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Entries in the " Which WRH story triggered the DDOS attack " contest!

As you are all no doubt aware, this morning the whatreallyhappened.com website was hit with a massive DDOS attack involving over 200 IPs from around the world. I figure it was something I said, and asked the readers to contribute suggestions as to which story might have offended someone. Here are some of the entries. In case of duplicates for the winning story, earliest email gets the mug.

After Israel attacked USS Liberty, San Francisco Examiner LIED to conceal how many US sailors had been murdered!

or it might be Pentagon says it has no records of bin Laden's death; CIA hasn't answered open records request

That's my guess.

My guess would be the TSA South Park video

Is it your picture they don't want anybody to see? haha, just teasing Mike, I would say the TSA, USS Liberty, Ron Paul, and other stories means there are probably several people ticked off at ya. If I win, donate my mug to any old homeless guy you see, thanks.

Medical terrorism in Michigan? Parents forced by the state to poison their child with cancer-causing chemicals

"Conspiracy of Silence HD Full Movie Banned Discovery Documentary Elite Child Sex Ring" has GOT to be the reason for your DDOS attack!

Revealing conspiracies means little to the public, but they will freak out over child diddlers, and that is a weak spot for the 'elite'.

you gave the reason I chose this story for the reason you crashed , when you said chemotherapy is big business . actually I originally thought this one , and the radiation story were the culprits . big business . Kind of gives a new meaning to Orwell's Glue Factory . I don't think they like the dark side of medicine getting out to the public

"Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs"

IF this is true (and I believe it is), it destroys the entire Abrahamic religions. Look at the blue and white headdresses of the "pharaoh" and compare to the Jewish prayer shawls. Look at the name "Thutmoses" and "Moses"... there are many examples that say they are one and the same cultures... people have been brainwashed not to make the connections.

Hope I win!

Mike, I'll wager the price of a cup of coffee that suppression of this story was behind your DDOS attack!!

Clearly the most inflammatory post on your blog today is the article called - How To Kill Goyim And Influence People -- Torat Ha'melech .That’s my guess as the catalyst for the DDOS.

Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

Has to be.

Important read on so many levels...

The USS Liberty story is the one that got you hacked.

Sorry to hear of your DDOS. When I heard you mention it, I figured you must've put up some anti-Anon article. Looking over the front page just now, my money is on the Lawrence Livermore article. Franklin Pedo and 20+ US Troops Raping and Killing Afghans are my second and third choices.

LLL article implies violation of US treaty obligations while US is trying to press nuclear card against others internationally, and following US violations of its biological weapons treaties with the recent weaponized bird flu (blame the Dutch, of course).

I'd like a red mug if possible, thx.

I vote for this one that led to your DDOS attack. "real" history is not what we were taught.


see also ....Anatoy Femenko, a series of books that was a result of his research team in Russia. I think it's up to 5 of the 7 volumes have been translated to English. Title is "History: Fiction or Science"


Using computer software to spin the universe backwards, looking for eclipses etc .... the timing of the bible is some 1,000 years off. been very well accepted research in Russia, now bleeding through into English.

this is my 'guess' for culprit story

S. Ashland Bank of America robbed (*update)