Claire and I received our Pure Effects water filter two years ago. We had tried all kinds of other water filter systems and found each had their own various shortcomings. But the worst one of all was that all those earlier filters involved a pitcher sitting in the refrigerator, which means they did not get used on a regular basis.

In contrast, the beauty of the Pure Effects filter system is that it is always plugged into the water supply, which means using it is as simple as flipping a little valve stem on the faucet.

The above photo is our pure effects filter installed in our kitchen. As you can see it is a solid unit. PureEffect also has undercounter (saves counter top space) and Whole House versions of this system, , however we rent, so we chose the counter top model.

The unit is built of extremely thick and heavy plastic. This is quite a contrast to the all-too-flimsy construction of other competing units. These are INDUSTRIAL GRADE units! And whereas the pitcher type water filters require constant replacement of the filter elements, the elements in the Pure Effects last for months on end (we are still on our first set, with no signs of deterioration). This is the only system of it's kind that not only raises alkaline pH naturally, but also filters fluoride without using the questionable activated alumina media used by other filter companies, filters both positive and negatively charged radioisotopes, as well as VOC's, Drug Residues, Heavy Metals, Microbial Cysts and a host of other modern-day contaminants affecting our water supply.

Of all the water filter systems we have ever used, this is the simplest. Easy to install, and always ready to use. And obviously a water filter is only as good as how often you use it. This is a non-nonsense unit for people seriously concerned about water contamination.

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