrounding the most recent mass shooting at Fort Hood abounds

Apr 04 12:41

Letterman to retire

(*even sugar coating current events gets old , after awhile .)

Apr 04 12:01

“Darth Vader” holds presidential press conference with storm troopers in Ukraine

A man dressed as, and claiming to be “Darth Vader” applied to be president of Ukraine during a press conference staffed by storm troopers

I was careful to double and triple check this story to make sure that it wasn’t an April fool’s joke. Oddly, it seems that this actually happened.

Apr 04 11:54

Autopsy Shows Capitol Police Shot Unarmed Mother in Back of Head

First they called her a terrorist threat.

When she turned out to be an unarmed suburban mother, they said she was on drugs.

Now, WND has exclusively learned, without a trace of doubt, that was wrong, too.

WND can also now report Miriam Carey was shot in the back of the head by U.S. Capitol Police officers and uniformed Secret Service agents six months ago, on Oct. 3, 2013.

The official police investigation still has not been released. But Carey family attorney Eric Sanders obtained the toxicology and autopsy report on this macabre anniversary.

The report showed there were no drugs in Carey’s system, prescription or otherwise, when she was shot dead.

Apr 04 11:22

Pakistan charges 9-month-old boy with planning murder, threatening police, and interfering in state affairs

Everyone was stunned to see an infant at a local court on Thursday who was accused by police of pelting stones at a police party and making a murder attempt at them.

Apr 04 11:21

Daycare expels 3-year-old after she drops the s-bomb

3-year-old Arianna is like most little girls she loves to play and everyday is a new adventure. Her mom, Cassandra Wright, says she loved going to daycare at the Jubilee Child Development Center, but now she's banned from the building.

Apr 04 11:02

Raw: Labor Protest Sparks Clashes in Brussels

30,000 protesting in Brussels, police hit by cobblestones and oranges

Apr 04 11:00

Electric Company was here today trying to put a Smart Meter on my home. I said Refused to allow him to do so.

I just got a knock on my door. It appears Smart Meters have come to my area. I have already called the company in the past, telling them I will never accept a smart meter. That was a couple of years ago.

A man rang my doorbell and when I opened the door, I saw him standing there with a meter in his hand. I immediately said "If you are here to put a smart meter on my house, I am absolutely refusing to have one put on."

Apr 04 10:44

Syrian opposition accuses Assad of new poison attack

(Reuters) - Opposition activists again accused President Bashar al-Assad's forces of using poison gas in Syria's civil war on Thursday, showing footage of an apparently unconscious man lying on a bed and being treated by medics.

Apr 04 10:23

Cover Oregon health insurance exchange flies under congressional radar at Thursday hearing

Compared with some states, Oregon largely escaped hostile questioning in a congressional hearing Thursday that focused on troubled health insurance exchanges.

The hearing showed Cover Oregon is not alone in having problems, despite being the only state where consumers can't enroll in coverage and qualify for reduced premiums in a single sitting.

Apr 04 10:22

‘Diverse’ population one of many factors in Hawaii’s failing health exchange

Six state health exchange directors, including the head of Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange, were grilled Thursday by multiple U.S. House committees trying to determine why the websites aren’t working properly.

The committees are looking into how the six states with troubled Obamacare exchanges spent hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants, yet still have low enrollment and glitch-filled websites.


U.S. Rep Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, says Hawaii should be exempt from ACA requirements.

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