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February 28, 2015

Feb 28 18:55

U.S. Pilot Arrested for Coup Plot In Venezuela

Feb 28 18:44

Elizabeth Warren: "If Scott Walker sees 100,000 teachers & firefighters as his enemies, maybe it's time we take a closer look at his friends.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) criticized Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) for insinuating that his fight with unions prepared him to be commander in chief.

Warren, who is closely aligned with progressive union groups, ripped Walker in a tweet Saturdayfor what some saw as a comparison between union members and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:

"If Scott Walker sees 100,000 teachers & firefighters as his enemies, maybe it's time we take a closer look at his friends.”

Feb 28 18:28

U.S. student loans could need $500 bln bailout

Feb 28 18:28

Whaa? Now there's a second bright light on dwarf planet Ceres

Could dwarf planet Ceres be watching us watching it? As NASA's Dawn spacecraft approaches the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, it seems to be lighting up. Not long after images of Ceres revealed a strange reflective spot, another dimmer one came into view in the latest NASA images, giving the appearance of a spooky pair of eyes peering back at Dawn.

So what's going on here? Metallic mineral deposits? The local ice skating rink on an improbably shiny frozen lake in the bottom of a huge crater? A giant Ceresian mirror or solar farm?

The answer is...we have no idea.

"Putin is testing his Death Star!" - Official White Horse Souce

Feb 28 18:21

Abby Martin Quiting

Feb 28 18:19

Losing friends over Chris Kyle

Feb 28 18:03

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Ends the Debate of Methane on the Red Planet

New findings from the Mars Curiosity rover may hint that there may have been life in the planet's distant past. The tunable laser spectrometer in the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument has detected an episodic increase in the concentration of methane in Mars' atmosphere.

Scientists have long debated whether or not methane was present in Mars' atmosphere. While it was first detected with telescopes from Earth, orbiting satellites gave contradicting results. Now this new data puts a lid on the debate.

Methane can actually be the product of biological activity. Practically all of the existing methane in Earth's atmosphere originates from living organisms. This could mean that the methane on Mars may have similar origins.

Feb 28 17:46

More Bad News for Alarmists: Polar Bears Doing Just Fine

Today, as I’m sure you know, is International Polar Bear Day. And I’m afraid the news is bad…

…Bad news, that is, for all those environmentalists from David Attenborough downwards who have spent the last few years assiduously bigging up the polar bear as a “threatened species.”

As I’ve argued before, any species which has experienced a five-fold increase in its population in the last fifty years (in the 60s there were about 5,000 of them; now there are around 25,000), sounds less like a rare and endangered creature and more like a verminous, out-of-control menace in sore need of culling.

Feb 28 17:45

Syrian army takes villages in south

Syrian government forces have taken control of villages in southern Syria, state media said on Saturday, part of a campaign they started this month against insurgents posing one of the biggest remaining threats to Damascus.

Feb 28 15:08


Our organization, All Jews Everywhere, wishes to voice our appreciation to Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of All Jews Everywhere, Inc., for speaking on behalf of the Chosen People before the Israel Funding Association (sometimes referred to as the U.S. Congress).

While we applaud Mr. Netanyahu’s invitation to members of Congress to emigrate to Israel, we advise him to drop that “coming home” theme. Bibi, Israel needs our Congress here to keep that spigot open and the funding flowing.

Many have suggested that Israel should finally relent and apply officially for U.S. statehood. However, we reject that notion, since Israel would then only be represented by two senators, as opposed to 100.

Feb 28 14:13

Coup Attemp On John Boehner?

Feb 28 13:47

The circus: How British intelligence primed both sides of the ‘terror war’

Every time there’s a terrorist attack that makes national headlines, the same talking heads seem to pop up like an obscene game of “whack-a-mole”. Often they appear one after the other across the media circuit, bobbing from celebrity television pundit to erudite newspaper outlet.

A few years ago, BBC Newsnight proudly hosted a “debate” between Maajid Nawaz, director of counter-extremism think-tank, the Quilliam Foundation, and Anjem Choudary, head of the banned Islamist group formerly known as al-Muhajiroun, which has, since its proscription, repeatedly reincarnated itself. One of its more well-known recent incarnations was "Islam4UK".

Feb 28 13:14

Apple To Buy Up To 30% Of The World’s Annual Gold Production?

Technology giant Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may soon buy up one third of the world’s gold in order to meet the demands of its highly anticipated Apple Watch, according to reports.

Feb 28 13:08

North Carolina Legalizes Prostitutes For Politicians

North Carolina’s State Ethics Committee has just opened up a major problem for their state — they just made it legal for lobbying firms to purchase prostitutes to service politicians. The Committee’s determination that sex had no value and that sex between a lobbyist and politician was nothing to report or in any way questionable means that a major loophole has opened up for lobbying firms. Now lobbying firms can hire people with the explicit goal to seduce and fornicate with politicians in order to garner favor.

Feb 28 12:48

IMF bent its rules to hobble Greece with unsustainable debt

As Greece wrangles with its creditors for a more sustainable solution to its debt problems, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde has been firm in insisting that the new government in Athens honor the country’s previous commitments. The former French finance minister threw cold water this week on the tentative accord between Greece and the European Union, warning that many of Athens’s pledges were vague and “not conveying clear assurances that the government intends to undertake the reforms envisioned.”

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

Feb 28 12:45

Cocaine Wars: US Troops in Peru's Coca Zone

It has been making practically no headlines outside Peru, and hardly any within, but a force of US Marines has apparently been mobilized to the Andean country—specifically to the conflicted coca-growing jungle region known as the VRAE, or Valley of the Apurímac and Ene Rivers. Peru's Congress quietly approved the deployment in a resolution Jan. 29. The first contingent of 58 soldiers arrived on Feb. 1, and a second of 67 troops on Feb. 15. They are to stay for a year on what is being called a "training" mission. A much larger contingent is to arrive in September, a total to 3,200 Marines, for a six-day joint exercise with Peruvian forces. (Defensa.com, Feb. 19)

Feb 28 12:43


Today, synagogues throughout the world commemorated Shabbat Zachor (Sabbath of Remembrance). On this day the first known enemy of the Hebrews, Amalek, is remembered. On this day as well the combined Hate Lists of the ADL and the Wiesenthal Centre are dug out to confirm that Amalek still lives today.
Yes, Amalek still lives. There is no doubt in my mind about that, BUT NOT ON THOSE LISTS. Amalek lives right here in Israel. He is remembered every day of the year by Palestinians, but especially this week, the 21st anniversary of the massacre in Hebron by a crazed American zionist.

Feb 28 12:42

Shadow Government: Insider Oligarchs Derail Maidan Revolution

In the midst of war and heightened nationalism in Ukraine, many demonstrators who participated in protests at Maidan Square just one year ago are gripped with a profound sense of shock and wonder what has happened to their country. The crowd called for a thorough overhaul of elite corruption, cronyism and the incestuous business-government revolving door. Yet, if anything, recent developments have only served to bolster tycoons.

Feb 28 12:40

Silicon Valley Panic: China Demands NSA-Like Access and Control

Silicon Valley is in a panic following an announcement that China is considering sweeping counterterrorism legislation. The law would require tech companies to provide the Chinese government with NSA-like access to private data, terms the industry may be forced to accept if they want to do business in the world’s most populated country.

Feb 28 11:34

Rehab, Jeb Bush-Style

The Republican front-runner seems to be addicted to the warmongers and regime-changers who inspired his brother’s foreign policy. Which should drive a sane person to drink.

If you want to know why bad decisions on foreign policy tend to get repeated, perhaps a good place to start is reliance on the same people who made those bad choices in the past to get it right the second time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the tickets are Jeb vs/Hillary, the American people have absolutely no real choice in the 016 election.

It is simply a question of which candidate corporations think they will get the most mileage out of supporting, period, end of discussion.

They are both dyed in the wool interventionists and war mongers, not at all interested in the welfare of America's citizens, but eagerly doing the bidding to those corporations which fund them.

With either candidate, expect more wars, and an ever deepening downturn in the money Americans can expect, reasonably, to earn. But hey, those corporations which support these candidates will be going like gangbusters!!

Feb 28 11:28

After growing 46DD breasts, Alabama man wins $2.5 million from drug company

A 20-year-old Thorsby man with autism was awarded $2.5 million in damages on Tuesday by a Philadelphia jury that found a drug he began taking as a child caused him to grow large breasts and that his family was not "adequately warned" of this side effect, according to a report by The Philadelphia Daily News.

Feb 28 11:04

The Forgotten War – Understanding The Incredible Debacle Left Behind By NATO In Libya

In retrospect, Obama’s intervention in Libya was an abject failure, judged even by its own standards. Libya has not only failed to evolve into a democracy; it has devolved into a failed state. Violent deaths and other human rights abuses have increased severalfold. Rather than helping the United States combat terrorism, as Qaddafi did during his last decade in power, Libya now serves as a safe haven for militias affiliated with both al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). The Libya intervention has harmed other U.S. interests as well: undermining nuclear nonproliferation, chilling Russian cooperation at the UN, and fueling Syria’s civil war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only possible answer for NATO is a rapid re-invasion of the country, which is going to look both awkward and idiotic to the rest of the world.

It is very clear that the Libyan people have had enough of the puppet government which was thrust upon them, after Qaddafi's assassination, and want their country back.

Feb 28 10:51

Russia: US-Backed Opposition Leader Gunned Down in Moscow

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Martyrdom on demand: if not of use alive, perhaps of use dead?

US-backed opposition groups in Russia have so far failed utterly to produce results. Their transparent subservience to Washington coupled with their distasteful brand of politics has left a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth of most Russians. Each attempt to spread the “virus” of color revolution to Moscow, as US Senator John McCain called it, has failed – and each attempt has fallen progressively flatter...

Feb 28 10:08


We have all spent far too much time massaging a reality that we all see and acknowledge as strategically troubling, indeed catastrophic. Repairing the Palestinian political system cannot wait any longer. The most just cause in modern history is at stake.

Feb 28 10:07

World leaders condemn killing of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov

The last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, quoted by Interfax, also said the killing could have been a provocation, aimed at "destabilizing the situation in the country, at heightening confrontation" with the West.

Feb 28 10:06

Boris Nemtsov’s Killers Tried to Destabilize Russia – Gorbachev

Soviet ex-President Mikhail Gorbachev sees the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov as an attempt to destabilize Russia.

Feb 28 10:05

Tsarnaev Trial: Media's Use Of 'Alleged'

Journalists are in the business of telling the truth. Report what you see, you hear, and you know to be true. One notable exception is when it involves the justice system, at which point, everything is couched as accusation and allegation, even when the plain facts scream otherwise.

Feb 28 10:05

Warren ‘Bet on America’ Buffett Takes His Money Elsewhere

In his highly anticipated annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders, Warren Buffett is expected to recommend investing opportunities abroad, a marked change from his usual cheerleading for domestic investment.

Feb 28 10:04

Homelessness rises 55% under ‘disgraceful’ Tory govt – charity

Devastating figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) reveal a significant 55 percent rise in homelessness since David Cameron became prime minister in 2010.

Feb 28 10:02

FLASHBACK - Al Aqsa Massacre part 2

On Monday, October 8 1990, 17 people were killed and over three hundred wounded at the Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. This is only the second part, about 14 minutes into the event.
One sees Palestinians running for their lives, ambulances shot at and tear gassed, medical staff seeking safety behind the mosque, one nurse was shot and wounded (not seen in this video).
One hears the Waqf Al Aqsa Mosque officials pleading with the Israeli Police and Border Police to STOP shooting and killing and telling the children to STOP throwing stones and return to the mosque amidst intense Israeli automatic gunfire for 29 minutes. The Waqf Al Aqsa officials were falsely arrested for incitement and released from Israeli detention based on the evidence found in this video.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is part of the amateur video footage Mike Wallace used in his 60 Minutes show, referenced below.

Feb 28 09:57

Russia: FIRST SHOTS of Boris Nemtsov shooting aftermath

Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed close to the Kremlin in Moscow, Friday. Reports indicate that a white vehicle pulled up close to Nemtsov before an unknown assailant unleashed a series of shots, hitting the former politician several times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason to doubt the "Blame Putin" chorus we are already seeing in the corporate media is the manner in which the shooting took place, in public, in front of the girlfriend, to generate the maximum publicity. If Putin had really wanted to kill this guy, it would have been a "suicide" in private or a small plane crash, the way the US Government handles assassinations.

Feb 28 09:52

Uninsured Ex-Sheriff Who Fought O-care Struggles To Pay Medical Bills

Former Arizona county sheriff Richard Mack, a fierce opponent of Obamacare and a leader in the "constitutional sheriff" movement, is struggling to pay his medical bills after he and his wife each faced serious illnesses. The former sheriff and his wife do not have health insurance and started a GoFundMe campaign to solicit donations from family and friends to cover the costs of their medical care.

"Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance," reads a note on Mack's personal website.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Claire and I have Obamacare-compliant health insurance, and were shocked by bills from my illness a year ago our Obamacare-compliant policy says they do not have to pay! Those Obamacare policies with their sky-high deductibles are not worth the paper they are printed on!

Feb 28 09:48

US MSM has already created a composite sketch of #Nemtsov's killer

Feb 28 09:47


Email drives were not "melted down" but hidden and over 32,000 emails have now been found. IRS went after groups not supporting Obama with audits, fees, taxes or freezes so they couldn't operate.

Feb 28 09:43

Record snowfall blankets region, ‘slow recovery’ forecast Saturday

A thin coating of ice was making driving treacherous Saturday morning with forecasters advising drivers to stay off roads until this afternoon if at all possible.

While traffic was light, the few drivers were facing slippery conditions.The Fort Worth mixmaster near downtown Fort Worth was proving to be a challange and conditions were difficult throughout the area.

“It’s pretty slick out there and it’s not going to get any better out there until late this afternnon,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Jesse Moore.

Temperatures aren’t expected to climb above freezing until mid-afternoon and another band of freezing drizzle was moving northward into the DFW area from the south.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tomorrow is March!

Feb 28 09:40

FLASHBACK - Lemming Suicide MythDisney Film Faked Bogus Behavior

In 1958 Walt Disney produced "White Wilderness," part of the studio's "True Life Adventure" series. "White Wilderness" featured a segment on lemmings, detailing their strange compulsion to commit mass suicide.

According to a 1983 investigation by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producer Brian Vallee, the lemming scenes were faked. The lemmings supposedly committing mass suicide by leaping into the ocean were actually thrown off a cliff by the Disney filmmakers. The epic "lemming migration" was staged using careful editing, tight camera angles and a few dozen lemmings running on snow covered lazy-Susan style turntable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I actually learned of this back when I worked in Hollywood. While working on a project involving a lion, we bought copies of "True Life Adventure" raw footage from the Disney archives. Having grown up watching the edited finals, I was rather appalled at how the animals were actually being treated to get the shots the script called for!

Feb 28 09:35

Auditor: Florida’s jobless claims website in disarray

Ever since the troubled launch of the state’s unemployment website in October 2013, Gov. Rick Scott and his team have staunchly defended the lifeline for hundreds of thousands of jobless Floridians.

But on Friday, the state’s auditor general issued a scathing 45-page audit that joins mounting evidence that CONNECT is a system in disarray.

Feb 28 09:34

Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen Johnson fired after arrest for soliciting a prostitute

Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen Johnson, shown in this Broward County Sheriff’s Department booking photo, was fired Friday after he was caught soliciting a prostitute, according to press release sent out by the Miami Gardens Police Department.

Feb 28 09:33

FLASHBACK - Cutting Bush Down to Size: How Israel Gets Its Way in the U.S. Media

"I'll tell you why we didn't put those calls through," a disembodied voice boomed into the studio. A moment later the person I had seen answering phones in the control room stepped into the room. A hearty smiling man, he introduced himself as the station's owner.

"Those calls," he explained, "were from my biggest advertisers. They all called, one after another, threatening to pull all their advertising if I didn't take you off the air."

I looked around at the spotless equipment in the brand-new building. "You should have done it," I said. "I don't want you to lose your station on my account."

He threw back his head and laughed. "Don't worry about me," he said. "We have one of the oldest Jewish communities in the United States and it does a lot of good things here, but most of the big advertisers who just called live in one suburb and they sometimes lose touch with the rest of the city.

Feb 28 09:28

Former Mossad head urges Israeli voters to oust Binyamin Netanyahu

Meir Dagan says prime minister’s policies are ‘destructive to the future and security of Israel’

Feb 28 09:27

Hidden camera records Coconut Creek cop receiving illegal 'massage'

A video recorded in June shows officer James Yacobellis entering a Boca Raton massage parlor and receiving an illegal massage.

Feb 28 09:22

Obama’s gun ban targets ammo: “No one can import, sell or even produce it”

America’s most popular sporting rifle, has been falsely mischaracterized as an “automatic” firearm and an “assault” weapon

Feb 28 09:17

Why Is The Government Asking High School Students These Very Inappropriate Questions?

Student surveys have become a point of contention across the country as many parents only find out AFTER the survey has been taken.
Some surveys have been downright intrusive and have contained sexually explicit content for very young children.

Feb 28 09:16

China Just Sided With Russia Over The Ukraine Conflict

When it comes to the Ukraine proxy war, which started in earnest just about one year ago with the violent coup that overthrew then president Yanukovich and replaced him with a local pro-US oligarch, there has been no ambiguity who the key actors were: on the left, we had the west, personified by the US, the European Union, and NATO in general; while on the right we had Russia. In fact, if there was any confusion, it was about the role of that other "elephant in the room" - China.

Feb 28 09:16

French protestors call for HSBC nationalization

Activists in France have staged a protest rally against the British bank, HSBC, for its illegal banking practices, Press TV reports.

Feb 28 09:15

Russia Could Make China King of the South China Sea

America should think twice about arming Ukraine as Russia could easily help China achieve its dreams in the South China Sea.

Feb 28 09:14

Will 'Mistress Europe' Show the American the Door?

It's an age-old, tragic relationship. The mistress and her gadfly, selfish male-benefactor, who is really not a benefactor, but instead is more like her jealous, despotic jailer. Oh yeah, sure, he festoons her with cute presents now and again, chocolates, stockings, perfumes and the like. He also professes ardent devotion and vows to protect her. In return she gratifies his basic needs. But when it gets down to it, the mistress is dispensable, a plaything that is brutally discarded when he is done.

Feb 28 09:09

White House says Netanyahu offers no alternative but military action (and Liz Warren won’t say if she’s attending speech)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is offering no alternative but the “military option” against Iran, the White House press secretary said this afternoon. Josh Earnest said that Netanyahu has “not presented an alternative” to the negotiations that the U.S. is undertaking, and that military action won’t work. It will only “steel” Iran’s resolve to develop nuclear weapons and end an inspections regime that the Iranians have accepted as well as break up the international coalition that the U.S. has put together to talk to Iran.

Feb 28 09:08

10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever

As Clausewitz so clearly stated, "War is merely the continuation of policy by other means," and our leadership and the special interests behind them want to continue the policies and actions that have created so much wealth and world power for them. Think for a moment about the threats they are facing at home and abroad and how a major but limited war could solve or postpone most of their problems and threats to their powerbase.

There are two problems with the war solution. First, while it may be in their best interest to guarantee their survival, war would be bad for our military, soldiers and civilians as well as our economy, private wealth and remaining liberties. Second, there is no guarantee that a real war once started would remain limited in nature. I think both world wars are historical examples of how plans for limited wars can turn into major wars killing tens of millions and all of this for power hungry politicians and vested economic interests

Feb 28 09:02

Ending homelessness SAVES money; monetary reform and public banks should fund this now

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Utah has reduced homelessness by 78%, and has targeted ending homelessness this year.

The US federal agency, US Interagency Council on Homelessness states all 50+ economic cost-benefit studies conclude it costs less to provide homeless Americans with shelter, food, health care, and job training than doing nothing at all.

The greatest savings come from decreased emergency room visits, police calls, and court time. What isn’t counted, and significant, is the increase of business in areas where the homeless are vagrants.  In addition, these studies show most participants find jobs and leave these programs.

A 2014 study in Florida reports taxpayers save over $20,000 per homeless person when they are provided basic services rather than languishing on the streets. An academic paper from two University of Pennsylvania professors document it’s more cost-effective to end homelessness than endure it.

Feb 28 09:02

99 times Bill O'Reilly lied to America

Isn’t it a little strange that Bill O’Reilly is suffering a scandal for lying?
The growing list of charges against him appear to be true, of course. But he’s been getting key facts wrong on air for decades, a trend his critics have closely tracked for much of his career. The falsehoods haven’t merely been tolerated by Fox News; O’Reilly has been elevated to the most iconic figure the network has ever produced—that he brings in $100 million in ads doesn’t hurt.

Feb 28 09:02

Pittsburgh woman who stole her cancer-stricken neighbor's dog and paid to have it euthanized will get jail time

A woman who stole her cancer-stricken neighbor's dog and paid to have it euthanized was sentenced Friday to three to six months in jail.

Feb 28 09:01

Why would GOP candidate for Missouri governor kill himself?

Missouri's auditor, who fatally shot himself in an apparent suicide, had vowed to take down the state's most powerful politicians and donors, including his fellow Republicans, when he launched an anti-corruption campaign for governor last month.

But in his final days, Tom Schweich described having knots in his stomach over what he thought was an anti-Semitic whisper campaign by a GOP consultant who now runs the state party.

His intensity had served him well in the past - he was proud of exposing corruption in his four years as auditor. But his tendency to fixate on issues also sometimes made it hard for him to get over political attacks, say some of his advisers and colleagues.

Schweich left behind a wife and two children - and a seemingly rising political career - when he died Thursday at age 54.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not buy the suicide story one bit.

Feb 28 09:00

Netanyahu Invites Arab Diplomats to His Big Speech—and Gets Rejected

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is refusing to meet with a group of ardently pro-Israel Democratic senators next week in Washington, but he very much wants to see the faces of Arab ambassadors in the audience during his controversial address to Congress.

Netanyahu's ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, has tried, without success, to recruit Arab ambassadors to come to his boss’s speech, e-mailing them personally to plead for their attendance. Dermer, who is not a trained diplomat, is the man who helped engineer the invitation to Netanyahu to speak to Congress in opposition to President Obama’s (so far theoretical) Iran nuclear deal.

Feb 28 09:00

Democrats should boycott Netanyahu’s speech

Next Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress. It’s an event cooked up by House Speaker John Boehner and Netanyahu to undermine President Obama’s effort to negotiate an agreement with Iran to limit its nuclear ambition. In the process it has not only politicized the US-Israel relationship, but has also dragged it to its lowest point in a generation.

Democrats owe it to their party and their president to boycott the speech.

Feb 28 08:59

34 Democrats skipping Netanyahu's speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress next week has further strained an already tense relationship with President Barack Obama.

And a number of top Democrats --- including Vice President Joe Biden, whose job description includes the title President of the Senate --- won't be attending.

Feb 28 08:59

Tom Schweich, Suicidal Candidate, Got $200K From Republican Jewish Donor Sam Fox

The Missouri politician who committed suicide amid rumors that he was Jewish received at least $200,000 in political contributions in the past two years from a leading Jewish Republican donor.

Tom Schweich, Missouri’s Republican state auditor and gubernatorial candidate, died in an apparent suicide at his home on Thursday. Schweich had arranged a meeting with journalists to discuss what the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports was his belief that Republican rivals were spreading rumors that he was Jewish.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not buying this story, especially the "poor poor Jews" slant. Who kills themselves on the verge of a press conference?

Feb 28 08:58

4 More Victims Come Forward From Chicago Secret Prison, Man Tortured Over Weed

Cassius Methyl
Activist Post

Four more victims of incarceration at Chicago’s Guantanamo Bay style secret detention/torture center, known as Homan Square, have come out and spoken to The Guardian about their experience being essentially treated like cattle.

They are four black males, Brock Terry, Kory Wright, Deandre Hutcherson and David Smith. Three of them were held in 2006, and one in 2011.

They were kicked in the genitals while helpless and bound, put in ‘kennels for humans’, and they heard the bloodcurdling screams of other helpless victims while they thought they would never see the light of day again...

Feb 28 08:48


Feb 28 08:48

‘Assad cannot be Syria’s future’ – UK & French foreign ministers

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must not be part of any future government or participate in the US-led alliance against Islamic State.

Feb 28 08:47

Obama Will Receive The President Of Afghanistan At The White House In March

The president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani.

US President Barack Obama, receive next March 24 at the White House with his counterpart from Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, the US government reported. Alongside Ghani also attend the event Chief Executive, Abdullah, and key members of his cabinet in order to hold meetings and a working lunch, the White House said in a statement, said Efe.

“The two presidents discussed a range of issues, including security, economic development, and US support for the reconciliation process led by Afghanistan,” said the note.

Read More: http://whatisusa.info/obama-will-receive-the-president-of-afghanistan-...

Feb 28 08:47

Police back down on ‘pay-to-protest’ demand, but right to assembly still at risk – activists

UK authorities who insisted activists spend thousands of pounds on a private security firm to steward a peaceful climate change march in London have backed down following intense pressure. Campaigners insist they will not “pay to protest.”

Feb 28 08:46

How the Government and Media Are Lying About Net Neutrality

It doesn't get any more axiomatic as to the necessity of the media to promote free-speech than the horrors that were manifested through the FCC's imposition of net neutrality that the mainstream media in particular have met with not so much as a raised Botoxed eyebrow. In case you missed it, the Internet and World Wide Web are now considered a utility under Title II of the Communication Act. The long-range implications of such are beyond mind boggling. This opens the door to licensure requirements for websites, decency regulation, fairness doctrine applications and worse.

Feb 28 08:44

Mega says US urged PayPal to cease working with it based on end-to-end encryption

PayPal will no longer process customer payments for the cloud-storage service Mega based on the latter’s use of client-side encryption. Kim Dotcom’s Mega says the decision stems from powerful American corporate influences leaning on the e-commerce site.

File-hosting site Mega made the announcement late Thursday, claiming that PayPal ultimately blamed the decision on Mega’s use of end-to-end encryption, which, to PayPal, meant an “unknowability of what is on the platform.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You are not SUPPOSED to know what your customers have on the platform!

Feb 28 08:43

Guardian Retracts Anti-Russian Story Based on 'Research' of Own Reporter

Rush to give anti-Russian news backfires: the Guardian forced to correct an article by Eliot Higgins who claimed Russian army fired into Ukraine on the basis of a report he had co-authored himself

Feb 28 08:41

Jewish Defense League thugs found guilty of assault at Palestine event in London

Two Jewish Defence League UK thugs were today found guilty of assault after they attacked a panel at a Palestine literary festival in September.

Roberta Moore was convicted of two counts of assault and one count of possession of an offensive weapon. Her accomplice Robert De Jonge was convicted of assault.

Both initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, but De Jonge on Thursday changed his plea to guilty for reason of recklessness.

De Jonge argued he had only meant to cause a “distraction” when he rushed the stage and assaulted Andy Simons, the chairperson of the panel and an organizer with Haringey Justice for Palestinians.

But district judge Julia Newton ruled today that De Jonge had acted with full intent to cause injury.

Feb 28 08:40

Israel used “disappearance” of soldier as pretext for killing spree — rights group

Israel used the “disappearance” of a soldier in Gaza as a pretext to kill 225 Palestinians over a three-day period last summer, a new study suggests.

Feb 28 08:39

Cutting federal spending should be Congress’s top priority: TWT/CPAC poll

Conservatives say reducing federal spending should be the Republican-led Congress’s top priority this session, beating out confrontations with President Obama over his immigration executive actions, Obamacare, and the Keystone XL pipeline, according to The Washington Times/CPAC flash poll at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Thirty-eight percent of the 141 respondents picked reducing federal spending at the top priority, followed by rolling back Mr. Obama’s amnesty plan at 26 percent.

Feb 28 08:38

What the BRICS plus Germany are really up to?

Winston Churchill once said, “I feel lonely without a war.” He also badly missed the loss of empire. Churchill’s successor – the ‘Empire of Chaos’ – now faces the same quandary. Some wars – as in Ukraine, by proxy – are not going so well.

And the loss of empire increasingly manifests itself in myriad moves by selected players aiming towards a multipolar world.

So no wonder US ‘Think Tankland’ is going bonkers, releasing wacky CIA-tinted “forecasts” where Russia is bound to disintegrate, and China is turning into a communist dictatorship. So much (imperial) wishful thinking, so little time to prolong hegemony.

Feb 28 08:38

Binyamin Netanyahu’s expensive speech to Congress

Uri Avnery says by spiting President Obama in Congress Netanyahu may succeed in outflanking his opponents in Israel’s coming elections, but the price could be Israel’s lifeline – the alliance with Washington.

Feb 28 08:37

ExxonMobil admits $1bn lost from anti-Russia sanctions

The contracts with Russia’s biggest oil company Rosneft damaged by the West’s anti-Russian sanctions have cost ExxonMobil $1 billion, the company said in its annual report.

Feb 28 08:37

Netanyahu, his pants on fire, brings torch to Washington: Burman

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu takes wild-eyed warnings about Iran to U.S. Congress, damaging international negotiations and American relations.

Feb 28 08:36

China’s hypersonic strike vehicle ‘in 3d test flight’

China has reportedly conducted a third flight test for its new ultra-high speed strike vehicle – capable of travelling at up to eight times the speed of sound, in what experts suspect is part of the development of its strategic nuclear program.

The test flight, monitored by US intelligence services this week, was the third in a series of tests of the Wu-14 hypersonic glide vehicle—a high-accuracy, high speed projectile, reports the Washington Free Beacon. The first two were conducted earlier this year.

Feb 28 08:35

Pentagon walks back plans for spring offensive against ISIS stronghold Mosul

Facing criticism, the Pentagon announced it has pushed back plans by Iraqis to mount a major attack to regain Mosul from the Islamic State. The Pentagon now says the assault might occur in the fall, but even that date is tenuous.

Feb 28 08:35

Washington supplying Kiev with satellite intelligence of conflict in east – report

The US is supplying Kiev with spy satellite imagery of enemy positions in eastern Ukraine, but does so by deliberately reducing the quality, apparently so as not to anger Russia too much, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Feb 28 08:34

Mysterious Illness Kills Missouri Mother And Teen Just Days Apart, Prompts Health Investigation While Doctors Remain Baffled

Zack's family was told that an earlier flu shot had failed to eradicate a strand of the flu, resulting in his death. "They said the explanation of death was even more to the fact they felt it was a strand of the flu from Africa," relative Scott Dyer told KMOV.

Feb 28 08:29

Netanyahu's 'scaremongering' will not stop nuclear deal, says Iranian official

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator said on Saturday that “scaremongering” by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t stop the Islamic Republic and world powers from reaching a final nuclear deal.

Feb 28 08:27

MEGA PUKE FACTOR 9 BEX ALERT! 'I'm afraid Putin will kill me': Russian opposition leader said he feared for his life days before being shot dead in drive-by just steps from the Kremlin in front of model Ukrainian girlfriend

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov said he feared Vladimir Putin would have him killed just days before he was gunned down in front of his Ukrainian model girlfriend.

The former deputy Prime Minister, 55, and fierce critic of the Russian leader said 'I'm afraid Putin will kill me' in an interview shortly before he was killed in a 'politically motivated' attack.

Nemtsov, a married father-of-four, was shot four times by assailants in a white car as he walked across a bridge in central Moscow with Anna Duritskaya on Friday night, but the model was unhurt.

Just hours before his death he accused Putin of pushing Russia into a crisis through his 'mad, aggressive and deadly policy of war against Ukraine' and was due to attend an protest on Sunday.

Nemtsov had been working on a report presenting evidence he believed proved Russia's direct involvement in the separatist rebellion that erupted in eastern Ukraine last year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, I hate being right all the time!

Remember when protesters were shot in Kiev last year and Yanukovish was framed for it, in order to drive him from power? Then it came out after the Junta was installed that snipers working for the coup plotters had done the actual killing and framed Ukraine's government for, to destabilize them and make it easier to regime-change Ukraine? This is more of the same. This is more of Saddam's nuclear weapons, Iran's nuclear weapons, Assad's gas, Gaddafi's genocide, torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, Spanish mines in Havana harbor, and hundreds of other lies, frauds and deceptions used to start wars for the money-junkies.

Feb 28 08:09

When Mike Wallace questioned Israeli story of ’90 massacre, he got called into the owner’s office

The immediate version of the bloody incident, as proclaimed by the Israeli government and accepted by almost all major media, was that the police had gunned down the Palestinians only after the Palestinians, egged on by their imams, began heaving rocks at Jews praying at the Western Wall, which lay below the confines of the Temple Mount.

Yet, as our “60 Minutes” piece showed — using footage actually shot at the time — the Palestinian charges were accurate: There were no Jews praying at the Wall when the rocks started sailing over…

The tsunami of protest hit us immediately…

Larry Tisch, a major American backer of Israel who also happened to own CBS, summoned Mike and “60 Minutes” Executive Producer Don Hewitt (also Jewish) to a fraught breakfast meeting to defend our report, fact by fact.

Mike and Don wound up in a shouting match at an A-list dinner party with real estate and publishing mogul Mort Zuckerman, literary agent Morton Janklow and Barbara Walters …

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone know of a copy of Mike Wallace's original 60 Minutes story on the massacre?

Feb 28 08:04

The Scourge of US-Installed Fascism in Europe's Heartland

Obama bears full responsibility for replacing Ukraine's democratically elected government with Nazi lunatics.

Russia's lower house State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin said "(t)he guilt of the United States of America for (what happened) is considerable and obvious to the entire world."

Ukraine's crisis "poses a risk to international security, first of all to European security."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey was clear and unequivocal saying:

"For a quarter of century, the key principles of the United Nations had been systematically violated."

Feb 28 08:03

MI6 complicity? Lee Rigby killer’s torture claims investigated, says Cameron

A new inquiry will be conducted into claims that MI6 were complicit in the alleged torture of Michael Adebolajo, one of the two men later convicted of murdering British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in May 2013.

The investigation will focus on how the British spy agency handled claims Adebolajo was beaten by Kenya’s security forces, who have close ties with the UK, while detained there in 2010.

Prime Minister David Cameron ordered the inquiry after a report by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) criticized MI6, also known as the Secret Intelligence Service.

The committee’s report found MI6 never asked the Kenyan authorities about Adebolajo’s claims, dismissing them as fabricated.

Feb 28 08:02

Link foreign aid to defence, boost military spending – UK Lords

Hawkish members of the UK House of Lords will battle for increased military spending Friday, proposing that the government link foreign aid to defense budgets. They are expected to argue Britain’s security is more important than its social conscience.

Feb 28 07:58

Junk metal show in Kiev and Poroshenko’s mental defeat

The international media and Facebook pages are full of bravada photo reports about “those damned Russians caught red-handed“. Meanwhile any unbiased and informed observer would raise a number of hard questions to the organizers of this scrap show. Let’s walk through Kiev’s St.Mikhail square together.

Feb 28 07:57

Greek PM says 'forget about third bailout'

Greece won’t be seeking a third international bailout after the four-month extension of its current program expires, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said.

In a televised speech to his government, Tsipras also said the country has requested a reduction of its debt, despite European creditors demanding that Greece pay it in full.

Feb 28 07:56

Italian MPs vote for Palestinian state, but conditions ‘disappoint’ PLO

The Italian parliament has become the latest major European legislative assembly to push for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, after a decisive vote Friday. However, deputies nixed a motion for the immediate recognition of Palestine.

Proposed by the ruling center-left Democratic Party, the motion vowed to “unconditionally support the goal of establishing a Palestinian state living side by side in peace, security and prosperity next to the state of Israel, on the basis of mutual recognition and total assumption of common commitment to ensure citizens to live safely and protected from all violence and acts of terrorism.”

The proposal suggested the two countries should return to the pre-1967 borders, and share Jerusalem as the capital.

Feb 28 07:55

Did the US Murder Boris Nemtsov? The Imminent Threat

Headlines around the world have carried some variation of the story: the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Each of these includes some retelling of the pertinent facts: what, who, where, how ... but the real question is 'why'. The answer to this question, or rather, what the west insists is the answer, will tell us a lot about the US's plans to escalate the tensions in Russia over Ukraine, and beyond.

Feb 28 07:54

Nemtsov was no threat to Russian govt - presidential spokesperson

Boris Nemtsov did not pose a threat to the Russian government, according to presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. The murder of the Russian opposition figure has been called a "provocation" by a number of politicians and public figures.

Boris Nemtsov was killed Friday evening in the center of Moscow. A veteran of Russian politics, he was an influential figure in the 1990s and held the post of deputy prime minister under former President Boris Yeltsin. Though he had been more involved in business than politics since 2003, he was a critic of the Russian government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This feels like an attempt by the US to destabilize Russia by assassinating an opposition figure and framing Putin for it.

Feb 28 07:52

Report: Obama threatened to fire on Israeli jets attacking Iran

The decision came, according to al-Jarida, after Israel revealed that the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel's back.

According to the report, Netanyahu and his commanders agreed after four nights of deliberations to task the Israeli army's chief of staff Beni Gants to prepare a qualitative operation against Iran's nuclear program. In addition, Netanyahu and his ministers decided to do whatever they could do to thwart a possible agreement between Iran and the White House because such an agreement is, allegedly, a threat to Israel's security.

The sources added that Gants and his commanders prepared the requested plan and that Israeli fighter jets trained for several weeks in order to make sure the plans would work successfully. Israeli fighter jets even carried out experimental flights in Iran's airspace after they managed to break through radars.

Feb 28 07:51

Israel ‘needs US stealth fighters to attack Iran’

The US provision of stealth fighters to Israel does not serve any defensive purposes, but it enhances Tel Aviv’s abilities to strike countries like Iran, said political commentator Edward Corrigan.

Feb 28 07:50

‘US policymakers’ arrogance over Ukraine astounding’

The US has bases in 100 countries around the world, is escalating its involvement in the Mid-East and meddling in Ukraine’s affairs yet taking a moral stand against Russia trying to influence other countries, the Answer Coalition’s Richard Becker told RT.

Amid the diplomatic struggle for peace in Eastern Ukraine the UK is going to send military personnel to help Kiev train its army.

Feb 28 07:48

Logan Act

The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why hasn't Boehner been arrested yet?

Feb 28 07:39

Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama left him no choice

Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama has left him no choice. And all decent people of good will should support him, and those who do not, and those who are silent, should be called out for their treachery and cowardice.
Note: BEX had enough yet!

Feb 28 07:35

FLASHBACK - UN Spokesman Breaks Down on Live TV over Israel's Killing of Palestinian Children

Feb 28 07:35

Urban Dictionary: Mayor of Bullshit Mountain

Top Definition
Mayor of Bullshit Mountain

AKA Bill O'Reilly of the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News. Jon Stewart introduced this concept of Bullshit Mountain in a debate [Saturday, October 6th 2012] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmr3XvaoVW4 between Stewart and O'Reilly. After introducing that notion, Jon Stewart defined Bill O'Reilly as the Mayor of the Bullshit Mountain.

(*That was in 2012 . TODAY , I'm sure he's been promoted to GOVERNOR of BS Mtn , at least , and with little to no objection as he's been promoted through the ranks)

Feb 28 07:27

UCLA Student Quizzed About Jewishness in Judicial Board Interview

Fabienne Roth, Manjot Singh, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed and Sofia Moreno Haq all raised concerns about confirming Beyda’s appointment to UCLA’s student government judicial board. Roth pointed to an example case from last May and argued that two students who had gone on sponsored trips to Israel should not have been allowed to vote on a resolution that involved targeting Israel with Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions measures.

Feb 28 05:12

Hundreds of Jews hurl rocks at cars in Jerusalem

Flashback: Hundreds of Jews threw stones at cars in Jerusalem for several hours on Yom Kippur eve, and eyewitnesses reported that dozens of vehicles were damaged.

Some of the cars damaged Tuesday night belonged to Palestinians; others were vehicles belonging to hospitals in the city. The eyewitnesses claim that policemen who arrived on the scene did nothing to stop the rock-throwing.

Stone-throwing on Yom Kippur eve has been commonplace...
Note: Had enough yet!

Feb 28 03:38

Planting False Evidence on Iran

Prior to the U.S. intelligence community’s 2007 assessment that Iran was not working on a nuclear weapons program, there was a scramble among U.S. and Israeli officials to show that it was. The CIA’s Operation Merlin also revealed that U.S. officials were not above planting false evidence.

Feb 28 03:33

Obama Incites Bloodshed in Venezuela

The US special services together with their “assistants” from Canada and Great Britain tried again to stage a coup in Venezuela. In the middle of February, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the national security services frustrated the plans of US embassy and put an end to its hostile actions. As a result, a number of people were arrested, including Venezuelan air force officers and activists of radical opposition. The subversive activities were guided by Western diplomatic missions. The names of those behind the plot are known but they cannot be brought to justice being protected by diplomatic immunity. The President said the plotters wanted to assassinate him. The United States embassy guaranteed that the perpetrators would be granted asylum in America.

Feb 28 03:08

The Boris Nemtsov Assassination: A Propaganda Attack On Vladimir Putin?

It remains to be seen if the propaganda gains justify the CIA’s loss of a Putin critic.

Feb 28 02:45

The Neoconservative Threat To World Order

Washington’s reckless and irresponsible destruction of the trust achieved by Reagan and Gorbachev has resurrected the possibility of nuclear war from the grave in which Reagan and Gorbachev buried it. Again, as during the Cold War the specter of nuclear armageddon stalks the earth.

Feb 28 02:34

Murder of Nemtsov was more than likely a false flag

Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in Moscow. He was one of the most charismatic leaders of the “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition in Russia (please understand that in the Russian context “liberal” and “democratic” means pro-US or even CIA-run, while “non-system” means too small to even get a single deputy in the Duma). He was shot just a few days before the announced demonstration of the very same “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition scheduled for March 1st.

Feb 27 21:14

Battle to keep the Hudson open: Ice breakers sent out in New York big freeze as hundreds flock to see ice caves opened by perfect winter conditions

The relentless snow and winter storms sweeping the country will continue into March after one of the coldest months in history.

Dozens of states will be hit by yet another Arctic blast over the weekend and into next week with meteorologists predicting almost everywhere east of the Rockies will experience temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees below average, and on Saturday there is snow expected in all 50 states, something that has not happened since the second week of February in 2010.

And with many bodies of water on or near the Eastern seaboard freezing over, the U.S. Coast Guard has been forced to deploy ice breakers to clear shipping lanes in the Hudson Valley and the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

In Wisconsin meanwhile, conditions have allowed for the creation of beautiful ice caves, as the water trickling down the caves at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on lake Superior freezes over.

Feb 27 17:59

The Art of Deception Official Full Movie

The truth about Global Warming, Kony 2012 & Zeitgeist.

Over the past decade, the documentary genre has become a bad joke. Fact is no longer a factor. As technology has developed, sights like youtube and vimeo make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies. In an academic environment, a paper must have detailed references according to a set of university standards, but in a film, anything goes. The Art of Deception is an explanation of how a documentary is constructed to communicate truth, brainwash the audience and push an agenda.

Feb 27 17:53

BEX ALERT - New Docs Reveal Osama bin Laden's Secret Ties With Iran

This week, prosecutors in New York introduced eight documents recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan as evidence in the trial of a terrorism suspect. The U.S. government accuses Abid Naseer of taking part in al Qaeda’s scheme to attack targets in Europe and New York City. And prosecutors say the documents are essential for understanding the scope of al Qaeda’s plotting.


Some of the key revelations in the newly-released bin Laden files relate to al Qaeda’s dealings with Iran ...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Where to start with this latest pile of US Government bovine excrement? Well, the real Osama Bin Laden died in late 2001 of natural causes, then was followed by several manufactured fakes including the man at Abbatobad, who was dumped into the ocean lest anyone detect the fraud. That means that anything captured at that house in Abbatobad is just as fake.

The three men arrested were set up by an undercover FBI informant.

This whole theater production is designed to help Netanyahu sell the US Congress on war with Iran in which your sons and daughters will be killed and crippled.

Feb 27 17:34

Opposition politician Boris Nemtsov killed in the center of Moscow

Famous Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in the center of Moscow. The shots came from a vehicle. Reportedly, Nemtsov had previously received death threats on social media sites.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This feels like part of a covert US destabilization operation. If so, expect the US corporate media to blame Putin for this, much as Yanukovich was framed for the sniper attacks that started the coup in Kiev a year ago!

Feb 27 16:55

Research: Antidepressants Don’t Work and May Make Depression Worse

[Editor’s Note: This article is about recent research on the chemical causes of depression and the use of SSRI antidepressants to address these causes. There are many other types of antidepressants available, and antidepressants, including SSRI’s, do help many people through depression. This research, and this article, simply highlight another perspective and another side of this important story, and should not be intended as medical advice for anyone.]

At present, over 10% of people over the age of 12 in the United States take some type of antidepressant, and depression is the number one cause of medical disability in both the United States and Canada. Fighting depression is big business, and financial analysts are forecasting notable growth in the antidepressant market in coming years, while yearly sales in the US top $5 billion.

Apparently, the accepted cure for depression is pharmaceutical antidepressants, typically selective serotonin uptake inhibitors, SSRI’s.

Feb 27 16:50

How Vaccines and GMOs Converge to Fuel Autism and Neurodegeneration

There is a lot of debate as to what is the cause, or better yet, causes of autism. This post isn’t intended to cover all of the variables which fuel autism. It is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of chief mechanisms related to how consumption of Monsanto’s RoundUp, by way of consuming genetically modified corn, soy, canola oil, sugar beets, or any other “RoundUp ready” crop, as well as vaccines may fuel microglial activation, a leading factor in all neurodegenerative conditions, including autism (1)(2)(3), Alzheimer’s(4)(5), ALS(6)(7), Parkinson’s(8)(9), non-situational depression(10)(11), and virtually all forms of chronic illness. While this post is more directed towards the discussion of autism, the reality is that all of the factors that I discuss below are unquestionably major factors of consideration in all neurodegenerative conditions.

What is microglial activation?

Feb 27 16:22

TalkTalk customers fall victim to fraudsters after data loss

TalkTalk admits that a data breach last year allowed scammers to prey on its four million customers, using stolen information to lend authenticity to over-the-phone requests for bank details which were then used to steal cash.

The communications company, which offers phone lines and broadband, say that the hack happened late last year but refused to reveal more details as “proceedings are ongoing”.

The Guardian reports that a third party contractor was involved in the loss, but the company could not confirm that to the Telegraph on Friday. Nor could it confirm how many customers were affected, saying only that it was a "small, but nonetheless significant" ammount.

It is believed that names, home addresses, phone numbers and TalkTalk account numbers were stolen.

Feb 27 15:46

Puerto Rico's 3rd Largest Bank Fails

Feb 27 15:21

Big Hurdle: Immigrates finding it hard to communicate in New York

Will Obama sign Exec order making speaking English Illegal?

Feb 27 15:19

OG and the Catamite Hordes on the Shifting Sands of Time.

“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”

Feb 27 14:40

Homelessness rises 55% under ‘disgraceful’ Tory govt

Devastating figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) reveal a significant 55 percent rise in homelessness since David Cameron became prime minister in 2010.

Feb 27 13:50

Secret Police Facility “Black Site” Discovered Inside America, Detaining & Torturing Americans

In a startling report from the Guardian, details have been revealed about Chicago police detaining American citizens at “black sites.” These sites are similar to those used by the CIA around the world to interrogate/torture alleged terrorists.

Feb 27 13:39

There’s already a conspiracy theory brewing over net neutrality

It's been less than 24 hours since the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve strict new regulations on Internet providers, but that's the leading question coming from its critics.

Conservatives are demanding that the FCC release a full copy of the regulations that it's planning to impose on companies such as Comcast and Verizon — and taking the agency's silence as evidence of a cover-up. Readers of an FCC blog post have suspiciously mused that "these new regulations should have been published by now." It's much the same over on Twitter.

Feb 27 13:32

Good News! Tax Audits Will Dwindle to Record Levels This Year

Well, tax season is officially in here, as Americans of all walks of life scramble to get their extortion papers tax returns in order before April 15th. Although, I’m not really sure why they call it “tax season.” That makes it sound like you could draw a comparison to something like the “holiday season.” I guess there are some similarities. You will spend months stressing over your finances, as you struggle to figure out how you’re going spend all your money on stuff you don’t need, but I digress.

There is some great news on the tax front. Apparently, this year the IRS will issue the lowest number of audits since 2005.

Feb 27 13:30


Russia’s vast state media sector has been embroiled in what has been referred to as an “information war” with Kiev and Western outlets since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, offering differing interpretations of the Ukrainian revolution and subsequent war in the east of the country.? The new initiative, which seeks to mobilise Ukrainian bloggers to post their accounts of the war online, was made live earlier this month in a bid to counter Russian propaganda coverage of the conflict.

Feb 27 13:30

Why Would MO Auditor & Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Schweich Kill Himself Right After Inviting Reporters to His Home?

It’s all over the news today that Republican Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich, a man who had just announced he planned to run for governor last month and who had just invited reporters to his home later this afternoon, was shot and killed this morning at his home in an “apparent suicide.”

Police have declined to comment on whether or not there was a note, what type of weapon was used, or where the wound landed at this time.

It’s odd timing considering not only his recent announcement that he would run for Missouri governor, but Schweich had scheduled interviews later that afternoon at his home with both The Associated Press and St. Louis Post-Dispatch to break a story.

In fact, Schweich had just called St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Tony Messenger seven minutes before the 9-1-1 call went through from his home.

Feb 27 13:19


Legislators in the U.S. state of Virginia voted Thursday to allow compensation for victims of forced sterilization, though few survivors are alive today. “I think it’s a recognition when we do something wrong we need to fix it as a government,” said Democrat delegate Patrick Hope. “Now we can close this final chapter and healing can begin.”

Feb 27 13:14


The CIA is preparing to take the next step in its quest to shake up the status quo of siloed agencies within the intelligence community. CIA Chief Information Officer Doug Wolfe confirmed Wednesday the intelligence agency will start using Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub platform by April, a move he expects “to extend the innovation and push the envelope on a whole range of different solutions” for all 17 IC agencies.

Feb 27 13:07


Mega, the end-to-end encrypted cloud storage platform founded by mercurial entrepreneur and occasional outlaw Kim Dotcom, is back in the news. This time, the company’s primary adversary is PayPal, which earlier this week cancelled its payments processing contract.

Feb 27 13:00

Ukrainians Escape From Mobilization by Obtaining Hungarian Citizenship

Almost 94 thousands of inhabitants of Zakarpattia region in western Ukraine have obtained Hungarian citizenship, according to Janos Arpad Potapi, Hungary's Secretary of State.

Feb 27 12:58

The Entire Case for Sanctions Against Russia Is Pure Lies

U.S. President Barack Obama has stated many times his case against Russia — the reason for the economic sanctions. In his National Security Strategy 2015, he uses the term “aggression” 18 times, and 17 of them are referring specifically to only one country as “aggressive”: Russia. However, not once does he say there what the “aggression” consisted of: what its target was, or what it itself was. He’s vague there on everything except his own target: Russia.

Feb 27 12:45

Monsanto Wants to Know Why People Doubt Science

On Twitter recently, someone asked the question “Why do people doubt science?” Accompanying the tweet was a link to an article in National Geographic that implied people who are suspicious of vaccines, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), climate change, fluoridated water and various other phenomena are confused, adhere to conspiracy theories, are motivated by ideology or are misinformed as a result of access to the ‘University of Google.’ The remedy, according what is said in the article, is for us all to rely on scientific evidence pertaining to these issues and adopt a ‘scientific method’ of thought and analysis and put irrational thought processes to one side.

Feb 27 12:38

February 2015 Breaks 100-Year-Old Denver Snow Record

February 2015 officially broke the record as Denver’s snowiest February in history on Thursday evening.

The most snow ever recorded in Denver for the month of February was 22.1 inches, back in 1912. That stood for over 100 years, until Thursday.

Feb 27 12:33

Delegation pushes for Michigan missile defense site

The Michigan delegation’s senior senator and longest-serving House Republican said Friday they are working to convince the Pentagon to locate a $3 billion missile defense site in Battle Creek.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess Kellogg is a major strategic target in the coming nuclear war!

Feb 27 12:30

Chicago's debt is now two notches above junk: Moody's

In a blow to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, one of the major bond-rating services today downgraded Chicago's credit to just two levels above junk, saying the city has not been able to adequately control the soaring cost of worker pensions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No problem. We'll just send those retired workers over to the police dungeon where they will "disappear!" THAT will cut costs!" -- Hizzoner Damayor

Feb 27 12:28

Iran test-fires ‘new strategic weapon’ to battle ‘Great Satan’ US

Iran has concluded a massive naval and air defense war games by successfully test-firing a “new strategic weapon,” which the country says will play an important role in the future battle against the US.

The test was performed on the final day of the Great Prophet 9 exercises, which above other activities included a simulated attack on an American aircraft carrier.

Feb 27 12:15

Coldest February in 140 years grips Detroit in deep freeze

The last time February was colder in Detroit, Ulysses S. Grant was president, the city's garages were horse barns and the first Carhartt jacket had yet to be sewn.

With one day to go, February 2015's average temperature is 14.5 degrees. That's the coldest since 1875, when the average temperature was 12.2 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

And Friday's high isn't expected to be much more than 20 degrees, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Thompson.

Feb 27 12:07

Net Neutrality Vote in the FCC: You Lose America

It is manifestly unjust, and indeed outrageous, to allow this sort of cost-shifting to go on. It may be legal but it should be considered fraud. This is the false narrative being sold to you to support “Net Neutrality”, and it’s going to ram you right up the chute in the form of higher costs for your Internet connections whether you want to use Netflix and Facebook or not.

Feb 27 12:02

February now coldest month on record in London

The City of London is marking the coldest month on record this February, beating the last low by a whole degree.

According to Environment Canada, the mean temperature in London so far this month has been -12.7 C, that's 8.2 C below the normal average of -4.5 C.

The previous coldest February on record was in 1978, when the average temperature was -11.7 C.

Feb 27 12:01

Record snow? Weekend storm may break Boston record

Boston may hit a snowfall record this weekend as another round of snow moves in Sunday night.

Models show the system bringing only 3 to 6 inches across the region, but that may be enough to topple the snowfall total record for Boston.

Feb 27 12:01

Four photos of slush waves that’ll chill your bones

If only photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh had a specially designed “slurfboard,” he could be riding the semi-frozen waves rolling onto the shores of Nantucket. Instead, the intrepid photographer resorted snapping these shots while “absolutely freezing on the beach.”

“When I pulled up to the beach I could see the horizon just look strange,” he wrote, adding that the high temperature that day was a bone-chilling 19 degrees. “When I got to the top off the dunes I saw that beginning about 300 yards away from the shoreline the ocean was starting to freeze.”

Feb 27 12:00

Slurpee waves! The moment semi-frozen breakers rolled ashore in New England amid record cold

Plummeting temperatures have broken hundreds of winter records across the country - making February one of the coldest months in history.

But in New England, it has gotten so cold even the waves are starting to freeze.

These incredible photos of so-called 'slurpee waves' were taken by surfer Jonathan Nimerfroh in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

He took his camera out when he noticed the horizon looked strange - and then spotted the surf had turn slushy.

Feb 27 11:59

Forecast: Record cold Thursday night in SE Michigan

Instead, clearing skies, dry air, light wind, and an Arctic airmass overhead are perfect conditions for another night of radiational cooling (we’ve seen so many this winter) -- a very efficient mechanism for sharply falling temperatures. By dawn Friday, temperatures in the Urban Heat Island should be close to our official record low of -4°, set back in 1934.

Feb 27 11:54

#LizardSquad hacks Lenovo over #Superfish...

Looks like Lenovo is going to be paying for the Superfish debacle for a long time coming.

Feb 27 11:47

FAS has offered to sell oil for rubles

Google translate: The head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev proposed to revisit the idea of selling part of the exported oil and petroleum products for rubles, reports on Friday, February 27, "Interfax".

Feb 27 11:46

Moscow threatens Washington painful countermeasures in case of new sanctions

Google translate: As informs "Interfax", said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Ryabkov.

"We leave for all options, including used and, if necessary, will be applied fairly painful countermeasures," - said a senior diplomat.

On the eve of the US State Department spokesman Jen Psak said that the United States continues to consider the possibility of imposing sanctions on Russia in the case of deterioration of the situation in Ukraine.

Feb 27 11:46

A US Senator threw a snowball in the Senate today to prove climate change is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Winter-weary Washington needs no reminder of the season, but Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman Jim Inhofe offered one anyway today — tossing a snowball on the Senate floor as he argued that human activity isn’t affecting climate change.

Feb 27 11:45

Venezuelan Gov. Releases Audio of Coup Plotters

On Thursday, two senior officials of the Venezuelan government released what they say is evidence of the coup that the government announced about a week ago. These are audio intercepts of what they say are coup plotters, as well as a recording of an imprisoned military officer confessing to various details of the coup.

Feb 27 11:44

Father of son murdered by illegal asks Obama a very POWERFUL question

President Obama is just chomping at the bit to grant the millions of illegals living in America amnesty, giving them a free pass to break our law, drain our economy, and put the lives of our citizens in danger without giving it a second thought.

Feb 27 11:42

Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am reposting this video because I have discovered something very odd going on with YouTube. I have received three emails that people have posted comments to this video attacking me for being a heretic. Yet, when I log into reply (in the spirit of the First Amendment) this is what I see!

It is clear that comments are closed by YouTube ONLY for me!

UPDATE: Readers are writing in to say comments are closed for them as well. That does not explain why I keep getting emails saying comments attacking me are being posted. At this point it isn't worth trying to figure out what is going on.

Feb 27 11:24

Conservatives Gather In Washington And Begin To Define Who Will Be Their Candidate

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and current holder of the American Conservative Union Foundation.

The Conference Conservative Policy Action has just begun its annual meeting in Washington. This conference brings together activists and conservative politicians in the country to discuss their ideas and set the agenda will defend in various public spaces. This 2015 pre-election year, the CPAC will be a space for those aspiring to be candidates for the Republican Party.

To Matt Schlapp, event organizer, CPAC is the first step toward the conservative GOP nomination and whoever wants to be the candidate must achieve a “connection to average Americans and explain why conservative policies are correct” according to their statement to the Daily Signal. Schlapp also ensures that in the last election campaign Republican Mitt Romnney that connection did not happen, although he did not elaborate on the reasons for this lack.