Jun 23 09:23

Intense heatwave claims over 470 lives, Pakistan

Webmaster addition: This is a classic case of cherry picking events to bolster the global warming agendas. Yes, there are hot places on Earth, but the total number of days above 100 is way below average this year.

Jun 23 09:07

Hottest Year Ever Update

In June, 1934 half of the US was over 100 degrees.

So far this June, only a tiny percentage of stations have been over 100 degrees.

The percentage of US stations reaching 100 degrees in June has plummeted over the past 80 years.

Jun 23 07:47

Bipartisan distrust of Obama threatens trade deal, remainder of term

Global warming has emerged as the newest battleground on trade, with opponents on both the right and the left trying to use the hot-button issue to sink President Obama’s quest for a legacy-building free trade deal.

Conservatives argue that Mr. Obama will use trade negotiating powers to write a binding climate deal into any agreement and say that alone is reason to deny the White House fast-track negotiating powers.

Jun 22 18:32

'One of our coldest days in history' - New Zealand shivers as mercury plummets

Temperatures approached record lows today as the country shivers in freezing conditions.

The temperature at Pukaki - west of Timaru and south of Aoraki/Mount Cook - hit -20 degree Celsius this morning, 5.6 degrees off the record low set in Ranfurly in 1903.

The MetService said Omarama went as low as -16.7 degrees and Tekapo -13 degrees.

"It's down there New Zealand, one of our coldest days in history," Breakfast weather presenter Sam Wallace says.

Jun 22 18:31

Clouds ruin Summer Solstice in Reading

Dr Brugge said: “This (cloudy conditions) made it the coldest June 21 for three years. Indeed when coupled with a moderate breeze blowing through the trees, it felt at times more like late September when such daytime temperatures are more typical.

"However, by 6pm a burst of late afternoon sunshine managed to lift the temperature to 18.7 °C.

"The last time the temperature reached a warm 25 °C in Reading on June 21, was as far back as 1998 when 27.4 °C was recorded.

Jun 22 18:26

Summers Getting Shorter In Fort Collins

Summers are getting shorter here in Fort Collins, with the last spring snow coming later, and the first autumn snow coming earlier than it did in the early 20th century. The snow-free season is almost a month shorter now than it was in 1900.

Jun 22 18:24

Frequency Of Early Season Hot Weather Plummeting In The US

Climate experts claim that hot days in the US are becoming more common due to increased CO2, but the data shows the exact opposite. Through June 15, hot days peaked in 1911 – and were much more common prior to 1960.

Jun 22 16:52

Birds hit hard by cold spring weather say gamekeepers

Around the UK gamekeepers are reporting failed egg clutches and delayed hatching as a result of the unseasonably wet and cold weather this spring
hen pheasant

With the Met Office reporting a cooler than average May (-0.8°C) and a 157 per cent average rainfall across the UK that month, many birds were left feeling the chill.

Lindsay Waddell, headkeeper at the Raby estate, and Shooting Times contributor, described spring conditions in Teesdale as “bitterly cold with snow on high ground”

Jun 22 09:19

Climate change could lead to smaller loaves of bread in 2050, scientists say

Global warming could leave loaves of bread diminished in size due to a reduction in the amount of protein in grains, scientists say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See A (Not Quite) Complete List Of Things Supposedly
Caused By Global Warming

Ands the loaves of bread are not getting smaller from global warming, but from the bakery corporations' desire to sell you less product for more money!

Jun 22 09:08

They’ve lost the argument: Petition to ban ‘climate deniers’ from Facebook

Breitbart brought our attention to a petition that calls on Facebook to ban climate change denial pages. With only 3,326 signatories out of a goal of 500,000, it doesn’t seem like the petition is going to accomplish its goal—and probably for good reason.

As bad as climate denial is, shutting them out of Facebook would justify their persecution complex, and might engender more sympathy for their position. Really, who treats Facebook as a place to discuss science? For the most part, we think denier groups are small enough that they pretty much serve as something to point and laugh at, because they’re not likely to be gain many converts when compared to the audience of Murdoch’s media empire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sadly, many people have fallen into the propaganda trap of using "climate denial" to describe people who are skeptical of the claims regarding human-caused global warming. Nobody doubts climate changes. The issue is the claim that the Earth is warming dangerously (several record-setting winters have disproven that) and the claim that human activity represents a major driving force of climate on earth (it doesn't; solar output and the slowly changing shape of earth's orbit are the dominating factors).

Jun 21 17:15

My Arctic Pub Crawl

Jun 21 15:29

How climate-change doubters lost a papal fight

A French doubter who authored a book arguing that solar activity — not greenhouse gases — was driving global warming, de Larminat sought a spot at a climate summit in April sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Nobel laureates would be there. So would U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs and others calling for dramatic steps to curb carbon emissions.

After securing a high-level meeting at the Vatican, he was told that, space permitting, he could join. He bought a plane ticket from Paris to Rome. But five days before the April 28 summit, de Larminat said, he received an e-mail saying there was no space left. It came after other scientists — as well as the powerful Vatican bureaucrat in charge of the academy — insisted he had no business being there.

“They did not want to hear an off note,” de Larminat said.

Jun 21 08:17

Pope Francis’ out of touch climate change warning

You can call Francis’ environmental treatise bold, provocative and even visionary. You can call it anything you want — except well ­informed and wise. It is neither.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe Al Gore has the Pope locked up somewhere and hired actor Jonathan Price to take his place and preach global warming! :)

Jun 21 08:11

How Edmund de Rothschild Managed to Let 179 Governments Pay Him for Grasping Up to 30% of The Earth

After Edmund de Rothschild’s statement, totally without basis, at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987, that CO2 is the cause of (a non-existent) global warming and that combating it needs money (our money), he founded the World Conservation Bank for this spurious reason.

In 1991 its name was changed to The Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The purpose of the Facility is to lend money to the poorest countries, 'money' printed by the IMF out of thin air and guaranteed by our governments.

The Facility seeks wilderness areas rich in minerals as security. The idea is that GEF money then flows back to reimburse our governments for loans. I.e., we give away our tax money. For what? When a country cannot repay loans to the GEF it must give up a piece of its territory to the Rothschild banks (GEF, IMF, World Bank).

The total amount of land involved can be as much as 30% of the Earth's surface.

Jun 19 14:31

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S01E03 Global Warming (Full Episode)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hmmm, so Jesse doesn't buy Global Warming?!?

Jun 18 17:46

If we need the Pope to teach us about science, then God help us all

What the head of an anti-science body like the Catholic Church says about climate change is about as relevant as Kim Kardashian on the eurozone,

Jun 18 15:46

Protest over government funding to Drax CO2 carbon plan

The £2bn White Rose project plans to transport CO2 produced at Drax near Selby, through a pipeline and store it beneath the North Sea.

Campaigners say taxpayers money should be spent on educating the public on carbon reduction methods.

Developers have said it would reduce CO2 emissions at Drax by up to 90%.
The government has already awarded millions of pounds for a feasibility study for the scheme.

Campaigner Duncan Law said: "The best kind of capture of carbon is the carbon that is not emitted and if you invest in it you invest in it for the long term rather than building huge carbon intensive infrastructure."

Jun 18 15:30

Climate change alarmism is a religious belief – it's official

So it's open and shut, for good Catholics who accept that the Pope is the supreme authority governing the human race. For them the climate debate is now over: the Supreme Pontiff's words demand their consent.

For anyone else, maybe not so much.

Jun 18 15:26

Sea Level Was Higher During The Medieval Warm Period

The Norman castle at Pevensey Bay is one of the most historic sites in Britain. It is built inside of a Roman wall, and was William the Conqueror’s headquarters. It was also used as a defense outpost by Brits and Americans in WWII

It is currently several miles from the sea, but at the time when the Romans and Normans built the structures, the water lapped right up to the edge of the stone. The map below shows the bay 900 years ago, and the current seashore as a dashed line.

Jun 18 10:56

Pope Calls Out Climate Deniers, But Will the Vatican Divest From Fossil Fuels?

DESVARIEUX: So Jeff, I'll start off with you. You're a practicing Catholic and I know you've worked a lot with the Catholic church, and you are pro-divestment from fossil fuels. What has been the Vatican's response thus far?

KORGEN: Well, I'm not privy to the conversations that are happening there. But I know that it's being taken seriously. The Philippine bishops through their Caritas organization, or Catholic charities, called on the Vatican to divest. So that conversation's being taken seriously. But we have not heard either way what the decision is yet. My guess is these decisions are taken so seriously it may be a while.

Jun 18 09:03

Pope Francis Blasts Climate Deniers in Leaked Draft of Encyclical

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It looks like the carbonazis are finally realizing that people are not buying the bogus science behind the global warming hysteria, so they are resorting to a tried and true tactic from the Middle ages of having the church tell the people that it is God's will that they go along with the rulers' agenda!

And nobody is denying that climate changes. It always has and always will. The issue is the attempt to blame humans for global warming to guilt them into paying carbon taxes and to obey this global environmental authority the Pope has put his stamp of blessing on. The idea that any human effort will halt climate change is nonsense as it is the level of solar activity and the changing shape of Earth's orbit that dominate the climate, and until the Carbonazis (or the Pope) can control the sun or move the Earth in its orbit, climate will go on cycling between ice ages and inter-glacial periods.

Jun 18 08:04

Climate change making poison ivy more dangerous, stronger

Poison ivy is the number one outdoor skin allergy in the world and grows in every state in the country except California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Now, local doctors say it's more potent than ever, and it boils down to the air we breathe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperation on the cusp of madness!

Jun 18 07:46

Vatican Climate Change Speaker Wants Earth Constitution, Individual CO2 Budget

On June 18, the Vatican is scheduled to release Pope Francis’ letter addressing climate change to the world.

One of the speakers who will present the letter is Professor John Schnellnhuber, founding director of the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Schnellnhuber has advised German President Angela Merkel on the threat of global warming. As reported by Breitbart, the professor has stated that the world is overpopulated by 6 billion people.

Schnellnhuber is well known for promoting draconian measures to combat climate change. In 2009 he proposed a CO2 budget for every individual on the planet. He has also put forth a “Master Plan” for transforming society that involves creating a system of world government including an earth constitution, a global council and a planetary court.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Nobody believes the scientists any more, so let's go back to the tried and true method of having the church tell the suckers that God wants them to go along with our agenda!" -- Saint Al of the Gore

Jun 18 05:10


Not commentary, just the link direct from the Vatican website.

Jun 17 17:23

Marxist Ideologue Calls for Worldwide Central Planning

Am I referring to the ghosts of Lenin and Stalin? Well, maybe. The Jesuit/Marxist ideologue (sorry for the redundancy) hiding behind a priest’s collar known as “the pope” is calling for a super Soviet- style “super U.N.” that will centrally plan the entire world economy in the name of “ecology.” Will the pope follow the lead of his ideological bloodbrother Al Gore and call for the imprisonment of those of us who are a bit skeptical of worldwide central economic planning schemes concocted by washed up old Marxists-turned- “environmentalists”? The good news for Catholics is that the pope has no moral authority whatsoever on climate science, economics, or anything else other than Catholic theology.

Jun 17 09:12

Meteorologists Dismantle Bill Nye’s Alarmist Global Warming Claims

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” is once again trying to blame global warming for a series of weather events happening around the U.S., but this time meteorologists aren’t having it.

Meteorologists criticized Nye’s claim that warm temperatures in Alaska and flooding in Texas are a product of man-made global warming.

Nye has been been relentless in trying to connect such extreme weather events to man-made global warming in recent months, to the point where actual meteorologists who study weather patterns are fed up with him.

Jun 16 12:24

10 Years of Climate Data Shows No Sign of Global Warming

Over the years the government and the scientific community have largely stood their ground when it comes to climate change. They've been adamant in their assertion that the planet is gradually warming due to human activity, and that we all need to do our part to stop climate change. However, the data provided by the scientific community doesn't always jibe with their claims.

(read more)

Jun 15 14:39

Record Cold In Southwest Greenland Continues

Southwest Greenland is having their coldest year on record – even colder than the years after the eruptions of El Chichon and Mt. Pinatubo.

This is due to very cold water in the North Atlantic

Vikings farmed in Southern Greenland 1,000 years ago, but the climate is too cold now for outdoor farming.

Jun 15 00:04

U.S. Catholic Bishops Release Barrage of Propaganda on 'Climate Change' Preceding Pope Francis' Encyclical on Ecology this Thursday

In anticipation of Pope Francis' much ballyhooed encyclical on ecology this Thursday June 18, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has released a barrage of propaganda regarding 'climate change' and carbon pollution standards. Their rhetoric on all this carbon stuff is tedious and annoying to read. For example, one of their documents states: "The broader religious community shares a deep conviction that the issue of global climate change presents an unprecedented threat to the integrity of life on Earth..." I wish they would put forth even one third the effort that they do addressing the EPA, Obama and Congress on 'climate change,' and instead put some of that effort into persuading Obama, the Defense Department, and the Secretary of State and Congress to stop all the unjust wars, the genocide, torture, rape of Muslims worldwide, the fracking, the GMO, the poison vaccines, the U.S. police state, and the spying, groping, and endless civil rights abuses which assault our dignity.

Jun 12 14:06

Fabius hopes Paris climate talks can reverse Copenhagen failure

A breakthrough international accord to curb global warming is within reach but major hurdles still loom including resistance to a legally binding accord, France's foreign minister said in an interview with Reuters.

Senior officials from almost 200 nations will meet from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 in Paris to try to rise above the collapse of the last global climate-change conference in Copenhagen in 2009 and nail down an elusive final agreement.

They hope to build on various national plans for limits on

rising world greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020.

Jun 12 09:31

FLASHBACK: ABC’s ’08 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015

New York City underwater? Gas over $9 a gallon? A carton of milk costs almost $13? Welcome to June 12, 2015. Or at least that was the wildly-inaccurate version of 2015 predicted by ABC News exactly seven years ago. Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Bob Woodruff hyped Earth 2100, a special that pushed apocalyptic predictions of the then-futuristic 2015.

Jun 12 08:51

Behind the scenes of the largest annual meeting of global warming contrarians

On Thursday, a group of people gathered in Washington D.C. to kick off one hell of a hootenanny. The two-day "International Climate Change Conference" brought together all manner of mainly old white guys to talk about how continued fossil fuel use could, in fact, save our planet and all of its impoverished people. None of the speakers said global warming is much of a problem at all, if it even exists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the author of this piece is biased towards the official view of global warming is obvious, but the photos are worth seeing. The author is trying to ridicule the fact that a lot of very smart people are realizing that there are significant problems with the claims made by the global warming hoaxsters.

Back on March 20, 2000 the UK Independent ran the banner headline "Snow is now a thing of the past." WE have had several record-setting winters since then. Al Gore predicted the arctic would be ice free by summer of 2014. The polar caps are currently at 1970s levels. As a corollary, Al Gore claimed that because the ice was shrinking, Polar Bears would drown and go extinct. Polar Bears swim. Polar Bears can float while asleep. And not too surprisingly, Polar Bears have grown in numbers to where they are considerted pest animals rather than endangered!

Back in 2008, the head of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, predicted Greenland would lose all of its ice in twenty years. We are now three years from that deadline and Greenland actually has more ice than it did back then. The summer melt-rate is only 1/3 of the normal average.

Did I mention we actually had a blizzard here in Hawaii this last winter?

Perhaps the most obvious giveaway that this is a hit piece on those who refuse to admire the Emperor's New Warming is the claim that solar output is not the dominant control of Earth's climate, as if shutting the sun off might be only a minor convenience. As a matter of fact solar output is currently at a 100 year low, and not surprisingly we have had these harsh winters as a result, a clear repeat of the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age.

Jun 11 10:54

Snow in the forecast for parts of Denali National Park

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the park, Healy, Carlo Creek and Kantishna from 6 p.m. Wednesday to noon Thursday. Between 4 and 8 inches of snow could fall in the Alaska Range at about 2,500 feet above sea level, the weather service said.

Jun 11 07:00

Ocean off Iceland Unusually Cold, No Mackerel

The Icelandic Marine Research Institute’s annual spring expedition from May 18 to 30 concluded that the ocean temperature off Iceland has not been lower in 18 years, or since 1997. The number of krill is below average and not a single mackerel was caught.

“In the past years we have always caught some mackerel, and especially last year. But now we didn’t see any,” Guðmundur J. Óskarsson, one of the institution’s specialists, who took part in the expedition, told Fréttablaðið.

Guðmundur stated that the ocean temperature from Southeast Iceland to the West Fjords has dropped by one to one-and-a-half degree Celsius. However, it can quickly increase if the air temperature increases substantially, he added.

Last month was the coldest May in Iceland in decades.

Jun 11 06:50

BEX ALERT - Polar bears seen killing and eating dolphins that have been forced north by global warming

webmaster addition: The original report was that the dolphins were trapped by ice which allowed the polar bears to catch the Dolphins ... SPRING 2014!! But that doesn't support the global warning agenda, so the story had to be re-written to say global warming forced the dolphins north! It certainly hasn't bothered the dolphins that live here in Hawaii!

But you can find the quotes in the global warming article are indeed taken from the original article linked above.

Jun 10 08:50

G7 Group Agrees to ‘Decarbonize’ Global Economy by End of Century – Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that G7 group of world’s leading industrialized nations agreed to replace the oil, gas and coal with alternative energies by the end of the century to reduce global carbon emissions.

Jun 10 08:38

Arctic Sea Ice Continues To Track 2006

Arctic sea ice is also the thickest it has been since 2006, and nearly the same thickness it was in 1940.

Jun 10 08:37

Arctic Catastrophe For Alarmists Continues

The melt season in Greenland continues to be record slow, after a long winter which has brought half a trillion tons of new ice. Normally about 30% of the island is melting by now, but this year only 5%

Jun 10 08:36

Hot Days In US In Rapid Decline

The frequency of hot days in the US has plummeted. The frequency of days over 90 degrees and over 100 degrees has plummeted since the 1930’s

Jun 09 12:14

Global warming: so totally over that not even Bilderberg will touch it

Have a look at this list of urgent crises facing the world. And see if you can tell what’s missing:

The key topics for discussion this year include:

Artificial Intelligence
Chemical Weapons Threats
Current Economic Issues
European Strategy
Middle East
United Kingdom
US Elections

Well, what’s not there, for some bizarre reason, is the threat that President Obama and his Secretary of State and most of the rest of his administration have repeatedly been assuring us represents the single greatest problem in the world today.

Jun 09 10:30

Carbon Credits: The Future World Currency

You know, those predatory loans globalists offer 3rd world countries knowing they will never be able to produce a high enough GDP to even service the interest on the debt, let alone the principle? Then just like with every other situation in regards to this scam, once they fail to pay back the loans, the IMF and World Bank take control of all the resources and production, and give it back to industrialized countries’ corporate entities.

Finally, as a solution, a conference or summit is formed, usually by none other than, the U.N. The conference is held and blame is put on the super powers for the “rise” in greenhouse gasses and ocean temperatures.

The solution? Implement one of two options, or possibly a mix of the two.

Jun 09 10:19

Batsh*t crazy : Scientists Are Coming Up With ‘Last Ditch’ Remedies for Climate Change

As talks aimed at slowing global warming drag on, researchers are pushing new ideas that some are calling last-ditch attempts to avert the worst effects of climate change

Jun 09 08:41

The road leads to Paris.

November 30th - December 11th 2015

World Leaders will gather in Paris to negotiate an international agreement to reduce the global warming pollution that causes climate change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone want to bet how much snow they will be holding this meeting in?

Jun 09 07:34

Global Warming Scam In Complete Collapse

The North Atlantic is experiencing record cold sea surface temperatures, and Greenland is experiencing its coldest summer and slowest melt season on record.

Scotland and Norway are experiencing record summer snowfalls.

Jun 08 10:55

Record cold night for Twente and Eindhoven

Saturday night was a record cold night for both Twente and Eindhoven. But despite this brief bout of cold, warmer weather is expected for later this week.

Twente measured -2.2 degrees on Saturday night, the Gelderlander reports. The measurement was done at 10 centimeter height from the ground. According to the newspaper, the cold weather can partly be attributed to the cool sea air from the Northwest.

Eindhoven measured 0.2 degrees overnight on Saturday, also a record for this time of year. “For this time of year this is very exceptional”, Dana Woei of Weerplaza said.

Jun 07 17:50

Arctic Sea Ice Continues To Track 2006

Arctic sea ice continues to track 2006, the year with the highest summer extent of the past decade.

Jun 07 17:48

October-March Snow Cover At Record High Levels

Fifteen years ago, climate experts said that snow is a thing of the past. Since then, Northern Hemisphere snow cover has soared to record levels.

Jun 07 17:33

New UN climate fund to take risks to promote green tech

new United Nations fund set up to help developing nations tackle climate change will take bigger risks than many international lenders to promote innovative green technologies, the head of the fund said on Friday. Hela Cheikhrouhou, executive director of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), told Reuters that donor pledges of $10.2 billion so far were a good start but only a fraction of the sums needed to curb greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to rising temperatures. The fund will take risks to foster new technologies in emerging nations, she said, likening it to a company in a high-tech stock market index that has a lower credit rating than a blue-chip firm.

Jun 05 08:59

Summer? Are You There?

Warm weather lovers were set up to be disappointed if we even got an ‘average’ June, let alone a cold one. And yes indeed has it been chilly to kick off Meteorological summer. Many of you have been sending in photos of your wood stove cranking or some logs crackling in the fireplace over the last several nights – Martha’s Vineyard even dropped into the mid-30s Thursday morning!

Jun 05 08:58

Feeling the chill? Washington, D.C., hasn’t seen a June week this raw in years

You might have a feeling that this weather is strange, and you can’t remember the last time we saw a week this chilly in June. That’s because we haven’t actually seen one like this since 2009, which is the last time D.C. had two consecutive days of high temperatures in the 60s.

Jun 05 08:42

FLASHBACK - US college professor demands imprisonment for climate-change deniers

An assistant philosophy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology wants to send people who disagree with him about global warming to jail.

The professor is Lawrence Torcello. Last week, he published a 900-word-plus essay at an academic website called The Conversation.

His main complaint is his belief that certain nefarious, unidentified individuals have organized a “campaign funding misinformation.” Such a campaign, he argues, “ought to be considered criminally negligent.”

Jun 05 08:29

CARBONAZI BEX ALERT - Scientists Cast Doubt On An Apparent 'Hiatus' In Global Warming

A team of government scientists has revised its estimate for how much the planet has been warming.

The new results, published in the journal Science, may dispel the idea that Earth has been in the midst of a "global warming hiatus" — a period over the past 20 years where the planet's temperature appears to have risen very little.

"We think the data no longer supports the notion of having a hiatus," says Tom Karl, a scientist with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and co-author of the new study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You guys just imagined all that snow and ice the last few years. Really. You should stop looking out the window and just focus on these very expensive graphs and charts we made up to prove how important a carbon tax is!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 05 07:43

Canberra's extreme run of overnight lows 'only seen every 10 to 15 years'

Canberra's latest string of frosty mornings has hit a new benchmark for extreme overnight temperatures.

Since early Monday morning Canberrans have spent more hours in temperatures below zero than above.

Overnight, Canberrans shivered through a low of -7 degrees, with mercury only climbing above zero after 9:30am.

This follows Monday's cold temperatures which saw 20 centimetres of snow fall on the New South Wales ski resorts and Canberra region, the -7C lows experienced on Tuesday morning- which matched temperatures in the Snowy Mountains, and Wednesday's -5C lows.

Jun 05 07:41

Sydney weather: city shivers through coldest June morning in five years

Winter is just two days young but it's already making its mark on a shivering Sydney.

The city woke on Tuesday to its coldest June morning in five years and in many parts of Sydney the temperature felt sub-zero, Bureau of Meteorology figures show.

Jun 05 06:55

CARBONAZI BEX ALERT - New research suggests global warming is accelerating

With 2015 so far running hotter than any year on record, and with May temperatures expected to be in the 0.79–0.84°C anomaly range, it becomes increasingly likely that we will set another all-time record this year. With hope, this will end the discussion of the so-called “pause” or “hiatus,” which never existed in the first place.

Jun 05 06:41

Nuuk, Greenland Having Its Coldest Year On Record

Normally by this date, around 20% of Greenland is melting. This year the area of melt is less than 2% – the latest start to a melt season on record.

Greenland has gained half a trillion tons of snow and ice since September. This all has to melt in the air or flow into the sea and melt – in order to keep equilibrium of the ice sheet.

Look for climate experts to take pictures of glaciers calving into the ocean, and claim that it is an indication that Greenland is melting down. Because they are crooks, not scientists.

Jun 05 06:38

Alarmists Face Disaster In Greenland

Greenland is having their coldest and snowiest summer on record. The capital of Greenland is still buried in snow on June 6

Temperatures on the ice sheet are still -15C

The melt season is over a month late, and is the slowest on record.

Temperatures at the capital are the coldest on record in 2015

Jun 04 15:00

Harvard, Syracuse Researchers Caught Lying to Boost Obama Climate Rules

E-mails obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency show that Harvard University, Syracuse University and two of their researchers appear to have falsely claimed a study supporting EPA’s upcoming global warming rules was conducted “independent(ly)” of the agency.

Jun 04 13:59

If it first you don’t succeed, Lie, Lie again : NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming ‘Hiatus’

“It’s the same story all over again; the adjustments go towards cooling the past and thus increasing the slope of temperature rise,” Tisdale and Watts added. “Their intent and methods are so obvious they’re laughable.”

Jun 04 11:56

Snow Falls in Parts of China in June!

While most of China is enjoying lots of warm summer sun, northwest China got a surprise wintry blast of snow.

While the snow fell mainly in mountainous regions, temperatures across the area dropped to below freezing.

Jun 04 10:15

Obama admits that climate change will be in Obamatrade

In a speech on the Senate floor on May 22, Democratic senator Ron Wyden of Oregon ridiculed those who thought climate change regulation would be part of Obamatrade:

We’ve heard suggested, for example, that it’s a backdoor route to immigration reform or action on climate change…. My sense is that the rate these hypotheticals are going, you’re bound to hear that a future president working on a trade deal might have second thoughts about the Louisiana purchase.

But in an interview on NPR’s Marketplace yesterday (June 3), President Obama said that enforcing climate change regulations will indeed be part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Obamatrade pact that he is currently negotiating with Malaysia and 10 other countries. He said:

Jun 04 09:06

Bangor sets record for chilly June weather

Tuesday in particular was a record-setting day for a late-spring chill, as records for cold weather were eclipsed in three Maine communities and tied in another, according to the National Weather Service.

Jun 04 09:06

Melbourne shivers through coldest day in a year

After an icy afternoon shower, Thursday has been officially declared the coldest day of the year.

It reached just 11.3 degrees in Melbourne when the sun briefly emerged from the clouds during the late morning, a record for 2015.

If not for this brief burst of mild weather, more cold weather records could have gone by the wayside.

Jun 04 08:51

A Member Of The Middle Class Responds To Jon Hilsenrath

This is Joe from the disappearing Middle Class in America. You asked me the other day to drop you a note if I felt that something was wrong. What I’m having trouble with is “why” you’re asking me if anything is wrong! ?

So let me explain.

Jun 04 05:12

Seals help deliver climate change data from impossible to reach places

Data was decoded and processed back in St Andrews, before being shared with the consortium. Information was also relayed to the Met office and similar bodies across the world for use in weather forecasting.

Scientists around the globe – including St Andrews in Scotland and the British Antarctic Survey – did their own individual research using the data, before making it available for other scientists and climate researchers to use via the new portal.

Jun 04 03:41

A foot of snow hits parts of Australia as the country endures its lowest temperatures for 40 years as its winter begins

Australia is experiencing the coldest start to winter in forty years after parts of the country were buried under a foot of snow.

Temperatures plunged as low as minus nine degrees Celsius as the alpine resorts of Perisher and Thredbo in New South Wales disappeared underneath a blanket of snow on Monday evening.

Average winter temperatures across New South Wales are typically between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius.

It got as cold as 6.1 degrees Celsius in the City of Sydney, making it the chilliest morning the region has seen since 1987. Falls Creek in Victoria also received 20cm of snow overnight and Mount Buller recorded8cm, while Melbourne got off to its coldest morning in almost 40 years.

Jun 04 03:38

Snow Falls in Parts of China in June!

While most of China is enjoying lots of warm summer sun, northwest China got a surprise wintry blast of snow.

While the snow fell mainly in mountainous regions, temperatures across the area dropped to below freezing.

Jun 03 14:43

CURSE YOU GLOBAL WARMING! Boston has its coldest days to start June in recorded history...

After it’s snowiest winter on record, so-called meteorological summer started with highs in the 40s. “Normal” highs are in the low 70s. -- The high in Boston was just 49 Monday and Tuesday this week, matching the coldest June high temperature ever recorded. The last and only other time it was below 50 for a high in Boston in June was on the 5th in 1945, when it was also 49.

Jun 03 11:32

May was one of coldest, windiest and wettest on record

Rainfall was double national average for May in Lancaster (UK)

Weather has been “stuck in a rut” due to jet stream and cold air from the Atlantic

1997 and 1979 were wettest on record at Lancaster University’s weather centre Bad weather follows sunniest April on record

Jun 03 11:30

Portland sets record for coldest high temperature

Portland set a record Tuesday for the coldest high temperature for June 2, according to the National Weather Service.

Jun 03 11:29

There Is A Record Number Of Winter Jackets On The Streets Of The Northeast

Folks, it’s freaking cold in the northern mid-Atlantic and New England. Because of a stationary front over the region, clouds and some rain have blocked out the warm summer sun. At the same time, a brisk east-to-north-northeast wind of 5 to 20 mph along the coastline has infiltrated the region. That means the ocean, whose temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees from Boston to New York, has been moderating land temperatures.

The result: I wore my winter jacket to work in New York City on Tuesday and wish I had the day before. That’s because on both days, the high temperature failed to reach 60 degrees. As of 2 p.m. Tuesday in Boston, meanwhile, the temperature had been in the 40s since Sunday. But are we just wimps in the Northeast, or is what we’re feeling truly unusual?

Jun 03 11:29

Boston has its coldest days to start June in recorded history

Poor Boston. It simply cannot seem to escape miserable weather this year. After it’s snowiest winter on record, so-called meteorological summer started with highs in the 40s. “Normal” highs are in the low 70s.

The high in Boston was just 49 Monday and Tuesday this week, matching the coldest June high temperature ever recorded. The last and only other time it was below 50 for a high in Boston in June was on the 5th in 1945, when it was also 49.

Jun 03 08:02

Senator: Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

That's right -- a sitting U.S. Senator is suggesting using RICO laws should be applied to global warming skeptics. Courts have been defining RICO down for some time and in ways that aren't particularly helpful. In 1994, the Supreme Court ruled RICO statutes could be applied to pro-life activists on the grounds that interstate commerce can be affected even when the organization being targeted doesn't have economic motives.

Obviously, there's a lot of money hanging in the balance with regard to energy policy. But when does coordinating "a wide range of activities, including political lobbying, contributions to political candidates, and a large number of communication and media efforts" go from basic First Amendment expression to racketeering?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 03 07:49

Climate BS Takes Only Milli-Seconds To Be Detected

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.

– Richard P. Feynman

Jun 02 09:22

Cold June day again, but improvement is coming

The first day of June 2015 ended up being the coldest June day on record for many areas in southern New England. Boston’s failure to reach 50 degrees made it feel like April. It’s pretty amazing just how cold it was yesterday when you consider the sun is so strong this time of year. Even without any sun because of the clouds, for readings to say it was in the 40s was noteworthy.

Jun 02 09:22

Melbourne weather: Winter start breaks coldest June day record

No, you're not imagining it.

Melbourne's start to winter has been its coldest in more than 65 years.

On the second day of the chilly season, records continued to be broken across the city.

Jun 02 08:43

Only Thing Melting Down In Greenland Is The Credibility Of Government Scientists

Greenland has gained half a trillion tons of snow since September. All of this has to return to the sea/atmosphere in order to maintain equilibrium of the ice sheet.

The melt season is over a month late getting started.

The coastal regions are still buried in snow. This is the capital of Greenland today.

Temperatures on the ice sheet are -20C

Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing on the ice sheet for the next two weeks.

Jun 02 07:38

Adelaide shivers through coldest winter start in 30 years

ADELAIDE woke up to its coldest temperature all year — and its chilliest winter start since 1986.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 01 11:26

Today will be close to a record cool high temperature

The record for the coolest high temperature for June 1 in Louisville is 62 degrees.

The current temperature is 57 with rain falling.

Jun 01 11:25

Cold front disrupts Solar Impulse flight but record set still

A cold front forecast at the destination forced the historic solar plane crossing the Pacific Ocean to divert to Japan and make a landing there on Monday night.

Although the planned 130-hour-long flight was cut short to around 40 hours, it still set a record.

Jun 01 11:25

June begins with near-record cold, but much-needed rain

Today is the first day of meteorological summer or the start of the warmest three months of the year. Unfortunately if you were expecting warm weather, it’s not going to happen for a few days.

May 31 12:23

Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

Depopulation, environmental laws, carbon taxes, global warming/global cooling/climate change, family planning, denying development to developing countries – it was all planned decades ago for global control by a handful of elites.

See the agenda for yourself in the 1972 United Nations film "Survival of Spaceship Earth" featuring John D. Rockefeller 3rd, science czar John P. Holdren, agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong, and a slew of other propagandists asserting control "for the earth."

May 31 06:53

California Water Crisis: What’s Next

In recent news, there has been significant coverage of California’s struggle with its below average precipitation in the past several years. Yes, they call it a drought. Governor Jerry Brown and California State Water Resources Control Board have come forward with restrictions on water use, primarily in urban and suburban areas. People are ripping up lawns.

May 30 16:47

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?

Day after day, year after year, the hole that climate scientists have buried themselves in gets deeper and deeper. The longer that they wait to admit their overheated forecasts were wrong, the more they are going to harm all of science.

The story is told in a simple graph, the same one that University of Alabama’s John Christy presented to the House Committee on Natural Resources on May 15.

The picture shows the remarkable disconnect between predicted global warming and the real world.

May 30 11:50

Today's Salisbury Beach (*MA) Sea Temperature

Today's Salisbury Beach sea temperature is 48 °F.
Statistics for 30 May (1981–2005) – mean: 11.4 °C, range: 9.7 °C to 14.2 °C

Sunny with deceptively warm air temperatures at Salisbury Beach, yet the sea remains very cold (9 °C). Despite the weather (windchill 24 °C), surfers will need a quality winter wetsuit, a neoprene hood, gloves and boots.

(*Just back from 'The Beach' , thought I'd 'share' . )

May 30 10:09

Future Imperfect: Tomorrowland (Review)

It might be a little unfair to criticize Tomorrowland for sticking to themes that, admittedly, are fine and comforting presences in a childrens’ movie. However, Bird’s commitment to abstract banalities and spineless pep talks accomplish neither. Kids should be encouraged to hope and dream and invent fun things. Hell, everybody should. That’s still no excuse for a mess of a story that contradicts itself tonally, politically, and philosophically. Tomorrowland isn’t going to inspire the world’s next generation of scientists. It takes a lot more than a movie to do that.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not in the regular habit of posting reviews about movies. I generally prefer to write my own when needed.

But since I discussed this latest Disney film, "Tomorrowland" in the context of its pandering to the global warming agenda, I figured it is relevant to mention in follow-up that Disney has a $190 million flop on its hands!

Some other reviews...

Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ movie fails to meet high expectations

'Tomorrowland' Dreams Big, But Fails To Rake In Big Bucks At The Box Office

'Tomorrowland' sermonizes, fails to inspire

And finally ‘Tomorrowland’ Exposes Hollywood’s Originality Problem

The last one is right on the button. Ever since Eisner, Disney projects have been planned by marketing people who treat a movie like a salad; add a few more nuts and flakes and people will want to eat it. That may make sense designing a menu but is a recipe for losing the narrative in a film, and along with it your audience!

Moving beyond Disney, the political correctness movement which infected Hollywood in the 1990s repeated the mistake made during the McCarthy years of driving the most creative and original people out of the industry for the crime of ... being creative and thinking truly original thoughts, meaning thoughts the government doesn't like. Been there, done that, didn't buy the T-shirt!

The best minds in Hollywood have been kicked out of Hollywood, because obedient dummies are what is wanted!

Disney may have felt they could return to the formula of "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" which ran from 1954 through 1993. Originally run on NBC to fill out their transition to the full-color network, NBC thought they were getting the catalog of Disney movies and cartoons, only to learn to their dismay that every 3rd program was basically an infomercial for the Anaheim park. Back then it worked, as with a medium with only 3 channels, anything on TV was seen as special and exalted. In today's media-saturated world with a thousand channels (and endless re-runs) being seen on TV does not have the social status it once did. Social media, which makes everyone their own production company, has ended the mystique of being special just because you are seen on an appliance! Basing a movie on a section of the theme park (even if just the title) backfired.

Hollywood today does lack creativity because the truly original thinkers are banned, as they were back in McCarthy's time, and like McCarthy's time Hollywood is trying to survive by resorting to endless remakes of what-worked-before-only-better. That too, is also a thing of the past as everyone has seen the earlier versions on their thousand channel cable more times than they wanted to!

There are, of course, original stories out there; stories people would really like to see, like how Vince Foster really died, or how the US Navy shot down TWA 800, or how the Lusitania really was carrying weapons of war, and so forth. But Hollywood, ever the propaganda servant of the US Government will not dare touch those, nor anyone who even talks about them. And so it is back to endless remakes of what-worked-before-only-slightly-different, with the inevitable politically-correct twists.

Disney just learned a hard lesson that people no longer buy a ticket to see every movie, and the Disney name is not a box-office guarantee any longer; not since the Disney family got the heave-ho.

Disney put $190 million into this film. The Hollywood rule of thumb is that after advertising and distribution costs plus the theaters' percentages, a film has to take in 2.5 times that original budget at the ticket windows (DVD and cable sales) just to break even. That means in the case of "Tomorrowland", $475 million, almost half a billion at the box office just to break even. Despite today's high theater ticket prices, I doubt Disney will see that much cash from this disaster, and frankly never intended to see it myself, given its overt pandering to the global warming hoax.

And that last part might also explain the lukewarm sales for the film. More and more people know the global warming claims are a hoax, which make it hard to take seriously a film that treats it as real. For people my age, who listened to promises of the glorious future world we would all grow up to see, only to wind up living in ... Detroit, the optimism of "Tomorrowland" rings very hollow, almost like the Busby Berkeley films of the 1930s depression, but without the leggy dancing girls in skimpy costumes!

That is not enough to hold our attention, no matter how great the visual effects are!

May 30 08:22

Global Warming Busted

May 29 11:24

One cold night in May batters crops

Things were going fairly well for the first three weeks of May. There were a few cold evenings, but in general we were on the right track for the spring growth of leaves and blossoms.

Then came May 20. In the early morning hours the temperatures dropped far below freezing, as low as 22 degrees in some places. By the end of the day extensive injury to plants was obvious throughout the Grand Traverse region.

May 29 11:22

Wait, what? There's still snow in Boston?!

The snow was dumped there throughout the city's snowiest winter on record.

The trash-filled pile is three stories high and includes bikes, traffic cones and even half a $5 bill, all encrusted in solid ice, according to the Associated Press.

May 29 11:22

In Hawaii, Surf, Sun and Snow

I had looked into the weather conditions on the mountain about a week before the trip and was floored by what I saw: the National Weather Service had issued a blizzard warning for the area. Six inches of snow and gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour were expected. Yes, in Hawaii.

May 29 08:32

Trouble Looming For Arctic Alarmists

Arctic sea ice coverage is nearly identical to 20 years ago

Arctic sea ice is following almost the exact trajectory of 2006, which had the highest summer minimum of the last decade.

Temperatures in the Beaufort Sea are forecast to remain below the freezing point through the first two weeks of the summer melt season

The Beaufort Sea is full of very thick ice.

Arctic sea ice is about the same thickness (2 meters) as it was 75 years ago.

Arctic sea ice is the thickest it has been in a decade.

May 29 07:31


Captain Tee-Time, the usurping Occupant of the Oval Office has finally lost all touch with reality, and officially checked into la-la land. On Wednesday, May 20th, he appeared before the graduating class at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and proceeded to vomit the most delusional, psychotic drivel all over their pretty uniforms. He actually told them, with a straight face, that climate change is one of the most serious threats to America's national security.

Yes, you read that correctly. The former horror of an encroaching ice-age morphed into global warming which switched dresses and became 'Climate Change.' This is because the propagandists can't figure out if the planet is getting hotter or colder but, DANG IT, the temperature is changing, therefore we need to institute wealth re-distribution from rich nations to poor nations so we can all live in a communist utopia, and sing Kum-Ba-Yah forever and ever. Praise lucifer. Yeah, that's the ticket!

May 28 15:31

The Age Of Disinformation : “Media out of control when comes to weather” — “Idiotic claims on daily basis…”

No doubt national news media outlets are out of control when it comes to weather coverage, and their idiotic claims find their way to us on a daily basis.

May 28 12:12

Study Predicts Decades Of Global Cooling Ahead

A new study out of the United Kingdom predicts the Earth is about to go through a major climatic shift that could mean decades of cooler temperatures and fewer hurricanes hitting the United States.

Scientists at the University of Southampton predict that a cooling of the Atlantic Ocean could cool global temperatures a half a degree Celsius and may offer a “brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures,” according to their study.

May 28 10:38

US Having One Of The Coolest Years On Record

Through May 25, the frequency of 90 degree days in the US is second lowest on record. The only year that was cooler was 1983, which was cooled by the eruption of El Chichón.

May 28 10:37

Global Sea Ice Area Approaches A Record

May 27 15:06

Sending ice to Antarctica

Scientists are planning to ship ice to the Antarctic. They're afraid that mountain glaciers around the world are melting as a result of climate change and want to store samples of ice in a new vault in the coldest place on Earth.

May 27 10:36

MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Believers a ‘Cult’

An MIT professor of meteorology is dismissing global-warming alarmists as a discredited “cult” whose members are becoming more hysterical as emerging evidence continues to contradict their beliefs.

During an appearance on this writer’s radio show Monday, MIT Professor emeritus Richard Lindzen discussed the religious nature of the movement.

“As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical. I think that’s what’s happening here. Think about it,” he said. “You’ve led an unpleasant life, you haven’t led a very virtuous life, but now you’re told, you get absolution if you watch your carbon footprint. It’s salvation!”

Lindzen, 74, has issued calm dismissals of warmist apocalypse, reducing his critics to sputtering rage.

May 27 10:19

Scientists warn Everest glaciers at risk of disappearing

WEBMASTER ADDITION: We are just coming out of another record winter and already they are pushing the global warming kool-aid at us! Not surprisingly, comments are not allowed on the article.

May 27 08:26

Area winter breaks records, according to National Weather Service

This winter wasn’t just cold; it was record-breaking cold, according to the National Weather Service’s winter 2014-15 summary.

“Temperature-wise there were numerous records broken this year,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Aaron Reynolds, Buffalo.

May 27 08:26

Temperature plunge leaves Ontario vineyards scrambling to prevent crop damage

Vineyard owners in parts of southern Ontario are assessing the damage from a record-breaking plunge into cold weather that some growers say has devastated their grape crops.

May 27 08:26

Channel swim record dashed by cold water

A swimmer had to end his record attempt for the earliest seasonal English Channel crossing after getting disorientated in the cold water.

May 27 07:31

Is there a link between climate change and terrorism?

Barack Obama has spent considerable time in recent months publicly explaining his positions on both climate change and violent extremism.

But in a Coast Guard commencement address last week, the U.S. president deliberately combined the two, saying that climate change "constitutes a serious threat to global security."

Security analysts say the idea has been percolating in Western military circles for the past few years, but there is still skepticism about a direct link.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two kinds of terror. Real terror is created by mucking about with other peoples' governments. fake terror is used to scare a population into agreeing to wars of conquest. Neither has any link to global warming.

May 24 09:11

A Taste of Winter on Memorial Day Weekend

The start to the Memorial Day weekend, which is the traditional start to summer, was greeted with a reminder of winter in some areas of northern New England.

May 23 08:35

Nets Ignore as Obama Blames Rise of Terrorism on Climate Change

Obama lecturing the Coast Guard Academy that ignoring the "serious threat" of climate change is a "dereliction of duty." The President somehow blamed the rise of Boko Haram on global warming.

May 23 08:32

A (Not Quite) Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

"Global warming is indeed a scam, perpetrated by scientists with vested interests, but in need of crash courses in geology, logic and the philosophy of science. It provides the media with a new scare story, which has been picked up by the focus groups and turned into the new religion, offering us hell if we don't all change our ways." [BBC]

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WRH Exclusive
May 23 08:28

Meteorologist Spears Obama's 'Absurd Climate Change Claim'

oe Bastardi, former chief long range forecaster at Accuweather and master weather predictor for WeatherBell Analytics, blasted President Obama's "absurd" claim that climate change is a factor for the rise in terrorism. He then turned his ire towards the media and implored them to do their job and counter these false claims.

May 22 10:37

Watch: Gramatik plays through a snow storm at Red Rocks

They’re calling it “Blizzmatik.” And once you watch this video, you’ll realize it’s a pretty fitting name.

Huddled under tarps to protect his equipment, Gramatik played through a freak snowstorm on May 9 at Red Rocks. The show was eventually cut short, but not before Gramatik played a partial set while sliding around in the snow and making snow angels on stage.

May 22 10:35

Snow in Mid-May in Colorado!

Memorial Day usually signifies the start of summer, but in some parts of Colorado winter just won't go away.

Snow continues to fall in the mountains west of Denver, but for many that's *good* news.

It's keeping ski resorts open and keeping skiers out on the slopes.

May 22 10:34

Snow delays openings at P.E.I. National Park

Spring was late coming to P.E.I. this year, and even with late May temperatures reaching into the high teens snow is still causing problems in P.E.I. National Park.

Trails are still closed, and upgrades to the campground at Stanhope have been delayed.

"It's prevented us from getting in there and getting some of our work done early in the spring," said Parks Canada visitor experience manager Tara McNally MacPhee.

May 22 09:09


May 22 07:54

Late-Season Snow Falls in Flagstaff, Arizona

More than 7 inches of snow fell at the National Weather Service's Flagstaff office, which is actually located just west of the city, in Bellemont, Arizona.

May 21 12:19

Holiday weekend may start with frost

The National Weather Service forecast includes a possibility of patchy frost Friday night into Saturday morning.