May 31 12:23

Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

Depopulation, environmental laws, carbon taxes, global warming/global cooling/climate change, family planning, denying development to developing countries – it was all planned decades ago for global control by a handful of elites.

See the agenda for yourself in the 1972 United Nations film "Survival of Spaceship Earth" featuring John D. Rockefeller 3rd, science czar John P. Holdren, agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong, and a slew of other propagandists asserting control "for the earth."

May 31 06:53

California Water Crisis: What’s Next

In recent news, there has been significant coverage of California’s struggle with its below average precipitation in the past several years. Yes, they call it a drought. Governor Jerry Brown and California State Water Resources Control Board have come forward with restrictions on water use, primarily in urban and suburban areas. People are ripping up lawns.

May 30 16:47

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?

Day after day, year after year, the hole that climate scientists have buried themselves in gets deeper and deeper. The longer that they wait to admit their overheated forecasts were wrong, the more they are going to harm all of science.

The story is told in a simple graph, the same one that University of Alabama’s John Christy presented to the House Committee on Natural Resources on May 15.

The picture shows the remarkable disconnect between predicted global warming and the real world.

May 30 11:50

Today's Salisbury Beach (*MA) Sea Temperature

Today's Salisbury Beach sea temperature is 48 °F.
Statistics for 30 May (1981–2005) – mean: 11.4 °C, range: 9.7 °C to 14.2 °C

Sunny with deceptively warm air temperatures at Salisbury Beach, yet the sea remains very cold (9 °C). Despite the weather (windchill 24 °C), surfers will need a quality winter wetsuit, a neoprene hood, gloves and boots.

(*Just back from 'The Beach' , thought I'd 'share' . )

May 30 10:09

Future Imperfect: Tomorrowland (Review)

It might be a little unfair to criticize Tomorrowland for sticking to themes that, admittedly, are fine and comforting presences in a childrens’ movie. However, Bird’s commitment to abstract banalities and spineless pep talks accomplish neither. Kids should be encouraged to hope and dream and invent fun things. Hell, everybody should. That’s still no excuse for a mess of a story that contradicts itself tonally, politically, and philosophically. Tomorrowland isn’t going to inspire the world’s next generation of scientists. It takes a lot more than a movie to do that.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not in the regular habit of posting reviews about movies. I generally prefer to write my own when needed.

But since I discussed this latest Disney film, "Tomorrowland" in the context of its pandering to the global warming agenda, I figured it is relevant to mention in follow-up that Disney has a $190 million flop on its hands!

Some other reviews...

Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ movie fails to meet high expectations

'Tomorrowland' Dreams Big, But Fails To Rake In Big Bucks At The Box Office

'Tomorrowland' sermonizes, fails to inspire

And finally ‘Tomorrowland’ Exposes Hollywood’s Originality Problem

The last one is right on the button. Ever since Eisner, Disney projects have been planned by marketing people who treat a movie like a salad; add a few more nuts and flakes and people will want to eat it. That may make sense designing a menu but is a recipe for losing the narrative in a film, and along with it your audience!

Moving beyond Disney, the political correctness movement which infected Hollywood in the 1990s repeated the mistake made during the McCarthy years of driving the most creative and original people out of the industry for the crime of ... being creative and thinking truly original thoughts, meaning thoughts the government doesn't like. Been there, done that, didn't buy the T-shirt!

The best minds in Hollywood have been kicked out of Hollywood, because obedient dummies are what is wanted!

Disney may have felt they could return to the formula of "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" which ran from 1954 through 1993. Originally run on NBC to fill out their transition to the full-color network, NBC thought they were getting the catalog of Disney movies and cartoons, only to learn to their dismay that every 3rd program was basically an infomercial for the Anaheim park. Back then it worked, as with a medium with only 3 channels, anything on TV was seen as special and exalted. In today's media-saturated world with a thousand channels (and endless re-runs) being seen on TV does not have the social status it once did. Social media, which makes everyone their own production company, has ended the mystique of being special just because you are seen on an appliance! Basing a movie on a section of the theme park (even if just the title) backfired.

Hollywood today does lack creativity because the truly original thinkers are banned, as they were back in McCarthy's time, and like McCarthy's time Hollywood is trying to survive by resorting to endless remakes of what-worked-before-only-better. That too, is also a thing of the past as everyone has seen the earlier versions on their thousand channel cable more times than they wanted to!

There are, of course, original stories out there; stories people would really like to see, like how Vince Foster really died, or how the US Navy shot down TWA 800, or how the Lusitania really was carrying weapons of war, and so forth. But Hollywood, ever the propaganda servant of the US Government will not dare touch those, nor anyone who even talks about them. And so it is back to endless remakes of what-worked-before-only-slightly-different, with the inevitable politically-correct twists.

Disney just learned a hard lesson that people no longer buy a ticket to see every movie, and the Disney name is not a box-office guarantee any longer; not since the Disney family got the heave-ho.

Disney put $190 million into this film. The Hollywood rule of thumb is that after advertising and distribution costs plus the theaters' percentages, a film has to take in 2.5 times that original budget at the ticket windows (DVD and cable sales) just to break even. That means in the case of "Tomorrowland", $475 million, almost half a billion at the box office just to break even. Despite today's high theater ticket prices, I doubt Disney will see that much cash from this disaster, and frankly never intended to see it myself, given its overt pandering to the global warming hoax.

And that last part might also explain the lukewarm sales for the film. More and more people know the global warming claims are a hoax, which make it hard to take seriously a film that treats it as real. For people my age, who listened to promises of the glorious future world we would all grow up to see, only to wind up living in ... Detroit, the optimism of "Tomorrowland" rings very hollow, almost like the Busby Berkeley films of the 1930s depression, but without the leggy dancing girls in skimpy costumes!

That is not enough to hold our attention, no matter how great the visual effects are!

May 30 08:22

Global Warming Busted

May 29 11:24

One cold night in May batters crops

Things were going fairly well for the first three weeks of May. There were a few cold evenings, but in general we were on the right track for the spring growth of leaves and blossoms.

Then came May 20. In the early morning hours the temperatures dropped far below freezing, as low as 22 degrees in some places. By the end of the day extensive injury to plants was obvious throughout the Grand Traverse region.

May 29 11:22

Wait, what? There's still snow in Boston?!

The snow was dumped there throughout the city's snowiest winter on record.

The trash-filled pile is three stories high and includes bikes, traffic cones and even half a $5 bill, all encrusted in solid ice, according to the Associated Press.

May 29 11:22

In Hawaii, Surf, Sun and Snow

I had looked into the weather conditions on the mountain about a week before the trip and was floored by what I saw: the National Weather Service had issued a blizzard warning for the area. Six inches of snow and gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour were expected. Yes, in Hawaii.

May 29 08:32

Trouble Looming For Arctic Alarmists

Arctic sea ice coverage is nearly identical to 20 years ago

Arctic sea ice is following almost the exact trajectory of 2006, which had the highest summer minimum of the last decade.

Temperatures in the Beaufort Sea are forecast to remain below the freezing point through the first two weeks of the summer melt season

The Beaufort Sea is full of very thick ice.

Arctic sea ice is about the same thickness (2 meters) as it was 75 years ago.

Arctic sea ice is the thickest it has been in a decade.

May 29 07:31


Captain Tee-Time, the usurping Occupant of the Oval Office has finally lost all touch with reality, and officially checked into la-la land. On Wednesday, May 20th, he appeared before the graduating class at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and proceeded to vomit the most delusional, psychotic drivel all over their pretty uniforms. He actually told them, with a straight face, that climate change is one of the most serious threats to America's national security.

Yes, you read that correctly. The former horror of an encroaching ice-age morphed into global warming which switched dresses and became 'Climate Change.' This is because the propagandists can't figure out if the planet is getting hotter or colder but, DANG IT, the temperature is changing, therefore we need to institute wealth re-distribution from rich nations to poor nations so we can all live in a communist utopia, and sing Kum-Ba-Yah forever and ever. Praise lucifer. Yeah, that's the ticket!

May 28 15:31

The Age Of Disinformation : “Media out of control when comes to weather” — “Idiotic claims on daily basis…”

No doubt national news media outlets are out of control when it comes to weather coverage, and their idiotic claims find their way to us on a daily basis.

May 28 12:12

Study Predicts Decades Of Global Cooling Ahead

A new study out of the United Kingdom predicts the Earth is about to go through a major climatic shift that could mean decades of cooler temperatures and fewer hurricanes hitting the United States.

Scientists at the University of Southampton predict that a cooling of the Atlantic Ocean could cool global temperatures a half a degree Celsius and may offer a “brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures,” according to their study.

May 28 10:38

US Having One Of The Coolest Years On Record

Through May 25, the frequency of 90 degree days in the US is second lowest on record. The only year that was cooler was 1983, which was cooled by the eruption of El Chichón.

May 28 10:37

Global Sea Ice Area Approaches A Record

May 27 15:06

Sending ice to Antarctica

Scientists are planning to ship ice to the Antarctic. They're afraid that mountain glaciers around the world are melting as a result of climate change and want to store samples of ice in a new vault in the coldest place on Earth.

May 27 10:36

MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Believers a ‘Cult’

An MIT professor of meteorology is dismissing global-warming alarmists as a discredited “cult” whose members are becoming more hysterical as emerging evidence continues to contradict their beliefs.

During an appearance on this writer’s radio show Monday, MIT Professor emeritus Richard Lindzen discussed the religious nature of the movement.

“As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical. I think that’s what’s happening here. Think about it,” he said. “You’ve led an unpleasant life, you haven’t led a very virtuous life, but now you’re told, you get absolution if you watch your carbon footprint. It’s salvation!”

Lindzen, 74, has issued calm dismissals of warmist apocalypse, reducing his critics to sputtering rage.

May 27 10:19

Scientists warn Everest glaciers at risk of disappearing

WEBMASTER ADDITION: We are just coming out of another record winter and already they are pushing the global warming kool-aid at us! Not surprisingly, comments are not allowed on the article.

May 27 08:26

Area winter breaks records, according to National Weather Service

This winter wasn’t just cold; it was record-breaking cold, according to the National Weather Service’s winter 2014-15 summary.

“Temperature-wise there were numerous records broken this year,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Aaron Reynolds, Buffalo.

May 27 08:26

Temperature plunge leaves Ontario vineyards scrambling to prevent crop damage

Vineyard owners in parts of southern Ontario are assessing the damage from a record-breaking plunge into cold weather that some growers say has devastated their grape crops.

May 27 08:26

Channel swim record dashed by cold water

A swimmer had to end his record attempt for the earliest seasonal English Channel crossing after getting disorientated in the cold water.

May 27 07:31

Is there a link between climate change and terrorism?

Barack Obama has spent considerable time in recent months publicly explaining his positions on both climate change and violent extremism.

But in a Coast Guard commencement address last week, the U.S. president deliberately combined the two, saying that climate change "constitutes a serious threat to global security."

Security analysts say the idea has been percolating in Western military circles for the past few years, but there is still skepticism about a direct link.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two kinds of terror. Real terror is created by mucking about with other peoples' governments. fake terror is used to scare a population into agreeing to wars of conquest. Neither has any link to global warming.

May 24 09:11

A Taste of Winter on Memorial Day Weekend

The start to the Memorial Day weekend, which is the traditional start to summer, was greeted with a reminder of winter in some areas of northern New England.

May 23 08:35

Nets Ignore as Obama Blames Rise of Terrorism on Climate Change

Obama lecturing the Coast Guard Academy that ignoring the "serious threat" of climate change is a "dereliction of duty." The President somehow blamed the rise of Boko Haram on global warming.

May 23 08:32

A (Not Quite) Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

"Global warming is indeed a scam, perpetrated by scientists with vested interests, but in need of crash courses in geology, logic and the philosophy of science. It provides the media with a new scare story, which has been picked up by the focus groups and turned into the new religion, offering us hell if we don't all change our ways." [BBC]

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WRH Exclusive
May 23 08:28

Meteorologist Spears Obama's 'Absurd Climate Change Claim'

oe Bastardi, former chief long range forecaster at Accuweather and master weather predictor for WeatherBell Analytics, blasted President Obama's "absurd" claim that climate change is a factor for the rise in terrorism. He then turned his ire towards the media and implored them to do their job and counter these false claims.

May 22 10:37

Watch: Gramatik plays through a snow storm at Red Rocks

They’re calling it “Blizzmatik.” And once you watch this video, you’ll realize it’s a pretty fitting name.

Huddled under tarps to protect his equipment, Gramatik played through a freak snowstorm on May 9 at Red Rocks. The show was eventually cut short, but not before Gramatik played a partial set while sliding around in the snow and making snow angels on stage.

May 22 10:35

Snow in Mid-May in Colorado!

Memorial Day usually signifies the start of summer, but in some parts of Colorado winter just won't go away.

Snow continues to fall in the mountains west of Denver, but for many that's *good* news.

It's keeping ski resorts open and keeping skiers out on the slopes.

May 22 10:34

Snow delays openings at P.E.I. National Park

Spring was late coming to P.E.I. this year, and even with late May temperatures reaching into the high teens snow is still causing problems in P.E.I. National Park.

Trails are still closed, and upgrades to the campground at Stanhope have been delayed.

"It's prevented us from getting in there and getting some of our work done early in the spring," said Parks Canada visitor experience manager Tara McNally MacPhee.

May 22 09:09


May 22 07:54

Late-Season Snow Falls in Flagstaff, Arizona

More than 7 inches of snow fell at the National Weather Service's Flagstaff office, which is actually located just west of the city, in Bellemont, Arizona.

May 21 12:19

Holiday weekend may start with frost

The National Weather Service forecast includes a possibility of patchy frost Friday night into Saturday morning.

May 21 12:18

Cover the plants Thursday night as another round of frost rolls in

There was very little if any frost Thursday morning but that threat will return Friday morning as temperatures will again plunge below freezing for some places.

Following a very cold Wednesday morning, temperatures Thursday were not nearly as cold thanks in large part to clouds which were in place a decent portion of the night along with a breeze from the southwest. There were a couple of isolated spots where it did drop below freezing including Engadine in Mackinac County where it was 29F and Wellston in Manistee County which fell to 30F early Thursday morning.

May 21 12:18

One more spotty frost coming for parts of Michigan

There is one more smaller area of frost coming for Michigan in the next two days.

May 20 14:14

New NASA Report Reveals Ice Caps Are Not Melting

Ever since 1979, NASA satellites have been collecting data on the extent of the Earth’s polar ice caps. Traditionally, this information has been used to prove the threat global warming poses to the human race. If the ice caps are melting, it could displace millions of people living along coastlines across the planet. However, new data posted on NASA’s website suggests that the ice caps may not be melting after all.

May 20 09:26


THE LATEST 5-20-2015: NASA admits satellite data shows no loss of arctic ice since 1979. In fact, it's a bit bigger!

Here is a comparison of Earth's temperature between April 2015 and April 1998, showing the scale of the lie by NASA and NOAA that 2015 is the hottest year on record.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I must not gloat! I must not gloat! I must not gloat! (But I probably will!)

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WRH Exclusive
May 20 09:20

Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 20 08:25

Arctic Sea Ice Continues To Track 2005/2006

May 19 15:29

NASA’s Dr. Gavin Schmidt goes into hiding from seven very inconvenient climate questions

WUWT readers probably remember when the now head of NASA GISS, Dr. Gavin Schmidt, could not stand to be seen on the same stage with Dr. Roy Spencer. Gavin decided to hide offstage while Dr. Spencer had finished his interview with John Stossel, rather than be subject to some tough questions Dr. Spencer might have posed in a debate with him on live TV. Gavin knew he’d lose, so he acted like a child on national TV and hid from Dr. Spencer offstage. It was one of the truly defining moments demonstrating the lack of integrity by mainstream climate scientists.

Gavin-schmidt-stosselNow, Dr. Schmidt seems to be hiding from those inconvenient questions again, as Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. writes below. Dr. Schmidt also hides from me, having blocked WUWT on Twitter, so I’d appreciate it if some other WUWT readers would let him know of this publication. Dr. Schmidt is welcome to publish a rebuttal (or simply answer the questions) here if he wishes. He has my email. – Anthony Watts

May 19 11:17

May Snow Covers Flowers, Hummingbird Feeders

You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to Wisconsin weather.

Spring snow covered May flowers in some areas to the north.

Gary Jackson provided photos of snowy tulips in Hurley, near the Upper Peninsula:

May 19 11:17

Strong storm drops heavy rain on Front Range, snow in mountains

A large, slow-moving storm socked Denver and the Front Range with heavy rainfall Tuesday, and delivered snow to the high country.

May 19 11:16

Snow Delays Mount Evans Road Opening

Spring snow has delayed the opening of Mount Evans Road.

The Colorado Department of Transportation will not open the Mount Evans Highway to traffic by Memorial Day Weekend as originally planned. As of the end of the day Monday, CDOT crews were able to clear six miles of the 14.7 mile-long roadway.

May 19 11:16

Michigan's U.P. getting snow and looking like winter

The cold air is definitely pouring into Michigan today. That's why the U.P. looks a little like winter again.

The Michigan Department of Transportation in the Upper Peninsula posted a picture of the wintry scene at 8:23 a.m. today.

May 19 11:00

Frost advisory issued for metro Detroit

A frost advisory is in effect for southeast Michigan, when temperatures will slide into the low 30s overnight, according to the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.

May 18 11:15

Snow, Ice and Wind Storm Blasts Manitoba

On average, Winnipeg only sees about 2cm of snow in May and that is usually during the first week of the month. In Brandon, that figure is about 4.5 cm. Clearly, this is a very unusual storm for mid-May.

May 18 11:14

Yep, that’s snow. Chill makes you check if it’s May – or March

An unseasonable belt of spring snow pushed from parts of North Dakota into western Minnesota early Monday, leaving a measurable amount in Devil’s Lake and a dusting in Grand Forks and Bemidji.

May 18 11:13

Cold, Wet Storm To Bring Snow & Renewed Flooding Concerns This Week

The cool and wet pattern that has been dominating Colorado’s weather for the past few weeks will continue for several more days.

In fact an unusually cold storm system will move into the central Rockies by Monday night dropping the snow level below tree line.

May 18 11:13

Rain and mountain snow again this week

Some of the most intense areas of moisture will be in the Front Range mountains where it will fall as snow.

May 18 10:34

Cold temperature records set in Saskatchewan

Environment Canada says a couple of cold temperature records were established on the May long weekend in Saskatchewan. It released a weather summary early Monday morning.

An arctic high pressure ridge settled over southern areas of the province last night producing clear conditions and widespread frost.

A new record low temperature was set in North Battleford at -4.5°C. The previous mark was set in 1895 at -3.3°C.

Swift Current also broke a record at -5.9°C, beating out -5.6°C, which was set in 1923.

May 17 18:16

The NASA Temperature Record Is A Farce

The NASA graphs are useful for politicians who want to raise taxes, and for insurance companies who want to raise premiums – but are worse than useless for scientists who actually want to understand the climate. They show they exact opposite of what is happening to the climate.

May 17 18:15

Australia Used To Be Hotter

May 17 18:14

Hot Days In The US Have Diminished As CO2 Has Increased

Hot weather in the US peaked in the 1930’s, and has dropped off dramatically since then. There were three times as many 95 degree days in 1936 as there were in 2014

May 17 18:13

CNN Goes Full Propaganda On CO2

Why would CNN willfully choose to ignore the best sources of temperature data, and the best science about ice shelves? Their stories are based on the propaganda of a small handful of global warming hacks.

CNN makes Soviet Pravda look like honest reporting. They are pushing complete lies on the public.

May 15 12:55

BEX ALERT - Antarctic ice shelf a few years from disintegration: Nasa

The last intact section of one of Antarctica's mammoth ice shelves is weakening fast and will likely disintegrate completely in the next few years, contributing further to rising sea levels, according to a NASA study released on Thursday.

May 14 10:50

Frost advisory issued for parts of interior Maine

May 14 10:50

A Frost Advisory has been issued for Franklin, Hampshire, and Berkshire Counties

May 14 10:49

Frost advisory in effect for SE Michigan

May 14 10:48

Cold storm bringing rain, snow to Southern California

The National Weather Service this morning issued a rare May winter advisory for the region as an unseasonably cold storm from the Gulf of Alaska moved in, bringing snow, dangerous driving conditions and rain that could trigger mud and debris flows in burn areas.

May 14 10:48

Hit-and-miss rain, snow showers roll into NorCal

However, there were some scattered snow flurries that had begun to develop in higher elevations of the mountains by about 5 a.m.

A winter storm warning will be in effect for the Sierra from 11 a.m. until Friday morning for areas above 6,000 feet, with 2 to 6 inches of snow likely to accumulate late in the day Thursday.

The Interstate 80 corridor should not get too much snow, but Highway 50 and places south could be hit harder, with 2 inches in some spots to more like 4 to 8 inches in Tuolumne County, according to KCRA 3 Weather meteorologist Dirk Verdoorn.

May 14 10:47

Amgen Tour of California TT moved to Santa Clarita due to snow

he stage 6 time trial of the Amgen Tour of California has been relocated from Big Bear Lake to Santa Clarita due to concerns of up to a foot of snow expected on Friday.

May 14 10:47

BIG BEAR LAKE: Impending snow postpones resort's summer plans, moves bike race

But now, for the second week in a row, plans for spring-time activities at Big Bear Mountain Resort, and around the mountains, are being scrambled as a follow-up snowstorm makes its way to town.

“It just looks like we’re going to get snookered again by Mother Nature,” said Chris Riddle, vice president of marketing for Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

May 14 10:46

Spring snow: Southern California to bear brunt of storm; Amgen cycling tour's Big Bear leg moved

In the mountains, the storm may dump up to two inches of snow as low as 5,000 feet.

Amgen Tour of California officials decided on Wednesday night to move Stage 6, Friday's individual time trials, from Big Bear City to Santa Clarita because of problems that could be created by the weather.

May 14 10:31

The Theme Of The Sanctions Was Addressed In Sochi On The Initiative Of The United States

In Sochi, U.S.-Russia Negotiations Remain Inconclusive

Vladimir Putin and John Kerry at the meeting touched on the subject of sanctions, but it is not raised by the Russian side, said a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov. “This issue is still not an issue on our agenda”, – he added.

May 14 10:21

Alaska And Hawaii In The United Nations Will Raise The Issue Of “Colonization” Of The United States

According to representatives of the indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii, the United States forged the results carried out on their territories “by the internal laws of the United States’ referendums in 1958 and 1959, according to which the residents of Alaska and Hawaii supposedly expressed the hope to become a “federal states”.

May 14 08:35

Obama’s Retreat from Green Electronics

Take President Obama’s recent signing of Executive Order 13691—“Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade.” The title certainly sounds impressive and unobjectionable: Who could be against “sustainability”? The Order does indeed call for environmentally-sound energy and water use, which is all to the good. And it calls for the purchase of sustainable electronics, which also sounds good.

But buried in its language is a serious weakening of efforts to ensure that the federal government buys electronic gadgets—computers, printers, cell phones and the like—that do minimal damage to the environment. In watering down this mandate, President Obama has apparently bowed to industry demands, despite a long-standing commitment to the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, established in 1993.

May 14 08:32

Storm to bring wind, rain, snow to Southern Nevada

Another storm system is expected to roll through the Las Vegas Valley this week, bringing snow to the mountains on Thursday and Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

May 13 23:16

Sands: The Theme Of The Sanctions Was Addressed In Sochi On The Initiative Of The United States

In Sochi, U.S.-Russia Negotiations Remain Inconclusive

Vladimir Putin and John Kerry at the meeting touched on the subject of sanctions, but it is not raised by the Russian side, said a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov. “This issue is still not an issue on our agenda”, – he added.

May 13 15:20

Frost advisory in effect tonight - Detroit

The advisory goes into effect at midnight and is scheduled to expire at 8 a.m. Thursday.

May 13 15:19

Frost Advisory in effect tonight

A Frost Advisory has been issued for Bay, Clare, Genesee, Gratiot, Huron, Isabella, Lapeer, Saginaw, Sanilac, Shiawassee, and Tuscola counties until 8 AM on Thursday. If you have any sensitive plants, be sure to cover them up tonight to protect them from getting damaged.

May 13 09:05

Record Antarctic ice: Mawson base might have to relocate

Satellite observations show a new daily record being set for ­Antarctic sea ice every day for the past two weeks. Annual records have also been broken every year for the past three years.

Rob Wooding, general manager of the Australian Antarctic Division’s Operations Branch, said expanding sea ice was now causing serious problems.

Last year, fuel supplies were flown to Australia’s Mawson base by helicopter because the harbour had failed to clear. Dr Wooding said the situation was “unsustainable”.

May 13 09:01

Mid-May snow, rain could put damper on Inland races

Snow will fall at an elevation of 7,000 feet Thursday afternoon and at an elevation of about 6,000 feet by Friday morning, forecasters said.

May 13 09:00

More rain, snow headed toward San Diego

A late season storm is expected to hit San Diego County late Thursday, bringing with it mountain snow and rain elsewhere in the region, FOX 5 weathercaster Chrissy Russo said Tuesday.

May 13 09:00

Amgen Tour’s Big Bear Lake TT threatened by snow

The current forecast for Stage 5, held Friday in Big Bear Lake — at nearly 7,000 feet of elevation — calls for a high of 37F, a low of 27F, and an 80 percent chance of snow. The forecast calls for snow to begin falling around 4 p.m. on Thursday, with eight to 12 inches expected on Friday.

It’s a forecast that has the Amgen Tour abuzz with concern about the potential implications, both for the athletes and the traveling race caravan.

Holding a time trial in cold, snowy conditions brings its own set of hazards, but the bigger question is whether or not team vehicles, and race infrastructure, will even be able to arrive in Big Bear Lake on Thursday evening and Friday morning.

May 13 07:39

A Complete Meltdown Of National Geographic And NASA

Greenland is not melting down. National Geographic is lying to their readers. But Greenland wasn’t always like that. Seventy years ago, Greenland actually was very warm and melting down.

National Geographic doesn’t report this, and NASA has made the 1940’s warmth disappear. by altering the temperature data.

If they are going to do sci-fi, National Geographic and NASA could at least do something entertaining.

May 13 07:38

CSIRIO’s Top Scientist Predicted 2-4 C Warming By 2018

In 1988, CSIRO’s top scientist predicted 2-4 C warming, between 2018 and 2038

Atmospheric temperatures has risen about 0.1 C since 1988, and all of the warming occurred before 1998. The good doctor was off by a factor of 20X to 40X

President Obama tells us that warming has occurred even faster than scientists predicted.

May 13 07:36

Endless Hysterics At National Geographic

Arctic sea ice is essentially normal, but National Geographic posts article after article, decade after decade predicting doom – which simply isn’t happening. They just can’t turn off the BS.

May 12 21:16

Philadelphia Train Crash Kills At Least Five People

No less than five individuals were killed and 50 individuals hurt after an Amtrak train, conveying 238 travelers and five team individuals, wrecked and moved onto its side in the Port Richmond segment of Philadelphia Tuesday night, as per authorities.

May 12 14:45

Man-made global warming by co2 is a lie

we have been lied to by an elite who need to control you via new powers based on lies fear and seemingly doing the right thing to bring in sin taxation as

May 12 11:44

22 Very Inconvenient Climate Truths

Here are 22 good reasons not to believe the statements made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

May 12 10:53


May 12 09:11

Winter Storm Venus Brings Heavy Snow to the Rockies and High Plains

Winter Storm Venus dumped heavy, wet snow from the Rockies to the High Plains during Mother's Day weekend 2015.

May 12 09:10

Snow storm in Dakotas breaks records

A record-breaking winter-like storm that brought heavy snow to the Dakotas could help ease dry conditions and lessen the danger of wildfires, officials said.

The storm dumped more than 8 inches of snow on southern North Dakota and more than a foot on western South Dakota's Black Hills over the weekend. It continued into Monday morning in southeastern North Dakota and north central South Dakota, with another couple of inches of snow and strong winds making travel hazardous in some areas.

May 12 09:09

Snow in Calgary: How residents are accepting the blame

Alright Calgary, it's time to fess up. Did you cause the snow to fall in May?

"My fault. Frisbee on the lawn," Tara Klager wrote in an email to the Calgary Eyeopener Monday morning.

CBC Calgary's morning radio show was blanketed with calls, emails and tweets from Calgarians admitting to embracing summer far too early.

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"We were stupid to listen to Al Gore!"

May 12 09:08

Snow? In May?

Heavy rain on Saturday morning gradually turned to wet, heavy snow by mid-afternoon in the Southern Hills, as a spring snowstorm dumped up to 10-inches in certain areas.

The rain and cool temperatures forced the postponement of the Great American Cleanup, which will now take place on Saturday, May 23, with signup at 8 a.m. in Centennial Park.

As the snow piled up, the planned Mother’s Day Volksmarch in Hot Springs also was postponed until May 17. Sign-up will once again take place from 8 to 11 a.m. in Centennial Park, followed by the walk through town, sponsored by the Black Hills Volkssport Association.

The snow caused minor damage to some tree limbs throughout the city.

May 11 22:09

Maduro: US Made Russia A Target Because They Are Losing Power In The World

Washington is losing its weight in the universal enclosure and this makes it target Russia and Venezuela, and also endeavor to diminish China's development, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told RT's Spanish-dialect direct in a selective meeting.

May 11 14:47

FLASHBACK 2010 - Left-wing Env. Scientist Bails Out Of Global Warming Movement: Declares it a ‘corrupt social phenomenon…strictly an imaginary problem of the 1st World middleclass’

“I argue that by far the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might; and that the global warming myth is a red herring that contributes to hiding this truth. In my opinion, activists who, using any justification, feed the global warming myth have effectively been co-opted, or at best neutralized,” Rancourt said.

May 11 11:00

Snow, rain, wind smacks U.S. from Colorado to Carolinas

From snow in Colorado and South Dakota to tornadoes in Arkansas and Texas to a near-hurricane in South Carolina, the weekend didn't lack for weather excitement.

May 11 10:59

Snow buries Black Hills in almost 2 feet of snow

The National Weather Service says as of late Sunday afternoon, Lead reports 18 inches of snow, Deerfield 17 inches and downtown Rapid City 13.5 inches.

May 11 08:23

FEMA climate change mandate on states must be dropped

Perhaps the biggest factor in this worsening relationship is the federal government’s obsession with bullying the states into doing what it wants them to do.

Case in point: the Federal Emergency Management Agency says that, as of next March, states must properly address the issue of climate change to be eligible for grant funding.

Thankfully, congressional Republicans are challenging the new policy.

May 11 07:09

Visualizing Global Sea Level Fraud – Part 2

As with every other US government funded climate data set, the data is continuously being altered to create the case for imaginary global warming. The temperature is not increasing, so they have to keep faking the data to keep the scam alive.

May 11 07:07

Arctic BS Reaches The Highest Level Ever

In the actual Arctic, sea ice is near its winter maximum, and essentially unchanged from 2005/2006

As far as ice thickness goes, it is the thickest it has been since 2006

May 11 06:36

BEX ALERT - The US Unemployment Rate At Its Lowest Level Since 2008

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April employments report contained unobtrusively reassuring monetary news.

The finance overview demonstrated superintendents included simply under a quarter million net new occupations in the month while the family unit review reported unemployment tumbling to 5.4 percent—its most reduced level following mid-2008. All in all, the report gave a positive counterpoint to late negative monetary news.

May 11 06:19

Fire At Nuclear Plant Leaves Oil Slick In The River In New York

A piece of an atomic force plant remained disconnected from the net Sunday after a transformer flame made another issue: a large number of gallons of oil spilling into the Hudson River. At an evening preparation, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said crisis groups were out on the water close Buchanan attempting to contain and clean up the transformer liquid that spilled from Indian Point 3.

May 11 06:07

US Openly Opposed Gas Supplies From Russia To The EU Via Greece

The U.S. state Department chose to withdraw its ambassador in Athens in the year prior period because of the way that neglecting to educate Washington about the bill on legal change received by the Greek Parliament. On it advises Agency Sputnik with reference to the Greek daily paper Kathimerini.

May 11 00:06

More Global Warming! May ‘blizzard’ in Flagstaff : Record snowfall!

About 5.6 inches of white snow greeted Flagstaff residents as they walked outside their homes Saturday morning.

May 10 22:16

US Openly Opposed Gas Supplies From Russia To The EU Via Greece

The U.S. state Department chose to withdraw its ambassador in Athens in the year prior period because of the way that neglecting to educate Washington about the bill on legal change received by the Greek Parliament. On it advises Agency Sputnik with reference to the Greek daily paper Kathimerini.

May 10 21:59

The US Unemployment Rate At Its Lowest Level Since 2008

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April employments report contained unobtrusively reassuring monetary news.

The finance overview demonstrated superintendents included simply under a quarter million net new occupations in the month while the family unit review reported unemployment tumbling to 5.4 percent—its most reduced level following mid-2008. All in all, the report gave a positive counterpoint to late negative monetary news.

May 10 21:25

Fire At Nuclear Plant Leaves Oil Slick In The River In New York

A piece of an atomic force plant remained disconnected from the net Sunday after a transformer flame made another issue: a large number of gallons of oil spilling into the Hudson River. At an evening preparation, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said crisis groups were out on the water close Buchanan attempting to contain and clean up the transformer liquid that spilled from Indian Point 3.

May 10 21:10

Extreme Weather Plaguing Much Of The United States

South Dakota Tornado

South Dakota was the focus of climatic extremes on Sunday after a tornado struck a small town in the eastern region of the state; while more than 30 centimeters (one foot) of snow fell in the Black Hills west.

May 10 09:22

Manmade warming hypothesis? What’s a hypothesis?

By Jon Rappoport

These days, what passes for logic is the effort to associate one idea with another favored idea. Then the first idea is accepted as fact.

If the first idea were “all Martians wear tuxedos,” and people associated that with “juicy burgers are delicious,” they would conclude that Martians, without doubt, all wear tuxes.

Associating with one idea with another is also, of course, a propaganda/advertising device.

Apparently, schools no longer teach students what a scientific hypothesis is...

May 10 09:19

May SNOWFALL hits Chelyabinsk in Russia, thousands left without power (PHOTOS)

Chelyabinsk, the Russian city that made headlines with its meteorite, triple sun and blue snow, has been hit by a new natural phenomenon. The city in the Southern Urals marked May 9 with a sudden snowfall so thick it left 39,000 people without power.

May 10 08:48

Scientific American Demonstrates How To Commit Major Science Fraud

Scientific American published this map showing an increase in heavy rains since 1958, and blamed them on global warming.

Now check out the spectacular fraud being committed. The author cherry picked the start date of 1958, because it was the minimum in the US climate record. In fact, heavy rainfall events were much more common in the early 20th century, when temperatures were cooler.

There is no correlation between US temperature and heavy precipitation events

The author is engaged in scientific malfeasance, in an effort mislead Scientific American readers and direct them to the wrong conclusion.

May 09 08:30

Four Years Past The 15 Year Rule

Climate experts say that a 15 year pause is impossible – based on global warming theory. We are now at almost 19 years.

May 09 08:30

May Storm Brings Snow to San Diego Mountains

NBC 7 Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh reported on the strange occurrance with updates from various high points around Southern California.

Six inches of snow fell on Big Bear with four inches reported at Blue Jay and Running Springs and three inches in Crestline.

May 09 08:27

Global Sea Ice Increasing By One Manhattan Per Hour For The Past Four Years

The amount of sea ice on Earth has increased by two million km² since the start of 2011. This averages to one Manhattan per hour, and is more than the area of Alaska.

May 08 11:14

Spring storm brings chilly days to Las Vegas

It's also possible the low pressure system will bring scattered hail to Las Vegas and snowfall up to 6 inches in the highest elevations around Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley National Park, the weather service said.

May 08 10:56

Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and a mass exodus of climate refugees

Even as the California Governor has declared a state of emergency — and emergency water rationing is under way — there are still people purchasing commercial and residential real estate in precisely the areas that will be hardest hit by that rationing.

May 08 09:35

Australia PM's adviser says climate change a UN hoax

A top Australian government business adviser has said climate change is a hoax by the United Nations.

Most climate models were wrong and there was little evidence of climate change, said Maurice Newman.

He said the UN had used climate change as a "hook" to establish and control a new world order.

May 08 09:14

Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record

May 08 08:17

NASA Warns About High CO2 Levels That Are Greening The Planet

But while NASA is warning about the warming effects of carbon dioxide, other scientists — including renowned physicist Freeman Dyson — are touting a huge benefit to increased CO2 levels: it’s making the Earth greener.

It’s been well documented by scientists that increased levels of carbon dioxide are actually causing vegetation and plant life to grow in even the world’s most arid regions. That’s because carbon dioxide is plant food — the more CO2, the less water plants need to grow. CO2 is labelled a greenhouse gas for more reasons than atmospheric warming.

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"Pay no attention to all that extra food growing around you; just keep repeating 'I will pay my Carbon Tax! I will pay my Carbon Tax! I will pay my Carbon Tax!', okay?" -- Official White Horse Souse

May 08 08:15

Cellular Device Used To Detect Parasites In The Blood

Another cell telephone magnifying instrument that uses feature to consequently identify and measure disease by parasitic worms in a drop of blood has been produced via scientists. This up and coming era of CellScope innovation could cause restore endeavors to kill incapacitating infections in Africa by giving discriminating data to wellbeing suppliers in the field.

May 08 07:53

Alaska And Hawaii Accused The US Of Illegal Annexation And Occupation Of Its Territories

The indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii appealed to the international community to ensure their right to self-determination in connection with the “illegal annexation” and “occupation” of the United States. It is reported by Tass.

May 08 06:51

Australian PM Top Advisor: Climate Change “About a New World Order Under the Control of the UN”

This is the kind of quote that would have made big headlines half a decade back or so…

Now, the people at the top are openly admitting in everyone’s face that the global warming data has been falsified for years to bring about authoritarian, global control and it barely catches people’s attention.

May 08 06:17

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create 'new world order' – Australian PM's adviser

The Australian prime minister's chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency's control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN's top climate negotiator.

Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.

"It's a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error," he wrote in an opinion piece published in The Australian newspaper on Friday, without providing evidence.

May 07 18:56

Stuck on Stupid: California Governor Thinks Drought Caused By ‘Global Warming’

California Governor Jerry Brown has said that the state’s chronic drought proves that “climate change is not a hoax.”

If you believe that man-made global warming – or its catch-all Siamese twin term ‘climate change’ – is causing the latest California Drought, then like a church parishioner – you are a true believer whose mind may not be changed on the issue.

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Which is weird because back in 1977 he insisted the California drought was caused by global cooling!

May 07 18:55

Climate change a UN-led ruse, says Tony Abbott's business adviser Maurice Newman

Climate change is a hoax led by the United Nations so that it can end democracy and impose authoritarian rule, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott's chief business adviser.

Maurice Newman, the chairman of the Prime Minister's business advisory council, has written in The Australian that scientific modelling showing the link between humans and climate change is wrong and the real agenda is a world takeover for the UN.